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The U.S. Bishops gather for Mass at their Spring meeting in June 2018. Lisa Bourne / LifeSiteNews
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Withhold diocesan donations until U.S. bishops clean house: Catholic academic

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By Lisa Bourne

COLUMBIA, South Carolina, July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A prominent Catholic academic has written his bishop to say he will no longer support diocesan collections unless the bishop publicly commits to “zealously” investigate the cover-up of now-former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s sexual misconduct.

Dr. Christopher Tollefsen, professor of philosophy at the University of South Carolina, published the letter July 30 at First Things in the hope it could serve as a template for other Catholics. Withholding diocesan contributions, he notes, would “bring to bear one of the only effective forms of influence over the bishops that is available to us.”

“The McCarrick scandal has left us more than unsettled, and indeed, more than angry,” Tollefsen wrote to Charleston, South Carolina Bishop Robert Guglielmone.

McCarrick’s “disgusting and wicked” actions aren’t even the main concern, he says. Rather, it is the bishops’ failure since at least 1994 to do something about McCarrick in the face of “complaints, warnings, accusation and petitions,” thus enabling “McCarrick’s rise to become one of the most prominent and influential American bishops.”

“These facts force us to conclude that those charged by Our Lord with leading His Church, teaching the faith passed down from His apostles, and shepherding His faithful, have been gravely, grossly negligent,” Tollefsen writes. “That negligence has had grave consequences for the victims of McCarrick’s abuse; a Church that should have protected Her children, and Her seminarians, instead betrayed them.”

Tollefsen then explains to his bishop that “after prayer and discernment” his family will not contribute to diocesan appeals for money until they “are convinced by his public witness and actions” that Guglielmone is working toward specific action to address the hierarchy cover-up element of the Church’s sexual abuse crisis revealed by the recent wider exposure of McCarrick’s reported abuse.  

Bishop Guglielmone is currently out-of-state on vacation, according to a diocesan media relations representative, who said staff was unaware if he has seen the letter. The representative also tells LifeSiteNews that the bishop will give Tollefsen’s letter his attention when he returns to the diocese in mid-August.

Now everybody knows

News broke June 20 of “credible and substantiated” allegations against McCarrick of abusing a minor decades ago. McCarrick was removed from public ministry in June owing to the allegation he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old altar boy in 1971.

Concurrent with the announcement of allegations against McCarrick was the revelation from Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark that during McCarrick's time in New Jersey, there had been accusations against McCarrick of sexual misconduct with three adults, and that two of the complainants had been paid confidential financial settlements.

Since the news of McCarrick’s removal from ministry, a stream of additional varying and sordid McCarrick allegations have been underscored by a flow of reports that whether in Church or media leadership, “everybody knew” about “Uncle Ted.”

No action from the bishops, but we keep getting new cardinals

Myriad reports from those who suffered, witnessed, or heard about the now disgraced cardinal’s bizarre and abusive behavior with young boys, seminarians and priests over decades failed to produce action from the U.S. Church’s bishops or the Vatican.

In one recently surfaced account, James, now 60, says McCarrick first abused him in 1969 when he was 11 and McCarrick was a 39-year-old priest, the abuse lasting for 20 years.

And still, McCarrick went from auxiliary bishop of New York in 1977 to bishop of Metuchen, New Jersey in 1981, to archbishop of Newark, New Jersey in 1986, to archbishop of Washington D.C. in 2000, and in 2001 elevated to cardinal.

McCarrick, who raised millions of dollars for the Vatican, was a prominent and powerful Church figure past his 2006 retirement, as he continued in high-profile appearances and influential activities on behalf of the Church.

As the McCarrick scandal has continued to expand, Pope Francis accepted McCarrick’s resignation from the College of Cardinals Saturday - the first U.S. cardinal to step down over sex abuse allegations. He has been ordered to a “life of prayer and penance,” and not been laicized pending a Vatican trial.

Who knew? Who benefitted?

The questions of who among the U.S. Church hierarchy knew about McCarrick and when they knew it persist, and some high-level U.S. prelates continue to say, they were unaware.

With the McCarrick scandal also shedding additional light on the issue of homosexuality among Catholic clergy, speculation also continues that the cover-up is tied to a deep power network within the Church largely dependent upon priests fallen to sexual sin.

Questions have also been raised about who among the U.S. Church’s episcopate benefitted from any relationship to or with McCarrick.

The laity is increasingly saying: ‘Enough’

The letter to Bishop Guglielmone from Tollefsen embodies the ethos of a laity increasingly angry over the sex abuse crisis and its true nature as exposed by the McCarrick scandal - a laity also seeking answers from a Church hierarchy appearing more by the day to be often driven principally by power.

Tollefsen calls for an independent investigation of the hierarchy that “must be maximally transparent, and it must be thorough and uncompromising.”

“Those who lead it must be men and women of sound faith, whose genuine love for the Church is their guiding motivation,” he writes.

“It must do its work within a clearly stated and maintained framework of protection for all whistleblowers,” he says. “Its findings must be honestly and unambiguously promulgated to the faithful. If it is not clear to the people of the Church that the investigation meets these standards, it will fail in its purpose.”

Tollefsen’s second condition is the removal from office of any bishop found by the investigation to be negligent in the McCarrick scandal.

He explains there are two reasons for why he is directing these conditions to Guglielmone when he has no reason to suspect Guglielmone of partaking in the cover-up – lack of trust for the bishops and complacency among them.

“The bishops have looked out for their own”

“The first is that, sadly, we have arrived at a point where it is impossible for members of the laity fully to trust any bishop with whom we are not personally and intimately acquainted,” says Tollefsen. “I know that there are good bishops, and no doubt their friends can testify to their integrity and veracity. But the bishops are a brotherhood, and it is simply a fact that brothers talk, and that they look out for their own.”

“We have ample evidence that the bishops have looked out for their own,” Tollefsen tells Guglielmone, “we presume as well that they have talked, that it has been more or less an open secret among the bishops, as it was among many, many, others, that McCarrick was at least unchaste, if not sexually abusive, and a child rapist.”

Innocence cannot be presumed for bishops whom the laity does not know well not personally, he says, and he would like to give his local ordinary the benefit of the doubt, “But I cannot do so unless and until it becomes clear to me that you are advancing—firmly, constantly, vigorously, and publicly—the cause of a restoration of moral order to the ranks of the episcopate, transparency in the Church, and accountability on the part of Her leaders.”

The second reason Tollefsen says for why he implores his bishop with the specific conditions he does is that even innocent bishops will likely “do little or nothing, save perhaps repeat the anodyne messages of “concern and accountability” that are the stock and trade of the hierarchy at these times. And nothing will change.”

Something must change

There must be change, Tollefsen tells Guglielmone, and the laity shares in the responsibility of bringing it about, even though lay people have limited ability to do so.

“The bishops as a group have given us ample reason to judge that they will not voluntarily get their house in order,” he tells his bishop, “and they have given us little reason to judge that they can be trusted honestly to investigate this mess.”

This leaves laypeople one option in dealing with the clergy sex abuse crisis, says Tollefsen, announcing he will take the amount of funds he once gave to his diocese and increase the giving to his parish and other charities by that amount until the scandal is authentically addressed.

“So we laity are doing the only thing we can do that seems to promise success in getting the bishops to demand and cooperate with an independent investigation,” he writes, concluding that he will hope and pray to see “clear and public efforts” on the bishop’s part to meet what he also hopes Guglielmone agrees is “the most pressing and immediate need of the Church they both love.” 

Tollefsen invites other lay Catholics to use his letter for a template to write their own bishop. Its full text can be found HERE.

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Andrew Cuomo
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NY Gov. Cuomo threatens to sue Trump to keep Planned Parenthood’s Title X funding

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By Calvin Freiburger

ALBANY, July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo is willing to take the Trump administration to court in order to keep family planning dollars flowing to the abortion industry, he declared on Monday.

In May, President Donald Trump announced that the administration would exclude facilities that perform or refer for abortions from receiving Title X family planning funds. It’s expected to eliminate more than $50 million of the $500+ million Planned Parenthood receives from federal taxpayers every year, to the applause of pro-lifers and scorn of abortion advocates like Cuomo.

“If enacted, [the rule change] will decrease the quality and availability of Title X services and impede the rights of New Yorkers” to “access the full range of reproductive health care,” the governor claimed in a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

It “violates long-standing principles limiting the interference of Congress in the sovereignty of individual States and impairment of private contracts,” and “demonstrate a profound disregard for science and medical best practices,” he added.

Cuomo concluded the letter by threatening that New York would “explore all legal avenues available to us to ensure that the proposed rules' attack does not threaten the health and wellbeing of New Yorkers and the integrity of New York's Family Planning Program.”

The Trump Administration has not yet responded to Cuomo’s letter.

Pro-life Americans consider the reduction of abortion “access” a feature rather than a bug, but note for the record that New York has some of the most permissive abortion and contraception laws in the country, making it unlikely the rule change will prevent anyone truly intent on abortion or obtaining birth control from doing so.

As for the rule change’s potential impact on actual women’s health services, the administration isn’t eliminating the money; it plans to redirect it to Women's Qualified Health Centers that dramatically outnumber Planned Parenthood locations across the United States.

Monday’s letter is just one of many moves Cuomo has made to signal his support of abortion-on-demand in office. Earlier this month, he issued an executive order placing new mandates on insurance companies to subsidize contraception without cost sharing, which he framed as a preemptive defense against a more conservative Supreme Court.

Cuomo has also called on the state Senate to vote on legislation codifying Roe v. Wade’s protection of abortion in state law, embraced late-term abortion, and called for mandating that abortions themselves be provided at no cost as well. In 2013 he promoted a women’s “bill of rights” that critics said would effectively allow abortion up until birth, and in 2014 declared that “right-to-life” supporters “have no place in the state of New York.”

