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Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) speaks to reporters in the Senate Subway of the U.S. Capitol on April 07, 2022 in Washington, DC. Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Tell Congress to stop the Biden administration from funding wars in Ukraine and Israel

(LifeSiteNews) — Globalist Senator Mitt Romney inadvertently confirmed what many free speech advocates have been saying about the influence the Zionist lobby wields over the United States Congress. 

Romney sat down with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken as part of the McCain Institute’s 2024 Sedona Forum, which was held last Friday and Saturday in Arizona. The two discussed how the U.S. can supposedly maintain “American leadership” across the world. 

Romney, now 77, has already announced he is not seeking re-election this fall. Following his failed presidential bid in 2012, he decided to wage war against the America First movement by lambasting Donald Trump in a 2016 speech. He has continued his jihad while serving as a senator, and it appears he plans to use the time he has left in office to continue to promote the Deep State’s interests. 

After Blinken informed him that a ceasefire has not been struck between Hamas and Israel because both sides are “traumatized,” a puzzled Romney wondered “why has the PR been so awful? … I mean, typically the Israelis are good at PR. What’s happened here?  How have they – how have they and we – been so ineffective at communicating the realities there and our point of view?” 

Blinken said that “one can speculate about what some of the causes might be” but then immediately pointed to the democratization of the news as the reason why. 

“Social media has dominated the narrative,” he remarked. “And you have a social media ecosystem environment in which context, history, facts get lost, and the emotion, the impact of images dominates. And we can’t – we can’t discount that, but I think it also has a very, very, very challenging effect on the narrative.” 

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Romney replied by confirming, indirectly, what MAGA conservatives and other patriotic voices have been saying about why Congress decided to censor TikTok in the first place, namely, that it had become a platform where the ethnic cleansing of Gazans by the Israeli military was on display for all to see, something that would shape public opinion against Israel’s efforts.  

“Some wonder why there was such overwhelming support for us to shut down potentially TikTok or other entities of that nature,” Romney remarked. “If you look at the postings on TikTok and the number of mentions of Palestinians relative to other social media sites, it’s overwhelmingly so among TikTok broadcasts. So, I’d note that’s of real interest.” 

On April 23, Joe Biden signed into a law a bill that forces TikTok to be sold by its Chinese owner ByteDance. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle said the measure was necessary. Most argued TikTok had become a tool of the Chinese government. Others said it was dangerous because it didn’t combat “antisemitism.”   

“When you look at what is on TikTok … you are promoting to kids self-harm videos and anti-Israel propaganda,” Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz said during a hearing in January.  

“For every 30 minutes that someone watches TikTok every day they become 17 percent more antisemitic, more pro-Hamas,” failed GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley alleged during a Republican primary debate last year. 

“Unfortunately, there are antisemitic people in America who will blame Israel and the Jewish people for anything, even Congress banning a Chinese-controlled app,” Republican Senator Marco Rubio has said. 

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When I read those remarks, I’m not sure if I’m reading Anti-Defamation League president Jonathan Greenblatt – who himself admitted TikTok is a “problem” – or America’s supposedly most conservative, most pro-free speech public officials.  

For what it’s worth, Mitt Romney has received $976,000 in campaign donations from pro-Israel political action groups. Cruz has received $1.5 million while Rubio has accepted just over $1 million. Some of Nikki Haley’s biggest donors were also Jewish. 

While Zionist-controlled websites quickly dismissed those who connected the dots on why the bill was passed so quickly as “conspiracy theorists,” journalist Glenn Greenwald spoke the plain truth when he said that the reason it gained momentum in the first place is because “Bipartisan DC became enraged so many Americans were allowed to criticize Israel” on TikTok.

“Love Israel if you want,” he said in an X post, “but love free speech in the U.S. more.” 

It’s hard to disagree with that.

Tell Congress to stop the Biden administration from funding wars in Ukraine and Israel