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(LifeSiteNews) — To report on what the technocratic elite have planned for our future is to be called a conspiracy theorist. The charge is most ardently pressed when several conditions are fulfilled:

  • What is said is true, but shocking.
  • It is quoted verbatim from the bureaucracies.
  • What is said connects to a wider global plan.

These conditions are all satisfied by “The Russia Project.” This is the name given to an organization funded by billionaire left-wing abortion advocate George Soros which aims to destabilize the Russian state, and replace it with one more to its liking. A series of documents leaked in 2016 detail Soros’ interest in Russia, which have now been removed from the internet and appear only in an online archive. One reads:

Since 2006, the Russia Project (RP) has been based in New York, with a small supporting office in Moscow. Primarily through organizational grants, the RP supports the diverse elements that make up a coherent third sector and contributes to a vibrant civil society. Key strengths include the RP’s funding across thematic subject areas; our deep and long-standing relationships with a wide range of civil society players, from policy experts to grassroots activists to innovative cultural entrepreneurs; a keen understanding of NGO best practices; a connection with multiple Russian regions via our networks of partners; and our close working relationships with other major funders.

The same document goes on to detail how the Russia Project sought to undermine the Russian state. It uses a three part method, explained as “Fealty to Fields”:

The RP is committing two-thirds of its grants budget to supporting three primary fields:

(a) access to justice and legal empowerment of marginalized groups,

(b) independent and alternative media, and

(c) platforms for critical debate, discussion, and social mobilization.

This can be translated as a commitment to lawfare, propaganda, and “maidanization.” Soros seeks to place nation states under siege from within, using their own legal system to subvert their democracies from even “the village level” and to implant a political culture which will serve Soros’ globalist ends.

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The attractive terms “independent and alternative media” are nice names for globalist propaganda, and the “social mobilization” factor is the creation of “color revolutions.” This is the pleasant term for organizing and funding a coup in someone else’s nation dressed up as a popular revolt.

Why does Soros operate from New York? The following paragraph explains:

From the late 1980s, the Open Society Foundations maintained a large operating foundation in Moscow, and for a time, branch offices in four regional cities. At one point the annual budget of the Foundation, not including thematic program contributions, was in excess of seventy million dollars.  During its tenure, the Foundation was instrumental in funding initiatives beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg, furnishing Internet provision to public institutions at the digital revolution’s onset, setting numerous standards for public health work, and helping revitalize library and publishing activities. For years it was the largest private foundation in the country. Following the Khodorkovsky arrest and the hostile occupation of its building, George Soros decided to end his formal activities in Russia and to fund on a far more modest scale from outside. With the Foundation’s closure, the Russia Project was born.

Soros left Russia because his activities were identified as inimical to the stability of the nation. His interest in the nation lies in the coded reference to its resistance to his measures.

Russia is currently in a gradual, arbitrary, and haphazard process of becoming more closed.

Soros, through his Open Society Institute and its subsidiaries, has a lot of form in this regard. His actions have supported “color revolutions” in Georgia, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and elsewhere. Some failed, such as those in Kazakhstan, Belarus and in Russia itself. It was formerly common knowledge in the mainstream media that Soros used his money to subvert democracy – even in the USA, but it is now a conspiracy theory to say so.

The Hungarian government has been vilified for taking measures to halt Soros’ astroturfing of a political culture designed to supplant that for which Hungarians voted. The EU is withholding billions of Hungary’s funds as a result of this and other nation-friendly measures it has taken to halt polices promoting the decline of national, moral, religious, and family culture.

It is irrelevant whether supranational technocratic managers actually conspire in private, because their aims are identical. George Soros says he is promoting an “Open Society.” The EU is promoting “European values.” BlackRock is promoting Net-Zero and “equity-based discrimination.” The World Health Organization is promoting global health security, along with philanthropist renaissance man Bill Gates.

The United Nations is promoting peace and cooperation between nations, the World Bank and the IMF promote investment and development.

The problem begins with language. These mass scale operations, each designed to subtract power from you and your nation and reserve it permanently to themselves, are skilled in marketing. They brand their work as noble, progressive, promising a bright future. This is sales. They are business operations. The business they are in is the management of humanity. This means you.

Let us take two examples of common phrases. One is drawn from your experience, one from the devil’s dictionary. What is a “nation?” What is an “Open Society?”

The first thing to note is that one stands in the way of the other. The “Open Society” is the result of the removal of everything that makes a nation. It uses this welcoming, breath-of-fresh-air phrase because it performs two functions. It is appealing, like a sunlit advertisement for washing powder, and its suggestion of freedom instantly stigmatizes critics. Who prefers closed to open?

