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The drag queen who was allowed to have children lie on top of him at Multnomah County Library, Portland, Oregon, October 6, 2018. Multnomoah County Library / Flickr
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Shocking photos: Kids lie on man dressed as woman at ‘Drag Queen Story Time’

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By Doug Mainwaring
Multnomah County Library schedule of Drag Queen Storytime events, Fall, 2018. Multnomoah County Library / Flickr

July 2, 2019 update: Multnomah County Library has deleted from Flickr its photos of children lying on top of the drag queen. LifeSiteNews has preserved the photos and they can be found here [WARNING: Link leads to images of child abuse]. 

PORTLAND, Oregon, July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A west coast public library “Drag Queen Story Time” has evolved beyond drag queens reading pro-gay and pro-transgender books to kids to permitting children to frolic on the floor and lie on top of a man dressed as a woman. 

Photo evidence of children having inappropriate contact with drag queen Carla Rossi at Portland, Oregon’s St. John’s Library last October has been brought to the attention of LifeSiteNews. The photos are posted on the Multnomah County Library’s own Flickr account (Note: photos have been removed after LifeSiteNews published this report. The photos can be found here WARNING: Link leads to images of child abuse).  

“I wouldn’t let my kids crawl on top of random strangers no matter how said strangers are dressed,” commented Kaeley Triller Harms on Facebook.

“Even as a day camp counselor 15 years ago, we were pretty carefully trained about not giving kids piggyback rides or letting them sit on our laps,” continued Harms. “And if they asked for hugs, we took the side hug approach.”

Photos posted by the library also reveal toddlers and young boys dressed in feather boas at the event.

“The goal is to normalize abnormal, sexually deviant homosexual behavior by enticing children to first: question their sexuality,” profamily activist Georgia Kijesky recently told LifeSiteNews. “The more children see men dressing up as women, the more normal it will become.”

Go forth and sin some more!

Not only has the Multnomah County Library system hosted drag queen Rossi multiple times, but the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” a group of men dressed up as nuns for the purpose of mocking the Catholic Church, have also presided at Drag Queen Story Time. The event that remains on a PDXPipeline schedule of events for last fall was confirmed by an employee of the Multnomah County library system.

LifeSiteNews previously reported on the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” conducting Drag Queen Story Time at the Boston Public Library.

“The men call themselves ‘queer nuns,’ even though the anti-Catholic group is openly devoted to promiscuity,” wrote Fr. Mark Hodges in 2017. “Their slogan is a ridicule of Jesus’ words to the woman caught in sexual sin. Instead of ‘Go, and sin no more,’ the men ‘queers’ have created their trademark slogan as, ‘Go forth and sin some more!’”

Other drag queens participating in Drag Queen Story Time at various Multnomah County libraries include “Poison Waters” and “Meesha Perú.”

St. John’s Library also has a “teen drag workshop,” to be conducted by drag queen Rossi, scheduled for Saturday, Sep 21, 2019: 

Portland’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi (with intellectual support from her human avatar Anthony Hudson) attempts to chart the vast abyss of drag and its potential, addressing how drag’s many varieties, flavors, and houses correspond to the unchartable spectrum of genders and sexuality - with supporting looks at its legendary elders, artists, and ancestors, from Two-Spirits (and other-gender shamans of the pre-settler North American continent) and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Marsha P. Johnson, Leigh Bowery, Elvira, RuPaul, and Christeene.

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Christian Concern / YouTube
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10-year-old girl suspended for asking to be exempted from LGBT school lesson

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By Doug Mainwaring

PETITION: Support pre-teens suspended for asking to be excused from LGBT lesson. Sign the petition here.

LONDON, July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A 10-year-old who was suspended from school for a week after asking her teacher permission to be excused from participating in a “Pride Month” LGBT lesson has gone on the record to explain the real dangers of the invasion of LGBT ideology in her school. 

“Before anybody knew what LGBT meant, everybody knew what gender they were,” explained Kaysey, who, along with her classmate, Farrell, was suspended from the Heavers Farmer Primary School, located in Croydon, South London. 

“But now people are confused,” continued the precocious 10-year-old, “and they’re saying that they’re bisexual and trans because they’re confused.”

“Before this happened, they were completely confident of who they were but now they’re not,” she added.

“It’s really affecting other kids,” explained Kaysey, “because now they’re losing confidence in [them]selves and looking at [them]selves and asking, ‘Why am I this person? Why can’t I be someone else?’”

“Before all this happened, people knew who they were,” said Kaysey. “School children are now facing the choice of what gender they are by the age of four.”

Teacher reported to school authorities

Susan Papas, the head of Heavers Farmer Primary School, Croydon, South London, who banned the children from the school for five days for alleged anti-LGBT comments, has been reported to the local authorities for what amounts to an unlawful act.

Christian Concern, an advocacy group seeking to restore the United Kingdom to the Christian faith, recounts the incident that led to the two students’ suspension:

On June 20, Farrell, sitting next to his friend Kaysey in class, asked his year 5 class teacher, “Sir, please may I not take part in this lesson?” when the teacher handed out LGBT material for colouring. The teacher refused permission saying that the LGBT lesson was part of the curriculum.

After class, the form teacher is said to have accused Farrell of using “homophobic language” for allegedly saying, “LGBT sucks and LGBT’s dumb,” which the child denies.

