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Tell Congress to stop the Biden administration from funding wars in Ukraine and Israel

(LifeSiteNews) — A series of events over the last several years highlight that “actors on behalf of a foreign country (Israel, seem to) have been able to infiltrate every layer of society, from universities to government to social media, to even now” the speech permitted to Christians in professing their faith, opined popular video show commentator Kim Iversen.

In a March 25 broadcast, the former hostess of The Hill’s Rising program provided an analysis of several issues all pointing to her conclusion that due to such extensive foreign influence “the United States has lost its independence, its ability to be independent, even its sovereignty, you could argue. The sovereignty of the United States has been lost to the Israel Lobby,” she said. “And I think it’s time we start questioning why anyone who’s advocating for Israel is not being registered as a foreign agent in our country.”

Iversen began her commentary highlighting the apparent hypocrisy of the Daily Wire in its March firing of popular pundit Candace Owens because, in her own words, she does not believe “that American taxpayers should have to pay for Israel’s wars or the wars of any other country.”

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While the Daily Wire “built their entire brand” on being a “free speech and anti-cancel culture” outlet, “it seems you can have all the free speech you want over at the Daily Wire,” she said, “unless you’re critical of Israel.”

Repeated examples over many years demonstrate that “you cannot criticize Israel lest you want to risk your job,” she observed, adding that this has “become more glaringly obvious since October 7th, since this latest war on Gaza.”

As part of what she called “a real full-court press towards censorship,” the presidents of Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania were also “fired” after students on their campus called for a “free Palestine” and Republican U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York conflated such chants as a “call for genocide” against Jews.

Less than a month later, the International Court of Justice ironically ruled that it was “plausible” Israel itself is guilty of the crime of actual genocide against the Palestinian people.

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In both cases, Iversen assessed these university presidents “were defending free speech, and they got fired for it.”

TikTok swiftly banned for allowing free speech on Israel/Palestine

A third example the video hostess discussed was the amazing efficiency exercised by the House of Representatives in their swift vote to ban the social media platform TikTok in the United States.

Though “Congress is the most ineffective branch of government,” unable to pass many bodies of legislation such as sealing the southern border or regular budgets, but when it came to banning TikTok, “they were really quick,” she said. “They banned TikTok with lightning speed. And why?”

Despite the narrative that the vote moving to ban the social media platform was due to TikTok being a Chinese company which therefore represented a security threat to the United States, “there was no evidence of this,” Iversen said. The real reason they did this was “because the Israel lobby said ‘Young people are pro-Palestine. We have to do something about this. And on TikTok the young people were overwhelmingly pro-Palestine: 10 to 1, if not more so, 100 to 1 were pro-Palestine, probably even greater than that, to be honest. And so, they effectively looked to quickly shut it down.”

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“’We cannot have that kind of speech in this country, this pro-Palestine speech,’” Iversen mocked. “You’re not allowed to say, ‘free Palestine’ on a college university. You’re not allowed to say, ‘Israel is committing a genocide’ on the Daily Wire. You’re not allowed to say, ‘we support Palestine’ and ‘there’s a genocide going on’ on TikTok. You’re not allowed to do these things.”

According to Iversen, this dominant pro-Israel censorship is due to “big money interests (which) have infiltrated and bought off our political leaders. They’ve bought off our news media organizations. And they are essentially meddling in our national sovereignty, quite frankly, certainly in our national independence.”

“We don’t have independence. We don’t have sovereignty when we’re being controlled by actors of a foreign country, lobbyists of a foreign country. They should be registered agents of that foreign country. But they’re not, they get a pass.”

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Laws in 37 states restrict speech critical of Israel establishing double standard

Iversen went on to discuss laws seeking to shield Israel from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement that aims to put pressure on the Zionist state “to end its apartheid or genocide or occupation or blockade, whichever word you want to use. They’re basically ripping away at the equality of the Palestinians, keeping them as a subjugated class with no real rights,” she explained.

