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At Daleiden trial, Planned Parenthood tries to ‘inflame’ jury by claiming pro-lifers are violent

Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 7:59 pm EST
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Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden outside Superior Court in San Francisco, California, Feb. 11, 2019 Pete Baklinski /
Lianne Laurence Lianne Laurence Follow Lianne
By Lianne Laurence

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SAN FRANCISCO, California, November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The fifth week of the massive Planned Parenthood federal civil suit against the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) ended with witnesses for the abortion giant claiming the CMP videos exposing its trafficking in aborted baby body parts led to fears of increased violence against abortionists.

Last Friday’s “action-packed day in court” featured some “really, really tough testimony,” according to Peter Breen, one of David Daleiden’s lawyers and senior counsel with the Thomas More Society, in an update on the case.

That included National Abortion Federation (NAF) head of security Michelle Davidson “talking all about violence and the terrible things she was claiming about the pro-life movement,” and Drexel University professor and lawyer David Cohen and author of Living in the Crosshairs: The Untold Stories of Anti-Abortion Terrorism testifying as an expert witness on “abortion-related violence.”

“Planned Parenthood is just trying to get this in front of the jury to inflame them,” Breen said.

However, defense lawyers scored points on cross-examination, and will be calling their own security and statistics experts after Planned Parenthood wraps up its case this week, he noted.

In the retaliatory suit, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and 10 affiliates are seeking damages in potentially millions of dollars and accusing CMP defendants of multiple crimes for going undercover at Planned Parenthood and NAF meetings in 2014 and 2015. The CMP videos released in July 2015 sparked public outrage, Congressional investigations, and an ongoing Department of Justice criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood.

And Planned Parenthood has not alleged that any of the defendants themselves “ever called for violence, not even that they called for picketing,” Breen said.

Rather, Planned Parenthood is arguing that because everyone knows there’s been pro-life violence in the past, their massive expenditure on security after the CMP videos exposed them was reasonable to prevent violence in the future, and the defendants should have known Planned Parenthood would need security to prevent violence. 

The defense’s response is that violence against abortionists has happened in the past, but it doesn’t follow a pattern — if anything, it’s going down — so there was no reason to believe it would happen after the video release. They argue that, in fact, there was no spike in violence after the videos’ publication, proof the security was unneeded and the defendants should not be liable for it, just as they are not liable for how the public responded to them exercising their Constitutionally protected speech.

What ‘story’ do NAF numbers tell?

Davidson testified about the NAF’s document “Violence and Disruption Statistics” from 1977 to 2014, stating NAF data is considered so reliable that they are quoted without question by the media, and used by the FBI, local police departments, and as court evidence.

She said that 60 percent of NAF members reported alleged incidents via a designated individual who input the information into the document, and claimed that her team verified the accuracy of the report — testimony that could not be refuted at the time.

Davidson testified that “violence” in the NAF document included trespass, and “disruptions” include “hate mail, email/internet harassment, bomb threats, things like that.”

NAF keeps track of these incidents because “our main goal is to provide – to maintain the safety of our abortion providers,” she said. “These statistics tell a story about what they experience on a daily basis.”

However, when Catherine Short of the Life Legal Defense Foundation asked Davidson on cross-examination what story these “statistics” — such as that 75 percent of the “violent” incidents in a given year may be simple trespass — actually told, Davidson admitted she could see no trends, revealing NAF collects mere numbers, not statistics, as it claims.

Davidson also refused to say what percentage of NAF’s total incident reports come from Planned Parenthood, and admitted she relied on PPFA to ensure the incidents its affiliates report are all actually motivated by anti-abortion sentiment, and that Planned Parenthood submits only numbers of incident types which NAF then adds to its records. 

Violent incidents not by pro-lifers

Early in the trial, Planned Parenthood witness Jenna Tosh, CEO of Planned Parenthood of California Central Coast, said on cross-examination by Short that Planned Parenthood’s incident reports do not take into account the motives of the perpetrators. 

Tosh admitted that while police determined an arson at Planned Parenthood Thousand Oaks was committed by someone with a personal grudge against an employee and had nothing to do with abortion, the incident report was not edited to reflect that. She asserted Planned Parenthood’s incident reports are “factual reports” and motive is not a component.

When Short asked Davidson to confirm that NAF had included the Thousand Oaks arson in its records of “anti-abortion violence,” Orrick ruled that the question was beyond the scope of her testimony. 

Short also asked if the 2006 kidnapping in the NAF document was a case of parents kidnapping their daughter and taking her across state lines for an abortion, but Davidson admitted she didn’t know “offhand.”

Davidson and earlier witness Vikki Graziani, PPFA’s former conference planner, both testified that NAF’s security was “the gold standard.”

But Davidson contradicted Graziani’s assumption that NAF security vetted exhibitors at the NAF trade shows, testifying that vetting “wasn’t part of my department’s duties,” and that she didn’t train NAF personnel how to check IDs, points out a CMP summary.

And while she asserted security at the NAF conferences was extremely tight and that the defendants went to extraordinary lengths to circumvent it, her testimony revealed NAF security staff were only responsible for keeping out people without conference badges or with phony conference badges.

‘Jesus loves you’ could be a threat: Expert on ‘abortion-related violence’

Cohen, Planned Parenthood’s expert witness on “abortion-related violence,” revealed on cross-examination by Daleiden lawyer Charles LiMandri of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund that he had defended three Planned Parenthood affiliates in Pennsylvania, filed briefs in the currently suspended NAF lawsuit against CMP and on behalf of abortion providers regarding partial-birth abortion, and gave legal advice to Planned Parenthood leadership involved in the current lawsuit.

“So he is totally biased, improper as an expert for federal court purposes,” noted Breen, but nevertheless, the judge “let him in” despite defense objections.

Cohen testified that eight abortion providers were killed between 1973, when the Roe v. Wade decision declared abortion a constitutional right, and 2014.

To research his 2015 book, he and a co-author interviewed 87 abortionists about the “harassment” they dealt with daily, which Cohen defined to include peaceful picketing.

His book defined a “threat” as whether the person receiving it “reasonably feels fear and intimidation from it,” and Cohen reiterated his deposition testimony that a letter to an abortion provider saying “Jesus loves you” could be a threat “regardless of the intent of the person delivering it.”

LiMandri asked Cohen if he “studied harassment or violence” against those opposed to abortion, and specifically, if he knew about the individual “holding an anti-abortion sign in a wheelchair” who was “shot and killed” in 2009, the “abortionist pulling a gun as he’s driving out of the abortion clinic on any peaceful demonstrators outside the abortion clinic,” the San Francisco woman kicked by a pro-abortion activist, the “old man being repeatedly kicked on the ground,” or that Daleiden had received death threats.

Cohen replied he knew of the three latter incidents only because of his involvement in the case, and that his expertise was “anti-abortion violence and harassment.”

He also admitted he supports no legal limits on abortion up to nine months, and that his use of false statements and pseudonyms in his books — which he said was needed to safeguard abortion providers — is protected by the First Amendment, as noted in a CMP summary.

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Bp. Barron’s failure to mention Christ in Congressional prayer was missed opportunity

It follows a pattern of avoiding the 'hard teachings' of the Church in public settings.
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 6:51 pm EST
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By Stephen Kokx


WASHINGTON, D.C., November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — There’s no denying that Bishop Robert Barron, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, is a popular figure both inside and outside the Catholic Church.

Aside from his calm manner of speaking and encyclopedic knowledge — good luck trying to find an interview where he doesn’t quote C.S. Lewis or St. Thomas Aquinas — his ability to discuss a wide variety of issues non-Catholics (and especially non-believers) hold important has won him admiration from many who do not follow Jesus Christ.

In recent years, Barron has appeared on liberal commentator Dave Rubin’s YouTube channel. He's also praised Joe Rogan and was interviewed by Canadian psychologist and best-selling author Jordan Peterson. In a way, he's become the go to, in-house spiritual guru for these politically incorrect but highly popular social media celebrities.

But there are many question marks that surround Barron’s smooth-talking brand of New Evangelization. His prayer last Wednesday on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives was the latest instance of that. Watch below:

The bishop’s failure to make the sign of the cross, or even mention Jesus Christ, was a major missed opportunity. Talking about “justice” and “righteousness” is fine and all, but there’s nothing distinctly Catholic about Bishop Barron’s prayer. If anything, it reminded me of Matthew 10:33: "He that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven."

Barron himself has been a critic of “dumbed down” Catholicism, and an advocate for Catholics to bring their faith into the public square. So it makes his avoidance of the most simple expressions of faith — the sign of the cross, a mention of Christ — all the more baffling.

If he'd listened to his own advice, he might have quoted Pope Pius XI’s encyclical Quas Primas, which states, “It would be a grave error … to say that Christ has no authority whatever in civil affairs, since, by virtue of the absolute empire over all creatures committed to him by the Father, all things are in his power.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Bishop Barron has downplayed some of the “hard teachings” of the Catholic faith that princes of the Church are supposed to teach “in season and out of season.”

During an interview with Ben Shapiro last year, Barron was asked about what the Church teaches on who gets into heaven. Instead of reminding Shapiro, a Jew, that Jesus Christ is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” Barron said Christ was the “privileged route” to salvation, a claim that incorrectly represented Catholic doctrine. 

Fortunately, many Catholic commentators took up their pens to inform Shapiro he’d been given faulty information.

In 2017, Bishop Barron appeared on the aforementioned Dave Rubin’s show, where His Excellency announced he wouldn’t be in favor of rolling back same-sex “marriage” laws because, he alleged, it would probably do more harm than good. Not once did he remind his host, an active “married” homosexual, that the Church believes sodomy is a sin.

Despite the criticism faithful Catholics expressed about Barron’s performance on that particular occurrence, he defended his actions, writing on Facebook, "My aim in the Rubin Report interview was to show its secular viewers that there is a lot more to Christianity than the 'pelvic issues.’”

It’s sometimes difficult to see just how Bishop Barron’s outreach to not only atheists but to the Rubin/Peterson/Rogan crowd is ever going to pay off. Presumably, he’s trying to meet people “where they are” and trying to get them to think about deeper issues. But in doing so, he’s frequently failing to give them the fullness of Catholic doctrine.

Has this strategy ever resulted in the conversion of souls to Christ? It’s possible there are such instances. And maybe even a decent amount. But when does His Excellency plan on bringing up the Catholic faith to these men in public? In other words, when does he think it’s the right time to talk about Jesus, to whom all men are subject?

In my estimation, Barron’s “winsome” approach rarely produces the fruit it promises. Moreover, whenever I read the saints, they seem to take a wholly different approach to teaching the faith. Of all people, Jordan Peterson appears to be more aware of that than Barron is.

During their much-talked about interview earlier this year, Peterson scolded the Church (and perhaps was intending to scold Bishop Barron himself) when he said Catholic clergy aren’t doing enough to make people amend their ways. 

“We’re afraid of hurting people’s … feelings in the present and willing to absolutely sacrifice their well-being in the future,” he said. “And that’s the sign of a very immature and unwise culture, because the reverse should be the case.” “If you really love someone, you can’t tolerate when they are less than they could be,” he continued. “When someone comes into the Church, and, it’s all forgiveness, there’s no care there … what the hell are you doing?”

When it comes to Bishop Barron, it’s important, first and foremost, to remind ourselves that he is a bishop of the Catholic Church. He is an alter Christus — a walking, living, earthly representation of the savior of mankind. His primary duty is to preach the Gospel. 

While that certainly can be done in a variety of ways, what seems to be happening with Barron’s ministry is that he’s becoming too focused on finding the lowest common denominator and forgetting how simple the Holy Spirit is and how it can stir up in a soul the grace of God when it hears, straightforwardly, the unvarnished truth.

It’s being reported that on Tuesday of last week, Bishop Barron met with a small group of bi-partisan lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Barron apparently told them he would not discuss the “hot button issues” of abortion or marriage and that instead he wanted to make them think about the first time they wanted to get involved in “the vocation” of public service.

Catholic News Agency claims that Barron avoided abortion and marriage because he felt they could distract from “really deep and abiding points of contact between what I call the spiritual condition and political tradition.”

Bishop Barron’s desire to encourage Democrats and Republicans to reflect on why they became politicians is a rather mushy, sentimental, and vastly insufficient message for these diabolical times. My guess is that it has already been forgotten by those who heard it and that it will make no lasting impact on the way they conduct themselves going forward.

What might have actually made these lawmakers reflect seriously on their “vocation” was a message reminding them that they will be judged “more strictly” (James 3:1) than others and that like all persons who have ever lived, they will gain admission to eternal bliss with Almighty God only if they lived in accordance with Christ’s laws and whether they used their state in life to help others do the same. But I guess that sort of approach is too confrontational for Bishop Barron’s style of evangelization. Let’s pray that changes.

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Ex-abortionist: I killed more people than Ted Bundy

Dr. Aultman, a former abortionist turned pro-life advocate, calls on people to see the unborn for what they are: 'human beings.'
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 5:19 pm EST
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LifeSiteNews staff
By LifeSiteNews staff

November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – In today’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon Van Maren speaks with Dr. Kathi Aultman, a former abortionist. Dr. Aultman has testified on behalf of a wide range of pro-life laws across the United States. She has also testified before Congress about the horrors of the abortion industry.  

Dr. Aultman has seen what abortion does to our entire society. Dr. Aultman went from being somebody who had heard about abortion but had never really considered it to somebody who performed abortions – and then eventually ended up testifying in front of Congress about why America should make abortion illegal again. 


Aultman shares the story of her own abortion and how this planted the seed for her to become an advocate for abortion and what she thought were “women’s rights.” It was only after giving birth for the first time that Aultman was able to recognize the humanity of the unborn.  

“But after I delivered, when I went back to work in the clinic, I found I couldn't do them [abortions] anymore. The baby not being wanted was no longer enough justification for me to kill it.” 

The graphic nature of abortion is just as horrific as images of it show, according to Aultman.  

"It's exactly what the pictures show. I mean, how can it be otherwise? You're tearing this little body limb from limb.” 

This didn’t immediately make Dr.Aultman pro-life, however. She shares that even after she stopped committing abortions, she still referred patients for abortions.

“Even though I couldn't stomach doing abortions myself, I was still a real pro-choice advocate.” 

Seeing children at her church and seeing the impacts of abortion on her patients slowly started to change Aultman’s heart. It was an article that compared abortion to the Holocaust that finally changed Aultman’s mind. 

“My father was with the unit that liberated the first concentration camp in World War II. And so I grew up with those stories and pictures. And when I became a doctor, I couldn't understand how the German doctors could do what they did.” 

Aultman shares that reading this article was the “first time that I saw myself as a mass murderer.”  

After this conversion, Aultman testified in Florida and Vermont and eventually was invited to testify before the United States Congress. 

Van Maren asks Aultman what she wished everyone could understand about abortion. Her response? “That these are human beings.” 

“I think the main thing is that these are human beings. They're not blobs of tissue. They're little people that we're depriving of a whole life. And we have so much compassion for young women or even older women who have an unwanted pregnancy. We don't lack [any] compassion there. We need to have compassion for these people who we're depriving of a whole lifetime.” 

The Van Maren Show is hosted on numerous platforms, including Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, and Google Play.

For a full listing of episodes, and to subscribe to various channels, visit our Pippa webpage here.

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Vatican academy promotes UN’s pro-abortion ‘sustainable development’ agenda in Amazon

'The Vatican these days seems more concerned with saving the world than saving souls.'
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 4:48 pm EST
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Jeffrey Sachs at the Vatican in November 2017.
Diane Montagna Diane Montagna Follow Diane
By Diane Montagna

ROME, November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, members of a United Nations network directed by a pro-abortion globalist, and governors of the Pan-Amazonian region have signed a common declaration committing themselves to implementing the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the Amazon. 

The Oct. 28 declaration, addressed to Pope Francis and signed at the pontifical academy’s Vatican headquarters one day after the close of the Amazon Synod, consists in 14 pledges to “build together effective solutions for sustainable development of Amazonia.” 

The meeting, titled “First Summit of Amazonian Governors: Pathways and Commitments for Sustainable Development in Amazonia,” was sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Interstate Consortium for Sustainable Development of the Legal Amazon, Brazil, and the Amazon Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN-A).

Jeffrey Sachs, a pro-abortion globalist and chief architect of the SDGs, who has enjoyed growing influence in the Vatican in recent years, is the director and board member of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a global initiative launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2012. SDSN-A is the Amazonian branch of the network. 

Donors and partners of the SDNA include the pro-abortion, pro-gender theory Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register obtained a copy of the Oct. 28 declaration from the secretary of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and reported on its contents.

The sustainable development goals include “universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services, including for family planning, information and education, and the integration of reproductive health into national strategies and programmes.”

According to Pentin, “this advocacy for ‘sexual and reproductive health-care services’ and for ‘reproductive health’ — terms that in the U.N. setting have been interpreted to include provision of abortion — is not mentioned in the governors’ declaration. Instead, all the pledges are temporal in nature relating to the environment, science and socio-economics.”

The first pledge is to “emphasize the fundamental importance” of the Amazonian Synod and to “defend” the directives outlined in its Oct. 26 final document. 

Other pledges include a commitment to a “green economy,” building a “new model of sustainable development” based on valuing “environmental heritage, socioeconomic inclusion and respect for the culture of Amazonian peoples,” and a call for “empowerment” of local Amazonian governments, organizations and initiatives.

The declaration also calls for an expansion of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, calls for “zero illegal deforestation,” and urges “significant resources” be given to local initiatives. 

In a pledge consistent with the Vatican’s push to end human trafficking, the declaration also calls for companies to be pressured to “control their supply chains” to avoid “new forms of slavery.” 

Central to the declaration is its claim that the world’s “climate and humanitarian crisis” demands “rapid, integrated and urgent action.”

The declaration ends by proposing that the summit become a “permanent forum for discussion.” 

Signatories include the chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, governors from the regions of Brazil and Peru, and representatives of the two advocacy groups co-sponsoring the meeting. 

According to a Vatican statement, a secondary intention of the meeting was to “open a debate with the international community” in order to find “innovative solutions” and “financing mechanisms” to “meet the demands for achieving the SDG by 2030.” 

Pentin further reported that “during the Oct. 28 meeting, the governors expressed a wish to partner with the Church and any organization that sought to preserve the Amazon, but reportedly voiced their opposition to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s position on the environment and the Amazon, in particular his support for mining and extensive agriculture in the region.”

“A ministerial representative of the Bolsonaro government who was present at the meeting reportedly voiced opposition to the assertion that the environment is in crisis,” he wrote. “He was a significant addition as the governors are depending on federal funding for environmental projects.”

Fundraising was reportedly a key goal of the post-Synod event. According to Pentin’s sources, “after the Vatican summit, some of the governors went to Berlin also to seek funds.”

“They came to raise money,” a Vatican source told the National Catholic Register, adding that most of the governors were from socialist parties. “One of them, Flavio Dino of the northeastern state of Maranhão, is a member of Brazil’s main communist party, the PCdoB, which holds radical positions diametrically opposed to Church teaching.” 

Another participant, Jandira Feghali, was one of six leftist politicians invited to an Amazon Synod parallel event held in Rome, at which several Brazilian bishops were in attendance. Feghali is known for her strong pro-abortion views and opposed a bill condemning infanticide in Amazonian tribes.

Such policy differences were avoided, however. According to Pentin’s sources: “The participants didn’t say anything about theological questions or the issue of abortion, because the left, when they deal with the Church, never mention those issues, preferring instead to talk about the environment — the issue that can bring them and Pope Francis together.” 

“The left will try to use members of the Church to advance their political agenda,” Pentin’s source said, adding that they also wanted to “use this opportunity to raise their international profile to finance their projects.”

His Eminence Cardinal Cláudio Hummes, president of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM), and His Eminence Cardinal Pedro R. Barreto, vice president of REPAM, also attended the meeting. Cardinal Hummes, who oversaw the drafting of the Amazon Synod’s final document, and spoke at the Oct. 28 meeting, limited his remarks to focus on environmental issues and the rights of indigenous peoples. 

One source close to the Holy See told Pentin: “The Vatican these days seems more concerned with saving the world than saving souls.”

Commenting in his new book on the increasing sway secular powers exercise inside the Vatican, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has said: “In recent times, some activities of the Holy See … have given the impression that they are the daughter houses of the United Nations and are promoting its ideological agenda.” 

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Leak reveals ABC News spiked Epstein story that implicated Clinton, ‘had everything’

An anchor said it was 'unbelievable what we had' and yet the network suppressed airing the information surrounding the pedophile.
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 4:19 pm EST
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Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – ABC News prevented a purportedly-devastating report on deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein from seeing the light of day, according to a leaked video of anchor Amy Robach lamenting the situation.

