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Tucker Carlson: Canada’s COVID internment camps violate ‘the most basic human rights’

The popular Fox News host also talked about what is called the ‘Great Reset.’
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 4:37 pm EST
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Tucker Carlson, March 31, 2021 Fox News / screenshot
Dorothy Cummings McLean Dorothy Cummings McLean Follow Dorothy
By Dorothy Cummings McLean

WASHINGTON, April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at Canada’s policy of quarantining travelers in “designated facilities” — hotels the pundit called “internment camps.”

“What if your next-door neighbor suddenly went dangerously insane and started holding people hostage in his house?” asked Carlson.

“Canada, the land mass directly to our north and our single largest trading partner, with whom we share the longest international border in the world, took a dramatic move towards legitimately dangerous authoritarianism,” he continued. “Yes, Canada.”

Carlson was referring to the Liberal government’s COVID-19 policy regarding Canadian residents who return from abroad and test positive for the coronavirus. On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a message to the nation telling Canadians to cancel any holiday plans and telling them what to expect when returning from necessary travel.

“If you’re flying back into the country, you’ll need to show a negative PCR test result before you board the plane,” Trudeau said. “When you land, you’ll need to take another PCR test. You’ll then have to wait at an approved hotel, and at your own expense, for your results to come back.”

“If your results come back negative for COVID-19, you’ll be able to head home and finish your mandatory quarantine there,” he added.

It was the next part of the message, however, that inspired Carlson’s fears for Canadians’ basic human rights.

“If your test results come back positive, you’ll need to immediately quarantine in designated government facilities. This is not optional,” warned Trudeau.

In response, Carlson said that “designated government facilities” in other countries would be instantly understood as “internment camps.” However, neither the American government nor the American media seemed to have noticed the human rights violations so close to home.

“Trudeau’s internment policy has been in place since last month, and as far as we can tell, no major U.S. news network has mentioned it,” the host declared. “Neither has our State Department, which ordinarily seems to exist to make unhappy noises about human rights violations around the world."

Carlson suggested that Canada’s reputation as an unexciting place had allowed Trudeau to get away with internment camps, and that Canada was a dull place no longer.

“Suddenly, Canada is a flagrant violator of the most basic human rights,” he said. “Fail a COVID test and they’ll lock you up without a trial.”

He added that anyone who attempts to avoid being detained in a “government internment facility” might face a million-dollar fine and three years in prison.

The American news host allowed himself some rough humor at the Canadian prime minister’s expense, saying, “It’s funny, Trudeau always seemed like a cheerful idiot, wearing weird costumes and yammering on about diversity. Who knew he was Mussolini?”

Carlson also described the substandard conditions in which Canadians are held when they test “positive” for COVID-19: food and water shortages, locks missing from doors, even sexual assaults. He cited Canadian businessman Mitch Beaulieu, whose account of being taken to a designated government facility sounded, Carlson said, like a kidnapping.

The pundit also took a swing at Canada’s national, tax-funded broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for having reported orders from Ottawa that Canadians should not believe “disinformation” about internment camps.

“The CBC assured Canadians that the government was preparing ‘voluntary quarantine sites,’” Carlson reported. “Yes, voluntary in the sense of being mandatory, which is what they are.”

Carlson noted that Canada has “fallen behind” on its vaccination program, giving the excuse that it had believed more than other countries in the global supply chain. The word “global” inspired the pundit to new flights of sarcasm.

“Oh, they believed the whole globalism thing worked. That turned out to be a mistake. But rather than admit that globalist stupidity is the problem, Justin Trudeau decided to punish his own citizens,” Carlson said.

“It’s his fault, and the population gets punished. Recognize that impulse? It should, because neoliberalism is always the same, no matter where you find it.”

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Other points he brought up that are sure to depress Canadians are that no other infectious disease is being treated that way, and that even though Canadians are being dissuaded from returning from abroad, 400,000 new immigrants are being welcomed into the country over the next eight months. Finally, Carlson showed video footage of Trudeau celebrating the opportunity the pandemic had brought for the “Great Reset.”

In this, the Fox News host said, Trudeau resembled John Kerry, who said that America has already done a Great Reset and is at the “dawn of an extremely exciting time.”

“For power-mad leaders hoping to eliminate centuries of constitutional restraints on their own ambitions, it is indeed an exciting time,” Carlson scoffed. “Could what’s happening in Canada happen here? That’s the question.”

Because even Americans who have been vaccinated are being ordered to continue wearing masks, Carlson is wondering what might be planned for people in the U.S. who refuse to obey — perhaps being held without trial.

“Think that couldn’t happen in America?” he asked. “It just happened in Canada.”

It has also happened in Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain.


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Celebrating 30 years of serving God, a modern-day hermit invites others to try her vocation

‘In solitude hermits make themselves vulnerable to temptations from the devil, and this becomes an opportunity for God to battle Satan through us.’
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 4:03 pm EST
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Hermitage of Sister Mary Catherine Rose
LifeSiteNews staff
By LifeSiteNews staff

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, March 29, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Sister Mary Catherine Rose Giacobbe is often asked what kind of sister she is. Sometimes, when she tells enquirers that she is a hermit, they don’t understand. Often, they have never heard of hermits before.

“Many do not know we exist,” Sister Mary Catherine Rose told LifeSiteNews.

In the interview below, she explains that hermits withdraw from the world to devote themselves entirely to the praise of God and “the salvation of the world through the silence of solitude and through constant prayer and penance.” They go out to Mass, to buy groceries, and to visit the dentist, but their days are mostly devoted to a personalized schedule of prayer, reading, and praise.

“One might think that the life of a hermit must be dull, uneventful, and boring, but that is the furthest from the truth," Sister Mary Catherine Rose said.

“It is full of love, joy, peace, and excitement, to say the very least,” she added. “How, I would ask myself, could being alone with the Great Alone ever be dull?”

Interestingly, Sister Mary Catherine Rose found her calling to the ancient vocation after a period of distance from her family’s Catholic faith. This estrangement ended when she encountered St. Catherine of Siena herself while on a tourist’s jaunt to the Vatican. After going home and making “a most wonderful confession,” the future hermit found a spiritual director who discerned the young lady’s vocation. At first astonished, Sister Mary Catherine Rose accepted the call and was filled with joy and peace.

Hermits live subject to a bishop, but they are not supported by funds from their dioceses. In the interview, Sister Mary Catherine Rose explains that hermits “depend on God’s divine providence.” They do such paid work as they can that does not interfere with their vocation, but traditionally, they have been “beggars,” relying on the donations of others.

“It is through the goodness of our brothers and sisters in Christ who keep us going with monetary support to our vocation, providing us with our study books, a spiritual retreat once a year and the expenses and upkeep of the hermitage and more,” she revealed.

“This allows our brothers and sisters to become partakers of our vocations and receive graces from God through their act of selflessness,” she continued. “God loves a generous giver.”

Sister Mary Catherine Rose says that vocations to the eremitical (hermit’s) life are driven by tumultuous times in the Church, and thus she is witnessing another great — and necessary — wave of them. Her interview, therefore, is also an invitation to participate, in one way or another, in the ancient form of Christian life.

Please consider helping out Sister Mary Catherine Rose, her hermitage, and future plans, by contributing to her LifeFunder.

What is a hermit?

Sister Mary Catherine Rose: People have approached me on occasions after Mass and while shopping, wanting to know, “What kind of a sister are you?” When I respond I am a consecrated hermit, they say, “What is a hermit? I have never heard of them.” Many do not know we exist. The Church recognizes the life of hermits in which Christ’s faithful withdraw further from the world and devote their lives to the praise of God and the salvation of the world through the silence of solitude and through constant prayer and penance.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (921) states it this way:

They manifest to everyone the interior aspect of the mystery of the Church, that is, personal intimacy with Christ. Hidden from the eyes of men, the life of the hermit is a silent preaching of the Lord, to whom they have surrendered their life simply because He is everything to them. Here is a particular call to find in the desert, in the thick of spiritual battle, the glory of the Crucified One.

How did hermits come about?

SMCR: When there was tumult in the Church after the great persecutions around the year 300, [causing] the first wave [of eremitical vocations], and again around the year 1000, [causing] the second wave, lay people and monks guided by the Holy Ghost left their homes and monasteries to seek out solitary places in the desert to pray and regain their solemnity and fervor. And so, eremitical life was born. Later, some of the hermits were called out of the vocation to form religious orders.

We have many saints who lived as hermits, such as Saint Anthony of the Desert, one of the Desert Fathers; St. Francis of Assisi; and St. Benedict [of Nursia], just to name a few. Saint Mary of Clopas was at the foot of the cross with Saint John and our Mother Mary; after the death of Jesus, she left to travel with her brother to find a place to settle in. She was called by God to live as a hermit. Her dwelling place was a single room attached to a church in Assisi. She lived a very holy life with God in deep prayer and contemplation for forty years until her death.

What is their role today?

SMCR: God is still calling His hermits to follow Him; we are so needed, just as [the earlier hermits] were in their time. I consider this the third wave; persecutions of Christians have not stopped. God continues to call ordinary people from all walks of life to be hermits. Even though the people themselves may be commonplace, the vocation is not. God places a desire in the heart of a person, and only solitary prayer will satisfy this desire to be alone with God in the silence and solitude of the hermitage within. In that solitude hermits make themselves vulnerable to temptations from the devil, and this becomes an opportunity for God to battle Satan through us. Satan cannot directly attack God, so we become the front liners, like the Marines, so to speak. Satan is attracted to our intimacy with God. We become the battleground. We become soldiers of Christ, and it is God who gives us the strength to endure.

How do they live today?

SMCR: The Code of Canon Law was revised and promulgated in 1983. We have our own Canon Law. We are recognized by the Church [as devoting] our lives to the praise and glory of God and the salvation of the world with a stricter separation from the world in a life of silence, solitude, and penance. We are not cloistered; we are in the world but not of it. Hermits do their own shopping, go to doctors, and attend Holy Mass daily.

One might think that the life of a hermit must be dull, uneventful, and boring, but that is the furthest from the truth. It is full of love, joy, peace, and excitement, to say the very least. How, I would ask myself, could being alone with the Great Alone ever be dull? To be loved by LOVE Himself, to grow and learn within the depths of your heart and soul where the Trinity dwells, to hear the silent whispers, day or night, to see yourself as God sees you, to become little, to hopefully become a beautiful flower in the garden that Saint Therese spoke of, and most importantly to make reparation for our sins and the sins of the whole world in love and charity: that is what it is all about. God chooses you and says, “Come my little one, come be my bride; I await you.”

Each hermit has her own plan of life, inspired by the Holy Ghost, which is uniquely her own. It allows the Holy Spirit to work with each of us based on who we are. One can say that this is our road map, our journey — in a word, our “Yes.” This plan of life then needs the approval of the bishop. When we profess our vows at the altar, at Holy Mass, it is signed by the hermit, the vicar of religious, and the bishop.

We have a full prayer life chanting the Liturgy of the Hours along with Holy Mother Church; we have our devotions with our Mother Mary, spiritual reading, and continued study within our hermitages. We study the history of the Church, the Desert Fathers, the saints. We partake in the holy sacraments of the Church and attend daily Mass. We have a monthly private Mass in our own heritage chapel to refresh Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament on our altar. It is also important that we live a well-balanced life of prayer, work, and recreation.

How are you supported financially?

SMCR: Hermits depend on God’s divine providence. We are not financially supported by the Church and must have a way to sustain ourselves and bring in income: by the work of [our] hands, Social Security, or using the gifts God gave us. We are to have no impediments that interfere with our spiritual prayer life and [must] be debt free.

Some hermits have non-profit corporations that help in the promotion of the vocation while taking care of the needs of the hermitage through our website donations. We cannot and do not do it alone. Hermits were always known as “beggars.” It is through the goodness of our brothers and sisters in Christ who keep us going with monetary support to our vocation, providing us with our study books, a spiritual retreat once a year, and the expenses and upkeep of the hermitage and more. This allows our brothers and sisters to become partakers of our vocations and receive graces from God through their act of selflessness. God loves a generous giver.

We hermits live our lives, through the grace of God, with an interior detachment from the world: [we are for] God and God alone. Our lives are literally made up of assiduous prayer, sacrifice, and suffering for our sins and the salvation of the world. To be united with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ in their sufferings and to bring them before our Lord in prayer is a great joy and privilege from God, which is so needed today.

Is there more than one kind of hermit?

SMCR: There are various types of hermits. One can live alone as a solitary hermit or be part of a colony of hermit sisters which is referred to as a “Laura.” A Laura entails each hermit living in her own hermitage on the same land. There is a community aspect whereby the hermits gather on Sundays and feast days to share one meal in common, pray, and chant the Office (known as prayer of the Church) together. Other than that, they live in silence of solitude with God in their own hermitage maintaining that intimacy with God. At all times they live in silence, even if working on the land together in the same areas. If a priest is not available, hermits leave the grounds to attend daily Mass and receive the sacraments. While traveling they remain in silence.

As I mentioned before, hermits are canonically approved by Holy Mother Church under Canon Law, can. 603; we make our public consecration at Holy Mass into the hands of our local bishop. I am a consecrated Hermit Sister. I made my public profession at Holy Mass into the hands of our local bishop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on the feast of the Assumption, 1991.

Could you describe your journey to eremitical life?

SMCR: I was a cradle Catholic and attended Catholic schools most of my life. I was a survivor right from the cradle. I was a premature baby and weighed in at 2 ½ lbs. when I was born two months early. God had work for me to do for the Kingdom, unbeknownst to me.

I graduated in the medical and dental field and worked in the local hospital, with doctors and in dental practices. I am an extrovert and always thought of myself as the most unlikely hermit, but all things are possible with God. Everything is a grace.

Unfortunately, there was a time in my life when I left God and my Catholic faith behind. That lasted ten years, but God had another plan and did not let go of me. My dear family was so disappointed, and I know they never stopped praying.

One summer my family invited me to visit my father who was living in Italy for part of the year. I said yes, but did not really want to go, for I knew no one and could not speak or understand the language. I did it for them, not knowing what God had in store.

Of course, you don’t go to Italy without visiting the Vatican, and so it happened. While standing before a bust of Saint Peter on the wall, I had an interior spiritual experience with Saint Catherine of Siena. The result was an instant conversion, like Saint Paul’s. The rest is history.

Interesting to mention, my birthday is [St. Catherine’s] feast day. I took the name of Catherine when I professed vows and even made it legal in court, thanking God for sending her to help me come home to the Holy Catholic Church. Saint Catherine and I have been traveling together ever since. I thank and praise God and my family who never stopped praying — my Mom and Aunt Katie, for sure. I returned home and ran to the first Catholic church I could find and had a most wonderful confession. I came home indeed. I grew deep in love with our Lord and knew He was my God, my all. Only in God is my soul at rest.

Some years later came “the Call.” As I explored religious life, I somehow knew I was being called, but to what? I found a spiritual director. I began to seriously and prayerfully discern what God was asking of me. One day Father called me on the phone and asked me to come to see him; he knew what God was asking of me. This was after at least one year of prayer and discernment.

I had no idea what was coming next, and when we met, he said, “You are being called to be a hermit.” A hermit! What is a hermit? I did not have a clue. I knew within my heart I wanted to give my life to God, unconditionally, no matter what or where. Father told me that it is a beautiful life alone with God, praying with Him, and bringing Him glory here on earth.

Sister Mary Catherine Rose

Wow, I thought to myself. Oh yes, I can do that with the grace of God, if He asks it. My heart overflowed with so much joy and peace. It was a beautiful and profound moment. And so my journey began. On August 15th of this year, 2021, I will celebrate my 30th anniversary as a consecrated Hermit Sister in the diocese of Harrisburg, and under the guidance of Bishop Ronald Gainer. All things are possible with God; we need only to cooperate with His graces.

I would like to share one of my beautiful prayer experiences. I was meditating on our Mother Mary’s Sorrow from a special little book called Behold Thy Mother by the Servite Fathers. I began to write some personal mediations that came to my heart from that book. I was so touched.

I received permission to use my meditation along with theirs. I made contact through our local Catholic shop with Heart Beat Records. After prayerful consideration, they decided to record a CD [of my meditation]. I received reports of conversions having taken place within families and religious communities that were not praying in common any longer. A grace from God. I consider this experience the fruit of a hermit’s prayer. You can see the lovely [picture] of Our Blessed Mother on the CD by clicking here.

What is God asking now?

SMCR: I thank and praise God for His goodness to me. I know God has more work to do with me. His time, His way, His will. Praise and thank God! Yes, I am in the process, through the grace of God, seeking God’s Holy Will, of beginning a Laura for traditionally consecrated diocesan hermit sisters. Our bishop believes this would be a “blessing and powerhouse of prayer,” as he said. He is very supportive and welcoming of it if God should bring it about. I do have one hermit who hopes to join me when we have land, and others who are waiting in the wings. Now we have four solitary consecrated hermit sisters in our diocese. We are also blessed with a hermit priest and a new group of Carmelite male hermits.

We are blessed and growing. As I said, this is our time again in history. We are needed, and that is why Our Lord placed it on my heart [to] go do this work now.

We are living in very evil times; therefore, the hermit vocation is growing by leaps and bounds in many dioceses across the country. It was always this way, even in the early Church. When there was tumult in the Church, the hermits were called by God to fight the spiritual battle between good and evil. Our time has arrived indeed. History repeats itself. We become His soldiers because our prayers are powerful. We pray without ceasing before our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament in our private chapels. We intend to follow the spirit of Carmel, as the first Carmelite Hermits did on Mount Carmel in our daily lives.

Satan does not like us, he causes much spiritual warfare trying to stop us, and he knows he is defeated. God is indeed greater and we are His marines on the front lines. Hallelujah!

Sister’s question for our readers and her plan for the future

SMRC: Is God calling you?

Do you feel called to the eremitical life? Would you like to learn more? The Flower of Carmel Hermitage is depending on God’s Divine Providence to bring good souls who are called to the eremitical life.

We would then be looking for land to purchase or benefactors to help purchase or donate land to us. The good news is that anyone who helps work toward this endeavor becomes a partaker in our mission, which is making reparation for our sins and the sins of the world in a life of prayer without ceasing, alone with God.

The Hermit Sisters will live in their own individual hermitages, coming together on Sundays, feast days, and holy days for a meal in common and to chant the Divine Office together in chapel. Other than that, we would live a life of complete silence and solitude.

Please pray for us as we seek to do His will and bring Glory to God here on earth. Our lives are total dependency on God. As of this very moment and with the permission of our bishop, we are looking for land that I can move to in order to build a few hermitages. This would allow us to bring women who are interested in joining to test the waters in their own hermitage. Currently I live in a convent and have no place for them to come.

Hermits need to be in their own hermitages, alone with God, to experience the true and full life of a hermit and intimacy with God. Who knows? There may just be a good soul or souls that have land and a few buildings that they just don’t know what to do with and are waiting on God to give them their answer.

I pray that people will become excited about this prospect, in a time when we are most needed. It is for all of us, for the world. You can all become a part of this with us, support us in prayer, join the board if you are local, help with fundraisers, promote the vocation and live our spirit. We hermits, as part of our apostolic work, catechize and do spiritual direction, as we are inspired by the Holy Ghost.

Know my prayers are with all of you. May Our Lord bless you abundantly and Mother Mary cover you with her mantle of love and protection. For those of you who may be interested in learning more about this special vocation and the vision [for the future], I would enjoy hearing from you. You can go to our website to learn more and watch the videos. You also have an opportunity by becoming a regular or one-time donor and help bring this work to fruition.

Thank you for taking time and allowing me to share my life, my call, and the vision God placed on my heart. Please remember to pray, pray, pray, and say the daily rosary: these are our special weapons of Love. I send you all my love and prayers. God bless, and Mary keep you all.

Please consider helping out Sister Mary Catherine Rose, her hermitage, and future plans, by contributing to her LifeFunder.

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COVID-19 probably from Chinese lab, spread in fall 2019, ex-CDC chief says

‘I am of the point of view that I still think the most likely etiology of this pathogen in Wuhan was from a laboratory, you know, escaped,’ Dr. Robert Redfield said in a CNN interview.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 3:05 pm EST
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YouTube screenshot
Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — COVID-19 most likely escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, former Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) director Dr. Robert Redfield said recently on CNN, mainstreaming a contention the left-wing media previously derided as conspiratorial.

“I am of the point of view that I still think the most likely etiology of this pathogen in Wuhan was from a laboratory, you know, escaped,” Redfield said in an interview with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta that was filmed (but not released) in January, CBS News reports. “Now, other people don’t believe that, that’s fine. Science will eventually figure it out. It’s not unusual for respiratory pathogens that are being worked on in the laboratory to infect the laboratory worker.”

“I do not believe this somehow came from a bat to a human,” he continued. “And at that moment in time, the virus came to the human, became one of the most infectious viruses that we know in humanity for human to human transmission. Normally, when a pathogen goes from a zoonotic to human, it takes a while for it to figure out how to become more and more efficient.”

In the earliest days of what became the COVID-19 pandemic, leading news outlets such as CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post attacked Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) for peddling a “fringe,” “dangerous,” and “debunked conspiracy theory” when he said “we need to at least ask the question” of whether the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan lab. So-called “fact-checkers” favored by the mainstream media have also attacked suggestions that it came from a lab.

Redfield also clarified that he does not believe the virus’s escape was intentional or that it was engineered by humans, and that he thinks it started spreading much earlier than commonly believed, possibly as early as September or October 2019. 

After COVID-19’s outbreak was confirmed to have reached the United States last year, many anecdotes about unusually harsh flu experiences over the 2019 holiday season prompted speculation as to whether the virus was already present, but was largely dismissed by the mainstream media (possibly because it implied it was too late for lockdowns to contain the virus). Last May, the CDC published a study admitting “SARS-CoV-2 infections may have been present in the U.S. in December 2019, earlier than previously recognized.”

Controversial White House COVID-19 advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci took issue with Redfield’s comments, noting “there are other alternatives — others that most people hold by.”

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During Redfield’s tenure at the CDC, he echoed the establishment’s conventional wisdom on masking, but also noted that the social isolation of school closures resulted in a greater number of deaths than COVID-19 did, and acknowledged that federal healthcare reimbursements gave hospitals an incentive to exaggerate their COVID-19 numbers.

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Vaccines using fetal tissue: 12 faulty assumptions

Some beliefs about the morality of vaccines using fetal tissue are flawed because they rest upon faulty assumptions — thus, whichever side you stand on, it’s worth considering the most common ones.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 2:40 pm EST
Featured Image
Doctor holding syringe Shutterstock
Thomas Seidler
By Thomas Seidler

April 1, 2021 (Fetal Tissue Vaccines) — As with the MMR [1] vaccine, the Oxford/AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine are produced in cell lines derived from abortions [2] — by contrast, Moderna and Pfizer’s vaccines used them in testing.[3]

The debate around the morality of fetal tissue vaccines frequently has at its heart three beliefs:

  • In receiving the vaccine we are not cooperating with past evil;
  • In receiving the vaccine we are not contributing to present or future evil;
  • There is almost no connection between the vaccine and the murdered baby.

These beliefs are flawed because they rest upon faulty assumptions — thus, whichever side you stand on, it’s worth considering the most common ones.

1. “Only a few babies were used.”

While each individual cell line contains the cells of just one baby, many aborted babies are used in the process of creating a cell line.[4] For example, under oath, scientist Stanley Plotkin admitted that there were 76 aborted babies used in just one vaccine study.[5] Furthermore, with cell line WI-25 we know that it was the 25th specimen from the 19th baby.[6]

The two cell strains used by COVID vaccines are named HEK293 and PERC6.[7] The name HEK293 stands for a Human Embryonic Kidney from the 293rd experiment [8] — we can be confident that more babies preceded the final baby used for HEK293.[9]

2. “The babies were of a very early gestation.”

Most of the babies whose tissue formed the basis of the different vaccine cell lines, were over 3 months when aborted.[10] For example, under oath, scientist Stanley Plotkin admitted that all of the 76 unborn babies used in the study were 3 months or older.[11]

At 3 months, a baby is fully formed: “she has begun swallowing and kicking … facial muscles are getting a workout as her tiny features form one expression after another …”[12]

3. “Consent was given, so usage is ethical.”

Parties to a murder cannot ethically donate the body of their victim to research. Thus it follows that no meaningful consent exists. (Though the mothers involved are often, to varying extents, victims themselves.)

4. “The baby was dead when the tissue was taken.”

With fetal tissue research, cell death renders the tissue unfit for purpose: tissues and organs must be harvested “within 5 minutes” [13, 14] and at times this occurs while the baby’s heart is still beating [15, 16] — this was also revealed during a Planned Parenthood court deposition.[17, 18]

Thus, harvesting the organs can be a type of torture [19] beyond the normal abortion procedure. Though we have no definitive proof live harvesting occurred specifically in the making of vaccine cell lines, since it is “no rare event” [20, 21, 22, 23] there are legitimate grounds for concern.[24]

5. “Some were from miscarriages.”

