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Infant clothing adorned with pro-sodomy images being sold at Kohl'sEnd Wokeness / Twitter

(LifeSiteNews) –– Philip Klein’s doubling down on his belief that it’s perfectly fine for parents to turn their infants into billboards for sodomy reveals a troubling amount of indifference on the political right to the increasing level of diabolical corruption taking over America. 

Klein serves as the editor of the famed “conservative” magazine National Review. On May 29, he tweeted that he doesn’t care if the chain store Kohl’s sells rainbow-themed onesies for babies. 

“Why should it matter?” he shrugged. “We’re not talking about transitioning minors here. It’s just a shirt.” 

But many people, including fellow National Review staffer Madeleine Kearns, know this does matter, and that it isn’t just a shirt. 

“[LGBT] activists are fighting to normalize and sanitize the harder-to-sell parts of their message by using children as a front,” she said in response. “It is insidious.” 

“Ok, groomer,” multiple Twitter users replied. 

Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro also thought Klein was wrong.  

The outfit is a tool for “indoctrinating children into sexual fluidity,” he correctly noted.  

But Klein remained unpersuaded.  

“I didn’t particularly view it as something worth getting into a tizzy about,” he wrote in a follow-up essay. “Conservatives would be mistaken to mimic the Left by adopting an all-or-nothing mentality on the culture war.” 

Perhaps Klein can be excused for his horrifically bad take. He spends most of his time writing about Israel and the exciting world of financial policy on Capitol Hill. Social issues just aren’t his wheelhouse.  

Then again, the LGBT agenda isn’t something that persons in prominent positions in the conservative movement can and should be allowed to be indifferent about. 

I’m reminded of a scene in the second Lord of the Rings movie — The Two Towers — where the main characters are debating what to do about the threat of Saruman’s army. Théoden, King of Rohan, wants to flee to the bunker of Helm’s Deep. “I will not risk open war,” he declares. Aragorn, the exiled king of Gondor, wisely replies: “Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not.” 

And so the same could be said today about the far-left. Transgenderism, homosexual “marriage,” surrogacy, and the entire gamut of cultural norms (like onesies and other ‘Pride’ clothes) that are associated with wokeism, are, of themselves, all-encompassing. In other words, they are part and parcel of a thoroughgoing anti-Christian worldview that is actively seeking — at all costs — to not only destroy but to replace Western Civilization. 

For Klein to act like this is a battle he can’t be bothered to enlist in (and to suggest that a society that calls evil good and good evil is of no real consequence to him) should serve as a reminder for Christians that many on the so-called political right are not their friends, and that, ultimately, more than a few individuals and outlets serve as gatekeepers to ensure social conservatives vote for the GOP but are never allowed to play anything other than a minority role.

Barry Goldwater once said that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice and that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. Conservatives would do well to cancel their subscription to National Review and reject Klein’s cowardly posturing. Instead, they, like the Men of the West in Tolkien’s books, should stand and fight the moral evils spreading across the U.S. Boycotting pro-LGBT stores like Kohl’s (and Target) are no doubt a helpful start. But there is much more work to be done.