Farrell, who was sitting with female pupil Kasey says he is a Christian and told a “visitor teacher” he did not “accept LGBT” because of his religion.

The teacher asked the two children, “Do you want them to die?” “We said no,” Farrell replied. If, however, they went back to their countries, they would be punished for being gay, Farrell told the teacher.

The teacher asked Farrell where he was from. Farrell said he was of “African Jamaican” heritage, and because there “everybody is Christian and Catholic, so they don’t accept LGBT.”

Later, Ms Papas shouted at the two children in front of the class, according to Kaysey. “How dare you? You are a disappointment to the school,” Papas told the two children outside the classroom.

Papas then put the children in different rooms and asked Kasey [sic]: “How dare you say that you want to kill LGBT people?” Kasey [sic] replied: “I didn’t say kill.” Papas then shouted at her and said, “Yes, you did, and don’t lie.”

Kaysey, a pentecostal Christian, says she was kept in detention for five hours from 10am to 3pm.

Kaysey’s and Farrell’s version of the story, which differs widely from what their teacher and the head of their school alleged, has been corroborated by their classmates. 

PETITION: Support pre-teens suspended for asking to be excused from LGBT lesson. Sign the petition here.

‘Heavy-handed’ LGBT tactics against 10-year-olds

“This is why parents are beginning to see the dangers of the imposition of the new sexual and gender ideology that does not permit dissent even from  innocent ten year old children,” said Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is aiding the two students and their families in this matter.

“This incident highlights again just how aggressive and intolerant the LGBT agenda can be,” continued Williams. “An ideology that has to resort to such heavy-handed tactics to force ten-year-old children to accept something that instinctively they do not, only highlights how life-crushing that ideology is.”

“Here we see the fragility of this whole sexual agenda imposed on our children and unable to withstand the challenge of innocent ten year old children,” noted Williams.

“When bullies know that right is not on their side they resort to coercion and intimidation. That is exactly what is being played out in Heavers Farm Primary School,” Williams added.

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Police carry Will Goodman out of Women's Health Center of Flint Martin Barillas / LifeSiteNews
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Pro-lifers in court for resisting arrest while trying to save babies inside abortion center

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By Stephen Kokx

FLINT, Michigan, July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Four pro-life activists who entered an abortion center in Flint, Michigan on June 7 and peacefully resisted arrest while trying to save babies will appear before a Michigan District Court judge tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.

The four nonviolent protesters who entered the Women’s Health Center of Flint and conducted the Red Rose Rescue were Lauren Handy, Matthew Connolly, Will Goodman, and Patrice Woodworth. Red Rose Rescues, inspired by Canadian pro-life hero Mary Wagner, involve pro-lifers entering and refusing to leave abortion facilities. They risk arrest to counsel and offer practical help and red roses to abortion-minded moms.

Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center will represent the pro-lifers during the hearing, which will be overseen by Judge Vikki Bayeh-Haley at the 67th District Court of Genesee County, located at 630 S. Saginaw Street in Flint. The rescuers are charged with a felony count of resisting arrest.

Judge Bayeh-Haley will review the evidence presented by the State and will decide if the felony statute doesn’t apply, a move that would dismiss the charges altogether, or move the case to the circuit court for a full review. 

Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, the veteran pro-life activist and Red Rose Rescue leader, said in a press release that the defendents “will testify that all they did was merely exercise passive resistance.” Dr. Miller also said “it is nearly unheard of in the history of the pro-life movement that defenders of the unborn in clinic sit-ins and rescues are charged with such a crime!”

LifeSiteNews’ Martin Barillas was on location when the rescue occurred. According to his eyewitness report, there were approximately six mothers in the waiting room when Handy, Connolly, Goodman, and Woodworth entered. When the rescuers made themselves known, the abortion staffers whisked the mothers further inside and barred anyone from entering.

A female staff member at the center cursed and shouted at the rescuers in the waiting room. The staffer also touched and shoved the rescuers. Three of the rescuers could be seen praying and singing hymns from the abortion facility’s entryway. There were two women in the waiting room who had appointments but subsequently left.

Woodworth was kneeling in prayer when a state police trooper arrived. Approximately 12 police officers were on the scene. The officers entered the facility and began lifting the prayerful, non-violent defenders of the unborn out of the building and onto the scorching hot pavement next to their vehicles. Pro-life protestors held signs on the sidewalk nearby.

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, a Michigan-based organization led by Dr. Miller, has published a press release about the rescue, explaining:

At approximately 9:00am they entered the facility and spoke to women scheduled for abortions, offering assistance and words of encouragement in an attempt to persuade the mothers to choose life.  

By refusing to leave the clinic when told to do so by law enforcement, they intend[ed] to offer an act of non-violent defense of unborn children about to be aborted and were placed under arrest. In addition to misdemeanor charges of trespass and disturbing the peace, the pro-lifers unexpectedly were slapped with a felony count of resisting arrest. They will testify that all they did was merely exercise passive resistance. 

The press release also said:

Since when are people who engage in completely non-violent passive resistance charged with a felony? The Red Rose Rescuers were involved in a life-saving mission, an act of social justice on behalf of the vulnerable, namely the unborn about to be aborted, and all they did was go limp and had to be carried out of the abortion facility. Passive resistance is a time-honored practice and it is nearly unheard of in the history of the pro-life movement that defenders of the unborn in clinic sit-ins and rescues are charged with such a crime! The evidentiary hearing will show that the charge is unwarranted and we hope the pro-lifers will prevail.

