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Huge majority in Romanian parliament moves to ban teaching ‘gender studies’

LGBT lobbies in the country are pressing the president hard to kill the legislation.
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 10:06 pm EST
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Klaus Iohannis, president of Romania. Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent
By Jeanne Smits


June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The Senate of Romania voted on Tuesday to ban all studies and courses linked to gender ideology in schools and higher education. The amendment obtained a large majority of 81 votes in favor, while 22 voted against and 27 abstained, offering the text a strong democratic basis. Despite this, it has sparked local and international backlash.

Both the center-right parliamentary majority backing Romania’s president, Klaus Iohannis, and the social democrats supported the change to the general education law, which had already been adopted six days earlier by the chamber of representatives and was adopted as a whole on Wednesday.

The general prohibition of gender studies was introduced in the Senate as an amendment to a law on education by a member of a small center-right party, PMP. It bans “activities spreading the theory or opinions related to gender identity which hold that gender is a separate concept from biological sex and that the two are not always identical.”

For the text to become law, it will have to be signed by President Iohannis, who is at present being lobbied to refrain from promulgating the law by liberal pressure groups and two of the country’s largest universities.

According to television station Digi24, Klaus Iohannis is personally opposed to the law’s anti-gender dispositions and does not intend to promulgate it in any case. So much for democracy: The LGBT lobby are openly working for the executive to block a text approved by the Romanian legislators by a large majority.

In the hours following the text’s adoption, a petition by NGOs and two student associations, the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania and the National Council of Students, obtained 16,000 signatures asking Iohannis not to sign into law dispositions that would “send education in Romania back to the Middle Ages.” The petition also argues that the law would be in breach of Romania’s international commitments.

However, it is expected that even before Iohannis makes such a move, opposition parliamentarians will probably submit the text to Romanian Constitutional Court. The Court, opponents say, would likely impede a law that “obstructs universities’ autonomy.”

The amendment prohibiting gender studies targets universities but also schools, and it comes on the heels of a similar move by the Romanian parliament against a proposed authorization of sex education in schools.

According to the French liberal Catholic daily La Croix, the Orthodox Church of Romania was not active in the preparation of the anti–gender theory law. Local political commentator Alexandru Gussi even considers the amendment to be a “non-subject,” a mere “stunt” on the part of parliamentarians who are already preparing this fall’s legislative elections.

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If this is true, it does indicate that Romania as a country is sensitive — and opposed — to gender propaganda and that positive political returns can be expected from a move against it.

Gender ideologues accuse Romania of having anti-LGBT feelings as a nation. Academic Ana-Karina Schneider wrote a book in 2015 titled Anglicist Women’s and Gender Studies in Romania: Between Persistence and Resistance in which she slammed the “deeply rooted patriarchal organization of society” and “the unshakeable sentiment that feminism is an import from abroad.”

Once again, spreading gender ideology would then appear to be a minority campaign to impose thoughts and ideas on a majority who do not want them, with a clearly revolutionary intent.

The amendment’s opponents are also brandishing the specter of “thought police.” They say that a blanket ban on “gender studies” would amount to banning academic freedom in itself.

Vlad Alexandrescu, a center-right senator and university professor, accused Romania of aligning itself “with positions held by Hungary and Poland, transforming into a regime that is introducing thought police.”

“We are astounded ... that an academic theory should be banned by law,” echoed a statement from the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluy, Romania’s second largest university.

Whatever the speculative rights of faculty members, however — and many, the world over, would find it difficult to oppose climate change theory, evolutionary theories and even gender theory, as a number of lawsuits have shown — one of the aims of the law is to prevent a deconstructivist vision of human sexuality being taught to schoolchildren.

The University of Bucharest is also opposed to the amendment. Its statement said that “the text of the law has no scientific basis and is a blatant example of interference in education and free expression.” It called on its “scientific” and “noble” duties to justify teaching that biological sex and gender are two different things.

Gelu Dominica, a professor of sociology at the same university, added in a Facebook post that he would not respect the law banning “gender elements” from his courses — “[f]or the simple reason that if I did, I wouldn’t be doing my duty anymore.” He said: “My role is to guide my students to understand man’s behavior in society. And people are diverse.”

All opponents make clear that the teaching of “gender studies” is a way of fostering acceptance toward LGBT people. Banning them could lead to “ramp[ing] up bullying of queer children and adolescents” and to “punitive measures” against teachers, said the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania. This makes clear that “gender studies,” from their point of view, are in fact far from being mere theories to be confronted with reality; they are an ideology that aims to change society and reality.

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Senate Republicans block radical ‘Equality Act’ that ‘steamrolls’ religious liberty

'Neither the [Supreme Court's] Bostock decision nor the Equality Act takes care to ensure that religious employers will be treated fairly,' noted Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah).
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 9:05 pm EST
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Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah). Andrew Harnik - Pool/Getty Images
Doug Mainwaring Doug Mainwaring Follow Doug
By Doug Mainwaring

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A move by Senate Democrats to pass the so-called “Equality Act” was blocked by a trio of Republicans today. 

Democrats had sought “unanimous consent” for the measure following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision — popularly referred to as the “Bostock case” — earlier this week that discovered additional rights for LGBT individuals while threatening to further erode religious liberty protections across the land. 

The 6-3 ruling concluded that “sex discrimination” in Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act should be interpreted to mean sexual orientation and gender identity in addition to its original biological meaning. 

Senate Democrats hoped the Supreme Court’s ruling would provide enough momentum to force approval of the measure, which has been collecting dust in the upper chamber after passage in the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives over a year ago.

“Neither the Bostock decision nor the Equality Act takes care to ensure that religious employers will be treated fairly,” noted Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah). 

“We need to be mindful of the need of a religious employer to maintain its doctrine and teachings, not only in the hiring of its ministers,” said Lee, but also for the sake of  “others who look to that religious institution’s teachings, in the way they live their lives, in their beliefs, and in their willingness to teach those things to others.”

“This legislation doesn’t do that,” Lee declared.

Lee also said the Equality Act does not take into account the impact it might have on girls’ and women’s restrooms and locker rooms, athletics, and safe housing for those who have been victims of domestic or sexual abuse.

“This law, like the Bostock decision, doesn’t operate with a lot of precision,” said Lee.  Instead, “it takes a meat cleaver to the issue, without taking into account exceptions for religious entities and distinctions between sexual orientation and gender identity.”

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Missouri senator Josh Hawley reminded his colleagues that it wasn’t so long ago that both houses of Congress, in nearly unanimous votes, passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which was sponsored in the House of Representatives by then-rep. Chuck Schumer and in the Senate by Edward Kennedy. It was signed into law by Democrat then-president Bill Clinton.

At the time, Clinton referred to religious liberty as “our first freedom” and later said RFRA was one of his proudest accomplishments as president.

Hawley said the Equality Act “guts” key provisions of RFRA. It “comes on the heels of a Supreme Court decision just two days ago that rewrites entire statutes in American law, and in its 33 pages has nearly nothing to say about religious liberty or religious believers in this country.”

“I only ask that the rights of well-meaning, sincere religious believers not be steamrolled, overlooked, and be shifted to the side as a part of this process,” said Hawley.   

The bill would use coercion to force taxpayers to pay for abortions and force doctors, nurses, and faith-based hospitals to commit abortions, superseding protections formerly enacted by many states. It would also force many religious adoption agencies out of business, noted Hawley.

“This is not the way to find consensus in America,” he added.  

“The Equality Act has a great title. Who can oppose ‘equality’?” asked Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.). “No one.”

“We don’t oppose equality. What we do oppose is when through legislation you take the rights of one [group] and dismiss the rights of others, and say, ‘Your rights don’t count,’” said Lankford.

The Equality Act would change things dramatically, he asserted, allowing “any biological male to step into female sports on the high school, college, and pro-athlete level,” grossly disadvantaging female athletes, whose rights will be denied. 

“That’s not protecting the rights of all Americans,” said Lankford. 

“The Equality Act says ‘you no longer have the right to disagree,’” he added.

Lankford concluded by quoting J.K. Rowling, famous author of the Harry Potter series of books: “All I’m asking, all I want, is for similar empathy, similar understanding to be extended to the many millions of women whose sole crime is wanting their concerns to be heard without receiving threats or abuse.” 

“Come on. Let’s work together,” implored the Oklahoma senator. “We don’t want anyone to be discriminated against. Anyone.”

“We can do this in a way that accommodates everyone,” he said. “We can work towards agreement.”

Lankford objected to “unanimous consent,” so the “Equality Act” was set aside for now.

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Conservative Party leadership candidate O’Toole defends abortion

‘As a Prime Minister, I will defend the rights of people including women to choose for themselves when it comes to abortion.’
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 8:53 pm EST
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Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Erin O'Toole. cpac / LifeSiteNews
Anthony Murdoch
By Anthony Murdoch

TORONTO, Ontario, June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership contender and M.P. Erin O’Toole said that should he become prime minister, he would defend women’s “right” to “choose for themselves” to have an abortion during the CPC French-language leadership debate last night.

“As a prime minister, I will defend the rights of people including women to choose for themselves when it comes to abortion. And if you hear anything to the contrary tonight, it will be a lie,” said O’Toole in the debate in French as translated to English on CPAC.  

O’Toole’s pro-abortion comments were made in an answer to a question related to national defense. They came about despite the fact that he has billed himself as a “True Blue” conservative in his campaign and recently said he should be a “second choice” for social conservatives in a leaked video emailed to the CBC.

O’Toole joined the three other CPC leadership hopefuls, M.P. Derek Sloan, Leslyn Lewis, and former M.P. Peter MacKay. Both Sloan and Lewis identify themselves as pro-family and pro-life, while MacKay is openly pro-abortion.

The French CPC leadership debate was held in Toronto yesterday to no audience. Candidates responded in French to pre-written questions from a moderator. The English debate began at 7 P.M. EDT on June 18.

During the back-and-forth portion of the debate, MacKay took on O’Toole and directly accused him of “saying one thing in French and something completely different in English” in a reference to his opening notes about being pro-choice.

“Your whole campaign is based on lies. Are you pro-choice or what? Tell us, tell us,” said MacKay to O’Toole in French as translated to English on CPAC.