Epstein killed himself in his cell at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in August. The billionaire was being held on charges of trafficking underaged girls to be raped by himself and wealthy associates, in a high-profile case that was believed to implicate many prominent figures around the world.

The case has been a source of intense curiosity for months due to the mysteries surrounding Epstein’s private Caribbean retreat (dubbed “Pedophile Island” by locals), as well as to the botched past prosecution and lax punishment for his previous crimes.

The conservative investigative group Project Veritas released the video earlier this week, which shows Robach discussing the situation to figures offscreen in August, apparently unaware the cameras were still rolling. “I’ve had this interview with (alleged Epstein victim) Virginia Roberts (now Virginia Guiffre),” she says. “We would not put it on the air. First of all, I was told ‘who’s Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.’”

“Then (Buckingham) Palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways,” she continues. “We were so afraid we wouldn’t be able to interview Kate and Will that we ... that also quashed the story. And then (attorney and legal commentator) Alan Dershowitz was also implicated, 'cause of the planes.”

“She told me everything, she had pictures, she had everything,” Robach recalls. “She was in hiding for 12 years. We convinced her to come out. We convinced her to talk to us. It was unbelievable what we had. (Former President Bill) Clinton, we had everything.”

The former president – who was infamously impeached for perjury relating to his treatment of women and was accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick – flew on Epstein’s private plane on dozens of occasions, and Epstein had visited the Clinton White House several times

Robach expresses frustration that she “tried for three years to get it on to no avail,” and that she had to sit on an “unreal” wealth of information, including corroboration from other women. 

She also recalls a statement from Guiffre’s attorney, Brad Edwards, that “there will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known.”

Project Veritas leader James O’Keefe said his insider within ABC does not know who specifically spiked the story, and is encouraging others within the organization to reach out to him and shed more light on the situation.

ABC News responded to the bombshell by providing Project Veritas with a statement claiming simply that “at the time, not all of our reporting met our standards to air, but we have never stopped investigating the story,” as well as a statement from Robach herself.

“I was caught in a private moment of frustration” that the interview didn’t air “because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence,” Robach claims. She added that her comments about Andrew and Clinton were merely referencing allegations Guiffre had made, not anything independently verified by ABC, and that “no one ever told me or the team to stop reporting on Jeffrey Epstein.”

On Tuesday, O’Keefe did an interview with conservative pundit Steven Crowder, where he dismissed the response as a “very milquetoast”statement that “appears to be written by lawyers” rather than Robach herself, as it states “the exact opposite of what Amy is saying in this tape.”

Elsewhere in the tape, Robach adds that she “100 percent” believes that Epstein was murdered rather than committed suicide, because Epstein associated with “a lot of powerful men” who had great incentive to silence him. She speculates that Epstein’s previous suicide attempt was also a sham “to plant the seed” of his actual death.

Conspiracy theories as to the 66-year-old Epstein’s fate have swirled ever since his death, and reignited last week when forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden said the details of his autopsy – particularly the fracturing of his left hyoid bone – were more consistent with homicidal strangulation than self-hanging.

Those details aren’t conclusive, however, as hyoid bones do get broken in hangings, particularly in Epstein’s age range. Further, the billionaire had redrafted his last will and testament two days before his death.

That said, more mainstream questions are also swirling over the management of the facility holding Epstein, particularly why he was taken off suicide watch and why the officers on duty neglected their regular checks of his cell. U.S. Attorney General William Barr has pledged that the Justice Department will investigate the “serious irregularities” apparent at MCC and continue the investigation into Epstein’s crimes.

So far, the mainstream media have largely ignored this week’s revelations about ABC News.

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Sweeping pro-abortion victory as Democrats seize control of Virginia legislature

For the first time in 26 years, Democrats control the governorship and both branches of the Virginia legislature.
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 3:27 pm EST
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Joe Raedle / Getty Images
Claire Chretien Claire Chretien Follow Claire
By Claire Chretien

November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Despite Virginia's top three officials being implicated in infanticide, blackface, and sexual assault scandals, Democrats took total control of the state government last night, in an ominous sign for a commonwealth that was once at least moderately red. 

And in Fairfax County, the state’s largest school district and the 10th largest in the country, Democrats in favor of an already-implemented sex education curriculum that emphasizes transgender theory and anal sex took the seat of the School Board’s lone dissenter, Elizabeth Schultz.

“We are heartsick for the children of Fairfax County,” Fairfax County resident and lawyer Cathy Ruse, who is also a legal fellow at the Family Research Council, told LifeSiteNews. “They deserve so much better than a School Board bent on political indoctrination and social experimentation. Now they will have no voice fighting for an honest education. Now they will have no one to defend their right to innocence.”

“In Fairfax County, the public schools will continue to be a hostile environment for a significant part of the public,” Ruse continued. “More and more (families) will have to explore other educational options for their children, at great expense, even while sending thousands of dollars in property taxes every year to a school system they can no longer participate in.”

The county automatically enrolls all of its students in 80 hours of sex ed annually without parental permission. In one lesson for seventh graders, the term “oral sex” appears 11 times. Eighth graders are taught about “anal sex” 22 times and “oral sex” 20 times in one lesson. 

Ninth graders are taught that “teens can get prescription birth control without a parent.” Tenth graders receive instruction on abortion and how to obtain one without parental notification or consent. All high schoolers learn about the daily sex drug PrEP (the School Board voted to promote PrEP to students before the FDA had approved it for use by minors).

‘New York-style’ abortion law could be on the horizon for Virginia

Democrats gained two state Senate seats and six House seats. This is the first time Democrats have controlled the governorship and legislature in 26 years, according to the Associated Press. Ten Democrat-controlled Senate seats were uncontested. Twenty-three Democrat-controlled House seats were uncontested.

Pro-abortion Del. Kathy Tran, infamous for defending her bill repealing late-term abortion restrictions and allowing abortion as a woman is going into labor, maintained control of district 42’s House seat with a comfortable 59.66 percent of the vote. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia congratulated her.

It was while defending the above-mentioned bill that Gov. Ralph Northam (a pediatric neurologist) said in cases of “severe deformities” or a “nonviable” baby, a born-alive infant would be “delivered,” “kept comfortable,” but after that the child would “be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Northam and the Democratic party stood by his comments, which were quickly overshadowed by the revelation that Northam was pictured in his medical school yearbook wearing either blackface or a Ku Klux Klan robe. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, also a pro-abortion Democrat, then admitted he too wore blackface at a 1980 college party. Lieutenant Gov. Justin Fairfax, meanwhile, has been accused of brutally sexually assaulting two women. The Democratic Party of Virginia asked Northam and Fairfax to resign over the blackface and rape scandals. They refused.

“We may have New York-style abortion law passed in the state of Virginia” now, “which is hard to believe,” Rev. Patrick Mahoney, a Virginia-based pastor and longtime pro-life and human rights activist, told LifeSiteNews.

Del. Vivian Watts of district 39, a pro-abortion ally of Tran, beat challenger Nick Bell, a young man running on an anti-infantidice platform, with 68.27 percent of the vote. 

Del. “Danica” Roem, a man who says he is a woman, maintained his seat with 56.88 percent of district 13’s vote.  

All nine LGBTQ Victory Fund-endorsed Virginia candidates for various local and state offices won

“We are the only national organization dedicated to electing openly LGBTQ people who can further equality at all levels of government,” the group says on its website. One of its endorsed candidates was Karl Frisch, who won a seat on the Fairfax County School Board. His campaign website noted that he uses “he/him” pronouns and lives “with his partner Evan”; his Flickr account shows him pictured with drag queens. Frisch does not have children. 

One small victory, though, was in House district 30, where pro-life Republican Nick Freitas won re-election via write-ins after failing to file paperwork to get on the ballot in time.

The stakes are high

“In 46 years, our (pro-life) movement has accomplished a lot,” said Rev. Mahoney. “But the reality is, particularly over the last year or so, with some of the gains we have made, there has been a focus on (pro-lifers saying) things like ‘hashtag winning, we’re doing unbelievably well,’ and that flies in the face of what we’re seeing on the ground.” 

“For example, in 2018 midterm elections, 41 pro-abortion candidates were elected to new seats in the United States House of Representatives,” he noted. And “we’re seeing more states enacting abortion laws which allow abortion for the full nine months (of pregnancy) and even infanticide.”

“All of our efforts and all of our work for the 2020 national elections should not center on ... what perhaps our news releases and fundraising letters state, but should really reflect the situation on the ground, which is grave urgency,” continued Rev. Mahoney. “And just think, if … President Trump is not re-elected, if Republicans don’t win the (U.S.) House and Senate ... then these solid pro-life gains that we have seen will be immediately wiped away. But not only that – this is a Democrat party that is different than the Democrats of 25 years ago.”

“There are no reasonable Democrats. There are no pro-life Democrats. There are no Democrats who embrace the position ‘safe, legal, and rare.’”

Rev. Mahoney cautioned against “allowing abortion to become a political issue and not making it a human rights and anti-violence issue.” He also said it was a mistake for pro-lifers to allow “ourselves to be attached to one political party.” 

“Because our opposition has so dramatically shifted...the margins are much wider if there’s a loss,” he said, noting that in 1993 – the last time Democrats controlled all branches of the Virginia government – there were still some pro-life Democrats and the party said it wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare.”

Rev. Mahoney urged pro-lifers to “focus on the urgency of the hour” moving forward.

Abortion activists declared victory and promised to use their new majority to advance their agenda.

“Virginia voters made it clear that the time is now for ... the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and all the progressive reforms we campaigned so hard on this year,” said Susan Swecker, Democratic Party of Virginia chairman. The so-called Equal Rights Amendment would enshrine into law taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

The executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia called it a “historic day.”

“Both the Virginia General Assembly and State Senate flipped to Democratic control, creating a pro-choice majority, solidifying a Democratic trifecta, and paving the way for meaningful progress on reproductive freedom,” the group said in a press release.

Another factor in Virginia’s Democratic victory (described by Vox as a “blue wave” and The Washington Post as a “stark new political reality”) was likely court-ordered redistricting.

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Mom trying to ‘transition’ 7-year-old asks for judge’s recusal, seeks to become sole guardian 

The mother, who wants to transition the boy into a girl, is asking that the jury’s original decision that indicated that she be awarded sole managing conservatorship over the boy be upheld.
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 2:45 pm EST
Featured Image
James Younger
Madeleine Jacob Madeleine Jacob Follow

PETITION: Support Dad and Texas Governor's bid to save 7-year-old boy from being turned into girl #ProtectJamesYounger Sign the petition here.

DALLAS, Texas, November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – In a case that received national attention regarding two parents’ disagreement over gender ‘transitioning’ their 7-year-old son, the mother is requesting the judge who awarded the parents joint conservatorship recuse herself because of comments the judge allegedly made about the case on social media. 

The mother, who wants to transition the boy into a girl, is asking that the jury’s original decision that indicated that she be awarded sole managing conservatorship over the boy be upheld.

Dr. Anne Georgulas filed a motion on Tuesday requesting that Judge Kims Cooks recuse herself from the case and a motion to conform to the jury’s verdict that the joint managing conservatorship be changed to a sole managing conservatorship, according to the Dallas Morning News

Judge Cooks had placed a gag order on Dr. Georgulas and Mr. Younger so that they could not comment to the press about the case.

Mr. Jeffery Young and Dr. Anne Georgulas were in family court last month over whether one of their twin sons, James, should be subjected to a gender “transition.”

Mr. Jeffrey Younger was fighting to prevent his ex-wife Dr. Anne Georgulas from “transitioning” James into “Luna.” The custody battle over James and his twin, Jude, sparked public outcry. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called for an investigation into the situation, as did other conservative leaders.

In an 11 to 1 ruling issued on October 21, a Texas jury found that the current custody agreement should be changed from a joint managing conservatorship to sole managing conservatorship and that Mr. Younger should not be named sole managing conservator. They did not name Dr. Georgulas sole managing conservator as this was not an option in the questions they received.

On October 24, Judge Kim Cooks read her ruling to the court and chose not to uphold the jury’s ruling. She awarded Dr. Georgulas and Mr. Younger joint managing conservatorship and joint decision making of James and Jude. The new ruling increased Mr. Younger’s time with his boys and allowed him to have his boys on school nights. Dr. Georgulas will not be able to subject James to medical “transitioning” without Mr. Younger’s consent, although a court-appointed individual will be able to make decisions if the parents cannot come to an agreement.

On Tuesday, November 5, Georgulas’ attorneys filed the motion requesting Judge Cooks recuse herself and asking that the jury ruling be upheld. The motion was based on alleged social media posts made by Judge Cooks. According to the Dallas Morning News (DMN) article, Judge Cooks reshared a DMN article about the case adding her own statement that “The Governor nor any legislature had any influence on the Court’s Decision.” While the comment is not visible on the judge’s public figure profile, it is possible that the comment was made on her private Facebook page and could only be seen by people she had added as "friends". 

The judge, however, did share a CBS DFW news story about the case on her public figure profile.

Georgulas’ attorneys argue that Judge Cooks’ post indicates a bias in her ruling. 

According to the Dallas Morning News article, Georgulas’ attorneys cited the judge’s commenting on a current case and the possibility it opened up for ex parte communication. Ex parte communication is communication pertaining to a case that is not on record or that does not include all parties of a case.

“The judge even commented on the case—a pending matter in her court—on her Facebook page, and in doing so invited (and permitted) ex parte communication about it,” Georgulas’ attorneys stated in the motion.

This request for recusal and alteration of the judge’s ruling comes the day after James went to school for the first time since kindergarten dressed as a boy. James had been attending school in girl’s clothes and makeup since Kindergarten. According to the Save James Facebook page, a page run by friends of Mr. Younger, James stayed at his father’s house Sunday night and chose to wear boy's clothes the next morning for school. 

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2,400 petition Toronto’s cardinal to tell trustees to stop gender ideology at Catholic schools

Including gender ideology in the schools' code of conduct poses a serious threat to Catholic values and beliefs and is a grave danger to children.
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 2:08 pm EST
Featured Image
Thomas Cardinal Collins gives a homily at St. Patrick's Basilica in Ottawa prior to the National March for Life, May 9, 2019. Pete Baklinski / LifeSiteNews
Campaign Life Coalition
By Campaign Life Coalition

TORONTO, November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), Canada’s national pro-life, pro-family lobbying group, delivered a petition to Toronto's Cardinal Thomas Collins Monday asking him to publicly direct Catholic trustees to oppose gender ideology in the Catholic schools under his care.

CLC’s petition was signed by 1,915 and delivered to the diocesan office in Toronto by CLC Campaign Manager David Cooke and CLC Youth Coordinator Josie Luetke.

The petition has since reached 2,415 signatures as of this writing and remains open for signing.

Last week, at the Toronto Catholic District School Board – one of the largest boards in Canada with over 90,000 students – a motion was brought forward to add the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the official Code of Conduct.

This motion, if adopted, will have the effect of entrenching gender ideology and transgenderism in every single Catholic elementary and secondary school across Toronto. 

It would permit and promote:

  • Boys dressing as girls;
  • Boys using girls’ change rooms, showers, and washrooms;
  • Teachers and students being forced to use false and make-believe transgender pronouns;
  • Gender-confused kids being counselled to receive artificial hormone therapy and mutilating sex-change surgery; etc.

CLC also expects this decision to produce a ripple effect across the country in other Catholic school boards. Moreover, it would be yet another blow to the broader Christian community.

This poses a serious threat to Catholic values and beliefs and is a grave danger to children.

The LGBT lobby, together with their mainstream media and leftist political allies, are pushing hard and fast to secure the dominance of Gender Theory in every area of society. They understand better than most that this one ideology has enormous power to displace traditional values and uproot the Christian foundations of Western civilization.

Instead of recognizing that man and woman are created in God’s image (and thus accountable to Him), Gender Ideology asserts that man can create himself in his own image. It's left to individuals to choose their own “gender identity” and “gender expression”, and tell the Creator to simply shove off.

The LGBT lobby is keen on brainwashing children because children are the future of this nation. When one has captured their minds, one has captured the future.

Thankfully, in an initial vote on October 30th, four out of five Catholic trustees chose to reject the motion. Only one person, pro-LGBT trustee Maria Rizzo, voted to oppose traditional Catholic teaching in favour of transgenderism for kids.

There will be at least one more vote on the gender ideology motion. When that happens, the entire board of trustees will vote, and a final decision could be made. 

Unfortunately, there is enormous pressure being placed on trustees by the pro-LGBT lobby, the media, and the political Left. The Toronto Star and CBC are already on the attack. Trustees must be encouraged to do the right thing and stand up to this secular and "demonic" pressure.

Cardinal Collins has the authority and power to direct trustees to vote according to orthodox Catholic teaching. 

He also has the moral and spiritual influence to guide the terms of discussion and impact the thinking of the entire Catholic community. 

A word from him could make all the difference.

Please sign the petition to Cardinal Collins here

For updates and more information check Campaign Life Coalition’s website. CLC has also launched a petition asking trustee Rizzo to resign, here.

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Pro-life Matt Bevin refuses to concede Kentucky governor’s race to pro-abortion Beshear

'This is a close, close race. We are not conceding this race by any stretch.'
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 1:53 pm EST
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Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Kentucky’s incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin is refusing to concede last night’s election to Attorney General Andy Beshear, after the Democrat candidate came out narrowly ahead.

With 100% of precincts reporting, Beshear edged out Bevin 49.2% to 48.8%, with a difference of 5,150 votes between the two. Beshear declared victory Tuesday night, but Bevin did not give in.

“Would it be a Bevin race if it wasn’t a squeaker? I mean come on,” Bevin joked to supporters Tuesday night. “This is a close, close race. We are not conceding this race by any stretch.” He said that unspecified “irregularities” had to be examined first.

Bevin has until November 12 to formally request a recanvass of the vote totals. Assuming that doesn’t change the outcome, Beshear would be certified as the winner by November 25, at which point Bevin would have 30 days to formally contest the election results and seek a full recount.

Bevin made abortion a central issue of his campaign against Beshear, accusing him of accepting “blood money” from Louisville abortion center owner Ernest Marshall and of failing to defend pro-life laws in court. The American Principles Project also ran ads painting Beshear as a pro-transgender extremist, accusing him of supporting the so-called Equality Act, which the ad says “would destroy girls’ sports,” and of failing to support legislation that would protect parents’ right to refuse “medical” treatment such as hormone therapy for children.

While Bevin’s defeat (assuming it stands) marks a blow for pro-lifers and Republicans, the GOP’s success in the rest of the state’s races – particularly Republican Daniel Cameron’s 15-point victory to be the next Attorney General – suggest that it says little about President Donald Trump’s re-election prospects or broader national trends. 

“President Trump’s rally helped five of six Kentucky Republicans win clear statewide victories, including Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron, who will be the first black A.G. in Kentucky history and the first Republican to hold the office since 1948,” Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said. “The President just about dragged Gov. Matt Bevin across the finish line, helping him run stronger than expected in what turned into a very close race at the end. A final outcome remains to be seen.”

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Judge voids Trump rule protecting doctors, nurses from being forced to do abortions

U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer ruled Wednesday that the pro-life rule is 'unconstitutional.'
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 12:59 pm EST
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Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

NEW YORK CITY, November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration cannot enforce a rule protecting healthcare workers from being forced to participate in abortions, claiming it was “unconstitutional.”

In May, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) finalized the rule, which “ensures that HHS implements the full set of tools appropriate for enforcing” laws that exempt healthcare workers from “having to provide, participate in, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for, services such as abortion, sterilization, or assisted suicide.” It also “clarifies what covered entities need to do to comply with applicable conscience provisions,” “requires applicants for HHS federal financial assistance to provide assurances and certifications of compliance,” and “specifies compliance obligations for covered entities.”

Twenty-three states and municipalities sued, leading to the latest ruling, Reuters reports. In his ruling, Engelmayer did not affirm every pro-abortion claim against the rule, but ultimately invalidated it by agreeing with contentions that it impermissibly “attaches retroactive and ambiguous conditions to their receipt of federal funds” and is “impermissibly coercive” toward state and local governments that would be tasked with enforcing it as a condition of federal funds.

The judge granted that the “Conscience Provisions” of federal law “recognize and protect undeniably important rights,” and stressed that his ruling “leaves HHS at liberty to consider and promulgate rules governing these provisions.” But he framed his decision largely on technical grounds, claiming that this particular rule was “shot through with glaring legal defects.”

The Trump administration did not immediately comment on the ruling, but is expected to appeal.