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CORRECTED: Pope Francis to celebrate private Mass for migrants and those who help them

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By Martin Barillas

July 2, 2019 correction: An earlier version of this story suggested that Pope Francis was celebrating a Mass for activists involved in human trafficking. The Mass, however, will be celebrated in honor of those who accompany and welcome migrants and refugees. While the Italian press has referred to some of these migrant helpers as "traffickers," they do not appear to be involved in the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labor or sexual slavery. LifeSiteNews regrets this error. 

ROME, July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Just a day after Italian authorities arrested the skipper of a ship taking illegal African migrants to Europe, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis will celebrate Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica for migrants and those who accompany and welcome them. 

According to a release from Vatican press officer Alessandro Gisotti, Pope Francis will mark the fifth anniversary of his visit to Italy’s Lampedusa island, where authorities have received thousands of mostly African migrants who have been detained while crossing treacherous Mediterranean waters in fragile watercraft.

The statement from the Vatican said 250 “migrants, refugees and those who are committed to saving their lives” will be in the congregation for the Mass. The Pope is expecting the Mass on July 8 will “encourage those who strive, every day, to support, accompany and receive migrants and refugees.”

While the Mass will be celebrated at the high altar of the historic basilica, only those persons invited by the Vatican’s office on Migrants and Refugees of the Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development are to attend and to which accredited media are not invited.

The Mass will be transmitted live by Vatican Media, however. According to the release, Pope Francis wants the Mass to be in the service of contemplation and in recognition of those who have lost their lives fleeing war and misery while also encouraging those who serve them.

The announcement came after German skipper Carola Rackete was arrested at Lampedusa after allegedly ramming the “Sea Watch 2” into a coast guard vessel. The vessel had weathered two weeks on the Mediterranean while ferrying 20 crew members and 40 migrants. Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, a devout Catholic, ordered all Italian ports closed to ships carrying immigrants in order to combat human trafficking and reduce illegal immigration. Last week, Salvini said Sea Watch’s “hostile act” of approaching Italian shores was reason enough to demand other European countries take in the newcomers. 

The Sea Watch 3 NGO flies a Dutch flag but is operated by a German nonprofit. It is one of several similar efforts by Europeans to ease the dangerous transit of the largely African migrants who cross the sea.

According to Italian daily Il Corriere Della Serra, Captain Rackete said, “I had to dock. I feared that some migrants might commit suicide.”

Claiming that some passengers tried to self-harm, Rackete said, “I was afraid. We were taking turns for days, even at night, out of fear that someone might throw themselves into the sea. For those who don’t know how to swim, it means suicide. I feared the worst.”

Rackete’s case has been greeted with a divided Europe. Some observers have accused Sea Watch and similar groups of engaging in human trafficking while others have offered praise for the group's charitable acts. On Saturday, Cardinal Pietro Parolin vehemently disagreed with the Italian government and its arrest of Racketa.

“I think that human life must be preserved in any way. This must be the North Star that guides us. Everything else is secondary,” said Cardinal Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, in a press conference.

Archbishop Gian Carlo Perego of Ferrara declared his support for Rackete, comparing her favorably with Giuseppe Garibaldi, a socialist who warred to bring down the Papal States in the 1800s and form modern Italy. “Disobeying the law to save lives is a Christian principle, and it’s fundamental from a human point of view. It’s what this woman captain has done.” He even proposed to rename the port of Lampedusa in honor of Rackete.

On Monday, a spokesman for the German foreign ministry demanded that Italy release Rackete, and France is also pleading for her release. Philanthropists have contributed more than $1 million for her legal defense. Rackete could face three to 10 years in prison and thousands in fines if convicted.

According to various reports, Pope Francis has refused to meet Deputy Minister Salvini because of the latter’s immigration policies. In April, L’Osservatore Romano — the Vatican’s official newspaper — said migrants who overpowered the crew of a rescue ship had become “hijackers by necessity,” thus giving evidence of the politicization of Church’s response to the migrant crisis. Pope Francis himself has been a critic of President Donald Trump’s reinforcement of border security, comparing it with the Berlin Wall that divided free West Germany from communist East Germany for decades. 

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Trump admin delays rules preventing healthcare workers from being forced to commit abortions

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By Lisa Bourne

July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – President Donald Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has agreed to put off implementing its conscience protection rule until November so the administration can contend with a lawsuit involving the policy.

The rule exempting healthcare workers from being forced to take part in abortion and other morally objectionable procedures was supposed to go into effect July 22, but HHS and its opponents in the lawsuit came to mutual agreement Friday to delay a final ruling on the policy until November 22.

HHS said it was the “most efficient way to adjudicate” the rule, ABC News reports. A federal judge in San Francisco allowed the change on Saturday.

A group of Democrat-led states filed suit against the administration in May arguing the rule is constitutional.

“The federal government is giving health care providers free license to openly discriminate and refuse care to patients – a gross misinterpretation of religious freedom that will have devastating consequences on communities throughout the country,” New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) said in a statement after filing the lawsuit.

That same month another group, including Lambda Legal, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and the Center for Reproductive Rights, filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration in conjunction with Santa Clara County in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, according to The Hill. 

