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Caroline Davis during her 2020 arrest in Grand Rapids, MIFile

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – A former pro-life rescuer has signed an agreement with the federal government that requires her to fully cooperate with the pro-abortion Biden administration whenever it calls upon her for information on pro-life operations.

The deal contains no time limit, and allows the government to resurrect FACE Act felony charges with years in prison if it deems the agreement has not been kept.

Last week 24-year-old Caroline Davis testified against 5 of her former rescue colleagues currently on trial and facing up to 11 years in jail for their role in a pro-life rescue at the Washington-Surgi Clinic on on October 22, 2020. Davis was also present at that rescue, although she has never faced charges related to that event.

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But Davis was facing FACE Act charges for two other pro-life rescues in the state of Michigan. While she was not charged with violations of the FACE Act in the case being tried in Washington, D.C., the federal government sought her out to obtain testimony against her fellow rescuers in this case.

In exchange for a reduction of the Michigan FACE Act charges from federal felony charges to a mere misdemeanor charge for trespassing—thereby escaping potential prison time—Davis has agreed to offer testimony in the present case in Washington, D.C., affirming she would make known anything and everything she knew about the rescue that took place at the Washington-Surgi Clinic on Oct. 22, 2020.

Not only that, but according to the cooperation agreement—which Davis signed in addition to the “guilty” plea she offered to the Eastern District Court of Michigan—the federal government can call upon Davis at any time in the indefinite future and demand her full cooperation regarding information the government may wish to obtain about this rescue or similar pro-life activity. If the government is not satisfied with her cooperation, or deems anything to have been untruthful or incomplete, or if by her actions she is deemed to have undermined her agreement with the government, Biden’s DOJ may resurrect the felony FACE Act charges with which she was indicted in Michigan and may press charges with the full penalty of the maximum time in prison allotted for violations of the FACE Act.

Both the prosecution and the defense highlighted the fact that Davis’s obligations to the government according to the plea deal did not end with the testimony she offered in the present trial.

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This means that Davis is now beholden to the U.S. government should they wish for her to assist in the prosecution of other pro-lifers in the future. Unless she retracts her plea agreement or the FACE Act is struck down, Davis has obliged herself to inform the government on pro-life activity whenever they wish to tap into the information she may have.

Should Davis ever misstep and decline to cooperate with the Biden administration, or future pro-abortion administrations, the sword of her previous FACE Act charges hangs by a delicate thread over her head.

Davis is a young, 24-year-old woman, and acknowledged to the court that she is “easily persuaded”, “impressionable”, and felt “manipulated” by those in the pro-life rescue movement who encouraged her in the pro-life activism that included participation in various rescues at different abortion clinics. It is baffling that she does not see that she has been manipulated now by the aggressively pro-abortion federal government, which under Biden has escalated its targeted attacks on pro-lifers and attempted to intimidate through show of force, trumped up charges, secretive surveillance, and discriminatory prosecution.

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Davis testified that she works for a law firm. It is amazing that as a paralegal, she agreed to a plea deal that included a demand for cooperation with the government for the indefinite future, whenever the federal government should call upon her.

Davis said she is still fully pro-life but that she is now convinced that it is “foolish”, “overly zealous”, and “passionate” to place her religious beliefs and personal convictions above the law. She said she hopes to see abortion ended one day, but now, with “a change of heart”, and “a change of perspective”, does not believe it is right to disobey the law in order to end abortion. Davis testified to the court that for two full years she went daily to abortion clinics to counsel mothers to save the lives of their unborn child. She said that at the time she “thought” she was “led by the Holy Spirit” to do so, that she “loudly preached the Gospel”, and that she “shoved it in the face” of mothers seeking abortion.

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The occasion for her “change of heart” and “change of perspective” seems clearly to have been the several FACE Act charges and the consequent potential prison time she was facing for her pro-life activism and participation in numerous rescues. In other words, the federal government used the threat of imprisonment to turn this impressionable, zealous, young pro-life woman from a strong advocate within the rescue movement to an informant beholden to cooperation with the militantly pro-abortion, pro-death Biden administration, along with the President’s DOJ and FBI operatives. Executive Director for Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) Caroline Smith said she believed that Davis was “specifically targeted by the government” to elicit testimony against the rescuers.

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It is all the more important that pro-lifers unite in their efforts to get the FACE Act struck down. Should this case be decided against the rescuers who placed themselves in harm’s way to prevent the murder of innocent babies in the womb, it must be appealed, and the argument made in court for striking down the FACE Act, the prized pet of the abortion regime our nation now endures.


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