Trump has made religious freedom a priority of his administration, from putting social conservatives like HHS Office for Civil Rights director Roger Severino and Vice President Mike Pence in top positions, to lifting the Obama administration’s conscience mandate and establishing a White House office tasked with fielding the concerns of religious Americans and monitoring threats as they arise.

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Statue of ancient god of child sacrifice put on display in Rome

The statue of Moloch was erected seven days prior to an event in the Vatican Gardens where the pagan goddess 'Pachamama' was worshipped.
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 12:18 pm EST
Featured Image
The pagan god Moloch greets visitors to the Colosseum, Rome, as part of an exhibition that opened Sept. 27, 2019. / screen grab
LifeSiteNews staff
By LifeSiteNews staff

ROME, November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A reconstruction of a pagan idol who demanded child sacrifice was stationed at the entrance of Rome’s Colosseum as part of a secular historical exhibition.

The presence of the idol raised particular concern among Catholics, as it was erected nine days before the Amazon Synod and the subsequent scandal over the veneration of the Pachamama idol at the Vatican.

The statue of Moloch, worshipped by both the Canaanites and the Phoenicians, is part of an exhibit dedicated to Ancient Rome’s once-great rival, the city of Carthage. The large-scale exhibition, titled Carthago: The immortal myth, runs until March 29, 2020.

The pagan god Moloch placed next to an exhibition sign at the Colosseum, Rome, Sept. 27, 2019. SOURCE: / screen grab

"A reconstruction of the terrible deity Moloch, linked to Phoenician and Carthaginian religions and featured in the 1914 film Cabiria (directed by Giovanni Pastore and written by Gabriele D’Annunzio) will be stationed at the entrance to the Colosseum to welcome visitors to the exhibition," stated a press release about the exhibit. 

The statue of Moloch was erected nine days prior to the opening of the Amazon Synod, which was plagued with controversy from the beginning after a ceremony in the Vatican Gardens involving the pagan goddess “Pachamama” was held in the presence of Pope Francis and top-ranking prelates.

People bow to Pachamama during pagan rite in Vatican Gardens prior to opening of Amazon Synod, Oct. 4, 2019.

In the ceremony, participants prostrated themselves before wooden statuettes of the fertility goddess indigenous to South America. The statuettes were kept as part of an exhibit in the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina until they were thrown into the Tiber by Austrian Catholic Alexander Tschugguel on Oct. 21. Afterward, one copy of the mass-produced figures was kept in the church. 

Some Catholics are distressed that the pagan god Moloch has been erected at the entrance to the Colosseum, which is one of many amphitheatres where Christians were tortured and executed for the entertainment of the pagan crowds. 

"We were so excited the day we decided to go to the Colosseum,” Alexandra Clark told LifeSiteNews via email. She and her sister Tiffany were looking forward to visiting the site of Christian martyrdom.

“But the moment we got there the sight that greeted us was horrifying! Standing guard over the entrance was the colossal pagan statue of Moloch. It was placed in that prime spot so that everyone that entered into the Colosseum had to pass it,” she continued. 

Detail of the pagan god Moloch who greets visitors to the Colosseum, Rome, as part of an exhibition that opened Sept. 27, 2019. SOURCE: / screen grab

“It was like they put Moloch there to mock the sacred place where the holy martyrs spilled their blood for the True Faith!”

Clark saw a connection between the idol of Moloch and the Pachamama images that featured so prominently at the recently concluded Amazonian Synod. 

“Both of these evil pagan idols required child sacrifices and both of them came to Rome at about the same time [as] the Synod,” she said.  

The two sisters remained near the Moloch statue to gauge other reactions. Clark noted that a few others, including religious sisters, were clearly shocked by the giant figure.

The image of Moloch is modeled on a representation of the child-devouring demon found in the 1914 Italian silent film Cabiria. In the film the idol of Moloch, set up in a Punic temple, has a giant bronze furnace in his chest, into which hundreds of children are thrown. Cabiria, the heroine of the film, is threatened with this fiery fate. 

The film’s depiction of the idol has a historical basis. Three ancient Greek historians all attest that it was customary in Carthage to burn children alive as offerings to the deity, whom they called Baal and Cronus or Saturn, the Roman god who, according to myth, ate his own children lest they supplant him. Moloch is also mentioned several times in the Book of Leviticus. Hebrew parents are forbidden to sacrifice their children to the god. 

Meanwhile, that Christians were killed in arenas like the Colosseum is indisputable. Before his martyrdom, St. Ignatius of Antioch wrote a letter circa 110 AD describing his probable fate. 

“I write to the Churches, and impress on them all, that I shall willingly die for God, unless you hinder me. I beseech of you not to show an unseasonable good-will towards me. Allow me to become food for the wild beasts, through whose instrumentality it will be granted me to attain to God. I am the wheat of God, and let me be ground by the teeth of the wild beasts, that I may be found the pure bread of Christ.”  

According to historian Eusebius of Caesaria, St. Ignatius was indeed killed by wild animals in an arena in Rome.  

Carthage was destroyed by the Roman Republic in 146 BC during the Third Punic War after repeated demands from Cato the Censor to the Roman Senate. Cato is said to have ended all his speeches with the declaration that “Carthago delenda est,” that is, Carthage must be destroyed. However, Carthage was born again as a Roman colony, Roman Carthage, which became an important city in Roman Africa. St. Augustine of Hippo taught at a school of rhetoric there in the fourth century.

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Abp Viganò: ‘The abomination of idolatrous rites has entered the sanctuary of God’ (Exclusive)

In an in-depth interview, the famed Vatican whistleblower is urging the re-consecration of St. Peter’s Basilica after the Pachamama ‘abomination.’
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 11:01 am EST
Featured Image
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò speaks at the Rome Life Forum in May 2018.
Diane Montagna Diane Montagna Follow Diane
By Diane Montagna

ROME, November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is urging the re-consecration of St. Peter’s Basilica, in light of what he calls “the appalling idolatrous profanations” that have been committed in its walls through the veneration of the Pachamama statue.

In a new interview on the Amazon Synod with LifeSiteNews, Archbishop Viganò has said: “The abomination of idolatrous rites has entered the sanctuary of God and has given rise to a new form of apostasy whose seeds, which have been active for a long time, are growing with renewed vigor and effectiveness.” 

He continues: “The process of the internal mutation of the faith, which has been taking place in the Catholic Church for several decades, has seen with this Synod a dramatic acceleration towards the foundation of a new creed, summed up in a new kind of worship [cultus]. In the name of inculturation, pagan elements are infesting divine worship so as to transform it into an idolatrous cult.”

Clergy and laity alike “cannot remain indifferent to the idolatrous acts that we witnessed,” the archbishop insists. “It is urgent that we rediscover the meaning of prayer, reparation and penance, of fasting, of ‘little sacrifices, of the little flowers, and above all of silent and prolonged adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.” 

In this in-depth interview (see full text below), we discuss with Archbishop Viganò what the “Pachamama saga” reveals about the state of the Church and how it is the logical consequence of other “aberrant” declarations made under the current pontificate. We also talk about the synod’s final document, which he calls a “head-on strike against the divine edifice” of the Church; what the Amazon Synod reveals about “synodality”; and what its organizers have accomplished. 

According to Archbishop Viganò, the “Amazon paradigm” is aimed at fundamentally “transforming” the Catholic Church, is aligned with a “globalist” agenda, and “serves as a catwalk to ferry what remains of the Catholic edifice towards an indistinct universal religion.”

“For all of us Catholics, the landscape in the Holy Church is becoming darker by the day,” he says. “If this satanic plan is successful, Catholics who adhere to it will in fact change religion, and the immense flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be reduced to a minority.” 

“This minority will likely have much to suffer … but with him it will conquer,” he says, concluding his remarks with the provocative, prophetic and timely words of the 14th century mystic and saint, Bridget of Sweden.

Here below is our interview on the Amazon Synod with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

LifeSiteNews: Your Excellency, how would you characterize the arc of the synod narrative? Is there an image that aptly summarizes it?

Archbishop Viganò: The barque of the Church is in the grip of a raging storm. To quell the tempest, those Successors of the Apostles who have tried to leave Jesus on the shore, and who no longer perceive His presence, have begun to invoke the Pachamama!

Jesus prophesied: “When you see the desecrating sacrilege ... there will be a great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be” (Mt 24:15;21).

The abomination of idolatrous rites has entered the sanctuary of God and has given rise to a new form of apostasy, whose seeds — which have been active for a long time — are growing with renewed vigor and effectiveness. The process of the internal mutation of the faith, which has been taking place in the Catholic Church for several decades, has seen with this Synod a dramatic acceleration towards the foundation of a new creed, summed up in a new kind of worship [cultus]. In the name of inculturation, pagan elements are infesting divine worship in order to transform it into an idolatrous cult.

What do you think is the most concerning or problematic part of the Amazon Synod’s final document?

The strategy of the entire Amazon Synod operation is deception, the preferred weapon of the devil: telling half-truths to achieve a perverse end. A lack of priests: they therefore say it is necessary to open up to married priests and to a women’s diaconate in order to destroy celibacy, first in the Amazon and then in the entire Church. On what continent was the Catholic Church’s first evangelization ever carried out by married priests? The missions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America were carried out primarily by the Latin Church, and only to a very small extent by the Eastern Churches with married clergy.

The final document of this shamefully manipulated assembly, whose agenda and results have been planned for a long time, is a head-on strike against the divine edifice of the Church, attacking the sanctity of the Catholic priesthood, and pushing for the abolition of ecclesiastical celibacy and a female diaconate.

What did the Pachamama saga reveal? And what ought to be done in response?

In Abu Dhabi, Pope Francis stated in writing that God “wills” all religions. Despite the fraternal correction offered to him in person and in writing by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Pope Francis has ordered that his heretical declaration be taught in pontifical universities and that a special Commission be created to spread this grave doctrinal error.

Consistent with this aberrant doctrine, it’s not surprising that paganism and idolatry should also be included among the religions willed by God. The Pope has shown us this and has implemented it personally, profaning the Vatican gardens and the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, and desecrating St. Peter’s Basilica and the synod’s closing Mass by placing on the altar of the Confession that idolatrous “plant” that is closely connected with the Pachamama.

According to the tradition of the Church, the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina and St. Peter’s Basilica must be re-consecrated in light of the appalling idolatrous profanations that have been committed in them.

