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(LifeSiteNews) — Previous articles suggested government secrecy, especially secrecy of the FBI and local police, could be threats to Americans. Among other reasons, such entities could easily be secretly controlled by a “Deep State” or only few people with plans to do evil. Foreign governments, persons who intend to harm faithful Catholics (especially Catholics who publicly rebuke homosexuality, transgenderism, contraception, abortion, liberalism, etc.), or otherwise evil people who want to use their secrecy, power, technologies, and methods to harm others could very easily control the FBI or other secret police entities. One of the only ways the common American has to protect themselves from harmful government employees is knowing the methods, technologies, sources, strategies, and operations of those government employees.

Several examples could be given of ways in which the FBI and secret actions of the local police could be harmful. One is in the FBI’s Guidelines on Undercover Operations; the FBI states that the FBI might publicize or communicate “Untrue representations … concerning the activities or involvement of any third person without that individual’s knowledge or consent.” (Page 8) Another example is a U.S. federal law which apparently allows the FBI, local police, and others to commit hoaxes or “convey false or misleading information under circumstances where such information may reasonably be believed.”

Such words from the FBI and federal law might cause a reasonable person to not believe anything the FBI communicates; and because local police might be secretly operating for the FBI (“local law enforcement organization working with the FBI,” page 1), one might reasonably not believe local police or other “investigators.”

Many things could be falsified; news stories which report supposed crimes might be falsified, crimes themselves might be falsified, and the FBI might even falsify criticism of the FBI and local police in attempt deceive Americans about how many secret police employees are in every location of America or to deceive Americans into thinking that FBI and local police technologies are not as advanced as being able to “see into” homes and buildings or remotely effect the human brain or body. It is probably obvious that there is a problem with law enforcement exemptions which apparently allow the FBI, local police, and others to publicize false information.

Now, some have described the FBI and local secret police cooperating with the FBI as being the Gestapo entity of “the Deep State” or something similar. “Deep State” is a phrase used to describe groups of people who unlawfully and secretly operate the U.S. government and other governments throughout the world. Some might not realize this, but such a suggestion appears to be implied by previous Popes, especially Pope Leo XIII, in their warnings against Freemasonry and other secret societies. There are more secret groups than Freemasons and those “other secret societies” could easily include government entities like the FBI and local secret police. (Freemasons could also easily control the FBI and local police without FBI and police employees knowing they are being controlled by Freemasons.)

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Descriptions of the actions and plans of Freemasons and similar secret societies by previous popes and Catholic authors seem to correlate with at least some of the destructive and secret history of the FBI. The warnings of previous popes that Freemasons and similar secret groups intended on controlling the world are as relevant now as they were more than 100 years ago. Again, the emphasis should be on the evils of Freemasons and other secret groups; often, some might warn others about the evils of Freemasonry but ignore the possibility that other secret groups that do not describe themselves as Freemasons are likely just as evil because of those secret groups operating the U.S. government with almost unlimited funding and weapons (potentially including secret weapons which can cause brain damage and ultimately death).

It is going to be elaborated in a moment, but if there are secret entities who want to secretly control all governments throughout the world, or if there are governments of countries who want to secretly control all other governments, then they might also intend to have somewhat secret “enforcement” entities or entities which secretly harm those who criticize government employees. There are likely several examples of such secret enforcement entities, but the East German Stasi, which reportedly secretly employed one out of every 50 people, is an example of such a secret entity.

(It is off-subject, but “employing” so many people in false jobs like secret police jobs with a major function of targeting others critical of government-supported ideologies like homosexuality, contraception, abortion, false marriage known as “gay marriage,” transgenderism, etc., is another way to somewhat secretly establish socialism or communism. The government employees feel important by being told that they are “secret investigators” or something similar; they quickly become dependent on government and no other employment options are possible after even a short amount of time of employment in such mafia-like government entities. Once a mafia-like employee “knows too much about how the FBI or similar government entity operates, they are likely going to have a difficult time finding non-mafia employment. Thus, almost complete dependency on government and socialism or communism can result.)

Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Humanum Genus

Thus, a discussion of some Catholic writings on secret societies is applicable to the current situation in the world. Extensive descriptions of the evils of secret groups cannot be provided. However, summaries of Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Humanum Genus and a few references from the book The War of the Antichrist with the Church and Christian Civilization, which was published in the 1800s and promoted by Pope Leo XIII (and has recently been suggested by others on LifeSiteNews), provide some helpful information on how secret entities could be used to attempt to harm others and harm the Catholic Church. Anyone who wants to understand how the FBI or other secret police entities could be used for harm should read the book and encyclical.

