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Newark's Cardinal Joseph Tobin Claire Chretien / LifeSiteNews
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Pope Francis appoints pro-LGBT Cdl Tobin to oversee Catholic education

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By Martin Barillas

PETITION: Support Catholic Bishop who is calling for a boycott on LGBT 'Pride'. Sign the petition here.

NEWARK, New Jersey, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Newark archbishop Cardinal Joseph Tobin, who has come under fire for statements at odds with Church teachings about sexuality, was named by Pope Francis as a member of the Congregation for Catholic Education.

In addition to Cardinal Tobin, Cardinals Luis Ladaria and Désiré Tsarahanzana and Bishop Joseph Ðình Ðúc Ðao were named to the congregation. The Congregation for Catholic Education is responsible for communicating and ensuring the implementation of the directives of the Holy See at Church-affiliated schools, institutes, colleges, and universities.

Cardinal Tobin said in a nationally televised program in April that Catholic teachings on same-sex attraction are “disordered” and “unfortunate” and use “hurtful” language. On NBC’s Today show, Tobin suggested that the Church is about to change its teachings: “The Church, I think, is having its own conversation about what our faith has us do and say with people in relationships that are same-sex. What should be without debate is that we are called to welcome them.”

In the interview, show host Anne Thompson introduced discussion about homosexuality by praising Tobin, saying his “outreach to the LGBTQ community is in the mold of Pope Francis, despite some Church teaching.” She asked Tobin, “But how can you welcome people that you call ‘intrinsically disordered’?” Tobin answered, “Well, I don’t call them ‘intrinsically disordered.’”

She countered, “But isn’t that the Catechism of the Catholic Church?”

“That is,” Tobin said and added, “It’s very unfortunate language. Let’s hope that eventually that language is a little less hurtful.”

Just before assuming leadership of the Newark archdiocese, Tobin welcomed homosexual activists to the Cathedral-Basilica of the Sacred Heart, who came on a so-called “LGBT Pilgrimage.” Fr. James Martin, S.J., whom many have criticized for his statements supportive of homosexuality, congratulated Tobin on his participation in “LGBT Pilgrimage,” tweeting, “Bravo!” Tobin was one of four American bishops who endorsed Martin’s controversial book Building a Bridge. Martin suggested in 2018 that Tobin is one of the “gay-friendly” prelates appointed by Pope Francis.

Under Tobin’s authority is Our Lady of Grace in Hoboken, which will hold what it touts as its “2nd Annual Pride Mass in Support of Our LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters.” Scheduled for June 30, the morning Mass is being advertised in LGBTQ media. The parish is encouraging those attending the Mass to participate in the gay pride march in New York City later that day.

Speculation has swirled since last year regarding a tweet Tobin posted and later deleted that read, “Nighty-night, baby. I love you.” Tobin claimed that the tweet was meant for his sister. He was later the focus of rumor when he reportedly confirmed that he had recently housed a young Italian actor in his residence for a period of time. 

Learn more about Cardinal Tobin‘s views and past actions by visiting Click here.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former papal ambassador to the United States, stated in his famous letter last year: “The appointments of Blase Cupich to Chicago and Joseph W. Tobin to Newark were orchestrated by [disgraced ex-cardinal Theodore] McCarrick, [Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez] Maradiaga and [recently deposed Washington, D.C. archbishop Cardinal Donald] Wuerl, united by a wicked pact of abuses by the first, and at least of coverup of abuses by the other two. Their names were not among those presented by the Nunciature for Chicago and Newark.”

While Catholics are called on not to subject persons with homosexual attractions to unjust discrimination, the Church has been clear that homosexual acts are not morally acceptable. Teaching that homosexual acts are “acts of grave depravity” and “intrinsically disordered,” the Catechism of the Catholic Church states:

They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.

In addition, the Church teaches that homosexual inclinations are “objectively disordered” and a “trial” for the persons so inclined.

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Ryan Meili, pro-abortion family doctor and leader of Saskatchewan's New Democratic Party. TEDx Talks via YouTube
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Saskatchewan under pressure as last province not fully funding abortion pill

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By Lianne Laurence

PETITION: Support Bishop who is barring 'Catholic' pro-abortion politicians from Holy Communion. Sign the petition here.

REGINA, Saskatchewan, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — After Manitoba announced last weekend it is offering “universal access” to the abortion pill, Saskatchewan remains Canada’s last province to resist pressure to fully fund medical abortions.

That may change if abortion activists, abetted by the liberal media, have their way.

Manitoba’s status of woman minister Rochelle Squires said Saturday her Progressive Conservative government will expand access to Mifegymiso, the Canadian brand name for a combination of Mifepristone (RU-486) and Misoprostol, the Canadian Press reported.

Manitoba already pays for the two-drug combination when it is dispensed at abortion facilities in Brandon and Winnipeg, but it will now implement a system to cover the cost of the abortion drug at all pharmacies.

“Our analysis shows that it is more cost-effective for women to stay in their own community to access reproductive health services, where possible,” Squires told Canadian Press.

“We also know that for many women, it is preferable to be able to stay in their community instead of coming into a place like Brandon or Winnipeg.”

Now Saskatchewan is under increased pressure to fully fund the abortion pill, which is intended to be prescribed to kill an unborn child up to nine weeks gestation.

The CBC reported Monday that University of Saskatchewan medical students met with health minister Jim Reiter in March to demand universal access to Mifegymiso, arguing that not doing so violates the Canada Health Act.

Reiter has since asked the ministry’s Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch to review the matter, and an announcement on whether the province will offer “universal access” to Mifegymiso “could be imminent,” it reported.

Meanwhile, Canadian Press reported that it “contacted 83 community pharmacies across cities and rural parts of Saskatchewan in April, and 79 reported they did not have the drug on their shelves.”

Moreover, “[s]ome Saskatchewan pharmacies said Mifegymiso is usually ordered as needed, rather than stocked, and could be brought in within a day. But others reported there was no inventory available to do so.”

Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili also upped his lobbying efforts, lamenting his province’s backward stance in a tweet:

Saskatchewan has been paying for medical abortions in some circumstances since 2017, with “registered low-income earners” eligible “for a $2 prescription” of the abortion drug, which has an estimated retail cost of $360, according to the CBC.

The health ministry told the CBC “that from September 2017 to December 2018, 482 prescriptions for Mifegymiso were dispensed in Saskatchewan and 138 of those were covered by the province’s drug plan, either fully or partially.”

Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s national pro-life lobby group, is asking the province’s pro-lifers to take action.

“Our sincere hope is that Saskatchewan does not give into pressures to further fund the chemical extermination of ‘unwanted’ preborn babies with taxpayer dollars,” says community outreach coordinator Josie Luetke.

“Besides having the purpose of killing an innocent human being, Mifegymiso is also well-known to have dangerous side effects on the women who take it, which is especially concerning given the many rural women in Saskatchewan who do not have easy access to a hospital,” Luetke told LifeSiteNews.

“Campaign Life Coalition urges pro-lifers to contact Jim Reiter to express their opposition to the public funding of Mifegymiso.”

Pro-life groups have warned for years that Mifegymiso, which includes the drug RU-486, is not only lethal to the unborn child, but dangerous for the mother.

Heavy bleeding, nausea, vomiting, and painful uterine contractions are common side-effects of the drugs. As of 2011, fourteen U.S. women had died after taking RU-486 and a total of 2,207 reported adverse effects after using the drug, according to a report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Other cases of maternal deaths linked to RU-486 can be found  here, here, here, and here.

The National Post reported in October 2018 that Mifegymiso has been prescribed at least 13,000 times in Canada since becoming available in January 2017.

To respectfully express your views, contact:

Jim Reiter
Minister of Health
Room 204, Legislative Building
2405 Legislative Drive
Regina, SK S4S 0B3
Phone: (306) 787-7345
Email [email protected]

Greg Ottenbreit
Minister Rural and Remote Health
Room 208, Legislative Building
2405 Legislative Drive
Regina, SK, S4S 0B3
Phone: (306) 798-9014
Email: [email protected]

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El Mundo via YouTube
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City government slaps $68K fine on Spanish pro-family group for attacking feminism

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By Martin Barillas

BARCELONA, Spain, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Authorities in Spain’s second largest city are threatening pro-family with heavy fines because of the country’s biggest pro-family group’s campaign against radical feminism.

HazteOir (“Make Yourself Heard”) received a notice on Tuesday that Barcelona’s municipal government proposes to set a fine of 60,000 euros as a sanction, charging that the pro-family group had violated a city ordinance. The city’s Institute for Urban Landscape and Quality of Life determined that a bus that traveled to Barcelona bearing HazteOir’s message denouncing “feminazis” was offensive.

In March, the purple HazteOir bus came to Barcelona as part of its national tour. It was festooned with the message “It’s not gender violence, it’s domestic violence” and called on politicians to overturn laws imbued with gender ideology. HazteOir has campaigned against laws that discriminate against men and eliminate the presumption of innocence. The messages were accompanied by an image of Adolf Hitler adorned with red lips and cheeks in the fashion of a drag queen. On the mass murderer’s cap was the symbol of radical feminism in place of the Nazi swastika.

According to Barcelona’s authorities, HazteOir has allegedly committed a “very grave” offense against the city’s Ordinance on the Use of Urban Landscapes, plus two more that are considered “grave.” In its charge against the civic group, the city claimed that HazteOir had engaged in the spreading of “messages that impinge upon the dignity of the person [and] violate the values ​​and rights recognized by the Spanish Constitution, especially in reference to children, young people, women and the most marginalized social sectors.”

The city also charged that HazteOir had violated regulations that “prohibit publicity activities that comprise placing materials on windows or other areas on vehicles.” Also prohibited, the charge states, are “publicity activities in cases that affect public interests in general.”

HazteOir has six months in which to pay the fine, while it has ten days to prepare an appeal. If the group admits to the charges, it could be granted a remission of 20% of the fines assessed.

HazteOir’s bus tour brought out masked extreme leftists and feminists in protest, who threw rocks and vandalized the bus. Police were on hand to separate the radicals from the bus and allow it to circulate.

In March, city prosecutors charged HazteOir with a hate crime, accusing the group of spreading messages that assail “women’s dignity, rights and freedom, creating a climate that normalizes discrimination against women and insults them with links to the national-socialist [Nazi] regime.” The prosecutor attached to the city’s Hate and Discrimination Office claimed that HazteOir had sought to spread “humiliation or at least discredit upon all women and against organizations that defend the equality of women and men, even though this is not protected speech.”

HazteOir has had several campaigns throughout Spain, using its bus to denounce abortion, radical feminism, and the LGBT agenda and calling politicians to account. The group is currently fighting government efforts to eliminate its nonprofit status because of its positions on family and marriage. HazteOir has charged the Spanish government with seeking to squelch free speech and freedom of association.

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Baby Mirabelle after surgery South West News Service
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Doctors offer abortion 10 times, but young mother demands life and surgery for her baby

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By Dorothy Cummings McLean

MANCHESTER, England, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― Baby Mirabelle has spina bifida and a mother willing to fight doctors for her life.

Yesterday, the UK’s Sun reported that Natalie Halson, 29, was repeatedly pressured by doctors to abort her unborn baby when a 22-week scan showed the child’s spine and spinal cord weren’t developing properly.

They told the young mum over the phone that her baby was doomed to a poor “quality of life,” but Halson didn’t believe them. After she hung up, she began to research spina bifida and found out that “there were options for (her) little girl.”

“I felt suddenly really angry that they'd made out I had none,” Halson told the Sun.

"If I’d not had that time to do my research I might have even agreed to the termination,” she continued.  

Sadly, she was forced to fight for her right not to have the child killed.

“The medics just wouldn't take no for an answer,” Halson stated.

"It was so insistent even after I'd repeatedly said no, but it was getting offered a termination just weeks before she was born that really upset me.”

Halson described her unborn daughter as being “a proper little person at that point.”  

“It was vile to think they just wanted me to get rid of her,” she added.

Halson said she was offered an abortion at every appointment she had up until the day the daughter was born ― “about 10 times in all.”

"But I am so glad I refused,” she concluded. “Mirabelle really is a miracle."

Halson, who is an assistant radiographer, demanded that she have her 23- and 26-week scan at the world-famous Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, where a spina bifida specialist was based.

"Mirabelle wasn’t eligible for fetal surgery because her angulation of her spine was over the cutoff point,” she told the Sun, "but there was still the option for an operation to fuse the nerves in her spine once she was born.”

Mirabelle was born in December by emergency Caesarean at 38 weeks and taken to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where her spinal cord and spine were repaired.

"They operated on Mirabelle’s spine the day after she was born,” Halson reported.

“it was a horrible anxious wait as it lasted about 12 hours, but the doctors were really happy with her progress afterwards,” she added. 

"They told me that they’d reattached all the nerves in her back like a zip. I was so emotional, I couldn’t stop crying."

Spina bifida can cause total paralysis of the legs, but Mirabelle already responds to touch on her legs. Her mother takes her swimming twice a week and says her daughter will reach her developmental milestones “in her own time.”

Halson told parents of disabled children never to think that abortion is their “only option.”  

"I would recommend to any parents who are advised to abort that it isn’t the only option, no matter what the hospitals try and tell them,” she said.

"And always go with your gut instinct, something inside told me that my baby was going to be OK - and look at her now, she’s perfect."

Last October, the UK’s Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC) published the harrowing story of a child with spina bifida who was born alive after his parents were pressured by doctors to have an abortion. He survived for an hour.

“People with spina bifida lead valuable and meaningful lives,” SPUC reminded readers.

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Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent


Dutch teenager tragically starves herself to death

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent
By Jeanne Smits


June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The death of 17-year-old Noa Pothoven made world headlines earlier this week as the international press described the “euthanasia” of the young Dutch girl in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Shocked reactions abounded, especially since her death was associated with profound psychological suffering after experiencing sexual abuse at ages 11 and 12 and a double rape when she was 14. This was not a terminally ill cancer patient who could no longer bear physical pain but a vibrant teenager who had suffered “a fate worse than death” when she was little more than a child and whose depression finally led her to refuse life itself.

Those reactions were healthy ones. But there was a twist to this story: basic and even perfunctory fact checking had not taken place. Mainstream media that so eagerly condemn “fake news” passed on the information without verifying Dutch sources that were very clear about the cause of Noa’s death: She had voluntarily stopped eating and drinking in order to die. So? No euthanasia was involved …

The mainstream liberal media corrected their reports while fact-checking agencies spoke of “erroneous or exaggerated news stories” in tabloids as well as “ordinarily reliable national news media” debunking their “sensationalist” approach. Surely, Noa Pothoven is dead, but there was no question of euthanasia or even assisted suicide, so probably everything was OK.

Or was it?

Was her death truly, in some way at least, “normal,” and even “due to natural causes” as her death certificate states? Doesn't her tragically shortened life still raise the same questions as direct euthanasia on a minor would have done? Is starving yourself to death with the assistance of medical providers somehow “better” than getting a lethal injection?

Until she was 11, Noa Pothoven was a cheerful, intelligent, happy youngster. A bright pupil, she had effortlessly made the move to secondary school and had a knack for writing, which she loved.

Then she went to a school party, where she was inappropriately touched by a man. A year later, the same thing happened at another party for adolescents. Two years after that, the beautiful blonde girl was raped by two men somewhere in Arnhem. She never told her parents because of “fear and shame.”

“I relive that fear, that pain, each and every day,” she told a television interviewer last December at age 16. “I'm always afraid, always on my guard. And even today my body still feels dirty. My house, my body was broken into, and that can never be undone.”

Noa Pothoven had become depressed and anorexic after the assaults. She had behavioral disorder and started self-harming. Several suicide attempts would follow and at one point she was taken to a hospital where she received enteral feeding for many months and was even put in coma while waiting for a place in a specialized psychiatric institution for adolescents. She was moved from one clinic to another, never finding the treatment that she hoped would save her from her despair.

Lisette and Frans Pothoven only found out about their daughter’s death wish when they stumbled upon an envelope in her room full of “goodbye” letters to her parents, family and friends. They could not understand. “Noa is sweet, beautiful, intelligent, sociable and always cheerful. How can she want to die?” her mother told a reporter in the same television interview.

They would only learn about the sexual abuse and rapes their daughter had gone through when she was 15 and had already started starving herself.

In the meantime, therapists encouraged Noa to write about her thoughts and feelings. Her writings grew into a book that was published last December, Winning or learning. She explained that while writing she realized more and more that she did not want to go on living.

“Yes, that came slowly to the fore,” she told the reporter: “The feeling that it would perhaps be better if I wasn't there anymore, because then other people won’t be disturbed by me and I wouldn't be disturbed by myself.”

At the time of the interview last December, Pothoven explained that that had led to a “euthanasia trajectory.” She is known to have gone to the End-of-life Clinic that deals with euthanasia demands doctors do not want to meet,  but she was turned away because she did not fill the legal conditions.

She complained that euthanasia was being withheld because she was too young. Doctors explained to her that the human brain is still maturing during adolescence and that these requests on psychiatric grounds are only taken into account after a patient has turned 21.

“That really broke me: I can't wait that long,” she told the journalist.

Her story reads like the chronicle of a death foretold. Not only did she want to die, but the whole world knew it thanks to her book. What she had omitted or feared to tell her family, she finally laid bare for all to read. Journalists and readers discussed her will to die. She never got the help and healing she admitted she was looking for.

She complained that she had been forcibly committed to psychiatric institutions by “people in judge’s robes” who made her “feel almost like a criminal.”

Was there ever any spiritual help for Noa? Did she or her parents believe in an afterlife, or ultimate justice for those who soil the young? And shouldn't we be talking about a form of complacency on the part of the media toward her tragic suffering, looking on until she finally died?

Her mother, Lisette, said she hoped that going public with the story would help find a solution, complaining that there is not a single closed institution in the Netherlands where Noa’s needs, both psychological and physical, would really be cared for. The young girl was repeatedly put on waiting lists. She was prepared to try anything, including electroshock treatment, which was ultimately refused according to one source.

Her parents kept hoping something would change. In the December 2018 interview, Lisette  sorrowfully acknowledged that her daughter was on the road to choosing death: “We are at right angles to her about that. We, her parents, want her to choose the road of life. In reality, Noa does not want to die at all. She is only longing for rest.”

Noa agreed. “Yes, I want rest. I no longer want to feel pain.”

How, when and why her medical caretakers and family accepted a few months later that the girl should “refrain from eating and drinking to hasten death,” as the procedure is known in the Netherlands, can only be imagined. The Pothovens, who have been submerged with requests for interviews and information by the foreign media since their daughter died last Sunday, have pleaded to be left alone and mourn in peace.

What is certain is that she died in a hospital bed set up in her parents’ living room, receiving specific care for those who choose to stop living by refraining from nourishment in order to die of thirst and denutrition. A particularly horrible death, but it is open to anyone who wants it in the Netherlands, and caretakers are required to assist during the procedure.

Notably, however, those caretakers who have conscientious objections – emotional, moral or religious – are allowed to step back to let others who are prepared to “accompany” such a “chosen death” provided they do give care in emergencies and no one else is available.

The very fact that conscientious objection is possible in this situation shows that it is no ordinary thing and raises serious moral issues.

In fact, according to the official guidelines of the KNMG (the Royal Physicians’ Association of the Netherlands), “conscious refraining from food and drink” in order to hasten death (or in the case of Noa, to cause it speedily and outright) is “explicitly discouraged” under 60 years of age when the patient is not suffering from a “terminal illness.”

For people over 60, on the other hand, there is no such requirement and any person can ask for help with this end-of-life choice on the basis of “patient autonomy.” the idea is that all patients are allowed to refuse treatment, nursing and ordinary care if they so wish. “It's a choice that everyone can and may make,” say the KNMG guidelines.

That 64-page document makes an interesting and even terrifying read. While doctors and other caretakers are encouraged to dissuade patients from choosing to stop receiving food and liquids and to search for solutions that will help them go on living, the guidelines do suggest that the procedure can be an alternative when euthanasia is refused.

They add that patients suffering from depression should not be prevented on that count from choosing such a death because they are still capable of making their own informed decisions.

No mention is made, however, of underage patients. In the case of Noa Pothoven, it is not clear whether her parents were required to sign the documents requesting for the procedure for their minor daughter, but they certainly agreed to it. Under what pressure? And what was the part played by the euthanasia mentality that has crept so deeply into Dutch society?

The official guidelines are careful to explain that “consciously refraining” from food and fluids cannot be considered to be euthanasia or assisted suicide, because the process is slow and can be stopped if the patient decides it is too hard or because he or she decides to go on living after all.

But this sophistry is difficult to accept. There is certainly a decision to end one's life prematurely. In the case of an anorexic and depressed girl, refusing food is at the heart of her mental illness and moral responsibility, if any, would be hard to assess. Near and dear ones may be led to accepting it when they are at wit’s end, looking for help that doesn't come. But that doesn't make their decision objectively correct.

On the other hand, doctors, nurses and caregivers actively cooperating is much more questionable. The KNMG guidelines clear them of all responsibility by assimilating the procedure to the refusal of artificial ventilation, chemotherapy, antibiotics and other types of treatment whose withdrawal would ultimately cause death. This argument relies on the confusion between medical treatment and ordinary care that is always due the patient.

A second argument makes clear that the procedure requires acts, on the part of the caregivers, that are not in direct relation with the patient’s “hastened death.” This is of course true. Giving pain relief, taking care of the ugly symptoms of death by dehydration and starvation, making sure the patient is not uncomfortable and even sedating him or her (as lightly as possible when it becomes necessary to alleviate the suffering, the guidelines say) are not acts that provoke the decease.

But it is difficult not to see them as part of the suicide, slow though it may be. They surely amount to not helping a person who is in peril of death. But the idea is to condone an alternative to euthanasia and assisted suicide that doesn't quite have the feel of those two objective crimes.

The KNMG guidelines give many technical details about the problems and specific pain and suffering the kind of death Noa chose bring about. Terrible thirst is one of the symptoms, and the younger the patient the worse it is. Organ failure, constipation, impossibility to urinate, wasting of the muscles are just some of the effects of ceasing to drink and to eat.

Often, delirium sets in. The guidelines note that in their confusion, dying patients sometimes start begging for water. They make clear that it is very important that family members and caregivers do not give in to the patient's supplication, because he or she can at that point no longer be validly expressing a conscious will to drink and because giving fluids would prevent the death the patient was hoping for.

Doctors are encouraged to explain this to their patients and to have them sign forms making clear that at no point they should be given fluids, even if they ask for them, once they are judged unable validly to express their will.

According to the same logic, palliative sedation can be applied without the patient's consent, although their families can be consulted about the matter.

How is this all supposed to be humane and “dignified?” In what way is such a procedure not the deliberate helping of a vulnerable person to die? And is anyone thinking about Noa Pothoven’s immortal soul?

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YouTube demonetizes Steven Crowder in response to attacks by left-wing Vox

Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The Google-owned video giant YouTube cut off all revenue from the channel of conservative commentator and comedian Steven Crowder Wednesday, in response to calls from the left-wing news outlet Vox to ban Crowder entirely.

On May 30, Vox personality Carlos Maza published an obscenity-laden Twitter thread complaining that Crowder regularly mocks and fact-checks his videos, in the process making jokes about Maza’s voice, mannerisms, ethnicity, and homosexuality. He claimed that YouTube tolerating Crowder proved the platform “does not give a f*** about queer creators.”

On June 5, YouTube announced that while “individually” the flagged Crowder videos were not in violation, “in the subsequent days, we saw the widespread harm to the YouTube community resulting from the ongoing pattern of egregious behavior, took a deeper look, and made the decision to suspend monetization. In order to be considered for reinstatement, all relevant issues with the channel need to be addressed, including any videos that violate our policies, as well as things like offensive merchandise.”

“They completely...didn’t just demonetize our videos, [they] booted us from the Partner Program,” Crowder confirmed Wednesday evening, “and they didn’t really give us reasoning.” After several communications between YouTube and Crowder’s attorney Bill Richmond, the platform identified a handful of past videos that Crowder says have not only been online without issue for years, but YouTube itself had previously confirmed were within its guidelines.

YouTube also singled out a shirt Crowder sold displaying the face of Communist revolutionary and far-left campus icon Che Guevara with the message “Socialism is for Figs,” which critics attacked for the similarity to an anti-homosexual slur. Removing links to the shirt would be one of the conditions for restoring monetization, YouTube confirmed.

YouTube also announced it will be removing “thousands” of “extreme” videos pushing “hate,” the New York Times reports, of which Crowder said, “at least a few hundred are ours. They didn’t make a delineation between white supremacists and jokes. They didn’t make a difference between Nazis and this program. That’s important to keep in mind because a lot of people reading this are going, ‘it’s great to purge white supremacist videos.’ Well, that’s why figs is trending, because this is considered amongst them.”

In response to Maza’s specific grievances, Crowder explained that he doesn’t hate anyone, but jokes about aspects of Maza that Maza himself has made light of in his own work (his Twitter handle is @GayWonk). As for the threats and harassment Maza claims to receive from conservatives, Crowder added, “I know you couldn’t understand the kind of pressure that we have here. You wouldn’t make it a day on the ISIS kill list, let alone the ultra-premium frequent flier mileage that I’ve accrued.”

Crowder explained that the move meant little for his program’s financial situation, which relies primarily on his Mug Club subscription service and sponsors such as the gun company Walther. Maza responded with outrage that YouTube didn’t ban Crowder outright:

“We’re not really beholden to the YouTube advertisers, and that is why Carlos Maza is so upset,” Crowder said. “This is what people need to understand, this isn’t Carlos Maza, this is absolutely Vox, a billion-dollar company that is going after a voice that is more effective than them at dealing with their misinformation.”

“They aren’t happy because, they expressly outlined it, they want everyone who disagrees with them to be removed,” he continued. “You would think ‘hey, Louder With Crowder, those guys have been demonetized. All I ever wanted was for them to be destitute because I claim they’re the bullies but I wanna make sure that no one there, including low-level employees have no ability to make a living.’ But you know what? That’s not what they want. They want to make sure that no one is allowed to express an opinion at all.”

Crowder warned that while his show personally is safe (for the time being), YouTube’s crackdown on “offensive” humor will have dire ramifications for smaller voices without alternate revenue sources. 

Many conservatives spoke out against YouTube, spreading the hashtag #VoxAdpocalypse and highlighting samples of the violent left-wing content YouTube hasn’t demonetized:

Others noted that Maza himself is no stranger to actual harassment:

This is only the latest case of apparent anti-conservative discrimination at YouTube. Previous targets include Dennis Prager’s PragerU educational videos, the pro-life group Live Action, Christian author Dr. Michael Brown, and a recent interview between Catholic evangelist Patrick Coffin and LifeSiteNews co-founder and editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen.

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Ashley Glass's son Dylan, pictured here, was left to die. Ashley Glass
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North Carolina House fails to override governor’s veto of bill protecting newborns from infanticide

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By Calvin Freiburger

PETITION: Support Bishop who is barring 'Catholic' pro-abortion politicians from Holy Communion. Sign the petition here.

RALEIGH, North Carolina, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-life lawmakers in North Carolina’s House of Representatives fell short Wednesday of the votes needed to override the Democrat governor’s veto of legislation to extend basic protections for newborns who survive failed abortions.

The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act required infants born alive after attempted abortions to be guaranteed the “same claim to the protection of the law that would arise for any newborn, or for any person who comes to a hospital, clinic, or other facility.” Violators would be guilty of a Class D felony and face a fine of up to $250,000.

It passed the state legislature in April, but Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the bill on the grounds that “laws already protect newborn babies,” so the “needless legislation would criminalize doctors and other health care providers for a practice that simply does not exist."

Last month, the state Senate voted 30-20 to override the veto, with Democrat state Sen. Don Davis joining every Senate Republican to provide the exact three-fifths majority needed. But this week’s 67-53 House vote fell short of the 72 votes needed to complete the override, the Raleigh News & Observer reported.

Wednesday’s vote was about “whether the great state of North Carolina will sanction the murder of a baby,” Republican state Rep. Keith Kidwell said. “Do you want to wear that banner today?”

Pro-lifers note that current federal law does not contain specific criminal penalties for withholding treatment from a newborn after a failed abortion, and that state law contains a loophole in that while physicians cannot directly kill a newborn, they don’t have a legal duty to care for one, either.

Further, pro-lifers distrust abortionists’ claims that infanticide never happens. “Nurses told stories of babies who were born alive and were taken by the doctor and turned face down in the saline,” Republican state Rep. Pat McElraft testified, relaying what she saw during her past career as a phlebotomist. “I can attest to the fact that infanticide has happened here in NC. I’ve been witness to the result of those late-term abortions.”

The bill is unlikely to be revived in the current legislative session, but pro-lifers suggested it could be a major issue in the next gubernatorial election.

“Gov. Cooper has to look out next year because this is what (Republican frontrunner) Lt. Gov. Dan Forest will run on — that Gov. Cooper is in favor of infanticide, along with many of the Democrats down there,” Concerned Women for America state director Jill Coward said.

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Cardinals Timothy Dolan (New York), Walter Kasper, and Donald Wuerl (Washington, D.C.) seated at the opening Mass of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family at St. Peter's Basilica on October 5, 2014. John-Henry Westen /
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Cardinal Kasper: Pope Francis will ‘probably accept’ married priests if Amazon synod proposes it

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By Diane Montagna

ROME, June 5, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Cardinal Walter Kasper has said that if bishops from the Amazon together propose that married men should be ordained to the priesthood, Pope Francis would “in principle probably accept it.”

Speaking with the German daily Frankfurter Rundschau on June 4, the former president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity said the change to the tradition of a celibate priesthood in the Latin Church (which dates back to apostolic times) could come at the Synod on the Amazon next October.

Cardinal Kasper, who is considered one of Pope Francis’s preferred theological advisors, said in the interview that “celibacy is not a dogma, it is not an unalterable practice.”

He added that while he favors mandatory clerical celibacy in the Latin Rite as a way of witnessing to the priest’s undivided commitment to Christ, he would not “exclude that in special situations a married man could undertake the priestly ministry.”

In January, Pope Francis gave mixed signals about where he stands on the ordination of married men in the Latin Rite. During an inflight press conference on his return from Panama, the Pope said that while he is personally opposed to the idea, in exceptional cases, it is “something to study, think about, rethink and pray about.”

In his remarks aboard the papal plane, the Pope said there might be “some possibility” for married clergy in “very far-away places,” adding that when there is a “pastoral necessity, the pastor should think of the faithful.”

What peaked interest in the Pope’s comments, however, was his reference to the ideas of German Bishop Fritz Lobinger, whose controversial 1998 book ‘Like his Brothers and Sisters — Ordaining Community Leaders,’ advocated ordaining a “team of elders” from local communities, including married men who had not attended seminary. 

Bishop Lobinger also predicted that his proposal would lead to increased pressure to ordain women “because the majority of proven local leaders are women.” 

According to a January report by the National Catholic Register, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, president of the German Bishops’ Conference, has suggested to the Pope during their ad limina visit in 2015 that he read all of Bishop Lobinger’s works.

The idea of ordaining married men to the priesthood in the Latin Rite in exceptional cases has also been openly supported by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. 

At a conference on priestly celibacy hosted at the Pontifical Gregorian University in 2016, Cardinal Parolin concluded his lengthy address by suggesting that a sacramental crisis or “exigencies of evangelization” might warrant such an exception to the constant apostolic tradition of the Church. 

In his 2016 address at the Jesuit-run pontifical university, Cardinal Parolin said: 

It remains true now as ever that the exigencies of evangelization, together with the history and multiform tradition of the Church, leave open the possibility for legitimate debate, if these are motivated by the Gospel proclamation and conducted in a constructive way, [and] safeguarding the beauty and high dignity of the choice for celibate life.

Meanwhile, in March, Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, who will serve as general relator at the Amazonian Synod, and has long advocated ordination of married men (called viri probati), echoed Cardinal Parolin’s statement, saying it will be for the synod to decide “yes or no” about such a change, but it “will be necessary to discuss” the matter at the Amazonian Synod. 

Cardinal Hummes said it “does not mean that it is for the whole world, but for situations of extreme necessity,” but as many observers in Rome have noted, if the door is opened even a crack, the German and Austrian bishops will push for the same exception to be made in their countries, where vocations to the priesthood are at an all-time-low.

With the working document (instrumentum laboris) for the Amazonian Synod due out sometime in June, more will become clear. But already the preparatory document released last summer indicates that the issue will be on the table. Section 14 reads:

Vatican II reminds us that all the People of God share in the priesthood of Christ, although it distinguishes between the common priesthood and the ministerial priesthood (cf. LG 10). This gives way to an urgent need to evaluate and rethink the ministries that today are required to respond to the objectives of “a Church with an Amazonian face and a Church with a native face” (Fr.PM). One priority is to specify the contents, methods, and attitudes necessary for an inculturated pastoral ministry capable of responding to the territory’s vast challenges. Another is to propose new ministries and services for the different pastoral agents, ones which correspond to activities and responsibilities within the community. Along these lines, it is necessary to identify the type of official ministry that can be conferred on women, taking into account the central role which women play today in the Amazonian Church. It is also necessary to foster indigenous and local-born clergy, affirming their own cultural identity and values. Finally, new ways should be considered for the People of God to have better and more frequent access to the Eucharist, the center of Christian life (cf. DAp 251).

In this June 4 interview with the German daily, Cardinal Kasper firmly excluded the possibility of ordaining women, saying they already have roles “ten times more than the former deaconesses ever did.”

Kasper told the Frankfurter Rundschau the Church would “collapse tomorrow” without the service of women, but added that such service should be “liturgically visible” and publicly acknowledged. 

In his homily at a Pontifical High Mass in Chartres, France, on Pentecost Sunday 2018, Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, said the change in priestly celibacy being proposed would be a “definitive break with Apostolic Tradition.” Cardinal Sarah said: 

Dear Brothers in the Priesthood, preserve always this certainty: to be united to Christ at the Cross, because priestly celibacy gives witness to this in the world! The project, as it has been again picked up by some people, to separate celibacy from the priesthood by administering the Sacrament of Priestly Ordination to married men (“viri probati“) – for “pastoral reasons or out of certain necessities,” as they say – leads to serious consequences and to a definitive break with the Apostolic Tradition. Then we would establish a priesthood according to human criteria, but we would not continue the priesthood of Christ – obedient, poor, and chaste. Indeed, the priest is not only an “alter Christus” [another Christ], but he is truly “ipse Christus,” Christ Himself! Therefore, the priest who in the Church follows Christ will always be a sign of contradiction!

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Biden rankles abortion activists with mixed messages about Hyde Amendment

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By Calvin Freiburger

PETITION: Support Bishop who is barring 'Catholic' pro-abortion politicians from Holy Communion. Sign the petition here.

June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Former Vice President and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden found himself in hot water with the abortion lobby this week after suggesting that he supports restricting taxpayer abortion funding via the Hyde Amendment while leaving the door open to abandoning it should the primary competition demand it. 

The Hyde Amendment is the language added to federal budgets every year that forbids most taxpayer dollars from directly funding abortions, except in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother’s life. While most Democrats grudgingly accept its yearly renewal and instead focus their efforts on defending federal funding to Planned Parenthood (through which taxes indirectly fund abortions), pro-abortion activists have long dreamed of completely eliminating limits to abortion funding.

Last month, the left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) promoted a video in which Biden answered “yes” and “it can’t stay” in response to an activist asking if he would “commit to abolishing the Hyde amendment”:

This week, the Biden campaign clarified that the former vice president “has not at this point changed his position on the Hyde Amendment,” HuffPost reported. It claimed Biden “misheard” the question and thought he was being asked about the Mexico City Policy, the ban on foreign abortion subsidies that presidents of opposing parties traditionally reverse their predecessors’ position on upon taking office.

However, the statement also hinted that Biden might reverse his position, presumably to remain competitive with other primary candidates who are currently working to stake out the most pro-abortion stance possible. “Given the current draconian attempts to limit access to abortion, if avenues for women to access their protected rights under Roe v. Wade are closed, he would be open to repeal,” the campaign said.

Planned Parenthood CEO Leana Wen and pro-abortion lobbying group NARAL condemned Biden for sticking to what had been the default Democrat position under recent Democrat presidents:

Several Democrat senators vying for the 2020 nod also hit Biden, Vice News reported. Elizabeth Warren said he was wrong, Kirsten Gillibrand called repealing Hyde “critical” to “low-income women in particular,” Bernie Sanders declared there was “no middle ground” on the issue, and Kamala Harris reiterated that “we must repeal the Hyde Amendment.”

That’s not to say Biden is an abortion moderate, however. By the mid-2000s, Sen. Biden generally voted in lockstep with Planned Parenthood and NARAL. As former President Barack Obama’s running mate, Biden spent eight years in what was arguably the most pro-abortion administration in American history, during which he told a Chinese audience he “fully understand(s)” and was “not second-guessing” the country’s practice of forcing families into abortion and sterilization.

Biden, who claims to be an observant Catholic, said in 2015 that he was “prepared to accept as a matter of faith” that "at the moment of conception there's human life and being,” but wasn’t prepared to “impose" a "rigid" or "precise" view on abortion that was "born out of my faith” (ignoring that science is equally conclusive on when life begins).

Last month, Biden endorsed the idea of legislatively codifying Roe in federal law, which would effectively ban states from enacting pro-life laws regardless of whether the U.S. Supreme Court ever overturns the 1973 ruling.

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Pro-abortion conference deletes Catholic nun from donor list after LifeSite inquiry

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By Lianne Laurence
Screenshot of a cached version of listing Sister Joan O'Keefe as a donor
Screenshot of one pro-abortion section on, accessed June 6, 2019 at 2:22 p.m. EST

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VANCOUVER, B.C., June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The name of a superior of a Canadian order of Catholic religious has been removed from the Women Deliver 2019 conference website after LifeSiteNews asked her why she donated to the global pro-abortion event.

Sister Joan O’Keefe, superior of the Sisters of Charity of Halifax, was listed on the conference website as a donor to the four-day gathering in Vancouver that ends Thursday. 

O’Keefe, who is a volunteer doula and for 13 years was the coordinator for a home for single parents, told LifeSiteNews she doesn’t regard the conference as advocating abortion, and that she did not donate on behalf of her order.

Rather, it was a private donation from her personal allowance “for one person who lives in poverty to attend. She is caring about healthcare and respect for women. I certainly did not see her as going to a ‘pro-abortion’ event!”

It’s unclear if O’Keefe was referring to herself or another sister.

What she read about the conference was that it was “the world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women in the 21st century. It will serve as a catalyst for advocates working to achieve a more gender equal world,” O’Keefe told LifeSiteNews.

“Please do not use this to defame the Sisters of Charity,” she wrote.

LifeSiteNews contacted the archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth to ask if Archbishop Anthony Mancini was aware the head of a Catholic religious order was publicly listed as a donor to the conference, but did not hear back.

Women Deliver 2019, which has International Planned Parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes International, and the Guttmacher Institute among its sponsors, drew over 8,000 people representing 2,500 organizations and 160 countries, ostensibly to discuss women’s health and advancement.

However, the New York-based charity is clear on its website that its advocacy efforts are “anchored in sexual and reproductive health.”

Moreover, Women Deliver president and CEO Kate Iversen admitted during a panel discussion at the U.N. Status of Women Conference last April her organization is trying to liberalize abortion laws in countries where it is restrictive, or to at least to facilitate access to abortion in countries where it is illegal, The Interim reported at the time.

That dovetails precisely with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s agenda, and notably, Global Affairs Canada in 2017 gave Women Deliver $15,625,002, allowing it to hire 12 staffers.

Trudeau opened the conference Monday by warning women’s “rights” are in jeopardy, and on Tuesday, announced that Canada was upping its funding for “sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health” to $1.4 billion annually by 2023, a commitment that will extend until 2030.

