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(LifeSiteNews) — In a video appearance uploaded on October 12, independent journalist Max Blumenthal seeks to inform his audience as to why and how the world is being led to the brink of global war – with the dangerous potential to go nuclear.  

“We are simultaneously being dragged into three potentially nuclear catastrophic conflicts – with Iran, Russia and with China.” 

As Israel threatens to launch a ground offensive into Gaza, and with U.S. and U.K. warships moving to the region, Blumenthal argues that the Biden administration’s actions are deliberately inflaming the situation towards the long-term goal of war with Iran.  

Towards a regional war

Whilst humanitarian help is welcome, Blumenthal says, “That’s not what the Biden Administration is seeking to do here – they’ve sent two aircraft carriers to the region. They’re turning up the temperature they’re taking us on a trajectory towards a regional war.” 

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What is more, he asserts this war has been a policy goal of current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It is, he continues, “…the kind of war with Iran that Benjamin Netanyahu has sought to embroil the U.S. in since he returned to the prime minister’s office.” 

Why war came to Israel 

Blumenthal is clear on the reasons for the war in Israel. 

“…in this situation it really comes down to Jerusalem’s holy sites but also the issue of occupation and Siege which Palestinians have lived under continuously almost since 1948,” the journalist explains.

Following a long examination of the tortured history of the state of Israel, Blumenthal reminds his audience why the Hamas attack which saw the declaration of war was named “Aqsa flood.” 

He says the Hamas operation was the result of deliberate provocation.  

“[It] was first of all to push back on the Jewish religious nationalist incursions into the al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem – the third holiest site in Islam.” 

It is a site which is not seen – yet – as a place normally fit for Jewish prayer. 

“…under Orthodox Jewish law Jews are actually not allowed to pray there except under special circumstances,” he adds.

Blumenthal explains that the incursions are not performed by ordinary religious Jews, but by a particular faction with a specific agenda.  

“This is a sect within Israeli society that’s not only determined to invade that compound – but to replace it with a third Jewish temple to herald the coming of the Jewish messiah,” he continues. “This is seen as an affront to the whole world of Islam.” 

National insecurity

The site was formerly strictly policed, but with the presence in the Israeli government of Itamar Ben-Gvir’s “Jewish Power” settler-Zionist party, incursions have become frequent.  

Ben-Gvir, who is the National Security Minister of Israel, has led several of these himself, sparking international outrage in the Islamic world. He was recently warned against doing so again by the head of Shin Bet, the Israeli Security Service.  

Blumenthal says that there is political opportunity in this flashpoint on both sides.  

“Hamas is positioning itself as the protector of Islam by calling it operation al-Aqsa flood. No one else is protecting that compound no one else is able to do it so this is a political play for them.”

Whose national interest?

With the description of these events around such a sensitive site, whose violation could mobilize the entire Islamic world, he describes the situation as incendiary. According to him, it is one that is “moving to a hot war much faster than the Russia-Ukraine situation.” 

Why is this the case? Blumenthal explains the reason the U.S. is moving rapidly towards a war with Iran when it is “not in the national interest of the United States” to do so. 

“There’s one X Factor – that you don’t have in Russia-Ukraine – which is especially dangerous in this situation,” he explains. 

“Everyone acknowledges it but it’s forbidden to talk about it. You’ll get called an anti-semite, or I get called a self-hating Jew – but you have a very powerful Israel lobby in the United States.”

By contrast, he says, “…there isn’t really a Ukraine lobby.” 

He continues by explaining the startling degree of Israeli influence at the highest levels of U.S. politics, and why the historical grievances held by some senior U.S. officials should preclude them from office. 

Influencing the U.S. president

“You have an Israel lobby that in many ways can influence Congress and influence the president – whether it’s Democrat or Republican – to act solely in Israel’s interest without considering the national interest of the United States,” Blumenthal argues, adding that “[i]t doesn’t matter how much you love Israel – the U.S. has different national interests [than Israel] – and it is not in the national interest of the U.S. to attack Iran.”

But nonetheless, Blumenthal says, “we saw Donald Trump fall under the sway of the Israel lobby.” 

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Blumenthal describes how one joke by Donald Trump about landlords to a Jewish audience led to his commitment to killing an Iranian general and to supporting Netanyahu.  

“[Trump] said, I’m a landlord – a lot of you guys are landlords – and we like to make deals. We’re dealmakers. Why can’t we make a deal between Israel and the Palestinians?” 

Blumenthal says, “I was like ‘that’s what Trump said? That’s very sensible.’ He was called an anti-semite for saying that. He was accused of stereotyping Jews as landlords.” 

What if Jared Kushner was Palestinian?

Blumenthal says this saw the entry of Sheldon Adelson into Trump’s campaign.  