In the debate, MacKay spelled out his pro-abortion position.

“I’m pro-choice. I agree with gay marriage. I can win in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, and I can strengthen our base in the West. That’s what we have to do. We have to take a position where we welcome everybody,” said MacKay in French as translated to English on CPAC.

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While O’Toole did not answer MacKay directly in the debate, in speaking to reporters afterward in English, he reaffirmed that he supports a woman’s “right” to have her baby killed while in the womb.

“Je suis pro-choix,” said O’Toole to reporters, which translates to “I am pro-choice,” when asked about his abortion position.

“I’ve always said I will defend all rights, including rights for women, that’s a pro-choice position. It’s their decision, not mine, and I will defend their right to make that decision[.] ... [M]y personal view is to let women choose for themselves,” said O’Toole to reporters.

He also told reporters, “A large reason I lost the last leadership [is] because I was viewed as too moderate on those issues.”

Pro-life candidate and M.P. Sloan reaffirms his respect for life in debate

In his opening debate statement in French, Sloan wasted no time in again reaffirming his pro-life stance.

“Pregnancy is not a disease; abortion cannot be health care. As prime minister, I would prevent Canada from funding abortions internationally and encourage debate on this,” said Sloan in the French-to-English translation on CPAC.

Last week, Sloan said boldly on social media that abortion is “not health care” in response to news that the Canadian government will use taxpayer money to fund abortions abroad.

During the debate, Sloan also touched on his plan to defend freedom of expression, as well as ensuring that the conservative voice in the party is heard.

Sloan also said he is the only candidate willing and ready to take Canada out of the Paris Climate Agreement in a response to a question about the environment.  

“Canadians have a choice: if they want to protect the environment, they can work for climate realism the way I suggest, or they can vote for a more alarmist climate vision,” said Sloan in the French-to-English translation on CPAC.

“I am the only candidate that is ready to take us out of the very unrealistic Paris agreement that has already been used as an excuse to force the carbon tax on the provinces.”

While Lewis did not mention her pro-life position directly at any other point in the debate, in her opening remarks, she did say there needs to be “compassion for vulnerable people” and that she wants to see the “family” as the “cornerstone of society.”

When asked about her views on diverging social conservatives in the CPC party, in speaking with reporters after the debate, Lewis said she finds that the social conservative voice is muzzled.

“I actually find it’s the opposite in the party. What happens is, people, tell social conservatives you can’t have that view, that debate is closed, that issue is over, we’re not going to talk about that,” said Lewis in the French-to-English translation on CPAC.

“Social conservatives in my perspective are welcoming of people with other views. And that’s the whole thing: in a democracy, we want divergence of perspectives.”

During the back-and-forth portion of the debate between candidates, Lewis directly asked MacKay if he would allow Cabinet members to vote their conscience should he become the CPC leader.

MacKay responded that “yes,” he would allow for this.

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) blasts O’Toole’s remarks to the media, praises Sloan’s French debate performance

Today, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) blasted O’Toole’s pro-abortion remarks made to the media in his post-debate interview. 

“No self-respecting #prolife Conservative should rank O’Toole on the ballot. ... This cheerleader for child murder doesn’t deserve your support,” said CLC on their Facebook page with a link to O’Toole’s interview.

“Pls rank only Sloan and Lewis in the #1 and/or #2 ballot positions, in whatever order you prefer,” added CLC, with a link to its CPC voters guide.

CLC director of political operations Jack Fonseca told LifeSiteNews that the organization was pleased with Sloan’s performance in the debate.

“We were very impressed with Derek Sloan’s performance. His opening and closing remarks included powerful statements on pro-life, free speech, and family values,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews.

“He repeatedly brought up key issues like defunding overseas abortions and opposing Bill C-8, Trudeau’s criminalization of reparative therapy and spiritual counselling for unwanted gender confusion and same-sex attraction. He really did a fantastic job, a la Brad Trost.”

When asked about Lewis’s performance, Fonseca said that while she was “quiet” on social issues, he was pleased she pressed MacKay in getting him to say he would allow a free conscience vote to Cabinet members should he win.

“Leslyn Lewis was quiet on social issues, and we hope she’ll be more vocal on our issues during tonight’s English debate,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews. “But she did manage to extract from Peter MacKay a commitment to allow Cabinet Ministers to vote their conscience on social issues. That represented a welcome about-face from his previous policy.”

In a further analysis of the debate, Fonseca noted to LifeSiteNews the value of having two candidates who affirm themselves as pro-life and pro-family.

 “This debate showed the value of having outspoken pro-life/pro-family candidates. They are helping to move the debate forward and, I believe, creating more openness to social conservative values both in the CPC and across the nation,” said Fonseca.

“I can’t wait to watch tonight’s English debate. It promises to feature life and family issues front and centre.”

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‘I enjoyed it’: Trans martial arts fighter tweets ‘bliss’ over hurting women

Fallon Fox said he enjoys 'smacking up' women who 'talk transphobic nonsense.'
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 7:11 pm EST
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Boyd Burton, aka Fallon Fox, a man who competes as a woman YouTube / screenshot
Dorothy Cummings McLean Dorothy Cummings McLean Follow Dorothy
By Dorothy Cummings McLean

June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A male cage fighter who claims to be a woman has signalled his enjoyment of hurting women. 

Transgender mixed-martial artist Fallon Fox, 44, tweeted on June 16 that he loves “smacking up TE[R]FS.” TERF, which stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” is an expression used by trans activists for any woman who will not say that biological males are, or can become, women. 


“For the record, I knocked [two] women out,” he tweeted to other Twitter users, including Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. 

“One woman’s skull was fractured, the other not. And just so you know, I enjoyed it. See, I love smacking up TE[R]Fs in the cage who talk transphobic nonsense. It's bliss. Don't be mad." 

Fox was responding to a Twitter user who criticized him for participation in the women’s division of the violent sport. Fox had recently used the medium to insult Rowling.

Twitter removed the tweet because, an employee posted, it “violated the Twitter Rules.” 

Fox’s tweet echoed a November 15, 2015 post in which he said that seeing female martial artist Ronda Rousey get hurt in a fight with victor Holly Holm made him happy. 


“Just so everybody knows. Watching @RondaRousey getting her face cracked did bring a HUGE smile to my face.”

This tweet has not yet been removed, but it was strongly criticized by fellow Twitter users.  

British women’s rights activist, Kellie-Jay Keen, also known as Posie Parker, told LifeSiteNews that Fallon’s tweets are consistent with his career.  

“It's no surprise that a man who chooses to fight women in Mixed Martial Arts speaks using such grotesque woman-hating language,” Keen told LifeSiteNews by email. 

Keen added that the “dehumanising tactic of calling women TERFs has been very effective in threatening us and using violence to silence us.” She called for the public to take action against Fox’s views.

“What is more alarming is that this is considered acceptable by state-run entities and social media giants,” she said.  

“It is time to act against this. I suggest that we all stop supporting sports, schools, politicians and public figures who endorse these harmful views, endorsement including their complicity in silence.”  

Caroline Farrow, the Campaign Director for CitizenGO in the U.K. and Ireland, told LifeSiteNews today that Fox’s violent message “perfectly demonstrated” why women object to men competing in their sports.  

“Fallon Fox’s tweet perfectly demonstrates women’s fears when it comes to allowing biological males to participate in female sports, as they clearly enjoy a competitive advantage and can endanger the physical safety of female athletes,” Farrow said. 

“Fox is openly glorifying and [reveling] in the serious physical injuries he inflicted on his opponent and also threatening to do the same to any other female opponent who dares to challenge his entitlement to compete as a woman.”  

Farrow stated that these comments were “deeply unprofessional and unsporting” and showed disregard for the health and safety of Fox’s opponents.

“Fox should be immediately banned from the sport by its governing body along with all other biological males,” she said. 

According to the New York Times (NYT), Fallon Fox grew up as Boyd Burton, the second of three children born to a mixed-race, conservative Christian family. Growing up, Burton used to try on his mother’s and sisters’ clothing secretly. After high school, he married and had a daughter. The NYT says that Burton then served in the Navy for four years before continuing his education. Burton became a trucker to save money for his 2006 sex surgery in Thailand. In 2007, he divorced his wife. 

Burton told the NYT that after he discovered women’s mixed martial arts, he watched them on video for “days on end.” He emphasized his interest in the bare-knuckle aspect of the sport. 

“It was like, wow, women are fighting,” he said. 

“I remembered watching the first U.F.C. You couldn’t get it on TV. They were doing it bare knuckles. No gloves. I wanted to do that.”

Now presenting himself convincingly as a woman, Burton/Fox took up women’s mixed martial arts without revealing that he was a biological male and “turned pro” in 2011. In his 2013 interview with the NYT, Fox exulted in the memory of punching a woman in his first fight.

The NYT reported: “As Fox watched video of her [sic] first fight on her cellphone recently, her eyes danced, and she said: ‘There’s the triangle. Then I punch her in the face. Into arm bar. She’s already out.’”

Worried that his secret would be revealed, in August 2012 Fox sought advice from the National Center for Lesbian Rights about coming clean. His plans were sped up by a savvy reporter, however, who got in contact. On March 5, 2013 Fox told his story to Sports Illustrated and the online Outsports magazine.   

Fox’s continued career in women’s professional mixed martial arts was opposed by many MMA fans and female athletes but upheld by sporting authorities. Female MMA champion Ronda Rousey, a former Olympic athlete, criticized Fox’s decision to fight in the women’s division, saying that Fox still had a male bone structure and that it was “unfair” for him to compete. 

On September 13, 2014, Fox fractured the skull of female opponent Tamikka Brents, damaging an orbital bone and giving her a concussion. 

In a post-fight interview, Brent said that she had “never felt so overpowered” in her life.  

“I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because [he] was born a man or not, because I’m not a doctor,” she stated. “I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life, and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right.”

His “grip was different,” she added. 

“I could usually move around in the clinch against...females but couldn’t move at all in Fox’s clinch.” 

In 2014, Fallon Fox was inducted into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame. In 2020, his Outsports magazine interviewer declared Fallon Fox “the bravest athlete in history.” 

Fox has retired from professional Mixed Martial Art fighting. 