“The requirements for ‘freshness’ of many human foetal tissues” [25] mean it is extremely unlikely any were from miscarriages.[26] “To obtain embryo cells, embryos from spontaneous abortions cannot be used…”[27]

6. “Using a dead body is distinct from abortion.”

Some imagine that those involved in creating the cell lines have nothing to do with the abortion itself. However, in advance of the abortion of a fetus whose tissue will be used for research, there are a number of steps that take place. These include obtaining consent, conducting genetic screening,[28] selecting the abortion method [29] and other steps for optimal harvesting [30] — all of which impact the abortionist’s conduct, creating considerable interplay with the agent seeking human material, who thus “becomes to some extent an accessory”.[31] A parallel to Saul at Stephen’s stoning [32] exists — Saul didn’t throw a stone, but as a consenting bystander he was not without moral guilt.[33] In cases of live tissue extraction, research is still more directly connected to murder.

7. “No one now profits from the abortion.”

Companies who developed the cell lines continue to be rewarded by their use, including in vaccines.[34] Thus direct benefit accrues to agents complicit in the original murder.

8. “Vaccines don’t contain the child’s actual cells.”

Vaccines produced in cell lines contain fragments [35] of the child’s DNA — one study even found “a complete individual genome” [36] of the aborted child. The divided cells the vaccine was grown in would have been the child’s as she grew.[37, 38]

9. “No extra abortions are necessary.”

Despite claims to the contrary, normal cell strains “are in fact ‘mortal’” [39], bound by the “Hayflick Limit” [40] of about 50 cell divisions. Since HEK293 becomes cancerous after time,[41] it will need replacing — just as other early cell strains did.[42] The use of vaccines eventually creates a need for further abortions to replace depleting stocks.

10. “The abortions were from decades ago.”

Though most abortions for vaccines were from before the 80s,[43, 44] time cannot make murder moral. Moreover, a new Chinese cell line, WALVAX-2 was created in 2015,[45] and as already explained, more lines will be necessary.

11. “No further babies are suffering as a result.”

While fetal tissue vaccines are widely accepted, general fetal harvesting is legitimized and impossible to ban [46, 47, 48] — so it has grown instead, leading to many more babies suffering.

For example, in 1982 a container of 16,500 fetuses was found at the US home of a former laboratory owner.[49] In 2003, the Dutch company behind HEK293 sought aborted babies as far afield as New Zealand [50] and Australia.[51] Journal articles discuss “the fetal tissue economy” in Britain.[52] In 2019, 2,200 fetuses were found at an abortionists home [53] and the court depositions of Planned Parenthood staff [54] showed harvesting continues at scale.

Moreover, both polls [55, 56, 57] (and some practice [58]) indicate that parents are more likely to choose abortion if “medical use” of a fetus is possible. Thus, if the option of having babies used for medical purposes was not available, less future babies would suffer and be aborted.

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If even a percentage of the 2-3 billion nominal [59] pro-lifers rejected such vaccines, moral alternatives would be found and an “ethically, morally and biblically wrong”[60] industry might end.

12. “The ‘greater good’ outweighs concerns.”

To acquiesce with evil against an innocent unwilling victim for the sake of communal blessing enters dark waters — all historic child sacrifice is based on this premise. “However, it may then be argued that these baby body parts would otherwise be wasted, thrown away. But not only does this justify abortion, but it is pure utilitarianism, that says pretty well anything is justified as long as the end is (potentially) good. In good medical science the end does not justify the means.”[61]


From a Judeo-Christian perspective, the God of the Old and New Testament is set apart by not asking for the firstborn of men to die that others might live. Fetal tissue vaccines perhaps possess moral taint far beyond that of meat offered to idols.


[1] For an excellent summary of all U.S. and Canadian vaccines with fetal tissue see Children of God for Life’s vaccine list. In the U.K., it is possibly only the MMR vaccine that contains them, and there are two brands: MMRVaxPro and Priorix. Priorix appears on the U.S. & Canada chart: It’s the Rubella component that is troubling (though you might not guess from the Patient Information Leaflet — it appears “amino acids” is the euphemistic term used). In the U.S., Children of God for Life successfully introduced legislation for fair labeling so parents could be properly informed. Fortunately, the MMRVaxPro Patient Information Leaflet in section 6 describes the “contents of the pack” and there lists production dependencies/ingredients (WI-38 & RA27/3 are both explicitly listed — i.e. fetal tissue cell lines).

[2] 2020-11-11; Prentice, David; Charlotte Lozier Institute; Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates and Abortion-Dervived Cell Lines;

[3] Moderna Development: Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine – Facts – Not Fiction; See also: Moderna Does Not Use HEK-293 Fetal Cell Line in Ongoing Quality Control or Lot Testing; 2021-01-07; Trasancos, Stacy; Children of God for Life; COVID-19 Vaccine and HEK293: Testing and Production are Ethically Equal.

[4] Retrieved 2020-09-08; Vinnedge, Debra; Children of God for Life; Aborted Fetal Cell Lines;

[5] 2018-01-11; Plotkin, Stanley; Court Deposition; Excerpt answering the question: “In your work related to vaccines, how many fetuses have been part of that work?”; This figure concerns the 1966 study by Plotkin et al, Cytological and Chromosomal Studies of Cell Strains from Aborted Human Fetuses, Exp Biology, Vol 122. There is some confusion regarding the number, whether 74 (from the results section) or 76 (in the summary) — co-author Plotkin’s statement under oath clarifies by indicating 76 embryos were used.

[6] See table on page 591 of this study: 1961-05-15; Hayflick, L & Moorhead, P; Experimental Cell Research; The Serial Cultivation of Human Diploid Cell Strains;

[7] Retrieved 2020-10-27; Children of God for Life;

[8] Retrieved 2020-10-29; HEK293 Cells: Applications and Advantages;

[9] “If [Frank] Graham wasn’t just working on fetal cell lines during his time at the University of Leiden, it may not have been hundreds of abortions [in the development for HEK293],” [Pamela Acker] added, “but we would need to see his notebooks to know.” 2021-02-19; Baklinski, Pete; LifeSiteNews; Babies were aborted alive, placed in fridge to harvest cell lines used in some vaccines: researcher

[10] See the gestational ages:

[11] 2018-01-11; Plotkin, Stanley; Court Deposition; Excerpt answering the question: “In your work related to vaccines, how many fetuses have been part of that work?”;

[12] ‘Fetal Ultra-Sound: 3 months’;

[13] ‘In order to sustain 95% of the cells, the live tissue would need to be preserved within 5 minutes of the abortion. Within an hour the cells would continue to deteriorate, rendering the specimens useless.’
Dr. C. Ward Kischer, Embryologist and Emeritus Professor of Anatomy; Specialist in Human Embryology, University of Arizona College of Medicine (Tucson, Arizona) Personal interview with Debra Vinnedge 7-02, ALL Conference

[14] “Fetal tissue for transplantation must be ‘harvested’ within a few minutes of delivery… Drugs which reduce fetal physiological activity need to be avoided. The fetus is therefore in as alive and aware a state as possible when being opened.” 1988-03; Alderson, Priscilla; Journal of Medical Ethics; Review: The Foetus as Transplant Donor: Scientific, Social and Ethical Perspectives;

[15] “Human embryos of two and one-half to five months gestation were obtained… They were placed in a sterile container and promptly transported to the virus laboratory of the adjacent Hospital for Sick Children. No macerated specimens were used and in many of the embryos the heart was still beating at the time of receipt in the virus laboratory.” 1952-06; Thicke et al; Cultivation of Poliomyelitis Virus in Tissue Culture; Growth of the Lansing Strain in Human Embryonic Tissue, Canadian Journal of Medical Science, Vol. 30, p231-245;
or more recently:

[16] “In 1974 the great English gyneacologist Dr Ian Donald, who ‘invented’ ultrasound, told me of witnessing modern experiments at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute on large, living aborted babies, cringing with pain.” 1988; Marx, Paul; Confessions of a Pro-Life Missionary; Human Life International

[17] 2019-04-12; Larton, Perri; Court Deposition Planned Parenthood; Intact babies cut by procurement officer;

[18] “I can see hearts that are beating in a POC that is not intact that are beating independently…”
2019-04-12; Larton, Perrin; Court Deposition Planned Parenthood;

[19] It is now suspected that unborn babies feel pain from as early as 3 months
2019-07-11; Derbyshire, Stuart & Brockmann, John; BMJ: Journal of Medical Ethics; Reconsidering fetal pain;

[20] “The first part of this chapter addressed the question of live birth or pre-viable foetuses after the use of different techniques of termination and suggested that this is no rare event.”
1987; McCullagh, Peter; Wiley & Sons; The Foetus as Transplant Donor: Scientific, Social and Ethical Perspectives, p115-116.

[21] ‘Obstetricians and gynaecologists are well aware of the increasing number of fetuses which are born alive, because of the increased use of prostaglandins’ 1976-10; Nathanson, Bernard; Hastings Center Report, pp. 11-12.

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[24] For more mature reading on this matter, please see our ongoing project to collate the material here:

[25] 1987; McCullagh, Peter; Wiley & Sons; The Foetus as Transplant Donor: Scientific, Social and Ethical Perspectives, p17.

[26] Re: HEK293, miscarriage is highly unlikely for various reasons — please see “How was it obtained?” (page 2): “in all probability the cells were obtained from the embryo of a wilfully induced abortion.” 2006 Autumn; Wong, Alvin; National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly; The ethics of HEK 293;

[27] 1986-04-26; Herranz, Gonzalo; Il Sabato, no.15; A reply to a previous article in the same journal by Paolo Cucchiarelli and Marina Ricci. Professor Herranz was, at the time, President of the Committee of Medical Ethics of Spanish Doctors and Vice-President of the Permanent Committee of Medical Ethics of the European Community. Source: 1999; Pietro Croce, ‘Vivisection or Science’, p86,

[28] “the fetus was chosen by Dr. Sven Gard, specifically for this purpose. Both parents are known, and unfortunately for the story, they are married to each other, still alive and well… There were no familial diseases in the history of either parent, and no history of cancer specifically in the families.” 1969-08; Gamma Globulin Prophylaxis; Inactivated Rubella Virus; Production and Biologics Control of Live Attenuated Rubella Virus Vaccines: Discussion on Session V. Am J Dis Child. 118(2):372–381.

[29] See the comments here on the unethical complicity between doctors and researches for WALVAX-2. This is widespread, I just use WALVAX-2 as a clear recent example. 2015-04; Ma et al; Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics; Characteristics & viral propagation properties of a new human diploid cell line;

[30] “Both cell lines [HEK293 & PERC6 — the two used by Covid vaccines] were made in my lab, and also the cells, the starting material, was prepared by myself at the University of Leiden [i.e. he was on hand at the hospital where the abortions occurred].” 2001-05-16; Meeting transcript; USA FDA: Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research;

[31] “[The] proposition to be discussed holds that individuals embarking on utilization of the aborted foetus for tissue transplantation may do so without incurring any moral opprobrium generated by the abortion. In addressing this proposition it is necessary to differentiate between the morality of the manipulations involved in harvesting transplantable organs or tissues from the aborted fetus and the moral status of the operator undertaking this task. In any sequence of two activities, the opportunity for the second of which is totally dependent on the occurrence of the first, the morality of the second agent’s participation is not necessarily neutral or positive merely because the contents of the second action, assessed in isolation, may be so. Evaluation of the second agent’s position requires information on the extent of any association with the first agent in addition to knowledge about the actual content of the second action … I would submit that the demonstration of association of the second agent with the first event, even at a level that falls substantially short of incurring any culpability for it, may suffice to vitiate claims for complete independence from it. Specifically, on the occasion of fetal utilization as a transplant donor, it is common practice for mutual agreement on the timing of initiation of termination procedures to be pre-arranged in order to ensure that those harvesting and utilizing the tissue from the foetus will be prepared. A specific example of the form of interaction that may appear in the course of collaboration to obtain foetal tissues in optimal condition concerns the selection and modification of termination procedures to achieve this end. The existence of such interactions between those performing the termination and those harvesting and transplanting tissue from the fetus is inconsistent with the contention that the second agent enters the situation as one completely free from any association with preceding events. This lack of a total separation is one (of many) ways in which collection of foetal organs differs from the collection of organs from road accident victims. Given that some influence relating either to a specific case (for example the timing of termination) or to that class of cases (such as the termination procedure) will indubitably be exerted on the first individual’s activities by the second, the latter becomes to some extent an accessory.” 1987; McCullagh, Peter; Wiley & Sons; The Foetus as Transplant Donor: Scientific, Social and Ethical Perspectives, p17-18, 178, 179-180.

[32] “And when the blood of your martyr Stephen was shed, I also was standing by consenting to his death, and guarding the clothes of those who were killing him.” The Acts of the Apostles, chapter 22, verse 20

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[34] “I realize that this sounds a bit commercial, but PER.C6 were made for that particular purpose [the pharmaceutical industry]. Also, as far as I know, more than 50 different companies have taken license for PER.C6.” 2001-05-16; Meeting transcript; USA FDA: Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research;

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[38] Perhaps, for this reason, Leonard Hayflick, the developer of an early cell line used by 2 billion people, has consistently claimed that “the WI-38 embryo’s estate” was a legitimate stakeholder: “a good case could be made for title to WI-38 to be vested in the parents or estate of the embryo from which WI-38 was derived”. 1998-01; Hayflick, Leonard; Experimental Gerontology; A novel technique for transforming the theft of mortal human cells into praiseworthy federal policy;; 2018-05-31; Hayflick, Leonard; The Biomedical Scientist; A Controversial Life: Interview with George Wister;

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[41] “HEK293 is not a model for normal human cells; these cells are immortalized already by known oncogene but not malignant yet.” 2011-05-23; Kavsan, Iershov & Balynska; BMC Cell Biology; Immortalised cells & one oncogene in malignant transformation, “the tumorigenicity of the HEK 293 cell line reached 100% when the passage exceeded 65, whereas using low-passage (<52) HEK 293 cell line no tumor could be induced under the same condition... more attention should be paid to the passage level of the HEK 293 cell line, especially for vaccine production but the low-passage HEK 293 cell line should be acceptable to regulatory authorities for recombinant virus vector, vaccines, and gene therapy. Meanwhile, we also find that high-passage HEK 293 can be employed as a highly malignant tumor model as its tumorigenicity increases significantly.” 2008-04-18; Shen et al; Elsevier; The tumorigenicity diversification in human embryonic kidney 293 cell line cultured in vitro;

[42] “in the early 70’s, the [National Institute of Health] stock of low passage WI-38 cells had become seriously depleted… IMR-90 was developed [to enable] replacing WI-38 within ongoing laboratory programs.” 2004; Coriell; Cell Collections;

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[46] “During the Senate sub-committee hearings on Embryonic Stem Cell Research [ESCR], Senator Harry Reid compared the possible benefits of ESCR to the polio vaccine, which used aborted fetal tissue, stating the public had no moral problem with that.” 2000-04-28; Senate subcommittee hearings; Washington DC

[47] In a letter co-signed by 80 Nobel laureates to President Bush, urging federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, one paragraph noted: “For the past 35 years many of the common human virus vaccines — such as measles, rubella, hepatitis A, rabies and poliovirus — have been produced in cells derived from a human fetus to the benefit of tens of millions of Americans. Thus precedent has been established for the use of fetal tissue that would otherwise be discarded.” 2001-02-21; Nobel laureates’ letter to President Bush; Washington Post

[48] President Bush justified his decision in favor of Embryonic Stem Cell Research funding thus: “There is a precedent. The only licensed live chickenpox vaccine used in the United States was developed, in part, from cells derived from research involving human embryos. Researchers first grew the virus in embryonic lung cells, which were later cloned and grown in two previously existing cell lines. Many ethical and religious leaders agree that even if the history of this vaccine raises ethical questions, its current use does not.” 2001-08-12; Bush, George; The New York Times; Stem Cell Science & the Preservation of Life;

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[59] Wikipedia suggests Christianity has 2.4bn adherents and Islam 1.9bn — though Islamic views diverge, they are broadly pro-life. Even a 10% to 20% loss of distribution might have a profound impact on the commercial and pragmatic viability for fetal tissue vaccines — thus pressuring the industry to switch to ethical production of vaccines.

[60] “I had a previous 18-year career in biomedical research and can attest that the majority of biomedical research is ethically sound. However, basing bioethics on the truths of the Bible, abortion and the associated harvesting and selling of body parts from aborted babies is ethically, morally and biblically wrong.” 2015-07-14; Patrick, Charles; Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Modern Day Molech;

[61] 2015-10-15; Taylor, Philippa; The Conservative Woman; Ground-breaking medical research can still be ethical;

Published with permission from the Fetal Tissue Vaccines website.

  abortion, abortion-tainted vaccines, fetal cell lines, hek293


Mindful of her own tragic — and anti-colonial — history, Poland’s soccer players refuse to take the knee to BLM

'I think that the majority of people in Poland are against taking the knee and apologizing for colonialism and racism because Poles never had colonies or pursued racist policies,' Polish journalist Grzegorz Górny told LifeSiteNews via email. 
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 12:54 pm EST
Featured Image
Krzysztof Piatek of Poland points to his respect badge as England’s players take a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement prior to the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar qualifying match between England and Poland on March 31, 2021 at Wembley Stadium in London, England Catherine Ivill / Staff / Getty
Dorothy Cummings McLean Dorothy Cummings McLean Follow Dorothy
By Dorothy Cummings McLean

LifeSiteNews has been permanently banned on YouTube. Click HERE to sign up to receive emails when we add to our video library.

LONDON, England, April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Poland’s national soccer team did not kneel in homage to the Black Lives Matter movement before yesterday’s game with England.

The English team did take the knee, however, leading to many online jokes in Polish suggesting that the English players were apologizing to Poland for perceived historical slights and betrayals during the Second World War.  

One popular internet meme showed a photograph of the English players kneeling amidst the standing Polish players and the caption: “March 2021, London, 11 English representatives apologize to the Polish delegation for September ‘39, Tehran, Yalta, and the Post-war Victory Parade.”


Twitter was alive with comments from Poles in both Poland and England, where they form a sizeable minority, over whether or not Poland should have participated in the ritual action. One commentator stated that a Polish man kneels only before God and the woman he wishes to marry.

Early this week, the Czech team likewise refused to “take the knee” at their World Cup qualifier in Wales, instead pointing to anti-racism badges on their uniform sleeves reading “Respect.” The Polish team, too, opted to point to their UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) anti-racism badges.

“Taking the knee” began with American football player Colin Kaepernick in 2016, when he decided to show his opposition to racism by sitting, and then kneeling, during the American national anthem. After Minnesota resident George Floyd died while being restrained by a police officer, the “taking the knee” ritual spread beyond the borders of the United States to Europe and beyond. However, as it is understood as a show of loyalty to the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter organization, not all athletes are interested in participating. Others object on patriotic grounds to kneeling during their national anthem or holding their nation accountable for institutional racism.  

“I think that the majority of people in Poland are against taking the knee and apologizing for colonialism and racism because Poles never had colonies or pursued racist policies,” Polish journalist Grzegorz Górny told LifeSiteNews via email. 

“Between 1795 and 1919 (that is, when England, France, Belgium and other countries were building their colonial empires), Poland wasn’t [even] on the map,” he continued.

“The Polish state was liquidated by Russia, Austria and Prussia (later Germany). Poles were deprived of their sovereignty and treated like second-class citizens throughout the 19th century. Poland was a de facto colony of neighboring powers.”

This is why, Górny added, that Poles do not identify with the legacy of western colonialism. They experienced for themselves what it means to be occupied, persecuted and exploited by so-called “upholders of civilization,” that is, racist colonizers. 

Poles also suffered greatly from the racist pseudo-science popular in Nazi Germany, which held that they, and all other Slavic peoples, were sub-human. Valuing Poles only as potential farm laborers, miners, factory workers and domestic servants, during the 1939-1945 occupation, the Germans forbade Poles from pursuing education beyond a very basic educational level. (This is why, for example, the future St. John Paul II had to leave university to work and then to attend seminary underground.) Heinrich Himmler notoriously wrote in 1940 that he thought it unadvisable that Poles be taught how to read.  Quixotically, the German occupiers also kidnapped tens of thousands of Polish children who “looked German” and sent them to Germany for “Germanization.” 

Prior to Germany’s Lighting-War against Poland, Polish athlete Maria Kwaśniewska refused to join in the universal Nazi salute at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and a picture of her standing stone-faced on the winner’s podium has also been making the Twitter rounds.


Poland fought against colonialism and has nothing to apologize for

Meanwhile, Poland also has excellent anti-colonial credentials, thanks to influential Polish figures whose own experience of oppression by foreign powers led them to fight it elsewhere. 

“One Polish national hero is Maurycy Beniowski, who was sentenced to exile in Siberia by the Russians for taking part in the [first, 1768] independence uprising,” Górny told LifeSiteNews.

“There he caused a revolt and stole a ship that was sailing to Africa. He then reached Madagascar, where he was made king by the indigenous people and fought against French colonizers.” 

Another national hero is Józef Korzeniowski, better known as Joseph Conrad, the author of Heart of Darkness and fierce critic of Belgium’s horrific mistreatment of Africans in the Congo. Górny observed that Conrad’s writings have an “entirely different character” from those of Britain’s Empire-booster Rudyard Kipling, for example. Conrad, too, was inspired by his own experience of oppression by the Russians. 

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Still another Polish hero is Tadeusz Kościuszko, who led an uprising in Poland against the Russians after fighting for the Americans in the American Revolutionary War against England. Poles across the world were outraged when BLM activists vandalized his statue in Washington DC last June. Kościuszko had, in fact, used his salary as an American general to liberate and educate enslaved African Americans.

“In Polish history there is not a single person who is a representative of the colonialism and imperialism of the white man in other continents,” Górny said.

“Therefore, Poles do not see any reason why they should apologize for what is not their fault.”

Who won the game? England won the soccer match 2:1, and are now well placed to secure a place in next year’s FIFA World Championships in Qatar, where slavery still exists.

  blm, poland, soccer


HR 1 poses radical threats to the American republic

Sen. Ted Cruz said the bill is ‘a dangerous and brazenly partisan power grab designed by the Democrats to corruptly turn their current razor-thin majority into a much larger and permanent majority.’
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 12:53 pm EST
Featured Image
Raymond Wolfe Follow

CONTACT YOUR US SENATORS: Tell them to protect election integrity and oppose H.R. 1! Click to contact your Senators, now.

April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — H.R. 1, called the “For the People Act” by Democrats, and the “Corrupt Politicians Act” by others, poses radical threats to the American republic. The bill would ban state voter ID requirements, institutionalize mass mail-in voting, and mandate automatic voter registration of minors, among other things.

House Democrats passed the legislation earlier this month without a single Republican vote.

“This bill is not designed to protect the right to vote,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has said. “Instead, it’s a dangerous and brazenly partisan power grab designed by the Democrats to corruptly turn their current razor-thin majority into a much larger and permanent majority so they can enact the Green New Deal and other items on their deeply unpopular progressive wish list.”

Democrats have championed H.R. 1 and looser voting laws even as state and local officials across the U.S. have announced hundreds of election fraud charges in recent weeks, including 150 in Texas last month. Courts also repeatedly have found that Democrats’ notorious election rule changes in 2020 broke the law in key states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Among the radical threats posed by H.R. 1 are the following:

  • Institutionalize mail-in-voting in all states and prohibit states from requiring that voters “provide any form of identification as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot.” Anyone who applies to vote by mail once would have to be considered to have applied to do so for future elections.

  • Eliminate photo ID requirements, forcing states to a substitute ID with a “sworn written statement.” The bill suggests that photo ID laws are “systemic racism.”

  • Re-enfranchise felons, including domestic terrorists and sexual predators. H.R. 1 would open the door to denying federal funding for states that refuse to comply.

  • Mandate unrestricted ballot harvesting, with voters allowed “to designate any person to return a voted and sealed absentee ballot.” States would be barred from limiting how many ballots a ballot harvester can return.

  • Require states to automatically register minors, without signature requirement. H.R. 1 also would shield illegal immigrants from prosecution if they are automatically registered to vote, including those who refused to clarify their citizenship. Studies show that Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal immigrants, many of them protected by Democrats, vote in U.S. elections and swing battleground states for the Democratic Party.

  • Allow Congress to usurp states’ authority over congressional district drawing and sets up “independent” re-districting commissions, which are often highly partisan and Democrat-run. The U.S. Constitution is widely recognized as granting state legislatures the right to determine congressional districts.

