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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

(LifeSiteNews) — The British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen continues to pressure the U.K. authorities on the impact of their COVID policies.

In a letter of March 2, Bridgen pressed the government’s Office of National Statistics to clarify their record of deaths arising from the mRNA injections – which the unelected British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak continues to describe as “safe and effective.”

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Bridgen says the data at present “lacks detail” – and that the ONS has previously declined to help. Writing to the ONS chief, Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Bridgen said, “Your staff was asked to produce a detailed report and they refused to do so. We are requesting [you] re-do the analysis [to] provide definitive insight as to whether or not the COVID vaccines are ‘safe and effective.’”

Yet the U.K.’s prime minister continues to say they are.

Bridgen’s actions over the injections and the wider policy platform taken in response to the pandemic have seen him charge the government and the prime minister with responsibility.

The now-independent MP confronted Sunak over the “safe and effective” claim – and his complicity in the COVID regime which advanced it – at Prime Minister’s Questions on January 30.

“Can the current prime minister think of anything he has promoted, in partnership with huge businesses, as safe and effective, which has ultimately harmed the British people?” Bridgen asked.

And will he use this opportunity to correct that safe and effective statement, or will he choose the same line as Tony Blair, sit back, do nothing, and let the misery just continue to pile up?”

Sunak replied,Let me be unequivocal from this dispatch box that COVID vaccines are safe.”

This was followed by an angry confrontation in February between Sunak and the vaccine-injured John Watts. During their discussion, Watts claimed he had been “silenced.” Sunak refused to answer whether he still found the “vaccines” safe and effective as he had claimed.

Bridgen’s latest efforts to compel the authorities to reveal the full truth of the human cost of their actions in response to COVID now suggest that government figures may face criminal charges.

As reported by the U.K.’s Exposé News on March 6, Bridgen has also contacted London’s Metropolitan Police, requesting an audience to discuss criminal charges presumed to be against serving and former members of the British government.

Bridgen’s letter to Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley says, “Very disturbing new and damning evidence has recently come to light, which will be revealed at the meeting.”

Describing the case, to which the Metropolitan Police are yet to respond, Bridgen said, “This is a matter of paramount importance for the well-being and safety of the British public,” asserting that he “and others” have found “a litany of failures and cover-ups that can no longer be ignored.”

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Yet Bridgen claims his attempts to raise these issues via other channels have been “dismissed or ignored.”

The gravity of his allegations is made clear in the letter, which was dated February 20, listing, “Very serious criminal offenses, to name but a few: Misconduct in Public Office, Misfeasance in Public Office, Gross Negligent Manslaughter, Corporate Manslaughter, Fraud, Murder, and Grievous Bodily Harm,” alongside “conspiracy to commit and aiding and abetting the aforementioned crimes.”

Bridgen included a list of witnesses he intended to call to testify in the meeting, whose expertise and experiences he said would “fully support the assertions being made.”

Among those named were Drs. Mike Yeadon, Aseem Malhotra, and David Cartland, with the funeral director John O’Looney joining lawyers, a journalist, and an unnamed government whistleblower on the panel.

Bridgen claims a “very senior minister” approached him in February, whispering a horrifying warning in his ear.

“It is his word against mine, but he came up and said ‘You can speak out all you want to, Andrew – you’re vaccinated. You’re going to be dead of cancer soon.’”

Bridgen continued, “What sort of person would say that to anybody?”

Bridgen was expelled from the ruling Conservative Party in April last year, over a controversy created over his description of the impact of the so-called “vaccines.

The now-independent MP was vilified as an anti-semite for quoting a doctor on the devastating impact of the mRNA injections. He wrote in a tweet on January 11, 2023, quoting a tweet from an Israeli heart specialist, which was cited as the reason for his expulsion:

As one consultant cardiologist said to me this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust.

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In an article for the U.K.’s Conservative Woman on January 19, 2023, Daniel Miller reported the comments of the U.K.’s lockdown-era Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who said Bridgen’s remarks exampled “disgusting and dangerous anti-Semitic, anti-vax, anti-scientific conspiracy theories.”

Miller rejoined with a summary of the reasoning behind the government rhetoric of “paramoralisation”:

The essence of Hancock’s objections is that Bridgen’s integrity threatens to expose his own corruption. Because he can’t say this openly, he presents his complaints in pseudo-moral terms intended to stigmatize, defame and confuse.

Bridgen protested at the time that his expulsion was undertaken “under false pretenses,” claiming his treatment was a challenge to the freedom of speech, and specifically protected under parliamentary privilege.

“Above all else this is an issue of freedom of speech,” Bridgen said.

“No elected Member of Parliament should ever be penalized for speaking on behalf of their constituents and those who have no such voice or platform.”

He cited his opposition to the injections alongside that to globalist policies as a reason for his expulsion:

As a vocal critic of the vaccine rollout amongst other issues such as net zero, illegal immigration, and political corruption the [Conservative] Party has been sure to make an example of me.

With Bridgen’s campaign to reveal the truth about the lockdown policies, and the impact of the “100 percent safe and effective” injections, a direct threat is emerging to a regime which Miller said in 2021 can only survive if it is protected by lies.

The fact that Bridgen’s statement contained no anti-Semitic content at all has already been pointed out by dozens of writers and scientists, including many Jews.

But so what? This rhetoric is being used not because it corresponds to the truth but as a weapon to defend corruption and lies. It is only on this basis that the current regime survives. It is also for this reason that Julian Assange remains a prisoner in Belmarsh.

Bridgen’s efforts to hold the British authorities to account for their actions, and to compel them to reveal the truth about them, have been met with derision and dismissal from the establishment.

To the vaccine injured and bereaved – and to the many critics of globalism – he is proving himself a fearless champion.

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates