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US bishops to spend $500K to help poor overcome ‘climate change,’ put Laudato Si’ ‘in action’

Catholic commentators are calling the move a ‘farcical’ waste of money, dismissing it as ‘nothing more than globalist gibberish pandering to the new world order elites.’
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 10:36 pm EST
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By Doug Mainwaring

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The domestic anti-poverty program of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has announced that it will spend $500,000 to “overcome the impacts” and “address the root causes” of climate change in order to help the nation’s poor.

Bishop David G. O’Connell, auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles and chairman of The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) subcommittee, hailed the move as an “effort to put Laudato Si’ in action.”

“The adverse effects of climate change devastate poor communities around the country and with this project, CCHD and DART will seek to live out the call of Pope Francis to respond to ‘the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor,’” he said. Laudato Si’ is the pope’s 2015 encyclical on the environment for which critics accused the pope of throwing the weight of the Catholic Church behind the globalist environmental agenda.

Catholic commentators are calling the move a “farcical” waste of money, dismissing it as “nothing more than globalist gibberish pandering to the new world order elites.” 

One such commentator suggested to LifeSiteNews that the bishops had done nothing more than given a network of “Saul Alinsky groups” half a million dollars at a time when such groups are calling for violence and outright revolution as they push for the defunding of police departments.”

The plan, which aims to promote justice and economic development, was devised by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and will grant the money over the next five years to the Direct Action & Research Training Center (DART) “to empower poor and low-income persons in the southeastern U.S.”

Known as “Caring for Creation, Caring for Community,” the project hopes to “enable DART to engage local organizations in campaigns to identify the local impact of environmental changes on their community, empower low-income and minority communities to address the negative impact of environmental changes, and raise the profile of how these environmental changes hurt poor and marginalized communities the most.”

Bishops scramble to get in line with climate change claims of Laudato Si’

Officially approved on June 9, the planned action of the CCHD — the domestic anti-poverty program of the USCCB — comes six months after the bishops’ last gathering in November, where the apostolic nuncio to the United States told the American bishops to get in line with the Holy Father and demonstrate that they are taking steps to hand on the “Magisterium of Pope Francis” to their flock.

“The pastoral thrust of this pontificate must reach the American people,” Archbishop Christophe Pierre told attendees at the opening of the USCCB fall 2019 general assembly.

Pierre exhorted the American bishops to make “greater efforts” to have the pope’s environmental message in Laudato Si’, already well received by young people, “reach the hearts of political and civil leaders.”

PETITION: Urge Catholic bishops to refuse Holy Communion to pro-abortion Biden! Sign the petition here.

The papal nuncio explained to the bishops — who at the time were preparing for their ad limina visits with the pope — that “it may be useful to prayerfully reflect on our communion with the Bishop of Rome ... namely by measuring to what extent we and our local churches have received the Magisterium of Pope Francis.”

Vatican commentator Rocco Palmo described the nuncio’s admonition as a “woodshed moment.”

Laudato Si’ has provided the “perfect cover” for leftist in the Catholic Church

Addressing what it sees as a threat to humanity and an affront to nature, the current pontificate has aggressively promoted climate change ideology, insisting that human-affected climate change is considered science.   

In 2017, the head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences inferred that denial of the controversial concept of manmade climate change equates to a flat Earth mentality.

“From the scientific point of view, the sentence that the earth is warmed by human activity is as true as the sentence: The earth is round!” said Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, a close advisor to the pope.

Deal Wyatt Hudson, former publisher and editor of Crisis Magazine and, suggested in 2016 that Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’ has provided the Catholic left in the U.S. with “the perfect cover, at least in ecclesial circles.”

“Globalist gibberish and pandering to the new world order elites”

“This is nothing more than globalist gibberish and pandering to the new world order elites,” said Elizabeth Yore, an international child advocate attorney whose legal career spans a wide range of legal issues relating to the exploitation of children. 

“Ask the poor what is the impact of climate change on their lives! They would scoff in your face,” Yore told LifeSiteNews. “The poor in this country are concerned about feeding their children, keeping the communities free from violence, finding decent safe schools to educate their children, and finding job opportunities that will lift them out of poverty.” 

“None of these pressing concerns are the result of fictional climate change,” declared Yore. “If the USCCB was truly concerned about ‘the poor’ they would be opening more Catholic Schools in the inner city, not closing them at a record pace. Catholics aren’t fooled by the tree hugging Gaia inspired theology and insipid green socialism propaganda in Laudato Si.”

“Mother Teresa would be scandalized by the USCCB’s decision”

“Low-income families in squalid communities don't need an investigation of their environment,” said Kevin Wells, author of the acclaimed book The Priests We Need , who serves as director of public relations at World Villages for Children.

“What they beg for, wittingly or not, is clergy who walk into their family room to break open a Mass kit, or at the very least to bring hope, sweat-equity fellowship, and temporal sustenance,” Wells told LifeSiteNews. “This is clergy that understands the burden of its identity, to meet others at the point of their cross.”

“Throwing a half-million dollars at a start-up to study environmental changes is farcical — St. Vincent de Paul, Venerable Aloysius Schwartz, and Mother Teresa would be scandalized by this decision of the USCCB,” he added.

USCCB contribution will support groups inspired by Saul Alinsky 

“There are many things wrong with the Catholic Church funding an organization like DART. To begin with, DART was the creation of a heretical, socialist, pro-abortion and pro-LGBT sect called the United Church of Christ,” said Michael Hichborn, founder and president of the Lepanto Institute. “But the more serious problem with DART is that — as with Gamaliel, IAF and PICO — DART was founded upon the model of Saul Alinsky’s ideals for community organizing, which is 100% incompatible with Catholic teaching,”   

“Alinsky’s ideas for community organizing, which are perpetuated by organizations under his progeny (including DART), include the ends justifying the means, moral relativism, a rejection of dogmatic principles, and a desire to institute a perpetual mechanism for social agitation for the sake of societal change in the model of socialist ideologies,” said Hichborn. “In other words, these groups exist for the soul purpose of agitating the passions of local people so that they can act as a catalyst for revolutionary change.”

“The primary mission of the Church is to draw souls to Christ, not to create political and social agitation for political and social change,” continued Hichborn. “That the Catholic Bishops would give a network of Alinsky’s groups half-a-million dollars ... at a time when such groups are calling for violence and outright revolution as they push for the defunding of police departments ... reveals their disdain for America and their hatred for souls.”

“Those bishops who actively agree with this grant are malicious,” he added. “Those who know why these groups should not receive such grant money have an obligation to speak out against it, refusing further participation in the CCHD altogether.”

Bishop claims “climate change devastates poor communities”

Criticism notwithstanding, Bishop David G. O’Connell, auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles and chairman of the CCHD subcommittee, said, “We are pleased to support this strategic national effort to put Laudato Si’ in action.”

“The adverse effects of climate change devastate poor communities around the country and with this project, CCHD and DART will seek to live out the call of Pope Francis to respond to ‘the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor,’” added the CCHD head.

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Pro-life advocates succeed in putting major abortion bill on hold in Kenya

The bill, which legalizes abortion up to birth, is not expected to be revisited for three months.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 10:10 pm EST
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Right to Life UK
By Right to Life UK

August 5, 2020 (Right to Life UK) — A Bill backed by major international abortion organisations, which would introduce abortion up to birth in Kenya, has been put on hold following pressure from pro-life advocates.

Kenyan-born Ann Kioko, who launched a petition against the proposed legislation, told the Shepherd last week that the Committee handling the bill had called her to say they were temporarily stopping debate on the Bill until “all the contentious issues were resolved through public participation.”

Ms Kioko said: “It is a half victory for pro-lifers… Now we need a united approach to present one common stand. What we are waiting for is the letter detailing the way forward.”

She added that the Senate had proved it had the interests of the nation at heart by suspending the bill.

However, citing a source in the Senate, she warned that proponents of the bill were lobbying for the legislators to reject any amendments to it.

“It is a continuous war. They may have a war chest to buy politicians but if we are united, we shall overcome,” she said.

Charles Kanjama, a lawyer and the chairman of Kenya Christian Professionals Forum, estimates it’ll be at least three months before the Bill can come back to the Senate for a Third Reading.  

If it progresses past a Third Reading, the 349 MPs which make up Kenya’s lower house will debate and vote on the Bill’s fate. 

Abortion for any reason, on-demand, up to birth

The Termination of Pregnancy section of the Reproductive Healthcare Bill outlines that abortion would be available without a time limit on grounds that “the pregnancy would endanger the life or health of the mother”.

While this language appears to provide abortion on only narrow grounds, in practice it will likely allow for abortion on demand to be available up to birth in Kenya through a broad interpretation of the term “health”.

International NGOs such as Ipas, who are backing this Bill, have used a legislation change model in a number of other countries where they have lobbied for a law change, which in practice introduces abortion on demand, for any reason. 

This model involves firstly lobbying Governments to introduce new legislation with similar wording to that in the proposed Kenyan legislation. They have then placed themselves as key advisers on the roll-out of the new abortion service and associated standards and protocols across the country. In this position as a key adviser, they have then been involved with producing comprehensive guidance for the Government and healthcare providers which outlines that they must interpret language in the new legislation to allow abortion on demand.

For example, this model can be seen in operation in Ghana. In the current guidance on providing abortion services in Ghana it is not hidden that Ipas has been involved in writing the guidance, with the forward stating “This document has been put together by a team of national experts with technical assistance from Ipas and WHO, Geneva.“ 

The wording of the Ghanian legislation relating to abortion includes what appears to be similarly restrictive grounds for abortion “where the continuance of the pregnancy would involve risk to the life of the pregnant woman or injury to her physical or mental health”.

In the guidance, it specifically instructs healthcare professionals to take a very broad interpretation of what appears to be similar restrictive wording. 

“Mental health refers to a state of emotional, psychological and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease in matters relating to mental function… No psychiatric assessment is required in order to obtain a legal abortion…. A woman’s social circumstances may be taken into account in assessing the current and future risks to her mental health.” 

This guidance has, in practice, allowed abortion for any reason, on-demand. 

In Kenya, without a time limit in the proposed legislation, a similarly broad interpretation would allow abortion for any reason, on-demand, up to birth. 

Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa has condemned the Bill for being “sponsored by [an] international organization”

‘Every human being deserves the right to life’

Speaking against the Bill outside Kenya’s parliament buildings in Nairobi on 25 June, the lawmaker said: “life begins at conception and every human being deserves the right to life.” 

Chris Wamalwa has previously told ACI Africa: “The Bill must come to the National Assembly; we shall kill it there.” 

Three-year-jail sentence for doctors who conscientiously object

The proposed legislation also introduces a three-year jail sentence for any health professional that conscientiously objects to being involved with providing an abortion and does not want to be complicit in the abortion process by providing a referral onto another health professional who will provide an abortion.

In a country where polling shows large majorities oppose abortion, this provision in the legislation forcing doctors to be complicit in the abortion process could have a very wide negative impact, forcing many health professionals to act against their conscience, or for a likely large group of health professionals who do not wish to be complicit in the abortion process, this would mean they face jail time.

According to a 2014 poll, conducted by Ipsos Synovate, 87% of Kenyans do not support abortion on demand. 

These attitudes are validated by another poll, conducted by Pew Research, which showed 82% of Kenyans believed abortion to be morally unacceptable.

Large cost to Kenyan Government

The Bill would also come at a large cost to Kenyan Government, as it specifically requires the outlay of national services providing ‘reproductive health care’ including abortion.

In addition to the financial cost, the Bill would place health services in Kenya, which are already operating under limited resources due to the coronavirus pandemic, under even more pressure at a time when they should be focused on saving lives.