The second group also argued the rule was unconstitutional, and said it will cause “mass confusion among health care providers and is completely infeasible to implement” and might lead to health care facilities doing away with “reproductive” and LGBTQ services altogether.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) and the City of San Francisco have filed lawsuits as well.

“The Trump administration is trying to systematically limit access to critical medical care for women, the LGBTQ community, and other vulnerable patients,” San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said in a statement regarding the decision to postpone the rule’s implementation. “Hospitals are no place to put personal beliefs above patient care.”

San Francisco would have faced losing about $1 billion in federal funding for health care-related programs if the rule took effect, the statement from Herrera’s office said.

Trump: Religious liberty is ‘the bedrock of American life’

Trump announced the rule, titled Protecting Statutory Conscience Rights in Health Care; Delegations of Authority, on May 2 during his remarks in observation of the National Day of Prayer.

The rule “ensures that HHS implements the full set of tools appropriate for enforcing” laws that exempt healthcare workers from “having to provide, participate in, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for, services such as abortion, sterilization, or assisted suicide,” according to HHS.

It also “clarifies what covered entities need to do to comply with applicable conscience provisions,” “requires applicants for HHS federal financial assistance to provide assurances and certifications of compliance,” and “specifies compliance obligations for covered entities.”

“Every citizen has the absolute right to live according to the teachings of their faith and the convictions of their heart,” Trump said during the May 2 ceremony held in the White House’s Rose Garden. “This is the bedrock of American life. To protect this heritage, my administration has strongly defended religious liberty – two words you haven’t heard much about for a long period of time – but now you’re hearing it all the time, religious liberty.”

“Earlier this week I took action to ensure that federal employees can take paid time off to observe religious holy days,” he said. “And just today we finalized new protections of conscience rights for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, students, and faith-based charities.”

Pro-life, family, and Christian groups welcomed the rule.

Trump’s previous record on religious liberty and conscience has been favorable toward conscience.

In January 2018, his HHS announced the creation of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), a new division within HHS’s civil rights office to enforce conscience protection and religious freedom for healthcare workers.

The new division was tasked with enforcing “laws and regulations that protect conscience and prohibit coercion on issues such as abortion and assisted suicide” and others in HHS-funded or conducted programs, and also enforcing statutes protecting “the free exercise of religion and prohibit discrimination” in HHS programs. 

The new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division indicated an important change for the OCR, which also oversees enforcement of laws concerning security and privacy of people’s health information. It brought back to the forefront enforcement of conscience and religious liberty laws in the healthcare field,  a turnaround from the Obama administration’s stance.

In its first enforcement action early this year, the OCR sent a notice of violation to California Attorney General Becerra regarding the state’s so-called Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency (FACT) Act, which targeted pro-life pregnancy centers.

The Act had forced the pro-life centers to provide written information on how to obtain an abortion in the state at taxpayer expense, and required centers without medical licenses to post disclaimers that they do not offer medical services. The U.S. Supreme Court had struck the law down in June 2018, and in November of last year a federal appeals court had enjoined the state from enforcing the law against the pregnancy centers.

The Trump administration’s OCR had undertaken an independent investigation into the California law and found the state in violation of the federal Weldon and Coats-Snowe amendments and the U.S. Constitution.

In May 2018, Trump signed an executive order to create the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative, a new office to represent the rights of religious Americans and include their perspective in ongoing policymaking.

In October 2017, Trump ended the Obama Administration’s HHS contraceptive mandate requiring that employers violate their consciences and participate in the provision of employees’ contraceptives and abortifacient drugs.

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Fr. James Martin. James Martin / Twitter
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Fr. Martin at gay ‘pride’ Mass: Pope has appointed ‘many’ pro-LGBT cardinals, bishops

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By Martin Barillas
Screenshot of Fr. Martin's twitter page showing he 'liked' the tweet of gay 'married' couple Chasten and Pete Buttigieg

NEW YORK, July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – In advance of one of the world’s largest homosexual “Pride” parades, Fr. James Martin, SJ celebrated a pre-parade Mass during which he told “LGBT Catholics” to be hopeful because Pope Francis has “LGBT friends” and has “appointed many LGBT-supportive cardinals, archbishops, and bishops.”

Fr. Martin is a consultor to the Vatican’s communications office who campaigns for greater acceptance of homosexuality within the Catholic Church. The Jesuit offered the “Pre-Pride Mass” at St. Francis of Assisi parish in New York City, known for its “LGBT ministry” that flouts Church teaching on sexuality, on the evening of June 29. One of the leaders of this “ministry” has fundraised for Planned Parenthood.

Martin said that “LGBT Catholics” should be “tough” in response to criticisms about LGBT ideology. Offering a gloss on the words of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of St. Luke, Martin sought to expand on the definition of Christian discipleship. Calling on homosexual and transgender-identifying Catholics to “be tough,” he said that recent years have seen “many positive steps for LGBT Catholics.” 

Speaking of “two big trends,” Martin said one can be “summarized by two words: ‘Pope Francis.’ His five most famous words are still, ‘Who am I to judge?,’ which was first a response to the question of gay priests and then expanded to LGBT people.” Martin said that the current pope is the first to use the word “gay,” adding, “He has LGBT friends. And he’s appointed many LGBT-supportive cardinals, archbishops, and bishops.” 

For the Jesuit, another positive trend is that “more and more Catholics are coming out and being open about their gender identity, they and their families are bringing their hopes and desires into their parishes, and slowly the culture of the Church is being changed.”