  • Effectively prohibit removal of ineligible voters from voter rolls and limits states’ ability to “cross-check” voters with other states. In Pennsylvania, for example, an official audit found over 50,000 “potential inaccuracies” in voting records, with thousands of dead voters possibly still on the rolls. H.R. 1 would make purging those inaccuracies and securing swing state elections virtually impossible.

  • Provide matching funds for up to 600% of donations sent to federal candidates through a new taxpayer-funded voucher program.

  • Financially incentivize colleges and universities to register as many students as possible, promising additional grant money for schools that “have demonstrated excellence in registering students to vote.”

H.R. 1 also would force states to adopt “curbside voting,” ballot drop-boxes, same-day voter registration, and ballot deadlines ten days after Election Day.

LifeSiteNews has launched a new nationwide campaign against H.R. 1.

CONTACT YOUR US SENATORS: Tell them to protect election integrity and oppose H.R. 1! Click to contact your Senators, now.

“The American people recognize that the 2020 election cycle was mired in fraud, voting irregularities, and unconstitutional government intervention, but if Joe Biden and the radical left have their way, there may never be a truly fair election in America again,” LifeSite’s campaign statement reads. “That’s why we must act NOW, and implore our U.S. Senators to vote against this dangerous legislation when it comes before them for a vote.”

Democrats claim justification for this unmitigated “power grab” based on a dubious reading of the Constitution, whereby Congress allegedly has “broad authority to regulate the time, place, and manner of congressional elections.” The U.S. Constitution, in fact, gives states the primary role to craft election law, leaving Congress the ability to “make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing [sic] Senators.”

“The Act would invert that constitutional structure, commandeer state resources, confuse and muddle elections procedures, and erode faith in our elections and systems of governance,” the attorney generals of 20 states wrote in a petition to Congress this month.

  election, election integrity, election reform, hr 1


Head of Canadian committee in charge of telecommunications promises gov’t will regulate Internet videos

Under Bill C-10, streaming companies would have to provide more 'Canadian content' reflecting Canadian 'values' as is currently the requirement for traditional TV and radio stations. 
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 12:15 pm EST
Featured Image
Anthony Murdoch
By Anthony Murdoch

OTTAWA, Ontario, April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – During a Commons heritage committee meeting last week, the head of Canada’s broadcast regulator said the agency will “regulate all programming,” including the internet, via the passage of a controversial bill now before parliament.

“The Commission has looked, three times in total dating back 20 years, at whether or not it would be desirable or necessary to regulate content delivered over the internet,” said Ian Scott, CEO of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as reported by Blacklocks Reporter.

“In the past, the commission has concluded regulating it would not meaningfully contribute to the broadcasting system. Now the world has changed.”

Scott’s proposed internet regulation will include “all programming” of online video providers such as popular streaming services such as Disney+ and Netflix.

Scott said that Canada’s “Broadcasting Act is now 30 years old,” and that back in 1991 when enacted, Parliament “could not foresee how modern technology would change.”

Last year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault introduced Bill C-10, which would regulate certain online media services through the creation of a new class of broadcaster called “online undertakings.”

It is this new class of broadcaster that must include more diverse content that contributes “significantly to the creation and presentation of Canadian programming.”

The new class of “online undertakings” outlined in Bill C-10 would be regulated by the CRTC, for the “transmission or retransmission of programs over the Internet.” 

Entities classified as “online undertakings” would not have to be licensed by the CRTC. However, social media companies and content generated by individuals as well as text-based news websites are exempt from having to obtain a license. 

Scott said that it should take about two years after Bill C-10 is passed into law to regulate sites such as Netflix.

One Conservative Party of Canada M.P. Keven Waugh, who is a former sportscaster, appeared, however, to call for more regulation of online sites from the CRTC.

“I know lots of former broadcasters that are now on Facebook doing an hour show, they’re selling commercials, they’re not licensed and here they are, they’re actually competing against traditional broadcasters,” said Waugh.

“It’s just a free for all on Facebook and other social media.”

Bill C-10 will also give Canada’s main broadcast authority the power to force large online streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ to comply with regulations to “support greater diversity and inclusion in the broadcasting sector,” and also issue fines for non-compliance. 

Under the new bill, streaming companies would have to provide more “Canadian content” reflecting Canadian “values” as is currently the requirement for traditional TV and radio stations. 

The streaming providers will also be required to make financial contributions to support “Canadian content,” which according to the government would bring in as much as $830 million annually.  

Last year Jay Cameron, a lawyer for the Canada-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, previously told LifeSiteNews that Bill C-10 is the “first part of the push” amongst the Trudeau Liberals to limit or regulate speech online that does not follow the party ideology.”

Gwen Landolt from Real Women of Canada also told LifeSiteNews that Bill C-10 is a “confusing” piece of “left-wing legislation” that was created to serve special interest groups. 

“It’s bizarre, this thing is not directed to Canadians at all, but to minorities, it's scary what they are doing, there is no balance,” said Landolt. 

“I’m worried, this is a badly drafted price of left-wing legislation which is to enable and advance identity groups, including transgender and homosexual groups…It’s not going in a balanced fair, direction, it’s identity politics.” 

  bill c-10, canada, free speech, trudeau government


WATCH: 5,000 turn out for Dominican Republic’s pro-life caravan

LifeSiteNews readers helped provide the funds to plan and execute the event.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 11:48 am EST
Featured Image
Pro-life car rally in the Dominican Republic
Dorothy Cummings McLean Dorothy Cummings McLean Follow Dorothy
By Dorothy Cummings McLean

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SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — About 5,000 people turned out for Saturday’s pro-life car rally in the Dominican Republic, organized by Bishop Victor Masalles of the Diocese of Banì.

The bishop told LifeSiteNews that the “Caravana Celeste por la Vida” (Heavenly Caravan for Life) held in the nation’s capital city was “excellent,” with an “awesome” turnout.

“It was much more than we are expecting,” he said. “It was awesome because we were not expecting that many people.”

Masalles said the Catholics at the rally were joined by Evangelical communities, who bumped up the numbers. He was pleased also that all the Dominican Republic’s news organizations had reported on the rally — and its pint-sized opposition.

LifeSiteNews readers alone raised half the money needed to plan and execute the car rally through LifeFunder, and the bishop is grateful.

“I need to thank [LifeSite’s readers], for without that help, many of the activities could not be done,” he said. “We have to thank everybody — even those who gave just one dollar.”

“We had a competition of marches,” Masalles recounted. “One was the pro-abortion march, a very small group. [The media] was comparing. They said, ‘Wow, what a difference.’”

The car rally began in the parking lot of the soccer stadium and ended in the grounds outside the National Congress. The bishop said the area was full. “I think that there were 5,000 people,” he said.

A number of cars were late to the final meeting point because they got lost in the traffic in the city center. Santo Domingo has a population of over 3 million, and the biggest challenge of the rally was keeping the cars in the rally together. However, they all met at the National Congress at the end.

Organizers gave out pro-life hats, T-shirts and flags to everyone before they took part in the rally. The campaign also provided the participants with bottled water. At the end of the rally, the participants, legislators, and media were met by a large poster of a pregnant woman with a transparent woman, showing her unborn baby.

The rally was organized to stiffen the spines of the Dominican Republic’s pro-life representatives and senators regarding the new criminal code. A small but well-connected pro-abortion lobby has been pushing for the decriminalization of abortion, and Bishop Masalles told LifeSiteNews that battles over this have held up the modernization of the 120-year-old code for 20 years. Happily, there has been progress.

“Now regarding the project of the criminal code, the special commission [announced] that they have accepted the exception of abortion [to the revisions],” the bishop said.

The criminal code will now, without any proposed change to the nation’s complete ban on abortion, be presented to the representatives and senators.

“There was a lot of pressure from abortion groups, but now [their policies] are out. The discussion is going to be without abortion,” Masalles said. “It was a success.”

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The car rally coincided with the end of a large, highly publicized two-week discussion about abortion in the Dominican Republic, which revealed that the country is still very pro-life.

“That was the last moment of this discussion, and that was excellent because it was in that precise moment what was necessary,” the bishop said. “It was like a great ending … and everybody was clear that the majority of the population is pro-life at this moment in the Dominican Republic.”

During Easter week, the representatives will vote on the new criminal code, and Masalles is very hopeful that it will pass without any more pro-abortion objections. Of the 190 representatives, 120 call themselves pro-life. A large majority of the senators are also pro-life.

The significance of the March 27 date for the rally, quite apart from the national discussion about abortion, was its proximity to the March 25 feast of the Annunciation, which celebrates the incarnation of Jesus Christ in the womb of His mother. Bishop Masalles said that the rally celebrated the occasion on the Saturday, rather than the Thursday, so as not to make traveling difficult for the public on a regular work day.

Masalles currently has an institution in his diocese to help poor pregnant women to prepare for motherhood, and he told LifeSiteNews earlier this month that there are many other institutions like it in the Dominican Republic. He is also committed to solving long-standing problems in his society, such as sexual harassment, teenage pregnancy, and violence through the “Alive to the World” (called Aprendiendo a querer in Spanish) program.

The bishop told LifeSiteNews that this life-affirming program reduces teenage pregnancy rates by 85%.

  abortion, catholic, dominican republic, lifefunder, victor masalles


French drug agency links AstraZeneca vaccine with blood clots

'The very atypical nature of these thromboses, their similar clinical pictures and the homogeneous delay of occurrence lead the Monitoring Committee to confirm the very rare occurrence of this thrombotic risk in people vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine.'
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 11:35 am EST
Featured Image
Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent
By Jeanne Smits

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April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Less than two months after its conditional marketing authorization by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) at the end of January, the controversial AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine was linked last Friday with cases of thrombosis, by the French Drug Agency (ANSM, Agence nationale de sécurité du medicament).

Until that acknowledgement, the official narrative was that thromboses of the type registered after individuals received the AstraZeneca shots were not more frequent than in the general population, or more numerous than expected.

On March 17, the World Health Organization downplayed the issue, patronizingly stating: “Vaccination against COVID-19 will not reduce illness or deaths from other causes. Thromboembolic events are known to occur frequently. Venous thromboembolism is the third most common cardiovascular disease globally.” The WHO did not take into account the specific circumstances that were being reported. And now it appears that the WHO was wrong.

The ANSM’s report was published with data up to March 18, 2021. At that point, with over 1,430,000 AstraZeneca shots injected in France, a total of 5,693 adverse events had been registered by regional pharmacovigilance centers, most often related to pseudo-influenza systems with frequent symptoms such as high fever, muscle pain and headaches.

The previous week, the ANSM’s report suggested people whose existing comorbidities might risk being “decompensated” by the shot. The report quoted “particularly severe” side-effects such as “desaturation, meningism, 41°C fever, convulsion, loss of consciousness with traumatic falls, delirium/hallucinations, cyanosis of the extremities, hypothermia...”

From March 12 to March 18, 16 new thromboembolic events were registered, bringing the total up to 29 cases from the start of vaccination.

The ANSM stated on its website:

Among all these cases, 9 cases of large vein thrombosis, atypical in their location (mostly cerebral, but also digestive), which may be associated with thrombocytopenia or coagulation disorders were reported, including 2 deaths. These cases occurred within a median of 8.5 days after vaccination in individuals with no specific history identified to date (7 patients under 55 years of age, 2 patients over 55 years of age).

The very atypical nature of these thromboses, their similar clinical pictures and the homogeneous delay of occurrence lead the Monitoring Committee to confirm the very rare occurrence of this thrombotic risk in people vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine. It is recalled that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) confirms the positive benefit/risk balance of vaccination with AstraZeneca in the prevention of Covid-19.

Since the ANSM published its report, which stated that the AstraZeneca shot still was being considered as having a “favorable benefit/risk balance), yet another death from thrombosis following vaccination has been made public in France. This time, a 38 year-old woman from Toulouse died 14 days after receiving the AstraZeneca jab. Complications appeared shortly after the social worker received the vaccine, leading to hospitalization and an induced coma. Prior to the vaccination she was in very good physical condition. The Astrazeneca shot was soon after temporarily suspended from being administered.

The victim, who had priority to obtain the jab because she worked in a sanitary establishment, had decided to receive the vaccine in order to “protect” her parents. Two days later, she started experiencing severe headaches. After a week, her condition suddenly deteriorated, and she was fully paralyzed on her left-hand side. She was taken to hospital for emergency treatment, where two operations were necessary to remove two blood clots from her brain, leaving her in danger of death. At that point, the management of the Purpan Hospital of Toulouse would not comment on the case, refusing to link the event to the AstraZeneca shot and sheltering behind medical confidentiality.

The woman died one week later. Local hospital authorities are continuing to refuse to comment on the case and are still not admitting that a link with the vaccine may exist. Her loved ones, on the other hand, have told the media that “strong evidence” points in that direction.

The ANSM, however, has adopted a more cautious approach. This Wednesday, it addressed a letter to general practitioners, vaccination centers, hospital and private pharmacists, nurses and midwives who are involved in the current vaccination campaign, confirming the risk of “rare blood clots associated with a low platelet count.” 

“Health workers must watch out for signs and symptoms of thromboembolic events and thrombocytopenia associated with bleeding,” the letter states.

Patients should be warned that they must immediately consult a doctor when symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, swelling of the legs, persistent abdominal pain occur after vaccination. Other worrisome signs are “neurological symptoms” such as severe headaches or blurred vision, and ecchymosis far from the vaccination site.

The letter also states that in “very rare” cases of thrombosis in “unusual” places and thrombocytopenia sometimes accompanied by bleeding, 7 to 14 days after an AstraZeneca shot, has in “some cases had a fatal outcome.” Most of these adverse events were experienced by women under 55. Research is under way, the ANSM states. 

What it does not note is that the blood clot incidents are mainly occurring in female patients of child-bearing age.

In the nine cases of thrombosis assessed by the ANSM in its most recent report covering adverse events up to March 18, three occurred in patients under oral contraception.

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It would be interesting to know whether the same situation was observed in Germany, where AstraZeneca shots were suspended for under-60’s, because out of 31 observed thromboses, nine of which were fatal, 29 occurred in women (aged between 20 and 63).

In France, the approach was quite the opposite: older people were getting the Pfizer and Moderna shots, while health workers – often quite young women – received the AstraZeneca injection. An uncommon number of adverse side effects, including high fever, stomach pains and nausea was reported following the shots.

Health authorities explained that younger people have better immune systems and therefore react more. Since March 18, the French “Haute Autorité de Santé” (Higher Health Authority) is recommending that only people over 55 get the AstraZeneca vaccine – despite the fact that older people benefit notoriously less from vaccines than younger individuals, precisely because their immune systems are less efficient.

Interestingly, mainstream media in Europe are underscoring the fact that oral contraception is also linked to blood clots. Women are complaining on social media that side-effects of the vaccine are getting much more attention than similar difficulties with “the pill,” that is still being freely prescribed despite their harmfulness.

One “Instagrammer,” Fanny Lecart, posted: “AstraZeneca: 30 cases of thrombosis for 5 million vaccines. My old pill, side-effect: 1 thrombosis for 10,000. Where is the debate about that?”

They have a point, and it is a scandal, but it should be added that women use chemical contraception with the declared goal of impeding the normal functioning of the body, while the vaccine is being touted as a way to remain healthy and “protect others,” and given to young people who are not ill and who have a very low risk of getting a severe form of COVID-19.

AstraZeneca, together with the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA agents, is still in its trial stages. Its developers have already been compelled to review the supposed efficacy of the shot after cherry-picking data that made it look better than it was, now quoting 76 percent efficiency against 79 percent previously. But global results are yet to be assessed.

All this is bad news for AstraZeneca. Their latest move shows that they are possibly moving into damage control, with the hope of not losing too many clients. As of March 25, the British-Swedish vaccine received official permission from the European Medicines Agency to change its name and packaging. From now on, it shall be called Vaxzevria. That will change everything… not.

LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page. View it here.

  astrazeneca, coronavirus vaccine


Leaked military training docs identify pro-lifers, government critics as potential ‘extremists’

The Department of Defense 'has yet to provide any assurance that Evangelical Christians and Catholics will not, once again, be labeled and targeted as extremists.'
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 11:23 am EST
Featured Image
Calvin Freiburger Calvin Freiburger Follow Calvin
By Calvin Freiburger

April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The Biden administration appears to be intensifying efforts to purge certain right-of-center views from the United States Armed Forces, according to several recently-leaked training documents pertaining to the identification of “violent extremism.”

One slideshow, first revealed by Politico, asserts the existence of unidentified individuals within the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) “who belong to extremist groups or actively participate in efforts to further extremist ideologies,” and declares that such ideologies “have no place within the Department.”

The greatest risk, it says, comes from three general categories. Two of those categories – ethnic or racial supremacy and anarchist opposition to all structures such as government and capitalism – are not controversial to identify, but the third – “‘patriot’ extremism” – is claimed to start with a handful of fairly mainstream views: “that the US government has become corrupt, has overstepped its constitutional boundaries or is no longer capable of protecting the people against foreign threats.”

It goes on to identify as secondary dangers “religious extremism,” identified as the “supremacy of a particular religion that advocates the establishment of religious purity through the subjugation, forced conversion, or elimination of other religions”; and “anti-feminism,” identified as an “ideology that holds that modern men have been emasculated by feminists and they need to reestablish themselves as the dominant gender.”

While right-wing extremists do exist (albeit with much smaller numbers and influence than dominant liberal narratives suggest), and the presentation does name some left-wing extremist groups and positions as well (including environmentalism, animal Antifa, and the Occupy movement), the material also frames mainstream debates over non-extreme positions, such as religious teachings on “abortion, LGBTQ lifestyles,” as associated with extremism. It also frames opposition to “feminism” as inherently extreme without acknowledging that modern feminism holds positions on issues such as abortion with which people may reasonably take issue.

Politico reports that the slideshow was created as part of a broader crackdown on “extremists who may be lurking inside the military after dozens of ex-service members were arrested for their roles in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol to stop the certification of the presidential election.”

This comes despite the fact that, also per Politico, judges and federal prosecutors are increasingly admitting that most arrested in connection with the riot will not face harsh sentences because their actual offenses amounted to little more than trespassing.

Nevertheless, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin made a force-wide stand down “requiring all units to discuss the threat of extremism within 60 days” one of the first acts of his tenure, as the first step in “a concerted effort to better educate ourselves and our people about the scope of this problem and to develop sustainable ways to eliminate the corrosive effects that extremist ideology and conduct have on the workforce.”

‘Chain of command’ can help make sure ‘social media posts’ don’t violate ‘regulations’

A publicly released DOD document titled “Leadership Stand-Down to Address Extremism in the Force” included as a discusssion talking point, “Although Service members enjoy the right to free speech protected by the First Amendment, the unique character of the military community and of the military mission requires a balancing of those rights with the important purpose of the military.” The document went on to cite the 1974 Supreme Court case Parker v. Levy. In Parker v. Levy, “The Court determined that the demands of military necessity are superior to individual constitutional rights in the military setting,” the First Amendment Encyclopedia notes.

The publicly released DOD document went on to add, “speech in the workplace that interferes with the mission, espouses extremist or discriminatory doctrine, or is disrespectful and harmful to colleagues, will have consequences.”

“You can always seek advice from your chain of command, supervisors, public affairs, or the legal office before making public statements or publishing materials,” the document continues. “Whether it’s a letter to an editor or a social media post, if you have questions about what you want to say, your chain of command, supervisors, public affairs, or legal office can also help you ensure you’re not violating regulations.”

No assurance evangelicals and Catholics won’t ‘be labeled and targeted as extremists’

Across the right, the materials, particularly the leaked slideshow, have been met with deep alarm and suspicion.

“We lack any concrete evidence that violent extremism is as ripe in the military as some commentators claim,” said Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL.), the ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee. “While I agree with my colleagues that these numbers should be zero, this is far from the largest military justice issue facing our armed services.”

Center for Military Readiness president Elaine Donnelly notes that the “likelihood of leftist bias,” already established by various statements such as former West Point department head and retired Army Brig. Gen. Thomas Kolditz’s condemnation of a “strong Trump following” in the military, is “compounded by materials for the stand-down released ahead of time, which state that ‘speech in the workplace that interferes with the mission, espouses extremist or discriminatory doctrine, or is disrespectful and harmful to colleagues, will have consequences.’ In today’s ‘woke’ force and overall political environment, some people consider pro-life or pro-Trump views to be ‘discriminatory’ and ‘harmful to colleagues,’ including military officials and their elected overseers.”

“The DoD has yet to provide any assurance that Evangelical Christians and Catholics will not, once again, be labeled and targeted as extremists,” warns First Liberty Institute attorney Mike Berry, a former active duty U.S. Marine Corps officer. “Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism might not be popular within the Pentagon, but to label their adherents ‘extremists’ is wrong, and it undermines our national security. Combined, the two comprise a substantial majority of the force, and as stated above, their believers are the most likely candidates to serve in the future.”

“I still find [the DOD’s] definition of extremism in its underlying instruction ambiguous enough to remain concerned that, for example, Catholics and other pro-life advocates who equate abortion, as Pope Francis does, to the ‘murder of children’ could be branded as ‘extremists’ even if they are adamantly opposed to violence or other illegal activities,” agrees retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Charles J. Dunlap Jr., currently the executive director of Duke University’s Center on Law, Ethics and National Security.

“Quite clearly, [the Defense Department] considers that activity that does not violate the Constitution, or any law, regulation or extremism policy could still be categorized as ‘extremist behavior,’” Dunlap continued. “Thus, those who follow the law and all the policies on extremism could still find themselves accused of ‘extremist behavior’ and have their careers suffer accordingly.”

  anti-conservative bias, biden administration, department of defense, indoctrination, joe biden, lloyd austin, pentagon, right-wing extremism, united states military, us military


Over 70 Canadian churches vow to defy lockdowns, will fully open for Easter services

‘We hope the list will grow. We are over 70 churches now.’
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 10:39 am EST
Featured Image
Sign indicating a church is closed due to COVID-19 Shutterstock
Anthony Murdoch
By Anthony Murdoch

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April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The threat of fines and possible imprisonment will not deter over 70 Christian churches in Canada from defying COVID lockdowns and holding religious services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The churches have vowed to open for Easter services “to stand together in unity and to oppose further lockdowns.”

All churches involved have signed on to Liberty Coalition Canada’s (LCC) “We Will Gather Easter 2021” initiative. To date, eight Canadian provinces are represented: Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

In some provinces, such as British Columbia, indoor church services are banned outright due to COVID-related health rules, with the rest of the provinces enacting severe limits on church attendance size.

The “We Will Gather Easter 2021” webpage states that the churches involved hope for “three things.”

The first goal is that “many people who are needing refuge and sanctuary will flock to these churches and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Secondly, they hope that “our partners, such as End the Lockdowns Caucus and Professionals Against Lockdowns, will intentionally come to our services to take this important stand with us.”

Lastly, “we would use this list to stand together in unity and to oppose further lockdowns.”

Michael Thiessen, campaign manager for LCC, told LifeSiteNews that his organization is hopeful the list of churches will grow even more before Good Friday.

“We hope the list will grow. We are over 70 churches now,” said Thiessen.

One of the churches that signed on to the initiative is Grace Life Church in Alberta. Grace Life’s Pastor James Coates was jailed for over a month for defying COVID-related orders in Alberta.

After his release from jail, Coates went straight back to preaching — despite police trying to enter his church last Sunday.

Thiessen said that the Easter gathering initiative would have taken place even if Coates had never been jailed, adding that Coates’ ordeal should “never” happen again in Canada.

“Pastor James Coates is an encouraging story, but we had these plans regardless. Never again should governments think they can just shut down and restrict the worship of God. Many people in Canada are consumed by fear because they are only focused on the physical world, this world,” Thiessen told LifeSiteNews.

“We preach Christ crucified and that people can have eternal life if they believe in Him. The gospel is the very message people need to hear right now.”

Trinity Bible Chapel in Waterloo, Ontario, has been fined over $83,000 for defying local COVID rules to hold indoor worship services. The chapel, led by Senior Pastor Jacob Reaume, has also signed on to the initiative.

Reaume has supported Coates’ cause, and in collaboration with a few other churches released a YouTube video to defend the rights of churches to be open for worship services.

The video has been viewed over 17,000 times.

“The bride of Christ essentially right now is in captivity, and her bridegroom who purchased her with his own blood cannot be pleased with this, cannot be pleased with the way the government is treating his bride,” Reaume said in the video. “It is upon the ministers, the under-shepherds, to stand up and defend her.”

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The Church of God in Aylmer, Ontario, has also signed the Easter gathering initiative.

The church’s Pastor Henry Hildebrandt has been a vocal opponent to government-imposed COVID-19 measures. Along with others from his congregation, he was fined for defying the orders. 

Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary, Alberta, whose Senior Pastor Tim Stephens recently defied local COVID rules regarding worship size with a Sunday service, is among the signatories, as well.

Liberty Coalition Canada describes itself as “a national network of clergymen, elected officials, small business owners, legal experts, and other concerned citizens.”