In response to this pressure, and a call for more ventilators, the UK and Sweden dedicated more funding for abortion in Kenya and other African countries.

‘Ideological colonialism’

Pro-life campaigner, Ella Duru told Right To Life UK: “This is a brazen attempt by Western abortion organisations to impose abortion, for any reason, up to birth on Kenya.

“To have these well-funded overseas organisations spending lots of money to try and force abortion on Kenya when 87% believe it is morally unacceptable is a form of ideological colonialism.

“Cash rich donors from the West continue to exploit their privilege and position to offer abortion and family planning ‘services’ which are contrary to the pro-life values held by a large majority of African people.

“The Kenyan constitution, in Article 26, makes it clear that life begins at conception and should be protected under the bill or rights. 

“Given that this Bill would deny unborn babies the right to life right up to the point of birth, this appalling Bill must be defeated by MPs in the National Assembly. 

“If you are Kenyan please contact your local representative and detail that, rather than bring clarity to the constitution, this extreme Bill will introduce an extreme abortion law that is not in the best interests of Kenyans and the unborn.”

Kenyan-born Ann Kioko, who has launched a petition against the Bill, has previously spoken out on how abortion is pushed on countries in the developing world. Last year, the campaigner told delegates at the UN’s Protecting Femininity and Human Dignity in Women’s Empowerment event:

“Contrary to what the negotiators of some countries argue here or… push on countries in the developing world, a young girl in a village like mine…does not need policies that prioritize abortion. … It is time we brought the women in the grassroots to the table. They will tell you they don’t need abortion … to be empowered…

“(Women) need fully equipped health centers, they need good schools, they need clothing, they need food on their tables! They need electricity. And they need to be imparted with proper skills so they can be good career women. … I keep looking forward to that day the UN and those who are speaking and working for the women of the world will get the priorities of the women at the grassroots correct.”

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Leaked email shows deadly fallout of UK ‘do it yourself’ abortion pill program

Thirteen cases are under investigation, according to the official email, including murder of a born baby and two deaths of mothers.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 10:02 pm EST
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Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
By Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

August 5, 2020 (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) — A leaked NHS email has exposed how the Government’s abortion pills by post programme is crippling the health of women. Commenting on the leaked email, Antonia Tully, SPUC Director of Campaigns said: "The email cites 13 incidents which have seriously affected women’s health. Is this the tip of an iceberg? The leaked email was sent from the Regional Chief Midwife from one region in England. What is happening in the rest of the country?”

The email which was sent by a Regional Chief Midwife at NHS England and NHS Improvement on May 21st 2020, states that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) was aware that there was an “escalating risk” surrounding the pills by post abortion scheme. The "service" allows abortion drugs to be posted to women without a face to face consultation.

The email states that 13 cases are currently under investigation. These cases include the murder of a baby born alive after a DIY abortion attempt and abortion drugs being delivered to women past the recommended 10-week time limit.

Women attending Emergency Department

The email, marked “urgent”, states: “The CQC indicated that they are aware of 13 incidents related to this process...

“The incidents ... range between women attending ED [Emergency Department] with significant pain and bleeding related to the process through to ruptured ectopics, major resuscitation for major haemorrhage and the delivery of infants who are up to 30 weeks gestation. There was also a near miss where a woman had received the pills by post and then wished for a scan so attended a trust and was found to be 32 weeks. There are 3 police investigations in [the second region] linked to these incidents and one of those is currently a murder investigation as there is a concern that the baby was live born. The PM is being undertaken by a home office pathologist.”

The email cites also two maternal deaths. The CQC subsequently stated that the women who died had not received abortion pills which killed them through the post. Antonia Tully said: “Whether these women got the abortion pills through the post or from an abortion clinic, they both died and this is both a tragedy and a scandal.”

“Deadly packages landing on the doormat of households across the country”

SPUC’s Antonia Tully added: “There are deadly packages sent from  abortion providers landing on the doormat of households up and down England. Women have been assured that doing their own abortion at home is safe and simple. That's a lie. We've got to tell women the truth about abortion pills.

"SPUC's Tell the Truth campaign is helping to make sure that the full horror of this barbaric DIY abortion scheme is laid bare before Parliament and the public.

"The leaked NHS email refers to 13 incidents, taking place within a period of only 51 days. We've now had DIY abortions for 126 days. How many more women have died in this one region alone? How many more babies have been murdered after surviving an abortion? Multiply this by the rest of the country and you start to get a sense of the appalling fallout from DIY abortions.”

“Get in touch with SPUC”

The fatal pills by post programme was introduced by the Government in March 2020 in response to the nationwide lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

SPUC is urging supporters to email their MP and with a request  to contact the Department of Health and Social Care to demand an immediate inspection of all abortion providers sending pills through the post.

Antonia Tully added: "SPUC is appealing for anyone with access to official information on abortion related maternal deaths or the misuse of abortion pills sent through the post to get in touch. Please email me directly in complete confidence at this address [email protected]"

Published with permission from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

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Born with spina bifida, doctors gave her 60 seconds to live. Now she’s turning 60

Carmel’s parents were told by doctors that her spina bifida was so severe, she would die within seconds. Sixty years later, Carmel continues to defy doctor’s predications.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 9:52 pm EST
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Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
By Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

August 5, 2020 (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) — A woman, whom doctors believed would die within seconds of being born, has defied all odds and she is preparing to celebrate her 60th birthday. “We wish Carmel many happy returns,” said Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications. “But let’s not forget those unborn children whose future is snatched away by abortion because of a disability diagnosis, and who will never have a birthday. Many people with disabilities achieve their goals and lead a life of satisfaction and happiness. Each person deserves a chance to live, regardless of ability.”

Carmel Proctor was diagnosed with a severe form of spina bifida called myelomeningocele when she was born in Doncaster on August 8th 1960.

Carmel’s parents were told by doctors that her spina bifida was so severe, she would die within seconds. 60 years later, Carmel who is now a medical secretary, continues to defy doctor’s predications as she prepares to celebrate her 60th birthday.

118 babies with spina bifida aborted in 2019

SPUC’s Mr Robinson said: “During 2019 in England and Wales, 3,863 unborn children were killed by abortion for possessing a foetal anomaly. 118 of these unborn children, like Carmel, had spina bifida.

“Stories such as Carmel’s prove that a doctor’s prediction is not always correct. Carmel received her chance to live, but so many others like her do not.

“It is vital that our country’s barbaric abortion law is abolished and the basic right to life for all people, regardless of ability, is restored.”

“I was not expected to last 60 seconds”

Reflecting on her uncertain start in life, Carmel said: “I was very poorly. So much so, my parents would tell me later that I was not expected to last 60 seconds.

"My mum’s GP was called by her midwife to come see me after I was born at home. She had heard of a doctor at Sheffield Children’s Hospital who was doing some pioneering treatment for patients with spina bifida. Two days later, I was in the operating theatre.”

Carmel was treated at the hospital by a specialist surgeon and underwent medical check-ups until she was 16 years old.

In celebration of her 60 birthday, Carmel is arranging a sponsored event to fundraise for the hospital which cared for her as a child.

Medical advances improving treatment for spina bifida

Since Carmel’s birth in 1960, advances in medicine and technology have meant that the outlook for those diagnosed with spina bifida has improved.

Currently, in utero surgery can treat a number of foetal health conditions including spina bifida.

Earlier this year, as reported by SPUC, baby Elouise Simpson celebrated her first birthday after undergoing in utero spinal surgery to treat her spina bifida.

Similarly, in May 2019 doctors performed key-hole surgery on an unborn baby with spina bifida. Unborn baby, Jaxon, received the operation at just 27 weeks gestation, and as a result had the ability to move his legs after being born six weeks later.

Despite the outlook for those diagnosed with spina bifida improving significantly, an estimated 80% of mothers abort children diagnosed with spina bifida, which affects roughly four in 10,000 pregnancies.

Published with permission from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

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California city threatened with lawsuit for wanting to ax saint’s image from county seal, police badges

'For all Catholics, the only reasonable way to view the attacks on Fr. Serra is to see them as assaults by those who hate Catholics,' one of the attorneys pursuing the suit declared.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 9:32 pm EST
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St. Junípero Serra statue in Ventura, California. Ken Lund / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 (cropped)
LifeSiteNews staff
By LifeSiteNews staff

VENTURA, California, August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — What started as massive civil unrest could become an uphill legal battle for Ventura County, California, and the City of Ventura, California. Thomas More Society attorneys sent them a demand letter on August 5, 2020. The letter warns the county executive officer and city mayor that they are displaying unconstitutional hostility to the Catholic religion and subscribing to anti-Catholic animus in removing a statue of the “Apostle of California” Fr. Junipero Serra from its longstanding location outside City Hall, and considering the removal of the Catholic Hispanic Saint’s image from the county seal and city police badges.

The letter, signed by Thomas More Society Special Counsel Charles LiMandri, and Jeffrey Trissell, both of LiMandri and Jonna LLP, addresses the county and city’s kowtowing to the radical demands of a vile anti-Catholic online petition.

“Instead of pushing back against this ahistorical, anti-Catholic bigotry,” the missive reports, “the City of Ventura published a letter stating that it ‘believe[d] the time has come for the [Fr. Serra] statue to be taken down and moved to a more appropriate non-public location.”

LiMandri explained the basic problem with the city and county succumbing to the newly arisen hordes of icon-toppling rabble rousers. “The First Amendment affirmatively mandates accommodation, not merely tolerance, of all religions, and forbids hostility toward any. The government must neither abdicate its responsibility to maintain a division between church and state nor evince a hostility to religion by disabling the government from, in some ways, recognizing our religious heritage.”

Fr. Serra, a Hispanic Saint, and the first person to be canonized in the United States, is revered by Catholics worldwide. Long honored throughout the State of California, Fr. Serra is credited with establishing the Franciscan Missions in the Sierra Gorda, a mission in Baja California, and nine Spanish missions in California from San Diego to San Francisco, in what was then Spanish-occupied Alta California. 

LiMandri continued, “For all Catholics, the only reasonable way to view the attacks on Fr. Serra is to see them as assaults by those who hate Catholics and who hate that they evangelized native peoples.”

The letter noted that the removal of the Fr. Serra statue from in front of Ventura’s city hall has already resulted in litigation and expresses hope that further litigation need not be pursued. That would only occur should authorities decide to remove Fr. Serra’s image from the Ventura County Seal, City of Ventura Police Badges, or other prominent, municipal locations.

Read the demand letter Re: Removal of St. Junípero Serra from County and City Display issued August 5, 2020, to Ventura County, California, County Executive Office Michael Powers, and Ventura, California, Mayor Matthew LaVere, by Thomas More Society Special Counsel Charles LiMandri, and Jeffrey Trissell, both of LiMandri and Jonna LLP, here.

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Majority of premature babies born at 22 weeks survive if given care, studies find

Despite these studies, current medical guidance in the United States is only to consider resuscitation for babies born at 22 and 23 weeks.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 9:17 pm EST
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Kristina Bessolova /
Clare Marie Merkowsky

August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Medical advances in health care are making it possible for babies born prematurely to survive at a younger and younger age.

A 2019 study from the University of Iowa provided surprising statistics for the survival rate of premature newborns. The study found that 64% of 22-week babies and 82% of 23-week babies born alive and whose parents wanted resuscitation survived to hospital discharge.

A 2016 study in Germany found that 61% of 22-week babies and 71% of 23-week babies survived after being given care. A Swedish study found that 22-week babies given treatment had a 58% survival rate, while 66% of 23-week babies survived.