Despite this trend, Martin lamented that this is a “hard time to be an LGBT Catholic.” He referred to the firing of “LGBT employees who are civilly married” by Catholic schools who require Catholic teachers to espouse and model Catholic teachings. He claimed that Catholic schools show a double standard when it comes to “straight Church employees” who keep their jobs even when they do not follow “various Church teachings,” inadvertently making a point many faithful Catholics have long maintained.

Leaders in the Church, he said, continue to issue documents and statements that “betray not the slightest evidence that they have listened to the experience of LGBT people or their families.” Martin also denounced “homophobic pastors, pastoral workers, and parishioners.”

“All the more reason to be like Jesus: that is, tough,” said Martin. He said that LGBT Catholics and their parents and relatives are “as much a part of the church as the Pope, your local bishop, your pastor, or me. Root yourself in your baptism and claim your place in your church.” 

Paraphrasing Jesus, Martin said that doing so will be hard. 

“Sometimes your family may misunderstand you, as Jesus’s family did. Sometimes you’ll feel unwelcome in places, as Jesus did in Samaria. Sometimes it won’t feel like you have a home, like Jesus felt,” he sermonized. But disagreements, he said, are “all part of the journey. It’s part of being with him.”

“LGBT people should fully expect to participate in all the ministries in the church,” said Fr. Martin. “Not just being welcomed and affirmed and included, but leading.”

He concluded by promoting the idea that God creates people to have a homosexual identity: “Be proud to be Catholic. And for my LGBT brothers and sisters and siblings, be the LGBT Catholic whom you are called to be by Jesus Christ himself.”

The Jesuit kicked off June 2019 by wishing a “happy Pride Month” to “all my many Catholic LGBTQ friends.” His homosexual activism has included supporting letting boys in girls’ bathrooms and vice versa; accepting an award from the dissident New Ways Ministry; authoring Building a Bridge, a book endorsed by several left-wing prelates which urges the Church to be more accepting of homosexuality; retweeting a complaint that priests can’t “bless” same-sex unions; and many pro-gay statements in speeches and media appearences.

He supports gay men kissing each other during the sign of peace at Mass, says a Catholic attending a same-sex “wedding” is like attending a Jewish wedding, and suggests that his critics are secretly gay themselves.

In June 2018, Martin was the speaker at the Vatican-sponsored World Meeting of Families. Anthony Murphy of the Lumen Fidei Institute told LifeSiteNews that having the Jesuit priest speak at the event “must sicken the heart of every faithful Catholic.” Pope Francis also attended the event, which was held in Dublin.

Last week, Fr. Martin “liked” a tweet by Chasten Buttigieg, the “husband” of homosexual 2020 Democrat presidential contender and abortion supporter Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The tweet showed a silhouette of the two men, with Chasten adjusting Pete’s tie. “You’ve got this. I love you,” Chasten tweeted.

Commenting on Martin’s sermon, author Rod Dreher opined in The American Conservative, “Father James Martin is an exceptionally good preacher. But what he’s preaching here is directly contrary to Scripture, and to the Catholic Magisterium.”

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Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy Gov. Mike Dunleavy / Flickr
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Alaska gov to state Supreme Court: The abortion funding you mandated is coming from your budget

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By Claire Chretien

ALASKA, July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy has a message for the state’s Supreme Court: If you’re going to force taxpayers to fund abortions, that money is coming out of your budget.

The Alaska Supreme Court has continually ruled that the state must fund abortions, so Dunleavy slashed the amount it has been spending on the deadly practice from the state judiciary’s budget.

Via a line-item veto, Dunleavy reduced the budget of the state’s courts by $334,700 – the amount of public money spent on elective abortions annually.

“The Legislative and Executive Branch are opposed to state-funded elective abortions; the only branch of government that insists on state-funded elective abortions is the Supreme Court,” the governor’s office explained of its fiscal year 2020 budget. “The annual cost of elective abortions is reflected by this reduction.”

“The Federal Government also prohibits any federal funds paying for elective abortions,” the document notes.

“The Alaska Supreme Court has a long history of extremist rulings on abortion,” Alaska Family Action (AFA), a division of the Alaska Family Council, posted on Facebook when Dunleavy finalized the budget. “But until today, they never suffered any real consequences for it. Now they will start feeling the pain of their own arrogance. Every dollar the state spends on killing unborn children will be cut from their budget.”

“Ultimately, our goal must be to ensure that no agency of state government is paying even one cent to destroy life,” AFA continued. “The best way to accomplish this permanently is to amend our constitution to make it abundantly clear there is no right in the state constitution for abortion, or abortion funding.”

“But while we work on that long-term goal, Governor Dunleavy deserves credit for calling out the court on their radical record. In defiance of the constitution, liberal justices have pretended they have the power to appropriate money, even though appropriation power is expressly reserved to the Legislature. Now they will deal with the consequences of exceeding their authority. As we read in the book of Proverbs (16:18), ‘Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.’”

There is no legal limit on late-term abortion in Alaska

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Midway through aborting, pregnant woman changes her mind and saves her twins

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By Lisa Bourne

July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Twin babies were saved when their mother changed her mind after beginning the process of a chemical abortion.

“Alexis” was around six weeks pregnant when she sought an abortion at Charlotte, North Carolina’s busiest abortion provider, A Preferred Women’s Health Center.

During an ultrasound, the technician casually remarked, “Oh, twins,” giving her pause, because she had always wanted twins.

While she processed the fact she was carrying twin babies, Alexis, a pseudonym, was given the first of two drugs in the chemical abortion process, along with the second dose to be taken in the next 48 hours.

As she left the abortion center, a sidewalk counselor was able to reach Alexis through her state of bewilderment and initiate the process of saving her twins.

“It might not be too late for you,” the counselor told her, “, they can still help you save your baby.”

After Alexis left the abortion facility, she pulled into the nearest parking lot and searched on her phone for the website mentioned by the counselor and called the helpline, which coordinated assistance for her at a local pregnancy center.

“We got her started on the abortion pill reversal treatment extremely fast,” said Courtney Parks, abortion pill reversal coordinator for HELP Pregnancy Center. “It was a matter of hours.”

Alexis’s story was recently published by Pregnancy Help News and picked up by

The “abortion pill,” or RU-486, refers to a chemical abortion that uses two pills: mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone is taken first, destabilizing the pregnancy by blocking progesterone receptors and reducing progesterone levels in the mother's blood. The abortion is then finished when misoprostol induces labor, forcing the mother’s body to expel the baby.

Abortion pill reversal treatment works by giving the mother extra progesterone up to 72 hours after she takes the first chemical abortion pill.

HELP medical director Matt Harrison and California physician George Delgado developed the reversal treatment over a decade ago.

The Abortion Pill Rescue Network (APRN) includes 450 professional health care providers in the U.S. and 11 other countries that assist women who call the helpline that Alexis had called. The helpline is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is a project of Heartbeat International, a global network of 2,600 pregnancy help organizations.

Acting within that 72-hour window is crucial, and Alexis was fortunate to make contact with the helpline early enough in that timeframe. Her twins are two of the 750 babies who have been saved by abortion pill reversal.

Once at her appointment with HELP Pregnancy Center, Parks and HELP sonographer Kelly Byrum gave Alexis what the abortion facility did not: the opportunity to see her babies on an ultrasound.

“They were tiny, little babies and they had beautiful, little heartbeats,” Parks said. “I just remember sitting with her in that ultrasound room and her crying, and just hoping that this would work for her so that she could save her babies.”

Parks saw to it that Alexis had follow-up ultrasound scans in the following several weeks, to be certain the babies were still healthy and thriving.

The abortion pill reversal protocol worked, and roughly a month later, the center connected her with a doctor who provided her with prenatal care for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Parks and his HELP team kept in touch with Alexis, throwing her a baby shower along with another ministry.

“She has had everything that these babies need for several years provided for her,” Parks said. “She told me, ‘If I had known what I know now and I had seen how the Lord has provided for these babies, I would have never even walked into that clinic.’ So she’s just been overwhelmed with just how good God has provided for her throughout this.”

HELP Pregnancy Center has seen four babies saved by the abortion reversal protocol.

The rest of Alexis’s pregnancy was otherwise uneventful, and she delivered her babies early this year.

Parks said Alexis is thriving as a single mother, and she has the support of her own mother, who moved in with her to assist with the twins.

Alexis “is just head over heels in love with these babies,” Parks said.

Byrum is glad for the awareness created for abortion pill reversal by Alexis’s story.

“It’s really neat that it’s getting some press now and people are becoming aware of it,” she said. “We have heard women come out of this [abortion] clinic that have told us that they told them inside that once you take this pill, there’s nothing you can do to reverse it, that it’s just not 

Parks, one of 800 clinicians in the Abortion Pill Rescue Network, concurred.

“We really just hope that this brings awareness to abortion pill reversal and the fact that it does save lives,” she said.

The abortion reversal helpline number is (877) 558-0333. More information is available at

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Selina Soule, a 16-year-old runner from Glastonbury, Connecticut. The Daily Signal

News ,

Petition supports girls who don’t want to race boys who identify as ‘girls’

PETITION: Keep Girls' Sports For Biological Girls ONLY - #IStandWithSelina. Sign the petition here.

June 29, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A petition supporting a female athlete who now must compete against biological males because of Connecticut's law requiring that boys who identify as "girls" be admitted into girls' sports competitions has been launched by LifeSiteNews. The petition supports Selina Soule and her discrimination complaint lodged with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

Soule, a female high school athlete from Connecticut, has had her sporting career jeopardized by a state policy requiring that boys who call themselves "girls" be admitted to girls’ sports competitions.

Selina competes in track at Bloomfield High School in Bloomfield, Connecticut. She wasn’t able to qualify for the 55-meter event in the New England regionals because two spots were taken by boys, as The Daily Signal’s Kelsey Bolar documented in a recent video report on the 16-year-old’s situation.

Christiana Holcomb, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal aid group, said the organization filed the complaint to bring justice to Selina’s situation.

“Alliance Defending Freedom, on behalf of Selina and a couple of other brave female athletes, has filed or is in the process of filing a Title IX complaint asking the Department of Education to step in, to investigate, and to restore a level playing field for Selina,” Holcomb said.

The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights enforces Title IX, the federal law that “protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance,” according to the agency’s website.

If the two boys who consider themselves "girls" had not been allowed to compete with the girls, Selina says, she would have placed sixth and had the opportunity to run the 55 in front of college coaches at the New England regionals.

