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Cardinals and bishops attend the Holy Mass for the closing of Extraordinary Synod held by Pope Francis at St. Peter's Square on October 19, 2014.Franco Origlia/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — In this fourth and final part of an interview that LifeSiteNews conducted with Kyle Clement, assistant to well-known exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger, both of whom have extensive experience in exorcism and deliverance ministry, Clement exposes the effects of Masonic infiltration within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, noting that a major effort of Freemasonry is the promotion of unqualified and unworthy candidates to positions of authority and leadership within the Church for the purpose of undermining the Church from within.

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LSN: Is there Masonic infiltration within the Church, in particular, within the episcopacy and within the Vatican? What are some the manifestations of this infiltration?

Clement: So I think that we’ve all had a realization recently, or in the last few years, that many things that were called conspiracy theories have been proven true. This was one of the ways the other side diminished the credibility of those who were telling the truth.

So very simply, the sweeping liturgical changes, which started in 1955 under the authorship of known Mason Annibale Bugnini, are the primary evidence. Fast forward, we see the liturgy continue to be deformed when Paul VI is exposed to the liturgy, when it began to affect the Mass after 1962.

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That’s when he made the statement, “the smoke of Satan has entered the Church.” There are multiple accounts of high-ranking prelates who were Masons and who continued to work against the integrity of the liturgy and against the integrity of the deposit of the faith, and unopposed. It brings us to where we are now, [with] several known Masons and those sympathetic to Masons.

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What are some of the manifestations of this infiltration? The continued attack on the deposit of the faith, the integrity of the faith, the integrity of the Magisterium, the integrity of the various offices. All you have to do is look at the current prelates in this country, and you can see those the effects of Freemasonry directly and indirectly. The homosexual agenda is part of the attack upon the authority.

Freemasonry has a unique hoof-print in doing the following: to make sure that someone unqualified for the office is elevated to an office. The significance, the integrity, and the power of the office is forever negatively impacted by doing so.

For instance, classic example: the presidency of Bill Clinton forever diminished the integrity of the office of president, so that then [in] the subsequent presidents we see a continual moral and/or doctrinal degradation, or a movement away from the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Every once in a while, there is a movement back, but the general movement is one of decline.

And the same is done with offices within the Vatican: to place people clearly not qualified for those offices in those places, and then to attempt to define or defend their actions in light of a new Church, or a modern Church, or these type of things.

We see what we’re seeing. And if truly you have a properly formed Catholic conscience, listen to it. Listen to it.

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LSN: There have been several reported cases of Satanic ritual sexual activity by priests, bishops, and cardinals. What are some of the notable cases? Is there Masonic influence here: is this at root Masonic?

Clement: So there have been several reported cases. The primary case is when Cardinal Bernadin, 1963, enthroned Satan in the Vatican. The action was done in the United States, but the enthronement of Satan, the effect was in the Vatican. This is a known documented thing.

There is continuing Satanic activity. Not just a year or so ago, there was one here in the United States where a priest desecrated an altar. So we have multiple cases each year in various places around the world, where priests desecrate altars in Satanic ritual. There are a number of priests who are working [on] both sides. There is [a] history of that. It’s not conspiracy theory; it’s simple truth.

The clearest case was Bernadin enthroning Satan through the ritualistic rape of a 12-year-old virgin girl. These things are real, and these things happen.

It’s important to understand that once a man is ordained a priest of the Most High God, his hands are consecrated. Anything and everything he does with those hands has a ritualistic element. Everything has a ritualistic element and has an import.

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Our Lord handpicked 12. One of them was hitting for the other side. Why would we expect the odds to be any different now? There are 120 cardinals in the College of Cardinals. If you give the same odds, that means 10 of them are hitting for the other side.

Exorcists’ cases are prolonging because there is a diminished efficacy of the leadership and the hierarchy of the Church. Satan’s sway is greater than it has been in a long time in the Vatican.

Is there Masonic influence? Remember that the mantra of the Mason is “All against altar and crown.” It is against the integrity of governance. That’s why you see people rejecting their titles, their responsibility. They become elected or they get elevated to positions and then they immediately begin to attack the office to which they were elevated.

This is a classic example of Freemasonry.

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LSN: Does Freemasonry seek to advance unfit candidates for ecclesiastical offices? If so, why, and how does this undermine the Church and her institutions? What are some clear examples? What is the solution?

Clement: Yes, definitely it does. Why and how does this undermine the Church and Her institutions? Very simply, I think you make some straight up associations. Do you think that anyone who was purposely promoted, and endorsed by, and associated with Theodore McCarrick, do you think that individual is good for the Church?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, a theologian, a political scientist. I’m going to tell you, you can pull a plowman following a mule turning the earth, you can pull him off his job and ask him that question and he will say, no, they’re unfit.

If you ask him, how about the author of a pornographic treatise, is he qualified to be a cardinal in a position of governance that has to do with the promulgation of the faith? That plowman, uneducated as he may be, will tell you, no, he’s not qualified.

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Common sense has left the building. We’ve got to understand that we as men need to point out, this is incorrect, this is non sequitur, this is not good. So, what you see is the elevation of many men unfit for the episcopate under the current leadership.

And it’s because they’re all agenda driven. If they are friendly to the homosexual agenda, if they’re friendly to the false ecumenism, if they’re friendly to Vatican II, if they’re friendly to the demolition or destruction of the Mass, these are now the qualifications for the episcopate, not holiness, not increased sacraments within their diocese, within their parishes, not being exemplary pastors. These are no longer the qualifications for the elevation to the episcopate.

It is now politically motivated and oriented so that they may plug into the rogue association, that is, the rogue organization that is known as the USCCB, whose mission is not salvation, but a political mission, not even for the expansion of the Church, but to push various political agendas.

And yes, it is at the root Masonic.


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