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(LifeSiteNews) – A minor league hockey player is refusing to be silent about the LGBT agenda after getting dismissed from his team for pointing out another club’s embrace of wokeism. 

“It’s a full-on mafia. They have organizations under their grasp,” 28-year-old Louie Rowe told LifeSite yesterday. “If it had any grounds in morality, you would not need power to force acceptance.” 

Rowe’s contract with the Illinois-based Peoria Rivermen was terminated just hours after he mocked the Michigan-based Kalamazoo Wings on social media last week. 

“I knew the Kwings were soft but I didn’t know they were gay, trans and soft,” he tweeted in response to the Wings making a rainbow version of its logo on Twitter and then brushing off a fan who complained.

Rowe is a native of East Lansing, Michigan and attended Arizona State University. He competed against the Wings when he played for the Fort Wayne Komets. He sat out of professional hockey for the last several years due to the league’s draconian COVID policies. 

Rowe explained to LifeSite that he’s been exposing child grooming and cultural Marxism on Twitter and Instagram for years although he’s faced occasional censorship. He says that when he was with Fort Wayne there were no issues with his online activism. 

I got released for ‘homophobic’ comments and ‘transphobic’ comments by using the actual words that are in the [LGBT] acronym – gay and trans. So, are they bad or are they good? Are you guys taking ‘pride’ in this? You can’t possibly be offended by me using the actual words you all claim to stand for,” he explained. 

Rowe told LifeSite that his coach Jean-Guy Trudel texted him on the night that he sent his Tweet. He’d just played in the team’s game earlier in the day.  

“I had a great relationship with my coach, my teammates, all of us. My coach sent me this message and then blocked me. The next day my possessions were in a garbage bag waiting to be picked up. I hadn’t been with the team for 14 days, so I wasn’t entitled to any severance pay. You don’t make a lot of money playing minor league hockey.” 

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After news of Rowe’s dismissal began to spread, liberal sports commentators eager to virtue signal their social justice bona fides decided to weigh in. 

“Louie Rowe didn’t just go against the Kalamazoo Wings, he’s made … homophobic and transphobic statements. His stream also includes a share of white supremacy and misogyny,” pro-LGBT Yahoo Sports analyst Ian Kennedy complained. 

TYT Sports produced a YouTube video on Rowe accusing him of being a “bigot” who promotes “conspiracy theories.”  

Rivermen co-owner Bart Rogers also issued a statement condemning him. 

“Our organization does not condone that language, nor do we support that point of view or behavior,” he said. “Those things do not represent the beliefs of our team, our partners nor our fans, nor the great sport we play. It does not represent the values of our organization.” 

The Rivermen are an affiliate of the NHL’s St. Louis Blues. 

Rowe, who is a practicing Catholic, remains undeterred. In fact, he says he’s received “a lot of support from ordinary people as well as players this week.” 

“The dam is cracking. People don’t want this. Just look at what Ivan Provorov did.” 

Provorov is a Russian-born defenseman for the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers. He refused to take the ice for warmups during a Pride Night game where players were forced to wear rainbow-colored jerseys. Despite a torrent of criticism from corporate media outlets, Provorov has stood firm in his defiance. His own No. 9 jersey sold out online on multiple websites this week. 

“Regular people are starting to look at this and say, ‘Something is wrong, something is just not right.’ The LGBT agenda is being forced on other people, and it’s really rubbing people the wrong way. I think the tide is starting to turn,” Rowe said. 

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Rowe told LifeSite he isn’t sure what will come next, but that he’s open to whatever God wants. 

“I don’t know what my future in hockey is going to look like. I’ve had a couple of teams and other leagues reach out. But to be honest, I’m not very interested. I might try to explore some options overseas. We’ll see about that, but I’m just going to be patient and, in my mind, if this season’s over, it’s over. I have other companies that I run. I’ll be alright.”