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(LifeSiteNews) – A recent New York Times article attempted to downplay the importance of “detransitioners,” or individuals who once identified as the opposite sex but now have stopped trying to portray themselves that way. The article comes after numerous LGBT groups and New York Times contributors have criticized the paper for sometimes running articles skeptical of components of transgenderism.

The article, titled “How a Few Stories of Regret Fuel The Push To Restrict Gender Transition Care,” laments how individuals such as Chloe Cole and Cat Cattinson have had their voices amplified in support of legislative efforts to protect minors from dangerous transgender drugs and surgeries.

Maggie Astor with the Times wrote:

As Republican-controlled state legislatures have passed over a dozen bills banning transition care for minors this year and have moved to restrict care for adults, Ms. Cole and fewer than 10 activists like her — people who transitioned and then changed course — have become the faces of the cause, according to a New York Times review of news coverage and legislative testimony.

She continued:

Their stories of regret and irreversible physical transformation have tapped into strong emotions about rapidly shifting gender norms — from hardened prejudice to parental worry. Lawmakers have used these accounts to override objections from all major medical associations, which oppose bans on transition care, as well as testimony from the far larger number of transgender people who say transitioning improved their mental health.

It may be true currently that among individuals who injected themselves with hormones or who had healthy body parts removed there is not currently a majority who have registered regret. But the fundamental basis of the transgender movement is flawed – it is not possible for someone to change their gender. There are two sexes, male and female, and even “intersex” does not break that binary, as LifeSiteNews’s Jeremy Williamson explains here.

Astor wrote critically that “Ms. Cole and fewer than 10 activists like her — people who transitioned and then changed course — have become the faces of the cause.”

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Artur Pawlowski's son MUST NOT be fined or jailed for protecting kids from Drag Queens
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The son of pastor Artur Pawlowski could be facing massive fines and jail time after he preached Bible verses outside a drag queen story time held at a public library over the weekend.

Nathaniel Pawlowski was detained and ticketed on Saturday by Calgary Police Service (CPS) because he was preaching too “close” to the drag event, in an apparent violation of a new and oppressive bylaw.

SIGN: Nathaniel Pawlowski MUST NOT be fined or jailed for protecting kids from Drag Queens

Pawlowski said that he was outside the event to “preach, read the Bible and just speak.” 

Video of the incident shows Pawlowski along with his friend Deklan Friesen speaking to a crowd outside the library.

Calgary City Council last month passed a new “Safe and Inclusive Access Bylaw” that disallows “specified protests” both inside and outside all city-owned and affiliated public buildings. Mayor Jyoti Gondek put her full support behind the buffer zone bylaw.

Please tell Mayor Gondek that the bylaw violating Charter freedoms is both unjust and absurd

The bylaw means pastors or concerned parents protesting pro-LGBT events at public buildings are barred from getting within 100 meters of any such location.

Top constitutional lawyer John Carpay recently blasted Calgary City Council for going to “war” against Canadians’ freedoms by using bylaws to target people’s ability to protest events at public facilities, including drag queen performance directed at children. 

In an opinion piece published on March 17 in the Western Standard, Carpay said “freedom of expression is meaningless if citizens are only allowed to say what’s approved by the government, or if expression is banished from public spaces.” 

Pawlowski noted that his ticket has no penalty listed yet, as police must “review the evidence on me and that they will be stopping by my home to issue charges.”  

His ticket does have a mandatory court appearance date. Each charge under Calgary’s bylaw carries a maximum fine of up to $10,000 and up to a year in jail.

SIGN: Nathaniel Pawlowski MUST NOT be fined or jailed for protecting kids from Drag Queens 

Pawlowski had asked the police officers if they would also be enforcing “the same law on to the other side with the Antifa protesters”, but nobody was served a ticket except for he and Friesen.

In June 2022, Calgary City Council, under its left-leaning Mayor Jyoti Gondek, amended the city’s bylaws to “specifically prohibit insulting or demeaning behavior, including unwanted sexual advances, or harassing anyone on the basis of age, race, sexual orientation, disability, gender, gender identity or gender expression, among others.” 

In February, Gondek vowed to use the bylaw to go after drag queen story hour protesters after some of the events were postponed by pro-family objectors. 

In early March, fulfilling her promise, Calgary City Council then passed the bylaw that banned protesting against drag queen story hours or any other “LGBTQ” events held at public facilities. 

SIGN: Nathaniel Pawlowski MUST NOT be fined or jailed for protecting kids from Drag Queens 

Carpay noted that while there are limits to free speech,  “Canadians have every right to express their views in public places, regardless of the content of the expression.” 

He also wrote how a 1992 Supreme Court of Canada decision in R. v. Zundel “explained all communications which convey or attempt to convey meaning are protected by the Charter [of Rights and Freedoms], unless the physical form by which the communication is made (for example, a violent act) excludes protection.” 

“The purpose of the Charter’s free expression guarantee is to promote truth, self-fulfillment, and political and social participation. That purpose extends to the protection of minority beliefs which the majority regards as wrong or false,” wrote Carpay. 

According to Carpay, Gondek seems to “believe it is wrong or false to oppose drag queen story readings in public libraries.” 

“She is entitled to express her views, but not to impose her views on others by effectively banning peaceful public protests through a so-called ‘Safe and Inclusive Access’ bylaw,” noted Carpay. 