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Google conflates racial equality movement with LGBT ‘rights’ movement

The company equates today's riots to the pro-homosexuality uprising in the 1960s.
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 6:27 pm EST
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TopRank Marketing / Flickr / CC BY 2.0
Martin Bürger Follow Martin
By Martin Bürger

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – To help celebrate “Pride month,” Google has published two self-congratulatory articles praising the company’s support of both homosexuality and gender ideology. The articles attempt to frame support for these issues, as well as support for the black community, as part of the same struggle.

According to one of the articles released on Google’s official blog The Keyword, “LGBTQ+ people of color — and in particular Black trans women and trans women of color — helped lead the fight against hate and injustice” at the Compton’s Cafeteria riots in San Francisco in 1966 and at the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969.

“In many respects, the modern-day LGBTQ+ movement for equality was born from these rebellious acts and the many events preceding them,” Google wrote.

Without mentioning the ubiquitous slogan “Black Lives Matter,” the article then proceeded to tie in the current riots with the pro-homosexuality riots in the 1960s.

“For those within the Black+ and LGBTQ+ community — especially Black+ trans women — the injustices we’re seeing today are a reminder of past and present struggles for equity, justice, and equality under the law. We believe communities must show up for one another, and we stand in solidarity with the Black+ community across the world, honoring the longstanding Pride tradition of unity.”

Google bragged about spending millions of dollars on advancing the progressive agenda of homosexuality and gender ideology. Overall, the tech giant funded more than 70 anti-decency organizations with more than $1.2 million across the globe.

One article highlighted several of those projects.

The Colorado-based Transformative Freedom Fund, for instance, aims “to support the authentic selves of transgender Coloradans by removing financial barriers to transition-related health care.”

“COVID-19 has acutely impacted our community — gender-affirming surgeries have been rescheduled after years of waiting, and there are increased barriers to accessing necessary medical care or hormones,” the group claimed.

Some of the organizations supported by Google are catering to very specific niches.

Australian group Black Rainbow provides “advocacy and leadership to Indigenous Australians who identify as LGBQTI.”

In South Africa, “Pride of Africa exists to liberate every LGBTQ+ African so they can live their most authentic life.”

Additionally, Google is giving another $1.2 million to The Trevor Project, which offers “crisis intervention and suicide prevention services” to young people, essentially affirming them in their confusion about their sexuality.

Once again, the article attempted to frame support for blacks and support for homosexuality and transgenderism as one fight.

“While Black LGBTQ+ youth have similar mental health disparities compared with all LGBTQ+ youth, they’re significantly less likely to receive professional mental health care, and Black children die by suicide at nearly twice the rate of their white peers,” the article argued. “The Trevor Project’s continued targeted outreach to LGBTQ+ Black youth is incredibly important, and the organization offers resources to help allies be more supportive.”

Google even managed to mention the coronavirus pandemic as another factor supposedly proving the systemic disadvantage for homosexuals and those claiming to be a member of the opposite sex.

“COVID-19 has shown us that vulnerable communities, including LGBTQ+, too often bear the brunt of any crisis,” Google wrote. “This means that local LGBTQ+ organizations are serving as a critical safety net for those in need, whether they’re helping someone find a bed in a shelter, offering healthcare services, or advocating for more inclusive and equitable policies. Lives depend on these organizations.”

In this context, the Human Rights Campaign, a large and influential pro-homosexuality lobbying group, went so far as to demand from legislators and private businesses to “actively consider the unique situations of LGBTQ people in their plans for addressing this crisis” of COVID-19.

Due to the restrictions imposed after the coronavirus outbreak in most parts of the world, many events and marches celebrating homosexuality and other disorders will not take place.

Google, however, is “finding ways to bring people together virtually, including a toolkit that helps organizations host remote Pride events, a collection of apps, shows, movies, and books about LGBTQ+ stories, and a YouTube ‘spotlight’ channel to elevate LGBTQ+ voices.”

Further, Google Arts & Culture features “the history of Pride, including new exhibits on the birth of the Pride march, and critical leaders of the movement like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera.”

Maab Ibrahim, program manager for, said, “This year, I will be honoring the tradition of Pride by remembering the Black+ queer leaders who stood up at Stonewall and reflecting on my role in advancing justice today.”

“I hope everyone finds a way to honor Pride that is meaningful to them, representing the traditions, struggles, and joys of their community,” he added.

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Bishop releases ‘Pride Month’ video lamenting ‘white privilege,’ apologizing to gays

Bishop Stowe told active homosexuals he was 'happy to say a word of gratitude to you for the way that you strive to integrate your faith and your identities as people of God.'
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 5:17 pm EST
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Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky, in a video message for 2020 'Pride Month' YouTube
Martin Bürger Follow Martin
By Martin Bürger

LEXINGTON, Kentucky, June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Bishop John Stowe of Lexington, Kentucky, has released a “Pride Month” video greeting in which he laments “white privilege” and says he is sorry “that the Church has not been as welcoming as it should be in many cases.”

“I hope to continue to learn from you, and continue to make our church more welcoming, more inclusive, and more justice-oriented,” he said.

In the video, the bishop also appeared to buy into the concepts of systemic racism and “white privilege.” 

‘I’m happy to greet you during this Pride Month’

“At this moment of great division and suffering in our country, I especially greet the LGBT community of African Americans and other minorities,” he said. “As painful as it is, I’m glad that the time has come that we’re beginning to confront, and really it is just the beginning, our white privilege, and the other ways in which a dominant culture has oppressed those of a variety of minorities.”

“I’m happy to greet you during this Pride Month, and happy to say a word of gratitude to you for the way that you strive to integrate your faith and your identities as people of God, children of God,” Stowe began, before he started to apologize for the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and gender confusion.

“I’m sorry that the Church has not been as welcoming as it should be in many cases,” he said. “I’m sorry that the issue of sexual orientation has become so divisive in our Church, in our community, rather than expressing the compassion of Jesus and recognizing how he always

reached out to those who were on the fringes and on the margins.”

Stowe did not mention that Christ, in the Gospels, called those on the fringes to “go, and do not sin again.”

The bishop recounted that four years ago, the Orlando homosexual nightclub shooting took place, leading to the creation of “this form of [LGBT] ministry in our diocese.” Stowe did not mention the Pulse nightclub survivors who have since left sexually sinful lifestyles and given their lives to Christ.

Following the shooting, the leader of the pro-homosexual movement within the Diocese of Lexington, JR Zerkowski, had “hosted a evening of song and prayer uniting the whole community, and people of different faith traditions, right there at St. Paul’s church. And he was deeply moved and really had to share with me what he experienced from so many members of the LGBT community who said that they had not stepped into a Catholic church for a long time.”

Instead of that evening being a single event, Stowe said, Zerkowski “saw that as a possibility of reaching out to a whole segment of our Church community, a whole segment of our family that has been alienated.”

He praised how the advocates of accepting homosexuality within the Church “put their rainbow flag outside” of one of his diocese’s churches. “The rainbow banner welcoming all people. [They] have achieved some spotlight both locally and nationally for their message of inclusion.”

In 2018, Stowe had refused to condemn one of his parishes flying a rainbow banner outside the church. Instead, a spokesperson for the Diocese of Lexington said that “making this kind of statement is a decision … up to each parish.”

Stowe to practicing gays: ‘I’m glad that you’re taking your faith seriously’

Stowe also praised Zerkowski for attending “gay pride events,” offering “a listening ear, a compassionate face, and an outreach.”

He then said practicing homosexuals and those living as a person of the opposite sex are “part of that body of Christ,” which is the Church.

“I’m sorry that you’ve not always been made to feel that way,” he added. “We do value you. I’m glad that you’re taking your faith seriously and striving to grow in it.”

The bishop did not explain how contradicting Church teaching both in word and in action amounts to “taking your faith seriously.”

In fact, the Catechism of the Catholic Church is very clear on homosexuality.

“Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered,’” the Catechism points out. “They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

While emphasizing that people with homosexual tendencies “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity,” the Church calls them to chastity, instead of living an active homosexual lifestyle.

The Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education pointed out in a 2019 document that the concept of “gender” is “often founded on nothing more than a confused concept of freedom in the realm of feelings and wants, or momentary desires provoked by emotional impulses and the will of the individual, as opposed to anything based on the truths of existence.”

The “oscillation between male and female,” as expressed by advocates of transgenderism, “becomes, at the end of the day, only a ‘provocative’ display against so-called ‘traditional frameworks’, and one which, in fact, ignores the suffering of those who have to live situations of sexual indeterminacy. Similar theories aim to annihilate the concept of ‘nature’, (that is, everything we have been given as a pre-existing foundation of our being and action in the world), while at the same time implicitly reaffirming its existence.”

In the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s 2003 document, Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (who later became Pope Benedict XVI) wrote: “In those situations where homosexual unions have been legally recognized or have been given the legal status and rights belonging to marriage, clear and emphatic opposition is a duty. One must refrain from any kind of formal cooperation in the enactment or application of such gravely unjust laws and, as far as possible, from material cooperation on the level of their application. In this area, everyone can exercise the right to conscientious objection.”

Stowe issued ‘prayer’ card celebrating homosexual ‘pride’ in 2019

Bishop Stowe has a long track record of embracing both homosexuality and transgenderism.

In 2017, two years after he was made a bishop by Pope Francis, Stowe spoke at a New Ways Ministry conference, even though the nominally Catholic group advocates for homosexual “marriage” and has been condemned by the Vatican and the U.S. bishops.

“Christian morality is more concerned with the well-being and dignity of the person than with rules, norms, or commandments. Jesus seems to teach this on many occasions,” the bishop claimed at the time.

In 2019, Stowe led an “LGBTQ retreat” at the University of Notre Dame, once a bastion of Catholicism in North America.

Last year, he also issued a “prayer” card celebrating homosexual “pride.” The card featured an image of a crucifix with rainbow colors coming from it. It was produced to be distributed at pro-homosexual events.

Stowe is one of several bishops who endorsed pro-homosexual Jesuit Father James Martin’s book on “the Catholic Church and the LGBT community.”

“Keep the faith,” the bishop ended his “Pride Month” video.