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A Christian pastor who posted this message from a black pro-lifer was met with outrage by some on social media. Radiance Foundation
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Christian pastor pulls pro-life meme after being attacked on social media

James Risdon James Risdon
By James Risdon

REDDING, California, July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Social media trolls so lambasted the pastor of a Christian church – deriding him as a racist for sharing a meme ironically developed by a black pro-lifer about Planned Parenthood – that he has taken it off Instagram and apologized.

“Please forgive me,” wrote Bethel Church senior pastor Bill Johnson. “Our black community is one of our greatest treasures and they continuously make us better.”

Backpedaling by the pastor is breaking the heart of Ryan Bomberger, the black man conceived out of rape who developed the meme that led to this tempest in a teapot.

Bomberger, a Christian pro-life crusader who founded the Radiance Foundation, is saddened that America has gotten to the point where giving offense is seen by many as a greater ill than the taking of human life through abortion.

“I’m heartbroken that in 2018 ‘offense’ is more important than injustice,” said Bomberger. “We should be outraged that, as a society mostly public educated, we know so little about our history. As a society that claims to be predominantly Christian … we do too little, too late to pursue justice for the weakest among us.

“The outrage over the meme is misplaced,” he said.

Bomberger’s meme shows a noose and the message, “We kill more black lives in two weeks than the KKK lynched in a century.” Under that are the words “Planned Parenthood/Eugenics. No Matter What.”

The message is clear.

It’s that the killing of even greater numbers of unborn black babies today in Planned Parenthood abortion mills is as horrific and racist as the killing of black people by the Klu Klux Klan in America’s dark past.

Or maybe it’s not so clear for those who live their lives on social media sites.

Soon after Johnson shared the internet meme, he was skewered online.

“Your favorite Bethel leaders are racist,” alleged Madeleine LeClerc. “Worse than the post itself even is the way they respond to actual black members of their congregation who are hurt by this.

“This church has gotten away with so much because they ‘bring money into town,’” she wrote on Facebook. “Y’all don’t need them. They’re skyrocketing your rent and taking over your town.”

Another Facebook user, John Park, called the meme “wrong” and “evil” and described the pastor’s actions “pharisaical blindness.”

All this social media hand-wringing and gnashing of the teeth, though, may not be what it appears.

Bomberger suggests that activists are simply using race as an excuse to avoid addressing the real-life consequences of what he considers to be real, systemic racism on the part of Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills.

“Many people of my brown complexion wholeheartedly agreed with, and shared, the meme,” said Bomberger. “As someone who has crafted messaging on abortion, racism and other pivotal social issues, I’ve learned that with those who oppose your worldview it's not really about how you say it. I get the same kind of outrage over innocuous, cuddly memes. Someone will always be offended.

“The mere fact that you’re talking about abortion and/or race triggers those who’d rather become the victim instead of triggering a compulsion to do something about the real victims — 60 million of them since Roe v Wade,” he said.

Although Johnson eventually took down the meme comparing Planned Parenthood to the KKK, Bomberger still applauds him for putting it up in the first place.

“He was bold enough to engage in the conversation. He and his son were brutally attacked, online, for daring to look at America’s past and present colliding,” said Bomberger. “I’m sad that the backlash led him to remove the post, but he still staunchly defended it, and the overall message, in his Instagram reply.”

And the pro-lifer claims those who decried the meme were in the minority.

“There were far more who supported the meme, both on Bill Johnson’s Instagram feed and our social media platforms, than those who protested it,” Bomberger said.


Trudeau minister touts visit to planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood New York deletes vulgar sex-promoting fundraising ad

Planned Parenthood kills more blacks in 14 days than KKK lynched in 100 years

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Priest: McCarrick’s treason is ‘damnable abomination,’ but bishops’ silence is even worse

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By Dorothy Cummings McLean

GREENVILLE, South Carolina, July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A U.S. parish priest was planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae on the weekend by preaching on the great encyclical, but then the scandal of ex-Cardinal McCarrick made him change his plan. 

So instead Fr. Jay Scott Newman gave a must-hear homily blasting priests and bishops who have rejected Humanae Vitae, both by teaching false doctrine and through their own “evil conduct.” 

“The treason of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is a damnable abomination,” he said, “but while McCarrick’s sins are appalling, they are merely the crimes of one man…. Worse … is the systemic corruption of priests and bishops who do not believe what the Church teaches but continue to preach anyway.”

McCarrick was recently removed from public ministry over a credible allegation he molested an altar boy 50 years ago. Whistleblowers and victims have come forward to describe McCarrick’s predatory behavior and the disregard they received from Church officials when reporting it. Pope Francis accepted McCarrick’s resignation from the College of Cardinals this weekend.

Newman described how, after promising at their ordinations to teach the Gospel as it has been revealed by God and is communicated by the Church, corrupt priests behave rather differently.  

“...With a wink and a nudge they encourage cynical disregard for the revealed truth of God’s eternal Word,” Newman continued, “and create a new religion of their own devising, a faith that will not disturb the indulgence of their ambition and lust, and which encourages the people of God to disregard the solemn and sacred truths about love, marriage, sex, and the gift of children.” 

Newman reflected that, in all the craziness of 1968, the only reason the media was interested in Humanae Vitae was that many Catholic priest and theologians rejected it, sometimes not even stopping to read it before writing screeds against it. 

“Revolution had come, not just to our universities and city streets, but to the Church,” he said. “And the content of Pope Paul’s letter was lost in the storm which was unleashed by the spectacle of priests telling their people to disregard the solemn teaching of the Church, too often with the silent consent of their bishops.”

The homilist found it an “odd coincidence” that the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae had fallen just when the disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick had been “unmasked as a serial predator and abuser.” He spoke bitterly of how McCarrick had managed, despite his evil treatment of boys and men under his care, to rise through the ranks of the Church hierarchy. Newman called the archbishop emeritus’ behaviour  “sickening and almost beyond comprehension”, but he was just as scathing about other, unnamed, bishops:

“..Even worse than this man’s personal atrocities, is the failure of other bishops to decry his sins and the damage he has done,” Newman said.

“Most bishops simply have not spoken, and too many of those who have, sounded more like liability lawyers or company spokesmen protecting their interests than like the prophets and apostles who denounce unrighteousness and call God’s people to repentance and conversion, contrition, confession, and amendment of life,” he continued.

Saying that he believes that the priesthood is a “beautiful, essential gift to the Church,” Newman nevertheless denounced a clerical culture that is “in many ways diseased and deformed and must be made new by the fire of divine love and the truth of the Word of God.” 

The homilist said that he had never been surprised by the world’s rejection of “hard sayings” concerning sexuality, but that the rebellion of pastors, bishops, and the College of Cardinals against them was not something we expected. He said he hoped that McCarrick would be laicized, and that every bishop he promoted “should be scrutinized to make sure this disease does not spread”. 

Bishops with significant ties to McCarrick include Cardinal Blase Cupich; Cardinal Kevin Farrell, who is the Prefect of the Dicastery for Family, Laity and Life; Cardinal Joseph Tobin; and Cardinal Donald Wuerl. 

However, Newman also told his listeners to remember that the only one who profits from shameful clerical sins is “the father of lies” who wants humanity to reject the Gospel.

“Strike the shepherd, scatter the sheep,” he said. “Discredit the messenger, and you discredit the message. That is the strategy of our ancient enemy, the fallen one who does not want us to hear and heed the will of God.” 

He asked his congregation to ponder what they themselves can do to help heal the Church, and offered five suggestions himself: that they read Humanae Vitae and change their lives to live its teaching; to study Part III of the Catechism, which provides training in virtue; to go to Mass at least once a week; to go to Confession regularly, perhaps once a month; and to “pray for all those who stumble and fall, including Ted McCarrick.” 

Father Newman, who recently celebrated his 25th anniversary as a priest, has been the pastor at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Greenville, South Carolina for 17 years.  

Steve Wood, a parishioner at St Mary’s, told LifeSiteNews via email that he was heartened by his pastor’s strong sermon. 

“I have been terribly upset by the long string of clergy abuses and even more by the episcopal cover-ups,” Wood wrote. 

“After hearing Fr. Newman's homily in Mass on Sunday, I was encouraged that the clergy abuse cover-up was not being swept under the rug in my parish,” he continued.  “As I shook Fr. Newman's hand after Mass, I thanked him for a superb homily.” 

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‘No more boys and girls’: BBC champions ‘gender free’ child raising in new documentary

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By Calvin Freiburger

UNITED KINGDOM, July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A video recently shared by the BBC purports to shame adults for “gender-stereotyp[ing]” children and suggests that distinctions between boys and girls should be erased entirely.

The video, tweeted over the weekend, highlights an experiment in which a male or female baby is dressed in clothes opposite to the baby's sex, a mat full of toys is laid out, and a series of adult volunteers are filmed playing with the babies. The adults are not told of the experiment, and led to believe Edward is actually “Sophie” and Marnie is actually “Oliver.” The video is clipped from a program featuring Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim and is titled: “No more boys and girls: Can our kids go gender free?”


The adults pick out dolls and plush toys for the child they think is a girl, and robots and cars for the perceived boy.

The BBC suggests that "stereotyped" toys will disadvantage girls later in life, noting that men “hugely dominate careers prizing maths, spatial awareness, and physical confidence” -- attributes ostensibly reinforced by “male” toys. The video does not identify what boys are supposed to gain from girls’ toys.

“Are boys born ‘better’ at these? Is it nature or is it nurture?” the video asks. “When children play spatial awareness games frequently their brains change physically within just three months.”