One of LifeSiteNews’s campaign coordinators, Scott Schittl, was encouraged by the amount of traffic Selina’s story has been getting over the last week. “With over 400,000 pageviews over the last two weeks, this has been the biggest story for LifeSite in recent months.”

“That’s because people know that there is fundamentally something wrong with boys playing girls’ sports,” Schittl went on to say. “They know it’s about safety. They know that when boys compete in girls’ sports, they win because they have a natural advantage. It’s scientifically proven, and it’s also common sense.”

Competing with boys crushes the motivation of girls who have worked hard to compete, only to enter into competitions they can never, or rarely, win, despite all of their efforts.

It also puts girls into harm’s way in contact sports, and it deprives female athletes of the chance to compete for college scholarships and other accolades.

That’s why this petition supports Selina’s complaint to the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights on the same matter.

Thank you for READING and SIGNING this petition, TODAY!

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Baltimore Archbishop William Lori. Lisa Bourne / LifeSiteNews
Fr. Gerald E. Murray

Opinion ,

Even McCarrick’s investigators are covering things up

Fr. Gerald E. Murray

July 1, 2019 (The Catholic Thing) — It has now been one year since the Archdiocese of New York announced that it had received a credible accusation that the retired Archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, had, as a priest, sexually abused a high school seminarian in the basement of St. Patrick's Cathedral. This stunning revelation led to a series of further revelations about McCarrick, and about bishops who knew about McCarrick's immoral behavior, which have shaken the trust and confidence of Catholics in the Church, and specifically confidence in her hierarchy. McCarrick was found guilty of multiple grave crimes and was expelled from the priesthood by Pope Francis. Was this sufficient punishment?

McCarrick has never publicly admitted his guilt in the face of the overwhelming evidence of his crimes. He has not asked forgiveness of his victims, not made monetary reparations to them for the grave harm he inflicted upon them. He remains in a Kansas Capuchin friary adjacent to a parochial school as a non-paying guest; his expulsion from the priesthood has not resulted in any change in his Church-provided living arrangements.

This is remarkable. How many other forcibly laicized priests found guilty of sexually molesting young men would be given this consideration? Why has he not been shown the door and told to come clean by the Holy See or the Bishop of Salina or the Capuchin superior?

Is it not clear that this passivity in allowing this man to remain in the friary is correctly seen to be a further insult to those he victimized over the years? McCarrick used his authority as a priest and bishop to commit horrendous crimes, financing his criminal lifestyle with the money donated by the faithful to promote the works of the Church. He has lied to the Church and to the entire world about his evil acts. He coerced innocent youths into acts of depravity and pretends to this day that nothing happened.

The Catholic Church should never tolerate a situation in which a once powerful man who committed grave crimes is treated as if he were still a powerful man who can be allowed to escape the consequences of his punishment. Does anyone think that any American diocese would offer free room and board in a rectory or convent to a laicized priest who almost certainly has sufficient money in the bank to live on his own?

McCarrick's current situation is emblematic of the paralysis that has descended on the Church following the revelations of what McCarrick did. He is allowed to live an untroubled life in a Church facility. The decree of laicization has not resulted in his living as an ordinary layperson, responsible for himself. His conviction has been met by his silence, which is a spiritual danger for his soul. Only public repentance and public penance, including monetary reparations, will benefit his victims and his own soul.

The Holy See has dragged its feet on issuing a declaration on the internal review of documents in its archives related to the McCarrick matter. The review that began last September is still ongoing. How many files and documents can there be? Ten months is a long time to go through a finite number of documents. The American dioceses where McCarrick worked have likewise not issued any declarations about their own internal investigations. When will the Catholic people be told the whole story about McCarrick's sexual depredations that were known for many years in both the United States and the Vatican?

The recent revelations of the sexual abuse and financial irregularities committed by a McCarrick protégé, the former Bishop of Wheeling, WV, Michael Bransfield, were truly shocking. Shocking also was the failed attempt by the man assigned to investigate Bransfield, Archbishop William Lori, to hide in his report to Rome the names of bishops, including his own, who received large cash gifts from Bransfield.

The Washington Post obtained both the original unexpurgated report with the names of gift recipients and the sanitized final version. The recipients of these gifts were not accused of being aware that Bransfield was embezzling money from his diocesan coffers by instructing his financial people to reimburse him for the amounts of these large personal gifts, which were plainly meant to buy favoritism from influential bishops and cardinals. Lori apologized for editing out his name and the names of other bishops who received these large cash gifts.

This attempt by the investigator to hide the personally embarrassing results of his own investigation was foiled by a leaker who cooperated with The Washington Post. This self-serving editing happened in the time of promised transparency and accountability. In fact, the transparency of telling the whole truth would not have occurred unless someone with access to the original report had not gone to the press.

I suspect that in many institutions in our society, a revelation in the press that the person in charge of a high-profile investigation excised his own name from the final report would result in either a resignation or a firing.

Lori tried to hide something that he feared would make him and some of his fellow bishops look bad. So much for pro-active transparency. There is obviously a culture of concealment in the hierarchy — we see it in the long history of McCarrick's crimes, and we see it in the Bransfield-Lori investigation.

It is high time for the hierarchy of the Church to reveal to the faithful the whole story of McCarrick and of other bishops who were wolves in shepherds' clothing, inflicting harm on the sheep, either as sexual molesters or as their enablers and protectors.

