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(LifeSiteNews) — Business magnate Elon Musk correctly diagnosed the moral problems that underlie women’s and men’s support for abortion, but he apparently fails to recognize how he contributes to a culture of death himself.

The Tesla CEO and owner of X (formerly Twitter), responded to a post from “End Wokeness” that showed a photo of mostly women celebrating the passage of Ohio’s radical abortion amendment on election day several weeks ago.

“Women in the West have been taught that an accidental pregnancy is the worst thing that could possibly happen to them,” Musk responded. “Thus, they strongly oppose abortion bans as being an existential threat.”

“Many men also fear that they will be unable to have ‘fun’ if abortion is outlawed,” he wrote.

He is correct in one reason why men and women vote for allowing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, which could be the result of Ohio’s vote several weeks ago. Our culture does teach men and women that an “accidental pregnancy is the worst thing that could possibly happen.”

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Even some conservatives implicitly embrace this line of reasoning when they seek to end abortion not through prohibitions, but through promoting contraception. “We should be able to agree that contraception should be more available, not less,” Nikki Haley, a 2024 presidential candidate, says on the campaign trail. Texas Senator Ted Cruz wants birth control, which can act as an abortifacient, freely available over the counter.

Musk is also correct in his assessment of why some men support killing preborn babies in the womb. Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy, purveyor of the “frat bro” ideology, is a good example. He called the reversal of Roe v. Wade “pure insanity.”

Portnoy’s entire business is predicated on men having “fun,” including the inappropriate and sexualized content of Barstool and the less offensive, but still juvenile, “Saturdays are for the boys” merchandise.

But while Musk is generally correct in his assessment, he should consider the ways in which he contributes to the culture of death. After all, he has multiple children with women he is not married to. While those women do not fear poverty because Musk is the richest man in the world, he models poor behavior for others, particularly young men who may like Musk for his business savvy and worldview.

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Musk also created at least half of his children using in vitro fertilization, which almost always includes destroying human life through the destruction of embryos, or by using a surrogate. Both methods separate sex from pregnancy and separate pregnancy from marriage, which contributes to a culture of death that does not respect the rightly ordered way of producing children.

Tesla also reportedly has an abortion fund to help employees kill their preborn babies. Maybe Musk is personally opposed to abortion. Maybe he opposes the fund but allows it to avoid media pressure.

No matter the reason, his company signals support for the very idea he opposes – that children are a burden and abortion is a way to “solve” that burden.

Musk has certainly used his wealth and platform for some good causes, such as buying Twitter in an effort to promote open debate on the Internet. He also has spoken out against COVID jab mandates and has generally been critical of wokeness.

But he can do more to promote a culture of life and to use his platform to oppose abortion.

He can end Tesla’s support for abortions and X’s as well, if it does pay for abortions (which seems likely, given it is a Big Tech company). He can stop evading, as has been reported, child custody papers for his three children with “Grimes,” real name Claire Boucher.

Finally, he can promote a culture of life by no longer engaging in marital activities with women he is not married to and instead promote true family values.

Musk wants to be heard – he should act in a way worthy of emulating.