The group has launched other initiatives, such as The Church Must Gather declaration, and the End the Lockdowns National Caucus, which is a non-partisan group of current and former elected politicians with the common aim to end all “lockdowns” in Canada.

  coronavirus lockdowns, coronavirus restrictions, liberty coalition canada, we will gather easter 2021


WHO in Europe calls for down-sized religious services for Easter

While the directives are not mandatory, pressure is being applied to Europeans, under the guise of direct advice to citizens, so that they submit to restrictions and even stay ahead of them.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 9:55 am EST
Featured Image
World Health Organization logo Shutterstock
Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent
By Jeanne Smits

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April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In the middle of Holy Week, five days from Easter, the World Health Organization’s regional office for Europe published a communiqué calling for religious celebrations to be down-sized throughout the continent.

Under the title “Minimizing COVID-19 risk around religious celebrations as European Region sees resurgence of cases,” the international organization headed by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus — a pro-abortion, former communist party member and revolutionary in his home country, Ethiopia — called for specific measures for all believers, suggesting that religious functions and related family reunions would be aggravating factors in the present health crisis.

In a show of gross interference with religious traditions, WHO Europe published its guidelines for what could be dubbed responsible worship. While its directives are not mandatory, pressure is being applied to Europeans, under the guise of direct advice to citizens, so that they submit to restrictions and even stay ahead of them. The communiqué can also be expected to affect decisions by governments across the continent who are in practice being encouraged to take measures against public worship.

The WHO statement opens with these words: “Faith can be a source of support, comfort and guidance particularly in times of COVID-19, and springtime is rich with religious celebrations, including Passover, Easter and Ramadan” (Ramadan starts on April 13 this year).

But in the view of the World Health Organization, real hope can only come from the vaccine: “Currently everyone is experiencing a mix of frustration and hope, as vaccine coverage remains low but early signs of vaccination impact appear. While some of the most vulnerable people have received a vaccination against COVID-19, a large majority remain at risk of infection.”

The WHO is calling on religious believers’ sense of duty and their altruistic virtues to justify the ongoing tyranny, while at the same time trying to direct and frame public worship — even when supermarkets and public transport are allowed to remain open, including on Sundays.

The mention of Passover and Ramadan by the WHO should not hide from view the fact that Europe is fundamentally Christian in its roots, culture, and soul. In more Catholic times, pandemics — so much more deadly than COVID, which spares over 99.9 percent of the population — led to collective prayers and penitential processions. Examples abound of plagues that were stopped by divine intervention, such as the Great Plague in Marseille in 1720, which only ceased for good two years later, when the saintly bishop François-Xavier de Belzunce led public prayers, joined by the aldermen of the city, to consecrate the town and its inhabitants to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Now the global authorities are instead encouraging people to stay at home, or to reduce and even to “postpone” religious celebrations, as if Easter did not matter, and as if public worship should obey to the injunctions of the powers that be. All this for a virus that leaves the vast majority of the population unharmed.

“Communities across the European Region are weighing whether to host religious or social celebrations during this time. In countries experiencing widespread community transmission of the virus, virtual meetings, postponing or reducing such gatherings should be seriously considered.

“Regardless of location, any religious service should be held outdoors wherever possible or be limited in size and duration, with physical distancing, ventilation, hand hygiene and mask use, as appropriate. A preferred option is for people to celebrate with those they live with, and not meet with others if feeling unwell or if required to stay in isolation or quarantine,” said the WHO.

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It is of course reasonable to advise people who are actually ill to stay at home — but does Europe (and do Christians) really need the World Health Organization to tell them so?

WHO Europe is also weighing in on “indoor gatherings,” warning that “even smaller ones can be especially risky because they bring together groups of people, young and old, from different households, who may not all be adhering to the same infection prevention measures.”

“If organizing a small gathering or event, follow local recommendations on the maximum number of participants and take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among guests. It may feel awkward to wear masks and stay physically distant when around friends and family, but doing so contributes significantly to ensuring that everyone remains safe and healthy,” it says.

Finally, the World Health Organization also recommends avoiding “unnecessary travel”: “If travelling is the only way to visit family and friends, avoid any transportation that might be crowded. Consider all related risks and ask yourself whether travel is an absolute necessity.”

But government authorities, in France at least, take no notice of the WHO’s recommendations against public transportation: The Paris underground daily welcomes crowds to its platforms and trains, with no limitations.

  coronavirus restrictions, world health organization


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By John-Henry Westen

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Anti-lockdown scientists challenge theories of Geert Vanden Bossche, though vaccine ‘global catastrophe’ not ruled out

Excluding the hypotheses of Geert Vanden Bossche based on scientific data, critics also suspect a type of deception to ‘pivot’ in a direction toward even more ‘vaccination’ resulting in extended lockdowns and possible ‘massive-scale depopulation'
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 8:17 am EST
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Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., DVM, during a recent video interview of him by Phillip McMillan, MD Vejon Health / YouTube
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By Patrick Delaney


April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Earlier this month a renowned virologist, and former senior officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation drew significant attention when he joined the voices of many experts around the world calling for an immediate end to the worldwide COVID-19 experimental vaccination campaign, though he proposed a novel grave danger, and an additional “vaccine” solution.

Geert Vanden Bossche, who once worked as a senior program manager for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and has been considered one of the most highly ranked and talented vaccine creators in the world, issued an open letter and video warning of a “global catastrophe without equal” due to experimental COVID-19 vaccination programs.  

In his dramatic letter, he wrote that these “prophylactic vaccines are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic.”  He continued, saying that “it is difficult to understand how current human interventions will prevent circulating variants from turning into a wild monster” across the globe.

In April of last year, YouTube censored two doctors from Bakersfield, California, who spoke out against lockdowns explaining that such isolation harms the immune system of healthy people making them more susceptible to the virus. 

Vanden Bossche takes this reality much further proposing that lockdowns are a dangerous contributing factor to a possible “wipe out [of] large parts of our human population.” 

According to his theory, suppression of innate immunity in everyone including the young via lockdowns, along with a massive experimental vaccination campaign—which neither eradicates nor prevents transmission of the virus—will lead to “immune escape.” 

This concept proposes that vaccinated people will continue to be infected with and shed the virus, which due to the “pressure” exerted by experimental COVID-19 vaccines, will accumulate large numbers of mutations, in turn creating variants which are far more virulent and can no longer be controlled by the vaccines.

In addition, Vanden Bossche hypothesizes that the vaccinated themselves will be susceptible to these dangerous variants since the specific antibodies these millions of people have acquired to combat the original COVID-19 virus will compete with and weaken their natural immunity, while providing no protection against these new highly infectious mutant variants.

Therefore, joining his voice with the tens-of-thousands of censored medical experts and millions of citizens across the globe who have been speaking out against the catastrophic, counterproductive policies imposed on healthy populations under the pretense of COVID-19 “public health” concerns, Vanden Bossche observed that “One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of efficiency in turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction.”

Yet his analysis of this “vaccine” disaster did not come without a proposed solution.  The former close collaborator of Bill Gates wrote, “Paradoxically, the only intervention that could offer a perspective to end this pandemic (other than to let it run its disastrous course) is ... VACCINATION.” [Vanden Bossche’s emphasis]

Vanden Bossche proposed that a new vaccine could be used to induce natural killer (NK) cells to “recognize and kill Coronaviruses at large (including their variants) at an early stage of infection.”  And, indeed, such a strategy he posits “is going to be the only type of human intervention left to halt the dangerous spread of highly infectious Covid-19 variants.”

Finally, he concludes, very dramatically, “If we, human beings, are committed to perpetuating our species, we have no choice left but to eradicate these highly infectious viral variants. This will, indeed, require large vaccination campaigns.”

Suspicions and debate arise among experimental COVID-19 vaccine opponents 

Individuals and organizations who have been fighting continuously for the last year against the disasters of draconian government interventions in response to the COVID-19 virus, including lockdowns and the “warp speed” “vaccines,” immediately took notice of Vanden Bossche’s statements.

Popular Highwire host Del Bigtree prominently featured the Vanden Bossche letter and video on his March 11 program, classifying it as “one of the most important stories I have perhaps covered in my entire career in medical journalism.”  

And Dr. Vernon Coleman provided a stirring, lucid, and brief explanation of the Vanden Bossche theory and its ramifications on March 13, concluding, “If we don’t stop this vaccination program now then it is no exaggeration to say that the very future of mankind is at risk.”

But other experimental COVID-19 vaccine opponents were sharply critical of Vaden Bossche’s theory.

Rosemary Frei, a Canadian medical writer and journalist with a master’s degree in molecular biology, issued a strong critique also taking issue with Bigtree and Coleman for amplifying this theory.  

According to Frei, the Vanden Bossche thesis is based upon “unproven hypotheses” similar to, and building upon, “the overall Covid deception” that employs “high-profile modeling-papers,” such as that from the discredited Neil Ferguson whose work early last year inflamed fears justifying disastrous lockdowns across the world.  

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In addition to fully rejecting his thesis, Frei proposes several factors which indicate that the credibility of Vanden Bossche — with his past Gates and GAVI connections — should be considered highly suspect as well.

His dramatic rhetoric in his initial release — “racing against the clock” to write his “agonizing letter”— indicates for Frei an intention to “propagandize rather than to let objective evidence speak of itself.”  

Vanden Bossche also speaks with great adulation for the so-called “brilliant” scientists who designed the current vaccines without mentioning “a word about the massive adverse-event rate and very scant efficacy profile of the vaccines that were created by these ‘brilliant scientists’,” Frei wrote.

More central to Frei’s critique of Vanden Bossche’s theory of “rapidly spreading, highly infectious variants,” is her insistence that, despite some illegitimate attempts, there remains “no proof” that normally-developed mutations from the virus “are highly infectious or will be any time soon.” She further points out that Vanden Bossche did not provide “any direct non-theoretical evidence” that “immune escape” was happening, and asserts that his entire proposal is “on very shaky ground.” 

Frei finally takes issue with the whole notion of Vanden Bossche’s proposal for “large vaccination” programs, and suggests that his sudden emergence may well be part of a “drug-company astroturf campaign” serving to initiate a “pivot” in a new direction toward even more vaccination.  

Further Responses: ‘no robust scientific evidence’

While Bigtree and Coleman issued their own strong responses to Frei, perhaps more in terms of form and strategy than scientific substance, her overall thesis was affirmed by some eminent experts, including the former Pfizer vice president and chief science officer Dr. Michael Yeadon, PANDA member Marc Giradot, and leading German epidemiologist Dr. Knut Wittkowski.

In an article published March 11, Yeadon and Giradot confirm that “To date, no robust scientific evidence proves that any of the variants identified are more transmissible or deadly than the original.”

Indeed, established “knowledge of viral mutation shows they usually evolve to become less deadly and more transmissible,” and current evidence shows that “these mutations have caused changes in less than 0.3% of the entire virus sequence. All variants are therefore currently 99.7% similar to the original Wuhan viral sequence,” they wrote.

Naturally, this means that “[p]rior immunity gained from the original SARS-CoV-2 should work perfectly well against any new ‘mutant variant’, given the 99.7% sequence similarity.”

Wittkowski, who refers to elements of Vanden Bossche’s theory as “nonsense,” argues that, “[t]he new ‘COVID strains’ are not so much more infectious that young people need to be afraid of them. Maybe a few more become (mostly) asymptomatically infected. That’s it.”

Amid his many corrections of Vanden Bossche’s text, Wittkowski also clarified the author’s credentials showing he is “a PhD and DVM (veterinarian physician) not an MD (Medical Doctor),” and that “[h]e is not ‘board certified’ in human virology or microbiology,” and not so much a “research expert” as a “research coordinator.”

Support for Vanden Bossche, challenged

However, in the same forum, Vanden Bossche enjoys the support of fellow vaccine developer Dr. Byram Bridle who is an Associate Professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

Referring to the Belgian veterinary physician as “a respected scientist,” Bridle agreed “there is a high probability of our vaccine rollouts driving the emergence of dangerous variants.”

In his rationale, Bridle compared the necessity of patients fighting off a bacterial infection using antibiotics to experimental vaccines building resistance to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  As in the former case one must complete their antibiotic regimen to avoid the possibility of “dangerous antibiotic-resistant variants” developing, so too in the latter situation, recipients of a (two-injection) vaccine must, according to him, complete both shots in a timely manner to avoid similar resistant viral variants from emerging.

He asserts that this is not happening in many places, and that there is “clear evidence” that such dangerous variants are developing.  Bridle states: “the Novavax, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca vaccines have all performed much poorer against the South African variant; AstraZeneca’s provides very little protection against it.”

In response to his presentation, Frei told LifeSiteNews that “Bridle makes a false equivalence between the development of antibiotic resistance and of viral resistance; in fact, viral escape from immunity is a vanishingly unlikely scenario.”

“He also claims immune evasion already is occurring, by stating that several vaccines are not performing well against the South African variant,” Frei continued. “Yet all the statistics available to the public on vaccine effectiveness – including on how well or poorly they're performing against the variants – are probably highly inaccurate. That's because, among other things, those data are not being made available to objective third parties for verification.”

Pathogenic priming and ‘massive-scale depopulation’

While Vanden Bossche’s critics may disagree with his diagnosis of how a “wipe out [of] large parts of our human population” may come about, along with his proposed solution of more vaccinations, many have grave concerns that such an outcome is a very real possibility due to different factors.

Last December, Yeadon and colleague Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed a petition with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) calling for the immediate suspension of all COVID-19 vaccine studies due to significant safety concerns.  

One such concern is the possibility of a reaction called pathogenic priming, or Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), where the “formation of so-called ‘non-neutralizing antibodies’ can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction, especially when the test person is confronted with the real, ‘wild’ virus after vaccination.”  Past experiments on cats using this technology revealed that all of them “that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus.”

Their petition reads that ADE “is a common problem with Dengue Virus, Ebola Virus, HIV, RSV, and the family of coronaviruses. In fact, this problem of ADE is a major reason why many previous vaccine trials for other coronaviruses failed.”

An American Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) white paper explains that “ADE is especially tricky because it is a delayed reaction. Initially all seems well. The person seems to have a great immune response but then [this vulnerability brought about by the vaccine] becomes deadly when the person is exposed to the virus in the wild.”

“The vaccine amplifies the infection rather than preventing damage,” AFLDS continues. “It may only be seen after months or years of use in populations around the world.”

One recent example includes a vaccine produced to fight the Dengue fever, which resulted in deaths of 600 children in the Philippines due to ADE, and the filing of criminal charges against the decision-makers in 2019.

Considering the drive of authorities to administer “vaccines” to as many people in the population as possible, Yeadon concluded in an interview with AFLDS last week, “I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil (not a determination I’ve ever made before in a 40-year research career) and dangerous products.”

“For example, if someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it,” he continued. 

“It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that this will be used for massive-scale depopulation,” Yeadon warned.

Anti-lockdown doctors warn that adverse ADE reactions may well soar in the near-future

AFLDS further warned that ADE reactions, which can certainly be fatal, “are difficult to prove,” as they are often interpreted as infection with “a worse virus,” or, perhaps, a more dangerous variant.

In a January presentation about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, Irish biomedical doctor and expert in immunology Dr. Dolores Cahill stated that due to the high potential for ADE occurring, those considering reception of these “vaccines” should understand that for the rest of their lives they will have a “much higher risk of death” due to the vaccination.

If there are significant deaths due to ADE in the weeks, months and years following vaccination campaigns, Cahill is concerned they will be classified as resulting from COVID-19 when in fact they may well be the result of the vaccination.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has given similar warnings predicting widespread illness and fatality from ADE following these injections.  She believes there will be an influx in people having difficulty breathing, or coughing blood. Those patients, Dr. Tenpenny predicts, will then be declared as having a “mutant virus” (i.e. “dangerous variant”) which could be used to push a narrative that more vaccinations are needed, when “what these people are actually experiencing is the antibody created by the [original] vaccine.”

In addressing Geert Vanden Bossche, Yeadon said his theories are “highly suspect. There is no evidence at all that vaccination is leading or will lead to ‘dangerous variants.’ I am worried that it’s some kind of trick.”

Physician and author, Dr. Tom Cowan tends to agree.  He believes the Vanden Bossche initiative “was mostly a very clever and strategic disinformation strategy by a really good actor.”

“Here we have a situation where millions of people have already done this so-called ‘vaccine,’ so presumably we are well on our way to having more mutant strains which will then presumably lead to more lockdowns and more vaccines to protect us from all of these deadly mutant strains and these so-called, ‘gain of function’ mutants which, frankly, don’t exist.”

LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page. View it here. 


It’s ‘entirely possible’ vaccine campaigns ‘will be used for massive-scale depopulation’: Former Pfizer VP

The curious case of Geert Vanden Bossche: Condemning one type of COVID vaccine while pushing another

Former Pfizer VP: ‘No need for vaccines,’ ‘the pandemic is effectively over’

  america's frontline doctors, coronavirus vaccine, del bigtree, geert vanden bossche, mike yeadon, rosemary frei, tom cowan, vernon coleman


Holy Thursday: We shed the tears that Judas did not want to

At the Eucharistic celebration, we return to this very question and it is God who awaits our response: a response of actions, gestures and decisions. Let us sincerely recognize that pride is the poison of human history from all time. However, for Jesus, Judas is still the long-awaited friend and lost son of the Father's heart.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 7:04 pm EST
Featured Image
Cardinal Angelo Comastri

April 1, 2021 (Daily Compass)"And when the hour came, he reclined at table, and the apostles with him. And he said to them, “I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer." (Lk 22:14-15).

Today, Jesus speaks these same words to us. It is He who calling and gathering us together. It is Jesus who is now celebrating the Mass. It is Jesus who is now guiding the faithful assembled and is leading them towards a new life: the life of Charity, the life of God, the life we all seek!

But how should we celebrate Mass so that it is really an encounter with Christ? How should we participate in the Eucharist? Only Christ can teach us, because it is He who is our teacher: let us look up to Him and listen!

Jesus shows us that God is humble.

In the Upper Room before celebrating the First Mass in history and to the amazement of all, Jesus gets up from the table and, like a servant, starts washing the apostles' feet. Peter voices scandalous words when saying to Jesus, "You shall never wash my feet!" (Jn 13:8).

Peter says what we all think: we do not want a humble God. But God is humble nonetheless. We do not want a God who puts himself last, but God does so anyway.  We do not want a God without pride, but He really has none at all!

Will we be able to convert and follow God? Will we be able to destroy idols built by our own hands and replace them with the true and humble God deep within our hearts, the God who makes himself the servant of all men?

At the Eucharistic celebration, we return to this very question and it is God who awaits our response: a response of actions, gestures and decisions. Let us sincerely recognize that pride is the poison of human history from all time. It is pride that had divided human family. It is pride that has triggered wars. It is pride that has made so many people weep and has extinguished the joy that God had given man on the day of Creation!

So may we be humble. Let's come down from our pedestals and be kind and meek. The Mass demands this conversion of us so to be a Eucharist  celebrated with Christ. Jesus shows us that God is infinitely merciful.

At the Last Supper Jesus removed the veil that hid Judas' betrayal. Today, He removes the veil of hypocrisy hiding our own betrayals. In fact, we all have a little Judas in our hearts: we are his brothers!

But how does Jesus respond to this?
After saying these things (the teachings on humility after the washing of the apostles' feet), Jesus was troubled in his spirit, and testified, “Truly, truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me.” The disciples looked at one another, uncertain of whom he spoke. One of his disciples, whom Jesus loved, was reclining at table at Jesus' side, so Simon Peter motioned to him to ask Jesus of whom he was speaking. So that disciple, leaning back against Jesus, said to him, “Lord, who is it?” Jesus answered, “It is he to whom I will give this morsel of bread when I have dipped it.” So when he had dipped the morsel, he gave it to Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot. Then after he had taken the morsel, Satan entered into him. Jesus said to him, “What you are going to do, do quickly.” (Jn 13:21-27).

Jesus shows us what betrayal feels like...but with the hope of forgiveness. He casts a beam of light into Judas' darkness so that Judas can see and feel its shock.

And the morsel of bread Jesus offered is a subtle gesture: it is a sign, an invitation to Judas, with his hand extended, to accept His total mercy.

Judas, unfortunately, did not want to be forgiven: we know this sad story well! Pride was Judas's ultimate downfall.
However, for Jesus, Judas is still the long-awaited friend and lost son the Father's heart. Indeed, no man's wickedness. can ever discourage God's desire to offer forgiveness.

What about us? At Mass do we believe we are receiving Communion from a merciful God? Are we a community that likewise is always ready to generously offer forgiveness?

Whoever does not forgive does not know God. Whoever does not forgive has rejected God. He has rejected God who offers forgiveness.

May what John the Evangelist wrote in his first letter happen for us today: "We have believed in the love God has for us!" With such faith may we repeat the divine act of washing others'  feet.

Jesus shows us that God is poor.
Jesus, the Son of the living God, chose a stable in Bethlehem to come dwell among us. He said of himself: "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head." (Lk 9:58).

At the Last Supper, he chose bread and wine, signs of poverty, and transformed them into His wondrous Presence!

God is comfortable only in poverty, because God cannot have possessions. God, in fact, is a gift of himself. He gives everything He has, and so he is poor, infinitely and truly poor. God's poverty is an inevitable consequence of His Love: true love is a gift of one's self. He who gives, keeps not any possessions.

And us? Do we hear the invitation to poverty that comes from the Eucharist? Do we know how to read the sign that Jesus has placed in our hands? "Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal." (Jn 6:27).

This is a blessed time to hear the Word of Jesus! May today's Mass truly be, for all of us, a communion with the God whom Christ has made known to us: the humble God, the merciful God, the poor God!

Without conversion, we will never come to know our God.

  eucharist, jesus, last supper, passover


The blood of murdered unborn children cries to God from abortion-tainted vaccines and medicines

Bishop Athanasius Schneider on abortion-tainted vaccines and the culture of death.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 5:44 pm EST
Featured Image
Bishop Athanasius Schneider speaks at the virtual Rome Life Forum, May 22, 2020.
Bishop Athanasius Schneider

April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Anti-Christian world powers that promote the culture of death are seeking to impose on the world’s population an implicit — though remote and passive — collaboration with abortion. Such remote collaboration, in itself, is also an evil because of the extraordinary historical circumstances in which these same world powers are promoting the murder of unborn children and the exploitation of their remains. When we use vaccines or medicines which utilize cell lines originating from aborted babies, we physically benefit from the “fruits” of one of the greatest evils of mankind — the cruel genocide of the unborn. For if one innocent child had not been cruelly murdered, we would not have these concrete vaccines or medicines. We should not be so naive as not to see that these vaccines and medicines not only offer a health benefit but also promise to promote the culture of death. Of course, some argue that even if people do not take these vaccines, the abortion industry will still continue. We may not reduce the number of abortions if we stop taking such vaccines or medicines, but this is not the issue. The problem lies in the moral weakening of our resistance to the crime of abortion, and to the crime of the trafficking, exploitation and commercialization of the body parts of murdered unborn children. The use of such vaccines and medicines in some way morally – albeit indirectly — supports this horrible situation. Observing the response from the Catholic Church, abortionists and those responsible for biomedical research will conclude that the hierarchy has acquiesced to this situation, which includes an entire chain of crimes against life and indeed can aptly be described as a “chain of death.” We have to wake up to the real dangers, consequences and circumstances of the current situation.

Theories justifying the use of abortion-tainted vaccines

The documents of the Holy See (from 2005, 2008 and 2020) that deal with vaccines developed from cell lines originating from murdered unborn children are not infallible decisions of the Magisterium. The arguments put forth in the aforementioned documents regarding the moral licitness of the use of abortion-tainted vaccines are ultimately too abstract. We need to approach this problem in a more profound way, and not remain in a juridical positivism and formalism of abstract theories of cooperation with evil, benefiting from the evil deeds of others, double effect or whatever one wishes to call such justifying theories.

We have to go deeper, down to the root, and consider the aspect of proportionality. This concrete chain of horrible crimes — of murdering, harvesting tissue and body parts from murdered unborn children, and commercializing their remains through the manufacturing and testing of vaccines and medicines — is out of all proportion to other crimes, e.g. benefitting from slave labor, paying taxes, etc. Even the most apparently impressive historical examples, which are sometimes adduced to justify the moral licitness of the use of abortion-tainted vaccines, are incomparable to the issue before us. Indeed, due to the gravity of abortion, and the current reality of an ever-expanding abortion and biomedical research industry, which involves the trafficking and exploitation of aborted baby body parts, the principle of material cooperation, or other similar theories, cannot be applied in this case. It is, therefore, highly anti-pastoral and counterproductive to allow the use of abortion-tainted vaccines in this historical hour. The souls of the murdered babies, from whose body parts people are now benefiting through these medicines and vaccines, are living and have a name before God.

