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(LifeSiteNews) — The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has received around 3.8 billion euros ($ 4.15 billion) in funding from the German government, a response to a parliamentary inquiry revealed. 

The reply by the federal government to the information request by MPs from the parliamentary group DIE LINKE showed that German taxpayer funds are used to finance multiple projects and programs by international foundations such as the pro-abortion Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Wellcome Trust. 

The Gates Foundation is the biggest private foundation in the world, holding assets worth $ 67.3 billion. 

After receiving almost no media coverage initially, an analysis of the 117-page document by the German Website Transparenztest (Tt) drew attention to the scandalous revelation.  

According to Tt’s analysis, the German government funded 31 projects and programs in which the Gates Foundation was involved, while in 24 of those initiatives, the organization was the sole recipient of the funds. 

In its reply, the federal government justified its financial support of the Gates Foundation and other multi-billion dollar private foundations by citing its commitment to the globalist U.N. Agenda 2030. 

“The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development explicitly emphasizes that the active involvement of private actors is indispensable for achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (cf. SDG 17, among others),” the response by the German government reads. “The mandate for appropriate cooperation with these actors is also derived from this.” 

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The German government also stated that it “sees no need” to limit “the influence of private foundations in general.” Instead, the government praised the Gates Foundation because it “contributes valuable impulses and ideas,” further confirming the suspicion that the group has a significant influence on government decisions. 

Financing abortion, population control, and medical tyranny 

Among the numerous programs the German government funds, many are pushing abortion, destructive “net zero” and climate change policies, population control in Africa, or advancing the medical security state. 

For instance, the German federal government gave 20.6 million euros to a Gates Foundation project called “Investment in Health Data Systems and Quality of Care for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Malawi,” which aims at “strengthening the health system with a focus on reproductive health.” 

As is commonly known, whenever globalist organizations speak of “reproductive health,” this always includes legal access to abortion and contraception. 

The German government further finances projects to “educate” children and teenagers in Malawi and Uganda about “reproductive health,” i.e., abortion and contraception, presumably to prevent people in Africa from having “too many” children and to fight the alleged “overpopulation” of the world. 

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Moreover, the reply to the parliamentary request reveals that the German state funded Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, which was founded by the WHO, UNICEF, the Gates Foundation, and The World Bank, with an amount of 600 million euros. The government also financed the “Pandemic Fund,” which aims to prepare for future pandemics, to the tune of 119 million euros. 

The government states in the document that it wants to “gradually increase the mandatory contributions of Member States to ultimately be able to sustainably finance 50 percent of WHO’s base budget with predictable and unrestricted funds” to increase the “WHO’s financial independence.” 

While it may sound good at first to reduce the influence of private investors like the Gates Foundation, giving the WHO “unrestricted funds” may also grant the globalist body more power to operate freely, which could prove detrimental to the world’s population if the draconian pandemic treaty and the amendments to the International Health Regulations are introduced in 2024 as planned. 

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Another item on the globalist agenda is replacing cash with digital currencies. The German government also seems to support this goal, as it is financially supporting the BMFG-funded U.N. project “Better Than Cash Alliance,” which seeks to “accelerate[s] the transition from cash to responsible digital payments to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.” 

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The document furthermore showed that German government representatives regularly met with delegates from the Gates Foundation, Georg Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the Wellcome Trust, and other international foundations. 

The Deep State is operating through international foundations 

In its analysis, Tt notes that massive funding of 3.8 billion euros represents only the contribution from Germany and that it can be “expected that other countries will also have funds for projects, which in turn will benefit the foundation’s assets.” 

The 3.8 billion euros from Germany may just be a glimpse into the funds that the Gates Foundation and other international foundations receive from nation-states. 

“Obviously, the world’s largest foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, not only invests enormous sums (USD 3.2 billion in 2021) in external organizations but also receives enormous tax-funded subsidies from nation-states such as Germany for global projects and non-project-related programs,” Tt notes in its critique. 

Tt argues that this leads to a perpetual financial cycle, as the Gates Foundation generously donates money to German institutions and media outlets while receiving billions in funds from the German government. The Gates Foundation has, for example, invested millions of dollars into one of Germany’s largest news outlets, Der Spiegel, which likely influences the way the organization covers certain issues. 

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This example illustrates how the Deep State operates through these international “philanthropic” foundations by influencing local politicians and media outlets. Other than elected officials, who are at least in theory subject to parliamentary control and are not allowed to pursue their own private interests, private foundations are not subjected to these restrictions. 

Tt points out that private foundations “are not subject to control and can pursue long-term goals with private interests independently of election periods.” 

In other words, German citizens may vote out its radical left-wing government and replace it with a more “conservative” one, but as long as the Deep State is allowed to operate through the Gates Foundation and other billionaire-funded private entities, fundamental change seems unlikely. 

Editor’s note: This article was updated on August 7, 2023.