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(LifeSiteNews) — U.K. cryptocurrency commentator Guy Turner has warned this summer that a global currency system tied to identity is coming to the West – largely in secret. 

In a pair of videos broadcasted in July and August, Turner – the co-founder of Dubai-based cryptocurrency company Coin Bureau – outlines how a scarcely publicized move backed by Bill Gates is paving the way towards a globalized digital currency, linked to a Chinese-style digital identity. 

In his analysis of the impact of new digital payment systems, Turner says, “You will own nothing and be happy because everything you own will be on a network controlled by the Central Bank, where the government can turn off your ownership at any time.” 

“Brought to you, as so often, by Bill Gates.” 

As a new U.S. Federal Reserve digital currency called FedCoin was launched (and immediately hacked), Turner revealed in his first analysis that a World Bank programme backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is underway.   

 Its goal is the abolition of both cash and card payments under a project known as FASTT.  

FASTT – meaning “Frictionless, Affordable, Safe, Timely Transactions” is run by the World Bank’s Payment Systems Development Group (PDSG), whose own website describes one of their main goals as “global convening” around the “creation, curation, and dissemination of knowledge around global payment systems.”  

Turner warns that this FASTT system, which is being implemented with almost no public knowledge, is the foundation for a centralized global digital currency – itself a stepping stone to digital ID and a social credit system with a worldwide reach. 

The Coin Bureau co-founder cheerfully concedes his second presentation – on the digital globalist future – sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory.  

“Digital ID for everything? Smart cities that track your movement? Central Bank Digital Currencies for all transactions? Restrictions on cash? Sharing your social media information to create a bank account?” he rhetorically asked. 

“It all sounds like a conspiracy theory you might say.” 

“Well, that’s the reality on the ground in Nigeria today, and tomorrow it will be a reality in your country, too.”  

Turner says that while such plans are well advanced, “the first step to doing anything” to stop it is “to be informed.” 

Both his videos rely on information in the public domain, and from which he claims a “logical conclusion” can be drawn.  

“The end game is control… to influence how we live our lives, influence how we spend, and where we spend,”  he says.

So, who is playing this game, and what can be done about it? 

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Globalist aims 

Turner argues that private and public international bodies like the WEF and UN are working together to promote this digital system of financial control, which can easily partner with a digital ID to form a permanent and automated surveillance state. 

He refers to the fact that the World Bank, whose FASTT payment system is sponsored by the Gates Foundation, exists to provide development loans. It is seeking to abolish cash and cards and to coordinate a global digital currency and identity. These are likely to be policed by “woke” ideology. 

In his July 19 video, Turner states, “The World Bank attaches conditions to its loans”. These conditions are tied to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a part of their 2030 Agenda. These goals, identical in many ways to the ESG scores promoted by the World Economic Forum, attach penalties to the use of fossil fuels and reward the promotion of LGBTQ and similar “diversity” initiatives.  

These measures, say Turner, can “trap developing countries in poverty” by penalizing the use of cheap and available energy.  

BlackRock admitted in their 2023 Outlook that the aggressive implementation of these policies has ended the period of prosperity in the West known as the Great Moderation.  

The US National Center for Public Policy Research’s Scott Shepard said BlackRock’s report showed how these UN and WEF-inspired scoring systems had returned “a new age of economic sclerosis” to the West, replacing its institutional competence with instability due to the promotion of people based on “equity-based discrimination,” not talent.  

Digital control 

Turner shows how the global financial system already links its social and environmental agenda to the access to – or restriction of – the money supply. 

It is an obvious template for future behavior under a system where all money is under the control of a digitized global system. 

He shows how novel financial products are being introduced in a way that leaves the public ill-informed about what is happening to their financial and personal freedom. 

The first step is a payment system intended to coordinate cross-border digital banking. This is FASTT.  

The second is the introduction of CBDCs – Central Bank Digital Currencies. These currencies are digital like Bitcoin, but unlike Bitcoin are under the total control of a government central bank. 

The replacement of cash and card transactions with a digital currency is a necessary transition to enable a global digital ID system. However, Turner also warns that whilst governments are pressing ahead with CBDCs, the FASTT payment project will produce an identical result. 

“Combining different payment operations – such as fast payment, QR codes, could achieve many of the same goals (as CBDCs),” he says, showing that FASTT, and its replacement of cash and cards with QR codes, is simply another means to the end of a globally controlled digital currency system. 

Bitcoin – a means of escape 

Turner has advocated Bitcoin as a means of securing your money and freedom from an emerging system of global digital currency and identity control. 

Whilst he promotes Bitcoin as a “hedge” against a system he says is already underway, he also argues that public understanding is key to preventing the rollout of globalized digital currency systems linked to identity and “social credit” 

He has spoken before about the links between new banking payment systems, central bank digital currencies, and the aims of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. As Turner told Kitco News in October 2022, “The Great Reset is very much about how “stakeholder capitalism” can take root… and a lot of it is about control and surveillance.”  

He mentions that decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are seen as a threat to the planned global digital currencies, whose aims contradict the freedom of its anonymous and open system. 

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Reports have appeared claiming that cryptocurrencies outside government control could “cause the Great Reset to fail”. 

Turner continued his Kitco interview with a warning.

“This is where CBDCs come in. The idea of being able to see what people are spending, when they’re spending, what they’re spending it on, and even put limits on those things, is one of the scariest parts of it.” 

Why is this so scary?  

Well, according to Turner, a globalized digital currency and ID system could be linked to your behavior online and offline. 

“Let’s say you exceed your yearly carbon allowance… Then you can’t do this, you can’t do that. But you can do that if you just purchase more carbon credits. It’s about extracting money from everyday people.” 

In addition to “extracting money,” such a system also allows for a Chinese-style “social credit” system, where anyone can find their personal freedoms, let alone access to their money, restricted because of their social media activity or because they engaged with people deemed “undesirable” by the state. 

Chinese social credit 

According to NHI Global Partners, a global recruitment firm, the terms of the Chinese social credit system are “intentionally broad and vague… allowing for maximal policy flexibility” 

NHI reports that the social credit system is based on the promotion of “trust,” which includes information on legal, financial, and social behavior. Individuals and corporations are scored accordingly. The system includes various blacklists and sanctions, with “punishments and rewards” allotted by an automated network which is being constantly refined.  

As NHI says, “The eventual ‘end-state’ of the system is a unified record for people, businesses, and the government, which can be monitored in real-time.” 

Guy Turner, along with many other people and groups such as the economic Libertarian Mises Institute, argues that the architecture for this system of complete control is being prepared in the West right now.  

Despite the well-financed push behind this globalist project, Turner remains convinced that a well-informed public will act to stop this dystopia from ever being realized. 

“All we have to do is keep up the pace, and we will win the race” 

You can follow Guy Turner on Twitter/X here, and keep up the pace with him on YouTube.


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