Half of that, or $700 million a year, is dedicated to “sexual and reproductive health” — that is, abortion, contraception, and sex education.

The Women Deliver 2019 website warns that one of the “Global Development Trends” is that “sexual and reproductive health and rights...including the right to safe abortion, are under threat.”

“The global political climate is precarious, and there is a growing and troubling chilling effect on girls’ and women’s rights in many places. While some recent gains have been made, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), including the right to safe abortion, are under threat in many places,” it reads.

According to the Women Deliver 2017 annual report, the organization’s second, third, and fourth strategies for that year were devoted to advancing so-called sexual and reproductive health and rights, or SRHR:

Strategy 2: Advocated with a constant and emphatic voice for SRHR including safe abortion….Women Deliver engaged in a number of SRHR sector strategies, including SheDecides a funding initiative designed to fill the gaps left by the U.S. decision to reinstate the Mexico City policy.

Strategy 3: Acted as the ears, eyes, and voice for advocates on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women with a special focus on maternal, sexual, reproductive health and rights.

Strategy 4: Advised normative agencies, corporations, and decision makers to influence and guide social policies, programming, strategic directions, and investments on gender equality, youth engagement, comprehensive sexuality education, and SRHR.

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Illinois bishop bars pro-abortion legislators from communion

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By Dorothy Cummings McLean

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― The bishop of Springfield in Illinois has barred pro-abortion legislators from receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion.

PETITION: Support Bishop who is barring 'Catholic' pro-abortion politicians from Holy Communion. Sign the petition here.

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki has ruled that state legislators who are working to pass Illinois’s new abortion bill may not present themselves for communion in his diocese and that priests are expressly forbidden from giving the Eucharist to both the Senate president and the speaker of the House.

“In accord with canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law … Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and Speaker of the House Michael J. Madigan, who facilitated the passage of the Act Concerning Abortion of 2017 (House Bill 40) as well as the Reproductive Health Act of 2019 (Senate Bill 25), are not to be admitted to Holy Communion in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois because they have obstinately persisted in promoting the abominable crime and very grave sin of abortion as evidenced by the influence they exerted in their leadership roles and their repeated votes and obdurate public support for abortion rights over an extended period of time,” Paprocki wrote in a statement dated June 2, 2019.

“These persons may be readmitted to Holy Communion only after they have truly repented these grave sins and furthermore have made suitable reparation for damages and scandal, or at least have seriously promised to do so, as determined in my judgment or in the judgment of their diocesan bishop in consultation with me or my successor,” he continued.

Although they are not named, Paprocki included other pro-abortion state politicians in his interdict, saying, “I declare that Catholic legislators of the Illinois General Assembly who have cooperated in evil and committed grave sin by voting for any legislation that promotes abortion are not to present themselves to receive Holy Communion without first being reconciled to Christ and the Church in accord with canon 916 of the Code of Canon Law.” 

Learn more about Bishop Paprocki’s views and past actions by visiting Click here.

Last Friday, the Illinois legislature sent Senate Bill 25, known as the Reproductive Health Act, to the governor for approval. Blatantly pro-abortion, Senate Bill 25 seeks to protect the “fundamental rights of individuals to make autonomous decisions about one’s own reproductive health.” It passed in the Senate by a 34-20 vote.

Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker has vowed to sign the bill, which asserts that the “fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights.” The new law will go into effect immediately upon signature.

According to the Thomas More Society, the new Illinois Reproductive Health Act will allow abortions for any reason throughout all nine months of pregnancy; eliminate restrictions regarding where abortions may be performed; allow non-physicians to perform abortions;  undermine and threaten institutional and individual rights of conscience; jeopardize any meaningful regulation of abortion facilities; require private health insurance policies to include coverage for all abortions, with no exemptions, even for churches and other religious organizations; eliminate any requirement to investigate fetal deaths or maternal deaths resulting from abortion; repeal a law prohibiting “kickbacks” for abortion referrals; repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995, which has been responsible for a more than 55-percent reduction in abortions among Illinois minors since 2012; and force parents to pay for their minor children’s abortions.

Paprocki issued a press release on May 28 in which he asserted that the proposed legislation is evil.

“I condemn the gravely immoral action of the Illinois House of Representatives in passing Senate Bill 25, labeled with a highly misleading title as the ‘Reproductive Health Act,’ purporting to declare abortion a fundamental right,” he wrote.

The bishop released a subsequent press release, dated June 6, justifying his decision:

The Eucharist is the most sacred aspect of our Catholic faith. As sacred Scripture warns, “Whoever eats unworthily of the bread and drinks from the Lord’s cup makes himself guilty of profaning the body and of the blood of the Lord.” To support legislation that treats babies in the womb like property, allowing for their destruction for any reason at any time, is evil. It’s my hope and prayer these lawmakers reconcile themselves to the Church so they can receive Communion.

Paprocki, himself a canon lawyer, consulted with other canon lawyers throughout North America before issuing his decree, according to the June 6 press release.

“In issuing this decree, I anticipate that some will point out the Church’s own failings with regard to the abuse of children,” Paprocki said. “The same justifiable anger we feel toward the abuse of innocent children, however, should prompt an outcry of resistance against legalizing the murder of innocent children.”

In 2018, Bishop Paprocki barred Illinois senator Dick Durbin from Holy Communion because of Durbin’s vote against legislation that would have protected children from abortion after 20 weeks gestation.

This article has been updated.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Pete Baklinski / LifeSiteNews
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Trudeau pledges billions of tax dollars to fund abortion worldwide for ten years

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By Lianne Laurence

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VANCOUVER, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is increasing Canada’s global funding for “sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health” to $1.4 billion annually by 2023, a commitment that will continue to 2030.

Trudeau made the announcement Tuesday in Vancouver, where Canada is hosting the international Women Deliver 2019 conference, which bills itself as “the world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women.”

The Liberals’ 10-year funding plan earmarks $700 million, or half, of the $1.4 billion a year specifically for “sexual and reproductive health rights,” according to a government press release.

“The funding will help make sure women and girls around the world have access to the quality health services they need, including safe and legal abortion, and support women’s right to make their own decisions about their bodies,” the press release stated.

Currently, the Trudeau Liberals allot $400 million specifically to the “sexual and reproductive” portion of the $1.1 billion now budgeted for “sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health.”

The new fund expands the Liberals’ 2017 commitment of $650 million over three years to fund and promote abortion in developing countries.

“This is a game changer that will empower 18 million women and girls in developing countries by 2030,” Trudeau told the Women Deliver conference. “Canada is not just speaking up; we’re stepping up.”

The prime minister also used Tuesday’s announcement to take a swipe at Conservative leader Andrew Scheer in the lead-up to the October federal election, reported CTV News.

“There are politicians here in Canada who have called our government’s investments ‘exporting an ideological agenda’,” Trudeau said, referencing Scheer’s comments during his 2017 leadership run on the Liberals’ $650 million global abortion fund.

“Well, we couldn’t disagree more,” Trudeau said. “This should not be a political issue. These divisions are playing out globally with devastating consequences, and women deserve better.”

Trudeau also warned in his Monday opening address to the Women Deliver conference that “individuals and interest groups are trying to roll back women’s rights, and politicians are giving in to the pressure, shamefully campaigning to undo women’s hard won victories.”

Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s national pro-life, pro-family lobbying group, strongly condemned Trudeau’s latest move.

“Sexual and reproductive health and rights” (SRHR) is “a euphemism for abortion on demand, sterilization, and radical sexual education,” said Emily Price, global policy and research coordinator for Campaign Life.

Moreover, the $650 million Liberal abortion fund is bankrolling “advocacy groups involved in lobbying efforts to repeal existing pro-life legislation in developing countries, as well as organizations that knowingly commit illegal abortion, such as Marie Stopes International,” she pointed out.

This is “a clear example of ideological colonization: a rich nation, funding initiatives to pressure governments into abandoning the cultural traditions and practices of their people,” said Price.

Campaign Life also challenged Conservative leader Scheer.

“If Trudeau is re-elected, the ongoing killing of children in the womb will continue in Canada and abroad,” Price said. “However, can Andrew Scheer promise to do any better? If elected will he reverse these deadly policies and reclaim Canada’s reputation as a defender of life, or will he just remain status quo in the name of ‘not re-opening the abortion debate’?” she asked.

“Millions of children will be killed because of these funds,” added Price. “Which political leader in Canada is willing to stand up and say enough is enough?”

Meanwhile, status of women minister Maryam Monsef announced that the Liberals are pledging a further $300 million to underwrite a new funding platform for “women’s rights” projects in Canada and abroad, the CBC reported.

Monsef made the announcement the day before the Women Deliver conference opened Monday.

The four-day event, which has International Planned Parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes International, and the Guttmacher Institute among its sponsors, drew over 8,000 people representing 2,500 organizations and 160 countries — ostensibly to discuss women’s advancement.

However, Women Deliver, a New York-based charity, is clear on its website that its advocacy efforts are “anchored in sexual and reproductive health.”

Indeed, Women Deliver president and CEO Kate Iversen admitted during a panel discussion at the U.N. Status of Women Conference last April that her organization is trying to liberalize abortion laws in countries where it is restrictive and facilitating access to abortion in countries where it is illegal, The Interim reported at the time.

That dovetails precisely with Trudeau’s agenda. Notably, Global Affairs Canada in 2017 gave Women Deliver $15,625,002.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau carries a Canadian flag disfigured with the homosexual movement's rainbow branding at Toronto's Gay Pride Parade. Justin Trudeau / Flickr
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Police arrest and ban preacher from Toronto gay district after LGBT crowd mobs him

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By Lianne Laurence

TORONTO, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A street preacher arrested for evangelizing in Toronto’s “gay village” was released Wednesday after a night behind bars on bail conditions barring him from “Pride” events and the homosexual district.

Police arrested David Lynn of Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries early Tuesday evening and charged him with disturbing the peace after a crowd protesting his message surrounded him and other street evangelists on the corner of Church and Wellesley Streets.

Members of Torch of Christ ministries were also present and posted a full video of the incident on YouTube, while Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries posted a seven-minute edited version.