When one uses an abortion-tainted vaccine, one is standing directly and very personally before the vaccine syringe. In paying taxes, one is not directly and personally confronting the process of a specific abortion. A government is not asking you concretely to give your money to “this” concrete act of abortion now. The government often uses our money against our will. Therefore, the use of an abortion-tainted vaccine is a much more personal confrontation, and a much closer meeting, with the monstrous crimes involved in its production, than for instance paying taxes or benefiting from the evil acts of another person. Should the government tell a citizen directly and personally, “I am taking your money to pay for this concrete abortion,” one has to refuse, even if it means confiscation of one’s home and imprisonment.

In the first centuries, Christians paid taxes to a pagan government, knowing that it would use a portion of the tax revenue to finance idol worship. However, when the government asked Christians personally and individually to participate in the crime of idolatry, by burning just a small grain of incense before the statue of an idol, they refused even at the price of being martyred for bearing witnesses to God’s First Commandment.

The exceptionally grave and unique character of abortion-tainted vaccines and medicines

How can we, with a maximum of determination, be and proclaim to be against abortion, when we accept abortion-tainted vaccines — when their origin lies in the murder of a child? Both logic and common-sense demand that we not accept such vaccines or medicines. In difficult times of great confusion, God often uses the simple and the little ones who tell the truth while the majority swims with the tide. Unfortunately, many people in the Church, and even some Catholic pro-life organizations, are swimming with the tide on the specific question of abortion-tainted vaccines and medicines. It seems that many theologians, and even the Holy See, as well as the vast majority of bishops, are also swimming with the tide, and there remains only a minority in the Church of our day which is saying, “Stop. This is not good. This is a danger!” As Christians, it is our duty to bear witness to the world by not accepting these vaccines and medicines.

One might ask the proponents of the moral licitness of the use of abortion-tainted vaccines or medicines the following question, “If you traveled back in time and witnessed the gruesome murder of an unborn child, the dismemberment of his body, the harvesting of his tissue, and his cells then processed in the lab, even if there were hundreds of chemical processes involved with that particular vaccine or medicine, could you with a clear conscience receive such a vaccine or medicine into your body? It is hard to imagine that you could, as you would have before your eyes the scene of a child being dismembered and you now physically benefiting from the use of his cells.”

Vaccines that utilize cell lines originating from aborted fetuses only for testing

The distinction is made between the direct presence of fetal cell lines originating from the murder of an unborn child in a vaccine and their use in testing, and certainly the latter is objectively less grave. But we still cannot accept the use of these cell lines even for testing, as it brings us closer to the crime of marketing the cells from murdered babies. In this case, too, there is an accumulation of horrible crimes. The first crime is to have killed a child. The second is to have used and processed these cell lines. To then use these cell lines for testing is yet another crime. We cannot collaborate in this accumulation of crimes and we cannot benefit in any way from their “by-products.”

The obligation to resist

Let us imagine the possibility of abortion being entirely forbidden worldwide. Were this the case, the medical and pharmaceutical industries would then have to seek out alternatives to develop a vaccine, and God will provide them if we observe His law, specifically the Fifth Commandment. However, God will punish us if we use the cell lines originating from murdered babies to manufacture and test vaccines and medicines! We have to open ourselves to a more supernatural perspective. We have to resist the myth that there is no alternative — and by using these vaccines or medicines, we cooperate in further propagating this myth. Yet, there are alternatives! The anti-Christian world powers will surely not admit that alternatives exist, and will continue to push abortion-tainted vaccines. But we must resist. Even if there is only a small minority of faithful, priests and bishops who do so, ultimately the truth will prevail. History will look back and say that even some good Catholics yielded, even high-ranking prelates responsible for the governance of the Holy See yielded to an expanding biomedical and pharmaceutical industry that used cell lines originating from the murder of unborn children to produce and test vaccines and medicines. History will say they allowed themselves to be blinded by abstract theories of remote material cooperation, benefiting from the evil acts of others, or other similar theories.

We have to follow the truth. Even if we lose all our friends, we should follow our conscience, as did Saint Thomas More and Saint John Fisher. It is also a sign of the end times that even good people are confused about this important matter. Let us recall the words of Our Lord, who said that even the elect will be also seduced (cf. Mt. 24:24). A time will come when God will reveal to people in the Church, who now defend the morality of using abortion-tainted vaccines, some of the consequences of this choice. Their eyes will be opened, because the truth is so powerful. We have to live for the truth and for eternity.

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To remain silent and to acquiesce to the already widespread use of aborted baby body parts for biomedical research, and to argue away this injustice with an abstract theory of “remote material cooperation,” or whatever one may call such a justifying theory, is a spiritual blindness and grave omission at a dramatic historical moment when Christians instead should stand up and proclaim to the whole world, “We will never acquiesce to this injustice, even if it is already so widespread in medicine! It is not allowed to treat unborn children, the lives of the weakest and most defenseless people in the whole world, in such a degrading way, so that the stronger, those already born, may receive a temporal health benefit from their use.”

Ivan Karamazov in Dostoyevsky’s famous novel “The Brothers Karamazov” asks the fatal question: “Tell me straight out, I call on you—answer me: imagine that you yourself are building the edifice of human destiny with the object of making people happy in the finale, of giving them peace and rest at last, but for that you must inevitably and unavoidably torture just one tiny creature, that same child who was beating her chest with her little fist, and raise your edifice on the foundation of her unrequited tears—would you agree to be the architect on such conditions?“

Memorable are the words with which Pope John Paul II forcefully condemned any experimentation on embryos, declaring: “No circumstance, no purpose, no law whatsoever can ever make licit an act which is intrinsically illicit, since it is contrary to the Law of God which is written in every human heart, knowable by reason itself, and proclaimed by the Church. This evaluation of the morality of abortion is to be applied also to the recent forms of intervention on human embryos which, although carried out for purposes legitimate in themselves, inevitably involve the killing of those embryos. This is the case with experimentation on embryos, which is becoming increasingly widespread in the field of biomedical research and is legally permitted in some countries. Although ‘one must uphold as licit procedures carried out on the human embryo which respect the life and integrity of the embryo and do not involve disproportionate risks for it, but rather are directed to its healing, the improvement of its condition of health, or its individual survival,’ it must nonetheless be stated that the use of human embryos or fetuses as an object of experimentation constitutes a crime against their dignity as human beings who have a right to the same respect owed to a child once born, just as to every person. This moral condemnation also regards procedures that exploit living human embryos and fetuses-sometimes specifically ‘produced’ for this purpose by in vitro fertilization — either to be used as ‘biological material’ or as providers of organs or tissue for transplants in the treatment of certain diseases. The killing of innocent human creatures, even if carried out to help others, constitutes an absolutely unacceptable act.” (Encyclical Evangelium vitae, 62-63)

The blood of murdered unborn children cries to God from vaccines and medicines which utilize their remains in any manner whatsoever. We have to make reparation for the accumulated crimes involved in their production. We have to ask pardon not only from God, who searches the reins and hearts (cf. Rev. 2:23), but also from the souls of all murdered unborn children, who have a name before God. We must especially ask pardon from those children whose body parts are used in such a degrading way for the health benefit of the living. It is incomprehensible how churchmen, with the aid of abstract theories from moral theology, can tranquilize the conscience of the faithful, by allowing them to use such vaccines and medicines.

The blood of the murdered unborn children cries to God from abortion-tainted vaccines and medicines! May the Lord have mercy on us! Kyrie, eleison!

+ Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana

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Gov. Noem’s actions ‘fall far short of the protections women need’

Instead of listening to the dozens of organizations who supported the bill concerning female sports, and could defend it, Governor Noem apparently listened to those groups, like the Chamber, who didn't. When push came to shove, it was their threats the governor caved to.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 12:30 pm EST
Featured Image
Kristi Noem NBC News / YouTube
Tony Perkins Tony Perkins
By Tony Perkins

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April 1, 2021 (FamilyResearchCouncil) – It’s been a long 10 days for the people of South Dakota, who just watched everything that their legislature worked for vanish with one wave of the governor’s hand. “It’s maddening. It’s frustrating,” one statehouse member said about watching Kristi Noem (R) destroy their months of progress on girls’ sports. Despite a week and a half of outcry from her constituents, Noem dug in and did not, as some people hoped, reconsider.

Reporters on both sides were taken aback by the governor’s decision, warning that her failure to “read the political room” could have consequences for years to come.

Even the Washington Post couldn't help but be surprised that Noem would turn her back on such a core constituency - especially on an issue that enjoys near-consensus support. She made herself a “national icon” for bucking the COVID norms, the Post's Henry Olsen writes.

But this “backtracking” on a bill that was an easy lift for a state like South Dakota may have just “torpedoed her standing” with the party's core. “Noem's meteoric national rise has spawned much doubt about whether she has the chops to navigate the difficult issues... How she recovers from this unnecessary self-inflicted wound will determine if the doubters are right.”

In Pierre, where the betrayal hits hardest, leaders like House Speaker Spencer Gosch (R) could only shake his head at how carefully the governor tried to spin her decision. “Her letter back to the House said, ‘I have not vetoed the bill,’ but her actions said otherwise.” 

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Regardless of the smoke and mirrors, the legislature set to work, desperately trying to find the votes for a veto override. “We strongly debated the bill,” state Rep. Rhonda Milstead (R) explained shortly afterward on "Washington Watch."

“We had good testimony on the bill, but we fell two votes short,” she said soberly. “We had 52 votes in February. Now we have 45... And the unfortunate thing is: there's nothing about that bill that's [changed]."

What's changed, she said, is that Republicans "were lobbied very hard by the governor to oppose the bill. And that's the disappointing part. You know, when you keep hearing this message [from her] that, ‘I’m all for fairness in sports,’ why would you fight it?”

To actual South Dakotans, Rhonda said, the people on the street, it's incredible to them that we even have to debate this issue. But it's probably even more stunning that they've had to fight their own Republican leader to do it! Over the past week, Rhonda pointed out, it was Noem who opposed their effort the loudest. “Some legislators were getting three and four calls [from her] not to go along with this.”

Instead of listening to the dozens of organizations who supported it and could defend it, the governor apparently listened to those groups, like the Chamber, who didn’t. When push came to shove, it was their threats the governor caved to. “We let these people dictate to us what our values should be,” she argued. And that's wrong. “South Dakota is a state that has integrity. People are moving here because of our integrity, and I think we've let them down.”

In Arkansas, where state leaders just saw their girls’ sports bill become law, they watched Noem botch South Dakota's legislation with displeasure. “I think it was a bad decision,” State Sen. Missy Irvin (R-Ark.) said. She should have "worked [alongside] our legislature," Missy argued, and supported the effort.

“There’s huge, broad support for this legislation... And the people of Arkansas are willing to go to battle for their voices and for what they stand for. And that's what we should be doing in America. We cannot roll over and just let people threaten us to be silent - threaten us to not stand up for what we believe, and threaten us to not take a stand for something that we all know is the right, common-sense policy...”

In the meantime, Noem will try to hide behind her pair of executive orders on girls' sports - which, like her Title IX coalition, seem to be more about appearances than substance. She offered them after the veto in hopes of tamping down another round of criticism - but the orders, like her substitute for HB 1217 are JV material and fall far short of the protections women need.

They don’t have a cause of actions for students to sue, don’t have a provision barring action against the schools, and only require an affidavit from schools - not a yearly certification. She says it's her attempt at "protecting fairness" until another bill is introduced.

As for the determined South Dakota legislature, it was a valiant effort that deserved better. "I think we'll have to wait until next year to introduce something again," Rhonda said. "But we'll start working on it and hope that our governor will not be an absent executive and participate in the process with us - instead of waiting until the last week [to stop it]."

Printed with permission from Family Research Council.

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ABC loves ‘Satan Shoes,’ promotes twerking with the Devil to ‘combat homophobia’

ABC News host Ashan Singh described a video in which rapper Lil Nas X slides down from heaven to hell on a pole and twerks on Satan as 'a brilliant maneuver to make something beautiful and inspiring.'
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 12:22 pm EST
Featured Image
ABC News host Ashan Singh ABC News / YouTube
Scott Whitlock

April 1, 2021 (NewsBusters) – ABC’s Nightline on Monday proved, yet again, that journalists have no concept of religion or what might be offensive. The late-night news program promoted Lil Nas X and his “Satan Shoes,” as well as the singer's new video in which he “slides down from heaven to hell on a pole and twerks on Satan.” This, apparently, is only offensive to “conservative Christians,” a label that reporter Ashan Singh uses twice.

As though this were all normal, Nightline co-host Juju Chang hyped, “Lil Nas X taking the old town road to hell. Going viral again and igniting controversy. How the 'Call Me By Your Name' singer is confronting homophobia and selling out a special edition of Satan shoes.”

Sounding like PR for the Satan-loving song, Singh touted, “It's these words and these images where Lil Nas X, who is openly gay, is seduced in the garden of Eden and then slides down from heaven to hell on a pole and twerks on Satan, that has people glued to their scenes.”

He chided, “But the racy song and video has some members of the conservative Christian community up in arms.” At another point, he used the same language: “Some in the conservative Christian community in an uproar over his latest song and music video.” Right, because who else other than conservatives would be bothered by blood-drenched Satan shoes and twerking on the devil?

In addition to the music video, Lil Nas X is cross-promoting demonic shoes: “The shoes allegedly contain a drop of human blood, in addition to traditional satanic imagery like the pentagram.” Singh then turned to podcaster Sarah Marshall to gush over the Satanism:

I think it's a really beautiful video, and it feels like we're being asked to witness and appreciate a sexuality that has not been passed around Twitter and shown to everyone in this way before and that it feels to me like a brilliant maneuver to make something beautiful and inspiring.

The only hint in the entire eight minute-plus segment that all of this could be horribly offensive is when Singh featured South Carolina Pastor Mark Burns. He called it all “disgusting” and added:

As long as Lil Nas X is promoting what we consider one of the most damaging images in our culture, which is to Satan, and to glorify Satan, if that's his belief system, he has a right to worship whoever he wants to worship, but we have a right to not buy his product. We have a right to go after the corporations that support and back him.

Remember when Nightline used to be a news program? It's been quite a while since the era of Ted Koppel. Twerking with Satan makes Nightline's fascination with "bootleg butt injections" look positively classy. 

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And speaking of corporations, Febreze and Volkswagen sponsored the cheerleading for Satanic twerking. Click on the links to let them know you have a problem with all this.

Published with permission from NewsBusters.

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Abortion is many things, but at its worst, it is a sin

We must show up at abortion facilities, not because we are sinless, but because we are sinners who know Jesus Christ will forgive any sin and set us free. Sin is at the root of the abortion crisis - the sins that lead to abortion, the sins of silence surrounding abortion, and the sins of those who do the abortions.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 12:09 pm EST
Featured Image
Shawn Carney
By Shawn Carney

April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Abortion is many things, but at its worst, it is a sin.

My sins, your sins, and the sins of the entire world are what crucified Jesus Christ...

...and are the reason for this week - the week that changed the world.

Sin is not a popular topic in our world today (even among many Christians) and as a result, we have dangerously lost the sense of sin.

Without sin, Jesus Christ would not have needed to lay down His life, suffer and die. Without the acknowledgement of sin, we cannot receive forgiveness. By denying the reality of sin, we rob Jesus Christ of the powerful offering of His mercy. As the timeless phrase goes, we allow the devil to steal our shame. Preacher and martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer called this cheap grace:

“Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves. Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the Cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate.”

Fulton Sheen said, “Forgiveness is not cheap. If He offered it without a Cross, you would not take it. That Cross is the price God paid to buy you from your sins. Without it, there is neither sin nor God.”

The suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are our hope and our joy. They are why we go pray at abortion facilities.

We must show up at abortion facilities, not because we are sinless, but because we are sinners who know Jesus Christ will forgive any sin and set us free. Sin is at the root of the abortion crisis - the sins that lead to abortion, the sins of silence surrounding abortion, and the sins of those who do the abortions.

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Sin is how we got here. But sin is not how the story ends as we see in the women, babies, abortion workers, and all those impacted by the healing love of Jesus Christ.

We know God can do mighty works when His people come together as is evident by the 18,511 babies saved, 2,011 abortion workers quit, and 111 abortion facilities closed since the founding of 40 Days for Life, including the location where the campaign started which now serves as the headquarters for the organization.

This week is a beautiful time to thank God for the gift of His Son and to ask how He can use you as a vessel of His mercy and love to combat the evil of abortion. As we celebrate Holy Week, may we trust in the power of the resurrection and the mercy of Jesus Christ -- for ourselves and the whole world. That is what is ending and will end abortion.

Shawn Carney is a bestselling author and CEO and president of the pro-life organization 40 Days for Life. He is the author of The Beginning of the End of Abortion and To the Heart of the Matter.

  40 days for life, abortion, abortion center, shawn carney


Democrats only honor elections they favor

The truth is, if the Democrats didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all. As with the filibuster, in less than three months they have done a 180-degree turn on the legitimacy of state-certified election results.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 12:00 pm EST
Featured Image
Tony Perkins Tony Perkins
By Tony Perkins

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April 1, 2021 (FamilyResearchCouncil) – U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) believes she has the right to unilaterally overturn the results of a state-certified election. Faced with the smallest majority of any House Speaker in a hundred years, she now is seeking to eject Republican Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa) from Congress to give herself some breathing room. Miller-Meeks won the race for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District by six votes. While the election results from Iowa were certified after Miller-Meeks won multiple recounts Pelosi and the Democrats want to use their power to challenge and overturn the certified results.

I thought certified elections were untouchable, at least that's what we were told in January. When confronted about her unfair tactics at a Thursday press conference, Pelosi responded, "If I wanted to be unfair, I wouldn't have seated the Republican from Iowa, because that was my right on opening day. I would have just said, ‘You’re not seated.’ And that would have been my right as Speaker to do." She went on to demand that she get the credit for seating Miller-Meeks in the first place.

Oh, sure, we’ll applaud you for doing what everyone knows is constitutionally mandated, the requirement never before questioned in American history. Everyone knows that the eligible candidate with the most votes should represent the people who elected him or her to Congress. And then we’ll ask why you want to remove her from office because of a close election you previously recognized as legitimate.

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The truth is, if the Democrats didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all. As with the filibuster, in less than three months they have done a 180-degree turn on the legitimacy of state-certified election results. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) noted on Washington Watch that in January "Democrats treated state-certified results as sacrosanct, as if they were handed down on tablets." It was part of their scorched earth strategy against Donald Trump. "But now that Joe Biden is the president and they've got a very narrow margin in the House, the Democrats are saying, 'well, state certified results, maybe we're going to overturn them,'" said Cotton.

Big business is also a part of the double standard, as are the social media companies that censored and restricted any content questioning the November election results. Payment processing companies announced they would no longer process donations for certain members of Congress who questioned the election results either. Cotton, joined by other Republican senators, wrote a letter to businesses that suspended donations to Republicans who challenged certified election results in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, asking whether they would treat Democrats who challenge certified election results in Iowa the same way, but cutting off donations. "A couple of them have sheepishly admitted privately that they are applying a double standard," he said, "but [there's been] no public response as yet."

The Democratic Party is sending the message that they will only abide by state election results when it benefits them politically. That's why their top congressional priority, H.R. 1, would strip the power of running elections away from the states and give it to the federal government, directly contradicting the terms of the Constitution.

And if House Democrats do follow through with their threats to unseat fairly elected Miller-Meeks, Cotton warned, "it will be a cold winter in the Congress."


Printed with permission from Family Research Council.

  iowa, nancy pelosi, us politics


The paradox of New Zealand’s miscarriage leave and abortion expansion bills

Affirming that the death of a child in a miscarriage is a tragedy while pretending that abortion, which also results in the death of a child, is somehow a woman’s right leads down a very dark road where an unborn child’s worth is based simply on whether he or she is wanted.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 11:09 am EST
Featured Image
Mary Szoch

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April 1, 2021 (FamilyResearchCouncil) – This past week, New Zealand became one of the first countries to offer paid leave to workers who have experienced miscarriage. New Zealand’s legislation offers women and couples three days bereavement leave after the loss of an unborn child through miscarriage, adoption, or surrogacy.

The legislation, which passed unanimously, was hailed by the Washington Post as “the latest in a string of policy changes that have addressed women’s rights under Ardern’s time in office. Last year, the country decriminalized abortion...”

As a woman who has had a miscarriage, I found myself both grateful for New Zealand’s acknowledgement that the loss of a child through a miscarriage is truly a loss and furious that this piece of legislation is being framed as consistent with decriminalizing abortion.

Just over a year ago, the New Zealand Parliament passed legislation that allows abortion on demand up to 20 weeks and up to birth “if the health practitioner reasonably believes that the abortion is clinically appropriate.” Somehow, the legislation legalizing the killing of an unborn child is placed in the same category as legislation providing benefits for women mourning the death of an unborn child.

Either an unborn child is a human being or not. Currently the laws in New Zealand provide for both state funds for a woman to grieve the loss of her unborn child who died through a miscarriage AND state funds for an abortionist to kill a woman’s unborn child.  

If we actually want to advance women’s rights, we must work to create a culture of life—a culture that supports women who are pregnant and facing challenging circumstances, a culture that acknowledges the true suffering that couples who have experienced miscarriages face, and a culture that recognizes the unborn child in the womb for the gift from God that he or she is.

We cannot build a society that advances women’s rights based on lies and inconsistencies. During a miscarriage, an unborn child dies, and it is tragic. During an abortion, an unborn child is killed, and it is also tragic, but there is a major difference. The tragedy caused by abortion is preventable. Affirming that the death of a child in a miscarriage is a tragedy while pretending that abortion, which also results in the death of a child, is somehow a woman’s right leads down a very dark road where an unborn child’s worth is based simply on whether he or she is wanted.

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Hopefully, New Zealand’s Bereavement Leave for Miscarriage Bill will prompt the need for pro-life legislation in that country that restricts abortion and is actually consistent with an agenda to advance women’s rights. Let us pray that this legislation will lead to New Zealand becoming a nation that recognizes inherent value in every father, every mother, and every child—including unborn children.

Printed with permission from Family Research Council.

  abortion, abortion legislation, family research council, miscarriage, new zealand


Four Pinocchi-Joes on Georgia’s election law

The problem with all of the Left's claims, as you might expect, is that they lack even a shade of truth. What you won't hear from the Left is how the law 'makes it easy to vote, hard to cheat,' as Governor Kemp put it.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 10:45 am EST
Featured Image
Family Research Council

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April 1, 2021 (FamilyResearchCouncil) – Last Thursday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed into law an election reform bill designed to address the controversies and problems of recent elections. The Left, predictably, went ballistic. They claim the law ushers in a new Jim Crow era. They claim it prohibits anyone from offering water to people waiting in line to vote. Even President Joe Biden repeated, "It's an atrocity. ... They pass a law saying you can't provide water for people standing in line, while they're waiting to vote." Biden also claimed the legislation "ends voting hours early" and amounts to "Jim Crow in the 21st Century."

The problem with all of these claims, as you might expect, is that they lack even a shade of truth. The usually-fawning Washington Post awarded Biden "Four Pinocchios" for alleging the law reduced voting hours. It actually expanded early voting hours to include an extra Saturday and a minimum of eight hours on weekdays. Governor Kemp responded on "Washington Watch," "I almost feel sorry for the president that he was so misinformed, obviously, by his handlers, not knowing what the bill says."

The claim that voters waiting in line may not receive water, Kemp continued, is "just factually not correct." In fact, the bill explicitly allows poll workers to provide water. The bill merely prohibits soliciting votes outside a polling location -- including offering gifts like food and drink. Most states have codified such a commonsense provision, which can protect voters from intimidation and unfair influences, from Montana to Minnesota to Biden's own Delaware. The Democrats' aggressive attacks of Georgia's election reform law are completely unjustified.

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What you won't hear from the Left is how the law "makes it easy to vote, hard to cheat," as Governor Kemp put it. For instance, it "replaces and antiquated, artificial signature match with voter ID." Disputed signatures have disqualified thousands of ballots in Georgia in recent elections, disproportionately among black voters. Voter ID requirements enjoy overwhelming support, according to a recent survey, with 75 percent of likely voters supporting them, including 69 percent of blacks and 60 percent of Democrats. But the same people who are insisting on vaccine passports to attend a sporting event say Voter ID laws are racist. Go figure.

The bill actually addresses the underlying cause of people needing to have food and water in line -- unacceptably long voting lines. Populous precincts must measure wait times and add more voting machines they stretch to longer than an hour. That seems almost as obvious as hiring Chick-fil-A staff to streamline the process. But it doesn't sound racist, despicable, like a targeted effort to suppress voters, or like an attack on our democracy.

But Democrats wrote this playbook "long before anybody even knew what was going to be in the final bill," said Kemp. They secured the domain name, Jim Crow 2.0, a month ahead of time. "It's just part of the agenda to do [an] unconstitutional power grab and push through H.R. 1," according to Kemp. This all goes back to their attempt to kill the filibuster and override state election law with their Corrupt Politicians Act. It doesn't make any sense to equate expanding voting hours and improved identity verification with poll taxes and fire hoses. It's hard to believe Democrats have even convinced themselves with their own nonsense. But even their own fact-checkers are forced to admit the facts are against them. The details of Georgia's election reform law flatly contradict the Left's "Jim Crow" narrative.

Printed with permission from Family Research Council.

  brian kemp, election fraud, election reform, georgia, joe biden, us election


Arkansas bill would save children from mutilating ‘gender reassignment’ surgeries

If our children can't smoke, they can't drink, they can't do drugs, or get tattoos, it only makes sense to Arkansas state Rep. Robin Lundstrum -- and to the majority of Arkansas leaders -- that we also keep them from mutilating and sterilizing their bodies.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 10:30 am EST
Featured Image
itakdalee /
Tony Perkins Tony Perkins
By Tony Perkins

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April 1, 2021 (FamilyResearchCouncil) – Arkansas may have lost its bid for a national championship this week, but conservatives around the country are cheering on the state to become the first in another category: protecting minor children. Monday, after an emotional debate, the state senate voted 27-8 to send the Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act to the governor's desk, where he could make history signing it into law.

If you asked most of these legislators, like state Rep. Robin Lundstrum (R), they didn't set out to be trailblazers. They just wanted to spare kids a lifetime of regret. If our children can't smoke, they can't drink, they can't do drugs, or get tattoos, it only makes sense to her -- and to the majority of Arkansas leaders -- that we also keep them from mutilating and sterilizing their bodies. "This is a very tightly crafted bill that basically says that children under the age of 18 cannot have sex-change surgery or chemical castration," she said on "Washington Watch." Let them get to the age "where they can make adult decisions," she insisted, but until then, the community has to step in and stop them from making a tremendous mistake.

During Monday's vote, her colleague, state Sen. Alan Clark (R) warned that a lot of these treatments "are at best experimental and at worst a serious threat to a child's welfare." This bill would protect children, who, as many experts point out, eventually grow out of the confusion that these hormones and surgery lock them into. "I know that their parents are looking for any kind of answer, and my heart truly goes out to them," he said. "But this is certainly not the answer."

As Robin said, we can and should have compassion, but "this is about protecting minors. And many of you, I would hazard to guess, did things under 18 that you probably shouldn't have done... Why would we ever consider allowing a sex change for a minor?" It's amazing to me, Senator Jason Rapert (R) chimed in that "people get up here and expound on the 14th amendment when it happens to be the same individuals who come up here and tell us that a baby's life is not worth saving. But they will get up here and try to make us feel guilty, for simply stating the obvious and stating what science knows... We ought to vote for this bill and show that somebody still knows common sense."

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Democrats tried to explain that children would suffer without access to this radical treatment. But what about the adults who are suffering now because they did transition, Clark asked? He told the story of girls like Keira Bell, who were affirmed all along the way that their decision was the right one. “I should have been challenged on the proposals or the claims that I was making for myself,” Keira has said. If she could have talked to her 16-year-old self, “I might not necessarily listen at that time. And that's the point,” she explains of her lawsuit against the gender clinic and other pushback efforts like this one. "When you are that young, you don't really want to listen. So I think it's up to these institutions [and leaders] to step in and make children reconsider what they're saying, because it's a life-altering path."

"If you want to talk about anecdotal stories," Clark argued, "Those kids matter too. It's easy to just say, 'Oh, I care. I care. But caring... sometimes means saying, 'I love you, but this is not the right thing for minors." "Those kids are precious," Robin agreed. "Some of them may choose to be transgender when they're older... That's their choice. But when they're under 18, they need to grow up first. That's a big decision, there's no going back."

In the end, their colleagues agreed, making a very convincing case (a 97-30 combined vote) for Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) to consider as he weighs his decision. Let's hope he believes, as we do, that gender transition isn't health care. And the government shouldn't force taxpayers to fund it or insurers to cover it -- especially where children are concerned. If you live in Arkansas, email or call Governor Hutchinson at (501) 682-2345 and ask him to sign the SAFE Act into law.

Printed with permission from Family Research Council.

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Americans wake up! Outlaw technocrats are stealing our democracy

In the foreword to “The Truth About COVID-19,” by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins, CHD Chairman RFK, Jr. says the pandemic is being used to shift wealth upwards, abolish civil rights and destroy democracy.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 10:30 am EST
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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
By Robert Kennedy Jr.

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April 1, 2021 (Children’s Health Defense) – EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is the foreword, by Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to “The Truth About COVID-19 — Exposing the Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal.” The soon-to-be-released book, by Dr. Joseph Mercola, physician and founder of and Ronnie Cummins, founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association, can be pre-ordered here. The official release of the book is April 29.

Government technocrats, billionaire oligarchs, Big PharmaBig Data, Big Media, the high-finance robber barons and the military industrial intelligence apparatus love pandemics for the same reasons they love wars and terrorist attacks.

Catastrophic crises create opportunities of convenience to increase both power and wealth. In her seminal book, “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,” Naomi Klein chronicles how authoritarian demagogues, large corporations and wealthy plutocrats use mass disruptions to shift wealth upwards, obliterate the middle classes, abolish civil rights, privatize the commons and expand authoritarian controls.

A consummate insider, the former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel is known for his admonition that vested power structures should “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” But this treadworn strategy — to use crisis to inflame the public terror that paves the road to dictatorial power — has served as the central strategy of totalitarian systems for millennia.

The methodology is, in fact, formulaic, as Hitler’s Luftwaffe commander, Hermann Göring, explained during the Nazi war crimes trials at Nuremberg:

“It is always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it is a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship.

“Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to greater danger. It works the same in any country.”

The Nazis pointed to the threats from Jews and Gypsies to justify the homicidal authoritarianism in the Third Reich. The dictatorial demagogue, Senator Joseph McCarthy, and the House Unamerican Activities Committee warned against communist infiltration of the U.S. State Department and film industry to rationalize loyalty oaths and the Blacklist.

Dick Cheney used the 911 attack to launch his “long war” against amorphous terrorism and the Patriot Act abridgments that laid the groundwork for the modern surveillance state.

Now the medical cartel and its billionaire Big Tech accomplices have invoked the most potent, frightening and enduring enemy of all — the microbe.

And who can blame them? Increasing the wealth and power of the oligarchy is seldom a potent vessel for populism. Citizens accustomed to voting for their governments are unlikely to support policies that make the rich richer, increase political and social control by corporations, diminish democracy and reduce their civil rights.

So demagogues must weaponize fear to justify their demands for blind obedience and to win public acquiescence for the demolition of civil and economic rights.

Of course, the first casualty must always be freedom of speech. After stoking sufficient panic against the hobgoblin du jour, robber barons need to silence protest against their wealth and power-grabs.

In including free speech in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, James Madison argued that all our other liberties depend on this right. Any government that can hide its mischief has license to commit atrocities.

As soon as they get hold of the levers of authority, tyrants impose Orwellian censorship and begin gaslighting dissenters. But ultimately they seek to abolish all forms of creative thinking and self-expression. They burn books, destroy art, kill writers, poets and intellectuals, outlaw gatherings, and at their worst, force oppressed minorities to wear masks that atomize any sense of community or solidarity and prevent the subtle, eloquent nonverbal communication for which God and evolution have equipped humans with 42 facial muscles. The most savage Middle Eastern theocracies mandate masks for women, whose legal status — not coincidentally — is as chattels.

The free flow of information and self-expression are oxygen and sunlight for representative democracy, which functions best with policies annealed in the boiling cauldron of public debate. It is axiomatic that without free speech, democracy withers.

The most iconic and revered monuments of democracy therefore include the Athenian Agora and Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park. We can’t help feeling exhilaration about our noble experiment in self-government when we witness the boisterous, irreverent debates in the House of Commons, or watch Jimmy Stewart’s filibuster scene in “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” — an enduring homage to the inseparable bond between debate and democracy.

To consolidate and fortify their power, dictatorships aim to replace those vital ingredients of self-rule — debate, self-expression, dissent and skepticism — with rigid authoritarian orthodoxies that function as secular surrogates for religion. These orthodoxies perform to abolish critical thinking and regiment populations in blind, unquestioning obedience to undeserving authorities.

Instead of citing scientific studies to justify mandates for masks, lockdowns and vaccines, our medical rulers cite WHO, CDC, FDA and NIH — captive agencies that are groveling sock puppets to the industries they regulate. Multiple federal and international investigations have documented the financial entanglements with pharmaceutical companies that have made these regulators cesspools of corruption.

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Iatrarchy — meaning government by physicians — is a little-known term, perhaps because historical experiments with it have been catastrophic. The medical profession has not proven itself an energetic defender of democratic institutions or civil rights. Virtually every doctor in Germany took lead roles in the Third Reich’s project to eliminate mental defectives, homosexuals, handicapped citizens and Jews.

So many hundreds of German physicians participated in Hitler’s worst atrocities — including managing mass murder and unspeakable experiments at the death camps — that the allies had to stage separate “Medical Trials” at Nuremberg. Not a single prominent German doctor or medical association raised their voice in opposition to these projects.

So it’s unsurprising that, instead of demanding blue-ribbon safety science and encouraging honest, open and responsible debate on the science, the badly compromised and newly empowered government health officials charged with managing the COVID-19 pandemic response collaborated with mainstream and social media to shut down discussion on key public health and civil rights questions.

They silenced and excommunicated heretics like Dr. Mercola who refused to genuflect to Pharma and treat unquestioning faith in zero liability, shoddily tested experimental vaccines as religious duty.

Our current iatrarchy’s rubric of “scientific consensus” is the contemporary iteration of the Spanish Inquisition. It is a fabricated dogma constructed by this corrupt cast of physician technocrats and their media collaborators to legitimize their claims to dangerous new powers.

The high priests of the modern Inquisition are Big Pharma’s network and cable news gasbags who preach rigid obedience to official diktats including lockdowns, social distancing and the moral rectitude of donning masks despite the absence of peer-reviewed science that convincingly shows that masks prevent COVID-19 transmission. The need for this sort of proof is gratuitous.

They counsel us to, instead, “trust the experts.” Such advice is both anti-democratic and anti-science. Science is dynamic. “Experts” frequently differ on scientific questions and their opinions can vary in accordance with the demands of politics, power and financial self-interest. Nearly every lawsuit I have ever brought pitted highly credentialed experts from opposite sides against each other, with all of them swearing under oath to diametrically antithetical positions based on the same set of facts. Science is disagreement; the notion of scientific consensus is oxymoronic.

The modern intention of the totalitarian state is corporate kleptocracy — a construct that replaces democratic process with the arbitrary edicts of unelected technocrats. Invariably, their fiats invest multinational corporations with extraordinary power to monetize and control the most intimate parts of our lives, enrich billionaires, impoverish the masses and manage dissent with relentless surveillance and obedience training.

In 2020, led by Bill Gates, Silicon Valley applauded from the sidelines as powerful medical charlatans — applying the most pessimistic projections from discredited modeling and easily manipulated PCR testing, and a menu of new protocols for coroners that appeared intended to inflate reporting of COVID-19 deaths — fanned pandemic panic and confined the world’s population under house arrest.

The suspension of due process, and notice, and comment rulemaking meant that none of the government prelates who ordained the quarantine had to first publicly calculate whether destroying the global economy, disrupting food and medical supplies, and throwing a billion humans into dire poverty and food insecurity would kill more people than it would save.

In America, their quarantine predictably shattered the nation’s once-booming economic engine, putting 58 million Americans out of work, and permanently bankrupting more than 100,000 small businesses, including 41,000 Black-owned businesses, some of which took three generations of investment to build.

These policies have also set into motion the inevitable dismantling of the social safety net that nurtured America’s envied middle class. Government officials have already begun liquidating the 100-year legacies of the New Deal, New Frontier, the Great Society and Obamacare to pay the accumulated quarantine debts. Say goodbye to school lunches, healthcare, WICS, Medicaid, Medicare, University scholarships, etc., etc., etc.

While obliterating the American middle class and dropping an additional 8% of Americans below the poverty line, the 2020 “COVID coup” transferred a trillion dollars of wealth to Big Technology, Big Data, Big Telecom, Big Finance, Big Media behemoths (Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch) and Silicon Valley Internet titans like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Jack Dorsey. It seems beyond coincidence that these men, who are cashing in on the poverty and misery caused by global lockdowns, are the same men whose companies actively censor critics of those policies.

The very Internet companies that snookered us all with the promise of democratizing communications have created a world where it has become impermissible to speak ill of official pronouncements, and practically a crime to criticize pharmaceutical products. The same Tech/Data and Telecom robber barons, now gorging themselves on the corpses of our obliterated middle class, are rapidly transforming America’s once-proud democracy into a censorship and surveillance police state over which they profit at every turn.

For example, this cabal used the lockdown to accelerate construction of their 5G network of satellites, antennae, biometric facial recognition and “track-and-trace” infrastructure that they, and their government and intelligence agency partners, will use to mine and monetize our data for free, compel obedience to arbitrary dictates and suppress dissent.

Their government/industry collaboration will use this system to manage the rage when Americans finally wake up to the fact that this outlaw gang has stolen our democracy, our civil rights, our country and way of life — while we huddled in orchestrated fear from a flu-like illness.

Predictably our other constitutional guarantees lined up behind free speech at the gibbet. The imposition censorship has masked this systematic demolition of our Constitution, including attacks on our freedoms of assembly (through social distancing and lockdown rules), on freedom of worship (including abolishing religious exemptions and closing churches, while liquor stores remain open as “essential service”), private property (the right to operate a business), due process (including the imposition of far-reaching restrictions against freedom of movement, education and association without rule making, public hearings, or economic and environmental impact statements), the 7th Amendment right to jury trials (in cases of vaccine injuries caused by corporate negligence), our rights to privacy and against illegal searches and seizures (warrantless tracking and tracing), and our right to have governments that don’t spy on us or retain our information for mischievous purposes.

Silencing Dr. Mercola’s voice, of course, was the Medical Cabal’s early priority. For decades, Dr. Mercola has been among the most effective and influential advocates against the pharmaceutical paradigm. He was an eloquent, charismatic and knowledgeable critic of a corrupt system that has made Americans the world’s top consumer of pharmaceutical drugs. Americans pay the highest prices for drugs, and have the worst health outcomes among the top 75 nations.

Putting opiates — which kill 50,000 Americans annually — aside, pharmaceuticals are now the third biggest killer of Americans, after heart attacks and cancer. Like a prophet in the wilderness, Dr. Mercola has argued for years that good health does not come in a syringe or a pill, but from building strong immune systems. He preaches that nutrition and exercise are the most effective medicines, and that public health officials ought to be pushing policies that discourage reliance on pharmaceutical products and that safeguard our food supplies from Big FoodBig Chemical and Big Ag. These predatory industries naturally consider Dr. Mercola to be Public Enemy #1.

Big Pharma’s $9.6 billion annual advertising budget gives these unscrupulous companies control over our news and television outlets. Strong economic drivers (pharmaceutical companies are the biggest network advertisers) have long discouraged mainstream media outlets from criticizing vaccine manufacturers. In 2014, a network president, Roger Ailes, told me he would fire any of his news show hosts who allowed me to talk about vaccine safety on air. “Our news division,” he explained, “gets up to 70% of ad revenues from pharma in non-election years.”

Thus, pharmaceutical products were both the predicate and the punchline of the Cancel Culture. The Pharmedia long ago banned Dr. Mercola from the airwaves and newsprint while turning Wikipedia — which functions as Pharma’s newsletter and propaganda vehicle — into a mill for defamations against him and every other integrative and functional health physician.

At COVID’s outset, the social media robber barons — all with their own financial entanglements with Pharma — joined the campaign to silence Mercola by ejecting him from their platforms.

It’s a bad omen for democracy when citizens can no longer conduct civil, informed debates about critical policies that impact the vitality of our economy, public health, personal freedoms and constitutional rights. Censorship is violence, and this systematic muzzling of debate — which proponents justify as a measure to curtail dangerous polarization — is actually fueling the polarization and extremism that the autocrats use to clamp down evermore draconian controls.

We might recall, at this strange time in our history, my father’s friend, Edward R. Murrow’s warning: “The right to dissent … is surely fundamental to the existence of a democratic society. That’s the right that went first in every nation that stumbled down the trail to totalitarianism.”

© March 31, 2021 Children’s Health Defense, Inc. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of Children’s Health Defense, Inc. Want to learn more from Children’s Health Defense? Sign up for free news and updates from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense. Your donation will help to support us in our efforts.

LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page. View it here.

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Abp. Viganò weighs in on ‘scandalous’ prohibition of private Masses in St. Peter’s Basilica

‘For sixty years the doctrinal deviations introduced by Vatican II have insinuated that Mass offered without the people has no value, or that it has less value than a concelebration or a Mass at which the faithful assist.’
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 9:23 am EST
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Inside St. Peter’s Basilica Shutterstock
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — On March 12, by means of an ordinance issued without signature, protocol number, or addressee, the First Section of the Secretariat of State forbade the celebration of private Masses in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, beginning on the First Sunday of Passiontide. In the following days, Cardinals Raymond L. Burke, Gerhard L. Müller, Walter Brandmüller, Robert Sarah, and Joseph Zen expressed their justified bewilderment at this decision, which due to the irregular form in which it was drawn up leaves one to conclude that is an explicit order of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Catholic doctrine teaches us the value of the Holy Mass, the glory it offers to the Most Holy Trinity, and the power of the Holy Sacrifice for both the living and dead. We also know that the value and efficacy of the Holy Mass does not depend on the number of faithful who assist at it nor on the worthiness of the celebrant, but rather on the unbloody reiteration of the same Sacrifice of the Cross through the work of the priest-celebrant, who acts in persona Christi and in the name of the entire Holy Church: suscipiat Dominus sacrificium de manibus tuis, ad laudem et gloriam nominis sui; ad utilitatem quoque nostram totiusque Ecclesiae suae sanctae.

The scandalous decision of an anonymous functionary of the Secretariat of State, easily identified as the unmentionable Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, unfortunately simply makes explicit what is already the practice in dioceses all over the world: For sixty years the doctrinal deviations introduced by Vatican II have insinuated that Mass offered without the people has no value, or that it has less value than a concelebration or a Mass at which the faithful assist. The post-conciliar liturgical norms forbid the erection of more altars in the same church and prescribe that during the celebration of a Mass at the main altar, other Masses should not be celebrated at the side altars. The Montinian Missale Romanum even provides a specific rite for the Missa sine populo, in which the greetings are omitted — for example, the Dominus vobiscum or the Orate, fratres — as if, in addition to those present, the Heavenly Court and the souls in purgatory were not also assisting at the Eucharistic Sacrifice. When a priest presents himself in any sacristy in the world asking to be able to celebrate the Mass — I am not saying in the Tridentine Rite, but also in the reformed one — he invariably hears the answer that he can join the previously scheduled concelebration, and in any case he is looked upon with suspicion if he asks to be able to celebrate without having some of the faithful present. It is useless to object that celebrating a private Mass is the right of every priest: The conciliar mens knows how to go far beyond the letter of the law in order to apply the spirit of Vatican II with tetragonal coherence, manifesting its true nature.

On the other hand, the reformed Mass was modified in order to attenuate, silence, or explicitly deny those Catholic dogmas that constitute an obstacle to ecumenical dialogue: speaking of the four purposes of the Mass is considered scandalous, because this doctrine disturbs those who deny the latreutic, propitiatory, thanksgiving, and impetratory value of the Holy Sacrifice, as defined by the Council of Trent.

For the Modernists, nothing is more detestable than the simultaneous celebration of several Masses, just as celebration coram Sanctissimo (that is, in front of the tabernacle placed over the altar) is intolerable. The Holy Mass, for them, is a supper, a convivial feast, and not a sacrifice: For this reason the altar is replaced with a table and the tabernacle is no longer present over the altar, moved to “a place that is more suitable for prayer and recollection”; for this reason the celebrant faces the people and not God.

The ordinance of the Secretariat of State, beyond the disrespect towards the Canons of the Basilica and the hypocritical sleight-of-hand of the absence of a signature or protocol number, represents only the latest confirmation of a fact that evidently does not want to be either admitted or opposed by those who, albeit with good intentions, insist on considering individual actions without wanting to frame them in the broader context of the so-called “post-council,” in the light of which even the most insignificant changes acquire a disturbing coherence and demonstrate the subversive value of Vatican II. While it is true that on paper Vatican II reaffirms the value of the private Mass — as His Eminence Cardinal Burke recalls in his recent statement — in reality it has made private Mass the prerogative of “nostalgics” who are doomed to extinction or to eccentric groups of the faithful. The condescending air with which liturgists pontificate on these themes is indicative of an intolerance for anything Catholic that has survived in the tortured ecclesial body. In coherence with this position, Bergoglio can deny the title of Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix to Mary Most Holy with impunity, with the sole intent of pleasing Lutherans, who say that “papists” idolatrize a woman and deny that Jesus Christ is the One Mediator.

Prohibiting private Masses at Saint Peter’s today legitimizes the abuses in the other Basilicas and churches of the world, where this ban has already been in force for decades even though it has never been explicitly formulated. And it is even more significant that this abuse is imposed by means of an apparently official act, in which the authority of the Secretariat of State is meant to silence with reverential fear those who wish to remain Catholic despite the efforts of the present Hierarchy to the contrary. But in the past, prior to Benedict XVI, anyone who wanted to celebrate Holy Mass at Saint Peter’s did not have an easy life and was expelled from the temple like an excommunicated vitandus if he simply dared to celebrate the Novus Ordo in Latin, to say nothing of the Tridentine Rite.

Of course, for the neomodernists, private Masses can be prohibited, and they will also seek to abrogate the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, because — as “Max Beans,” one of the most zealous sycophants of Santa Marta, recently admitted — the Tridentine liturgy presupposes a doctrine which is intrinsically opposed to “conciliar theology.” But if we come to the point of the scandal of the prohibition of private Masses in Saint Peter’s, we owe it also to the modus operandi of the Innovators, who proceed step-by-step in the liturgical, doctrinal, and moral fields, applying the principles of the “Overton Window.” Let’s acknowledge it: These indecorous winks at heretics and schismatics are in line with a strategy aimed at non-Catholic sects which finds its true completion in the broader strategy aimed at non-Christian religions and today’s reigning neopagan ideologies. This is the only way to understand this deliberate will to indulge the enemies of Christ in order to please the world and its prince.

It is from this perspective that one should understand the projection of animals on the facade of the Vatican Basilica; the entrance of the pachamama idol carried on the shoulders of bishops and clergy; the offering dedicated to Mother Earth placed on the altar of the Confession during a Mass presided over by Bergoglio; the desertion of the papal altar by the one who refuses the title of Vicar of Christ; the suppression of liturgical celebrations under the pretext of the pandemic and their replacement with ceremonies that recall the cult of personality of communist regimes; Saint Peter’s Square completely immersed in darkness so as to align itself with the new rites of globalist ecologism. This modern golden calf awaits the return of a Moses who descends from Sinai and restores Catholics in the True Faith after driving out the new idolaters, the followers of the Aaron of Santa Marta. And let no one dare to speak of mercy or love: Nothing is more distant from Charity than the attitude of he who, representing the authority of God on earth, abuses it in order to confirm in error the souls whom Christ has entrusted to him with the order to feed them. The pastor who leaves the sheepfold open and encourages the sheep to come out of it, sending them into the jaws of ravenous wolves, is a mercenary and an ally of the Evil One, and will have to render an account to the Supreme Pastor.

In the face of this umpteenth scandal, we may note with dismay the timid and complicit silence of the prelates: Where are the other cardinals, where is the archpriest emeritus of the Basilica, where is Cardinal Re, who for years, like me, celebrated his private Mass each morning in Saint Peter’s? Why are they now silent in the face of so much abuse?

As also happens in the civil sphere on the occasion of the pandemic and the violation of natural rights by the temporal authority, so also in the ecclesiastical sphere the dictatorship needs subjects without backbone or ideals in order to impose itself. In other times, the Vatican Basilica would have been besieged by priests, the first victims of this hateful tyranny that has the audacity to pass itself off as democratic and synodal. God forbid that the hell on earth which is establishing itself in the name of globalism is nothing but the consequence of the indolence and timidity, or rather the betrayal, of many, too many, clergy and laity.