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Catholic group to pray rosary in every US state capitol so country will ‘return to order’

‘Our objective is to ask God to help America to return to order as soon as possible’
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 4:17 pm EST
Featured Image
American TFP’s Restore America caravans launched in St. Augustine, Florida on June 3, 2020. TFP
Clare Marie Merkowsky

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BATON ROUGE, Louisiana, June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic organization has launched a nationwide prayer campaign across America to pray the rosary in every state capitol so that the country will “return to order.” 

The American Society in Defence of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) is traveling across the states, holding rosary rallies at every state capitol in the midst of massive restrictions as lockdowns loosen and in the midst of cities reeling from riots.  

“Our objective is to ask God to help America to return to order as soon as possible. We don’t like the way things are going with the ‘new normal’ of the COVID socialist solutions, and we are absolutely opposed to the anarchy we see in today’s streets,” stated a spokesman for the group in a video about the campaign. 

Volunteers from TFP’s America Needs Fatima campaign will also participate in the campaign.

“At this time of great uncertainty and confusion,” Robert Ritchie, America Needs Fatima Director, said, “we need to lift our eyes to God and His Blessed Mother and pray for calm, confidence and courage.”

“Just about everyone is suffering in some way from the lockdowns, job loss, fear and general turmoil,” Ritchie continued. “Human solutions only go so far. We need a lasting remedy to restore the moral fabric of our nation. What Our Lady of Fatima requested in 1917 is most relevant today: conversion, prayer and penance.”

TFP volunteers travel by caravan, carrying a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, invoking Her aid and protection throughout the campaign.

On June 3rd, the campaign began at the Marian Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche in St. Augustine, Florida. TFP chose this location as it is the shrine of the first Catholic parish mass said in Florida by Father Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales in 1565. Many people, including local TFP members, volunteers, and passersby, joined in the public recitation of the rosary.  

TFP members continued their campaign, traveling to many states around America, including Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  

The groups traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on June 12th, praying on the steps of the State Capitol. Young boys from TFP’s annual Call to Chivalry Camp joined in the prayer rally.

“Any serious and lasting solution to the civil unrest and criminal violence sweeping the nation must focus on God and obedience to His eternal law,” Ritchie wrote.

“This peace was the goal of the boys attending the 2020 Call to Chivalry Camp sponsored by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP).”

“With rosaries in hand, they held a rosary rally to restore One Nation Under God,” he continued. “They prayed the rosary for America on the steps outside the State Capitol Building and displayed banners and signs.”

On June 13, TFP members prayed the rosary in front of the State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as the last stop on the first leg of the Mother of Mercy Caravan.

The prayer rally numbered over 40 people; passing cars honked their horns in support and passersby stopped to take pictures of the peaceful rally.

The campaign to restore order to America continues as TFP members travel to the State Capitols. As TFP travels across America, they welcome everyone to attend the rallies. To donate to the campaign, go here.

“Prayer is very powerful,” Ritchie said. “I firmly believe that the Holy Rosary, in particular, is the key to restore the nation. It gives us the spiritual fortitude to follow God’s law. These Public Square Rosary Rallies will certainly attract God’s blessing on America.”

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Canadian Human Rights Museum under fire for allowing touring religious schools to bypass LGBT displays

Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 3:32 pm EST
Featured Image
Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canadian Museum for Human Rights / Facebook
Dorothy Cummings McLean Dorothy Cummings McLean Follow Dorothy
By Dorothy Cummings McLean

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WINNIPEG, MB, Canada, June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) ― The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is under fire from LGBT activists for having previously accommodated the request from religious schools for tours that bypass exhibits dedicated to LGBT “rights.”

The state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) published an article today containing interviews with disgruntled former and current employees of the almost six-year-old museum. The staff members voiced concern that, for at least two years, the Museum honored requests from religious schools to tailor tours in a way that respected the children’s religious sensibilities. This meant asking museum guides not to show the children exhibits about homosexuality, including one that showed men kissing men and women kissing women. Canada legalized same-sex “marriage” in 2005.

Same-sex 'marriage' exhibit at Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, Manitoba. SOURCE: Canadian Museum for Human Rights / Facebook

Gabriela Agüero, a former employee of the Museum [CMHR], told the CBC that the management had explained that the religious schools were paying for the tours. 

“That’s what we request, and we have to honor the requests from the schools because they pay us for those tours,’ CMHR management allegedly told Agüero.

The former tour guide and development officer said that complying was “very painful.”

"It was horrendous because then I had to go sit with my gay friends on staff and tell them I did that,” she told the CBC. “It was a horrific sense of guilt and very painful."  

A spokeswoman for the CMHR told the CBC that although this flexibility was indeed the rule between January 2015 and mid-2017, it has been abolished.  

"We no longer adapt any of our education programs at the request of schools," Maureen Fitzhenry said.

This means that all children who come to the museum on school trips are now introduced to what the CBC called “stories about diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.”

A former employee named Liam Green said that he wasn’t surprised that the CHRM would tailor the tours to exclude LGBT content because of the Museum’s interest in “trying to make money.” 

"It felt very disingenuous,” he told the CBC. “It felt unfortunately like just their way of operating."

An anonymous employee still working for the CHRM revealed that there had been an internal uproar after a colleague who belongs to the LGBT community was asked to stand in front of an LGBT exhibit celebrating same-sex “marriage” so that a party of children from a faith school could not see it.  

The whistleblower, who remained nameless for fear of reprisal from the CHRM, stated his or her belief that nobody was really concerned about the sensibilities of the very young because the tours were tailored even for the teenagers from Hutterite high schools. 

The Hutterites are group of Anabaptist communities who, like the Amish and the Mennonites, keep themselves at distance from the secular values of the contemporary world. Predominantly rural, there are now several Hutterite communities in Manitoba, thanks to migration to Canada from the United States during and after the First World War. During the conscription era of  WWI, the Hutterites were persecuted for their pacifist beliefs. The Hutterites still today center their traditional beliefs about marriage and sexuality in the Scriptures. 

The CHRM’s past practise of tailoring tours to respect religious sensibilities has come to light because former employees have been complaining about its alleged “racism and homophobia” on social media. The CBC reported that the Museum has hired a lawyer with “expertise in women’s and Black studies and media” to review the complaints. 

CHRM, originally the brainchild of famous Canadian magnate Israel “Izzy” Asper, first opened after his death on September 17, 2014. Complaints that the CHRM treated different groups unfairly dogged the project before it even opened. Some objected to the amount of space devoted to the Shoah, the attempted Nazi extermination of the Jews in Europe. Others were angered that there was no exhibit devoted to the Palestinians. Canada’s sizable Ukrainian community objected to what it felt was a minimization of the Stalin-era man-made famine, the Holomodor, that killed millions of Ukrainians in 1932 and 1933. 

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UK parliament rubber-stamps new Northern Ireland abortion regime

MPs in the House of Commons in Westminster, England, rubber-stamped the regulations yesterday with a 253 to 136 vote after they were approved by the House of Lords earlier this week.
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 2:55 pm EST
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Paul Smeaton Paul Smeaton Follow Paul
By Paul Smeaton

UNITED KINGDOM, June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — U.K. politicians have voted to impose new abortion regulations on Northern Ireland, in the final stage of a process that began when abortion legislation for the region was passed last year.

MPs in the House of Commons in Westminster, England, rubber-stamped the regulations yesterday with a 253 to 136 vote after they were approved by the House of Lords earlier this week.

The new abortion legislation came into force in Northern Ireland on March 31 this year, after it was passed last year by politicians in Westminster, while Northern Ireland’s local government was not functioning. The regulations are the rules that will govern the implementation of that law.

The Northern Ireland Assembly, which for years resisted pressure from Westminster politicians and the abortion lobby, collapsed in 2016 when Sinn Féin pulled out of government. The party then set as conditions for its return the introduction of abortion and same-sex “marriage” – both of which came into force in March this year.

U.K. pro-life organization the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) says that it will never accept the abortion legislation and has vowed to continue its campaign to repeal the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act which decriminalized abortion in the Province.

“The right to life is a God-given right shared by every member of the human family. No government, no Parliament and no head of State has the authority to take away this right. Any piece of legislation which permits the killing of innocent children is illegitimate. An unjust law is no law at all,” said Liam Gibson, SPUC’s Northern Ireland political officer.

“Today’s vote in the House of Commons was the final act in a gross abuse of power which has been unprecedented in recent times. By forcing the most barbaric abortion regime in Europe on Northern Ireland, Westminster has shown its complete contempt for the people of the Province, our elected representatives as well as the Constitutional settlement guaranteed by the Belfast Agreement.”

Gibson warned that now that the abortion industry has been allowed to dictate the law in Northern Ireland, it will move on to the decriminalization of abortion in England, Wales, and Scotland. 

“Last year there were 209,519 abortions in England and Wales, the highest number since the passage of the Abortion Act in 1967. Yet, abortion advocates are still not satisfied,” he said.

“Nor will the pro-life movement ever accept the killing of innocent children. We will never rest until this ruthless and illegitimate legislation is overturned. Abortion is the greatest destroyer of human life in the world today and we will never give up until this evil is brought to an end.”

  abortion, northern ireland, sinn féin, united kingdom


CBC ‘kids show’ attacks JK Rowling for her refusal to back transgenderism

The show pushed the normalization of transgenderism to kids
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 2:51 pm EST
Featured Image
CBC kids / Youtube
Anthony Murdoch
By Anthony Murdoch

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ONTARIO, June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The state-funded Canadian broadcaster CBC has used their kids' news show to attack Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling for saying last week she refuses to “bow down” to “new trans activism.” The show then pushed the normalization of transgenderism to kids. 

CBC Kids News Host Myah Elliott authored a June 12 report which specifically attacked Rowling’s comments. The CBC Kids News Twitter page also tweeted out a message on June 12 with a link to Elliott’s report. 

“Magic was lost this week for some members of the trans community after Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling went on a Twitter rant.​ The #CBCRECAP squad has been watching this story and it had both sidekicks Veena Yamano and Sean Tran fired up,” CBC Kids News tweeted. 

Elliott’s report was linked to a video critique with her RECAP squad hosts, Sean Tran and Veena Yamano. They joined her to discuss Rowling’s transgender comments, with Tran directly going after Rowling.