The Pachamama saga revealed a blatant and very serious violation of the First Commandment, as well as the drift towards idolatry in a “Church with an Amazonian face.” That rite, which took place in the heart of Christianity, and which Bergoglio attended, assumes the value of an initiatory rite of the new religion. Veneration of the Pachamama is the poisonous fruit of “inculturation” at any price, and a fanatical expression of “Indian Theology.” The Synod offered a launching pad for this new syncretistic, neo-pagan church, which is dedicated to the cult of Mother Earth, to the naturalist myth of the “good savage,” and to the rejection of the Western model and lifestyle of advanced societies. 

Idolatry seals apostasy. It is the fruit of the denial of the true faith. It is born of mistrust in God and degenerates into protest and rebellion. Fr. Serafino Lanzetta recently said: 

To worship an idol is to worship oneself in place of God... it is to worship the anti-god who seduces and separates us from God, i.e. the devil, as can clearly be seen from the words of Jesus to the tempter in the desert (cf. Mt 4:8-10). Man cannot but adore, but he must choose whom he will adore. In tolerating the presence of idols— the Pachamama in our present context — alongside faith, it is said that religion is basically what satisfies man’s desires. Idols are always enticing because one adores what one wants and, above all, one doesn’t have to endure many moral headaches. On the contrary, idols for the most part are the sublimation of all human instincts. The real headache, however, comes when moral corruption spreads and infests the Church. An “abandonment of God” for impurity, to become prostitutes to other gods by exchanging God’s truth with lies, and by worshipping and serving creatures instead of the Creator (cf. Rom 1:24-25). It seems that St. Paul is speaking to us today. The root of this sad and tragic story is dogmatic and moral collapse.

We cannot remain indifferent to the idolatrous acts that we have witnessed and left us dumbfounded. These assaults against the holiness of our Mother Church demand from us a just and generous reparation. It is urgent that we rediscover the meaning of prayer, reparation and penance, of fasting, of the “little sacrifices, of the little flowers,” and above all of silent and prolonged adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.

Let us beg the Lord to return and speak to the heart of his Beloved Bride, drawing her back to Himself in the grace of her first and irrevocable love, after making the mistake of surrendering herself to the world and its prostitution.

What has the Amazon Synod shown us about the nature of “synodality”?

The Church is not a democracy. The Synod of Bishops, since Paul VI established it with the Motu Proprio Apostolica Sollicitudo on September 15, 1965, has always dealt with problems concerning the universal Church, and has granted bishops representing all episcopal conferences wordwide the right to participate. The Synod for the Amazon did not respect this criterion.

The Church in the Amazon certainly has major problems of its own, which therefore need to be addressed at the local level. To resolve them it would have been sufficient for the Latin American bishops to have followed the recommendations that Pope Benedict XVI made to them on the occasion of his visit to Aparecida in 2007. They did not do so. Indeed, for decades many of them have allowed if not encouraged adherents of liberation theology and ideologies of largely Germanic origin, with the Jesuits on the front line, to continue to refuse to proclaim Christ as the only Savior. 

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves” (Mt 7:15). The situation in part of the Church in the Amazon has been a failure, partly because of the apostolic nuncios in Brazil, such as the current Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops, who proposed candidates for the episcopate such as those we saw at the Amazon Synod. By holding a Synod in Rome, instead of holding a local synod, and by inviting bishops selected from among the blindest ones to guide other blind men, was there an attempt to export and spread the disease to the universal Church?

Pope Francis uses “synodality” in a highly contradictory and minimally synodal way! “Synodality” is one of the “mantras” of the current pontificate, the magical solution to all the problems affecting the life of the Church. The much acclaimed “synodal conversion” has supplanted conversion to Christ. This is precisely why “synodality” is not the solution but the problem.

Moreover, Pope Francis seems to conceive of synodality as a one-way street: the actors, content and results are planned and directed in a targeted and unambiguous way. As a result, the synodal institution is seriously de-legitimized, and the faithful’s adherence to it is undermined.

One also has the impression that synodality is being seized and used as an instrument to break free from Tradition and from what the Church has always taught. How can true synodality exist where absolute fidelity to doctrine is absent?

Speaking at the Angelus about the recently concluded assembly, Francis said: “We walked looking into each other’s eyes and listening to one another with sincerity, without hiding the difficulties.” These words speak of a synodality exercised from below, not from Christ the Lord nor from listening to his eternal Truth. They reflect a sociological and worldly synodality that serves a merely human, ideological project.

Do you have any thoughts on how the Vatican media apparatus handled the synod? Critics say it has lost all credibility.

During the Synod we witnessed a Soviet-style communication management, with the imposition of an “official version” that almost never coincided with reality. When the evidence of lies or ambiguity was brought to light by so many courageous journalists, they denied it or denounced conspiracy.

Garments were rent, to the point of filing an official complaint, over the goddess mothers Pachamama being thrown into the miry Tiber! Then there were the usual epithets: conservative and fanatical Catholics, retrogrades who don’t believe in dialogue, people who ignore the history of the Church, according to an editorial published in Vatican News, complete with a quotation from St. John-Henry Cardinal Newman, and was favorable to the statues. Yet the Newman quote, according to which the elements of pagan origin are sanctified by their adoption into the Church, not only testifies to the bad faith of the person who used it but also backfires against him.

The Newman quote in fact highlights the substantial difference between the wise practice of Christ’s Church and the methods of the modernist apostasy. Indeed, the Roman Church, which destroyed the tyranny of demonic idols (think of the demolition of the temples of Apollo by St. Benedict or the sacred oak by St. Boniface) and established the kingdom of Christ, adopts forms of ancient pagan religion and baptizes them. The new modernists, on the other hand, who believe that God positively wills the diversity of religions, happily surrender themselves to syncretism and idolatry.

What specifically about the Church and her Faith has been put at risk or threatened by the Amazon Synod?

The Amazon Synod is part of a process that aims at nothing less than changing the Church. The pontificate of Pope Francis is studded with sensational acts aimed at undermining doctrines, practices and structures that until now have been considered consubstantial with the Catholic Church. He himself has defined this process as a “paradigm shift,” i.e., a clear break with the Church that preceded him.

With the Amazonian Synod, the utopia of a new tribalist and ecologist church has emerged on the horizon. It is the old project of that Latin American progressivism that was already confronted by John Paul II and then-Cardinal Ratzinger but never really eradicated — and now it is being promoted by the top of the Catholic hierarchy. The aim of this Synod is to move towards the definitive consecration of liberation theology in its “green” and “tribal” version.

With this Synod, as on other occasions, the Catholic Church appears to be aligned with the strategies that dominate the globalist scene and are supported by powerful forces and finance. These strategies are radically anti-human and intrinsically anti-Christian. The agenda even includes the promotion of abortion, gender ideology, and homosexualism, and it dogmatizes the theory of anthropogenic global warming. 

For all of us Catholics, the landscape in the Holy Church is becoming darker by the day. The ongoing progressive offensive portends a real revolution, not only in the way the Church is understood, but also in the apocalyptic images it gives to the whole world order. With deep sadness, we see the present pontificate marked by unusual facts, disconcerting behavior and statements that contradict traditional doctrine, and which sow a general doubt in souls about what the Catholic Church is and what her true and immutable principles are. It feels as though we are in the grip of a religious chaos of gigantic proportion. If this satanic plan is successful, Catholics who adhere to it will in fact change religion, and the immense flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be reduced to a minority. This minority will likely have much to suffer. But it will be sustained by Our Lord’s promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, and with Him it will conquer in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary promised by Our Lady at Fatima.

What do you think synod organizers have accomplished from their point of view? What advances have they made in their agenda?

The organizers and protagonists of the Synod have certainly achieved one of their objectives: to make the Church more Amazonian and the Amazon less Catholic. The Amazonian paradigm is therefore not the end of the transformation process at which the “pastoral-revolution” promoted by the current papal magisterium aims. It serves as a catwalk to ferry what remains of the Catholic edifice towards an indistinct Universal Religion.

The Amazonian paradigm, with its pantheistic veneration of Mother Earth and utopian interconnection between all the elements of nature, should enable (according to the theological speculations developed in the Germanic regions) the overcoming of the traditional Catholic religion through a Worldwide and Stateless Pantheon. The recent Synod has been successful in the sense of creating an Amazonian church constituted by a set of beliefs, worship, pagan-sacramental practices, liturgies that are inculturated in communion with Nature, and many married Indian clergy, with a view towards ordaining women. It is an aberrant and truly significant step in the agenda of an “out-going Church” that is busy in the process of the Great Substitution of Catholicism with Another Religion, that which glorifies Man in the place of God.

You are the former apostolic nuncio to the United States. What would you think of the laity flooding the Vatican and Apostolic Nunciatures with letters?

“The kingdom of heaven has suffered violence and men of violence take it by force.” (Mt 11:12). As Professor Roberto De Mattei invites us: “We must militarize our hearts and transform them into an Acies Ordinata. The Church is not afraid of her enemies and always wins when Christians fight. Our adversaries are united by their hatred of the good, we must unite in love for good and truth. This is not an ordinary battle but a war! It is urgent that the Catholic resistance be strongly united and visible in the face of the ongoing process of the Church’s self-demolition, also by overcoming “the many misunderstandings that often divide the field of the good and seek among these forces a unity of purpose and action, while maintaining their different legitimate identities” (De Mattei).

In this gravest of hours, the laity are certainly the spearhead of the resistance. By their courage, they must appeal to us shepherds and encourage us to come forward, with more courage and determination, to defend the Bride of Christ. The warning of Saint Catherine of Siena is addressed to us shepherds: “Open your eyes and look at the perversity of death that has come into the world, and especially into the Body of the Holy Church. Alas, may your hearts and souls burst at seeing so many offenses against God! Alas, enough silence! shout with a hundred thousand tongues. I see that, through silence, the world is dead, the Bride of Christ is pale.”

Is there anything you wish you add?

Let us give the last word to St. Bridget of Sweden, co-patroness of Europe:

The Father spoke, while the whole host of heaven was listening, and he said:

“Before you I state my complaint that I gave my daughter to a man who torments her terribly and binds her feet to a wooden stake so that the marrow has all gone out of her feet.”

The Son answered him: “Father, I redeemed her with my blood and betrothed her to myself, but now she has been seized by force.”

The Father exclaimed: “My son, I share your lament, your word is mine, your works are mine. You are in me and I in you. May your will be done.”