Despite the video coming down confidently on “nurture” as the answer, declaring the adult volunteers to have shown “bias” toward the kids, the actual footage seems to support their original intuitions, with Edward and Marine showing little interest in toys meant for “Sophie and Oliver.”

Nevertheless, the volunteers expressed guilt for acting on “stereotypes.”

“I thought that I was somebody that had a really open mind,” one said. Another echoed the sentiment, saying she “always thought I was rather more open-minded than that, and I would think that these are children’s toys, whatever the gender.”

“It will make me think, the next time I’m with a child, like my niece or my nephew, to make sure that I am actually being fair and equal with all of them,” another said. “And just giving each child an opportunity to just be whoever they are.”

The tweet promoting the video featured the hashtag #NoMoreBoysAndGirls.

“Adults in their insanity are messing around with gender and we have 50 years of proof this madness results in anxiety, depression, and too many suicides,” author and public speaker Walt Heyer told LifeSiteNews. Heyer is a former transgender who now operates a ministry to help gender-confused people come to terms with their God-given identity.

“This is psychological child abuse, and no kid should be subjected to this indoctrination of gender confusion period,” he continued. “Dr. [John] Money did this over 50 years ago and dead kids was the outcome.” Money was a psychologist considered to be a co-founder of the modern transgender movement.

The video quickly garnered widespread ridicule. “No matter how hard toy companies and gender-neutral advocates try to make children abandon the toys they are drawn to, girls will still take a stuffed animal and tuck it into a carriage with a blanket and a bottle,” wrote the Washington Examiner’s Nicole Russell, a mother of two boys and two girls. “Boys will still prop that same animal up on a chair so they can ‘shoot’ it down with a Nerf gun.”

Russell noted that her kids naturally gravitated toward the toys and activities associated with their gender, despite having plenty of both in the house, and highlighted a November 2017 study which found that the “consistency in finding sex differences in children's preferences for toys typed to their own gender indicates the strength of this phenomenon and the likelihood that has a biological origin.”

“This shouldn’t be shocking,” Ben Shapiro adds at National Review. “Even rhesus monkeys differentiate toy preference by sex. And the patriarchy among rhesus monkeys is difficult to chalk up to gender stereotyping.”

At The Federalist, David Marcus argued that the story proved that slippery-slope warnings once mocked by liberals were correct after all, and warned that the BBC was playing with forces it didn’t truly understand.

“Boys will be girls, girls will be boys. It’s all just a cultural construct anyway, so why not construct new ones?” he wrote. “But construction is hard. The traditional concepts we have of sex-driven gender roles took tens of thousands of years to come into being. This new idea, that biology and gender have nothing to do with each other, is a novelty being tested on kids who really can’t consent to the experiment.”

Westmonster compiled a string of reactions deriding the segment, as well, including a condemnation from UKIP Assembly group leader Peter Whittle.

A variety of scientific literature indicates that promoting gender fluidity within children’s minds is unnecessary and destructive. Studies indicate that between 80-90% of children experiencing gender dysphoria outgrow it on their own by late adolescence, and that even full gender reassignment surgery often fails to resolve gender-confused individuals’ heightened tendency to engage in self-harm and suicide.

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Trump admin vows to stop punishing countries that oppose homosexuality; LGBT activists outraged

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By Calvin Freiburger

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-homosexual voices are up in arms over remarks by a Trump administration official pledging to end the Obama-era practice of using aid to influence foreign nation’s policies on abortion and homosexuality.

U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director Mick Mulvaney addressed the State Department’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom on July 25, CNS News reported, during which he expressed disgust that “U.S. taxpayer dollars are used to discourage Christian values in other democratic countries.”

“It was stunning to me that my government under a previous administration would go to folks in sub-Saharan Africa and say, ‘We know that you have a law against abortion, but if you enforce that law, you’re not going to get any of our money,’” Mulvaney explained. “‘We know you have a law against gay marriage, but if you enforce that law, we’re not going to give you any money.’”

“Persecution oftentimes stops far short of life-and-death matters (...) That is a different type of religious persecution that I never expected to see,” he said.

“There are a lot of people in this government who just want to see things done differently,” Mulvaney assured the crowd.

Despite the fact that the only specific examples Mulvaney cited were laws protecting preborn babies and rejecting same-sex “marriage,” numerous left-wing and pro-LGBT websites claimed he was defending laws that imprison or execute citizens for homosexuality.

“Mulvaney’s portrayal of punishing people over their marriage laws is either intentionally deceptive or unintentionally ignorant,” ThinkProgress LGBTQ Editor Zack Ford claimed, citing examples such as Ugandan efforts to enact the death penalty for gays. Towerload and PinkNews released similar stories.

“Mulvaney said that the Obama administration had gone too far in trying to promote equal rights, such as President Barack Obama saying he would put an emphasis on the importance of LGBTQ rights in a visit to Kenya in 2015,” Bailey Vogt at Metro Weekly wrote. “Kenya currently punishes homosexuality with up to 14 years in prison.”

In fact, Mulvaney does not specifically invoke Uganda or Kenya; he only recalls discussing the matter with “a large group of men and women from sub-Saharan Africa.”

As for the substance of Mulvaney’s remarks, Breitbart’s Robert Kraychik noted that Barack Obama spent “tens of millions” of dollars to block “anti-LGBT” measures abroad and in 2015 earmarked more than half a billion to assist “marginalized groups” and “support gay communities and causes.”

The previous administration also bragged about providing more than $200 million to the pro-abortion UN Population Fund (UNFPA) since 2009, in the name of promoting “reproductive health.”

Even the New York Times reported in 2015 that the Obama administration’s aggressiveness in promoting homosexuality abroad may have done “more harm than good,” provoking defensiveness in foreign governments and electorates that led to harsher laws than would have otherwise been enacted.

Rev. George Ehusani, former secretary general of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, told the Times that a 2014 Nigerian law imposing jail time on participation in same-sex “marriages” or civil unions, gay clubs, and “amorous” public displays of homosexuality “would not have come in the form in which it did” without U.S. pressure.

LGBT commentators’ latest attack on the Trump administration is particularly ironic in light of pro-family activists’ assessment that President Donald Trump’s record on LGBT issues is decidedly mixed, praising his commitment to religious liberty while criticizing him for accepting same-sex “marriage” and various displays of gay “pride.”

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Cardinal Kevin Farrell
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Cardinal Farrell doubles down: ‘Never once did I even suspect’ McCarrick abuse

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By Doug Mainwaring

VATICAN CITY, July 31, 2018, (LifeSiteNews) – The U.S. Cardinal in charge of the Vatican’s swiftly approaching  World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland, has again claimed that he had no knowledge of Cardinal McCarrick’s habits of sexual predation, despite having been a longtime close associate. 

Cardinal Kevin Farrell, the head of the Vatican’s office of Laity, Life and Family, was consecrated as a bishop by McCarrick in 2001 after McCarrick was installed as Archbishop of Washington.  

Farrell was a close collaborator with McCarrick during his time as the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington, DC, having served as McCarrick’s archdiocesan chancellor and living in the same house with McCarrick for six years.

The recently minted Cardinal continues to put distance between himself and his former boss.  

Farrell has doubled down on his claim made last week that he had no inkling of Cardinal McCarrick’s sexual abuse of seminarians and adolescents.

READ: Cardinal Farrell claims ‘shock’ at Cardinal McCarrick abuse. Really?

“That might be hard for somebody to believe, but if that's the only thing on your mind, well then you'll focus on that,” Farrell told the Associated Press (AP).  “I was focused on running the archdiocese. What Cardinal McCarrick was doing here, there and everywhere and all over the world, didn't enter into my daily routine of running the Archdiocese of Washington." 

“At no time did anyone ever approach me and tell me. And I was approached by over 70 victims of abuse (in different cases) from all over the United States after 2002,” said Farrell according to the AP report

"Never once did I even suspect," said Farrell.  “Now, people can say 'Well you must be a right fool that you didn't notice.' I must be a right fool, but I don't think I am. And that's why I feel angry.”

Last week, in a short video recorded interview with Catholic News Service (CNS), Cardinal Farrell said he was “shocked” and “overwhelmed” at the news that has come out about the disgraced McCarrick.

“I never heard any of this before,” he added.   

Uttering just 101 words, punctuated with long pauses and ‘ums,’ normal syntax eluded Farrell as he stumbled through the interview:

I was a priest of Washington, DC.  I worked in the chancery, in Washington.  And never.  No indication.  None whatsoever.  

Nobody ever talked to me about that.  And I was involved––heavily involved––in Washington, in the whole from 2,000, on.  And sex abuse.

So, I really don’t have any knowledge or any thing to add about more than that.

The denials from Cardinal Farrell, Cardinal Wuerl, and others are increasingly falling on deaf ears among the laity.  

Last week, in an interview with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN’s The World Over, canon lawyer Marjorie Murphy Campbell said we are experiencing, “a crisis in the episcopacy of this Church.” 

“The credibility at the episcopal level is shot,” she added.

“I’ve not seen Catholic this angry since 2002,” said Arroyo, “and perhaps they have a right to be.”  

Arroyo also wondered if the “day of reckoning has not come.” 

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Stephen A. “Steph” Ricciardi
Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin

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Report: Facebook suspends users for warnings about ‘pedotranny’ sex offender

Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

WAPPINGERS FALLS, New York, July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Facebook has issued warnings and suspensions to multiple members of an upstate New York neighborhood for sharing warnings about a convicted child rapist moving in.

In March, the Hudson Valley Post reported that Stephen A. “Steph” Ricciardi, a transgendered “woman” convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl in 2006, had moved to Scott Drive in the town of Wappinger.

