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Kyle Clifton holds a Bohemian Grove document.X

(LifeSiteNews) — Kyle Clifton is an investigative journalist who has released multiple explosive videos uncovering Freemasonic rituals over the last several months. He says he has received threatening messages for doing so.

“My inspiration will always be Jesus Christ. I watch my back and have God protecting me. I have Saint Michael the Archangel on my side,” he told LifeSite this week.

Clifton, who goes by “Kyle Undercover,” has built a reputation as a truth-telling zealot willing to risk his safety to expose evil. A devout Traditional Catholic who admits he is likely on the FBI’s radar, his new target is the shadowy Bohemian Grove group in northern California.

“I would like for this club to be ended once and for all,” he explained to LifeSite via email. “I would encourage other members, especially those that are Catholic and are part of this club, to come clean and admit that it is wrong and release more footage or information about it.”

Undercover announced on March 15 that he obtained a leaked Bohemian Grove “top-secret official document” that includes a list of “all persons in attendance to their most recent secret society meeting.” Among those on the list, he says, includes the husband and son of Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. David Gergen, a former CNN political analyst, is also named.

Gergen, 81, spent decades in Washington, D.C. as an adviser to multiple presidents, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton. The ultimate insider, Gergen scolded Alex Jones several years ago when Jones confronted him over the group’s “Cremation of Care” ritual, which Undercover says has roots in Jewish Kabbala practices.

“It is funny to watch these people get confronted over their Satanic Rituals in the middle of the forest. They think they are safe from prying eyes under the canopy of all those Redwood trees, but they are not. It is comparable to shining a light on cockroaches in the dark.”

The all-male Bohemian Grove club was started by San Francisco businessmen and others in 1878. After World War II, it expanded to include people from around the world. Former president Richard Nixon once remarked privately that the gathering is “the most faggy” thing there is, a reference to alleged homosexual behavior that occurs there. Undercover explains that to be a member of the Grove you have to be invited.

“It is rumored that the upcoming President of the United States is ‘chosen’ in advance at the Bohemian Grove. It is also common knowledge that the Manhattan Project was born at the Grove,” he says. “Foreign policy is discussed and many backdoor deals happen there as many members were in similar fraternities in college and are connected by their career paths.”

Undercover released a video earlier this month of Daniel Donahoe III, a man he says is a former member. Undercover located him in Arizona and filmed him discreetly without his knowledge as the state has one-party consent laws. Undercover says Donahoe admits members will go into the nearby town and frequent prostitutes. Asked by LifeSite if members engage of pedophilia and homosexual activity on the club’s grounds, Undercover said there are “only rumors.”

Undercover further explained to LifeSite that the documents he obtained came from an employee of an invited guest to the Grove and that they show how the campground is broken up into more than two dozen camps or cabins.

“Some camps only house two members whereas other camps house 50. The Hillbilly’s was known as the Bush’s group in the 1980s or 90s and is how Alex Jones, who is from Texas, was able to remain under the radar because they were known for their thick Texas accent. After reviewing most of the members on this list and seeing a ton of Yale graduates, I would bet that there are many Skull & Bones connections as well.”

Undercover says the group is far from benign. Its main ritual, also known as the Cremation of Care, is rooted in the occult.

“The Cremation of Care ceremony is at the very least a mocking of Catholicism and is said to make fun of the story of Saint John, who is considered to be the High Priest. According to the documents that I leaked to the public, the High Priest puts all of the member’s sins upon this effigy called Dull Care, but he is unable to ‘kill’ the Dull Care effigy with the earthly fire they use so Dull Care mocks him when he fails. Dull Care laughs and says that priestly fires cannot kill Dull Care and they must use the only fire that can overcome the great enemy – the fire of the bird. They refer to it as the flame which burns in the Lamp of Fellowship on the Altar of Bohemia. They then scream, ‘Hail, Fellowship,’ and ‘Dull Care, begone!’”

“Most people wrongly equate The Owl as Moloch worship,” he continued, “which does not quite make sense as Moloch has often been portrayed as a bull-headed idol with outstretched hands over a fire. The Owl is regarded by Grove members as a symbol for Lilith, a demon known to be Adam’s first wife in Jewish tradition and is said to have taken the form of an owl after she left Adam on Earth. Lilit and Lilith are used interchangeably in the Jewish Talmud and the Hebrew word for Lilit is a Night Owl.”

Undercover is currently raising money to support his efforts. He is also looking for like-minded reporters, both men and women, who want to expose evil and corruption. Those who are interested can reach him on X at @kyleisbased.