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(LifeSiteNews) — After aggressive pressure from Zionist rabbis and other staunch supporters of Israel, it was announced Friday morning that popular commentator Candace Owens and her host company the Daily Wire had “ended their relationship.”

The announcement came from Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing with a simple tweet on X stating, “Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship” that was retweeted by Owens herself.

With a broad smile in a video originally posted to the locals platform this morning, The New York Times best-selling author announced, “The rumors are true. I am free,” she said. “Obviously, I’m going to take a couple of weeks here just to rebuild and to refocus and to create something that is actually mine and something that can’t be threatened or taken because it belongs to me.”

She also promised on Twitter/X that “There will be many announcements in the weeks to come.”

Tensions began for Owens last November as Israel’s relentless bombing response to the unprecedented October 7 attack by Hamas had already taken the lives of many thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza.

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With charges of genocide coming from many quarters of the world, including Jewish groups in the U.S., the Christian political commentator tweeted, “No government anywhere has a right to commit a genocide, ever. There is no justification for a genocide. I can’t believe this even needs to be said or is even considered the least bit controversial to state.”

Soon after, when Owens tweeted a scripture verse from St. Matthew’s gospel “Blessed are the peacemakers,” Daily Wire committed Zionist co-founder Ben Shapiro suggested she should quit, and at a private gathering of supporters called her treatment of this issue “absolutely disgraceful.”

Soon after, in the interest of promoting free speech, Owens welcomed Jewish scholar, author and Middle East expert Norman Finkelstein to her program where he argued that what is happening in Gaza “is not a particularly complicated situation right now. The Israeli government has openly, unabashedly, flagrantly, blatantly declared a war of genocide on the people of Gaza.”

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Having published elsewhere a long compilation of quotes from Israeli officials demonstrating his point, he added, “Can there be any doubt in the minds of any objective observer, when Israel declares a policy of prohibiting any food, water, fuel, or electricity from entering Gaza” that genocide is their policy?

Publisher of rabbi’s hit piece on Owens retracts article, apologizes to readers

Yet in the same spirit of promoting free speech and widespread views on her platform, Owens welcomed staunch Zionist Rabbi Michael Barclay to her show on Tuesday in order to respond to a scathing article he wrote titled Let’s Be Honest: Candace Owens Is A Jew Hating Bigot. As of Saturday, March 23, there are an astonishing 54,800 comments under the video, overwhelmingly praising Owens and critical of the condescending rabbi.

In her introduction of the topic and the article, Owens said that “honestly there are only two options here, either this rabbi is genuinely ignorant of everything that I have ever said … (or) he’s completely aware … and he is just a monster. I’m excited to find out.”

After Barclay failed to substantiate many of his claims in the interview, the publisher of his piece, PJ Media, appeared to tacitly provide their answer to Owens’ question by retracting the article.

“Upon further review, we have determined that the following article does not meet PJ Media’s editorial standards. We apologize to our readers for the oversight,” the publisher’s statement read.

Jalsevac: Owen’s interview with rabbi ‘exposed the serious flaws and dangers of Zionism’

Having watched the entire interview, LifeSiteNews co-founder and president Steve Jalsevac said Owens was “incredibly charitable” to Barclay allowing him to “speak uninterrupted at great length.”

“The trouble was that she was also much too effective in countering the rabbi’s irrational statements, hugely condescending attitude and not so subtle hatred for her views,” he continued.

And with reference to her departure, Owens “exposed the serious flaws and dangers of Zionism like I have never seen done before,” he said. “For them, that is unforgivable.”

Greenwald: Just like any other foreign country, Owens is ‘allowed to be a fierce critic of Israel’

In a Wednesday analysis of the interview left-leaning Jewish commentator Glenn Greenwald came to Owens’ defense, saying that, like Tucker Carlson, she applies “conservative principles consistently,” asking “why are we censoring critics of Israel in the United States? Why don’t American citizens have the right to criticize Israel to defend the Palestinian cause that they want? Why are people getting fired for criticizing Israel or criticizing Joe Biden for financing Israel? And why should Israel not be held to the same humanitarian standards in the way that they’re conducting this war as we hold other countries too?”

“Now, I believe that as an American citizen, which Candace Owens is, she’s allowed to be a fierce critic of Israel. Israel is a foreign country,” the journalist observed. “You can be a fierce critic of Russia …  you can be a fierce critic of Paraguay or South Korea, and you can be a fierce critic of Israel.”

“In fact, you ought to have more space, not less, to criticize Israel, given that every American taxpayer, by definition, helps to pay for Israel’s military and its wars and its government, and therefore it gives you a right to criticize that country if you wish,” he said.

False accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ used as a weapon to silence critics

Greenwald also unpacked the common tactic of utilizing vicious calumny as “an attempt to destroy the reputation of people who disagree … and to shut down debate,” and said this is used against “anyone who questions why the American government is supporting Israel.” Such individuals “will be called a racist and an antisemite.”

For his part, Barclay was on Owens’ show to say she “is an anti-Semite, every critic of Israel is an anti-Semite. Anyone who questions why the United States government is paying for Israel’s war is absolutely an anti-Semite,” he mocked.

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Providing a clip of the interview where Barclay was shown to have falsely accused Owens of “not having condemned Hamas,” Greenwald explained how his insistent demands that the host agree that October 7 is a “singular evil … unlike anything that has ever happened in history before” was “obviously insane and preposterous.” In the mind of Barclay, Owens’ refusal to do this demonstrated she was an “anti-Semite.”

If one crosses the artificial lines of speech control on this issue “you won’t be debated, you won’t be engaged with, you’ll be branded a racist, and you will have your job in risk of being fired, of being censored, as so many people have,” he presciently observed.

In response to an attack from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) charging her with “vitriolic antisemitism” and adding “fuel to the fire of hate” absent any reasonable evidence, Owens tweeted, “everyone can see what you guys are doing to me. Your pattern is well established and the world is waking up to it.”

“My crime is that I do not believe that American taxpayers should have to pay for Israel’s wars or the wars of any other country. I will not change my mind. So the question is what will you do to me next? The world is watching.”

Since Israel’s besieging of the Strip after the October 7 attack by Hamas, reports indicate the Israelis have killed at least 32,078 people, including 31,645 in Gaza (72% women and children, even by sniper fire) and 435 in the West Bank (115 children), with injuries numbering 73,676 in Gaza and 4,665 in the West Bank). Additionally, an estimated 7,000 more individuals are reported missing and are presumed dead and buried under the rubble (4,900 women and children).

Moreover, 1.7 million (75%) Palestinians are displaced, and 2.2 million are facing crisis, emergency, or famine levels of food insecurity with at least 31 deaths (27 children) being reported thus far due to malnutrition.

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Furthermore, with hundreds of American-made 2,000-pound bombs being dropped on this most populated region in the world, an estimated 50 percent to 62 percent of all buildings in Gaza had been damaged or destroyed by the end of January alone.

Despite Israel’s continued infliction of overwhelming damage and loss of life, the Biden administration continues to offer rhetoric against the assaults while simultaneously continuing the weapons supply facilitating them. This happens while growing majorities of U.S. voters support a ceasefire with numbers having trended up to 60 percent in December and then to 67 percent in late February, including solid majorities among Democrats, Republicans and Independents calling for an end to the killing.

In recent years, the Israel lobby has been increasingly acknowledged as the driving force that has invincibly secured the virtually unconditional support of the United States for Israel’s ongoing violations of international law, both financially and diplomatically, even to the exclusion of authentic American interests.

Similar to Owens’ sudden departure from the Zionist Daily Wire, last year’s firing of Carlson by Fox News came in the wake of his being considered “a Big Problem for pro-Israel Conservatives” and “a threat to the pro-Israel community” due to “his lack of enthusiasm for the Jewish state.”


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