There exists a “freedom of expression” which includes the “right” to choose “high-visibility locations to hold up signs or banners, sing or chant, hand out literature, gather signatures on a petition, and have a speaker get up on her soapbox,” continued the lawyer. 

“Protests are often held at the locations where injustices (or perceived injustices) are actually occurring,” he added. 

Christian pastor Derek Reimer was jailed and charged in early March for protesting a children’s drag queen story hour at a public library in Calgary.  

Carpay wrote that the city council’s use of “coercive power to relegate peaceful protesters to obscure locations where they cannot be seen or heard,” amounts to “crushing a fundamental Charter freedom on which our democracy depends.” 

“The point of protests is to be seen and heard,” wrote Carpay. 

Carpay noted that being forced to stand 100 meters away from high-visibility and high-traffic areas “reduces freedom of expression to near irrelevance.” 

“Protecting entrances from obstruction is already taken care of by the Criminal Code, and does not require a bylaw that imposes up to $10,000 in fines and up to a year in jail for peacefully protesting less than the length of four swimming pools away from an entrance,” charged Carpay. 

According to Carpay, the Charter’s protection for free speech applies to those at the receiving end of a person speaking out.  

“Potential listeners who have the right to hear diverse points of view, and to decide for themselves what is true and false rather than having Mayor Gondek decide on their behalf,” said Carpay. 

“Calgary’s ‘Safe and Inclusive Access’ bylaw violates the rights of all Calgarians, speakers and listeners, and attacks diversity of thought and belief.” 

Carpay noted that “repressive regimes always take great pains to ensure their subjects are kept ‘safe’ from ideas which the regime believes to be wrong or false.” 

“In the past – and still today – those living in communist North Korea, national socialist Germany, theocratic Iran, Putin’s Russia, communist China and many other places have been kept very safe from ideas that the regime dislikes,” wrote Carpay.  

Carpay noted that in a “free society,” there is no way everyone can be “safe” from hearing one’s opposing views. 

“The ‘safety’ which woke activists on Calgary City Council are promising is attractive to those who support children being exposed to drag queens at public libraries,” wrote Carpay.

“But beware of the erosion of freedom, because the demons of censorship cannot be controlled after their release.” 

In addition to Carpay, the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) has also objected to the new bylaw, and has vowed to commence a legal challenge against the “unconstitutional” policy. 

SIGN: Nathaniel Pawlowski MUST NOT be fined or jailed for protecting kids from Drag Queens


Pastor Artur Pawlowski's son detained in Calgary for preaching against drag show - LifeSiteNews

Canadian constitutional lawyer rips Calgary law banning drag queen story hour protests - LifeSiteNews

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This is nothing new in politics, though. The fact that a few people regularly testify on legislation or speak at rallies does not undermine the credibility of what they are saying. Anyone who has worked in lobbying or for a political advocacy group knows that there are usually the same people brought to testify on legislation. They have been trained on how to speak and answer questions. And they often have personal stories to share.

The Times article also criticized Republican lawmakers for using these experiences to “override objections from all major medical associations.” But it really should not be necessary to even use personal stories to protect minors and adults from chemical and surgical mutilation.

In an ideal world our political system would be grounded in logic and reasoning and the debate would go back to that great Matt Walsh question, “What is a woman?” or, “Can someone really change their gender?” But the world we live in values stories and experiences, so Republicans are simply playing the political game well when they share the stories of Cole and others. Those stories are evidence that people do regret their “transitions” sometimes.

While it is true that many major medical associations, such as the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), believe that transgender drugs and surgeries are helpful, that does not prove they actually are. In the same way LGBT groups bully the New York Times into running pro-transgender stories, there is also strong evidence that medical groups have become extremely politicized and also allowed the fringe views of a small number of individuals to be amplified over common-sense and biological reality. These medical groups also tried to get the federal government to prosecute journalists who expose hospitals and clinics that inject kids with hormones or remove healthy body parts.

The Washington Free Beacon reported in December 2022 that just a small number of individuals within the AAP set the guidelines for the group, including the unscientific claims that baby language development would not be hurt by masking.

Sibarium reported, based on insider interviews:

Though the organization’s guidelines are framed as the consensus position of the AAP’s members, only a handful of physicians had a role in shaping them. Instead, insiders say, the AAP is deferring to small, like-minded teams of specialists ensconced in children’s hospitals, research centers, and public health bureaucracies, rather than seeking the insights of pediatricians who see a wide cross-section of America’s children.

They also say a longstanding left-wing bias—over two thirds of pediatricians are registered Democrats—has accelerated, turning the organization into a more overtly political body that now pronounces on issues from climate change to immigration. As rates of gender dysphoria exploded and the Covid-19 pandemic hit, that bias seeped into the organization’s medical policy recommendations, unchecked by discussion or debate.

Put another way, the New York Times and Maggie Astor may be surprised to find out that the AAP, and presumably other establishment medical groups, do not all get together once a month with thousands of academic studies and have a freewheeling debate on whether nine-year-olds should be pumped full of testosterone or have their reproductive organs removed. Instead, pro-transgender and generally liberal individuals have a political agenda that is then painted over with a veneer of scientific and medical credibility and amplified as the Truth.

Again, in an ideal world the political debate in the United States would be based on logic, reasoning, and truth, and not need to go back and forth with each side finding a few voices to share their opinions. But the discourse is not there and probably will never reach that point, which is why it is good for conservatives to amplify the voices of those who have regretted their illogical attempts to “identify” as the opposite sex.