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Send a note thanking Danielle Smith for recent pro-family policies today

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — After seeming to dodge the issue for a week, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre has finally voiced support for Alberta’s ban on “transitioning” kids.

On February 7, Poilievre told reporters on Parliament Hill that he is opposed to the use of “puberty blockers” for children, a week after Alberta introduced legislation protecting children from the worst results of transgender ideology.    

“I think that we should protect children and their ability to make adult decisions when they’re adults,” said Poilievre. 

“You are against puberty blockers for children under the age of 18, to be clear,” a reporter pressed.  

“Yes,” Poilievre responded. 

Poilievre’s comments come exactly a week after Alberta Premier Danielle Smith announced what is perhaps the strongest pro-family legislation in Canada, protecting kids from life-altering so-called “top and bottom” surgeries as well as other extreme forms of transgender ideology.  

Smith said her United Conservative Party (UCP) government will soon be introducing legislation which, if passed, would bar doctors in the province from medically or surgically “transitioning” children under 17. The new legislation will also mandate parental consent for pronoun changes in school. Coming in the fall will be additional legislation that bans biological men who claim to be women from competing in women’s sports.  

Smith immediately received enormous support from Canadians, but instead of joining in on the chorus, Poilievre reportedly instructed his federal Conservative MPs to remain silent.

Too little, too late

Earlier this week, when Poilievre placed a muzzle on his MPs regarding Alberta’s new policies, pro-family Canadians felt rightfully betrayed. 

Poilievre has, in the past, openly voiced his support for homosexual “marriage,” and just recently his wife made headlines for championing the couple’s pro-abortion views. 

As prominent pro-family activist Chris Elston wrote, one cannot be considered a conservative while refusing “to condemn the cutting up and sterilization of children.”  

Leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, also accused Poilievre of being a “fake Conservative,” as true Conservatives would defend children from irreversible medical decisions.  

LifeSiteNews also criticized Poilievre over his decision, launching a VoterVoice campaign urging the Opposition leader to allow his MPs to freely endorse Smith’s legislation and espouse pro-family views at the federal level.

Shortly after the criticisms began flooding in, Poilievre told reporters that “Justin Trudeau should butt out” of Alberta’s decision to protect kids, referring to statements made by Liberal Party cabinet ministers condemning Smith’s new policies.

“He should let parents raise kids and let provinces run schools and hospitals,” Poilievre had continued, stopping noticeably short of voicing support for Alberta’s decision.

Finally, on Wednesday, Poilievre announced he supports banning often-sterilizing “puberty blockers” for minors, in what can only be perceived as a decision made after it seemed clear the majority of Canadians feel the same way. 

Poilievre’s week-late response in defense of children should be considered “too little, too late” by pro-family Canadians, especially considering his initial non-statements on the matter, and his accusation that the issue was being used by the Trudeau government as a form of distraction from economic and other issues. 

Poilievre’s suggestion that Canadians care more about the rising cost of living than pro-family issues seems unfounded to say the least, considering the enormous push for pro-family legislation across the country and the tens of thousands of protesters who took to the streets last September during the Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination in schools. 

Poilievre was notably missing at the Million Person March and, much like the current situation, even went as far as having his office tell his caucus to refrain from making any statements about the movement.    

This led many online to accuse the Conservative leader of cowardice and having missed a good opportunity to rally his grassroots base.   

In another similarity to the Alberta situation, following the outcry of Poilievre’s muzzling of MPs following the march, along with overwhelming evidence that conservative Canadians are in favor of pro-family legislation, Poilievre voiced support for parental rights and blasted Trudeau for “demonizing concerned parents.”

Pro-family Canadians have found their voice, and it’s making a difference  

Increasingly, Conservative leaders who have shown little to no concern over LGBT propaganda pushed on children have been forced to take notice as Canadians are standing up to LGBT activists. 

While Alberta’s forthcoming rules will be the strongest thus far in Canada when it comes to protecting kids from the most extreme aspects of the transgender movement, the conservative-led governments of Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have also taken steps to protect kids in the past year.   

Saskatchewan, under Premier Scott Moe, recently passed a new policy mandating that parents be told if their child “changes” genders at school. 

Indeed, the voices of pro-family Canadians seems to have also reached the federal government, forcing Poilievre to, at least verbally, support the movement. 

Campaign Life Coalition’s Jack Fonseca told LifeSiteNews that the “180 degree turnaround on Poilievre’s part also demonstrates the importance of pro-family lobbying and the many parental rights protests against LGBT indoctrination that have occurred over the past year, from the #1MillionMarch4Children rallies, to events organized by Josh Alexander and Billboard Chris, to CLC’s National Pride Flag Walk-Out Day which emptied the schools, to our nationwide petition calling on political leaders to ban child sex-change in Canada which had garnered over 10,000 signatures before Poilievre’s statement against puberty blockers.” 

“For far too long, Poilievre has been a cowardly leader, ready to ape Justin Trudeau’s talking points on social issues and applaud all of his anti-family policies, not because he truly believes in them, but because he feared that taking an opposing view would create an opportunity for the CBC and Toronto Star to damage him in the polls,” Fonseca asserted.  

“Premier Smith’s very popular parental rights policies have forced Poilievre to realize that he never needed to fear the liberal media after all,” he continued. “Seeing the broad popularity of Smith’s policies, I think Poilievre was also forced to choose between continuing to stand with Trudeau on LGBT ideology, or to cross the aisle, so to speak, and stand with Danielle Smith.” 

Fonseca lamented that Poilievre seems to have abandoned his personal beliefs in order to win votes: “I actually don’t think Poilievre believes in anything anymore.” 

“Once upon a time, he identified as pro-life and pro-family,” he recalled. “But all these years in the belly of the corrupt political machine caused him to lose his principles, and probably his Catholic faith too.” 

“So now, Pierre will go wherever the polls seem to go, and at the moment, they’re with supporting parental rights against LGBT ideology,” he explained.   

While Fonseca celebrated Poilievre’s support of the pro-family movement, he called on him to “apologize for having supported Trudeau’s parental prosecution bill, C-4, the euphemistically named ‘Conversion therapy ban,’ and pledge to repeal it.” 

Many experts have noted that the bill would seem to allow parents to be jailed for up to 5 years if they refuse to allow their young child to “transition” to another gender.    

“Pierre needs to make amends for his past support of that bill,” Fonseca declared. “It would be easy enough for him to do a public ‘mea culpa’ and say, ‘I was wrong. I’m sorry. I’ll repeal the parental prosecution bill when I’m prime minister,’ and that’s what he should do.” 

Send a note thanking Danielle Smith for recent pro-family policies today