“It’s 2020. Releasing these kinds of statements online is not a good look, and hasn’t she been accused of transphobic stuff in the past,” said Tran, when asked what he thought of the situation. 

Yamano answered Tran and brought up an incident last year where Rowling showed support for Maya Forstater, who lost her job over tweets where she said “men cannot change into women.”

The show’s host Elliott replied saying, “Sis read the room, there are so many conversations right now about equality, justice and racism is it any surprise that this story is blowing up right now.” 

Sidekick host Yamano replied with “exactly, it’s pride month too.” She then went on to speak about actor Daniel Radcliffe, who starred as Harry Potter. Radcliffe who wrote an essay in response to Rowling for The Trevor Project, where he criticizes Rowling. 

Radcliffe’s essay begins with an apology to “all the people who now feel that their experience of the books has been tarnished or diminished.” 

Radcliffe goes on to say that he is “deeply sorry for the pain these comments have caused you. I really hope that you don’t entirely lose what was valuable in these stories to you.”

Yamano commented that she “liked” how Radcliffe “expresses hopes” that people do “not lose “the love for the Harry Potter books in light of Rowling’s comments. 

The show's host Elliott replied to Tran and Yamano that not only has she never read any of the Harry Potter books, but she also has not seen any of the film adaptations. 

Tran responded to Elliott saying, “Well I did watch the movies and seeing Daniel advocate for what he believes in is so inspiring.” 

Yamano said she thinks Rowling’s comments will “diminish” the amount of “respect” that Rowling has, but that because her writing is so “exceptional” she does not think the “hype is ever going to die down.”

LifeSiteNews reached out to Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) asking them about Rowling’s remarks on transgender issues, as well as the dangers of having the taxpayer-funded CBC use a kids news show to openly promote transgenderism.

CLC’s Director of Political Operations Jack Fonseca touched upon his take regarding the CBC Kids News program, saying “It’s immoral” and “disgusting” for a state broadcaster to use a kid show to attack womanhood.

“As for the CBC Kids program attacking JK Rowling, it’s a truly dangerous piece of work itself. It spreads misinformation about human biology. It contradicts science.  It teaches gender-confused children to hate their own bodies. For this reason the CBC is preaching hatred. Self-hatred by children of their own bodies,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews. 

“What the CBC has done with CBC Kids News is revolting.  How dare they involve children in attacking a real woman for pointing out the biological males are not women…. they’re recruiting children to push their sexual propaganda.  It’s immoral. It’s disgusting. If this were a just world, the management of CBC would all be put in prison. That’s where they belong for this immoral and ideological corruption of children.”

Fonseca also said that the CBC should be defunded. 

“The CBC has to be completely defunded once and for all.  It’s a source of anti-Christian bigotry, hatred, fake news and dangerous, unscientific misinformation,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews. 

Fonseca also spoke about his take on Rowling. He said that even though she is known to be pro-abortion and pro-homosexual, her defense of “womanhood” is admirable. 

“Even though Rowling is a leftist and we’d disagree with her on many things, we vigorously applaud her public defense of womanhood and basic biology.  May God bless her for highlighting the absurdity of the transgender movement,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews.

“Her tweet deftly exposed the lunacy of the left, which has to use awkward, dishonest language to avoid saying the word ‘women’.”

Canadian journalist Jonathon Kay who writes for the National Post used his Twitter page to criticize the CBC Kids show for trying to raise a “mob” against Rowling.

“This is grotesque. I can't believe @CBCNews is using its *kids* channel to raise a mob against @jk_rowling. It's like the adults all went up to their cottages for the summer and the whole place is being run by interns,” said Kay in his tweet. 

Kay went on to post a link to a tweet from the user @Dataracer117 where he shows an image of many twitter posts espousing hatred and death threats towards Rowling.

“Here are the death threats and harassment JK Rowling has been receiving. Including abuse from verified accounts. Dozens of hit pieces written about "the backlash to her transphobia." Not one mentioned the threats she's receiving from these radical activists,” said @Dataracer117. 

Rowling caused a media frenzy last week after she published a lengthy essay  defending a series of June 6 social media messages where she spoke out on the issue of “transgenderism,” saying “if sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction.”

In her essay, Rowling spoke about why she opposes the transgender agenda, saying she refuses to “bow down” to it despite massive public pressure to capitulate. 

Rowling’s social media comments and her essay were both met with attacks by LGBTQ activists, including the LGBTQ rights organization GLAAD. 

Despite the negativity from the LGBTQ community, many have defended her online with the now trending Twitter hashtag, #IStandWithJKRowling.

Colin Wright, the assistant editor for the news site Quillette, responded in defense of Rowling to the CBC Kids News tweet by saying, “Rowling said nothing transphobic. See my essay below to understand why her statements about biological sex being real are correct.” 

Wright’s reply links to a June 7 essay he wrote titled, “JK Rowling is Right—Sex Is Real and It Is Not a ‘Spectrum’.” Wright’s lengthy essay goes over the arguments used by the trans activists to dumb down the idea of male and female. 

He concluded by saying, “But over time, it’s become clear that they created a false theory of biology that distorts human nature and harms vulnerable individuals. When one attempts to achieve equality and justice by distorting reality, inequality and injustice are never eliminated, just relocated.”

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UK school apologizes after asking 11-year-olds to define ‘hardcore pornography’

Students between 11 and 14 years old were asked to define 'pornography, soft pornography, hardcore pornography and transsexual pornography, as well as female genital mutilation, wet dreams, trafficking, male circumcision, breast ironing and more.'
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 12:42 pm EST
Featured Image
Paul Smeaton Paul Smeaton Follow Paul
By Paul Smeaton

UNITED KINGDOM, June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A U.K. school has apologized after parents complained about children as young as 11 being given homework asking them to define terms such as hardcore pornography and transexual pornography.

Archbishop Sentamu Academy, a Church of England school in Hull, “apologised for any offence caused” after angry parents complained about the homework, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the report, teachers asked children between 11 and 14 years old “to ‘define' pornography, soft pornography, hardcore pornography and transsexual pornography, as well as female genital mutilation, wet dreams, trafficking, male circumcision, breast ironing and more.”

One mother told the U.K. newspaper that searching for these phrases online, in order to research the definitions, would have “destroyed” her eleven year old daughter’s mind and “scarred her for life.”

“My daughter is still very much a child, we've still got magic elves, her bedroom is done in My Little Pony. She is very innocent and naive,” she said.

“She was only in primary school last year living her best life, now she is being asked to search for hardcore pornography.”

The mother said that she had seen complaints about the homework from other parents on a Facebook group and so had prevented her daughter from looking up the terms.

“They have been told to use Google and she would have searched it. I did Google hardcore porn and some of the images that came up [were] quite disturbing,” she added.

“They're a very religious school as well, so how can they say they are a religious school but condone writing something like this in the book? I can't get my head around it. I don't get the benefit from it, apart from scaring the kids.”

Head teacher Chay Bell defended the homework, but said that he had asked “that no future PSHE materials contain any potentially sensitive content and will ensure all materials are fully age-appropriate." 

“The PSHE materials that we share with students are produced in line with government guidance, the PSHE Association Programmes of Study and the Sex Education Forum’s definition of Sex Education,” Bell said.

Bell denied that children had been asked to research the terms online, saying that “all the answers to the questions posed are contained in the teacher-produced materials we shared.”

The BBC report covering the story notes that “a spokesman for the Department for Education said it was a matter for the school and had no further comment to make.”

Sex education in U.K. schools is coming under increasing scrutiny from various groups concerned with the content children are being exposed to.

The Proud Trust, another LGBT group creating educational content for U.K. schools, has recently attracted attention for having created a game where children as young as 13 make cardboard six-sided dice with the words Vulva (including vagina), Penis, Anus, Mouth, Hands/Fingers, and Object on each side. The instructions explain: “The game is to roll the two dice and then the group will discuss what sexual activity is possible using the two words that face upwards.”   

Last year, the Government Equalities Office sponsored guidelines produced by Stonewall, a U.K. LGBT activist group roughly equivalent to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in the United States, which encouraged British primary schools to embed gay, lesbian, and transgender themes and examples into every subject area and every grade level.

From this coming September, new relationships and sex education (RSE) courses had been scheduled to take effect in the U.K. This has now been delayed until September 2021

The government has made it clear that pupils must receive teaching about LGBT relationships at some point while they are at school. For schools that adopt Stonewall’s guidelines, this would mean that children as young as five would be reading about families headed by two lesbians and/or two homosexual males in subjects such as math, science, and geography.

Writing in The Conservative Woman, Belinda Brown argues that the government’s offer to consult with parents on compulsory RSE lessons “is a totally inadequate sop.”

“Firstly, what the Department for Education is offering parents is not ‘consultation’, but ‘engagement’. The aim is to provide parents with the opportunity to ‘feed in their views on the school’s proposed Relationships Education policy’,” Brown explains. 

“However, they make it clear that while this ‘engagement’ may influence the timing and methods of schools’ approach to certain topics, there is no requirement to influence the content in any way.”

Dr. Tom Rogers of the Safe at School campaign has said that it is imperative that parents take advantage of the delay in the implementation of the courses to call on their child’s school to hold a proper consultation. 

“Parents should not have any form of Relationships and Sex Education foisted upon their children without being properly consulted,” Rogers said.

“We are hearing from parents that some schools are merely presenting parents with a policy and a curriculum for these new compulsory subjects and counting this as a consultation. This approach is completely inadequate and amounts to a slap in the face to parents,” he continued.

“A proper consultation should result in schools truly respecting families which do not want their children to be exposed to explicit sexual content and teaching on same-sex relationships in the classroom. This must be accurately reflected in the policy and the teaching materials used in the school.”

Caroline Ffiske argues in a June 15 article that “[a]ll schools should also be required to place their RSE material on their websites. Why not? There is nothing that schools should want to hide.”

Ffiske highlights a recent letter from Conservative peer Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne Gavin Williamson the U.K. Secretary of State for Education regarding the government’s RSE guidelines. 

“Unfortunately, as offered, the Guidelines leave the door open for anyone to teach whatever they want at any age they consider appropriate,” the baroness writes. 