In 2019, 54% of 22-week infants and 45% of 23-week infants in Britain treated in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) survived.

Despite these studies, current medical guidance in the United States is to recommend resuscitation for babies born at 24 weeks but only to consider it for babies born at 22 and 23 weeks, The Federalist reported.

Hospitals’ treatment for 22- and 23-week babies varies across the United States. Many hospitals do not offer care to 22-week infants, and some do not treat those born at 23 weeks. Parents have told heartrending stories of health care workers refusing to treat their newborns, even at hospitals with Level 3 NICUs, the recommended facility for this age group.

In 2017, nearly 4,600 22- and 23-week babies were born alive in the United States. Based on the number of babies who can survive if given treatment, over 3,400 babies could be saved each year.

Clinics often do not attempt to administer life-saving care to premature babies, claiming that the infant will be at an increased risk of disability as a result of the prematurity. However, it is impossible to tell if a baby will have any disabilities, as it varies from case to case.

URGENT PETITION: Tell the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade! Sign the petition here.

According to a study by the British Association of Perinatal Medicine, one third of 22-week babies and one quarter of 23-week babies have a severe disability.

An advocacy group called TwentyTwo Matters offers a map of hospitals who saved at least one 22-week baby. They also offer help to parents facing a premature delivery.

The number of premature babies who could survive if given care exposes the U.S. abortion law, which extends through the full nine months of pregnancy thanks to “health of the mother” exceptions to common abortion restrictions. Every year, more than 11,000 babies at 21 weeks or later are killed by abortion.

According to research, most abortions performed at 20 weeks or later are not because of any health issues with the baby. Many of the babies killed could have survived outside the womb if given the proper care, suggesting an alternative for mothers. Acknowledging the viability of 22- and 23-week infants outside the womb will hopefully encourage a greater respect for unborn babies of the same age.

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US group to start design contest for universal pro-life flag

'Regardless of your religious and political beliefs, we are all unified around this one topic, ending abortion,' said the founder of the Pro-Life Flag project.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 9:09 pm EST
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Jeff McCoy /
Anthony Murdoch
By Anthony Murdoch

August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A U.S. group made up of supporters of the pro-life cause is looking to create a “unifying symbol” for the pro-life movement in the form of a flag under which to rally all arms of the movement in “ending abortion.”

“Regardless of your religious and political beliefs, we are all unified around this one topic, ending abortion,” said the founder of the Pro-Life Flag project, Will McFadden, to LifeSiteNews.

According to the Pro-Life Flag Project, the pro-life movement lacks a single and “well known, unifying flag.”

McFadden told LifeSiteNews that the group’s goal is to create a new, universally, and freely accessible symbol that all pro-life groups and individuals, no matter their background, can use to promote the pro-life cause.

He came up with the idea for a unified pro-life flag in 2017 at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. “I initially thought about the idea for a pro-life flag back in 2017 at the March for Life,” McFadden said, “and the idea stuck with me for a couple years after. During that time, I was continually reminded of the need for a pro-life flag whenever I saw the rainbow flag. I thought, ‘Here’s a flag of a social movement that’s flown all over the world, and everyone knows exactly what it stands for.’”

McFadden stipulated that the “Pro-Life Flag Project does not take a stance on the LGBT movement, but we do acknowledge the profound effect that the rainbow flag has had on that movement.”

McFadden told LifeSiteNews that the project currently has over 50 partners with a reach of over 275,000 members in total.

The Pro-Life Flag Project officially launched its website in February of 2020 with just Heritage House as a partner. McFadden told LifeSiteNews that in the time since its launch, the group has added many more partners, with the latest being Students for Life of America.

According to the group’s website, the project’s staffers “believe[] that designing, promoting, and proudly flying a universal, freely-reproducible, pro-life flag across the country will significantly help the movement in its already-unified aim: ending abortion.”

“People around the country, regardless of their stance on abortion, will see the flag, know its meaning, and be compelled to think about the reality of abortion. Through positive symbolism within the design, the flag will also serve to positively brand the movement that has, in many mainstream currents, been so vilified and misrepresented.”

McFadden has two other partners helping him run the project and notes that the group is still in the preparation phase, with the actual design phase of the flag coming within the next few months.

The flag’s design phase will run for a total of nine weeks: six weeks of promotion, a week of submissions, and about two weeks of review and finalist selection. The contest will be held on, a website dedicated to hosting professional design contests to create logos and designs for businesses and other organizations.

McFadden told LifeSiteNews that the gruop decided to go with the site because it is a proven and reputable site and because the Pro-Life Flag Project also wants to gather interest from professional designers who might not have heard of the contest through initial pro-life promotions.

In addition to the professional design contest, the group is also holding an auxiliary contest for non-professionals. McFadden told LifeSiteNews that the group decided to have this second contest so everyone could have a chance to participate.

As an inspiration for the flag, the group has suggested that designers consider incorporating numerous symbolic elements, including the well known pro-life “Precious Feet” symbol, featuring a ten-week-old baby. This has been used since 1979 as the international symbol of the pro-life movement.

It was created by the pro-life organization Heritage House’s Virginia and Ellis Evers, with Virginia creating the lapel pin version, which, according to their site, has seen over 11,000,000 distributed worldwide.

“It is this little pin’s heritage that is laying the groundwork for a new, updated symbol of the pro-life movement … [a] freely-reproducible pro-life symbol for all,” says the group's website.

McFadden told LifeSiteNews that he hopes the Pro-Life Flag Project will soon be able to launch the design contest and added that anyone interested in signing up should visit the group’s website for more information.

Following the design phase, the voting phase will commence. This two-week period will be an opportunity for all pro-lifers to vote on which design finalist they like the most and want to see as the official flag of the pro-life movement.

“The Voting Phase allows us to hear the voice of the whole pro-life movement, truly making this project a movement-wide process,” McFadden told LifeSiteNews.

Jeff Gunnarson, national president of Campaign Life Coalition in Canada, told LifeSiteNews that the idea of a unified flag is a great one, so long as it is available to all.

“I think the flag is a good idea as long as it is free to be used by all pro-life groups and there were no conditions attached to the use of the flag,” Gunnarson told LifeSiteNews. “Hopefully it will give the movement a united look which may help in marketing the message that all pre-born children deserve protection from conception.”

McFadden confirmed for LifeSiteNews that the flag will be free to use for everyone worldwide, but the project’s partners will get to have a first look and use of the flag even before its official unveiling.

“All pro-life non-profit groups will be able to freely use and reproduce the flag however they’d like after its official unveiling. Our promotional partner organizations, however, will have access to the design immediately following the contest,” McFadden told LifeSiteNews.

“We hope that for-profit groups will want to use and reproduce the symbol as well, but we request they reach out to us first so that we can ensure the symbol is being used appropriately and in a way that is not detrimental to the pro-life movement. If you or your organization like the idea and want to get involved, we’d be happy to have you as a participant or a promotional partner. Please visit our website and get in touch with us.”


Pro-Life Flag Project
Will McFadden — Founder
EMAIL: [email protected]

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Pence kicks off pro-life tour across America at pregnancy center, meets mom who chose life

The U.S. vice president began his Life Wins tour by thanking a Florida clinic for saving 500 babies in the past 12 months.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 8:12 pm EST
Featured Image
Vice President Mike Pence looks at Kia, a mother who considered aborting her child before changing her mind at a Florida pregnancy center. Twitter
Clare Marie Merkowsky

URGENT PETITION: Tell the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade! Sign the petition here.

TAMPA, Florida, August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Vice President Mike Pence kicked off his multi-state pro-life tour today by visiting a pregnancy center before speaking at a Christian church.

Pence began his Life Wins tour with the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List in Tampa, Florida. He visited A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic, where he met Kia, a mother who had considered aborting her child but changed her mind after visiting the clinic. 

After visiting the clinic, Pence tweeted, “Thank you to A Women’s Place Medical Clinic for the work you’re doing to save the innocent lives of the unborn, including 10,000 babies in the last 35 years & 500 babies within the last 12 months.”

“I couldn’t be more proud to be part of the most Pro-Life Administration in history!” he added.

Pence later spoke at Starkey Road Baptist Church, delivering an encouraging pro-life message: “Life is winning in America, from the White House to courthouses, the U.S. Senate, and in conservative legislatures across the country.”

“The work of SBA has never been more important,” he continued. “We’ve made great progress and I think life is winning because of the activism that you are all a part of in this country.”

“But I also believe life is winning because of the compassion and love that have been shown to women facing crisis pregnancies all across this country now for decades. The pro-life movement is defined by generosity, compassion, and love for women and unborn children.”

“I’m proud to report to you that there are now far more pregnancy care centers in America than abortion clinics. The truth about abortion is being told and this new generation is choosing life.”  

He quoted President Donald Trump’s recent statement that “every person is worth protecting, every human soul is divine, and every human life born and unborn is made in the holy image of almighty God.”

“With your continued support,” he stated, “with your dedication, the cause of life will build on the extraordinary progress we’ve made these 3 1/2 years.”

“We’ll continue to see pro-life men and women of principle elected and re-elected from the White House to the Statehouse, and the day will come when we restore the right to life to the center of American law and we will make America great again,” he concluded. “God bless you for all you do, and God bless America.” 

  a woman's place medical clinic, abortion, donald trump, florida, mike pence, pregnancy centers, susan b. anthony list


Abortions double in Anne-of-Green-Gables province two years after becoming available

There were 67 abortions on on Prince Edward Island in 2017, 86 in 2018, and 143 in 2019.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 7:24 pm EST
Featured Image
Lianne Laurence Lianne Laurence Follow Lianne
By Lianne Laurence

PETITION: Hold UN accountable for babies killed by sex-selection abortion! Sign the petition here.

August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The number of abortions on Prince Edward Island has doubled in the two years since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government pressured the province to allow the killing of unborn children on the island.

PEI ministry of health data obtained by pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney show that there were 67 abortions on the Island in 2017, 86 in 2018, and 143 in 2019.

And according to data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), 147 unborn children were killed in PEI in 2017 and 205 in 2018, Maloney reported on Run With Life.

CIHI has not released figures for 2019, but the discrepancy between its figures and Health Canada’s is marked. LifeSiteNews contacted both the Health PEI and CIHI for an explanation of the difference in numbers but did not hear back by deadline.

Health PEI also recorded four abortions taking place in 2015 and six in 2016, Maloney discovered.

“It’s tragic to learn the human cost of the former PEI Liberal government’s decision to fund and set up access to abortion starting in 2017,” said Jack Fonseca, director of operations for  Campaign Life Coalition, the political arm of Canada’s pro-life movement. 

It’s generally reported that until January 31, 2017, PEI had been abortion-free for 35 years — the result of tireless efforts by the Island’s pro-life movement, as well as the Catholic Church making it a condition of the 1982 merger of Charlottetown’s Catholic and Protestant hospitals that the new hospital would not commit abortions.  

However, in the run-up to Trudeau’s victory in October 2015, he hinted that as prime minister he would force PEI to provide abortions, and in March 2016, health minister Jane Philpott suggested she would consider withholding health transfer payments to the province if it did not fall into line.

Meanwhile, Abortion Access Now PEI sued the Liberal government of then-Premier Wade MacLauchlan in January 2016 in a court action supported by the Legal and Education Action Fund (LEAF) to allow abortion on the Island.

MacLauchlan announced in September that his government was developing a women’s “wellness” centre that would provide what the government called “pregnancy termination.”

The Women’s Wellness Program & Sexual Health Services is based at Prince County Hospital in Summerside. Abortions are done in the hospital. It is not clear from the government website if they are committed in other hospitals. 