The edited video shows Lynn using a microphone to declare he is “coming out as a Christian” and asking several people if they will “tolerate” him, but they refuse to engage with him.

“We have people who can’t say they even tolerate me, and I haven’t even said anything yet,” Lynn says as he’s hemmed in and jostled by people holding rainbow flags and pro-LGBTQ banners and signs.

Lynn states he doesn’t hate anyone, that some people hate Christians, and that some people want him to “stay in the closet” as a Christian, as he is followed, elbowed, and yelled at.

“Everyone’s accepted, and that’s what we preach as Christians,” he says. “Jesus died for the sinner…sin is when we violate the laws of God.”

As the crowd spills onto the road and tensions mount, more police arrive on the scene, 680 News reporter Melissa Nakhavoly notes on Twitter.

The video shows Lynn telling the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood’s Sergeant Henry Dyck, who is openly homosexual, he has a right to preach on the sidewalk and objecting to his arrest. 

“What did I do?” Lynn asks as he is handcuffed and placed in a police car by at least five officers. “This is against the law. This is against the law … I was sharing the Gospel.”

“We arrested a man for disturbing the peace after he was allegedly yelling derogatory comments,” Dyck is heard saying on the video.

“There were people there that were clearly disturbed and appalled by the comments that were being made. I don’t know what those comments were, or exactly what it was that he was saying,” he states. “And so that man was arrested.”

Toronto Police Services are now investigating whether a hate crime charge is warranted.

“We had a number of individuals who came to the village and one had a bullhorn and they started making comments that were disparaging towards the LGBTQ community,” duty inspector Jim Gotell told CP24.

“Our hate crime investigators are going to be reviewing what was said today to determine if additional charges could be laid,” he said.

“We are asking people if they did make a video of what happened, to please turn it over to us.”

Dyck likewise defended the arrest to CityNews.

“The difficulty becomes when that expression on loud speaker and using screaming and insulting language results in people responding in a negative way,” he said.

“Unfortunately at that point, as you can see, the safety of everybody can be put at risk.”

But Lynn disputes that version of the incident.

“All I said was ‘God loves you, there’s hope for everybody.’ I didn’t do anything illegal, I was within my rights of the law. I didn’t go there to provoke anybody,” he told CityNews after his bail hearing.

Lynn will be in court to answer to the charge on July 10.

Meanwhile, he is barred from in the area bound by Bloor Street, Yonge Street, Carlton Street and Jarvis Street and from locations hosting “Pride Month” events.

Lynn was arrested the same day Mayor John Tory raised the pro-homosexual rainbow flag at City Hall to kick off June as “Pride Month.”

“It is very clear that a bias exists in Canada,” notes a message under the Torch of Christ Ministries video of the incident.

“Christian beliefs are being labeled as hate speech, and hatred and violence towards Christians is being allowed,” it states.

“Assaults against us are overlooked by law enforcement. Christians, you are being discriminated against. This is the truth.”

That won’t deter the Christians from evangelizing, Phillip Blair of Torch of Christ told CityNews.

“We believe that it’s worth the persecution against us,” he said. “We believe it’s worth the arrest. The truth is always going to be a very difficult, complex subject.”

In 2012, about a dozen police officers surrounded Lynn and his team as they preached near the corner of Yonge and Wellesley during the “Pride Parade” and forcibly shut them down.

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New Jersey Catholic church to host second annual homosexual ‘pride Mass’

Lisa Bourne Lisa Bourne Follow Lisa
By Lisa Bourne

PETITION: Support Catholic Bishop who is calling for a boycott on LGBT 'Pride'. Sign the petition here.

June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Newark is hosting its second annual Mass associated with gay pride events later this month.

Our Lady of Grace in Hoboken, New Jersey, along with its merged parish St. Joseph, is advertising its “2nd Annual Pride Mass in Support of Our LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters.”

The Mass is scheduled for 9 a.m. Sunday, June 30. Advertisements on the Out in New Jersey website and on indicate that the parish is encouraging participants in the Mass to then attend the gay pride march in New York City later that day.

LifeSiteNews inquired with the parish to confirm whether it is encouraging participants to take part in the New York City march and if the parish’s event, whether in the Mass or otherwise, will inform participants of the Catholic Church’s teaching on sexuality. No response had arrived by press time.

Pride events, in particular parades, are known for extremely vulgar dress and behavior, often including public sex acts. Children are also frequently present and exposed to the morally averse displays.

The Catholic Church holds that while same-sex attraction is not a sin, homosexual acts are sinful. Church teaching further states that “homosexual persons are called to chastity” (CCC 2359), which is also what its teaching says about all people, since sexual relations are reserved for marriage, which is between a man and woman (CCC 2360).

Our Lady of Grace parish is located in the Archdiocese of Newark, which is led by Cardinal Joseph Tobin.

The parish held a “pride Mass” last year in June as well.

Pastor Fr. Alexander Santora announced at the beginning of that Mass that he would confer a special blessing for those marching in the New York City gay pride parade, also taking place on the same day.

Santora, a priest in the Newark archdiocese, also writes for, discussing LGBT issues favorably in his column.

Last year, as Joseph Sciambra reported, before Santora gave his homily, a candle was lit and put upon the rainbow flag in memory of those gay and lesbian parishioners who “[lived] a life of fear because the Church and society rejected them.”

Santora’s homily suggested that the Catholic Church needs to “move forward” from its teaching on human sexuality.

“If we look at the history of the Church there is an official teaching Church, which still doesn’t quite understand how we have to move forward,” he said.

In May 2017, Cardinal Joseph Tobin personally received a group of individuals identifying as LGBT at Newark’s Cathedral-Basilica of the Sacred Heart in conjunction with an inaugural “LGBT Pilgrimage” to the cathedral. Tobin had said he was delighted to welcome the LGBT group and personally approved their flyer for the event.

Learn more about Cardinal Tobin‘s views and past actions by visiting Click here.

When asked at the time by the New York Times if he should have taken the opportunity at the event to call the “LGBT pilgrims” out of sin, he responded, “That sounds a little backhanded to me.” 

Tobin, a 2016 Pope Francis appointee to the cardinalate, is among a handful of Church leaders to endorse LGBT-affirming Father James Martin’s controversial Building a Bridge book.

Last year, following six priests having anonymously reported a homosexual subculture in the Newark archdiocese, the cardinal sent the priests of the archdiocese a letter encouraging them to remain silent should the media contact them. He also denied that anyone “has ever spoken to me about a ‘gay sub-culture’ in the Archdiocese of Newark.”

The Archdiocese of Newark is one of the New Jersey dioceses that paid settlements to former priest victims of disgraced ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, one of Tobin’s predecessors. Questions remain about who in the U.S. Church hierarchy knew about McCarrick’s predation of boys and men.

To respectfully express concern about the pride Mass:

Church of Our Lady of Grace
400 Willow Ave.
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Email [email protected]

Archdiocese of Newark
171 Clifton Avenue
P.O. BOX 9500
Newark, NJ 07104  
(973) 497-4000

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Calvin Freiburger

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Boston group enrages LGBT establishment with planned ‘straight pride’ parade

Calvin Freiburger
By Calvin Freiburger

PETITION: Support Catholic Bishop who is calling for a boycott on LGBT 'Pride'. Sign the petition here.

BOSTON, June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Amid the mainstream media’s and LGBT lobby’s pervasive celebrations of “Pride Month,” a group of Massachusetts conservatives is planning to hold a Straight Pride Parade in the liberal enclave of Boston.

According to its tongue-in-cheek website, Super Happy Fun America (SHFA) is dedicated to “respect, inclusivity, equality, diversity, unity, solidarity, dignity, social mobility, empowerment, sustainability, justice, awareness, intersectionality, human rights, education, access, participation, dialogue, visibility, tolerance, and alliances” for the “straight community.” It is led by former Republican congressional candidate John Hugo, with vice president Mark Sahady and “gay ambassador” Chris Bartley, who “uses his status in the LGBTQ community to challenge heterophobia wherever it exists.”

While details including an exact date are still being finalized, SHFA is currently organizing a Boston Straight Pride Parade for this coming August, with hope that it can take the same route used by the Boston LGBT Pride Parade.

“The Straight Pride Event will be held to achieve inclusivity and spread awareness of issues impacting straights in Greater Boston and beyond,” the group’s website says. “It will be a one-day event consisting of a parade followed by a flag raising ceremony.” While “all are welcome,” the group quips that “Antifa (short for Anti-Fun) is not welcome because they oppose happiness and fun.”

USA Today reports that Sahady says he’s filed a discrimination complaint with the city to ensure they can enjoy the same access as the homosexual pride event, while city officials say they haven’t yet granted the necessary permits. In April, Boston denied SHFA’s efforts to fly a straight pride flag outside the same city hall that has previously allowed LGBT pride flags (city officials also rejected a Christian flag last year).

Various liberal figures, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and former Captain America actor Chris Evans, denigrated the proposed event on social media:

Left-wing mockery is unlikely to deter the group. Sahady is an area conservative activist who appears to relish poking at Boston’s left-wing sensibilities. Last year he organized a pro-Second Amendment rally in response to the “March for Our Lives” rally demanding stricter gun control.

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Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin


PBS documentary features woman who touts ‘sense of peace’ from aborting twins on camera

Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A recent PBS Frontline feature on the American abortion debate is drawing shocked reactions across the pro-life community for showing women undergo abortions on camera, including one who expressed “chilling” sentiments about eliminating the twins she was carrying.

The documentary originally aired in April and resurfaced this week when Culture of Life Africa founder and president Obianuju Ekeocha highlighted a particularly alarming passage on social media. It purports to offer a “look at both sides of the abortion divide in a community still embroiled in the conflict,” through “stories of women struggling with unplanned pregnancies.” It takes place at a Philadelphia abortion center where PBS filmed a similar piece 30 years ago.

In the clip, a woman identified only as Taryn is seen taking mifepristone, the first pill of a chemical abortion procedure (an abortionist explains the second pil, misoprostol, by euphemistically stating that it will push “pregnancy tissue” out of her uterus). The Daily Caller notes that the full documentary identifies her as a recently divorced mother of two (not counting her twins), who is choosing to abort the twins she conceived with a romantic partner to focus on her career.

“What I hope I feel is a sense of peace, not only with myself and the decision that I’ve made, but also a sense of peace with these two beings that I have chosen not to bring into the world,” Taryn says. “Thank you for choosing me, and I’m honored to be given this gift of life, and also I can’t do it right now. I can’t accept that mantle in terms of the other lives that I’m taking care of and I’m responsible for.”

The segment was met with a litany of disgusted reactions online:

Despite the abortion industry’s insistence that the pills are safe, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warns that “as of December 2017, there were reports of 22 deaths of women associated with Mifeprex (the federally approved prescription version of mifepristone) since the product was approved in September 2000, including two cases of ectopic pregnancy resulting in death; and several cases of severe systemic infection (also called sepsis), including some that were fatal.” That’s on top of 2,740 cases of severe complications from 2000 to 2012.

Elsewhere in the documentary, abortion technicians can be seen dumping a cooler containing fetal remains into a strainer to pick through the body parts in order to ensure that a dead baby’s entire corpse was removed from the mother’s womb.

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Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer
Jack Fonseca

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Andrew Scheer must stop betraying social conservatives and his Catholic faith

Jack Fonseca
By Jack Fonseca

June 6, 2019 (Campaign Life Coalition) — Andrew Scheer recently gave a speech on immigration which raised red flags for pro-family Canadians who believe in the traditional definition of marriage.

Sadly, it signals more backsliding on Scheer's Catholic beliefs, and a further embrace of LGBTTIQ2S+ ideology by the Conservative Leader. 

During the speech, Scheer used the LGBT-speak of "sexual orientation" to threaten that certain people are not welcome in the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC): 

I find the notion that one's race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation would make anyone in any way superior or inferior to anyone else absolutely repugnant. And if there's anyone who disagrees with that, there's the door. You are not welcome here. (emphasis added)

Of course, we all agree that no human being is superior or inferior to another. Each person, owing to his or her humanity, has equal dignity and worth in the eyes of God. That includes persons who experience same-sex attraction or any other struggle with sin.

However, Scheer's statement presents a couple of serious problems, both politically and morally.

First of all, it's so vague that different people could read anything they want into it. It's not difficult to read into it an anti-Christian meaning of the kind that gay activists so often hurl at believers to vilify them as somehow being "hateful", simply because they adhere to the biblical belief that homosexual acts are sinful.

What precisely does Scheer mean when he says he finds it "repugnant" that one person could possess the notion that "sexual orientation" makes another person "superior or inferior"? And that persons with such notions "are not welcome" in the Conservative Party?

A liberal-minded person hearing that statement can easily interpret it to mean that Canadians who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman are judging homosexuals as "inferior" to heterosexuals. It would follow therefore, that they are not welcome in the Conservative Party.

A gay activist can read into that statement that Scheer would tell Christians who believe that homosexual acts are sinful, that they "are not welcome here". That's because in the gay activist's mind, the belief that sodomy is a sin, is tantamount to viewing homosexuals as "inferior". (It's not, by the way, because Christians love the sinner but not the sin).

A kind-hearted Christian who's not politically attuned could interpret that statement to mean what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says, and which I myself agree with, i.e. that we must avoid every sign of unjust discrimination towards same-sex attracted persons. It could simply mean that violence towards persons with same-sex attraction is wrong, which again, would be a sentiment I support.

But what exactly did Andrew Scheer mean by it? Did he intend to send the message that people of faith who believe in traditional marriage are no longer welcome as members of the Conservative Party? Was it a dog whistle to the left? I can't say for sure, one way or the other, because it was too vague a statement.

But even if Scheer didn't intend that meaning, it can easily result in very bad consequences for socially conservative members of the CPC nonetheless. There are a lot of red Tories in the party establishment, on CPC National Council, and in caucus. 

If they drew from Scheer's statement that people of faith who believe in traditional marriage and reject transgender ideology "are not welcome here", they will become even more emboldened to suppress the voices of social conservatives, and to drive us out of the party

Scheer needs to clarify what he did and did not mean before these red Tories start running amok.

He needs to state clearly whether Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Muslims and people of other faiths who believe in natural marriage and who oppose the LGBT lifestyle are still welcome in the Conservative Party. That question is now hanging out there, thanks to Andrew himself.

A second problem for Scheer as a Catholic legislator was his use of the term "sexual orientation" in the speech. This is a significant spiritual and ethical problem.

This Catholic lawmaker who was raised in a devout family, used the socially-constructed and problematic term of "sexual orientation". He also used the politically-loaded labels of "gays" and "lesbians" in the same speech.

That is not the language of faithful sons of the church. The Catholic Church speaks of persons who experience "same-sex attraction", not of any inborn "sexual orientation".  Setting aside dissidents and heretics like Father James Martin, the official teaching of the Church and the magisterium of the Catholic Church never speaks of "gays" or "lesbians", as if there are other type of humans besides males and females.

The Church acknowledges that there are only two varieties of human beings — men and women — and that human nature itself is heterosexual, and ordered towards procreation through the complementarity of the sexes. Neither does the Church define human beings by their sexual preferences, nor by the type of sin that they may practice, nor by the post-modern invention of multiple gender identities.

As a Catholic, Scheer ought to know better. He shouldn't be using the propaganda term of "sexual orientation". In his speech he also listed "gender" together with "sexual orientation", which may possibly have been a dog whistle to signal support for "gender identity" theory. To embrace and promote these, he is crossing a moral red line as a Catholic.

The fact of the matter is that "sexual orientation" is an invented construct, tied to the big lie that "gay people are born that way". They are not.

We know from more than a century's worth of scientific literature and clinical research that there's overwhelming evidence that homosexual attraction is caused in childhood by an experienced trauma, and no proof whatsoever that people are born gay.

We know that in boys, same-sex attraction develops at a young age primarily due to an attachment disorder with the father, or for girls, with the mother. This attachment disorder can interact with a couple of other factors to produce same-sex attraction. Another common factor for homosexuality is sexual molestation during childhood by an older man.

This is the real reason why in provincial legislature after provincial legislature, progressives are feverishly banning therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction. Patients who walk away from the homosexual lifestyle thanks to reparative therapy represent a threat to the big lie of "born gay".

If psychoanalysis is shown to successfully uncover and heal the underlying trauma that caused the same-sex attraction in the first place, people will begin to question the "born gay" myth, which is the source of the homosexual lobby's vast political power.

To leftists, the big lie must be kept alive and the threat neutralized, even if it means making it illegal for people to get the therapy they desperately want and are asking for.

The notion of an inborn "sexual orientation" that is immutable was invented by gay activists a few decades ago for the purpose of achieving social acceptance of homosexual behaviour by playing on public sympathy. After all, if someone is 'born that way', how can we stand in the way of following that person's nature? That strategy, built on a lie, succeeded wildly.

However, it has absolutely no grounding in science or legitimate clinical research. No gay gene has ever been found. Nor will it ever be. Scheer's smart enough, and has been around social conservatives long enough to know this.

When in 2016 Scheer spoke in favour of the LGBTory motion to delete the then existing CPC policy which supported the traditional definition of marriage, CLC warned that this moving away from his Catholic principles could lead to greater compromises in the future, and a further drift towards social liberalism. We were attacked for it then.  

But here we are in 2019, watching with sadness, Andrew now adopting the anti-human language of the gay lobby which contradicts Christian anthropology of the human person.

Here we are, watching with dismay, Andrew's own words hanging a question in the air about whether pro-traditional marriage Conservatives are even welcome in the party, and supplying ammunition to the progressive forces in the CPC establishment who want to drive so-cons out.

What will today's compromise lead to tomorrow?

My message to Andrew is this: Do not embrace the left's ideology and flawed language. Do not join in the left's demonization of pro-family Canadians. Stand by your Catholic values which, by the way, align with the conservative principles of faith, family and freedom.

For those of you reading, please pray for Andrew to stop drifting leftward, and to return fully to his Catholic senses. In that way, should he become Prime Minister, he can be a more just and wise leader for all Canadians.

Published with permission from the Campaign Life Coalition.

This article has been updated.

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Ryan Tiraspolsky /
Laura Nicole

Opinion ,

While other big corporations push abortion, Wendy’s saves kids through adoption

Laura Nicole
By Laura Nicole

June 6, 2019 (Live Action News) — Planned Parenthood frequently purports to be about "choice," but only if the choice involves abortion. Although in 2018, just 0.03% of their services included adoption referrals (and even this must be questioned, as the corporation's idea of "adoption referrals" is highly suspect), the abortion giant is frequently the recipient of lavish media and corporate support, while truly pro-life efforts like adoption get overlooked. Fast-food chain Wendy's and its partner, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, has at its heart the interests of the children who are frequently trotted out as "reasons to abort" — those who are in foster care waiting to be adopted. According to a previous Live Action News article, "There are about 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system. Just over 100,000 of them are eligible to be adopted, according to AdoptUSKids, and will likely be adopted by their foster parents. The majority of children in the foster care system are waiting to be reunited with their birth families, who are taking steps to get their children back."

The Dave Thomas Foundation has its origins in being an advocacy group. Through their program, Wendy's Wonderful Kids, they help the more difficult-to-place children — those who are older, have special needs, or are part of a sibling group — find loving homes using evidenced-based, child-focused methods. The Foundation is now seeking to go nationwide, and has partnered with Snapchat through the Cause Cup program. Starting in May, the Cause Cups at participating Wendy's will have a Snapcode that, when scanned, will donate $5 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption — for a total of up to $500,000. The donations will help bring the program to all 50 states and DC by 2028.



In an interview with Columbus Monthly, Wendy's CEO Rita Soronen said the effectiveness of the program is based on one-on-one, full-time, expert case workers who know well the child they're seeking to place. "At the core is knowing that child," she said. Caseworkers in most programs must balance several cases at a time, and many lack time and resources to devote to just one child at a time. "When you give a caseworker time to really work a case, you will find an adoptive family for these children." She also emphasized the importance of impartial evaluation of their methods to ensure they are serving children's needs as best they can. "If we don't know at an evidence level that it works, then we're doing no better than business as usual."

