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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates 

(LifeSiteNews) — The mother of a Michigan woman who was given Remdesivir and died after being forced onto a ventilator is raising funds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Julie Schlipp is seeking “Justice for Jessica,” her daughter who passed away at Trinity Health Hospital in Grand Rapids.

Jessica, whose last name was Hallgren, died in December 2021 from kidney failure, a collapsed lung, multiple strokes, and brain hemorrhaging 10 days after delivering her 29-week-old baby Margaret via C-section. LifeSite documented her harrowing tale at the time. Click here to read it.

Schlipp told LifeSite that the hospital basically kidnapped Jessica, isolated her from her husband, and gave her treatments that not only weren’t necessary but against her explicit wishes.

“She went to the urgent care facility after her blood oxygen level fell into the 80s following a bout with pneumonia, which her primary care doctor said could be bad for her baby. She arrived and they immediately took her away from her husband Matt, who was denied entrance. He didn’t get a chance to speak to her until several days later,” Schlipp said via phone call.

Schlipp also explained that Jessica, who was perfectly healthy and only 39 years-old at the time, was aware of the dangers of Remdesivir and ventilators. “If they vent me, I won’t make it out of here,” she repeatedly told her husband.

She was transported by ambulance to Trinity Health 20 minutes north later that evening. But within days her oxygen levels began to improve, rising to the mid 90s with help from prayerful meditation but also a CPAP machine. She even texted her eldest daughter that she was “doing pretty good.” But the hospital was insistent that she needed to go on a ventilator. After initially refusing, she was told that in order to deliver the baby she would ultimately have to be put on one. “It doesn’t make sense why she needed to be on a ventilator for a C-section,” Schlipp explained. “But Jessica wanted to do whatever was needed to ensure her baby lived. She didn’t have a choice.”

Schlipp says that before giving birth Jessica attempted to pull the ventilator tubes out of her throat, though she was not conscious at the time. Hospital staff then strapped her arms and legs down to prevent that from happening again. Schlipp says medical records that she obtained indicate Remdesivir was likely administered four times, though a staffer told Schlipp that Jessica “refused” it, thereby implying that her kidney failure, lung collapse, strokes, and hemorrhaging were all symptoms of COVID.

Jessica Hallgren’s husband and children

Schlipp was told that Jessica was effectively brain dead from her injuries and so her family determined it was better to remove her from the ventilator. Ultimately, she died just 14 days after first going to urgent care. Schlipp says the way the hospital treated her daughter was “abusive” and “beyond cruel.” They “put her into a coma.”

Schlipp is in the beginning stages of sending letters to hospital staff notifying them they are being sued for negligence and the wrongful death of her daughter, though she is in need of financial assistance. Teresa Cichewicz is one woman who has offered Schlipp her expertise on the matter.

Cichewicz joined the national FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation several years ago when her own father, Robert Michanowicz, died just days after entering a hospital with breathing problems. He, too, was given Remdesivir despite Cichewicz’s family explicitly telling doctors multiple times to not administer it to him. He died about 6 days before Jessica.

“After over two years of raising awareness with hospital protests, media interviews, class action lawsuits, and more, we have found some courageous lawyers to come forth and help defend these victims,” Cichewicz told LifeSite via email. “We have over 60 of these cases documented in Michigan alone. With the upcoming six lawsuits our members plan to file, we will have a total of 11 in Michigan and 19+ nationally. We are still seeking more lawyers to help with these cases as we continue to fight for justice for Jessica and others.”

Remdesivir and ventilators were used as standard protocol for COVID patients by hospitals across the United States per the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci and approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The drug had a known fatality rate of around 52 percent in African trials. During the pandemic, hospitals were financially enticed by the U.S. government with a 20 percent reimbursement bonus to administer Remdesivir. A whopping 76 percent of COVID patients under age 65 that were put on ventilators died. Hospitals also obtained money for classifying deaths as being due to COVID-19. Many medical freedom activists like Cichewicz and Schlipp argue that this provided a perverse incentive for medical staff to use dangerous, government-approved treatments to boost profits.

Schlipp’s fundraiser is seeking $2,500 for initial paperwork and filing fees. Click here to learn more. Jessica Hallgren is survived by her husband, parents, and seven children, including Margaret, who was born 10 days before her mom’s passing. She was never held in her mother’s arms.

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates