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PETERBOROUGH, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Canadian Medical freedom fighter Dr. Mark Trozzi has exposed the dark money, political pressure, establishment corruption, and fake news that made the COVID-19 propaganda campaign a terror operation that brought the world to its knees.

In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews’ co-founder Steve Jalsevac, Trozzi detailed how his decades-long experience in trauma medicine in Ontario stood in stark contrast to the COVID-19 narrative sung by the mainstream media and medical establishment at the outset of the so-called “pandemic.”

“CBC and CNN and all these propagandists were telling people that the hospitals were full of people, sick with COVID, dying with COVID,” said Trozzi. “Well, I was in the hospitals, and they were empty. In fact, I had never I had such a quiet time in my career.”

Unfortunately for Trozzi, this ‘quiet time’ was the calm before the cultural storm that would overtake his profession.

As he began to study COVID-19’s appearance and its implications, relentless COVID-19 emergency messaging from governments and their agencies rattled the entire medical industry. Hospitals, doctors, and medical schools were psychologically cornered and cowed into top-down compliance.

“There was a big psyop on the doctors… There was this state of panic, even though there was nothing going on,” Trozzi recalled. “We were told that any moment now the doors are going to break in, and we were going to be flooded with people.”

He continued: “This was presented from the get-go as totally novel, like nothing you’ve ever seen. Forget everything you think you know about treating pneumonia and viral illnesses… Fairly quickly, it also became apparent that questioning things was not going to be tolerated—that’s for sure. That became very evident.”

Many of Trozzi’s colleagues were spellbound by the government’s COVID-19 fear campaign. However, he notes that others discovered that following the establishment’s mandates for COVID-19 treatment – such as only conducting PCR tests or nasal swab – paid as much as 20 percent more than regular work at their normal practice.

The campaign to foist the so-called COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ upon the global population also carried with it a monetary payoff.

As I understand it, those injections paid very well everywhere,” said Trozzi. “One case in point is one of my colleagues has a contact who’s an ear, nose, and throat surgeon in Germany, and he stopped doing surgery. He said, ‘I only do the minimum amount of V.A. specialty work to keep my license because I’m making way more money just giving shots during that peak.’”

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Succumbing to the allure of additional money or the slavery of unquestioning obedience was not the life Trozzi envisioned for himself. Instead, he made the decision to sacrifice his successful career and walk away from his practice.

Now, I’m not trying to demonize the doctors,” Trozzi explains. “They were herded like cattle. Because, you know, as we realize, we’ve had many dead doctors in this country. The doctors were lied to. They were also injected, and then coerced, deceived into participating in the injection program.”

The COVID-19 jab was completely unsafe and medically unnecessary, says Trozzi, who was one of the early examiners of the serum’s ingredients.

“Sometimes things are too off course to take them at face value,” Trozzi remarked. “People were told they’re getting a safe and effective vaccine, [but] it’s not a vaccine.”

“Vaccines stop infection and stop transmission. It doesn’t do that, so it doesn’t work as a vaccine. And now [we] find out that people are being genetically invaded beyond the messenger RNA and actually have DNA, foreign DNA, injected in their body that could permanently disrupt their genetic code.”

“And the survivability of this is not high. I mean, you know, we already have a rate of death in the world that has never been seen in our history, and that didn’t happen in 2020 with COVID. That happened as soon as the shots were rolled out.

These shocking observations inspired Trozzi and others at the World Council for Health to research and create detoxification protocols for those who have taken one or more COVID-19 shots.

The World Council for Health – we have a spike protein detox guide. On, you can look, if you just look at detox, you’ll see I’ve made some short videos as well as presented some exhaustive documents.”

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Trozzi notes that other solid resources to recover from COVID-19 and COVID-19 injection injuries include the Frontline Critcial Care Alliance (FLCCC) in the US and The Wellness Company.

“There is a great crisis on our doorstep,” asserted Trozzi. “There are some very evil people who’ve been manipulating and dividing and conquering and killing and poisoning us, and we need to focus our power on them.”

“These people need to be brought to justice and we need to take control of our world again. But, you know, for the lion’s share of us that are still in the social contract of humanity, love is still the answer,” he concluded.

See the video to hear much else that Dr. Trozzi stated in the full, 54-minute interview.