To what, then, is society being opened? It is being dismantled, so that anything which impedes the creation of a global consumer monoculture is erased. The omnipresence of this project, uniting Net-Zero measures, warfare, regime change, the cost of living, and the sudden abolition of basic liberties, should be news in itself. Yet the decline in journalism is not restricted to labeling reality a conspiracy theory.

The parlous state of news is a factor of capture. This capture is not primarily driven by managerial ideology, despite this being the rule set by which we are governed. Ultimately, what is decisive for the masters of a mass-scale society is money, and the means of best making it is to view humanity – all of it – as a problem to be managed into greater efficiency for their profit. Not yours.

The program of the management entails the systematic removal of every cultural and human obstacle including the nation state and everything once subordinate to it. It uses emotive words to armor its base aims in the shining vocabulary of freedom, democracy, and liberation. What it does, in practice, is simply to remove everything that is not itself and to offer a manufactured substitute in its stead. When the aims of the management are correctly understood, every assault on normal life and every legal insult to common sense and decency can be identified as part of a wider process.

In short, what is bad for you is good for them.

Basic features of a decent human life are simply bumps in the road to the New World Order. The family, for example, is foundational to the nation. The settled way of living, the traditional religion and the customs and manners – often more important than laws – are being diluted to irrelevance by legislation.

These obstacles, along with any meaningful dimension of human identity, are the foundations of resistance and a partisan opposition. They must be destroyed, therefore, and replaced with what Soros’ people called in a 2012 agenda for Russia the “thematic movements” – fake grassroots organizations based around manufactured extremism. Climate cultists, organized professional homosexuality, gender grievance, and groups like Black Lives Matter are examples of these variations on a theme of subversion.

These are the movements Soros hoped to promote in Russia, as part of his three part program to “open” their society. What Soros and other technocrats desire is the removal of any resistance, real or potential, to the implementation of a global system of management. Russia is uncooperative, being concerned, like Hungary, with the preservation of what is best termed normal life.

In a later document, titled “Russia 2014–2017 Proposed Strategy,” Soros’ project complained of the Russian state’s response to their attempts to undermine it, noting how “foreign agents” such as themselves were clearly identified and their actions restricted. This came immediately after a wave of protests engineered by Soros’ project and its partners, which failed to result in the desired regime change. The paper laments the fact that the strategy backfired, but outlines the means by which its efforts may be continued.

What is normal for one nation is not for another, of course. I would not recommend we all emulate Russia, or the other neoconservative enemy states of Iran and China. What is significant is the fact that these nations have not submitted to institutional capture by a program which is undeniably global in its aim and scope.

Aside from the long history of Soros’ attempts to undermine the Russian state, his activities are well established in over 156 countries on six continents. Soros funds 253 global media operations, directed through his “Project Syndicate,” documented in this extremely detailed report.

The reason we see no mention of his influence in the West is due to his influence. Those countries yet to be “opened” – to the destabilizing thematic movements and the transfer of populations – are those routinely designated as enemies in a mass media heavily influenced by Soros, Gates, vast corporations, and government intelligence agencies.

The global agenda these managerialists pursue is served by the destruction of nations and their heritage. Behind everything damaging to society is the machinery of technocratic power, which aggressively promotes open borders, undermines the Christian faith of the West, degrades the family,   and funds discord through its funding and support of identity groups. This is the reason your corporations are “woke,” and, like BlackRock, promote policies which degrade the competence of the professions and public services by awarding positions of power on superficial grounds which exclude capability.

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Soros’ Russia Project is a blueprint for the institutional capture of a nation, which has been implemented throughout the West. Organizations such as the EU share his values and objectives, and also routinely ignore the popular vote in favor of pursuing their own ends regardless of the will of the people.

Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, and Greece all saw their majority “No” votes ignored or subject to repeat votes until the desired outcome was achieved. These votes were supposed to provide the legitimacy for entry into the Euro, the ratification of major treaties ceding more power to the EU, the EU constitution and in the case of Greece a punitive neoliberal bailout deal which was opposed by two-thirds of the population.

This is the new democratic model for open societies. Populations will be – and are – managed towards voting intentions which are desirable to their managers but ultimately detrimental to the people themselves. The case of Soros versus Russia represents one significant dimension to the war in Ukraine, and helps to explain why it has been prosecuted with the aim of destabilizing Russia to the point of regime change.

It is simply not open for the kind of business that Soros and the rest of the global management would prefer to do.