Then the Mother spoke, saying: “You are my God and my Lord. My body bore the limbs of your blessed Son, who is your true Son and my true Son. I refused him nothing on earth. For the sake of my prayers, have mercy on your daughter, the Church!”

The Father replied: “Since you refused me nothing on earth, I do not want to refuse you anything in heaven. May your will be done.”

After this, the angels spoke, saying: “You are our Lord, In you we possess every good thing, and we need nothing but you. When you chose this Bride, we all rejoiced; by now we have reason to be sad, because she has been given over into the hands of the worst of men who offends her with all kinds of insults and abuse. So have mercy on her according to your great mercy, and there is no one to console and free her but you, Lord, God Almighty.”

Then he said to the angels: “You are my friends and the flame of your love burns in my heart. I will have mercy on my daughter, my Church, for love of your prayers.” (Revelations, Book I, Chapter 24).

Again, let us allow St. Bridget to speak:

“Know that if any pope grants priests the permission to contract carnal matrimony, he will be spiritually condemned by God … God would completely deprive that same pope of spiritual vision and hearing as well as of spiritual words and deeds. All his spiritual wisdom would become altogether frozen. Then, after his death, his soul would be thrown into hell to be tormented forever, there to become the food of demons eternally and without end. Yes, even if Pope St. Gregory himself had decreed this, he would never have obtained God’s pardon from that sentence, unless he had humbly revoked it before death” (Revelations, Book VII, 10).

Lord, have mercy on your Church, for love of our prayers and afflictions!

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Planned Parenthood hosts pole-dancing fundraiser for ‘all genders and ages’

The timing is ironic because a nearby school board just rejected a pornographic, pro-abortion sex ed curriculum.
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 8:13 pm EST
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American Life League
Linda Harvey
By Linda Harvey

Warning: Article contains graphic sexual content

November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – When I consider the long-term well-being of our children and what they are taught at school, my first thought always goes to pole-dancing. How about you?

Planned Parenthood apparently thinks this way. A fundraiser called “Femme Fest” is being held in Olympia, Washington by the Northwest and Hawaii Planned Parenthood political action group, and it’s labeled a “sex education information” evening.

The timing is ironic in relation to a recent school board vote in the nearby Battle Ground school district that rejected pornographic, pro-abortion “comprehensive sex education” via a curriculum called FLASH. These lessons funnel girl clients into Planned Parenthood clinics, but the surprising vote rejected this form of sex education.

How did such a miracle happen? Parents Rights in Education, Southwest Washington State chapter, and other parent groups orchestrated a huge turnout by local churches. The Slavic/Russian community rallied for a protest in Olympia that ended up drawing more than 2,000 people, and much prayer and fasting along with meaningful dialogue with officials turned a predictably comfortable win by radicals into a thumbs-down loss.

And Planned Parenthood is furious. They immediately scheduled meetings with the ACLU, a letter-writing campaign, strategy sessions, and more in an attempt to quickly reclaim this territory. 

But first, they must do some pole-dancing.

The event in Olympia on November 9 is for “all genders and ages.” An online announcement describes the event, which starts with a Pilates session but quickly deteriorates: 

5-5:30 Sexy Floor Work Lesson
5:30 - 6 p.m.: The Art of Feminine Sensual Movement
6 - 6:30 p.m.: Clitoris and Pleasure Education with Planned Parenthood
6:30 - 7 p.m.: Sex Ed in Washington State Informational with Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii
7- 9 p.m. Wicked Sexy Pole Dance Showcase presented by Pole at Play

The purpose is “an irreverently playful night of fundraising, fitness, sex talk, and exotic pole dance performances.” And of course, no sexual anarchy meeting is complete these days without making sure men dressed as women, or women dressed as men, are validated and welcomed:

“The theme for the night is a reclamation of pleasure, and while we emphasize the Clitoris, we understand that not all folks who have marginalized sexualities have a Clitoris or are femme presenting.”

These folks are probably concerned about their credibility and future involvement in schools because of the surprising sex ed defeat. And this is one of their solutions?

It’s not the first time Planned Parenthood has gone full-porn in a fundraiser. “Summer, Sex and Spirits” fundraisers have been held by Planned Parenthood New York City, where VIP ticketholders received Butter Boy lubricant and pole-dancing lessons.

And Planned Parenthood never cleans up its act even when focusing on the need for youth “sex education.” A Bronx, New York school encouraged students to “Say It With A Condom” by designing dresses covered with condoms. This effort frequently partners with Planned Parenthood and adopted the “educational” theme, “Don’t eff with us, don’t eff without us.” 

Condom-covered dresses have been the centerpiece of several “Condom Couture” fundraisers in Central Ohio. In Minneapolis, a condom apparel fashion show was named “Ready or Hot: Fashion Meets Passion.”

A title better describing the work of Planned Parenthood would be, “Sex Meets Death.”

This is an organization that believes their recently released obscene Q & A book, In Case You’re Curious: Questions about sex from young people with answers from the experts, is helpful to American kids. Like most of those promoting sexual promiscuity to youth, they firmly maintain their approach is “medically accurate” when addressing questions every teen has like, “Can you break a penis?”

And let’s not forget Planned Parenthood’s YouTube video with advice for teens on sado-masochism as well as another that displays their despicable approach for adolescents about sexual “consent.” Go HERE to watch these explicit videos—on a website targeted to teens—with scenes of couples in bed, including several pairs of homosexuals.

What does homosexuality have to do with Planned “parent”-hood? Good question. But the emerging reality is that this organization has an agenda of hyper-sexualization in all directions, and has quickly become one of the most aggressive and powerful “LGBT” lobbying groups in America. Planned Parenthood in SW Washington has marched in local “gay pride” parades and supported “drag queen” library events. 

What parents and school officials need to recognize is the truly harmful, misleading, medically inaccurate advice being given by Planned Parenthood, and that it ends sometimes, as we know, in the approved and planned death of a human being.

Like most of the left, these folks are determined to overcome the barriers of youth purity and innocence. The same agenda Satan has. What a coincidence! 

Or not.

The wholesome American adolescent is an obstacle to these deeply depraved minds, and we need to take the blinders off to equip ourselves to appropriately contend against this mounting darkness. 

The parent groups in southwest Washington State, when asked how they achieved such a stunning victory in a very liberal climate, attributed their success to being on their knees to God because, “without His help, we knew we would not win this struggle.” Many people were praying for them as well. They also knew the objectionable FLASH curriculum inside and out so they knew its weaknesses, and they went one-on-one with board members with very productive dialogue. They also maintained a professional demeanor throughout.

This is how we can win—prayer, research, hard work, and boldly standing for the truth.

It’s time to do much more of what the Battle Ground School parents did—pray, fast, organize, and recruit. And then be prepared to keep standing when a tidal wave of sewage from Planned Parenthood comes our way. 

We can win against these wicked people. We just have to get our heads, hearts and souls in the game.

Linda Harvey is president of Mission America.

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Head of birth organization canned for saying only women give birth

Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert was the spokesperson for Doula UK until she posted on social media that to be a woman is to be ‘an adult female.’
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 8:26 pm EST
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Jonathon Van Maren Jonathon Van Maren Follow Jonathon
By Jonathon Van Maren

November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The transgender movement’s tactics are predictable, but it is still breathtaking to watch biology get transformed into hate speech so swiftly. First, the LGBT movement pushed for the acceptance of their chosen terminology. Progressive politicians, the media, and the entertainment industry climbed on board without a single question. With the framework in place and the premises legislated, the real work began: Rooting out heretics. 

The latest victim is 45-year-old Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, who until recently served as the spokesperson for Doula UK. McCarthy-Calvert, who represented the national organization for birthing coaches and worked as a doula herself for six years, found herself a target after posting a series of obvious truths on her social media. It started when Cancer Research UK kowtowed to the trans activists and removed the word “women” from their pap smear test campaign, under pressure from trans activists, instead stating that cervical cancer screenings were “relevant for everyone aged 25-64 with a cervix.”

McCarthy-Calvert, understandably, was irritated by this, and posted a picture of a woman somersaulting underwater on her Facebook page with the caption: “I am not a ‘cervix owner’ I am not a ‘menstruator’ I am not a ‘feeling’. I am not defined by wearing a dress and lipstick. I am a woman: an adult human female. Women birth all people, make up half the population, but less than a third of the seats in the House of Commons are occupied by us.” 

She then noted that it was primarily women being subjected to accusations of transphobia, and that men didn’t hear “cries of bigotry and transphobia when they say they don’t want to have sex with a woman with a penis,” a reference to the fact that most men identifying as women do not have their penises removed. These sentiments, it must be pointed out, would have been considered run-of-the-mill feminist talking points a very short time ago—but the feminists have fallen out of favor unless they are willing to enthusiastically welcome their penis-possessing “sisters” into their private spaces.

McCarthy-Calvert’s impeccable logic was beside the point, and she was promptly accused of “absolutely disgusting language” and reminded, ominously, that “you seem to be forgetting that not only women birth children.” Within days, more than 20 transgender activists began petitioning Doula UK, demanding that McCarthy-Calvert be disciplined for violating the organization’s policies, specifically the one that asked members not to “post anything that our colleagues, clients, and affiliates would find offensive.”

According to the trans inquisitors, McCarthy-Calvert had been “trans exclusionary” for saying that only women had babies, as in their view, men can give birth, as well. They also objected to her description of a woman as an “adult human female,” which trans activists also consider heresy. Doula UK buckled immediately, removing McCarthy-Calvert from her role as spokesperson and launching a four-month investigation. The investigation, unsurprisingly, concluded that her post had violated Doula UK’s policies, and the new spokesperson announced: “We are proud to say that we seek to listen to the lived experience of marginalised groups and make changes – including changes to the language we use – if we believe it is necessary to make the Doula UK community more welcoming and supportive.”

McCarthy-Calvert was told that she would be suspended unless she deleted the Facebook post, and she did so under protest, resigning from Doula UK immediately thereafter, citing the fact that the organization had failed to stand up for women’s rights in the face of a handful of trans activists. “I am angry and sad,” she noted. “I was effectively ostracized for saying I am a woman and so are my clients. I have been very disappointed by Doula UK’s response. The leadership are paralysed by not wanting to upset transgender rights activists. They have fallen over themselves to acquiesce to their demands.”