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The Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, is drawing near to Her Passion, in order to complete in Her own members the sufferings of Her Head. May these days that separate us from the Resurrection of Our Redeemer spur us on to prayer, penance, and sacrifice, so that we can unite ourselves to the Blessed Passion of Our Lord in a spirit of expiation and reparation, according to the doctrine of the Communion of Saints which permits us, in the bond of true Charity, to do good to our enemies and beg God for the conversion of sinners: even those whom Providence has inflicted upon us as temporal and ecclesiastical Superiors.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

31 March 2021
Feria Quarta Hebdomadae Sanctae

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There is no such thing as a public health expert

Just autocrats in lab coats and ivory towers
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 9:16 am EST
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Jordan Schachtel

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April 1, 2021 (The Dossier) — Since the beginning of COVID Mania, we’ve been told to “listen to the public health experts.” Governments and the corporate media has identified this category to us as individuals (Dr. Fauci, Rachel Levine, Tedros Adhanom, Bill Gates) and groups (CDC, WHO, Gates Foundation, Imperial College, etc) that are supposedly the best resources out there for dealing with pandemics and disease spread. Want to know about how to deal with COVID-19? Follow orders from the omniscient public health experts, we’re told.

Well, we’re now over a year into this thing, the free world is in shambles, and virtually everything recommended by these supposed world-class experts has resulted in complete chaos and devastation.

The “public health experts” told us that lockdowns were the key to our salvation. When that didn’t work, they did the same thing with masks, curfews, physical distancing, and the like. They had it all figured out, until they didn’t, and destroyed tens of millions of lives in their attempts to resolve a virus problem. So how could these highly-touted “experts” get everything so catastrophically wrong?

And what exactly is a public health expert anyway?

There are plenty of examples of individual health experts in society.

A dentist can help a patient understand the best practices for oral health. A fitness professional can help a client achieve optimal metabolic health. A nutritionist can tell you what to eat in order to stay healthy. A physical therapist can optimize your recovery from an injury. A orthopedist can evaluate bone health. These are but a handful of dozens of examples of individual health specialists.

Now what can a “public health expert” do for you exactly, and how do you define it?

Well, that’s when you encounter some roadblocks. If you Google “public health expert definition,” you’ll get 40 different answers from 40 different academic and government public health departments. Answers range from “professionals in the field struggle to define public health precisely” to “the science and art of preventing disease.”

That’s because public health isn’t a real science. Take it from me, as someone who studied another fake form of science (political science) in undergrad. Just as the “common good” is not good for everyone, Public Health suffers from the same innate failures as a health concept. What is good for Joe may not be good for Jane. What is best for Catherine may not be best for Carlos. An attempt to optimize and perfect “public health” will inevitably result in chaos, as we’ve seen play out over the course of the last year.

You can thank the “public health experts” for normalizing healthy quarantines, outdoor masking, 6 feet social distancing, nightly curfews, societal lockdowns and plenty of other baseless mystical population control measures that were enforced (and failed to succeed in combating a virus) in the name of science.

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Individual health is to public health as liberty is to totalitarianism. The moment you depart from treating individuals, and attempt to collectivize a population, you’re not so much an expert as you are an authoritarian control freak disguised as an expert.

Fauci is not a public health expert, he’s a power drunk immunologist. Bill Gates is not a public health expert, he’s a maniacal technocrat. The CDC and WHO do not possess public health expertise, they are bloated bureaucracies offering historically poor recommendations for dealing with disease spread and other societal issues.

No one person or group can claim the mantle of public health, and no one person or group can claim to know what is best for the collective, just as no one leader should make devastating decisions for the “greater good” of society. Self-proclaimed public health experts are really nothing more than aspiring autocrats who happen to populate governments and academic departments. Given the lack of actual expertise or competition in those fields, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these same individuals also happen to have atrocious track records when it comes to preventing and treating disease spread.

Reprinted with permission from The Dossier.

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Biden’s biology denial will ripple throughout the nation

Thankfully, Americans are not ready to give up this cultural fight against truth and reality.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 9:01 am EST
Featured Image
Travis Weber
By Travis Weber

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April 1, 2021 (Family Research Council) — Yesterday, President Joe Biden proclaimed it to be “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Decrying the supposed systemic discrimination of those who identify as transgender, Biden's proclamation only exposed just how out of touch he is with much of America.

President Biden used the opportunity to push Congress to pass the Equality Act, a piece of legislation that we know would corrupt the family, advance abortion, and harm many people, including women, medical professionals, religious schools, and even the very members of the LGBT community that the bill claims to protect. If Biden truly cared about equality, he would advance religious freedom, not advocate for a bill that mandates government-imposed inequality by requiring acceptance of a particular ideology, suffocating public debate about issues that deserve thoughtful discussion.

Urged on by Biden, the complete abandonment of biological reality in the media and culture only grows more apparent by the day – despite what we constantly hear about social conservatives “denying science.” Commenting on developments in South Dakota, the latest of which is Governor Kristi Noem offering a watered down version of her women's sport policy through executive order, one reporter wrote, “The orders also reference 'biological sex,' a disputed term that refers to the sex as listed on students' original birth certificates.”

Calling “biological sex” a disputed term is laughable. But it is also tragic for those who are forced to adopt and espouse such moral and factual confusion. Despite the aggressive efforts of LBGT advocates, we know that sex isn't really “assigned at birth.” One's “sex” is a physiological state of being either male or female, and is objective and observable well before birth.

The difference between the sexes is instinctively understood, even by children. Kids know the difference between mom and dad, and they can pick up on the different ways that boys and girls interact. When supposedly “enlightened” progressive adults contradict something so obvious, the results are harmful – both for children who don't understand and adults who must live their lives denying biological reality.

Thankfully, Americans are not ready to give up this cultural fight against truth and reality. Courageous state legislators in Arkansas are taking a stand. The Arkansas legislature recently overwhelmingly approved the Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act, a bill sitting on Governor Asa Hutchinson's desk right now that prohibits doctors from performing gender transition surgeries on minors and bans taxpayer funding from covering them.

Gender transition surgery often comes with harmful consequences, sometimes leaving children permanently sterilized or disfigured, changing the course of their lives forever. The SAFE Act protects minors from irreversibly altering their bodies during a stressful time of life in which they are not yet mature enough to make such long-term decisions.

For minors who grow up to regret their decision to transition, the effects are devastating. Victims like Keira Bell say medical professionals should have challenged her when she claimed she wanted to transition. But she acknowledges, “When you are that young, you don't really want to listen.” Legislation like the SAFE Act would have protected impressionable young people like Keira from making similarly harmful mistakes.

In a culture where questioning LGBT ideology can get you “canceled,” reasonable legislation like the SAFE Act is exactly the type of the protection that minors need. The bill has been sent to Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to sign. He should do so promptly for the sake of Arkansas' children who are navigating a confused culture that is increasingly in denial about biological facts.

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To tell Governor Hutchinson to sign this bill into law, visit here.

Printed with permission from Family Research Council.

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Ontario ignores effective COVID interventions, imposes still another province-wide ‘shutdown’

Premier Doug Ford's lockdown begins the day before Easter in a move that Christians could view as discrimination.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 9:24 pm EST
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Steve Jalsevac Steve Jalsevac Follow Steve
By Steve Jalsevac

CONTACT YOUR MPP: Tell them to rethink the latest lockdown!  Click to contact your MPP, now.

April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who has caused mayhem and severe economic, social, and emotional stress on the province’s citizens as a result of terribly misguided COVID-19 policies dictated by unelected health bureaucrats, announced yet another province-wide “shutdown” – the third in a year – that will be start 12:01 a.m. Saturday, April 3 and last for at least four weeks.

Ford stated, “We are facing a serious situation and drastic measures are required to contain the rapid spread of the virus, especially the new variants of concern.”

He added, “We must try and prevent more people from getting infected and overwhelming our hospitals. Our vaccine rollout is steadily increasing, and I encourage everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated. That is our best protection against this deadly virus.”

Christians note that this announcement once again comes just on the eve of one the most important of all Christian days of worship, Easter Sunday. Some are seeing this as deliberate anti-Christian discrimination, given the substantial limits that have been put on Church gatherings over the past year, compared to much greater priority given to stores and other facilities deemed “essential services.” 

It is astoundingly insensitive that the premier would not wait just two more days, until just after Easter, to implement his “shutdown”.

This is being implemented, says the province, because there are an alleged 2,557 confirmed “cases” as of today, which they claim is the most in a single day since January 22 and ICU physicians have been pressuring the government to close down the province because of their claims that hospitals will be overwhelmed unless drastic actions are taken to stop the spread of new COVID variants.

The CBC reported on the day of the government announcment,

“a group of more than 150 emergency and intensive care physicians published an open letter addressed to Ford and top health officials, calling for immediate and decisive action to ease the burden on hospitals.”

It added, "The current measures and framework are not working to contain the spread of this virus," reads the letter in part. "Even if we had unlimited ICU capacity, allowing these (variants of concern) to spread exponentially is unethical.

This admittedly sounds alarming. But it also raises questions about the reliability of testing being used to determine the alleged high number of “cases,” whether many of  the “COVID-19 infected” patients in ICUs might instead be suffering from flu or other conditions , why the giant Ontario hospital network cannot handle these ICU patients, and, most important of all, why has Ontario not been using any of the simple, very effective outpatient treatments used elsewhere that have been preventing most of their COVID-infected from needing to enter hospitals in the first place?

Ontario health mandarins have very strangely refused to promote or use ANY of those treatments. The same bizarre thing has been happening througout Canada.

COVID testing is frequently unreliable – and politically useful

There have been numerous concerns expressed by physicians and medical scientists around the world about the use of supposed rising numbers of “cases” to determine public health policies, especially during the months in between flu seasons. Cases are determined from test results, plus the number of persons exposed to positive-tested persons, plus the number of persons exhibiting COVID-like symptoms. Most of those symptoms are very similar to cold and flu symptoms, but now overwhelmingly tend to be automatically and wrongly attributed to COVID infection.

Public health records have indicated that the flu has magically mostly disappeared over the past year. How convenient.

The general population tends to get much more exercise, fresh air and sunshine (vitamin D) during the warmer months which significantly boosts the immune system, which in turn dramatically lessens flu and coronavirus infections. It makes no sense that COVID infections jump up or remain high during warmer months.

Late in the 1917 Spanish flu pandeminc it was discovered that placing patients out into fresh air and sunshine resulted in 25 to 40% fewer deaths. That was dramatic, and is said to have been the major factor leading to the end of the pandemic.

The current Wuhan virus is not remotely as dangerous as the Spanish flu, and so fresh air and sunshine could possibly have an even more dramatic benefit. That is also why keeping people isolated in homes, quarantined in hotels and masked in schools where the air is re-circulating throughout the building is a really bad idea.

Texas dropped its mask mandate a month ago and COVID infections have continued to go down every since, contrary to a warning from Biden that the governor was endangering his citizens with the action.

Smart doctors tell their patients to go out often for walks in order to boost their immune system, but if sick, to keep away from others. Still, the chance of spreading or catching the virus while going for an outdoors walk is minimal to next to impossible, and yet we see many people walking alone outdoors ridiculously wearing masks. That is medically and scientifically irrational behavior.

PCR tests are likely the most common one Ontario uses to determine infection. Their high false positives tendency is especially useful for generating fear about a supposed new increase in COVID infections that is always used to justify yet another lockdown.

Many doctors are calling for an end to use of the unreliable PCR tests, the most commonly used in the world, to determine COVID infection and related public policy. In February of this year the WHO finally at least recommended changes as to how this test should be used.

On March 24, LifeSite reported a study found PCR test result accuracy varied according to the time of day it was taken.

 A much more important Dec. 2020 article reported other scientists finding that PCR tests are “useless” and based on “flawed science”. many have known this for at least several months. Most of the doctors successfully treating COVID patients with alternative medication protocols were not at all surprised by that finding.

Michael Haynes reported that “a group of 22 independent scientists, termed the International Consortium of Scientists in Life Sciences (ICSLS), have studied and reviewed the Corman-Drosten (CD) paper” which was used to first justify the use of PCR testing worldwide,” finding “numerous technical and scientific errors,” noting that neither the “test nor the manuscript itself fulfils the requirements for an acceptable scientific publication.” They dubbed the CD paper as “flawed science” and called its authors “intellectually dishonest.”

Why is Ontario not using out-patient meds to stop overwhelming of ICUs?

There is good reason by now to question whether health decision makers really do want to prevent the hospitals from being “overwhelmed” with COVID patients given the same failed strategies they keep using both in the US and Canada.

Watch this astounding 20-minute video of recent testimony by a high-level US physician revealing how incredibly wrong health systems and individual doctors have been for not advocating and using simple, available and effective out-patient treatments for the COVID-infected during this pandemic. Ontario has also been totally guilty of what he states.

Most government health bureaucrats, whom I suspect are influenced by the powerful pharmaceutical multi-nationals to make us all wrongly believe their expensive, dangerous, poorly tested “vaccines” are the only viable treatment, and many of these ICU doctors, are still refusing to emphasize the use of early out-patient treatments. This has led to thousands of easily preventable deaths and is causing the overwhelming of the ICUs.

They seem to never include in their decisions the catastrophic human and economic costs of their lockdowns and the many lives lost because of these useless measures that only keep extending the pandemic month after month, after promising in the beginning that we only needed lockdowns for a few weeks to “flatten the curve”.

Now we know that was never the real intention and many now get nauseous whenever they hear that term said again.

They could prevent the hospitals from being overwhelmed by simply shifting their strategies to astonishingly effective, safe and inexpensive early outpatient treatments that have been saving hundreds of thousand of lives in India, Africa and anywhere else that have been doing this.

Everyone should be questioning why our physicians are being strongly discouraged and prevented from using those decades old approved medications that are safe and, when used early and properly, usually end infection in one or two days and would have ended the pandemic long ago.

There is something terribly wrong going on and an increasing number of good doctors are ignoring their medical boards and government decrees, honoring their Hippocratic Oath and saving patients with what they know DOES WORK. God bless them!

The unstated, possibly deadly truth about “variants”

LifeSite has reported on physicians and medical scientists strongly advising that these new “variants” or mutations of the Wuhan coronavirus are usually less dangerous than the original virus. They have told us that coronaviruses naturally keep mutating, with most mutations becoming progressively weaker than the previous ones, as the virus follows the typical pattern of peaking and then declining and eventually almost entirely disappearing.

We are told that this virus has followed the normal viral pattern, except that it has an unusually high rate of gain, or rate of infection, which is likely the result of deliberate manipulation of the virus in the Wuhan lab. This rate of gain does not make it more virulent or dangerous, other than it causes the virus to spread mus faster and easier through the air to cause a larger number of infections compared to other viruses.

Despite that, we have been told that COVID mutations or “variants”, because they are so similar to the original virus, should also be able to be easily treated the same with “spectacularly” successful preventives and treatments using Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin C. There are also other effective treatments. The most important thing is to treat infection early because the second stage cytokine storm can be deadly to the lungs of the infected.

Sucessful treatment is still possible even at that stage, and second stage infection is not a sure death sentence. Most of the public, because of what happened in Italy and New York at the beginning of the pandemic last year, wrongly believes that persons with one or more comorbidities who become infected, or those at the cykotine storm stage, will surely die. That is because some very wrong treatments, especially over-use of ventilators at the beginning of the pandemic, led to catastrophic results and killed most of those patients.

That stopped long ago. Many thousands of ventilators manufactured for the pandemic were never used and are sitting in warehouses. They are now used far more infrequently and with greater caution.

There is still an over 90% recovery rate for the most vulnerable patients (99.7% average for all patients), if they are treated properly. This is not remotely like the Bubonic Plague or the Spanish Flu. Thus, there is no need for the drastic measures that have been imposed on the public over the past year. It has been terribly misguided.


Public not aware “vaccines” not needed and are possibly very dangerous

Most of the doctors who have been successfully treating COVID infections are especially the ones insisting there has never been a need for a vaccine for this virus no worse than, and often less worse, than the annual flu. Former VP and chief scientist of giant vaccine maker Pfizer, Dr. Micheal Yeadon, is one of the most emphatic insisters that there has never been a need for a COVID-19 vaccine. Americas Frontline Doctors have said the same.

What we might be seeing in Ontario is the possibility of something more ominous, that could be resulting from the rapidly increasing number of COVID injections themselves, rather than from the “variants” which we are hearing about in the news all day, every day.

That is, some prominent physicians and scientists are warning that these new types of injections, which many are saying cannot really be classified as vaccines, are causing a reaction in recipients called pathogenic priming, otherwise called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), a deadly, exaggerated immune reaction.

They warn that this might lead to massive numbers of deaths over time, possibly in the millions, which would then wrongly be proclaimed to be caused by the actually relatively harmless new COVID “variants” that are weaker than the original COVID-10 virus. It’s possible that is what is beginning to happen now in Ontario and elsewhere.

Also, giving these injections to persons who have recovered from the virus does not make sense since they are almost certain to have life-long immunity and there are now legitimate concerns that giving them these new kinds of jabs could kill them.

And yet, the vaccine makers are pushing hard to vaccinate both the recovered and also children and youth who are highly unlikely to experience any harm from COVID-19 and its “variants”. What on earth is going on? 

If you have recovered from COVID, absolutely do not permit yourself to be vaccinated. And, parents, under no circumstances allow your children to be unnecessarily exposed to these jabs. There are solid medical reasons for considering injecting children with these jabs to be serious child abuseYou are risking their health and possibly even their lives!

There is also the possibility that an actually more dangerous new version of COVID may be released at some time, but so far that does not seem to have happened. I have mentioned this in past articles as the result of information given to me by a leading scientist.

Ramping up COVID injections, which Doug Ford wants to make happen to supposedly lessen the infection numbers, could instead make the situation much more deadly, specifically for those who receive those injections. This alarming issue is discussed in more detail in today’s LifeSite article, “Anti-lockdown scientists challenge theories of Geert Vanden Bossche, though vaccine ‘global catastrophe’ not ruled out.”

Ontario has been on the roller-coaster ride of these unprecedented, devastating and illegal, Nuremberg-Code-violating medical restrictions on basic rights and freedoms for the past year, under the direction of a premier who appears to be held hostage to uncreative or possibly compromised health bureaucrats who refuse to consider any COVID health options other than lockdowns and waiting for vaccines that would allegedly return life to normal.

There is not the slighest sign that any of these injections will accomplish that much-desired goal for the public. There has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine developed, despite many years of attempts that have failed because almost all animal test subjects kept dying after later exposure to the virus. Now they are skipping the crucial animal testing. That is wrong, and the virus is not so deadly that the skipping of animal testing can in any way be justified.

Ford a puppet to tyrannical medical Officers

In a Rebel News video, a cowardly Ford, who was elected to run the province and to make all the hard decisions for the greater benefit of its citizens, is shown shamelessly groveling to his chief medical officer and stating, “I am going to be very frank. There is no politician in this country who is going to disagree with their chief medical officer. They just aren't going to do it. They might as well throw a rope around their neck and jump off a bridge. They're done.”

Hopefully, Ford will nevertheless still be “done” by the people. His policies have been a disaster and his medical advisers have been quacks.

Or his party will relieve the province of this too-willing puppet of the unelected medical tyrants who have caused citizens unnecessary grief and disorientation by constantly exaggerating the danger of the virus and its “variants” and refusing to use already effective cures in order to force everyone to take the extremely profitable, mandatory injections that are the worst possible non-solution to the pandemic.

Ontario’s citizens did not elect the Chief Medical Officer. The current Chief Medical Officer and the upcoming new one, Dr. Chandi Chandrasena, who is scheduled to take over that role on April 21, are politically under the authority of the person chosen by the public to protect them. The Chief Medical Officer is not an authority unto himself or herself.

I have learned that there is often massive corruption in government medical departments, with very many of these bureaucrats closely tied to and heavily funded by the pharmaceutial companies. Those are unnaceptable, if not illegal, conflicts of interest.  It seems that could also be the case with Chandrasena.

Chandrasena’ Canhealth bio could be concerning to Ontario citizens, considering the strong international push to require everyone to have an electronic record of vaccination.

Premier Ford recently announced the Ontario government is developing a “Digital ID plan” which sure sounds like a form of vaccine passport. That explains, from her bio, why Chandrasena may have been hired.

This Digital ID is Great Reset stuff and appears to confirm that Ford is committed to forcing Ontarians to take the COVID injections, regardless of their experimental status, lack of essential long-term testing, many deaths and injuries associated with them, warnings from scientists that the injections may cause massive numbers of deaths over the long term, and the fact that they barely, if at all, prevent viral transmission and infection.

That also indicates Ford, or shall we say, his globalist medical masters, currrently have no intention of allowing and promoting the use of the several already available, safe and effective medications that are being successfully used by thousands of doctors in many nations to prevent and treat COVID infection.

Ford must change his COVID policies.

Medical officers have recommended varied tactics across the United States, Canada, and other nations, with some political leaders taking their election by the public so seriously that they listen only to medical advisers who do NOT recommend policies that end up causing more illness, deaths, and more damage than the virus itself. That has definitely not been the case in Ontario.

Ontario LifeSite readers are stunned that their premier is still depending on the same policies that have been wrecking their mental and physical health, businesses and the overall economy and causing too many to live in unhealthy lonliness, fear and near despair.

Ford keeps doing the same wrong things over and over again. The man hasn’t learned a thing and, worse, he does not seem to care.

CONTACT YOUR MPP: Tell them to rethink the latest lockdown!  Click to contact your MPP, now.

In the United States, the state of Florida has been fortunate to have a quick-learning governor who saw after one lockdown and mask mandate that such an approach did not help his citizens at all. Florida has recently been following a far more enlightened policy that has generally brought daily life back to normal without lockdowns, mask mandates, long-shuttered restaurants and churches, and numerous other travesties that only worsened everything in the state when those policies were implemented.

The new shutdown restrictions list

The CBC reports that the Ontario restrictions will include:

  • Prohibiting indoor organized public events and social gatherings, and limiting the capacity for outdoor gatherings to a five-person maximum — except for gatherings with members of the same household, or gatherings of members of one household and one other person who lives alone.

  • Limits on in-person shopping: a 50 percent capacity limit for supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, indoor farmers' markets, other stores that primarily sell food and pharmacies; and a 25 percent limit for all other retail including big box stores.

  • No personal care services.

  • No indoor and outdoor dining. Takeout, delivery and drive-thru options are allowed.

  • Prohibiting the use of facilities for indoor or outdoor sports and recreational fitness, with very limited exceptions.

  • The closure of day camps.

  • Limiting capacity at weddings, funerals, and religious services to 15 percent occupancy per room indoors, and to the number of people who can maintain two metres of physical distance outdoors. This does not include social gatherings associated with these services such as receptions, which are not permitted indoors and are limited to five people outdoors.

  • a 50 per cent capacity limit for supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, indoor farmers’ markets, other stores that primarily sell food and pharmacies, and 25 per cent for all other retail including big box stores

The Ministry of Health has based its directions to the premier on modeling that indicates the health system will allegedly not be able to endure the volume of sick patients if the province is not shut down.

So they are trying to save some lives, by imposing a policy on the entire population that has definitely led to the loss of many other lives – possibly more than the numbers who die from the virus. Or, are a lot of these current deaths really from the flu? Every year thousands regularly die from the flu, but for some reason that usual trend has barely been happening over the past year.

Spectacularly wrong modeling was most responsible for past, devastating lockdown decisions. It was later discovered that the models contained serious errors that massively overestimated the infections and deaths what would occur if lockdowns were not done. What they predicted never came anywhere close to happening.

Criminal charges were considered for British Imperial College’s Neil Ferguson, the creator of the most influential, terribly flawed model that most of the world used to justify their devastating lockdown orders.

 Notable physicians, scientists present criticisms, better solutions

Regions and nations that have done the best have listened only to physicians who have had the greatest practical success in preventing and treating COVID with alternative, safe, effective, and inexpensive early treatments and simple immune enhancement recommendations.

These medications, properly used, have proven to be able to prevent almost all hospitalizations, resulted in far fewer deaths, and are still much superior to any of the current Big Pharma injections being given to millions in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Because of this, India has a fraction of the deaths that the US seems to have experienced. I say “seems’ because there are good reasons to believe the US death stats are highly exaggerated.

In November, 2020, prominent Canadian physician Dr. Roger Hodkinson expressed strong displeasure with the COVID measures undertaken in Canadian jurisdictions up to them.

LifeSite reported that in his November 13 speech at a public meeting in Alberta, Hodgkinson called it the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public” that lockdowns and masks were being used in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19:

“There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

“There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus,” he said, adding, “This is not Ebola. It’s not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game.”

Hodkinson called using masks to prevent the spread of the virus “utterly useless,” noting that “there is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever.”

“We’re talking, of course, about an enormous number of businesses — ferocious, hardworking, entrepreneurial people who are seeing their dreams disappear. We’re talking about delayed cancer investigations and treatment. We’re talking about cancelled surgeries. We’re talking about suicides and drug addiction,” he added.

“The consequence of all these measures is, and has been, absolutely catastrophic.”

The doctor said that the position he now backs regarding COVID-19 aligns with the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by almost 50,000 medical practitioners and medical and public health scientists who have raised “grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies.”