“We must surely consider carefully the state’s role in telling schoolchildren that a bearded man with a penis can be a lesbian and any girls and boys deviating from 1950s gender norms are in the wrong body.”

  archbishop sentamu academy, homosexuality, sex ed, sex education, transgenderism, united kingdom


Australia’s senior cleric says report calling for Church governance by lay women will be amended

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge said that the report published in various media outlets is 'an interim version rather than the final report.'
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 11:29 am EST
Featured Image
Abp. Mark Coleridge of Brisbane, Australia. Vocation Brisbane / YouTube
Paul Smeaton Paul Smeaton Follow Paul
By Paul Smeaton

AUSTRALIA, June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Australia’s senior Catholic cleric has said that a recently released report commissioned by the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (ACBC) which calls for radical changes to Church governance is only an “interim version” and that it will be amended before a final report is published.

The Light from the Southern Cross: Promoting Co-Responsible Governance in the Catholic Church in Australia,” a 208-page review of the governance of the Church in Australia, recommends significant increases in the influence of laity, especially women, while criticizing the Church’s male-only priesthood.

The review was commissioned in response to a recommendation from a five-year government inquiry into institutional child sexual abuse in all areas of Australian society and published earlier this month in La Croix International

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge, president of the ACBC, said in a statement published this week that the report published in various media outlets is “an interim version rather than the final report.” 

Coleridge, who last month welcomed the report, stressed that saying that the report will be amended “is not to deny the strength and quality of what the Governance Review Project Team produced in a comparatively short time.”

“The bishops are profoundly grateful to them for the service they have rendered to the Church,” he said. 

“But inevitably, especially given the pressure to have the report in a form to give the Conference before its meeting, there is a need for some amendment and clarification at certain points. This is why the bishops have been asked to provide their feedback before 17 July. After this feedback has been received, the report will be amended. The amended version will then be published in late July or early August, accompanied by a reading guide.”

The Church in Australia is currently preparing for a plenary council, scheduled to begin next year. A plenary council is the highest formal gathering of the Catholic Church in a particular country. The last one held in Australia was in 1937. Decisions made at the council must be approved by Rome. If approved, they will be binding on the Church in Australia.

Coleridge said in his statement this week that “[it] will be up to the Plenary Council to determine what response the Church will make to the report as a whole; and given that the Council is the work of the Holy Spirit, it is the Holy Spirit who will have the final say.” 

Last year, Coleridge presided at an event in preparation for the upcoming plenary council, where it was proposed that the Church in Australia develop a “rite of blessing” for same-sex couples and for divorced Catholics calling themselves “married” to people not their spouses.

The proposal was made on large screens at the Brisbane Assembly, a two-day event organized by the Brisbane archdiocese. Coleridge, primate of Brisbane, was seated in the front row immediately underneath the screens when the proposal was displayed.

Shortly afterward, Coleridge gave his concluding speech for the event in which he asked the audience of approximately 400 people, “So, brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers, I ask you, are you ready to surrender? Are you open to being transformed? Are you willing to let God reshape you? Are we as a Church, as a diocese, willing to let God reshape us?”

At the beginning of the two-day event in Brisbane, Father Noel Conolly, a Catholic priest and member of the Plenary Council Facilitation Team, gave a presentation calling for major reform in the Church. Conolly said, “We're in the birth pangs of a new church in Australia. A listening church, a discerning church, a pilgrim church. It won't be the same church, I hope, after the plenary council. Well, hopefully, it’ll be the same church, but it will have a totally different kind of culture.”

Father Glen Tattersall, a parish priest in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, told LifeSiteNews that Coleridge's statement on the Church governance report is “an unconvincing attempt at damage control.” 

“The report on Church governance has been leaked by his allies – hence his notable failure to raise questions about who is responsible for the leak, or to call anyone to account,” Tattersall said. 

Tattersall said that one bishop has confided to him precisely how unhappy he was to receive the report. 

“The report is so far removed from a Catholic understanding of Holy Orders and pastoral governance, that it is likely to be irremediable,” he continued.  

“I would have thought that the integrity of the office of President of the ACBC would demand that the incumbent, as a priority, address the theological errors of the report, instead of heaping praise upon its authors and hiding himself behind the process of ongoing consultation. The only thing that is ‘transparent’ about this statement is that it avoids any issue of substance.” 

Tattersall also questioned Coleridge’s assertion that the upcoming Plenary Council is the work of the Holy Spirit.

“The toxic divisions of the Church in Australia are too easily passed over by the inevitable assurance that the Plenary Council is the work of the Holy Spirit. That’s a bold claim, made without a shred of evidence. What if it isn’t?”

  australia, australian catholic bishops conference, mark coleridge


Premature baby touted as UK’s youngest COVID survivor after 2 months in hospital

The celebrated baby boy went home with his mother on May 8, having fought off not just the coronavirus, but also a case of sepsis.
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 10:59 am EST
Featured Image
Dgrilla /
Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
By Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

June 18, 2020 (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) — A baby boy who was born three months prematurely has become the UK’s youngest COVID-19 survivor after beating the virus. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children has described the baby’s remarkable recovery as “a powerful witness to life”.

“This is a beautiful story of the will to live in a baby who should still have been in his mother’s womb at the time he was fighting off COVID-19,” said Eden Linton of SPUC. “Stories like this show us how strong a baby can be well before birth. Little Emmanuel is a powerful witness to life itself.”

Emmanuel Boateng, from Peckham South London, was born prematurely at just 27 weeks old. After his birth medics noticed Emmanuel was not feeding properly. He was rushed to King’s College hospital in London, where he then tested positive for Coronavirus.

“Praying to God that my little boy was going to be Ok”

Emmanuel’s mother, Evelyn Boateng, was told by medics to leave her tiny baby and go home to quarantine for two weeks.

Mrs Boateng said: “By then, the cases were just going up and up each and every day...

“I just stood there watching him and I was like ‘Emmanuel, mummy is leaving you. You are going to be alone but we will always be here in spirit.’

“In that first 24 hours, I was told to prepare for the worst three times. I was on my own in the hospital crying and just praying to God that my little boy was going to OK.”

Joy after two months in hospital

Emmanuel spent almost two months in hospital where he received support from a ventilator to help him breathe and was administered the anti-viral drug, Remdesivir, which is more commonly used to treat patients with Ebola.

After almost two months in hospital, Emmanuel made a remarkable recovery. The tiny baby managed to fight off both the Coronavirus and sepsis. He is the youngest COVID-19 survivor in the United Kingdom.

Mrs Boateng said that she felt a great sense of joy when she returned to the hospital to be reunited with Emmanuel.

“A happy story among all the deaths at King’s.”

Emmanuel was discharged from hospital and returned home to enjoy life with his family on May 8th, the same date he was due to be born.

Staff from King’s College hospital lined the ward upon Emmanuel’s departure to clap him goodbye.

Mrs Boateng added: “It is something I will never forget. There was an enormous sense of relief that this was a happy story among all the deaths at King’s.”

Published with permission from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

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Excommunicated woman masquerading as priest officially represents liberal US priest group

Bishop Daniel Thomas of Toledo reaffirmed the excommunication of Beverly Bingle for her 2013 bogus ordination and warned of grave concerns with the radical Association of US Catholic Priests, which employs her.
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 10:47 am EST
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The 2018 assembly of the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests. National Catholic Reporter / YouTube
Michael Hichborn Michael Hichborn Follow Michael
By Michael Hichborn

NOTE: At the end of this article, the Lepanto Institute is asking our readers to contact their own bishop to ask them to publicly condemn the AUSCP, forbidding their priests from membership, support, or participation in its events.

June 18, 2020 (Lepanto Institute) — Last month, a major story went largely unnoticed due to extreme media attention on the coronavirus and related matters. On May 26, Toledo Bishop Daniel Thomas issued an official notification re-affirming the excommunication of Beverly Bingle for her attempted ordination and simulation of the sacraments. As part of this official notification, Bp. Thomas noted that Bingle served as an official representative of the Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP) even after her attempted ordination in 2013, warning that any association with the AUSCP “may be a source of grave concern due to the confusion and scandal they have caused.”

Bp. Thomas’ letter reaffirming Bingle’s excommunication follows a 2013 letter from his predecessor, Bp. Leonard Blair, who announced that “Ms. Bingle has already incurred excommunication from the Catholic Church” for “having attempted ordination to the diaconate on Sept. 13, 2012.” The AUSCP has long been a champion of women’s ordination to the diaconate, and last year, formally endorsed women’s ordination to the priesthood. Bp. Blair’s announcement reiterated that excommunicants are to be excluded from the exercise of any “ecclesiastical office, ministry or function”:

“A person who is excommunicated is excluded from any share in the Eucharist or other acts of public worship, and from receiving any of the seven sacraments or sacramentals. They are likewise excluded from the exercise of any ecclesiastical office, ministry or function. The imposition of this severe penalty is deemed necessary in order to protect the nature and validity of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. It is important to recognize, however, that excommunication is meant to be ‘medicinal,’ that is, it is meant to make an offender realize the gravity of his or her actions and seek to repent of his or her sin in order to be restored to full communion with the church.”

Ignoring this notification, from as early as September 2014 to as recently as August 2019, Bingle has represented AUSCP, which claims that its members “are priests in good standing in dioceses and religious communities.” In 2014 Bingle assisted in setting up a “Climate March” in Toledo and was listed as an official “AUSCP coordinator” in emails obtained by the Lepanto institute. Furthermore, Bingle’s contact email for this event was identified as [email protected], further showing her official role in the organization.

On September 15, 2014 at 1:02 pm, an email with the subject line “Re: Toledo Events for the Climate March” indicated that Bev Bingle was an “AUSCP coordinator.”


At 1:17 pm, that same day, a subsequent email in the same chain identified Bev Bingle with the email address “auscp.toledo.”


On September 17, Bev Bingle is identified as having participated in an AUSCP subcommittee meeting for the Climate March in Toledo.


On September 19, Tom McDonald, identified Bingle as his partner “in AUSCP.”


And to prove that Bev Bingle was indeed using “auscp.toledo” in order to coordinate and make arrangements on behalf of the AUSCP, on September 21, Bev. Bingle was identified as the AUSCP rep who had previously sent out lodging details pertaining to the Friday and Saturday of this particular climate event.