Thirty-seven states have passed laws against BDS restricting anyone who has a government contract, such as teachers, construction companies, bureaucrats, etc. from calling for, or participating in, the BDS movement in their personal lives.

However, according to Iversen, such laws may be unconstitutional since they violate the free speech clause of the First Amendment. “If you decide to boycott or call for Boycotts, Divestments, or Sanction of Israel, that is free speech. That is your free speech,” she affirmed.

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State legislatures that have successfully passed such laws have done so on the premise that boycotting Israel, or goods manufactured there, is “anti-Semitic” and is therefore “a form of discrimination on the same level as discrimination based on gender, race, or similar attributes,” Iversen explained.

Yet highlighting the double standard, the video show hostess asked why such a principle does not apply to other countries such as China or Russia, nations the U.S. has blatantly discriminated against. “Wouldn’t you be considered discriminative against Russians if you’re boycotting Russia?”

“Nobody thinks if you boycott China and you say things against China that you’re criticizing Chinese people,” she argued. Yet, the advocates for such privileged treatment have argued that “Israel is Jewish. Jews are Israel. Israel is Jews, (and thus) any sort of criticism of one is a criticism of the other,” despite the fact that many thousands of Jewish rabbis attest to the direct opposite.

Additionally, “only 30% of the world’s Jews live in Israel,” with 51% living in the U.S. Moreover, around 20% of Israel’s population is not even Jewish. Thus, there is a clear distinction between the Israeli nationality and the Jewish religion or ethnicity.

Now restricting religious freedom: ‘Christ is King’ deemed anti-Semitic

A further double standard was highlighted by Iversen regarding the “Christ is King” controversy, that followed hard upon the firing of Owens. Certain influencers, especially at the Daily Wire, were attempting to classify the perennial Christian profession “Christ is King” as being anti-Semitic when it is being said “specifically to a Jew.”

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“Now you could say that to apparently a Buddhist. You could say it to a Hindu. You could say it to a Muslim. And apparently, it’s not anti-Buddhist. It’s not anti-Hindu. It’s not anti-Islam. But …  nonetheless, saying ‘Jesus Christ is King’ is now somehow anti-Semitic,” she explained.

Reviewing these draconian strategies employed by advocates of Israel to ensure Americans cannot speak about or resist their government’s unconditional support for Israel, despite that nation’s significant purported crimes, whether such impositions involve anti-BDS laws, the firings of journalists and university presidents, the suppression of entire uncontrolled social media platforms like TikTok, and the stigmatizing of Christian religious freedom, Iversen concluded that Americans are only permitted by such powerful agents to “write checks and keep supporting Israel and ensure that this country (the U.S.) continues funneling money over to Israel and turns a blind eye to an obvious and actual genocide going on in Gaza.”

“You have two million people starving to death right now, two million people who’ve had their entire region decimated by bombs. And we’re supposed to also believe that that’s OK, that that is appropriate retaliation, and that it’s not genocide or ethnic cleansing at all, even though there’s blatant discussions about moving these people out of the region because now it’s uninhabitable,” she said.And you’re supposed to turn a blind eye to that, turn a blind eye to this actual genocide.”

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“Our sovereignty seems to have been lost, and I think it’s time we start questioning why anyone who’s advocating for Israel is not being registered as a foreign agent in this country. You don’t get to hide behind a religion. You don’t get to hide behind ‘anti-Semitism,’ a label trying to smear people and make them feel frightened of being labeled as such,” Iversen said. “You are advocating as a foreign agent for a foreign country. And not only that, but harming the sovereignty of the United States of America, passing laws in 37 states saying we’re not allowed to criticize you, a foreign Middle Eastern country? Are you kidding me?”

“We Americans have suffered. We’ve lost our sovereignty, we’ve lost our independence, we’ve lost our ability to debate, to have meaningful conversations, to really come to solutions,” she said. “And it has to be stopped.”


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Tell Congress to stop the Biden administration from funding wars in Ukraine and Israel