In another article, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, one of the three drafters of the Great Barrington Declaration, stated:

In discussing the deadliness of COVID, we need to distinguish COVID cases from COVID infections. A lot of fear and confusion has resulted from failing to understand the difference.

We have heard much this year about the “case fatality rate” of COVID. In early March, the case fatality rate in the U.S. was roughly three percent — nearly three out of every hundred people who were identified as “cases” of COVID in early March died from it. Compare that to today, when the fatality rate of COVID is known to be less than one-half of one percent.

… the majority of people who are infected by COVID have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. These people weren’t identified in the early days, which resulted in a highly misleading fatality rate. And that is what drove public policy. Even worse, it continues to sow fear and panic, because the perception of too many people about COVID is frozen in the misleading data from March.

There is a thousand-fold difference between the mortality rate in older people, 70 and up, and the mortality rate in children.

In effect, what we’ve been doing is requiring young people to bear the burden of controlling a disease from which they face little to no risk. This is entirely backward from the right approach.

The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection.

Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal. Simple hygiene measures, such as hand washing and staying home when sick should be practiced by everyone to reduce the herd immunity threshold. Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching. Extracurricular activities, such as sports, should be resumed. Young low-risk adults should work normally, rather than from home. Restaurants and other businesses should open. Arts, music, sports, and other cultural activities should resume. People who are more at risk may participate if they wish, while society as a whole enjoys the protection conferred upon the vulnerable by those who have built up herd immunity.

None of this has been happening in Ontario, whose health mandarins have completely disregarded the incredibly successful experiences and opinions of the many thousands of medical professionals, some of whom are among the best in the world, who signed the Great Barrington Declaration.

Imagine, Doug Ford actually believes his Chief Medical Officer is smarter than the now over 57,000 physicians and medical scientists, many being the top such persons in the world, who have endorsed the sound policies of the Great Barrington Declaration. That is either monumental stupidity or Ford is under intense outside pressures or threats (or bribes?) that he has not revealed.

Or maybe he is just not aware of the Declaration and the status of its writers and thousands of signers. I hope for his sake this last possibility is the correct one.

Given the catastrophic economic, emotional, and other damage and thousands of deaths certainly caused by the ineffective and harmful Ontario policies, some consider them to now be of a criminal nature and a Crime Against Humanity.

Pathologist Ryan Cole on preventative, treatments, vaccines 

Dr. Ryan Cole, a clinical pathologist and owner of Ryan Diagnostics in Idaho, in a powerful 26-minute video presentation included in a recent LifeSite article, dramatically outlined the massive importance of basic immune system supplementation for avoiding COVID infection. We strongly recommend you view this enlightening talk.

Dr. Cole convincingly noted that “ … we don't just have a viral pandemic, we have an international Vitamin D deficiency pandemic – i.e., 70 percent of the world is immune-suppressed.”

He continued, “Normal D levels decrease your COVID symptom severity risk for hospitalization by 90 percent. There have been a lot of placebo-controlled trials that show this all around the world. It is scientific fact, not just a correlation.”

Dr. Cole explained why Vitamin D deficiency is the biggest contributor to both Wuhan coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths: “Data shows what kills people. Cytokine storm. If you are in (Vitamin D) mid-level range, you will not die from COVID because you cannot get a cytokine storm.”

Cole noted that even Dr. Anthony Fauci has publicly stated that he takes 8,000 to 9,00o IU of Vitamin D, but that he also has not been advising the public to do the same and only talks about vaccines being the solution to the virus.

The Idaho pathologist emphasized, “The biggest lost public health message in this pandemic is Vitamin D. There is no such thing as ‘flu or cold season,’ only low Vitamin D season.”

This kind of very basic, crucial advice has never been given to the public by Ontario health bureaucrats.

Canada’s Dr. Roger Hodkinson, mentioned earlier in this article is also a strong proponent of vitamin D use. In November of last year he stated,

“All that should be done is to protect the vulnerable and to give them all in the nursing homes that are under your control, give them all 3,000 to 5,000 international units of vitamin D every day which has been shown to radically reduce the likelihood of Infection.”

Cole also strongly emphasized early treatments for COVID. He is critical about too close government relationships with the vaccine makers. He says the best medication is Ivermectin. It is on the world's most effective and safest drug lists.

In a Houston hospital, says Cole, a 90 percent reduction in COVID deaths resulted after it started to use Ivermectin as their standard treatment. Of the half-million deaths in the United States, 350,000 would have been saved if Ivermectin had been used. Wherever it has been given in the world, people are living a normal life. One hundred percent of world trials have shown it to be effective. Average effectiveness is 70 percent to 85 percent and it can cover ALL the variants of the virus, says Cole. Every person he has treated has been better in 24-48 hours.

Cole, like many credible physicians on which LifeSite has reported, was also emphatic that masks, which Ontario has placed a heavy emphasis on, do nothing to prevent COVID infection! And there are increasing warnings about the very real health damages masks can cause, especially for children, who should NEVER wear masks.

Ryan Cole also had a lot to say about the vaccines that Ford so much wants to give all Ontarians.

Among his comments on COVID vaccines, the exceptionally experienced pathologist stated,

What we have now is an experimental biological gene therapy. Long-term safety data is not there. mRNA trials in mammals have led to cancers. mRNA trials in animals have led to auto-immune diseases, not right away - 6,9, 12 months later. The vaccine companies did their own data. There were no independent observer groups looking at the data. They seem to decrease the severity. They don't fall under the definition of creating peer immunity and preventing transmission.

If you are immune after injection, why in the world would you have to mask and social distance? That is an admission that they don't know that it is a vaccine. There is no long-term proven safety. My biggest concern is antibody enhancement reaction. When you get a coronavirus shot when you are exposed to a wild type variant of the virus 6, 9, 12 months later the immune system can go haywire. In the SARS vaccine animal trials 100% of the animals exposed to wild variants ended up with immune reaction.

What Cole says about the COVID injections fits with alarming warnings from Dr. Michael Yeaden and colleague Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and America’s Frontline Doctors, as noted earlier in this article, and in another article today by LifeSite’s Patrick Delaney.

Ontario citizens MUST force Ford to dramatically change direction

Ontario citizens are urged to flood the office of the premier and their provincial members of parliament with demands that the shutdown be immediately ended as a repeatedly proven failed tactic that causes far more damage and likely costs more lives than the virus and its variants.

It should be demanded that the government instead urgently introduce measures recommended in the Great Barrington Declaration, by the government of Florida, and by the thousands of physicians such as Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Kulvinder Gill of Brampton, Ontario, Dr. Peter McCullough, the thousands of physicians associated with America’s Frontline Doctors, and numerous others who are saving lives and ending fear of the coronavirus through the use of well-proven strategies and use of hugely successful out-patient treatments.

Citizens should also demand that all the shots should immediately be stopped until critical safety testing is completed, especially for the long-term effects of the vaccines. Already far too many recipients are dying or being seriously injured by these mostly useless vaccines and there have been too many miscarriages for vaccinated pregnant women. These serious health outcomes are being dangerously played down.

In the past, that number of deaths and injuries would always have automatically resulted in a quick order to halt use of a medical product. That has thankfully been happening in almost 20 nations for the AstraZeneca jabs, but disurbingly not also for the mRNA and other ones that have caused a much lsrger number of deaths and injuries.

These injections are getting unnaceptable special protection and the the public is being deprived of crucial medical oversight to protect them!

CONTACT YOUR MPP: Tell them to rethink the latest lockdown!  Click to contact your MPP, now.

Some of the other best sources of practical, reliable information

Beyond LifeSiteNews and its special Life Facts pages on COVID-19 and Vaccinations, there are other excellent resources that reveal  the repeated Ontario lockdowns are like reckless attempts to kill a hornet with explosive grenades that kill and maim.

We recommend the following:

Vaccine Choice Canada

Justice Centre

End the Lockdown Crisis/Liberty Coalition Canada

America’s Frontline Doctors (tremendous resources – see especially section on treatment protocols)

Constitutional Rights Centre

Concerned Ontario Doctors – Dr. Kulvinder Gill

Rebel News

Children’s Health Defense


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The ethics of utilitarianism and the vaccine ‘war’ against coronavirus

The 'greater good' argument is flawed because it assumes an injustice is acceptable if it produces a net benefit.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 6:08 pm EST
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By Celeste McGovern

LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page. View it here. 

April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Deaths in the United States associated with coronavirus vaccines reported to the government's adverse event collection system reached 1,920 in just over three months, which is more than twice the number of deaths reported in the U.S. for all vaccines during the previous six years (941). 

These statistics, along with personal stories from some of those who have lost loved ones unexpectedly after they received a COVID shot, have made it difficult to dismiss these stories as out-of-hand “fake news,” so some media have switched from denying that serious vaccine adverse events even exist to spreading the message that vaccine-related deaths are simply a necessary “sacrifice” for most people to benefit. 

That was the language of Norwegian television presenter Linn Wiik, who wrote a column last week for Norway's TV 2 titled “I would love to die from the AstraZeneca vaccine,” for example.

“Some must be sacrificed in the war against the corona,” Wiik wrote. “That's the way it is in all wars. This time, it may well be me."
Wiik was writing in response to the recent accounts in the media of people who were hospitalized and died from brain blood clots after receiving a shot of AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine. Germany and Canada have both restricted distribution to those under ages 60 and 55, respectively, as a result.

Death reports included that of a 57-year-old Italian music teacher and a 60-year-old Danish woman

“Sorry to say it so bluntly,” Wiik wrote: “Someone has to sacrifice in order for the rest to be safe.”

‘Greater good’ argument moves to vaccine narrative

Public health and mainstream media have evoked a war-time British-Blitz-style spirit of self-sacrifice since the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns that helped to persuade people to accept shuttered businesses, loss of freedom, slashed incomes, and isolation to protect the common good of “public health.”

“Not since World War II, when people carried ration books with stamps that allowed them to purchase meat, sugar, butter, cooking oil and gasoline, when buying cars, firewood and nylon was restricted, when factories converted from making automobiles to making tanks, Jeeps and torpedoes, when men were drafted and women volunteered in the war effort, has the entire nation been asked to sacrifice for a greater good,” FOX News’s Frank Miles wrote a year ago.

Now the “greater good” argument is moving into the vaccination narrative. The term has come up before in Catholic conversations about vaccination. “I would argue that there is a rationale rooted in social justice that people should get their children vaccinated for the greater good,” Dr. Paul Cieslak, a Catholic infectious disease specialist with the Oregon Health Authority, told Catholic News Agency a year ago, echoing a common sentiment.


“Greater good” is the central principle of the flawed and inherently un-Catholic doctrine of utilitarianism, however. “Utilitarian reasoning is strictly the greatest good for the greatest number,” said Joseph Meaney, president of the National Catholic Bioethics Center. 

“It is not acceptable for Catholics because it accepts that injustice can be done if this injustice produces a net benefit,” Meaney explained.

Catholics could never accept a utilitarian proposition to execute an innocent person in exchange for the release of 10 hostages who would otherwise be executed, for example. Nor should anyone kill themselves to save the lives of more people waiting on organ donor lists, as another example. In fact, it would be sinful. 

In utilitarianism, the balance of happiness over harm supports your death if it benefits more people than you – good so long as you are not the minority.

But what about Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice of His death on the cross for us which every Mass perpetually offers and we recall particularly during Holy Week? Are we called to make a similar sacrifice of ourselves on a vaccine altar?

“Jesus had no moral obligation to do this; it was a free gift coming from the infinite love of God,” Meaney said.

“It is also quite clear that there is no moral obligation to take vaccines and no moral obligation not to take them. We are in the realm of prudential and conscientious discernment, where each person must try to obtain the best most objective facts possible and make a decision with a well-formed conscience.”

The Church seems to have conflicting opinions on this. A 2017 document on vaccines from the Pontifical Academy for Life describes a “moral obligation to guarantee the vaccination coverage necessary for the safety of others … especially the safety more vulnerable subjects such as pregnant women and those affected by immunodeficiency who cannot be vaccinated against these diseases.”

Yet in this document the Academy accepts the data from public health entities that vaccination is “safe and effective” and that “the events that occur most commonly are mild and due to an immune response to the vaccine itself.”

So the Academy dismisses the 6,844 reported deaths since 1990 to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and of the 12,660 permanent disabilities as “mild” expected vaccine reactions. It has accepted the ruling of public health figures on the inconsequence of these people’s misfortunes, from the same public health “experts” who have denied the humanity of the unborn for decades and have said that abortion does not kill a human being. These same officials and agencies deem pharmaceutical birth control a necessity, abortion an essential service, and euthanasia a kindness.

If adults want to accept the public health risk/benefit analysis for the coronavirus and its experimental vaccines, they are free to do so, but for them to make a “sacrifice” they first must be given enough information to give informed consent. People who take the shot have to know the true risk that they face when they do so.

Norway’s TV presenter Wiik may want to take the small risk that 32 reported European blood clot cases represented, but she didn’t say she was aware of 2,050 other COVID-vaccine deaths reported to VAERS. She seemed unaware of the 594 COVID vaccine-associated deaths reported to the government in the U.K. alone since December. If she is, it is up to her.

What is more troubling is that we are on the threshold of having mandates for vaccines in which there is no choice in our “sacrifice.” We may be coerced to take unknown and known risks with vaccines – perhaps annually or more depending on how badly the first round of vaccines fail or foster new “variant” viruses – for a virus that most of us might never know we had if we were infected. If we pay with our lives or are disabled permanently, then that is just the price we have to pay because public health demands it.

What is even more troubling than that is that trials on COVID vaccines in children have begun. The rapacious drug companies say that these shots are effective in preventing disease in children who almost never get the disease to begin with – and have virtually zero risk of dying from it. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s own best estimates state that the infection fatality rate among children and teens under 17 years old is 0.00002 of a percent. The 20 children in every million who will become infected with the coronavirus who die almost all have underlying life-threatening conditions. So what is the benefit of exposing 998,980 to the completely unknown mid- to long-term risks of COVID vaccines and the known death risks?

The standard public health – and frequently even Catholic as in the statement from the Pontifical Academy – ethic presented to parents is that children should be vaccinated to protect vulnerable people. 

Catholic parents have a moral duty to protect their children from harm. They do not have a duty to expose their children to known and unknown drug harms for the benefit of others. Ever. In fact, there is no other drug besides vaccines that is sold on that argument – because every other drug is given according to the basic time-honored Hippocratic imperative to “do no harm.” Each individual is given a drug that is assessed on an individual risk/benefit analysis for that individual. Since vaccination is for healthy individuals, that risk has to be exceedingly low and the benefit exceedingly high.

Even pro-lifers will acknowledge that pregnant women are not morally obliged to do anything that would cost their own life in order to save their unborn infants’ life, though many have heroically done so. But to call on people to be willing to sacrifice their own children’s health or lives for the sake of the “common good” or the “Greater Good” or the “herd” is not only utilitarian, it is anti-life.

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Cardinal Comastri on the betrayal of Our Lord and Our Lady’s role during the Passion

Our colleagues at the Daily Compass, the English edition of the Italian website Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, have kindly allowed us to reprint some of Cardinal Comastri's reflections on the Passion of Our Lord.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 5:31 pm EST
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Maike Hickson Maike Hickson Follow Maike
By Maike Hickson

April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – It is with much joy that we present to our readers in the following days some reflections by Cardinal Angelo Comastri, the former arch-priest of the Basilica of St. Peter who just retired.

The quiet and gentle cardinal became known during the corona crisis, since he led the daily rosary at St. Peter's begging Our Lady to help us to end the crisis. LifeSite reported how last year in April, he literally started crying when addressing our Lady, thereby expressing the agony of many people in the world and showing us how to turn to Mary the Mother of God in times of distress. With his humble and trusting words, he engraved himself in the hearts of many. At a time of empty churches, Cardinal Comastri was an enduring presence of the Church to the world.

Yet at the same time, the 79-year-old Cardinal has also shown that he has intellectual strength and courage. For example, in one of his reflections during his daily rosary at St. Peter's in May of last year, he explained that we need to recover the “courage” of Saint Francis of Assisi, who, in 1219, went to the Sultan of Egypt “inviting him to believe in Jesus.” We should all have that courage and become missionaries, even unto death, the elderly cardinal added. He reminded us that the Holy Ghost in us inspires us to be courageous witnesses when he stated “when the Holy Ghost enters our hearts, he fills us with fire. He fills us with love to go out and become courageous missionaries even to the point of shedding blood out of love for Jesus.”

On another occasion last year, during his daily rosary, the Italian prelate even consecrated Italy and the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (see here at minute 35.35): “O Mary Immaculate, to you as our children we consecrate our life, our family, our Italy and the whole world. O Mary, always dispose of us according to your heart. And on the last day welcome us into your arms, present us to Jesus saying of us: they are my children. Then our soul will exult and our Paradise will begin. And it will be a Magnificat to God, with you, O Mary our Immaculate Mother.”

In light of his Catholic witness, it is nearly symbolic that the March 22 ban on individual Masses at St. Peter's that has caused such indignation among cardinals and bishops has only come after the retirement of Cardinal Comastri.

Our colleagues at the Daily Compass, the English edition of the Italian website Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, have kindly allowed us to reprint some of Cardinal Comastri's reflections on the Passion of Our Lord.

The following is the text written for Palm Sunday, in which the Italian prelate reflects upon the betrayal and weakness of Our Lord's disciples, as well as the shining example of humility and goodness as shown by Our Lady. As he says: “So here is a resolution and a commitment meant for everyone: be like Mary. Act humbly and, just like her, follow the Lord on His way to the Cross: it is the way of God's triumph and our own victory...” May these reflections be as such an inspiration to our readers as they have been to us.

Reprinted with permission from Daily Compass:

The victor is the one who gives their life for others, not the one who takes it away

The path indicated by Christ shuns Power, it leads to the Cross, this is the triumph of God. Let’s imitate Mary’s behaviour; let us be humble and together with her follow the Lord on the way of the Cross. This is also where our victory lies.

There was a time when people would often sing Christus vincit, Christus regnat!, which means, “Christ conquers, Christ reigns!” But what is God's victory? It is certainly very different from what we imagine.

In order to understand the way of God's victory, let us meditate on the meaning of some present day circumstances. First of all, let us look at how the multitude behaves. The masses shout, they sing, they pray! But they are always ambiguous. One day they are singing praises, and the next they are shouting blasphemies. One day they applaud with their hands, and the next they beat others with them.  The multitude is frightening: they are too capricious and moody.

What about our faith? What is our response to Christ's call? Praying is not enough. Going to Mass is not enough. Nor is exercising charity enough to be a Christian. Jesus said: "The one who stands firm to the end will be saved." (Mk 13:13). And again: " No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God." (Lk 9:62).
True Christians are those who walk in Christ's footsteps every day with fidelity and perseverance!

But what is Christ's way like? Let us look at His behaviour. Jesus rejected Satan when he tempted Him with the way of Power. Jesus refused Satan because God does not win that way! Jesus fled when men wanted to proclaim Him king following His miracle of multiplying loaves. Jesus fled, because God does not win in this way! Jesus rebuked Peter when he tried to divert Him from continuing on the road to Jerusalem. Instead, Jesus walked decisively towards Jerusalem, towards His Cross because this is God's road, the road of His triumph!

And today we observe Jesus entering Jerusalem: His hour has arrived, the long-awaited hour! He appears meek, good, peaceful, apparently weak. In this way, Jesus taught us that goodness is the world's great strength.  Truly strong men are good men. Truly strong persons are those who have conquered violence within themselves. The winners are those who give up their lives for others and not those who take other people's live away. Have we taken to heart Jesus' lesson? Do we walk the way He does? Do we recognise ourselves in the decisions He made?

In the Passion there is not only Jesus present. there are also other characters who have prominent relationships to Jesus.
First there is Pontius Pilate: he is an indecisive man because he is empty. Whoever is empty of ideals can easily condemn others ... even Christ. It was the same then as it is now.

Then there is Peter: he is hesitant because he is weak. Weakness is dangerous and is the basis for betrayal. Today, more than in any other age, weakness prevails and yet fidelity to God is paid with heroism.

There is also Judas: he is decisive about committing evil, because he is a proud man. Pride is the cancer of the soul. Pride is the root of all violence. Pride is a widespread evil. Pride is the beginning of our road to hell.

There are the high priests: they are people who knew the words but not the spirit of the Scriptures. They are people who used Scripture to bend it to their own perspectives, whereas they should have bent and converted to the Word of God.

Finally, there is Mary: she one who was determined to do good all the way up to the Cross, because Mary’s heart was filled with humility. During Christ's Passion, Mary reveals all her greatness and Elizabeth's prophetic words come to mind: “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her.” (Lk 1:45). Mary is a believer: she is the creature who has trusted God blindly.

Which character do we have inside us? Jesus' Passion is still with us, so how do we act today during the Lord's final hours of suffering?

Perhaps we find ourselves behaving like Pilate or sometimes like Peter, or Judas or in even like the high priests...
So here is a resolution and a commitment meant for everyone: be like Mary. Act humbly and, just like her, follow the Lord on His way to the Cross: it is the way of God's triumph and our own victory...

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Gender ideology may be more successful than I thought

I underestimated the movement’s ability to take over many of the ways we receive and process information.
Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 9:40 am EST
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Jonathon Van Maren Jonathon Van Maren Follow Jonathon
By Jonathon Van Maren

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April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — We live in one of those unique periods in history where we can actually watch truth get openly demolished and replaced in real time. Earlier this week, I noted that the New York Times is pushing trans propaganda in their headlines, simply presuming that the discussion about sex and gender is over in order to make it so.

CNN took it even further this Wednesday in their own attempt to push back at laws designed to protect women’s sports, with news reporter Devan Cole inserting this paragraph into his coverage: “It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.” No consensus criteria? Other than observing the presence of a penis or a vagina? This is stuff from Orwell’s Ministry of Truth — but far, far more brazen.

A couple of years ago, I was certain that the transgender craze had an expiration date. Unlike other manifestations of the sexual revolution, like the redefinition of marriage, gender ideology simply required too great a suspension of belief to gain cultural dominance. The dozens of genders? Phrases like “her penis” and “his breasts”? Activists and academics might believe this, sure — but most ordinary people would not.

But between the entertainment industry’s drive to normalize transgenderism, the media’s insistence on pretending that this is what we’ve believed all along, and the total takeover of public schools and even many private schools, it appears that this movement may be more successful than I thought. I underestimated their ability to take over many of the ways we receive and process information.

Let me give you another, particularly sinister example. We already know that Twitter has gotten in line, booting feminists and other heretics off their platform for violating trans orthodoxy. Amazon has made moves to eliminate dissident books like Ryan T. Anderson’s When Harry Became Sally. People reminding us that this is nuts are being evicted from the digital public square; books explaining why we’re going crazy are getting the digital version of burning.

And now Google, one of the most powerful companies in the world — which controls, in many ways, how people view the world by dictating what information shows up when the search for something — is making moves to ensure that transgender orthodoxy is seen as the truth. If you Google the phrase “biological sex,” here are the first results you will get:


Virtually every search result gives you the impression that the trans movement is rooted in solid science; that gender and sex are utterly disconnected; that men can have vaginas and women can have penises. Bruce is Caitlin, Ellen is Elliot, and here is Planned Parenthood, which is currently making a killing selling hormone drugs to gender-confused girls, to tell you so.

If you want to find the truth — which is still available, for now — you’ll have to dig for it. The trans movement has not totally hijacked government, although Biden is utterly willing to do their entire bidding. But they don’t need government to colonize the culture — they need the corporations. With Google, the media, Big Tech, Hollywood, Amazon, and the education system doing their bidding, it is only a matter of time before state laws protecting girls’ sports seem insane, like segregating water fountains (a false analogy so relentlessly used it is accepted as valid by most.)

Orwell’s Ministry of Truth stuck to retelling history to suit current purposes. The Trans Ministry of Truth is more ambitious — it is redefining what it means to be human, and telling us not to believe our own eyes. Their success thus far is as incredible as it is terrifying.

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Episodes Thu Apr 1, 2021 - 2:17 pm EST

Choice42 founder: Don’t be afraid to tell pregnant women abortion is murder

By Jonathon Van Maren   Follow Jonathon
By Jonathon Van Maren

 Laura Klassen tells Jonathan Van Maren on his podcast today that when she first began pro-life work, she was instructed to not use terms like “murder” when speaking with women. Over time, though, she discovered that she had to use terms like that in order to be effective.

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Easter Special: Focusing on Christ amidst the chaos


In today’s episode of The Ladies of LifeSite, Rebekah, Maddie, Lisa, and Clare speak about Easter traditions and memories. They also discuss what they do to avoid getting wrapped up in the preparations so they can focus on Christ’s death and resurrection, how they handle secular traditions like the Easter Bunny, and much more!

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