Published with permission from The Catholic Thing.

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John-Henry Westen /
Maike Hickson Maike Hickson Follow Maike

Blogs ,

Pope’s letter to Germans on ‘synodal path’ is open to many interpretations

Maike Hickson Maike Hickson Follow Maike
By Maike Hickson

July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – On Saturday, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, the German Bishops' Conference published a 19-page letter written by Pope Francis, in which he touches upon matters such as evangelization, synodality, and conversion in light of the German “synodal path” as it is currently being set up. The letter is not addressed to the German bishops, as is usually the case, but to the “pilgrim people of God in Germany.” 

However, since Pope Francis wrote in a more general manner and chose not to mention any specific topics of the new “synodal path” – such as the questioning of priestly celibacy and of the Church's teaching on sexuality – the different camps in Germany all interpret his letter in a way pleasing to them.

For example, Cardinal Reinhard Marx – the head of the German bishops – and his lay counterpart, Professor Thomas Sternberg – the head of the German lay organization Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) – both welcomed this papal letter, thanked the Pope for his “encouraging words,” and state that they, “as bishops and lay representatives,” feel “invited to continue the process that we have started.” They agree with Pope Francis that such a “synodal path” should not concentrate “on structures,” but, rather, on “a spiritual orientation.” Pope Francis, they continue, invites us “to a new form of listening to one another, so that we, as part of the Universal Church, serve the Faith with all our creativity, spirituality, and passion.”

However, for Cardinal Rainer Woelki (Cologne) and General Vicar Michael Fuchs (Regensburg), the papal letter is clearly a sign that the “synodal path” as planned cannot be continued. Cardinal Woelki, in his June 29 statement, points out that the Pope has spoken of the “crisis of faith” in Germany and of the “primacy of evangelization.” For Woelki, this means that “we have to be a missionary Church” and that the Church should not “adapt to the Zeitgeist,” in the papal words. Cardinal Woelki thus expresses his gratitude to Pope Francis.

General Vicar Fuchs, in his own lengthy statement, points out that “the situation is dramatic” and says, “certainly, after this letter of the Pope, there cannot be a ‘let's keep going’ concerning the ‘synodal process.’” Fuchs believes that “the direction and the intensity” of the demands that have been expressed in light of the upcoming “synodal path” “must have urged the Holy Father to write this letter.” The prelate stresses that Pope Francis pointed in his letter to the loss of faith in Germany.

Fuchs goes on to say that the Pope warned against a “fragmentation” and instructed German Catholics to be attentive to unity with the Universal Church. Indeed, Pope Francis repeatedly mentions the words “Sensus Ecclesiae” and insists that it is important to avoid polarization and fragmentation. Fuchs also quotes Francis as saying that “the particular churches live in and from the Universal Church and would weaken themselves, spoil, and die, should they be separated from the Universal Church.” The “community with the whole body of the Church,” the Pope continues, “needs to be kept alive and effective.”

Pope Francis, in his letter, also warns against a sort of “gnosticism,” which makes people believe that they are “more advanced,” pretending “to go beyond the ‘ecclesial we.’”

Comments Fuchs: “Obviously, it did not remain hidden from Pope Francis that some demands of the initiators of ‘synodal path’ . . . go beyond, or do not take sufficiently into account, the foundations of the Catholic faith – as they are valid worldwide.”

With reference to this papal letter, General Vicar Fuchs asks himself: “Have we in Germany, therefore, lost the primacy of evangelization … the joy of faith?” 

Thus, for him this papal letter calls upon German Catholics to come up with a “completely new concept of such a [synodal] process that is to be oriented toward evangelization and spiritual renewal.” This “synodal process,” therefore, should not “adapt,” but, rather, concentrate “on God.”

Joachim Frank – a German Catholic journalist who is sympathetic with some of the reform plans of the German bishops – says that the new papal letter “gives free” the “synodal path” as approved by the German bishops in February 2019, just adding some “signposts.” In another article, he comments that “the recipients deal with the papal letter to the German Catholics like with a bag of jelly beans.” He means with it, that everybody picks out the parts of the letter that are pleasing to him.

What is striking to Frank is that the “contested topics” such as “sexual abuse, sexual morality, female ordination, [and] celibacy” are not even mentioned in the text. 

“On the other hand,” Frank continues, “Francis once more argues like the conservatives in the Church.”

Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, the vice president of the German Bishops' Conference and a leading voice in the progressivist camp, shows himself relieved. He stated: “First of all, he [Pope Francis] is in favor of the synodal path. That was for me the relief. Nothing is being withdrawn here. That is to say, that we can move forward, that we can go on a path.” The journalist who reports these words, Tilmann Kleinjung, entitled his article: “A papal letter with many interpretations.”
In a similar manner, the German Catholic journalist and commentator Peter Winnemöller asks: “[Are there] several letters from Pope Francis?”

One theologian, who spoke with LifeSiteNews under condition of anonymity, said that the Pope’s letter is “written in a way that everybody can accept it.” 

“Alfredo Peron,” he continues, “who is himself also known for trying to embrace contradictory positions, would like it very much.” However, adds the theologian, “the fact of the letter itself is surprising and thus might more benefit Catholic forces who wish to set limits to the ‘synodal path.’ In this respect, the letter is to be welcomed, even if it unfortunately does not make any concrete comments on any of the questions of content.” 

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