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LGBTQ-affirming Catholic organization ‘Fortunate & Faithful Families’ marching in an Atlanta Pride Parade  Fortunate & Faithful Families

DECATUR, Georgia (LifeSiteNews) — A church run by the Jesuits in the Archdiocese of Atlanta is promoting both a transgender movie and a pro-LGBT retreat in its parish bulletin this week. 

Under the heading “Community News,” St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Decatur, Georgia has invited parishioners to gather to view a trailer for “The Monk: Telling Transgender Stories of Faith, Calling, and Vocation.” The bulletin describes the movie as: 

[A] documentary film which follows the journey of a transgender man entering religious life in the Catholic Church. He is the first known trans person to become a Catholic monk. Probing into the themes of vocation and sacrifice, the film documents how far one man will go to respond to his calling from God and to what extent he will be accepted by the church he loves.

The “man” who becomes a monk, is presumably a female.  

The disturbing, out-of-place ad was first brought to the attention of the public by X (formerly Twitter) user James Flanagan, who asked, “Why are we promoting transgender movies in church bulletins in the Archdiocese of Atlanta?”  

The bulletin invites parishioners to view the “trailer for this film-in-progress” after Masses on Saturday and Sunday and to engage in a conversation with the film’s directors. 


St. Thomas More Parish Bulletin, February 18, 2024               Screenshot


Perhaps more outrageous and out-of-place is an invitation to parishioners to attend an upcoming “Fortunate and Faithful Families Annual Retreat,” hosted by Fortunate & Faithful Families (FFF), an organization that describes itself as “Catholic Families Affirming Their LGBTQ Members.”  

The group does not promote chastity, immutable truths about the complementarity of the sexes, or adherence to Catholic teaching regarding homosexual acts.  It exists solely to affirm men and women, sons and daughters, in false, dangerous, contrived sexual identities and lifestyles.  

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Evidence of its rejection of Church teaching, FFF’s website displays photos of group members with the former Archbishop of the Diocese of Atlanta, pro-LGBT Wilton Gregory, who now serves as Archbishop of Washington, D.C., and who was made a cardinal by Pope Francis in 2019; and of Fr. James Martin, the most outspoken clergyman calling for the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism within the Roman Catholic Church.  

Cardinal Gregory’s support for the LGBT agenda is a matter of public record. As head of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Gregory displayed an uncritical willingness to accept LGBT ideology. He has continued to do so as head of the Church in the Nation’s Capital. 

St. Thomas More parish has hosted talks by Jesuit Father James Martin at least once with the blessing of Gregory. 

Martin’s track record is even more disturbing than Gregory’s, bringing the impossible notion of affirming homosexuality within the Church to private meetings with Pope Francis and the Vatican’s 2018 World Meeting of Families, and has even urged homosexual priests to “come out” about their sexual proclivities, while publicly declining to say whether he himself is a homosexual 


  • Supports transgenderism for children 
  • Said Catholics should “reverence” homosexual unions 
  • Favors homosexual kissing during Mass (a sacrilege against God) 
  • Said homosexuals should be “invited” to be Eucharistic ministers 
  • Received a 2016 award from New Ways Ministry, a group condemned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 
  • Promoted a sacrilegious pro-homosexual “Rainbow Rosary” 
  • Attacked the purity of Our Lady of Guadalupe 

In June, LifeSiteNews reported from outside another Jesuit-run parish — historic Holy Trinity Church in Washington, D.C. where President Joe Biden attends Mass — as an LGBT “Rainbow Mass” was conducted inside.  

St. Thomas More Parish is playing with fire 

The Catholic Church teaches that God created humans as “male and female” and gave them to each other in marriage so they could “increase and multiply.” Sexual attraction and sexual acts between a male and female are specifically created by God for the purpose of procreation. The Church is logical and consistent when she teaches that homosexual acts are “acts of grave depravity” and “intrinsically disordered” since they are “contrary to the natural law” in that they “close the sexual act to the gift of life.” “They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved,” states the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  

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