“One of the wealthiest men in America – the owner of Las Vegas Sands Casino – who has a relationship with Trump’s son-in-law [Jared Kushner].” 

Adelson bankrolled both the initial Trump campaign and that of his reelection in exchange for a deal in favor of Israeli policies.  

“Adelson says all you have to do is do a maximum pressure campaign on Iran. Start working with Netanyahu. It winds up with the killing of Qassam Soleimani, the second most powerful military figure in Iran…which actually leads to injuries of American troops,” Blumenthal contends. 

Speaking of Iran’s retaliatory missile strike, he says, “[They] were transported to Ramin Air Base when Iran’s ballistic missile struck. They suffered hundreds of traumatic head injuries.” 

Blumenthal insists that not only was Trump “manipulated,” but that this was an extension of Kushner’s close ties to Israel. 

“This is all because Trump was being manipulated into a conflict for domestic political reasons and because his son-in-law has a passionate attachment to Israel,” he argues.  

How deep are the Kushner family’s ties to Israel? Blumenthal notes that when current Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was in opposition, he would stay at Kushner’s father’s house. 

“…and Jared would actually have to get out of his bed and stay in his parents’ room and Netanyahu would literally sleep in his bed.”

Blumenthal says of Trump, “Imagine if his son-in-law had been Palestinian?” 

Bipartisan consensus

Blumenthal points out that the Clintons and Barack Obama have a “Sheldon Adelson in their camp. His name is Haim Saban.” 

Blumenthal says “[Saban] is the largest individual donor to Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,” and that he is open about being “a single issue guy,” with that issue being Israel.  

Blumenthal states Saban “had his wife Cheryl appointed as a UN Special Ambassador by Obama because he just gave him so much money.” 

What did Saban ask in return? 

“… all he wanted Obama to do was ignore the Palestinian calls [to] end occupation, and do whatever Israel wanted,” Blumenthal argues. 

Deep state connections

Blumenthal’s explosive dissection of Israeli influence over the U.S. government does not stop there. He cites deep state connections between the chief diplomat of the U.S. and the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad. 

“Tony Blinken – the U.S. Secretary of State – is in Israel right now participating in their war cabinet meetings,” Blumenthal says, noting that Blinken “is a member of the Israel lobby – but he’s supposed to be our chief diplomat. He’s not putting America first here. He’s not able to.” 

Pointing out the nebulous intentions of the U.S. Secretary of State, Blumenthal goes on to explain the startling family connections of the most senior diplomat in the USA. 

“It’s unclear what he’s putting first but his grandfather actually started a think-tank in the 1930s to lobby for the Zionist movement in Palestine.”

Following this, he reveals that Blinken’s “father-in-law – who raised him since age nine – [was]Samuel Pisar.” 

Described by Blumenthal as “a major figure in the French Jewish world,” Pisar was “very pro-Israel and was kind of a counselor to [former French President] Francois Mitterand, but he was also the consigliere to Robert Maxwell.” 

The former U.K.-based press baron Robert Maxwell disappeared in unexplained circumstances. Maxwell’s daughter, Ghislaine, was a close associate of Jeffrey Epstein. 

What is more, Blumenthal notes that Robert Maxwell himself was a “Mossad agent who had a deep state burial in Israel.” 

What is the connection to Blinken?  

“Samuel Pisar is the man who raised Tony Blinken and the last phone call that Robert Maxwell made before he mysteriously fell off his yacht was to Samuel Pisar,” Blumenthal continues. 

Blumenthal asks whether this heritage makes for a fitting chief diplomat. 

“So Tony Blinken is supposed to preside over a resolution to this conflict with all these passionate attachments and familial ties? He said that he’s inherited his commitment to Israel’s strength and I think what we want in a diplomat is someone who looks at – balances – all sides and tries to come to a peaceful resolution.” 

Instead, Blumenthal says, “…but what you have here is someone who seems to take everything personally.” 

These personal ties and inherited grievances, Blumenthal argues, cast doubt on Blinken’s suitability for any role in negotiating with Russia as well.

“[Blinken’s] also said ‘I have family from Ukraine – that’s why I support Ukraine.’” 

“This is the opposite of diplomacy. This is so dangerous right now. We have all of the ingredients for World War III because we’re not thinking rationally, we’re not looking at history and we refuse to look at the needs of both sides,” Blumenthal states. 

His frank appraisal of the direction of U.S. foreign policy and its dire diplomacy ends with a warning. 

“We’re just hearing these crazy denunciations: ‘Hamas is Isis.’ ‘Hamas is Al-Qaeda.’ ‘This is another 9/11,'” Blumenthal says. “Well where did 9/11 lead us? It led us into Iraq, into Afghanistan – and we never escaped it.”

Pledge your prayers and fasting for peace in the Holy Land HERE