The book makes significant points which are relevant to current events. One of the main points is that there are more “secret societies” than Freemasons which want to secretly control governments (likely including the U.S. government because it is the most powerful in the world) and harm the Catholic Church, including by harming specific Catholics who are vocal against their main beliefs (which are likely currently homosexuality, contraception, transgenderism, abortion, etc.).

Another significant point in the book is that Freemasons secretly planned on secretly targeting and deliberately corrupting Catholics, including priests. (Pages 79 – 80) Secret society members were at one time “ordered to try and corrupt a fellow Christian, a man of family, by means that the devil himself incarnate could not devise better for the purpose.” (Page 80) Every priest should be on the lookout for women deliberately attempting to cause the priest to break his vow of chastity. Or one could imagine Freemasons or other similar secret groups trying to corrupt Catholics with alcohol and other mind-altering substances in attempt to cause pregnancy and then abortion. They have drugged and/or poisoned others. (Page 29)

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Indeed, Freemasons are likely a threat, but it is not clear how many people in today’s society would want to join such a group as Freemasons in which males refer to their leader as “Worshipful Master” and participate in actions (Pages 125 – 132) which are, at minimum, very strange, but might also be described as having homosexual undertones. Thus, other secret entities, like the FBI, which attempt to portray themselves as for tough guysshould also likely be included in “secret societies” which could be used to recruit persons to harm the Church and the world.

One of the reasons why such entities have continued even to today is that many people often underestimate how evil other people can be, especially people who can commit their evils secretly. Pope Leo XIII was not one such person who underestimated human beings’ potential to do very serious evil. Many examples could be given, but the words of Pope Leo XIII on Freemasonry and other secret societies similar to Freemasonry described in his 1884 encyclical Humanum Genus are good examples. He begins by describing the fall of man and how there are human beings who freely choose to follow Satan:

The race of man, after its miserable fall from God, the Creator and the Giver of heavenly gifts, ‘through the envy of the devil,’ separated into two diverse and opposite parts, of which the one steadfastly contends for truth and virtue, the other of those things which are contrary to virtue and to truth. The one is the kingdom of God on earth, namely, the true Church of Jesus Christ; and those who desire from their heart to be united with it, so as to gain salvation, must of necessity serve God and His only-begotten Son with their whole mind and with an entire will. The other is the kingdom of Satan, in whose possession and control are all whosoever follow the fatal example of their leader and of our first parents, those who refuse to obey the divine and eternal law, and who have many aims of their own in contempt of God, and many aims also against God. (No. 1, emphasis added)

It is a significant truth which not many presently admit: there are evil human beings who follow the “kingdom of Satan, to the point of being controlled by Satan. Those who follow the kingdom of Satan do so in secret and with deception being one of their common methods.

Pope Leo XIII then explains that there are human beings who are “adversaries” to Catholics (another fact which not many people want to admit) and that it is a duty to warn others about their plans:

At so urgent a crisis, when so fierce and so pressing an onslaught is made upon the Christian name, it is Our office to point out the danger, to mark who are the adversaries, and to the best of Our power to make head against their plans and devices, that those may not perish whose salvation is committed to Us, and that the kingdom of Jesus Christ entrusted to Our charge may not stand and remain whole, but may be enlarged by an ever-increasing growth throughout the world. (No. 3)

Pope Leo XIII wrote that warning Catholics of the danger of other human beings and their plans and methods is a duty of the bishops:

We wish it to be your rule first of all to tear away the mask from Freemasonry, and to let it be seen as it really is; and by sermons and pastoral letters to instruct the people as to the artifices used by societies of this kind in seducing men and enticing them into their ranks, and as to the depravity of their opinions and the wickedness of their acts. As Our predecessors have many times repeated, let no man think that he may for any reason whatsoever join the masonic sect, if he values his Catholic name and his eternal salvation as he ought to value them. Let no one be deceived by a pretense of honesty. It may seem to some that Freemasons demand nothing that is openly contrary to religion and morality; but, as the whole principle and object of the sect lies in what is vicious and criminal, to join with these men or in any way to help them cannot be lawful. (No. 31, emphasis added)

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Added emphasis is again on the requirement toinstruct the people as to the artifices used by societies of this kind”; it is a duty to “tear away the mask from” both Freemasons and other secret groups similar to Freemasons. The former Pope exhorts bishops, and in a following paragraph laity, to inform others about the methods used by secret groups.

Such Freemasons and other secret groups have “begun to exercise great weight in the government of States” and “to harass rulers of the State, to accuse, and to cast them out, as often as they appear to govern otherwise than they themselves could have wished.” (No. 28) In other words, the Pope was warning Catholics and others that governing of countries by secret groups, much like the potentially current “Deep State,” was ongoing as early as the 1800s.

(A few more slightly off-subject points should be mentioned here: people should be demanding that the U.S. federal government publish most, if not all, secret information on current and previous wars; the Pope implies that Freemasons and other secret groups are loyal to their own ideas and way of governing and not necessarily to the country in which they live. If such persons are in the U.S. military or local or federal U.S. government entities like the police or FBI, then such people might do things harmful to America and helpful to Freemasonry and other secret groups in other countries. Those groups have supported the opinions of socialism and communism. (No. 27) One should keep in mind the number of Catholics who were killed or seriously injured in wars. Sabotage of Catholic military members by fellow Freemason military members might be likely if the loyalty is first to anti-Catholic secret groups.

Also, although it cannot be elaborated in this article a point from a previous article is relevant due to Freemasons and societies or government groups similar to Freemasons supporting the opinions of socialism and communism; one “artifice” of the secret police in communist East Germany was known as “Zersetzung” and involves coordinated stalking by many non-in-uniform people in one’s community. The secret strategy is a type of psychological torture. The FBI and local secret police entities might use similar strategies.)

The former Pope says it is also a duty of the clergy and laity to “tear away the mask from Freemasonry” and “instruct the people as to the artifices used by societies of this kind”:

This good and great work requires to be helped also by the industry of those amongst the laity in whom a love of religion and of country is joined to learning and goodness of life. By uniting the efforts of both clergy and laity, strive, venerable brethren, to make men thoroughly know and love the Church; for, the greater their knowledge and love of the Church, the more will they be turned away from clandestine societies. (No. 33)

A final point to mention is the Pope’s description of there being “several” secret groups than Freemasons which differ in name but are organized:

There are several organized bodies which, though differing in name, in ceremonial, in form and origin, are nevertheless so bound together by community of purpose and by the similarity of their main opinions, as to make in fact one thing with the sect of the Freemasons, which is a kind of center whence they all go forth, and whither they all return. Now, these no longer show a desire to remain concealed; for they hold their meetings in the daylight and before the public eye, and publish their own newspaper organs; and yet, when thoroughly understood, they are found still to retain the nature and the habits of secret societies. There are many things like mysteries which it is the fixed rule to hide with extreme care, not only from strangers, but from very many members, also; such as their secret and final designs, the names of the chief leaders, and certain secret and inner meetings, as well as their decisions, and the ways and means of carrying them out. This is, no doubt, the object of the manifold difference among the members as to right, office, and privilege, of the received distinction of orders and grades, and of that severe discipline which is maintained. (No. 9, emphasis added)

The point is that several organized secret groups have had similar opinions and plans as Freemasons. They operate by keeping many things extremely secret; the previous paragraph is basically describing what many now call “the Deep State.

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FBI’s plans to cause ‘institutional change’ were what Pope Leo XIII warned about

Now, because the former Pope and other Catholics at least began to warn Catholics about the dangers of specifically Freemasonry, one might have expected the plans of operating one-world government and causing institutional changes to the Catholic Church to be attempted by groups under different names than Freemasonry. After being described as evil, they might have simply changed the name of their group or began implementing plans within the government without acknowledging that they are Freemasons; the previous quotation describes such groups “differing in name.”

This leads to a point about U.S. federal government, state government, and city government entities which operate mostly secretly. There are many Freemasons throughout America who could get into the FBI or police and harm Catholics. For example, there are reportedly 50,000 Freemasons in the state of Indiana. Their loyalty might be to actions with the aim of the destruction of, or causing institutional changes to, the Catholic Church. Such harm to the Catholic Church, or to individual faithful Catholics who speak out against things such as homosexuality, contraception, abortion, false marriage known as “gay marriage,” “transgenderism,” etc., could be much easier achieved if those Freemasons were employed in FBI field offices, secret police, or even uniformed police in Indiana (and throughout America). If anti-Catholic people, or if Freemasons and “other secret societies,” control law enforcement, then they can more easily get away with harming other people.

And the FBI director has publicly described FBI plans to cause “institutional change” in favor of, in part, homosexuality and transgenderism (sexual orientation and gender identity). About the only “institution” in America which is standing strong (or at least standing stronger than other “institutions”) against homosexuality and transgenderism is the Catholic Church. Thus, the FBI director’s words could be interpreted to imply plans to, likely secretly, attempt to harm the Catholic Church (because “institutional change” to the Catholic Church would be harm to the Catholic Church).

Thus, one might ask, are the FBI and other secret police employees being funded by the government to harm the Catholic Church? Are the FBI and other secret policing entities examples of what Pope Leo XIII described as secret societies which are similar to Freemasonry?

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