Consider what happened here for a moment: McCarthy-Calvert, a mother of four who works with pregnant women, was told that she had no right to say what a woman is and was disciplined for daring to point out that child-bearing and birthing is the purview of women, not men. We know that men do not give birth (although women claiming to be men might), and yet to say this now comes with professional consequence. As trans activists continue to colonize corporations and professions, many people find themselves faced with a stark choice: Believe the Big Lie and parrot the required deceits, or get thrown out.

Jonathon’s new podcast, The Van Maren Show, is dedicated to telling the stories of the pro-life and pro-family movement. In his latest episode, he interviews Dr. Kathy Aultman, a former abortion provider. Dr. Aultman has testified on behalf of a wide range of pro-life laws across the United States. She has also testified before Congress about the horrors of the abortion industry that she has seen with her own eyes.

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Mob of trans activists protests pro-abort feminist: what would they do to us?

That question should send chills down our spine.
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 3:35 pm EST
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Jonathon Van Maren Jonathon Van Maren Follow Jonathon
By Jonathon Van Maren

November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Last week, I wrote a column on the public shaming of feminist Meghan Murphy. I noted that shouting crowd outside the Toronto Public Library made me nervous because of the sheer rage on the faces of those shouting for the head of a feminist woman who has been on board with every manifestation of the Sexual Revolution except the most recent one, the idea that biological men can become biological women.

I asked a question that I think we should consider seriously: If this is what these LGBT activists are willing to do to someone who is ideologically aligned with them on nearly everything, what will they be willing to do to us? Any thorough examination of that question should send chills down our spines. 

I have more questions, as well. When I watched the video of the furious activists outside the library (one Meghan Murphy supporter was told to “go kill yourself, go bleed out and die”), I wondered: What stands between our Christian communities and that mob? What is standing between their legislative agenda, which includes condemning our beliefs as hate speech and removing our right to educate our children, and us? The courts? They have been overturning precedent and undermining religious liberty with great gusto these days (see Trinity Western University.) Political leaders? Don’t make me laugh. I doubt Doug Ford or Andrew Scheer even have the guts to say “There are only two genders” into a microphone (although I’d be happy to be proven wrong.)

As if to prove my point, only a few days after Murphy spoke at the Toronto Public Library, Toronto City Councillors voted 20 to 1 in support of reviewing the policies that govern who is permitted to have access to community spaces in Canada’s largest city, despite the fact that a similar review confirmed the current free speech policies scarcely two years ago. The difference this time, of course, is very significant: City councilors decided that “LGBTQ+ stakeholders” will be consulted. Which means, by a wide margin, Toronto’s city council is likely to decide that nobody who doesn’t pass muster with the most extreme factions of the LGBT movement will be permitted access to many public spaces. All of this happened in a matter of days—a stunning handover of power to an ideological movement that seems like an unstoppable juggernaut.

So, to revisit my previous question: It very much looks like there is nothing standing between our Christian communities and that mob. The courts are busy realigning themselves behind the tenets of the Sexual Revolution. The politicians are either championing their cause or cowering. The media, as the CBC’s Carol Off proved in her disgusting interview of Meghan Murphy, are in many cases obediently serving as the LGBT movement’s Inquisition. 

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So what is stopping them from continuing the transformation of our society? Does anybody think this is going to get better rather than worse? 

Does anyone think these people can be reasoned with? 

Does anyone think that, considering what has changed in only four years, that the next four are going to magically get better?

If anyone has a positive or encouraging answer to any of those questions, I’d love to hear it. But watching the Toronto City Council buckle after a matter of days, and thinking of Andrew Scheer’s fumbling answers to questions about his faith and beliefs (he looked like he felt guilty for being a social conservative), I couldn’t help but think of a quote attributed to Vladimir Lenin on how revolutionaries achieve victory: “You probe with bayonets: if you find mush, you push. If you find steel, you withdraw.” The LGBT movement is finding nothing but mush, and they are pushing hard. They are pushing fast, too, and it is a short march from their protest outside the Toronto Public Library to our Christian schools, our churches, and more. 

This isn’t close to over. This is just the beginning.

I still believe, as I’ve written many times before, that the vast majority of ordinary people do not believe that men can get pregnant, that women can have penises, or that biological males should be allowed into rape crisis centres. In other words, the vast majority of people actually agree with Meghan Murphy rather than the mob outside the Library. But who speaks for the common-sense people? Which politician will step forward and say: “Meghan Murphy not only had the right to speak, but her perspective on this is actually right.” Do you think Ford would risk the wrath of the media and the LGBT activists to say this? Do you think Scheer would? I doubt it. I don’t know of any men in political leadership that would back this brave woman (who, again, I disagree with on almost everything.) And it is partially because of them that everything is crumbling in the face of the LGBT advance.

Someone asked me after my previous column why the LGBT activists won’t leave us alone. There are many answers to that question, but one in particular explains why there will never be any peaceable compromise that lets us get on with things and ignore each other: Envy. 

They are not going to let us have our schools and our beautiful children and our happy communities while they suffer. Look at their faces as they protest—these are not happy people, and they do not want us to be happy, either. 

Envy is one of the most potent forms of hatred, and they’re going to come after us with a vengeance. Even as the trans experiment comes crashing down around our ears and children find themselves infertile and impotent before even coming of age, we will be blamed for their misery. It will not be the revolutionaries, it will be the “transphobic” religious who get the blame.

I will admit that I fear their rage because I do not think we can compete with it. We have too many things that make us happy to be so angry. We cannot sustain that level of fury because we have too much to lose, and in most cases, our communities have not even recognized the threat that this movement poses, not really. 

We pretend we do, but we do very little. 

We think we can carry on accumulating wealth, enjoying our families, and going to church as if the entire world is not changing around us and as if the ground is not shifting beneath our feet. So ask yourself this: Could you have imagined, just a few years ago, that this would be happening? And if this is what they accomplished in such a short amount of time, what do you think they can accomplish in the next ten years?

Think about it. Really think about it. Because this is your family, your church, and your children on the line. You may want to ignore them, but I promise you that these activists will not be ignoring you.

Jonathon’s new podcast, The Van Maren Show, is dedicated to telling the stories of the pro-life and pro-family movement. In his latest episode, he interviews Dr. Kathy Aultman, a former abortion provider. Dr. Aultman has testified on behalf of a wide range of pro-life laws across the United States. She has also testified before Congress about the horrors of the abortion industry that she has seen with her own eyes.

You can subscribe here and listen to the episode below: 

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Leftist Catholic magazine slams Latin Mass as ‘cult of toxic tradition’

This form of the Mass, Zita Ballinger Fletcher insists, is sexist, oppressive, and clericalist.
Wed Nov 6, 2019 - 8:34 am EST
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By Dr. Joseph Shaw

November 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A certain Zita Ballinger Fletcher, writing in the National ‘Catholic’ Reporter (a notoriously not-very-Catholic publication) has written an unintentionally hilarious article attacking the traditional Mass. It alternates between statements of the obvious, presented as though they were horrifying revelations — the Latin Mass is said in Latin! The priest celebrates facing away from the people! — with bizarre non sequiturs: this form of the Mass is sexist, oppressive, and clericalist.

And worst of all, people aren’t allowed to wear red.

Fletcher is worried about division in the Church — at least, this is presumably the point of talking about the Latin Mass creating ‘sects’ — but it is she, not Catholics attached to the ancient liturgical tradition, who is causing divisions with this article. Her embittered and rather personal attack contrasts very much with the attitude of her victims. Traditional Catholics do not fill their leisure hours attacking the character of Catholics who attend the ‘Ordinary Form’. They commonly share churches and parishes with them, nearly always as the junior partner, and want nothing but to live in peace and charity. We can have theological discussions without thinking our opponents are bad people, but this is a trick Fletcher doesn’t seem to have mastered.

Although the article is itself absurd in many ways, the link Fletcher strives to establish between the traditional Latin Mass and clericalism is a familiar enough theme to warrant a response. I leave aside the question of sexism, which seems more an angry accusation against the women who attend the traditional Mass than against the men. Fletcher seems scared of the ladies wearing veils in church and writes of a female friend: ‘I still don’t understand why she wanted to associate with that group, or why she decided to give in to oppression.’ Shrieking at women that they are self-hating misogynists is a really bad look.

Fletcher does not actually explain the connection between the ancient Latin Mass and clericalism; it seems to come down to an association of ideas. The priest wears nice vestments, he has his back to the people, he prays in Latin, and — whoosh! — he has somehow acquired power. This liturgy ‘places all power in the hands of the priest’; it is used to ‘wield control over believers’. Is it a magic spell? It certainly sounds like it. The altar rail, Fletcher tells us, is ‘a barrier that gives him privileges’. How does it do that? Like a magic wand?

At one point she writes that ‘the priest is at the centre of the spectacle’. Perhaps this is how she thinks it works. But isn’t the priest at the centre of any celebration of Mass? It has often been pointed out that the fact that, after the liturgical reform, the priest can look at the people and engage with them, with eye-contact, ex tempore prayers, and informal asides, means that the Ordinary Form is far more affected by the personality of the priest than the Extraordinary Form. Pope Benedict made this point about the celebration of Mass facing the people in his The Spirit of the Liturgy. The temptation for a priest who has personal charisma to use that to draw people in can be powerful in the context of the Novus Ordo. This is problematic because the priest’s personality can obscure the message of the liturgy itself. It could even, in extreme cases, be part of a personality cult. A priest who celebrates anonymously, using only the words of the liturgy, facing away from the congregation, and wearing formal vestments that any other priest in the parish might wear is in less danger here.

Many of Fletcher’s claims are comical. She says that when they receive Holy Communion, the people kneel at the priest’s feet. To whom, then, does the priest kneel when he genuflects before so much as picking up the Consecrated Host in the Traditional Mass? To whom, again, does he make repeated confession of his sinfulness, a far more prominent feature of the older Mass than of the newer? It is not a human being who is worshipped in the Mass, but God.

Even her observation about people kneeling at Mass is bizarre. She asserts, with apparent horror, ‘all the people inside the church are expected to kneel on cue at various points’. Are there not rubrics for the laity in the Ordinary Form? As a matter of fact, these are more formalised and demanding than those in the Traditional Mass, which are no more than local customs. People are far more likely to find themselves being corralled into actions with which they are not entirely comfortable, whether it be shaking hands with an overly friendly neighbour or going up to Communion, at the Ordinary Form.

And what is this about not being allowed to wear red at Mass? I confess I am completely baffled. The most charitable interpretation I can give is that with this Fletcher has, as with so many things, got the wrong end of the stick, but of what could have been the source of this particular misconception I have no idea.

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