Fonseca puts the blame “squarely” on Canada’s prime minister for PEI’s “deeper plunge into the culture of death.” 

It was because of the pressure Trudeau put on the province to increase abortion access while campaigning there in 2016 that MacLauchlan “caved and promised to ‘remove barriers’ to abortion access,” Fonseca told LifeSiteNews in an email.

“Once recognized as Canada's safe haven for babies in the womb, PEI has now doubled its rate of preborn child murder since this form of homicide was first permitted just two years ago,” Fonseca said. 

“We don’t know for sure whether these killings would have occurred in a different province if PEI had never agreed to provide access, but the doubling effect in just two years, along with rapid, year-over-year increases, suggests to me that the change in government policy has desensitized a lot of Islanders to the horror of abortion, and created a net gain in the number of women choosing it, or otherwise being coerced into taking the lives of their offspring,” he added.  

“Each of the lives should steel the resolve of pro-life Islanders to do the work on the ground to reverse this nightmare over the coming years. It will require much prayer, fasting and political engagement too.”

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LGBT website doxxes women athletes opposed to diluting sex-specific sports

Outsports published the names of those who signed the Save Women's Sports letter.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 5:00 pm EST
Featured Image
Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – An LGBT sports blog has published without consent the names of hundreds of female athletes who wrote the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Board of Governors to resist pressure from LGBT activists to dilute women’s sports with the inclusion of gender-confused biological males.

On July 29, the group Save Women’s Sports (SWS) sent a letter to the board on behalf of more than 300 female athletes, arguing against calls to boycott Idaho over the state’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. The law forbids “transgender females” – males who “identify” as female – from competing against actual females in school athletic events, with disputes over a student’s gender settled by physical and genetic examination.

The NCAA has previously come out against the Idaho law, and said the Board of Governors would discuss the matter in August.

“Each one of us has benefitted (sic) personally, and many of us professionally, from a fair and level playing field,” the SWS letter says. “We have achieved striking success in the sports we love, and we are committed to preserving the same equality of opportunity for future female athletes.”

“We strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to compete, but true athletic parity for women demands that women’s sports be protected for biological females,” it continues. “Protecting the integrity of women’s sports has, for decades, played an integral role in remedying past discrimination against women and empowering them to achieve their full athletic potential.”

Over the weekend, the LGBT sports blog Outsports (which is part of the far-left Vox Media network) published the names of all 309 women who signed the letter. Most of the names had not previously been made public, as many were “afraid of the backlash that they might get on social media of being labeled a transphobe or a hater,” The Federalist noted.

“Martina Navratilova and her co-signers could not hide from us,” declared the site’s managing editor, Dawn Ennis, who justified identifying them on the grounds that “those who stand in favor of discrimination ought to be held accountable.”

“It is disgraceful that Outsports and other like-minded extremist activist groups are bullying and harassing women simply for standing up for fairness in the sports they love,” Save Women’s Sports responded in a statement. “Rather than engaging in peaceful dialogue, Outsports is on a witch hunt to silence women for respectfully advocating for fair competition. We at Save Women’s Sports, along with hundreds of female athletes, choose dialogue over doxing and we reject these bullying tactics from fringe, petty, and disreputable organizations.”

Ennis scoffed at the idea that publishing the names could lead to harassment or violence against her opponents, citing “significantly greater incidents of violent attacks on trans people, and murders. compared to the number of threats that cisgender opponents of trans inclusion have claimed and reported.”

Yet the rise of left-wing “cancel culture” across academia, corporate America, and social media is a well-known phenomenon, leading to a recent survey's finding that every ideological group but “strong liberals” currently feels unfree to speak their mind for fear of societal reprisals, such as LGBT activists’ frequent campaigns to stigmatize traditional views on sexuality and gender as bigoted.

Additionally, the persistent “transgender murder epidemic” is not reflected in national population and crime statistics, which show that the alleged trans murder rate of 1.8 per 100,000 is lower than the overall murder rate of 4.9 per 100,000. Additionally, the actual trans murder rate is likely even lower, as it’s derived from a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) list of “anti-trans” murders that admits there were no suspects in at least two of the cases (meaning the motive is unconfirmed) and is vague about the details of several others.

As for the substance of the trans-athlete debate, the Journal of Medical Ethics published a paper last June finding that “healthy young men (do) not lose significant muscle mass (or power) when their circulating testosterone levels were reduced to (below International Olympic Committee guidelines) for 20 weeks,” and “indirect effects of testosterone” on factors such as bone structure, lung volume, and heart size “will not be altered by hormone therapy”; therefore “the advantage to transwomen (men) afforded by the (International Olympic Committee) guidelines is an intolerable unfairness.”

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Rand Paul introduces bill to free parents, students from locked-down public schools

The bill would guarantee that children in private or homeschooling would receive the same amount of money as children in the public school system, guarantee their access to federally funded school food programs, and protect the right of public and religious schools to operate against government interference.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 4:40 pm EST
Featured Image
Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

PETITION: Support school choice and call on the U.S. Senate to pass the SCHOOL Act! Sign the petition here.

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In light of public schools across the country refusing to reopen at the end of the month due to COVID-19 fears, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced legislation Wednesday that would give parents greater freedom to turn to alternative schools still willing to teach.

S. 4432, the Support Children Having Open Opportunities for Learning (SCHOOL) Act, would allow federal education funds to follow a child to the public school, private school, or homeschool program of their parents’ choice according to a press release from Paul’s office. 

It would also guarantee that children in private or homeschooling would receive the same amount of money as children in the public school system, guarantee their access to federally funded school food programs, and protect the right of public and religious schools to operate against government interference, like the shutdown order recently imposed by Montgomery County, Maryland (which was soon reversed by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan).

“As the impact of the ongoing pandemic and the government response efforts continue to place parents in situations requiring greater flexibility in balancing working and providing for their families’ critical needs, especially when educating their children at home, my SCHOOL Act grants them that flexibility by empowering them to use their own tax dollars to find the option that best fits their family’s needs and allowing them to reclaim a bit of stability in uncertain times,” Paul declared.

Keeping schools closed is not among the coronavirus prevention or containment measures advocated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

Last week, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said the “cost to our nation in continuing to keep these schools closed is substantial,” especially the mental and emotional toll of prolonged social isolation. “We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from COVID,” he said. “We’re seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose that are above excess that we had as background than we are seeing the deaths from COVID.”

The Trump administration has forcefully advocated that public schools reopen this fall. Yet despite the above concerns, and despite evidence that reopening would pose little-to-no risk to children or teachers, recent polls indicate that majorities remain wary of reopening.

Such public perception of the danger posed by COVID-19 has carried intense real-world consequences. Instead of targeted policies to secure vulnerable populations, most states responded to the outbreak by imposing strict limits on “non-essential” activity, including delays of non-urgent medical procedures. As a result, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost, with more than 33 million Americans filing for unemployment and studies predicting that tens of thousands of small businesses will never reopen.

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‘I will go to jail before I close,’ says Christian pastor who refuses to ‘live in constant fear’

Across the world, many secular authorities have heavily restricted the right to religious assembly in the name of containing the coronavirus.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 4:19 pm EST
Featured Image
Pastor Locke's Facebook page
Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

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August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Another Christian pastor is vowing defiance against secular authorities who may attempt to force him to shut down his church over the coronavirus, even at the cost of his own freedom.

“Churches should be open,” declared Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, the Washington Examiner reports. “There should be no excuses. I will go to jail before I close my church.”

Global Vision has also declined to require congregants to practice so-called social distancing or wear masks while indoors, which Locke says stems from a refusal to “live in constant fear and media hysteria.”

Across the world, many secular authorities have heavily restricted the right to religious assembly in the name of containing COVID-19, including a few specifically targeting distribution of Holy Communion on the tongue.

In California, Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has banned indoor religious services in 29 counties representing 80 percent of the state’s population, in the name of containing the spread of COVID-19. Several churches have defied the order, including Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, Cornerstone Church of Fresno, Destiny Christian Church of Rocklin, and Harvest Rock Church of Pasadena.

But of arguably greater concern for the faithful are Catholic leaders voluntarily imposing such restrictions on their congregations. Bishops in parts of the United States, France, Malta, Jerusalem, Singapore, the Philippines, England, and Wales have all forbidden receiving Communion on the tongue. In the U.S. territory of Guam, St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Parish has posted warnings not to kneel during prayer.

“When officials restrict church attendance to a certain number, they attempt to impose a restriction that in principle makes it impossible for the saints to gather as the church,” declared Pastor John MacArthur and the elders of California’s Grace Community Church. “When officials mandate distancing, they attempt to impose a restriction that in principle makes it impossible to experience the close communion between believers that is commanded in Romans 16:16, 1 Corinthians 16:20, 2 Corinthians 13:12, and 1 Thessalonians 5:26. In all those spheres, we must submit to our Lord.”

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Doctors warn birth control pill may increase risk of blood clots from COVID-19

The authors suggest there may be a chance that risk of blood clots and strokes for pregnant women and those using the pill or hormone replacement therapy is heightened by the virus.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 4:05 pm EST
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Dorothy Cummings McLean Dorothy Cummings McLean Follow Dorothy
By Dorothy Cummings McLean

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PORTLAND, Maine, August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) ― A recent paper has suggested that women who use the birth control pill may be particularly susceptible to blood clots if they contract COVID-19. 

Doctors Daniel I. Spratt, an endocrinologist, and Rachel J. Buchsbaum, a hematologist, published “COVID-19 and Hypercoagulability: Potential Impact on Management with Oral Contraceptives, Estrogen Therapy and Pregnancy” in the Endocrinology journal on July 29.

The physicians wrote that one of the consequences of contracting the coronavirus seems to be an increased risk of blood clots.

“The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has proven unusual with respect to the spectrum of its pathological effects,” they wrote.

“In addition to damage inflicted on the lungs, kidneys, heart and other organ systems, reports have emerged of hypercoagulable states in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.” 

These clots and their travels from one part of the body to another “occur with a troublesome frequency” in coronavirus patients, they added. 

Given this situation and other emerging COVID-19 research, the authors suggest there may be a chance that risk of blood clots and strokes for pregnant women and those using the pill or hormone replacement therapy is heightened by the virus.

“As more information emerges regarding the effects of SARS-CoV-2 on coagulation, questions arise as to whether infection with this virus aggravates the risk of [venous thromboembolic events (VTEs)] and strokes associated with combined oral contraceptives (COC’s) and other estrogen therapies as well as pregnancy-associated risks,” they wrote. 

High doses of estrogen already have their dangers, and not just for older women and, for that matter, not just for women. 

The doctors noted that contraceptive pills are linked to a “2- to 6-fold increase in risk for VTEs.”

“The risk for stroke is increased in young women from about 4 to 8 in 100,000 women per year,” they wrote. 

“Similar data exist for oral hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in menopausal women and oral estrogen therapy in male-to-female transgender patients [sic].” 

Pregnancy also carries a heightened risk for VTEs, they wrote, increasing 4-5 fold.  

The doctors added that, although there is no “clear data” to support this advice, it is commonly recommended that people stop taking estrogen two weeks before they do something that could also increase their risk of blood clots, like surgery or long flights. 

Spratt and Buchsbaum also noted there have so far been no reports of increased incidents of VTEs among women with coronavirus who are pregnant or using estrogen products. However, one “preliminary report” has suggested that “vascular abnormalities in the placenta” can accompany a COVID-19 infection. Also, given the relationships between the virus and blood clots, the doctors believe that more research must be done for women already at a higher risk for the latter. 

Their questions include concerns for the effect of the coronavirus’s tendency to cause hyperinflammation on the health of unborn babies, as well as the measures that should be taken to reduce the risk of blood clots to pregnant women, women who use estrogen products, and women with the virus. 

The doctors stressed the importance of these questions by predicting that the novel coronavirus will be around for years to come. 

“We do not know how long the current pandemic will endure and can be reasonably certain that, like the H1N1 virus causing the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic, SARS-Co-V-2 will return cyclically for years if not decades,” they wrote. 

“Thus, the importance of undertaking research to answer these questions will continue with findings likely to be applicable in a wide range of clinical situations.”  

As yet doctors do not know why or how the virus has an impact on blood coagulation. Spratt and Buchsbaum called for researchers and clinicians, and for endocrinologists and hematologists to work together to find the answers. 

Rachel J. Buchsbaum, MD, is the Director of the Cancer Center and Chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Daniel Spratt, MD, works in the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. 

LifeSiteNews reached out to Dr. Spratt for further comment today and is awaiting a reply.  

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Bishops defy Kentucky governor’s suggestion they suspend Sunday Mass for two weeks

The bishops said their parishes are doing a ‘very good job’ with so-called social distancing, mask-wearing, and hygiene. 
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 3:25 pm EST
Featured Image
Martin Bürger Martin Bürger Follow Martin
By Martin Bürger

Urgent appeal to the bishops of the world: Feed your flock! Sign the petition here.

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz is defying Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s suggestion he suspend in-person Sunday worship for two weeks. Kurtz is the Archbishop of Louisville and served as the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops from 2013 until 2016.

“In a letter to priests July 25, Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz said parishes in the Archdiocese of Louisville would continue holding Masses at reduced capacity and ask pastors to ‘double down on issues such as social distancing and mask wearing,’” reported the weekly diocesan newspaper The Record.

“The Catholic bishops of the Commonwealth of Kentucky discussed this request late this week and decided not to ask parishes to suspend worship because of the very good job Catholic parishes have been doing with what has been asked of us, e.g. social distancing, mask-wearing, hygiene, cleaning, etc. and because of possible confusion on the part of the faithful,” Kurtz wrote.

“I also am aware that many of you have already scheduled weddings (some of which had been previously canceled), funerals, and so on. We sent a letter summarizing our thoughts to Rev. Kent Gilbert, president of the board of the Kentucky Council of Churches and copied Rocky Adkins, senior advisor to Governor Beshear.”

Governor Beshear had suggested suspending religious services for two Sundays after consulting with the Kentucky Council of Churches.

“In the vast majority of our parishes, prudent caution on the part of our people has kept our crowd sizes well within the capacity guidelines,” the bishops wrote to the Kentucky Council of Churches. “Given the rising number of cases, attendance may decline further.”

While the number of cases has indeed increased since early July, the seven-day average of deaths per day has remained under 10 deaths ever since the coronavirus outbreak in the state. In almost five months, fewer than 800 deaths have been attributed to COVID-19.

The bishops emphasized they would insist on the faithful wearing masks during Mass.

Conservative writer Daniel Horowitz has pointed out that state governments like California had said in the context of wildfires, “Surgical masks, dust masks, bandanas or other face coverings do not offer protection from particle pollution. Inexpensive paper ‘comfort’ or ‘dust’ masks commonly found at hardware stores are designed to trap large particles and do not provide enough protection for your lungs.”

Horowitz added, “SARS-CoV-2 particles are even smaller, between 60-140 nanometers, which is approximately 1/10th the size of the smoke particles for which masks don’t help.”

In mid-March, Governor Beshear urged the bishops, as well as other religious leaders, not to allow any worship services.

On March 16, the Archbishop Kurtz and the other bishops in Kentucky banned public Masses.

Two months later, on May 11, Kurtz released a plan to restart public Masses, beginning on May 20.

The guidelines asked parishes to implement numerous measures to spread the coronavirus from spreading. “Limit the available seating in your church to allow for social distancing,” the document told priests. They were also asked to provide hand sanitizer.

“Church choirs should not gather and sing together. Choir members should sit among the assembly. It might be helpful to reduce the amount of congregational singing in the initial stages of reopening and use instrumental music and/or music for the cantor only,” according to the guidelines.

On masks, the document stated, “During this initial period of re-opening, all parishioners should wear face coverings or masks when attending Mass. Require any liturgical minister to wear a mask or face covering with the exception of cantors or lectors while they are singing/reading. Priests and deacons should wear masks or face coverings when distributing Communion.”

At the same time, Archbishop Kurtz said that “an individual not wearing a mask should not be denied admittance.”

  catholic, coronavirus, joseph kurtz, kentucky


EXCLUSIVE: Politician booted from party for opposing COVID power grab opens up about being truly conservative

Ontario MPP Belinda Karahalios talked to LifeSite about her pro-life views, her work opposing rigged elections, and how parents can fight problematic sex-ed. 
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 2:49 pm EST
Featured Image
Ontario politician Belinda Karahalios. MPPS / Youtube
Dorothy Cummings McLean Dorothy Cummings McLean Follow Dorothy
By Dorothy Cummings McLean

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario, August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Last month Belinda Karahalios, a Member of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament (MPP), was kicked out of the Conservative (PC) Party for voting against a Coronavirus-related bill giving extraordinary powers to the Premier of Ontario.

Karahalios, 38, the child of Trinidadian and Portuguese immigrants to Canada, was praised by conservative groups for her stand against Bill 195. The Canadian Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom (JCCF) called the new act an “unconstitutional power grab.” 

LifeSiteNews spoke to the now “independent” MPP last Friday on several topics, including her dismissal from the PC caucus

“My vote did not make or break that vote,” Karahalios told LifeSiteNews about Bill 195. “This wasn't a campaign promise or the budget bill. So the fact that I was removed from caucus because I was doing what my constituents asked me to do is a little ridiculous.”

Karahalios said Bill 195 was extraordinarily unpopular with the public.   

“You know, every bill that's gone through the legislature, our office always receives two sides of the story: people saying, yes, please vote for it or no, don't vote for this bill. And Bill 195 was the only bill where I received consensus among people of all political stripes or no political stripes, saying you can't vote for this bill,” she said. 

Karahalios said she read the bill thoroughly, checking the Acts it referenced, and asked for additional briefings on the proposal. She said she made her concerns quite clear. Her biggest problem with the bill is that it dispenses with the ability of MPPs to speak on behalf of their constituents by giving decision-making power directly to Premier Doug Ford, his proxy, or any of his cabinet ministers. 

“I have a big, big problem with that because it essentially gives him the power to do what he feels is necessary,” Karahalios said.  

“And what if that ‘necessary’ is only what the mainstream media is saying it should [be]?” she continued.  

“Just yesterday, for example, the Education Minister was saying they're going to mandate masks for Grade 4 and up. Well, Grade 4, you're about nine years old in Ontario. [But] Sick Kids' Hospital in Toronto is saying that you probably don't need to mandate masks for elementary school students.”

Karahalios said that as a parent it made her feel “very uncomfortable” that the government was mandating what her child wears on his face.   

“The ability to vote, the ability to discuss, the ability to debate, and talk about the good and the bad of these things, I think, is very important,” she added.

The MPP said that the support she received after her vote and her dismissal was “nothing short of overwhelming” and also “humbling” because she had just done what she had to do: vote the way her constituents wanted her to vote. 

“Because I got kicked out, it was incredible: the emails, the phone calls,” she said. 

There were also social media messages in her favor, but Karahalios was intrigued that many people told her that they don’t use social media because they don’t like being criticized. This leads her to believe that more people support her and other social conservatives more than the media would have the public believe. 

Karahalios told LifeSiteNews that she has been interested in politics since her Trinidadian father told her and her brothers growing up that it was important to know what governments on all levels―municipal, provincial, and federal―were up to.  

“We live in a democracy, and we want to be part of those decisions, or make our voices heard,” she recalled him saying.  

Politics was always a part of the standard conversation in her life, and when Karahalios reached the Canadian legal voting age, she began political volunteering. Once she started working, she donated money and took part in campaigns. She told LifeSiteNews that the values of the Conservative party made sense to her. 

“They involve things like, fiscally, not overspending, being wise with the budget, and accountability, and the freedom of speech and religion,” Karahalios said. 

On the social conservative side of things, I do not agree with abortion or euthanasia, for example,” she continued. 

“I believe that life is a very precious gift, and we should cherish that.” 

Social conservatives excluded, silenced by rigged party elections 

The MPP also believes that there are still many social conservatives in the Conservative Party of Canada, which means that social conservatives “have the votes,” Karahalios said. 

“But the problem is that a lot of the parties in Canada are being run in a corrupt, undemocratic manner. And it is typically done to exclude pro-lifers and conservatives at large.” 

One trick that particularly infuriates Karahalios is the in-party practice of ballot-box stuffing. This means that one person votes several times and/or that ineligible people are allowed to vote. The MPP told LifeSiteNews that other Canadian political parties do this, but that this is a real problem for the PCs. Tampering with internal party elections is not illegal in Canada. 

Karahalios cited a recent election for the president of the PC party as an egregious example of ballot-box stuffing. Karahalios’ husband Jim Karahalios was the runner-up in that contest.  

“In that election, there were more ballots than there were attendees at the convention,” Belinda Karahalios said.  

“Brian Patterson supposedly won by 56 ballots, but there were many more ballots than people present. A lawsuit about that is before the court.” 

PC party 2018 election final tally

The MPP said that this can be demoralizing for socially conservative grassroots members who buy party memberships so they can take part in nominations, supporting like-minded or courageous candidates who will vote the way their constituents want them to.  

“When you stop having nominations and candidates are appointed, that's when you see silencing of the pro-life individual, the socially conservative individual, but also all of our grassroots members. Then [the establishment] finally disqualifies candidates or they kick someone like me out of caucus,” Belinda Karahalios said. 

She secured a private member's bill called Bill 150, which aims at stopping voter fraud in internal party elections. It would make ballot-box stuffing and lying in elections an offence. Karahalios says that it has cross-party support. 

“It's sitting at committee right now,” she said. 

“It's a safeguard that we need in this province and in the country to ensure that no one's voices are being silenced when it comes to choosing an individual who could likely be an elected representative at the provincial level.”  

The MPP said corrupt internal party elections are very discouraging for people who want to get involved at this level. 

“If you buy the membership and go to these conventions, you're spending money, you're spending time,” Karahalios said.  

And when people see the candidates that they would like being disqualified, or see signs of corruption, a lot will just throw up their hands and say, ‘What's the point?’" she continued. 

“We're very lucky in Ontario that we have Campaign Life Coalition. They do a really great job advocating and supporting MPPs like me who are pushing the establishment on issues like this.” 

Karahalios does not believe that being pro-life has hurt her political career, but she was critical of politicians who say that they are pro-life but are unwilling to put their beliefs into action. 

“I've seen it on the federal level  where you'll see members of parliament saying, ‘Well, you know, you can't be a dead soldier’ so they don't vote the right way on the issues that they speak so passionately about. They don't actually do the advocacy work,” she said.

Working behind the scenes for pro-lifers, churchgoers  

When challenged, Karahalios pointed to her own behind-the-scenes advocacy work on behalf of pro-lifers in the Kitchener, Ontario area. An abortion center in the small city had asked for a “bubble zone” which would make it illegal for anyone to pray or offer help to abortion-minded women.    

“It's quite frankly [troubling], if you're interested in the freedom of speech,” the Cambridge MPP told LifeSiteNews.  

“So, I had had a conversation with the Attorney General, and I said, ‘You know, as conservatives, we should be encouraging freedom of speech. We should not be blocking people.’ And I asked quite strongly that we do not implement a bubble zone around the Kitchener abortion clinic,” she continued. 

“And so we do not have one currently. I really hope that that continues to be true.”

Karahalios also said that she had worked to get Ontario churches reopened after they had been closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“We know that religion is, for many people, considered an essential service, whether it's for their own spiritual well-being or for their mental well-being or whatever the case is,” she said. 

“And I very quickly brought this up with several ministers saying we have to open them up, even if it is in a restrictive way. We need to allow people to get back into their places of worship and pray. We have to.” 

The MPP says that she met with many religious leaders from her community, and they were willing to do “whatever it took” to get their places of worship reopened. 

“And so I'm happy to say that we now have churches open in Ontario. I believe that happened a lot faster because I did so much pedal to the metal, so to speak,” she said. 

Writing and calling, not petitions alone, will stop Wynne sex-ed program

Regarding the sex education curriculum imposed by former premier and lesbian Kathleen Wynne on the province, Karahalios confirmed that Premier Doug Ford broke his campaign promise to repeal it. She declared herself a firm opponent of the curriculum, but said only Campaign Life Coalition had given her support in fighting it. She believes change will come only if others opposed to the Wynne curriculum write to and call their MPPs, the Minister of Education, and their school boards.  

“Signing a petition is great, but the thing is, politicians will receive that petition and say, ‘OK, we got it. Look, we'll present it in the legislature, or we'll table it.’ But it doesn't create enough heat. To create heat, it's not enough to sign a petition.”

Karahalios recommended that parents detail in their communications exactly what it is they dislike about the curriculum and also write or call again asking for follow-up. 

“I want to encourage parents,” she said. 

“We can't depend on the government to deliver that [sex education] message. I think that's a slippery slope. And we've seen how that's gone with Kathleen Wynne.”

The MPP underscored to LifeSiteNews that social conservatives can make a difference by supporting like-minded MPPs with letters, emails and phone calls when they have to make “hard decisions.” Writing and calling MPPs to know where they stand on certain issues, and even requesting meetings to discuss them, can be effective. Volunteering and giving donations during nominations or elections are also helpful. 

“Really it's that vocal support [that is necessary] because I believe that we are a majority when it comes to socially conservative values,” Karahalios concluded.    

  belinda karahalios, conservative, coronavirus, coronavirus bill, doug ford, ontario


Season 2 of ‘The Chosen,’ crowdfunded series about life of Jesus, to begin production soon

The series has nearly 50 million views, in more than 180 countries, with audio subtitles available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 1:01 pm EST
Featured Image
Jesus heals the leper in season 1, episode 6
Clare Marie Merkowsky

PETITION: Break up Big Tech tyrants and defend free speech! Sign the petition here.

LOS ANGELES, California, August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Season Two of The Chosen, the first multi-season series about the life of Jesus Christ, will begin production this September. The project has been fully crowdfunded through donations and investments.

In a live-streamed video, on July 23, Dallas Jenkins, the producer and co-writer of The Chosen, revealed his intention to produce Season Two.

“Between COVID-19 and the fact that we’re doing this outside the system,” Jenkins said, “it has been a challenge to know exactly how and where we can produce Season Two for the fans.”

“But those are also the reasons we feel such urgency to get the stories of Jesus to the world as soon as possible. Our fans’ generosity is allowing us to overcome these hurdles.”

Season One’s eight episodes, released in 2017 and produced by the family-friendly studio VidAngel, have been a wild success.

The series has nearly 50 million views, in more than 180 countries, with audio subtitles available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi.  

The Chosen is the top crowdfunded media project in history, having raised $20 million from fans alone; this is enough to produce a second season. 

The second season will “explore the building of Jesus’ group of disciples and the personal and interpersonal pros and cons of Jesus’ growing notoriety as they take their ministry on the road.”

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Jonathan Roumie, the actor who plays Jesus in the series, said, “It's been the preeminent experience of my life to honor and play Our Lord and Savior.”

“I'm a practicing Catholic…Christ has always been in my life [but] in the last several years, that relationship has really, really gotten stronger.”

“Because of the amount of times I've played Christ in a variety of projects in the last six, seven years, it's [become] clear to me that God is using me in this very specific and very literal way to bring people closer to His son,” he continued.

“I always felt that He had given me artistic gifts for a reason — to use them to glorify Him. And with this particular role He couldn't get clearer than that, as far as wanting me to use my gifts to glorify Him.”

“God wants His story to be told and He wants it to be told now,” he said. “And He's given us the opportunity to tell it and do it well.”

The Chosen can be watched by downloading the mobile app or streaming from Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, or Chromecast. To support this endeavor, donate here.

  catholic, christianity, the chosen


Why must the left speak ill even of the dead? The truth about pro-life warrior Mike Adams

Professor Adams faced relentless attacks from his university, from other students, and from the media for his pro-life advocacy and conservative beliefs.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 12:57 pm EST
Featured Image

August 4, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Mike Adams is described by friends as a “pro-life and free speech warrior,” “witty,” and “satirical,” yet in recent obituaries, he is being defamed by the mainstream media for his conservative views and satirical posts.

Dr. Frank Turek, a close personal friend of Mike’s, joins Jonathon Van Maren on today’s episode of The Van Maren Show to set the record straight and pay tribute to Mike’s contributions to the conservative movement.  

Mike Adams was a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina, a columnist, and a pro-life and free speech activist. After converting to Christianity, he faced discrimination at the University of North Carolina despite being loved by his students. After a seven-year lawsuit, the courts ruled that UNC had unfairly discriminated against Adams.  

Watch the full interview here:

During that time and continuing, Adams faced relentless attacks from the university, from other students, and from the media for his conservative beliefs. Dr. Turek said that health issues may have impacted Adams' ability to think clearly, and may have resulted in his suicide in June of this year.  

The mainstream media haven’t heard of the adage “never speak ill of the dead,” as that is all they seem to be doing in Adams’s obituaries. It wasn’t enough to attack the man when he was alive; the beratement must continue now that he has passed.  

Dr. Turek provides truth and light in honoring Adams after his death. Turek directs people to listen to his full podcast eulogy to hear more of Adams’s achievements and contributions to society 

Turek highlights the children Mike saved through his pro-life work, his fearless defense of freedom, and the countless lives he touched as a teacher. 

In addition to teaching at the University of North Carolina, Adams also taught at the Cross Examined Summit, a Christian ministry run by Turek, training more than 15,000 graduates throughout his time here. 

“He was afraid of virtually no one when it came to speaking for free speech and speaking for the pro-life movement,” Turek shares. 

Turek also points to Adams’s victory over UNC as setting precedent to protect professors from discrimination for their political views. 

Turek also discusses Adams’s great sense of humor and joy for life. Adams loved to point out the obvious using satire. He was even a contributor to the Babylon Bee for a while. 

Listen to the full interview here: 

Once, at a rally protesting Mike Adams, Adams himself joined the rally and began shouting, “I hate Mike Adams.” It took the people in the crowd a while to realize that the man they were protesting had actually joined their ranks. 

Adams even sold “I hate Mike Adams” bumper stickers. A friend recommended he make the most of the attacks against him and use the money to fund his website, so Mike did!

According to Turek, a friend called it the “ultimate triumph of capitalism over socialism.” 

“Have the socialists pay you for your product that says, ‘I hate Mike Adams.’ And then you could take that money and fund your website. It’s the it's the ultimate triumph of capitalism over socialism.” 

Van Maren and Turek also discuss Adams’s powerful pro-life advocacy. Adams was a proponent of using strong images to illustrate the point. It is very difficult to see the hands and feet of an aborted baby and not recognize him as a human being.  

Turek and Adams’s family are looking into the cause of Mike Adams’s death, as he had not been himself in the few weeks leading to his death. Either way, Adams was a staunch defender of life who suffered greatly at the hands of the left.  

The Van Maren Show is hosted on numerous platforms, including Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, and Google Play.

For a full listing of episodes, and to subscribe to various channels, visit our Acast webpage here.

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Hospitals have incentive to inflate COVID-deaths, CDC chief admits

“I think you’re correct ... the hospital would prefer the [classification] for HIV because there’s greater reimbursement.'
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 8:15 am EST
Featured Image
YouTube screenshot
Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 4, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — There is a financial incentive for hospitals to inflate their counts of deaths due to COVID-19, U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) director Dr. Robert Redfield acknowledged Friday in congressional testimony.

“I think you’re correct in that we’ve seen this in other disease processes, too, really in the HIV epidemic, somebody may have a heart attack, but also have HIV — the hospital would prefer the [classification] for HIV because there’s greater reimbursement,” Redfield told the House Oversight and Reform Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis.

Redfield maintained that “probably it is less operable in the cause of death” and assured lawmakers that “we review all of those death certificates” but admitted, “When it comes to hospital reimbursement issues or individuals that get discharged, there could be some play in that for sure.”

The federal CARES Act, the $2-trillion emergency relief package Congress passed in March, increases per-patient Medicaid reimbursements to hospitals by 20% for patients listed with a “principal or secondary diagnosis of COVID-19.”

As of August 4, the United States is estimated to have seen more than 4.9 million cases of COVID-19, with more than 160,000 deaths and 2.4 million recoveries. For months, however, debate has raged over the accuracy of those numbers.

In April, the New York City Health Department invited such concerns by adding more than 3,700 to its official death count, single-handedly raising the national COVID-19 death toll by 17 percent, despite that number coming from the addition of people “presumed” to have had the virus but not having been tested for it.

In the months that followed, similar incidents sparked further distrust of the official numbers, such as Colorado lowering its death count after admitting that it had counted people who had tested positive but died from other factors; Texas removing more than 3,000 cases from its positivity count upon learning that the San Antonio Health Department was classifying “probable cases” as “confirmed” positives despite never having tested them; and revelations of “countless” Florida testing labs reporting implausible positivity rates of 100 percent, as well as various other labs reporting other suspiciously high rates, which led health officials to admit that some private labs had not reported any of their negative findings to the state. 

Last month, concerns over a potentially misleading lag in the CDC’s publishing of coronavirus statistics led the Trump administration to begin requiring hospitals to send COVID-19 data directly to the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) instead of the CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network.  

In May, the Washington Post quoted Dr. Deborah Birx, response coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, privately admitting that “there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.” Birx reportedly suspected that deaths might be inflated by as much as 25 percent, given the problem of hospitals and health agencies classifying “COVID-19 deaths” as anyone who died after testing positive for the virus, even if the virus was not the actual cause of death.

Whatever the truth, public perception of the danger posed by the coronavirus has carried intense real-world consequences. Instead of targeted policies to secure vulnerable populations, most states responded to the outbreak by imposing strict limits on “non-essential” activity, including delays of non-urgent medical procedures. As a result, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost, with more than 33 million Americans filing for unemployment and studies predicting that tens of thousands of small businesses will never reopen.

The mental and emotional toll of prolonged social isolation has also been a significant concern, with Redfield warning last month that “we’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides” and “deaths from drug overdose that are above excess” than COVID-19 deaths.

  centers for disease control, coronavirus, covid virus death rate, covid-19, robert redfield, statistics


US ‘frontline’ doctors’ website exposes ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants, govt agencies to block COVID med

Dr. Simone Gold's White Paper reveals the shocking, deep corruption and deception that has resulted in desperately needed, life-saving COVID infection treatments being suppressed since the pandemic began.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 11:41 am EST
Featured Image
America's Frontline Doctors
Steve Jalsevac Steve Jalsevac Follow Steve
By Steve Jalsevac

PETITION: Tell the FDA to reverse its opposition to Hydroxychloroquine and help save lives  Sign petition here.

August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Last week’s explosively successful conference by America’s Frontline Doctors’ group, that exposed a “massive disinformation campaign” against the life-saving ability of Hydroxychloroquine to cure the Chinese coronavirus, was totally shut off the Internet by the tech giants. The group was in D.C. July 27 for its “White Coat Summit” event, which was organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots and Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.). It kicked off with a full-day agenda and finished up the next day with a second press conference and congressional lobbying.

A Facebook representative gave as a vague excuse that the event was taken down for allegedly “sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19.” As usual, Facebook refused to give any specifics. In reality, the tech companies themselves may be guilty of a “crime against humanity” and “criminal” spreading of false information that could be resulting in numerous deaths because infected patients and their physicians are being denied crucial life-saving information provided during that event. 

You will understand the severity of what the tech giants did as you read below some excerpts from Conference organizer Dr. Simone Gold’s White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine.

Most of the talks given during the day-long full conference can be seen here. I would strongly recommend viewing what these experts had to say that credibly contradicts the lies and misinformation that the public has been fed for months about hydroxychloroquine and other issues related to the Wuhan virus. 

This is incredible material and you will likely be quite angry after watching these when you realize how badly the public has been deliberately misled about the issues covered in the talks so that the pharma giants can make billions on their alternative, far more costly, much less effective meds and vaccines. They would not even be necessary if hydroxychloroquine had not been so badly misrepresented and withheld from doctors and patients since the beginning of the pandemic.

The America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD) website has been restored after also being suddenly and arbitrarily shut down by the organization’s web hosting company @Squarespace to conform with the social media censoring. In addition, after the Doctors’ website was removed, someone bought the domain name with a .org ending and redirected it to the CDC website on COVID-19. This was an astounding, coordinated, wide level of total censorship that we have never encountered before. What the doctors exposed was obviously considered the biggest threat to date by the powerful elites behind the international disinformation campaign.

A crucial part of the AFD website is the References page with two exceptional documents. Among other things, they present well-documented evidence that a hydroxychloroquine protocol, given at the right time and with the right dosage, will dramatically help most COVID-infected patients to rapidly recover from what too many mistakenly think, thanks to media-generated hysteria, is a death sentence.

The AFD website also presents the video of the second, short press conference that was held in front of the Supreme Court on July 28. However, the full, original press conference, held at the end of the first day, and the one that has now been seen by over 20 million as a Facebook live-stream, is much better to watch and can still be seen here, thanks to the OANN network. 


Even today, when Facebook users attempt to share the video of the AFD press conference, they are confronted with a pop-up such as seen here when a Latin American reader tried to share the video with friends. It falsely claims there is information in the post from the board-certified physicians – who have been treating covid patients – that is “misinformation that could cause harm” and that they don’t allow “false information about covid-19 that could contribute to physical harm”. Facebook has not provided any evidence whatsoever to substantiate these serious, false charges.

Even world-famous pop star Madonna was censored by Instagram for posting a video of the Frontline Doctors. In her post, Madonna praised Dr. Stella Immanuel, the Houston physician who stated that she has successfully treated 350 coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Emmanuel’s animated talk was a very popular highlight of the press conference as she very passionately called to account all those who have been suppressing the use of HCQ to the detriment of the lives of infected patients.

I personally hope the Frontline Doctors will launch lawsuits and encourage criminal charges against Google, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and the web hosting company for the great harm that they caused not just the AFD, but more importantly, to numerous covid-infected patients who will have died because of the false claims that were made about the information given during the conference. The social media giants have to finally be held accountable. This deadly, totalitarian form of censoring can’t be permitted to go on.

The following excerpts from Dr. Simone Gold's White Paper reveal the shocking, deep corruption and deception that has resulted in desperately needed life-saving COVID infection treatments being suppressed since the pandemic began:


Excerpts from White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine By Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD

In France, HCQ had been sold over the counter for many years, but on January 15, 2020, then Health minister Buzyn reclassified it as “list II of poisonous substances.” Three days after Trump endorsed it, the next Health Minister Veran said that HCQ was only to be used for severely ill hospitalized patients and could not be used early or prophylaxis (three). Then two months later he terminated using it at all. All this time, esteemed virologist Professor Raoult continued his clinical trials and in his hospitals the mortality rate was 0.52% compared to the rest of France 19.12%. Because this was so mishandled, resulting in so many unnecessary deaths, the former French Prime Minister and two Ministers of Health are now being criminally investigated.

Former French Prime Minister, health ministers to be investigated for pandemic response” A French court will investigate former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and two health ministers following complaints about the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Prosecutor General François Molins said today. Philippe, former Health Minister Agnès Buzyn and outgoing Health Minister Olivier Véran will have to respond to accusations of abstaining from fighting a disaster.

In The Netherlands, Dr. R. Elens, has filed suit due to his being blocked from prescribing HCQ, which is contrary to his lifelong practice as a physician. He was sanctioned and could face a fine of Euro 150,000. He filed this petition to clarify the status of HCQ and will pursue to The Hague if necessary as a crime against humanity.


The Lancet’s boss … said … the pharmaceutical companies are so financially powerful today and are able to use such methodologies as to have us accept papers which … in reality manage to conclude what they want ... I have been doing research for 20 years of my life. I never thought the boss of The Lancet could say that. And the boss of the NEJM too. He even said it was ‘criminal.’

In the case of the JAMA study, the scientists gave up to 2.5x lethal dosage of the medication. Unsurprisingly so many patients died they halted the study early. They also cherry-picked patients and had no proof that there was the standard ethics oversight of the study. JAMA knew of these problems and published the study anyway. Various scientists have demanded its retraction, and even now, with civil and criminal investigations into these deaths, the study is still is [sic] not retracted. And the headlines around this study blame the drug, not the fact that old, sick, hospitalized, compromised patients were given toxic dosages of a drug.


At the very least, the efficacy “assassination” of HCQ must be reversed immediately. Doctors must be able to prescribe HCQ as a treatment and as a prophylaxis. It is absolutely unacceptable that doctors are not being able to communicate responsibly and with compassion with their patients. That must be remedied. Period.


We speak in support of immediately reversing the massive, irresponsible disinformation campaign that is literally preventing doctors from dispensing HCQ, advocating as well that it be made available over the counter in the United States. This is logistically easy to do in a manner that ensures the supply and appropriate dispensation.


Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has been FDA approved for over 65 years and has been used billions of times throughout the entire world without restriction. For many decades it has been given to: pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, elderly patients, immune compromised patients and healthy persons.

In the USA it is used most often in three situations: systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and as malaria prophylaxis for travelers.


The physicians who prescribe HCQ the most are rheumatologists. Patients who need HCQ typically are on the medication for years or decades.


Prominent Los Angeles cardiologist Dr. Daniel Wohlgelernter states:

Over the last 30 years I have had several hundred patient visits specifically to discuss the toxicity of hydroxychloroquine. During that time, not a single patient has been taken off of this drug for cardiac toxicity. The largest meta-analysis published in 2018, revealed only 50 cardiac deaths attributed to hydroxychloroquine in 60 plus years.


In an interview with Laura Ingraham, Dr. Richard Urso, ophthalmologist said this: I have had several thousand patient visits to specifically discuss the toxicity of this drug over my last 30 years. It’s a super safe drug. It’s safer than Tylenol, aspirin, Motrin.


It is self-evident that HCQ is safe from the fact that it has been FDA approved for 65 years and has been used many billions of times all over the world and it is over the counter in most of the world, certainly pre-2020. It is the #1 most used medication in India, the second most populous nation on the planet with 1.3 billion people. If an American travels to a location where malaria is endemic, per the CDC, they would start HCQ before they left for their trip. There has never been an allegation that HCQ is not safe until 2020.


In the largest study to date on the subject, HCQ has been shown to not increase heart (cardiac) risk. This study was across a multinational, distributed database network. It studied all the data for 20 years, from January 9, 2000 – 2020 on patients who were prescribed HCQ.


The FDA database shows a total of 640 deaths attributable to HCQ over fifty years. To put this in context “Each year the FDA receives over one million adverse event reports associated with the use of drug products” “This concerns the entirety of HCQ use over more than 50 years of data, likely millions of uses and of longer-term use than the five days recommended for Covid-19 treatment.”


The CDC has an information sheet about HCQ. That sheet includes the following questions/answers

Q: Who can take hydroxychloroquine?

A: Hydroxychloroquine can be prescribed to adults and children of all ages. It can also be safely taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Q: Who should not take hydroxychloroquine?

A: People with psoriasis should not take hydroxychloroquine.

Q: How should I take hydroxychloroquine?

A: Both adults and children should take one dose of hydroxychloroquine per week starting at least one week before traveling… They should take one dose per week while there, and for four consecutive weeks after leaving. The weekly dosage for adults in 400 mg.

Q: What are the potential side effects of hydroxychloroquine?

A: Hydroxychloroquine is a relatively well tolerated medicine. The most common adverse reactions reported are stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and headache. These side effects can often be lessened by taking hydroxychloroquine with food. Hydroxychloroquine may also cause itching in some people.

Q: How long is it safe to use hydroxychloroquine?

A: CDC has no limits on the use of hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of malaria. When hydroxychloroquine is used at higher doses for many years, a rare eye condition called retinopathy has occurred. People who take hydroxychloroquine for more than five years should get regular eye exams.



There are only two things that must be considered regarding a medication: is it safe and does it work? HCQ is amongst the safest of all prescription drugs in USA and that is why across much of the world it is sold over the counter. And at a time when the world has become seized with panic over a virus without a specific cure, the question of effectiveness is almost moot. If a drug is safe and might work, and if there are no other options, we must try it.

The safety record of HCQ is indisputable. But now seven months into the pandemic there is overwhelming evidence accumulating that HCQ is also effective for Covid-19. There are dozens of studies demonstrating its effectiveness from all around the world. From China to France to Saudi Arabia to Iran to Italy to India to New York City to Michigan to Brazil. This is not surprising. As far back as, chloroquine (CQ) the first cousin of HCQ and previously known to be effective against SARS-CoV-1, was stated by China to be a treatment for Covid-19.


Corruption of the Scientific Journals

It is well known that The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) had to retract their studies. It was well documented in a series published in The Guardian starting with the headline: “The Lancet has made one of the biggest retractions in modern history. How could this happen?” The sheer number and magnitude of the things that went wrong or missing are too enormous to attribute to mere incompetence.

The data upon which these studies were based were so ridiculously erroneous that it only took two weeks for an eagle-eyed physician to publicly demand an explanation. What’s incredible is that the editors of these esteemed journals still have a job – that is how utterly incredible the supposed data underlying the studies was. The company that “gathered” the alleged data (Surgisphere) is now wiped clean from the Internet.

The Lancet and The NEJM have at least been exposed, but the third premier journal, as yet unexposed, is the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA.) While the first two journals published fraudulent studies, the JAMA study seems criminal in its utter disregard for human life.


Dr. Dousty-Blazy, the former French Health Minister, Under Secretary General of UN, and candidate for Director of WHO has publicly stated that The Lancet and the NEJM Editors admit to being pressured by pharmaceutical companies to publish certain results.


Censorship of the Public “Town Square”

The clearest example of physician free speech censorship is what happened to James Todaro, MD. Dr. Todaro, who up until these events was a mere private citizen, tweeted his thoughts about HCQ including a link to a public Google doc six days before the President endorsed HCQ. Dr. Todaro’s apolitical scientific commentary was his opinion of a scientific study that appeared to be fabricated, despite being published in a world-class journal. It turns out Dr. Todaro was so spot-on correct, that the study, which unfortunately had enormous worldwide influence, was retracted which is exceedingly rare. But before the public could read Dr. Todaro’s prescient words, the President happened to endorse HCQ, and Google scrubbed the document within hours. 

And by scrubbed we mean that Google didn’t want you to think it was missing, they wanted you to not know such a thing ever even existed.


Excessive & Punitive Regulations at the State Level & “Off-Label” Prescribing

There is obviously a tremendous disinformation campaign going on in the United States of America claiming that HCQ is neither safe nor effective. This is quite remarkable for a medication that has been FDA approved for 65 years and having already been dispensed billions of times all across the world with only 57 serious adverse events (heart) noted by the FDA in their own database over the past fifty years. In many countries it is available over the counter, like aspirin and Tylenol.

Nonetheless, with the negative pressure being applied, state Governors have ordered, through their state licensing boards that physicians stop using it, and pharmacists stop dispensing it. Their wording is often more cautious, but doctors are told that they could be charged with “unprofessional conduct” (a threat to their license) or be “sanctioned” if they prescribe.


COVID-19 is an acronym for SARS-CoV-2. It is so named because it turns out there was a SARS-CoV-1. Reading the scientific literature related to the first SARS is so eerily similar that excerpts are copy/pasted on the next page. In 2002 there was a new coronavirus, originating in China, which rapidly spread to dozens of countries, within a few months, leading to worldwide efforts to contain it. The scientists discovered that CQ had a strong antiviral effect on this SARS-CoV virus, whether the CQ was used before or after infection. It was concluded that CQ had both prophylactic and therapeutic use.

The study “Chloroquine is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread” by Vincent, Bergeron, Benjannet, et. al., was published by the official publication of the National Institutes of Health when Dr. Fauci was NIH Director: Given that CQ was demonstrated to be very effective against a 78% identical coronavirus less than 15 years ago during a very similar situation, it is very curious that there was a multinational effort to restrict it starting in mid-January. 


On January 13, 2020 France quietly changed the status of HCQ from its years long over-the- counter status to “List II poisonous substance.” This was an unprecedented demotion. And in the USA: “Dr. Anthony Fauci said Wednesday that data shows HCQ is not an effective agent for the coronavirus, disputing use of the drug to fight the deadly virus even as President Donald Trump touts it as a potential cure.”

It is unclear when Dr. Fauci came to believe the opposite of what the NIH published when he was the NIH Director. What we do know is that 70,000-100,000 excess American lives have been lost due to lack of access to HCQ. So why did a medication that had been over the counter for decades, suddenly but quietly get pulled from the shelves, in the midst of a pandemic, due to a virus that is so similar it shares a name?

It is well known that newly patented drugs can be extremely profitable if there is demand and no other supply. The demand for Gilead’s Remdisivir, which is used late in the disease, obviously will plummet if the disease is stopped by HCQ early. Remdisivir is sold for $3200-$5700 per treatment and the federal government has already purchased all or most of it. The generic HCQ is ~$10 per treatment.


It is interesting to note that many over the counter drugs, probably the majority, are less safe than HCQ. For example Tylenol, and aspirin are listed as more risky. Most doctors would attest to the frequent problems people have with Motrin/Ibuprofen/Aleve. Tylenol toxicity is the most common reason for liver transplant in the USA and anti-inflammatories account for an enormous number of GI bleeds/pain/distress.


As a result, not only are patients not being treated promptly, effectively, and safely, some patients die. And as the fear of the pandemic has overtaken the virus itself and it is impossible to change public and physician opinion quickly enough to save lives, we must make the medication available to the public directly.

Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health and published in affiliation with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Risch who has 39,779 citations on Google Scholar, notes that:

“US cumulative deaths through July 15 are 140,000. Had we permitted HCQ use liberally, we would have saved half, 70,000 and it is very possible we could have saved 3/4, 105,000.”

It is relevant that the problem that the USA has with accessing hydroxychloroquine is a first-world problem. Curiously the people who cannot get HCQ typically live in first-world democracies. Speaking generally, HCQ or its progenitor CQ, was freely available over the counter in most of the world Africa, Asia, South America, even Canada and Mexico, prior to Covid. Long before President Trump endorsed HCQ on March 20, 2020, the drug was quietly removed from pharmacy shelves in Canada and it was banned outright in France. These two actions were taken in January 2020. It is speculation as to why but one must consider who benefits if HCQ is not accessible. 

It cannot be overlooked that right now, all over the world, patients who want to buy HCQ simply do. Iran, Costa Rica, Italy, Panama; many others.


No matter the reason, there is an obvious relationship between access to HCQ and mortality rates from Covid-19. While it is true that such a relationship does not prove cause/effect, but it is also true that it would be lunacy to assume no relationship.

This chart was posted in Dr. Gold's White Paper SOURCE: Dr. Simone Gold, White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine

Country by country data is also available and access to HCQ is strongly linked to lower mortality. We can see that even very poor countries have much lower case fatality rates than wealthy countries, which of course, is typically the opposite of what we would expect of a respiratory disease that could end up in an ICU admission. Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Senegal, Pakistan, Serbia, Nigeria, Turkey, Ukraine, Honduras … the list goes on. Wealthier democracies or countries with especially abusive HCQ protocols such as are doing terribly: Ireland, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, France ... Of note, Italy and Spain switched mid-stream and now HCQ is easily available.

The limitation or outright ban on HCQ worldwide has begun to crack. It will soon collapse because the evidence of its safety and efficacy is so overwhelming. The countries that have less flexibility to tolerate fatal policies have already reversed themselves. South of us, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica have, or earlier had, made HCQ available. Brazil is trying but faces many of the same political problems as the USA. Some countries have started going door to door to facilitate its availability.

In Honduras their national policy now is: “The patient that presents for the first time to a First Level of Care facility, if so, treatment should be started with: Acetaminophen, Hydroxychloroquine 400 every 12 hours, Ivermectin, Azithromycin, Zinc …”

To read the full document click here.

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Will Trump’s Supreme Court nominees betray pro-lifers on Roe v. Wade?

Pro-life politicians need to apply a litmus test to nominees that includes ensuring support for the right to life of pre-born human beings.
Wed Aug 5, 2020 - 11:07 am EST
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Donald Trump's nominees to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch (L) and Brett Kavanaugh. Mario Tama / Getty Images
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By Jonathon Van Maren

August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — It is a testimony to the fact that the left and the right play by a different set of rules that Senator Josh Hawley’s recent comments on Roe v. Wade, covered here by LifeSiteNews, are considered controversial. In a speech on July 30, the former Missouri attorney general stated that it is time for those who recognize Roe v. Wade as a stinking albatross around America’s neck to say so clearly — and to be guided by that fact in the selection of judicial nominees.

“I will vote only for those Supreme Court nominees who have explicitly acknowledged that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided,” Hawley stated. “I do not want private assurances. I do not seek them. I do not want forecasts about future votes or future behavior, because frankly, I wouldn’t believe them. I don’t want promises of any sort. I want evidence that Supreme Court nominees will obey the Constitution and the law. I want to see in the record clear acknowledgment that a nominee understands Roe to be the travesty that it is. If that record is not there, then I will not support the nomination. I don’t care who does the nominating.”

Hawley sees abortion not as a political football, but as the great moral issue that it is, comparing Roe to the 1857 Dred Scott decision and the 1898 “separate but equal” Plessy v. Ferguson decision (both since overturned). He made no apologies for the comparison: “Yes, I do mean to compare Roe to those earlier cases because Dred Scott and Plessy and Roe belong together. They are the worst miscarriages of justice in our history.”

Hawley is right on every count. It is important to note that this is already how the left operates. As far as leftists are concerned, Roe v. Wade and the fictitious right to abortion are sacrosanct, and no Democrat would ever vote for a Supreme Court nominee so long as his position on Roe was in doubt. To get appointed to the bench by a Democrat, you must pledge your allegiance to Roe. That’s not controversial; that’s simply the way it works. Everybody knows it. The Democrats don’t try to hide it.

This isn’t about the politicization of the judicial process. It is about pro-life politicians applying a litmus test to nominees that includes ensuring support for the right to life of pre-born human beings, just as the Democrats insist that their nominees play along with the fiction that the child in the womb is not a child and thus can be killed for any reason. Pro-life politicians should be at least as committed to saving children as pro-abortion politicians are to ensuring that it remains legal to kill them.

It is also essential that we take Hawley’s approach because if GOP-appointed Supreme Court justices were the key to ending abortion in America, Roe would have been sent to the trash heap a long time ago. Roe v. Wade was decided by a 7-2 vote, and six of the seven justices in the majority were Republican appointees. When the Court revisited Roe in 1992’s Planned Parenthood v. Casey, abortion activists were paralyzed with fear, and pro-lifers were desperately hoping and praying that Roe would be overturned.

Instead, Roe was upheld — and every justice who voted to uphold America’s abortion regime (although modifying Roe’s holdings) was appointed by a Republican president, including justices appointed by Reagan and Bush.

We may be headed for a similar scenario. Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans do not actually vet their nominees on whether they would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. In fact, they scrupulously avoid doing so, instead choosing nominees selected by The Federalist Society and assuming that justices holding to an originalist approach to the Constitution will most likely vote against Roe. (Justice Gorsuch and Justice Roberts managed to find transgender rights in the intent of the Founders, so originalism ain’t what it used to be.) In fact, Senator Susan Collins assured her detractors that her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Court had been the result of a private conversation in which he assured her he had no interest in overturning Roe. We’ll see if that turns out to be the case. It isn’t promising.

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We again have a Court ostensibly dominated by GOP-appointed justices. We have Chief Justice John Roberts, appointed by George W. Bush, who has longstanding connections to the pro-life movement (his wife has worked with Feminists for Life) but now seems to be a wild card. We have Trump appointees Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. And then we have the two dependable pro-life justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito (appointed by Bush I and Bush II, respectively.) If this were a numbers game, the pro-life movement should have it in the bag. But it isn’t. Over and over again, GOP-appointed justices have handed the win to the abortion industry and the consolation prize to pro-lifers (some modification of Roe that allows for state-level legislation.)

So Senator Hawley is absolutely right. Donald Trump got elected because pro-lifers want Roe overturned. If his appointees, like those of GOP presidents before him, end up disappointing the movement again, the transactional relationship between the Republican Party and the pro-life movement will need to change. What that looks like is simple: Supreme Court nominees swearing allegiance to vague legal doctrines isn’t good enough. Gutting Roe isn’t good enough. We’ll want to know if they’re willing to stand with Thomas and Alito and finally rid America of Roe. Nothing else will suffice.

Jonathon’s new podcast, The Van Maren Show, is dedicated to telling the stories of the pro-life and pro-family movement. In his latest episode, he interviews Rob Hoogland, who was ordered by a judge to call his daughter a boy or face “family violence” charges. Hoogland’s daughter was undergoing testosterone treatment against his wishes after being convinced by her school counselor that she was a boy. To top it off, Hoogland couldn’t even share his story or seek help outside his lawyers due to a gag order placed on him by the court. You can subscribe here and listen to the episode below: 

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Bishops must implement health recommendations in a manner that shows proper reverence to Christ

By Mother Miriam

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Why must the left speak ill even of the dead? The truth of pro-life warrior Mike Adams

By Jonathon Van Maren   Follow Jonathon
By Jonathon Van Maren

Mike Adams is described by friends as a “pro-life and free speech warrior,” “witty,” and “satirical,” yet in recent obituaries, he is being defamed by the mainstream media for his conservative views and satirical posts.

Dr. Frank Turek, a close personal friend of Mike’s, joins Jonathon Van Maren on today’s episode of The Van Maren Show to set the record straight and pay tribute to Mike’s contributions to the conservative movement.