Ricciardi is classified as a Level-3 offender with the “highest risk of a repeat offense,” making it even more alarming that the gender-confused man had moved within three miles of six elementary, junior high, and high schools. Yet his new neighbors were the ones to be penalized.

Acting on a Facebook notification of Ricciardi’s arrival by the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department, local mother Stephanie Hess took to Facebook to warn neighbors about what she dubbed a “pedotranny,” Dangerous reported. “I have two kids myself and hate that this ‘person’ is in our vicinity,” she said.

The post spread among concerned neighbors and relatives, but the seemingly-original term “pedotranny” was enough to get Facebook to step in. Hess says the company deleted her post and issued a warning. She re-posted it and was hit with a suspension.

“I think this is ridiculous, as I was not attacking, I was stating facts,” Hess told Dangerous. "This guy is a pedophile and a tranny. That Facebook would shut me down in defense of a known and registered child molester is infuriating!”

“This has now spread to friends and family. We have now had myself, my sister-in-law, her brother, my friend, and anyone who has posted about this being blocked, warned, or suspended for using the term ‘pedotranny,’ specifically in response to this sex offender,” Nicole Daletto, Hess’ sister-in-law, added.

Dangerous reporter Pawl Bazile speculated that the social media giant had either concluded that the offending word associated pedophiles with transgenders, or that the word “tranny” was derogatory. But members of the community say “pedotranny” was merely a succinct way of conveying whom to watch out for.

“The sheriff’s department thought it was important for us to know; therefore, so did I, as this person may appear as a male or female while looking to sexually assault our children,” Daletto said. A father in the area added that he “knew exactly what it meant” despite never seeing the word before.

“The larger issue is Facebook can never seem to ‘see the forest for the trees,'” an anonymous resident argued to Dangerous. “They would rather disable accounts for the use of a word instead of understanding the hurt feelings of a pedophile may need to take a backseat to the outrage of a concerned community of parents.”

Residents told the website that Ricciardi has yet to be seen in the area, though they remain vigilant. “It’s not like I have a daily reason to write ‘pedotranny’ on my wall, so this will likely be the end of it,” Hess speculated.

For more than a year, Facebook’s inconsistent standards for censoring content have been a topic of concern among Christian, conservative, and pro-family users. Critics have highlighted cases of the social media giant improperly blocking conservative content as well as studies showing that changes to its News Feed have disproportionately harmed conservative publishers.

At the same time, Facebook has approved Planned Parenthood ads telling teenagers “sex is hot,” as well as pro-homosexual content such as a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation video in which media personality Jessi Cruickshank talks to young children about how a movie nude scene “made me question my sexuality.” Facebook suspended New Testament professor Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon for criticizing the video.

Featured Image
Bishop Edward Scharfenberger leads Albany's Walk for Life. Michael Schweigert / Citizens Concerned for Human Life
Claire Chretien Claire Chretien Follow Claire


Bishop: Sex abuse crisis is caused by lack of holiness, not lack of ‘policies’

Claire Chretien Claire Chretien Follow Claire
By Claire Chretien

ALBANY, New York, July 30, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The root of the Catholic Church’s sex abuse crisis is “sin and a retreat from holiness, specifically the holiness of an integral, truly human sexuality,” Bishop Edward Scharfenberger wrote to the priests and seminarians of his diocese.

In a letter released by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany on Sunday, Scharfenberger blasted Cardinal Theodore McCarrick without mentioning his name, noting that the abuser prelate engaged in “incestuous” predation toward those in his spiritual care.

“No doubt you have been and will be hearing from your people about how shaken and discouraged they are over public revelations of despicable behavior on the part of a very popular and charismatic Cardinal with priests and seminarians in his care,” Bishop Scharfenberger wrote. “One holy and faithful Catholic gentleman – a medical professional and a dear friend – texted me just this morning about his family’s utter despondency over this and that the USCCB should disband itself: “[t]heir credibility is shot, probably for decades.”

Bishop Scharfenberger pledged to those who have “suffered such traumatic experiences at the hands of their spiritual fathers,” and expressed his hope that they would “find the courage” to come forward.

The sex abuse fiasco is “much more than a crisis of policies and procedures,” the bishop advised. “It is a profoundly spiritual crisis.”

Priests and cardinals are obligated to follow Church teaching that sexual activity outside of “a real marriage covenant” is a “grave sin,” he wrote:

In negative terms, and as clearly and directly as I can repeat our Church teaching, it is a grave sin to be “sexually active” outside of a real marriage covenant. A cardinal is not excused from what a layperson or another member of the clergy is not. A member of the clergy who pledges to live a celibate life must remain as chaste in his relationship with all whom he serves as spouses within a marriage. This is what our faith teaches and what we are held to in practice. There is no “third way.”

“Sexual activity” includes grooming and seduction – the kind of experience that one of our brothers tells of in a recent interview in America magazine that you may have seen. The psychological and spiritual destructiveness of such predatory behavior, really incestuous by a man who is held up as a spiritual father to a son in his care – even if not a minor – cannot be minimized or rationalized in any way. On that, it seems to me, we are experiencing an unusual unity amidst the many political and ecclesial tensions in our communities.

Abuse of authority – in this case, with strong sexual overtones – with vulnerable persons is hardly less reprehensible than the sexual abuse of minors, which the USCCB attempted to address in 2002. Unfortunately, at that time – something I never understood – the Charter did not go far enough so as to hold cardinals, archbishops and bishops equally, if not more, accountable than priests and deacons.

McCarrick, who resigned from the College of Cardinals this weekend and allegedly abused boys as young as 11 as well as his own seminarians, was one of the bishops who played a key role in drafting and promoting the anti-child abuse charter Scharfenberger mentioned. In the wake of revelations about McCarrick, many Catholics have pointed out that they complained for years the charter didn’t provide accountability for predator bishops. Others have also noted the incongruity of so many Catholic bishops clamoring for an official “policy” against evil as a solution to the crisis.

“My office doesn’t have a policy against plunging hammers into the necks of my colleagues. But my co-workers would not excuse themselves from the duty to stop me from doing this by citing the absence of such a policy in a rulebook, or by explaining that their job description did not explicitly include language about hammer-wielding colleagues,” Michael Brandon Dougherty wrote.

Scharfenberger seemed to acknowledge both of those points in his letter, writing, “More words are not going to repair, let alone restore, the damage that has been done. Lawyering, pledges and changes in the bureaucratic structures and policy – however well intentioned – cannot do it either...Abuse of authority – in this case, with strong sexual overtones – with vulnerable persons is hardly less reprehensible than the sexual abuse of minors, which the USCCB attempted to address in 2002. Unfortunately, at that time – something I never understood – the Charter did not go far enough so as to hold cardinals, archbishops and bishops equally, if not more, accountable than priests and deacons.”

The bishop believes “the vast majority of or, at least, are striving to live holy and admirable lifestyles. I am ashamed of those of my brothers, such as the Cardinal [McCarrick], who do not and have not.”

“All of us who are ordained to preach what the Church teaches must practice what we preach and teach,” he wrote. “We also need to uphold what our faith proclaims about the gift and beauty of human sexuality, fully lived in its essential conjugal meaning. A culture of virtue and chastity – in short, personal holiness – rooted in a trusting and committed relationship with Jesus Christ is the path toward healing and wholeness, even as we seek to drive the evil behaviors among us from the womb of the Church.”

Featured Image
Cardinal Thomas Collins speaks at the National March for Life in Ottawa on May 10, 2018. Patrick Craine / LifeSiteNews
Lianne Laurence Lianne Laurence Follow Lianne

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Thousands respond to Cardinal’s call to write letters protesting Trudeau’s pro-abortion pledge

Lianne Laurence Lianne Laurence Follow Lianne
By Lianne Laurence

TORONTO, July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – At least 4,500 people have responded so far to a call by Toronto’s Cardinal Thomas Collins to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s summer jobs abortion attestation.

One of Canada’s highest-ranking Catholic clerics, the cardinal launched the Save Summer Jobs campaign in June with a letter to his 221 parishes. 

He urged Catholics to write MPs asking for a reversal of the “unjust” and “discriminatory” policy which requires employers attest support for abortion and gender identity to receive Canada Summer Job grants.

Archdiocesan communication director Neil MacCarthy tweeted results as of last week:

Recently Cardinal Collins wrote to 22 Members of Parliament in Greater Toronto Area ridings where Catholic organizations were rejected for the 2018 #CanadaSummerJobs program. More than 4,500 letters have been written to date.

When someone tweeted in response “Were you planning on making sure LGBTQ kids didn't get hired? Too bad,” MacCarthy responded: 

“About 15 summer camps as well as programs for deaf children, welcoming refugees, working with seniors, inner city kids. Those are the ones who were most directly impacted and no - hiring was not the issue. The attestation was.”

Or, as the archdiocesan SaveSummerJobs website puts it, “You either agree with Liberal government’s values or you’re out of luck.”

Collins also made a plea for donations to offset a shortfall of $1.1 million to fund 150 summer jobs in the archdiocese. 

Despite ongoing backlash, Trudeau has staunchly defended the abortion attestation even while attempting to portray Liberals as defenders of free speech.

“We will not remove funding from advocacy organizations because we as a government happen to disagree with them,” he declared in April when under fire for approving a summer job grant to a B.C. non-profit to bankroll a student to lobby against the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer promptly called Trudeau’s bluff.

“There is nobody who believes that the Prime Minister is committed to free speech when he punishes all those in this country who do not agree with his personal point of view,” Scheer said.

“We will not apologize for ensuring that women’s rights are protected across this country!” retorted Trudeau.

But the Liberals face a reckoning as court challenges mount against the reviled attestation.

Ottawa-based litigation lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos has launched five separate legal actions on behalf of as many small businesses, the Catholic Register reported in mid-July.

These include three Alberta companies — Remuda Building Ltd. from the Calgary area, Edmonton-based Saturn Machine Works Ltd. and Lethbridge-based Vantage Trailer Sales Inc., — and two Ontario companies, Windsor-based Sarnia Concrete, and Ottawa-based Woodsource.

In April, Calgary-based Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms launched a court challenge against the attestation on behalf of A-1 Irrigation & Technical Services of Brooks, Alberta.

And constitutional lawyer Carol Crosson launched a legal action in January on behalf of Toronto Right to Life, arguing that the attestation was “compelled speech.”

To send a letter to an MP or make a donation to the Toronto archdiocesan campaign, go here.


Canadian business owners sue Trudeau government over pro-abortion pledge for summer job grants

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Australian diocese document calls for ‘inclusive church’ of ‘LGBT people,’ ‘women chaplains’

By Doug Mainwaring

AUSTRALIA, July 31, 2018, (LifeSiteNews) – An Australian Catholic archdiocese has produced a working document about the "future of the Catholic Church in Australia” which calls for “women deacons and women chaplains,” “married priests,” and a “more inclusive church” that includes “LGBT people.”

The document was put out by the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, led by Archbishop Christopher Prowse. It is part of the preparation for a countrywide Plenary Council to be held in 2020. The last such council was held 81 years ago. 

The Plenary Council, what the bishops are calling the “highest form of gathering of local church and has legislative and governance authority,” is being held “so that we can dialogue about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia,” states the website about the event. The event is being promoted in the name of becoming a “synodal Church” called for by Pope Francis.  

Four “listening and dialogue” sessions were held by the Central Deanery of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn in June, and were attended by nearly 300 people.  Attendees were asked, “What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?”

The diocese summarised the responses in this way: “God is asking us to explore ways to reinvigorate in the Australian Church the sharing of the Gospel message.” Some of the responses included in the document, however, reveal a detachment from the magisterium of the Catholic Church. 

Among the sixteen different categories of responses were the following suggestions, quoted here verbatim:  

  • The ordination of married priests;
  • Women deacons and women chaplains should be considered;
  • Focus on developing a more inclusive church. God’s love is inclusive. The church has spent too much time excluding rather than including, eg, women, LGBT people, the divorced, people of other religions … Many people who have drifted away from the church feel intimidated to return by past traditions of the church;
  • A more active social justice stance from the church, more dialogue from the pulpit, more promotion of involvement by the laity in social justice matters. Church leaders should [...] emphasis on the need to combat climate change as a fundamental social justice issue;
  • Leaders of other Christian churches should be invited to provide advice to the Plenary Council, especially on matters of church governance. 

The document makes no mention of Jesus Christ, the centrality of the Eucharist in the lives of the faithful, and seems to emphasize an attraction to things of this world rather than the Kingdom of God obtained through Christ and his cross. 

In the Frequently Asked Questions section on the website, one question states: “Does my voice, my experience, sharing my story really matter?”

The reply states: “Yes absolutely! Each of us is called as children of God to respond to Pope Francis’s invitation to become a 'synodal' Church – a Church of faith-filled people who speak boldly and with passion, and who listen deeply with an open and humble heart.”

Another answer to a question states that the agenda of the Plenary Council will be “formed in response to the dialogue and listening process” currently happening. “After an open and inclusive process of listening, dialogue, prayer and discernment, we will form the Council agenda in late 2019 and early 2020,” the website states. 

Delegates chosen to attend the Plenary Council, including clergy and lay people, will be able to vote on what resolutions the Council adopts. 

“These deliberative decisions are forwarded to Rome to ensure they are consistent with the universal teachings of the Catholic Church and then the legislation becomes binding for the Catholic Church in Australia,” states the website. 

Contact information: 

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
GPO Box 368
Canberra ACT 2601

Ph: (02) 6201 9845
Online contact form here.


Archbishop Christopher Prowse 
GPO Box 3089
Canberra ACT 2601

Phone: 02 6239 9811
Email: [email protected]

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Honduran Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodriguez Maradiaga
Diane Montagna Diane Montagna Follow Diane

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Honduran bishops blame media for their own mishandling of homosexual seminary crisis

Diane Montagna Diane Montagna Follow Diane
By Diane Montagna

ROME, July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — The Honduran bishops are blaming media coverage for their own mishandling and cover-up of a homosexual crisis in their major seminary in the Tegucigalpa archdiocese.

In a statement issued on Sunday, July 29, the Honduran bishops’ conference said: “We regret that the ‘information’ of Mr. Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register (NCR), owned by the EWTN channel, and that is the source of the news that has appeared in various digital media in the country and abroad, causes pain and scandal in those who supposedly it wants to defend.”

The bishops added: “With all certainty and truth, we affirm that there does not exist, has not existed, nor should exist in the seminary an atmosphere such as the one presented in the news report at NCR [the Register], which gives the impression that institutionally there is the promotion and sustaining of practices opposed to the norms and morals of the Church under the complacent watch of the bishops.”

The statement came in response to a July 25 Register report that 48 seminarians (out of a total enrollment of 180) had written a letter to the bishops protesting a widespread and entrenched pattern of homosexual practice in Tegucigalpa’s major seminary.

The letter was circulated to the county’s bishops in June. It is reported to contain “irrefutable evidence” that a homosexual network pervades the institution and is being protected by its rector.

The seminary crisis is significant as the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa is led by Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, an influential confidant of Pope Francis and a member of the C9 Group of cardinals advising Pope Francis on reform of the Church and the Roman Curia.

In the letter, the seminarians stated they could not “hide any more the magnitude of this problem in the seminary.”

“We are living and experiencing a time of tension in our house because of gravely immoral situations, above all of an active homosexuality inside the seminary that has been a taboo all this time,” the seminarians wrote. They added that by “covering up and penalizing this situation, the problem has grown in strength, turning into, as one priest said not so long ago, an ‘epidemic in the seminary.’”

They also called on formators to dismiss from the seminary any seminarian who engages in homosexual activity because such a person clearly is “not suitable for pastoral ministry” and will “cause pain to the Church sooner or later.”

“Not everyone who wants to can be a priest!” the letter stated. “The ministry is a gift that should be lived and received from the conviction of the Gospel and radical and jealous love.”

“The seminarians wrote that they were encouraged by their spiritual advisers to write the letter and give it to the bishops as a plea that the homosexual activity among seminarians be stopped and that the bishops adopt stronger admittance practices for choosing seminarians,” Edward Pentin reported.

In a July 30 article on Vatican News Spanish, brazenly headlined “Honduras: The Seminary has an Environment that Continues the Morals and Norms of the Church,” the Vatican tried to further smear media coverage of the story.

The subhead, presented as a quotation, bore no relation to the article below it, but read: “It is evident that there is malice and evil, especially in the preparation of ‘anonymous’ reports; in the airing of these reports, mixing information, suspicions and interpretations; in the ignoring of the follow-up to the challenges.”

In an article on Monday, the Register said it “stands by its reporting,” adding that their article “quoted directly from one of the seminarians who had signed the letter, and referenced both a copy of a suicide note from a seminarian involved in a homosexual relationship with another seminarian, and graphic homosexual texts verified to have been exchanged between seminarians.”

In comments to LifeSiteNews, Pentin said that in the Honduran bishops’ statement they “notably don’t deny any specific allegation contained in the article, much of which was based on documented evidence which we are going to publish.”

“Instead, regrettably, they tried to blame our reporting by suggesting we were the ones creating an ‘impression’ of a homosexual culture in the seminaries when we were simply reporting on allegations based on documented fact and reliable sources,” the respected British journalist said.

Pointing out that the Register gave each bishop a chance to respond but only one of them did so, he said they are “understandably upset about the revelations.” 

The one bishop who did respond to the Register’s enquiries was Bishop Guy Charbonneau of Choluteca, who confirmed on June 29 that the permanent assembly of bishops received the seminarians’ letter, thereby also confirming the letter’s existence. He said the bishops’ conference is investigating the allegations to determine if they are true.

“We are currently in this process,” said Bishop Charbonneau. “Each bishop has to deal with it by interviewing the seminarians from their own diocese.”

“This is a new problem,” he added. “Perhaps it happened in other years, but not like the dimension that is being talked about now.”

In their statement on Sunday, the Honduran bishops also said they are praying that priests increase their “selfless dedication to the service of the Gospel” so that “free, mature and fearless” vocations arise. 

The bishops asked “present and future seminarians” to “grow in confidence, authenticity and transparency with their bishops and formators,” and view “honestly in their communities and parishes the lights and shadows of the seminary.”

They also called on parishioners to “increase their prayers for the major seminary” and to avoid any kind of speculation that “ignores the respect for the dignity of bishops, seminarians, formators and all who seek to carry out God’s plan.”

The statement added that bishops and seminarians are already “engaged in a constructive dialogue,” and have requested the help of a bishop emeritus on the continent “who has experience in the field of priestly formation.” The request, they said, has been accepted.

Public revelations about the homosexual crisis in the major seminary of Tegucigalpa follow the National Catholic Register’s extensive reporting on allegations of sexual abuse and financial misconduct by Honduran Auxiliary Bishop Juan José Pineda Fasquelle of the same archdiocese. Bishop Pineda is a protégé of Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga and has enjoyed the cardinal’s protection.

On July 20, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Pineda, 57, as auxiliary bishop. The Vatican offered no reason for the resignation.

Featured Image
A rainbow flag flies below the American flag at the U.S. embassy in Macedonia.
Linda Harvey

Opinion, ,

Let’s stop U.S. export of homosexual agenda

Linda Harvey
By Linda Harvey

July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Should U.S. embassies around the globe fly rainbow flags to celebrate homosexuality? Or hold receptions to honor “pride”?

Of course not.  In fact, it’s such an in-your-face insult, it reminds me of something former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might devise.

Oh, wait—they did that. In fact, it was under their leadership that numerous openly homosexual ambassadors were appointed and “gay” behavior began to be enthusiastically not just embraced but championed through America’s diplomatic corps, even in nations that still have laws against such immorality.

And it’s still going on. Why doesn’t Trump put a stop to this nonsense?

Take Jamaica, for instance.

On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, a reception was held at the U.S. embassy in Jamaica to honor “pride” month.

The formal invitation bears the U.S. embassy seal and reads: “The Embassy of the United States of America Charges D’Affaires Eric Khant requests the pleasure of your company at the PRIDE JA Opening Reception 2018 on Tuesday, July 31, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.”

Jamaica has not passed a law either decriminalizing male sodomy nor a law legalizing homosexuality as so-called “marriage,” yet there is now a Jamaican “Pride” celebration the first week in August supported by a group called J-Flag which is supported by the Rustin Fund and the Tides Foundation.

And also supported by our U.S. Embassy.

The Jamaican contact who sent me a photo of the embassy invitation said this: “Linda, why is the American taxpayer funding the subversion of our culture?”

Good question. When will our State Department stop its unauthorized promotion of homosexuality and gender rebellion around the globe?

The U.S. State Department doesn’t need a special envoy for “LGBTI” rights, for instance. This nationally-insulting position was created under the Obama administration and formerly held by Randy Berry, a career diplomat and one of the many homosexuals in the State Department. He served under John Kerry but left the position in 2017, and the post is currently vacant.

This position should be eliminated. Because what “human right” is upheld by the proud endorsement of behaviors that are unhealthy and present a danger to any nation’s youth? Same sex sexuality and gender rebellion also defy the will of God, our loving Creator.

A new bill has just been introduced by Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina that would ban any flag other than the American flag from flying at our embassies around the world. That will mean the rainbow flag (and all other flags) cannot share the mast.

Rainbow flags were flown at many embassies during the Obama years. Jamaica is one such embassy. Some have done so even under Trump.

We also don’t need the State Department sponsorship of a “Global Equality Fund” started under Hillary and continued under John Kerry. It’s a pile of “gay” activist cash funded by private businesses and foundations, for global homosexual promotion using the imprimatur of our diplomatic corps. Hillary believes “gay rights are human rights,” but as with so many issues, she is wrong.

What law passed by Congress does this diplomatic priority reflect?  There is, in fact, no such law. It’s an unauthorized use of our diplomatic influence.

It would also be really nice if new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refreshed his strong conservative principles and ceased lending support to the homosexual agenda within the State Department and these unauthorized activities around the globe. Unfortunately, Pompeo issued a statement  in May on the so-called “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia” which gives credence to this agenda. This sentence was troubling:

“Around the world, far too many governments continue to arrest and abuse their citizens simply for being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI)….”

It’s troubling because of its implication that some people are inevitably “born this way.” Yes, we are all opposed to violence and that is a basic human right.

But no, Secretary Pompeo, there are no people who are inevitably born to engage in such conduct. Please stop affirming this deception.

Governments should be free to put legal, non-violent restrictions on the public endorsement and embrace of chosen immoral behaviors – which these are – simply for societal order and the protection of youth.

Homosexual and gender discordant behaviors are destabilizing cultural influences that spread disease, foment religious persecution, and put children at risk. We have ample evidence now in this country.

This is the opposite of human rights as God has revealed in Scripture. Homosexual conduct is unnecessary and unnatural, pulling God’s created humans away from Him rapidly and inexorably—unless there is intentional retreat, repentance and redemption.

Honoring these behaviors is a disgrace to America, and we need to urge the Trump administration to withdraw every program and action that supports this dark and destructive conduct within other nations.

If you wish to contact the White House and urge Trump and Pompeo to end the global promotion of homosexuality/gender rebellion, please go HERE.

Our Creator must be terribly sad at America’s faithlessness. The precious gift of America must not be squandered. We serve as a beacon of freedom and true human rights to the whole world, and as a source of powerful Christian witnessing and mission support.

Let’s get our heads straight and our policies appropriate as we deal responsibly with the sin of homosexuality.

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Ralph Martin


‘Enough is enough’: Famed evangelist pens powerful letter to ‘troubled Catholics’

Ralph Martin
Ralph Martin

Editor’s note: The following article written by famed Catholic author and speaker Ralph Martin eloquently and powerfully expresses the disturbed shock of many at the grave scandals rocking the Church right now. We are grateful to Renewal Ministries for their kind permission to republish the article.

July 31, 2018 (Renewal Ministries) – Dear Troubled Catholics,

I have never seen so many “ordinary Catholics”—who usually never follow or hear about Church news—as deeply troubled as I have seen them in response to the recent revelations about the retired archbishop of Washington, DC.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was asked by the pope to resign from his membership in the College of Cardinals and ordered to live in seclusion until a canonical trial can be held to verify the validity of charges of sexual abuse and harassment made against him. After the first brave person came forward (whose accusations were found credible by the Archdiocese of New York Review Board), more and more followed. The climate of fear among many of our clergy—the fear of being punished or marginalized if they report sexual immorality among their fellow clergy or leaders—is starting to break. Cardinal McCarrick is now known as Archbishop McCarrick.

What has been so disturbing to so many people is the fact that there had been numerous warnings to various church officials that he was a homosexual predator, harassing many seminarians, priests, and young boys, for many years, but nothing had ever been done about it, and he was continually promoted. Even after a delegation of priests and lay people went to Rome to warn the Vatican about the situation, he was promoted. Even after a leading Dominican priest wrote a letter to Cardinal O’Malley, nothing was done. Even after lawsuits accusing him of homosexual sexual harassment in two of his previous dioceses had been settled with financial awards, he was still promoted. And not only that, he became a key advisor to Pope Francis and offered advice on whom to appoint as bishops in the United States!

One young Catholic mother with two boys who was open to the priesthood for them said to me that she now has grave concerns about ever having one of her sons enter the seminary, given the corruption that has been revealed.

Another said she could no longer see anyone joining the Catholic Church, due to such bad leadership. She lamented about the difficulty this presents for evangelization.

Another said that seven people from her very small, rural parish had left the parish, because sexual sin is never spoken of and there is almost an exclusive emphasis on political issues. She now fears that even more will leave.

Another said that the only way this is ever going to change is if we simply stop giving to the bishops’ national collections and to our own dioceses and parishes’ collections, unless they are led by bishops who are willing to call a spade a spade and govern accordingly. To this day, there are quite a number of “gay friendly” parishes in even “good dioceses,” where those afflicted with homosexual temptation are not encouraged to live chaste lives or offered effective correction, but instead are confirmed in their sexual activity. It seems many bishops are afraid to tackle the local “homosexual lobbies” and choose to turn a blind eye.

This past weekend at Mass, the priest giving the sermon was more upset than I’ve ever seen him about the unfolding scandal. The Gospel was about how the weeds and the wheat grow up together and will only finally be separated at the judgment. It was unclear what the priest was actually saying, but we are certainly not called to “enable the weeds.” And shepherds in particular have the obligation to admonish the sinner and remove from ministry those who refuse to preach the truth and who encourage others in wrong doing. Yes, we will always have sin, but as Jesus said,


“whoever causes one of these little ones who believes in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” (Mt 18:6).

There have been a veritable deluge of articles that have appeared from highly respected lay Catholics and priests saying that “enough is enough,” and we need to stop the cover-ups and get to the bottom of who is implicated in promoting men like this and covering up for them. We do.

In 2002, when the American bishops approved their “charter” that attempted to respond to the many cases of priest pedophilia that had come to light by that time, they conspicuously exempted themselves from their “zero tolerance” policy. Many priests have told me that they felt “thrown under the bus” by the bishops, who conveniently didn’t adopt policies to deal with their own tolerance of immoral behavior, cover-ups that allowed the pedophilia to go on for many years, or in some cases, their own immoral behavior. Another disturbing thing about the 2002 Charter is that—despite pleas to not ignore the fact that this is primarily a homosexual scandal, since most of the victims were adolescent boys rather than true children—the bishops decided not to tackle “the elephant in the room.” Could it be because they knew some of their brother bishops/cardinals were implicated, and they didn’t want to face the mess of cleaning it up? Now this refusal to acknowledge the “homosexual lobby,” as Pope Benedict termed it, is coming home to roost.

But there’s not just a huge homosexual problem in the Church; unfortunately, heterosexual sin and financial malfeasance are common in many places as well. In some countries, a significant percentage of priests are living with concubines or fathering children by vulnerable women and giving scandal to the faithful, who often know about it. This is the case in Uganda, from which I have recently returned, and in many other countries as well. In these situations, the “protection” of the priests and the frequent disregard for their victims—the women and their children—cries out for justice.

And so, once again because of the pressure of lawsuits and the press, the bishops are talking about “developing new policies” that would apply to bishops. As a colleague at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, Michigan, has said: “Isn’t it clear enough from the Gospel that covering up immoral behavior is itself wicked? Why do we need new policies when the teaching of Jesus and the apostles is so clear?” Can the words of the Old Testament prophets and Jesus Himself against false shepherds be any clearer or more devastating? (See Jeremiah 23:1-6; Matthew 23, etc.)

The Archbishop McCarrick case may prove to be the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” It may make the bureaucratic, carefully worded, evasive statements that have come from our leaders finally address sin and repentance, instead of the mere policies and processes they typically focus on. Could it be—finally—that the revelation of the long-term sexual harassment of seminarians and priests that never stopped Archbishop McCarrick’s rise in the hierarchy will be so totally repugnant that real repentance may actually start to happen? I have never prayed more for the pope and our leaders than I have in the last several years, and we all must continue to do so. More about that later.

Unfortunately, the Archbishop McCarrick case is certainly only the “tip of the iceberg.” The cumulative effect of revelation after revelation of immorality in high places is devastating. First, a number of years ago, a cardinal from Austria was forced to resign over homosexual activity; then, more recently, a cardinal from Scotland resigned over sexual harassment of seminarians and priests; and then the archbishop of Guam underwent a canonical trial in Rome over the sexual abuse of minors; and now cardinals in Chile (one of whom is on the pope’s Council of Cardinals that oversees reform) are under heavy suspicion for covering up homosexual abuse in their country. In fact, the whole bishops’ conference of Chile, acknowledging complicity in not taking seriously reports of a bishop’s cover up of sexual abuse, recently gave their resignations to the pope, and he has so far accepted several of them. The pope himself at first stubbornly backed the appointment of this bishop and dismissed the victims’ pleas as “calumny” and “gossip.” And before we could absorb this news, there was news of an archbishop in Australia getting a prison sentence for covering up abuse on the part of a priest. And just today, as I am writing this, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ordered the release of a grand jury report implicating more than 300 “predator priests” in six of the eight Pennsylvania dioceses involved in the sexual abuse of minors over many years.

Unfortunately, the rot is wide and deep and years of covering up abuse (and the concomitant reluctance to really preach the Gospel and call people to faith and repentance) and its ultimate exposure have injured the faith of millions. How shocking and tragic was it to see tens of thousands of Irish people in the streets of Dublin wildly celebrating that they could now legally kill babies!!!! Just when the Irish bishops needed to speak most strongly on fundamental moral issues, their credibility was destroyed when it was finally exposed that they had covered up abuse for decades. Satan is indeed like that wild boar Scripture talks about that rampages though the vineyard of the Lord because the hedges of protection have been destroyed (Ps 80:12-13). The corruption, ineptitude, and cowardice runs wide and deep, and its effects on the eternal salvation of millions, and the destiny of nations, is devastating.

Most recently, Cardinal Maradiaga of Honduras has seen his auxiliary bishop resign over homosexual and financial impropriety, and forty seminarians in his diocese publish a letter asking him to please root out the homosexual network in his seminary. This cardinal is Pope Francis’ chief advisor, the head of his “Council of Nine” that works closely with the pope in bringing about reform in Rome, and is mentioned as a possible successor to Pope Francis.

But continual reports of ongoing financial and sexual scandals suggest reform doesn’t seem to be happening. Recently, a male prostitute in Italy published the names and photos of sixty priests who frequent his services—with scarcely any comment from the shepherds. And the homosexual orgy in the apartment of a Vatican cardinal, used by his secretary, was met with a “no comment” by the Vatican press office. And then we hear also of a monsignor in the papal nuncio’s office in Washington, D.C., who suddenly leaves the country and is put on trial in the Vatican for trafficking in child pornography and is given a five year prison sentence.

I didn’t plan to discuss this whole situation, but it came up this summer when the thirty priests in my class at the seminary wanted to discuss Pope Francis’ leadership and the McCarrick scandal. We all agreed that Pope Francis has said and done some wonderful things (I teach his Apostolic Exhortation The Joy of the Gospel in one of my classes), but he also has said and done some things that are confusing and seem to have led to a growth of confusion and disunity in the Church. How can German and Polish bishops approach the question of whether divorced and remarried couples can receive Communion without getting an annulment in opposite ways, and the Church still retain an ability to speak to the contemporary culture with one voice? It can’t. And how long can Church officials speak about the “positive values” of “irregular relationships” until the average Catholic comes to believe that we no longer believe the words of Jesus that fornicators, adulterers, and those who actively practice homosexuality will not enter the kingdom of God unless they repent? How many still believe that there is really a hell and that, unless we repent from such serious sins before we die, we will go there? Have we ever heard from leading churchmen, even in Rome, in recent years, that adultery, fornication and homosexual relations are not only “irregular,” but gravely sinful? Has the creeping “universalism” (the belief that virtually everyone will be saved) so undermined the holy fear of God and belief in His clear word, which has been transmitted faithfully all these centuries and is found intact in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, that people have become “understanding” about persisting in grave sin with no fear of God or of hell?

Has false compassion and presumption on God’s mercy replaced true love, which is based on truth, and the only appropriate response to God’s mercy—faith and repentance?

And what are we to make of the fact that so many of those advising the pope have questionable fidelity to the truth? How can we have confidence in Cardinal Maradiaga as the head of his Council of Cardinals when he is accused of financial impropriety (which he denies); he chose an active homosexual as his auxiliary bishop; and he allowed a homosexual network to grow up in his seminary, dismissing attempts to appeal to him to clean up the mess as unsubstantiated gossip? How can we have confidence in the pope’s main theological advisor, a theologian from Argentina who is most known for his book The Art of the Kiss, or the pope’s main Italian theological advisor, who is known for his subtle dissent from the Church’s teaching in the area of sexuality and who tried to insert texts in the synods on the family that pushed the document in a permissive direction? And how can we have confidence in the recently appointed head of the John Paul II Institute on Marriage and the Family—an archbishop who commissioned a mural in his former cathedral in an Italian diocese from a homosexual artist who included homo-erotic themes in the mural, including a portrait of the archbishop in an ambiguous pose?

One godly woman just asked me last night if it was OK for her to be upset with what was happening. I sadly said yes, of course it is.

How can we passively endure such corruption that runs so wide and deep? It is right to make our views known. It is right and necessary. But even more so, it is necessary to pray and offer sacrifices for the Church and her leaders at this time. It is necessary to pray that genuine reform, rooted in real repentance and an embrace of all the truths of the faith, would come out of this awful situation and that the Church, more deeply purified and humbled, may shine forth with the radiance of the face of Christ.

But it is going to be a long way from here to there. Grave damage has been done to the credibility of the Church, and more will leave. Grave damage has been done to many of the flock, and reparation must be made; public repentance is called for. As Pope Benedict XVI wrote when he was a young priest, the Church will have to become smaller and more purified before it can again be a light to the world. The Church is going through a radical purification under the chastising hand of God, but already we can see a remnant of fervent renewal appearing all over the world, which is a sign indeed of hope and the renewal to come.

And so, what can we do as we continue to pray for the pope and our leaders that God may give them the wisdom and courage to deal with the root of the rot and bring about a real renewal of holiness and evangelization in the Church?

  • We need to go about our daily lives, trying to live each day in a way pleasing to God, loving Him and loving our neighbor, including the neighbor in our own families. We need to look to ourselves, lest we fall.
  • We need to remember that even though we have this treasure in earthen vessels (or as some translations put it, “cracked pots”), the treasure is no less the treasure. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater! Baby Jesus is the treasure, and He is still as present as ever and still as ready to receive all who come to Him. And the Mass! Every day, He is willing to come to us in such a special way. Let’s attend daily Mass even more frequently, to offer the sacrifice of Jesus’ death and resurrection to God the Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit, for the salvation of souls and the purification of the Church.
  • We need to remember that the Catholic Church is indeed founded by Christ and, despite all problems, has within it the fullness of the means of salvation. Where else can we go? Nowhere; this is indeed our Mother and Home, and she needs our love, our prayers, and our persevering in the way of holiness more than ever.
  • We need to remember that there are many truly holy and dedicated bishops and priests, and we must pray for them and support them. They need and deserve our support.
  • We need to remember that this isn’t the first time such grave problems have beset the Church. In the fourteenth century, St. Catherine of Siena bemoaned the “stench of sin” coming from the papal court and prophesied that even the demons were disgusted by the homosexual activity he had tempted priests into and the cover up by their superiors! (See chapters 124-125 of Catherine of Siena’s The Dialogue.)

That isn’t to say that we don’t need to take seriously and do all we can in response to the grave scandal we are facing in our time. And yet we need to remember that all this is happening under the providence of God, and He has a plan to bring good out of it. It was even prophesied strongly in Mary’s apparitions in Akita, Japan. Jesus is still Lord and will use the current grave problems to bring about good.

And finally, I’m beginning to see why the Lord has impressed on me so strongly in the past year the urgent need to heed the appeals of Our Lady of Fatima. Indeed, as Mary said,

“Pray, pray very much, and make sacrifices for sinners; for many souls go to hell, because there are none to sacrifice themselves and to pray for them.”

Let’s continue to pray and offer sacrifices for the conversion of sinners and as reparation for sin, and let’s pray the rosary daily as Mary requested, for peace in the world and true renewal in the Church.

Ralph Martin is president of Renewal Ministries. He also hosts The Choices We Face, a widely viewed weekly Catholic television and radio program distributed throughout the world. Ralph holds a doctorate in theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas (Angelicum) in Rome and is a professor and the director of Graduate Theology Programs in the New Evangelization at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in the Archdiocese of Detroit. He was named by Pope Benedict XVI as a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization and was also appointed as a “peritus” to the Synod on the New Evangelization. Ralph is the author of a number of books, the most recent of which are The Urgency of the New Evangelization, The Fulfillment of All Desire, and Will Many Be Saved? He and his wife Anne have six children and sixteen grandchildren and reside in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Rev. George Rutler


Road to hell is paved with good intentions of bishops who lack doctrinal orthodoxy

Rev. George Rutler
By Rev. George Rutler

July 31, 2018 (Church of St. Michael) – Samuel Taylor Coleridge indulged his romantic naiveté in suggesting that culture should be governed by an educated elite, which he called a “clerisy.” The word had the same root as “cleric,” since the clergy had a pre-eminent role in erudition. Coleridge meant it to include all who were versed in higher thought. He was ignorant of the dictum that an intellectual is often someone educated beyond his intelligence. Knowledge is not wisdom. Common sense thrives best among those whom the clerisy caste tend to patronize as common.