The previous day, an email from “auscp.toledo” went to the event participants, stating, “Here are the things that the Toledo Chapter of the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests (AUSCP) has planned,” with all the additional details indicated in the subsequent email.


Bingle is also identified as a donor to the AUSCP in FY 2018–2019.

Worth noting here is the fact that during her time as an AUSCP representative between the years 2014–2019, Bingle gave a “homily” in 2015 in which she referred to the Church’s condemnation of contraception in the encyclical Humanae Vitae as “the crazy birth control encyclical” and as an example of “bad shepherding.”

In the May 26 letter from Bp. Thomas regarding Bingle’s excommunication, he noted that Bingle was still acting as an official representative of AUSCP in Toledo as late as 2019, saying that “this action” is “a cause of great concern and a source of confusion and scandal to the faithful.” He wrote:

More recently, on 20 August 2019, Ms. Bingle formally represented the Association of US Catholic Priests, Toledo Chapter, as the “authorized agent” on an “Application for Permit to Use Lucas County Government Buildings and Grounds” for an event on 20 September 2019 for which the Association of US Catholic Priests Social Justice Subcommittee was the principal organizer and sponsor. This action, along with her continual simulation of the Sacraments at the “Holy Spirit Catholic Community” in Toledo, Ohio, are a cause of great concern, and a source of confusion and scandal to the faithful in the Diocese of Toledo.

On the second page of the letter, Bp. Thomas issued a stern warning against any association with the AUSCP as a “source of grave concern due to the confusion and scandal they have caused.” He wrote:

In light of the above, it is also my responsibility as your Bishop to warn all of the clergy, consecrated religious and lay faithful in the Diocese of Toledo that, since Ms. Beverly Bingle has serves as a representative of the “Holy Spirit Catholic Community” and the Association of US Catholic Priests, any affiliation with those groups may be a source of grave concern due to the confusion and scandal they have caused.

The full letter by Bp. Thomas is available at the end of the article.

It is important to note here that the AUSCP headquarters is in Tiffin, OH, which is within the Diocese of Toledo, giving Bp. Thomas greater authority over the organization than other bishops. His warning about the AUSCP also serves as a warning to bishops, priests, religious and the lay faithful in all other dioceses.

This stands in contrast to the episcopal participation in the AUSCP’s 2020 Annual Assembly of Abp. John Wester, local ordinary of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, NM. On Wednesday, June 24, at 1:00 EDT, Abp. Wester will be delivering his keynote address titled, “Priest, Pulpit and Politics: Proclaiming the Gospel in Today’s Society.” In addition to Abp. Wester, several US bishops have been supportive of the AUSCP. Last year, Cardinal Blase Cupich gave the AUSCP’s keynote address and Abp. Robert Carlson of St. Louis, MO celebrated the AUSCP’s Mass. Currently, Abp. John Wester serves as the AUSCP’s episcopal moderator to the USCCB, Bp. John Stowe is an active member, and Abp. Wilton Gregory, Bp. Gregory Hartmeyer and Bp. Robert McElroy have all participated in AUSCP events.

Given the AUSCP’s representation by a known and publicly-acknowledged excommunicant, and the Bishop of Toledo’s stern warning against association with the AUSCP due to the “confusion and scandal” it is known to cause, we are asking our readers to contact their own bishops to ask them to publicly condemn the AUSCP, forbidding their priests from membership, support, or participation in its events.

Contact information for your local bishop is here.

Bp. Thomas’ letter regarding Beverly Bingle’s excommunication and warning about the AUSCP:


Published with permission from the Lepanto Institute.

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Should religious Americans quit Republican Party after LGBT Supreme Court rulings?

It may be time for religious, pro-family patriots to form their own party.
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 5:49 pm EST
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Stephen Kokx Stephen Kokx Follow Stephen
By Stephen Kokx

PETITION: Tell Trump Christians can’t accept SCOTUS ruling imposing LGBT ideology! Sign the petition here.

June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The terrible decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court this week to include gender and sexual orientation as protected legal classes has rightly caused religious and social conservatives to wonder just what the future holds for them.

Missouri’s populist Senator Josh Hawley (who I desperately hope runs for president in 2024) said on the floor of the Senate this week that the court’s decision marks the official end of the so-called “conservative legal movement.”

“The bargain is that you go along with the party establishment, you support their policies and priorities … and, in return, the establishment will put some judges on the bench who supposedly will protect your constitutional rights to freedom of worship, to freedom of exercise,” he said.

That bargain, he continued, has turned out to be a pretty rotten deal for religious Americans. Its time has come to an end.

Hawley is of course right in saying that.

Republican appointees to the Supreme Court have failed to deliver on a number of areas where Christian Americans — who have reliably voted them into office for decades — expected them to. Not overturning Roe v. Wade is the most glaring instance of that.

The Republican establishment has likewise routinely turned a blind eye to its religious supporters, paying lip service to their concerns during election season while holding show votes and passing bills that ultimately amount to scraps from the dinner table. Planned Parenthood, for example, is still receiving millions in taxpayer dollars.

While many purportedly God-fearing "culture warriors” appear on Fox News to rile up the base and warn about the damage the “radical” left would do if they ever got control of the White House again, the GOP’s real power brokers who work behind the scenes have either been in support of (or are at least indifferent to) for some time now two issues the radical left considers sacrosanct: LGBT rights and abortion.

In their reactions to the Court’s decision this week, establishment Republicans have shown they are unashamedly in favor of transgenderism. This shouldn’t be all that shocking. Conservative writers have been laying the intellectual groundwork for this shift for a while. In recent years, prominent National Review contributor David French has taken up his pen to defend Drag Queen Story Hours as a “first Amendment-protected right.” He’s also argued that homosexuals should be able to “solemnize their relationships...and...enjoy many of the same bundle of rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples.”

It should be clear to all that the elites in the Republican Party — both the intellectual and big money elites — are embarrassed by religious Americans and that they have very little interest in supporting their policy desires.

America last

It must also be pointed out that the Republican establishment has next to no interest in protecting American workers.

When Donald Trump was seeking the Republican nomination, the top two policies he ran on was building a border wall and bringing jobs back from overseas.

Yet what did we get after he was sworn into office? What was the first thing congressional Republicans pushed through legislatively? 

The Paul Ryan-led House of Representatives and the Mitch McConnell-led Senate concocted a U.S. Chamber of Commerce-approved tax bill that was nothing short of a bailout for corporate America.

Marco Rubio did get included in the bill a tax credit for families, but that was mere crumbs in relation to what Wall Street received. 

If the GOP had heeded the anti-globalist message sent by the American people who voted Trump into office, they would’ve taken drastic steps (like Hungary has) and created a tax code that incentivizes stable, large families so that the coming demographic collapse of America’s great middle class would be put in check. They also would have allocated billions of dollars for a border wall and passed true immigration reform that protects American workers and their communities.

Instead, Republicans sold their souls to the GDP, business lobbyists, and multinational corporations, relentlessly touting support for bills that put foreign workers and the bottom line of non-American companies ahead of the well being of U.S. laborers. It’s debatable if America will ever see another Republican president thanks to their unwillingnes to put a stop to the massive influx of immigrants into the country in recent decades. 

Time for change

If America First, pro-family Christians want to get their policies signed into law, they need to wake up to the fact that the Republican Party as a whole isn’t a reliable vehicle for that to happen.

They need to either form their own political party (something similar to the American Solidarity Party) or mount an insurrection within the GOP to topple the neocons and libertarians.

If they don’t, they’ll remain relegated to junior partner status where politicians trot out the same old talking points come election season but do the bare minimum once in office. Simply put, the status quo isn’t working. Change is desperately needed.

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Trudeau embarrasses woke Canadians in colossal failure to secure coveted seat on UN Security Council

Trudeau fared much worse in his costly attempt to secure the seat than previous conservative leader Steven Harper
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 1:32 pm EST
Featured Image
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a press briefing during the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters, September 21, 2017 in New York City. Drew Angerer / Getty Images
Jonathon Van Maren Jonathon Van Maren Follow Jonathon
By Jonathon Van Maren

PETITION: Investigate George Soros' role in funding domestic terrorism! Sign the petition here.

June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – After boasting that “Canada is back,” claiming that Stephen Harper embarrassed Canada on the world stage, and promising that achieving a seat on the UN Security Council would set all of that right, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suffered an embarrassing rout this week when his own longstanding (and expensive) bid failed. 

Canada came in third, after Norway and Ireland. In what must be an extraordinary humiliation for Trudeau, his years-long bid for the UNSC seat actually garnered fewer votes (108) than Harper’s did back in 2010 (114). If Harper’s failure was a reflection on his leadership, as Liberal luminaries told us at the time, Trudeau’s failure to even achieve what Harper accomplished must be something truly shameful.

Paul Wells summed it up with brutal candor over at Maclean’s: “Believing a win at the UN would fall from the heavens on Trudeau because he wasn't Harper was an expression of the narcissism and shallowness that have characterized this government during much of its time in office.”

Canada’s failure to secure this seat is unsurprising for a number of reasons. First of all, despite the unwillingness of Canada’s leaders to admit this, Canada is not a powerful or consequential country. Canada has not been a middle power since shortly after the Second World War, and Trudeau has ensured that Canada’s primary role on the world stage is the projection of “wokeness,” with millions of taxpayer dollars being funneled to developing countries to procure abortions for impoverished women. Abortion, as I’ve noted before, is one of Trudeau’s favorite subjects. Incidentally, there are more than a few socially conservative leaders at the United Nations who don’t find Trudeau’s obsession with pelvic issues and feticide endearing. Canada is back, indeed.

It also bears mentioning that Justin Trudeau has been an international laughingstock at multiple points throughout his tenure as prime minister (as opposed to Harper, whose major fashion gaffe was a safari vest he wore on a trip to Mexico.) There was the “peoplekind” incident, which provoked global gales of laughter and triggered savage columns from the British press. The consensus seemed to be that the fresh new Canadian PM was trying too hard, and that he should perhaps relax a little. And then came his India trip, in which he pranced across the country like an Indian version of the Village People. Even Indian celebrities told the press that Trudeau appeared to be more Indian than those he was visiting. Everyone appreciated the effort (with much snickering and even rude chortles from a few quarters), but even the Liberals were forced to admit that the trip had been a high-profile embarrassment.

And then, of course, there was the blackface scandal, with photographs and video of Trudeau in blackface, cavorting like a monkey, at almost thirty years of age in one of them. When asked how often he wore blackface, he either didn’t remember or refused to say, neither of which were particularly positive indications of his past discretion. After cultivating himself as the “wokest” of world leaders, the scandal hit headlines around the globe, revealing to all that Trudeau could not live up to his own standards. Nobody doubted that Trudeau would have instantly axed any colleague guilty of the same sins. Nobody doubted that Trudeau believed so much in himself above all that he would flaunt the double standard and wear his hypocrisy proudly. Many suspected that his narcissism was so pronounced that he might actually believe his own myth.

So it cannot be surprising, then, that a leader with a penchant for embarrassing himself on the world stage failed so spectacularly to achieve the respect necessary to secure a seat on the UN Security Council. If Harper had made any of the mistakes that Trudeau has made, Trudeau would be frothing at the cameras as we speak, denouncing the irrevocable tarnish to Canada’s international reputation. Nobody would question that fact that a leader exposed as a shallow man with a penchant for costumes and blackface pitching Canada’s importance as a progressive voice would be seen by many as a transparent joke. But the same rules have never applied to Justin Trudeau, and so many will pretend that he was not the key factor in ensuring that Canada failed to secure the prize that Trudeau himself promised Canadians would be a sign that Canada was “back.”

Jonathon’s new podcast, The Van Maren Show, is dedicated to telling the stories of the pro-life and pro-family movement. In his latest episode, he interviews African-American pro-life leader Ryan Bomberger who speaks out about the harm being done by the Black Lives Matter movement and the best way to respond to the injustices that are happening in the US and across the world. 

You can subscribe here and listen to the episode below: 


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Why the liturgical reform shouldn’t have dropped reciting prologue of John’s Gospel after every Mass

'Unquestionably, the Prologue of John is the ideal capstone to the Holy Mass, and its loss is deeply regrettable'
Thu Jun 18, 2020 - 1:09 pm EST
Featured Image
Peter Kwasniewski Peter Kwasniewski Follow Dr. Peter
By Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

PETITION: Thank President Trump for declaring churches 'essential!' Sign the petition here.

June 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – At the end of every Tridentine Mass, after the final blessing, the celebrant steps to the Gospel side of the altar to read the Last Gospel, the Prologue of John: “In the beginning was the Word…” This beautiful custom is described thus in Dom Prosper Guéranger’s explanation of the Mass:

Why is this reading done? The custom originates from the Middle Ages. At that period, as in earlier times also, the faithful had a great devotion to having a portion of the Gospel read over them, and the commencement of that of St. John was a special favourite. Demands at last became so multiplied, that the number of Priests was insufficient to satisfy all: to simplify the matter, it was decided to recite it over all those assembled, at the end of the Mass. The devotion of the faithful, therefore, alone originated this addition…. When the Priest comes to these words of the Gospel of St. John: Et verbum caro factum est, he genuflects in honour of the annihilation of the Word made flesh, who emptied Himself, taking the form of a Servant (Phil 2:7). The Gospel being ended, the Priest comes down from the Altar, after bowing to the Cross.

The fittingness of this organically developed practice is well articulated by Martin Mosebach:

The Last Gospel is the most recent part of the classical rite. The prologue of St. John’s Gospel was not integrated into Holy Mass until the 13th century; it appears in the Dominican missals for the first time in 1256. The liturgical manuals refer to the prologue of St. John as a “blessing.” In fact, even the reading of the gospel in the rite of the Catechumens was not merely a proclamation but also a sacramental and a blessing with absolution: “Per evangelica dicta deleantur nostra delicta—By the words of the gospel may our sins be blotted out.” At the Last Gospel it is this aspect of blessing that comes to the fore. It contained the core of the Christian faith in the shortest possible form, and that is why the prologue was regarded as possessing special power. In the Book of Gospels that was used at imperial coronations this prologue was written in letters of gold on purple parchment. The emperor spoke the words as a coronation oath, thus professing his responsibility for a creation that had been hallowed by the incarnation of the Word. (Heresy of Formlessness, 117–18)

Mosebach then notes that St. Thomas Aquinas, when called upon to compose Propers for the Feast of Corpus Christi, did not write a new Preface but chose the Preface of the Nativity, which celebrates the mystery of the Incarnation. In this way, he powerfully linked the mystery of the sacramental renewal of the Sacrifice of the Cross with the mystery at its origin, the enfleshment of the Son of God so that He would have a body and a human life to offer as an infinitely pleasing oblation. As the Epistle to the Hebrews declares: “Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he saith: ‘Sacrifice and oblation thou wouldest not: but a body thou hast fitted to me... Behold I come: in the head of the book it is written of me: that I should do thy will, O God’... In the which will, we are sanctified by the oblation of the body of Jesus Christ once” (Heb 10:5, 7, 10). Behold, He comes into the world to offer this all-holy Body as the only worthy sacrifice that coincides with the will of God and sanctifies all who partake of it.

In Mosebach’s words:

Is it by chance that, at the same time and in the same religious order, the Christmas preface and the Christmas gospel acquired a function in the Mass that goes beyond their particular link with Christmas? What the Christmas preface contributed to an understanding of the sacrament of the altar at Corpus Christi, the prologue of St. John’s gospel—the Christmas gospel—did every day. It constantly called to mind that celebrating the memoria of the sacrifice of redemption presupposes the real enfleshment, the changing of God into man, from wine into blood, from death into life. The prologue of St. John became the epitome of the whole Mass. Each concrete, individual celebration of Mass was concentrated in the visionary, supra-temporal words of the prologue. “We have seen his glory”—this now referred, not to the memory of Christ’s transfiguration in St. John’s gospel, but to the sight of the elevated Host. At Mass the believer became a witness of the events of faith. (Ibid., 119)

In the period from St. Pius V to the mid-twentieth century, the Prologue of John would often be replaced with a proper Gospel of the day when the latter had been displaced by the Gospel of a feast of higher rank. Although this “shifting” of a Gospel to the final slot had the advantage of ensuring that loyal “dogs of the Lord” (Domini canes, as one might say) would not lose any of the crumbs that fell from the Master’s liturgical table, at the same time we can recognize, with Mosebach, that the Prologue of John is uniquely appropriate for the end of Mass. In the rubrics governing the 1962 Missale Romanum used by most traditional Catholics today, the Prologue was reestablished as the sole Gospel after the Mass. Mosebach defends the fittingness of this rubric:

The prologue of St. John cannot be replaced by any other gospel; it is profoundly nonsensical to put in its place a reading that belongs to a commemorated feast. Those who are committed to the Last Gospel will not agree, either, with the widely accepted custom of permitting the congregation to sing a hymn while this Gospel is being read…. As a text that is constantly being read and that many people know by heart, the prologue of St. John can be read (un)self-consciously sotto voce while the members of the congregation follow it in their missals. The aim of the prologue is contemplation, the retrospective beholding of a lived reality. (Ibid., 120)

Whether we agree with Mosebach’s pugnacious opinion or not, we can observe that every scholarly treatment of the sacred liturgy and every devotional manual throughout the Catholic world contained edifying reflections about this Prologue and the rightness of its placement at the end of every (or nearly every) Mass.

The liturgical reformers glibly removed this Last Gospel, this veritable epitome of the Christian Faith, and allowed it to remain in the lectionary for one day of the year: the Christmas Day Mass. We can be assured that contemporary Catholics who attend only the Novus Ordo are barely familiar with this reading, in contrast to traditional Catholics who know it extremely well—often well enough, as Mosebach notes, to mouth the words along with the priest, if they wanted to.

In a course on the mystery of the Trinity at Wyoming Catholic College, theology professors require students to memorize the Prologue of John and then write it out, word for word, for the final exam. Students may choose to write it out in English, Latin, or Greek (the last for extra credit). Due to the love of these young adults for the Latin Mass, which had already immersed them in this Prologue, some find it easier to write it out in Latin than in English. This Gospel is lodged in their memory, part of their soul, part of the interior architecture in which they will live their lives. 

This, indeed, is how the liturgy should be—and it is impossible for the liturgy to function this way when the readings are so numerous and constantly changing, as occurs in the Novus Ordo. Put it this way: it would be better for a man on his deathbed to have words from the Prologue of John come spontaneously to his imagination and his lips, than for him to fail to recall the vast swathes of the Bible that were sprayed over him for decades. This is part of the genius of the old Mass: it carefully selects the most powerful passages of Scripture and repeats them year after year, even—as with the Prologue and certain Psalms—day after day.

Unquestionably, the Prologue of John is the ideal capstone to the Holy Mass, and its loss is deeply regrettable. There is frankly no good reason at all for any traditionalists (I think here especially of some Benedictine monasteries) to continue to follow the maimed 1965 ritual, now that it is so well known that the liturgical reformers intended 1965 merely as a halfway house on the path to the Novus Ordo of 1969. The 1965 “interim missal” is already a torso without limbs, like one of those still-beautiful but sad antiquities at the Vatican museum: Venus, sans an arm or a leg. Such is the Mass without its Introibo and its In Principio. The lopping-off of the prayers at the foot of the altar and of the Last Gospel creates a serious artistic imbalance. Before these prayers were added historically, the Mass would have seemed complete enough; but as with many great works of art, these finishing touches elevated what was already beautiful to a new perfection, as an elaborate gilt frame enhances the painting within.

So beloved was this glorious fanfare of the Fourth Gospel, familiar to all from its placement at the end of Mass, that it led, in the blossoming of early Renaissance music, to a magnificent polyphonic setting of it by Josquin des Pres (1450/55–1521):

The polyphony of Josquin comes from an era in which liturgy achieved its supreme perfection. The glaring absence of the Prologue in the 1965 interim missal and in the Novus Ordo, as well as the general absence of polyphony of the quality of Josquin’s, are signs of the glory of God having departed from the temple.

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Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

By Mother Miriam

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