As an adoptee himself, Wendy's founder Dave Thomas always held the cause of adoption close to his heart. He credited his summers in Maine with his grandmother as teaching him the value of hard work and perseverance, and his time eating in local restaurants with his father after his adoptive mother died that made him value restaurants as a place of sharing and family closeness.

These core values led Dave Thomas to found one of the most successful fast food chains in the US, and through his success in business, spurred him on to philanthropic advocacy. He made several trips to the White House to raise awareness about adoption and to advocate for adoption benefits for federal employees and others. In 1990, Dave was invited to the White House again to be a spokesman for a national adoption awareness campaign. But Dave wanted to do more, and in 1992 he founded the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which has been called the "biggest game in adoption today," and receives high ratings on Charity Navigator.

While celebrities are loudly screaming their support for Planned Parenthood and abortion, organizations like the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption are quietly doing the hard work of helping vulnerable children, women, and families in need. Perhaps celebrities should take note and spend less energy telling women they must have abortion to be successful, and spend more time and effort doing the work of supporting women and children whose mothers chose life.

Note: Learn more about adoption and see children waiting for families at

Published with permission from Live Action News.

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Maike Hickson Maike Hickson Follow Maike


Pope Benedict’s secretary praises Mary as ‘Mediatrix of all graces,’ Christians must ‘turn’ to her

Maike Hickson Maike Hickson Follow Maike
By Maike Hickson
Archbishop Gänswein at the May 26, 2019 event honoring Our Lady as Queen of Apostles.
Our Lady being honored May 26, 2019 in Santa Maria Regina degli Apostoli in Montagnola. Rose petals fall in the background. Doyen Nguyen
Procession of Our Lady, Queen of Apostles, May 26, 2019 Doyen Nguyen

June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – On May 26, there took place in Rome an unmistakably beautiful and solemn procession with a statue of Our Lady Queen of the Apostles, presided over by Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the Prefect of the Papal Household and personal secretary of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. After processing on her Patronal Feast with a large statue of Our Lady to the sanctuary Santa Maria Regina degli Apostoli in Montagnola – the Queen of Apostles – Archbishop Gänswein encouraged the faithful to venerate Mary as the “Mediatrix of all graces.”

LifeSiteNews received a description of this beautiful procession that was conducted in the rain and the subsequent welcome of Mary as she was carried into the church itself. Rose petals showered down as she entered. 

Archbishop Gänswein, upon LifeSiteNews' request, shared a transcript of his homily.

Archbishop Gänswein explained why the Catholic Church gives the title to Our Lady "Queen of the Apostles." He noted that the title Queen implies that somebody “is above all others.” “But how can one say that Mary is superior to all Apostles?” the German prelate asked. For this, one first needs to understand the specific “characteristics of the Apostle.” Besides many disciples, he added, Jesus chose some men whom He formed and then “sent them to preach the Gospel; Apostle means to be 'sent.'”

“It is clear,” continued Gänswein, “that one will be more so an Apostle the more one is united to Christ” and makes others more acquainted with the Good News. For him, Christ was “the first Apostle, the Father's Apostle.” Even though, in the end, His disciples abandoned Jesus and He had “apparently failed,” according to Archbishop Gänswein, Our Lord was still the Apostle of the Faith, “because in Him, there is to be found union with God and the reaching out to souls for their salvation,” and in a perfect way.

Comparing this perfect union with Our Lady's union with Christ, the German prelate said that “Our Lady is united to Christ in the closest way because she is His Mother; a stronger bond than motherhood is not conceivable.” Next to this physical bond, he added, there is also a “perfect spiritual bond.” Gänswein pointed out that Scripture repeatedly says that Mary “listened to the words of Jesus and meditated on them. That is, Our Lady deeply lived the mysteries of her Son.” 

Archbishop Gänswein outlined the crucial role of Our Lady in salvation history when he stated: “she cooperated in the sacrifice at the Cross that is the source of our salvation. Mary is the Mediatrix of all Graces: salvation comes from God, but through Mary's hands.”
“Mary is the Queen of the Apostles,” he concluded, “because she is united to Christ in an exceptional way and because she is the Mediatrix of all graces.”

Further asking how Our Lady is now “exercising her royalty of service and love,” the archbishop said that she does so by “watching over us, her children; the children who turn to her in prayer,” asking her for maternal protection, perhaps “after losing the way, oppressed by pain or anguish from the sad and troubled vicissitudes of life.” 

“In the darkness of our existence,” he added, “we turn to Mary entrusting ourselves to her motherly intercession, because she may obtain from her Son all the necessary graces and mercy” which we need on our pilgrimage “on the roads of the world.” 

We Catholics turn confidently “to the one who holds the world and holds the destiny of the universe in her hands: to the Virgin Mary,” Archbishop Gänswein explained. For centuries, she has been called upon in the Litany as the Queen of the Apostles, “but also as the Queen of the Patriarchs, Prophets, Martyrs, Confessors, Virgins, of all saints and families.”

“These ancient invocations and prayers help us to understand that the Blessed Virgin, as our Mother, is the one next to her Son Jesus in the glory of Heaven, who is with us in our own everyday life, always, day by day.” Thus, said Archbishop Gänswein, this title of Our Lady is a “title of trust, of joy, and of love.” She who has “in her hand, in part, the fate of the world” is “good, loves us and helps us in our difficulties.”

The German prelate's words are a reminder to all Catholics of the important role of the Mother of God in their lives, especially also in their spiritual lives. “Devotion to Our Lady is an important element of the spiritual life,” he said. “Mary will not fail to intercede for us before her Son.” From her, we can learn to “imitate faith, to be fully available in love, and to give a generous welcome of Jesus.” We “learn to live” from her. Mary, Queen of the Apostles, “is the Queen of Heaven close to God, but she is also the mother close to each one of us, who loves us and listens to our voice.” 

Archbishop Gänswein's words come as a welcome reminder amidst the turmoils of the world and the crisis within the Church that Catholics always have a heavenly mother to turn to. Our Lady, Help of Christians, pray for us!

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Peter Kwasniewski Peter Kwasniewski Follow Dr. Peter

Blogs , ,

How modesty protects men, women from abuse, manipulation, and disorder

Peter Kwasniewski Peter Kwasniewski Follow Dr. Peter
By Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

June 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – In my last article titled “A Christian’s guide to modesty in the hot summer months,” I defined the virtue of modesty and explained why it is essential, not optional, in the Christian life. It is far from being the most important virtue, yet its presence limits a host of evils and its absence invites a world of sin.

Modesty is a deep human need that is only rejected at great expense to integrity and legitimate self-love. How many women are there whose dignity is wounded, and whose memory is loaded with one incident after another of men using them for their bodies? They have suffered much on account of poor upbringing, poor education, poor advice. They needed modesty, which is so closely bound up with the fact and the feeling of human dignity. Now that they have suffered from its absence, they need it even more to recover their dignity, their sense of worth, their awareness of being a person who deserves to be loved for her own sake. Everyone wants to be loved as a person, not a thing—a who, not a what.

The Christian is called upon to proclaim the primacy of the divine over the human and the human over the animal. We proclaim the natural goodness and capacity for holiness of a body that receives life and movement from an immortal soul fashioned after the image of God. “The Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being” (Gen 2:7). “Thou didst knit me together in my mother’s womb. . . . My frame was not hidden from thee, when I was being made in secret, intricately wrought in the depths of the earth” (Ps 139:13,15). 

The body is a creation of God, a temple of His Spirit, washed and anointed in baptism, promised a share of bliss in the final resurrection. Our appearance and way of behaving should bear witness to the uniquely Catholic truth—already unmistakably present in the New Testament—that both marriage and celibacy prize the human body as a worthy offering of love, a channel of grace, a sacred sign, when consecrated by the sacraments of Jesus Christ. “The body is not meant for immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body” (1 Cor 6:13).

Whether we speak of an organic body, a political body, or the Mystical Body, each in its own way is a unity composed of many distinct parts in hierarchical order and relationship. The human person is, in a sense, a hierarchy of elements of personhood: there are many layers or levels to me, and not all of them should stand in the forefront. A radical anthropological egalitarianism that gives equal weight to body and soul, or to the various faculties of the soul—placing, for instance, imagination or will at the same level as intellect—is no less erroneous than political or ecclesiological egalitarianism.

The bodily dimension of a person carries with it sacramental significance, above all the naked body. The naked body is the most expressive gift spouses can give to each other. In giving it they give themselves, since the body is not something I “possess” as if it were my property, but a true part of who I am. The human person is not “in” a body but is bodily: we are incarnate beings. Here is what St. Thomas Aquinas has to say about that:

Why are there so many members in a natural body—hands, feet, mouth, and the like? They serve the soul’s variety of activities. The soul itself is the cause and principle of these members, and what they are, the soul is virtually. For the body is made for the soul, and not the other way around. The natural body is a certain fullness of the soul.

Hence, the body, far more than any other gift that can be given, ought to be unwrapped and taken possession of only by him or her to whom it has been solemnly vowed, even as the Most Holy Eucharist, which is the true body of our Lord, is to be received only by the baptized who are wedded to Christ in charity. A man’s body, teaches St. Paul, no longer belongs to him, but to his wife, and her body to him (1 Cor 7:4).

It is worth dwelling on the special sacramental bond uniting husband and wife and the all-encompassing modesty, the sensitivity of soul, it demands. Modesty is an essential virtue not because the body or the passions are shameful in themselves, but because their very goodness and their potential as ministers of grace imposes a duty to protect them from abuse, manipulation, and disorder. Think of the beautiful words of St. Paul, so exalted, so full of God’s love for all that He has made and redeemed: “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body” (1 Cor 6:19–20).

Human beings are called upon to guard the secret of their personhood, a precious gift from God, a mystery not for indiscriminate public consumption. To the courting, the betrothed, the newlywed, the lifelong pair, a heavenly trust is given and they are bound to defend it against hostile powers that threaten to profane it. At their core, man and woman are secrets to be shared in love. The inner chamber cannot be left open as a public playground. It should be treated with a reverence like that with which we approach the sanctuary and tabernacle of a church. 

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