Along with professors and bureaucrats, the clergy have to be careful, since clerisy is a relentless illusion. The clergy are at their best when they proclaim the solid Gospel, and they can be at their weakest when they assume a prerogative to comment on problems outside their competence. 

The National Conference of Catholic Bishops published in 1983 a pastoral letter on disarmament, “The Challenge of Peace,” which, if taken seriously, might have prevented the fall of the Berlin Wall six years later. Their pastoral letter on economics in 1986, “Economic Justice for All,” prescribed a big-government solution that could have thwarted the economic boom that ensued despite them. The clerisy rejected a cogent critique of “Economic Justice” chaired by the former Secretary of the Treasury, William Simon, and supported by Secretary of State Alexander Haig and J. Peter Grace, among others. Opponents of the peace pastoral, Archbishop Philip Hannan and then-Bishop John J. O’Connor, were ignored even though Hannan was the only bishop who had served in World War II, and the future cardinal was auxiliary bishop for the Armed Forces.

Recently, a bishop suggested that anyone who supported laws on illegal immigration might be subject to canonical penalties, a stricture he did not invoke against Catholic congressmen in his state who support abortion. The bishops have also disagreed with the Supreme Court’s defense of the right to work for federal employees. Clerisy often prefers gratuitous politics to doctrinal orthodoxy.

Then there is the curious inconsistency of a cardinal who has said that priests “have no credibility” when it comes to marriage instruction because they have not been married themselves. Having prepared over eight hundred people for marriage, I might venture to enlist most of them in witness against his demurral from competence, and would also ask, if that cardinal is correct, why does he not see any inconsistency in declaring this as prefect of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family, and Life. Pope Francis has said that “no one better than [a priest] knows” the challenges that married couples face. Clerisy may be well-intentioned, but Saint Bernard of Clairvaux said that the road to Hell is full of good intentions.

Clerisy does have its flaws, in witness to which one might conjure the ghost of Samuel Taylor Coleridge who, despite his erudition, died from recourse to opium.

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Rubens’ portrait of St Ignatius of Loyola: A lesson in the true spirit of the Jesuits

Peter Kwasniewski Peter Kwasniewski Follow Dr. Peter
By Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The 31st of July is the dies natalis or heavenly birthday of one of the greatest priests and religious founders of Church history, Ignacio de Loyola, who died on this day in 1556 and was canonized in 1622. St. Ignatius is famous, of course, for having established the Society of Jesus (S.J.) or Jesuits. This order has given the Church many of her most daring and successful missionaries to the most far-flung corners of the earth. St. Francis Xavier comes to mind, who during his journeys baptized an estimated 30,000 converts, driven by the love of God and anxiety for the eternal loss of all who die outside of the Church.

This magnificent painting by the Flemish artist and devout Catholic Peter-Paul Rubens (1577–1640), painted right around the time of the saint’s canonization, vividly captures many of the qualities of Ignatius that made him and his order great.

He is shown looking up to heaven in prayerful meditation, awaiting the light of God’s will, the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit. This no doubt is a reference to the Spiritual Exercises in which Ignatius, on the basis of his own profound spiritual life and his experience in directing others, formulated certain rules by which Christians could distinguish between the voice of God and the contrary voices of the world, the flesh, and the devil—a crucial tool for a world tempest-tossed by the Protestant Revolt, against which the Jesuits campaigned with a fervor that culminated in the astonishing fortitude of the host of Jesuit martyrs of Elizabethan England.

Rubens depicts the face of the saint as calm and resolute, determined to do what God wills, as He wills it, when He wills it. There is neither the agitated haste of one who rushes ahead into trouble with a false zeal, or the pusillanimous hesitancy that doubts, second-guesses, or shrinks in fear of pain and difficulty. With the spirit of Christian chivalry he is ready to take up arms against a sea of troubles. He has drunk in peace from its very source—“in His will is our peace,” as Dante sang—and therefore can radiate it to others, attracting them to follow him in the friendship, the society, of Jesus. We can also detect, thanks to the subtle brush of Rubens, a combination of remorse for his own sins and lamenation of the sorry state of others, especially heretics, schismatics, infidels, and pagans, for whose conversion he and his spiritual sons will exhaust themselves.

Ignatius stands at an altar, dressed in priestly garb, for he was indeed a priest of the most high God, who daily offered the unbloody Sacrifice by which our redemption is accomplished. Although Jesuits have never had the reputation of being great liturgists, they have always understood that the Most Holy Eucharist is the burning furnace of charity that drives all of our prayer and work. For Ignatius, the sacred liturgy was truly the “font and apex” of his entire Christian life. The very fact that Rubens depicts Ignatius in a rich brocade chasuble of gold and red, the gold of royal dignity and the red of self-sacrificial witness and the fire of the Holy Spirit, transmits a solemn message: nothing is more important, nothing more valuable than the worship of God, to which our best and most beautiful efforts are to be dedicated. Like the immovable marble of the altar, the saint stands tall, unwavering in the Catholic Faith he was called upon to defend.

All of this he does, as the motto in the book atop the altar proclaims, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam—“unto the greater glory of God.” There is no confusion here about who is in first place, the creature or the Creator, the Word or the world. God is the first beginning and the last end, to Whom we owe our existence, our life, our divine sonship, and our eternal bliss. Nothing and no one should contradict His primacy; we are His servants, the sons of His handmaid, and should act and think accordingly.

Alas, in comparison with St. Ignatius and many noble Jesuits who followed in his footsteps, the modern Church shows us the ongoing and, it seems, ever-increasing scandal of numerous and influential Jesuits who have betrayed everything for which their founder stood.

Instead of lending humble support to the richly meaningful tapestry of Roman Catholic worship as it had developed under the guidance of divine Providence, the Jesuit Josef Jungmann paved the way to its ruthless deconstruction. To put it in terms of Rubens’ painting, he replaced Baroque brocade with polyester drapery.

Instead of fighting against the error of Darwinian evolutionism, the Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin embraced it as the new paradigm for Catholicism, one in which the Church and her doctrine are subordinate to the spirit of the age and the unfolding of the cosmos.

Instead of resisting the pernicious error of consequentialism (a good end can justify an evil means), the Jesuit Josef Fuchs promoted it for decades at the Pontifical Gregorian University, poisoning generations of moral theologians—the same ones who wage unholy war against the Church’s teaching on marriage, family, and life issues, especially the fundamental concept of actions that are intrinsically evil, that is, evil always and everywhere, by their very nature.

Instead of placing his considerable gifts at the service of the conversion and healing of active homosexuals who are destroying themselves and injuring the common good of society, the Jesuit James Martin sows moral confusion and ecclesiastical corruption, all the more diabolical for its polished sound of common sense, moderation, and “mercy.”

And most of all, instead of confirming his brethren in the one true Faith received from the Apostles, handed down by the Fathers, articulated by the Doctors, experienced by the Mystics, witnessed to by Jesuit martyrs, and reaffirmed in every generation by the perennial Magisterium, the Jesuit Jorge Bergoglio has presented to the world the unprecedented spectacle of a pope who sows confusion about Catholic dogma and introduces doubts about Catholic morality, playing into the global secularist agenda and the moral libertinism of the modern West. Instead of a Church that converts the world, we see a Church converted by the world. Here we have the very antithesis of the real St. Ignatius of Loyola, who would have dismissed from the Society all of the above-mentioned Jesuits, before he initiated proceedings of excommuncation against them.

May this mighty saint of the Counter-Reformation, the father, guide, and model of so many saints, intercede for the afflicted Church on earth—and especially for his wayward order, that it may be reestablished in orthodoxy and holiness ad majorem Dei gloriam.

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Lianne Laurence Lianne Laurence Follow Lianne

The Pulse,

Professor calls universities the ‘gravest internal threat’ to U.S.

Lianne Laurence Lianne Laurence Follow Lianne
By Lianne Laurence

CHICAGO, July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Universities staffed with leftist professors pose such an internal threat to the United States that Americans should stop funding them, a philosophy professor warned.

Jason Hill, who teaches at Chicago’s private DePaul University, blasted universities in a hard-hitting op-ed earlier this month as “propaganda machines” that indoctrinate students to reject Western culture.

“The core principles and foundations that keep the United States intact, that provide our citizens with their civic personalities and national identities, are being annihilated,” wrote Hill.

“The gravest internal threat to this country is not illegal aliens; it is leftist professors who are waging a war against America and teaching our young people to hate this country.”

Hill is a Jamaican immigrant whose memoir, We Have Overcome: An Immigrant’s Letter to the American People, was published earlier in July. He said students often now equate Western civilization with “racism, cultural superiority and pervasive oppression.”

And so they refuse “to study the works of John Stuart Mill or John Locke (or any other white thinker) because they consider them white supremacists,” he said.

“There is no lower level of educational hell.”

Moreover, “today’s scholars in humanities and social sciences increasingly declare that modern argumentation is a white, Western form of domination and linguistic imperialism that silences racial and ethnic minorities and devalues their ‘lived experiences,’” Hill said.

“One cannot argue with such people. The only alternative is to shut them down.”

That means universities as currently constituted have got to go, argued Hill, who has written on civil disobedience and identity politics, social and political philosophy, cosmopolitanism and race theory.

“We need to defund them, disband and rebuild them with conservative principles — that is, values advocating individualism, capitalism, Americanism, free speech, self-reliance and the morality of wealth creation,” he wrote.

“Withdraw your support and leave them to fund themselves. Let them put their wares on the free market, where they will be left homeless. The world you desired no longer exists in our universities. It lies elsewhere, in a philosophic system waiting to be discovered or created.”

Read Hill’s entire op-ed here.

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