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(LifeSiteNews) — “The public health response [to the COVID-19 pandemic] was not about public health,” declared Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in a riveting May 2023 podcast interview with Russell Brand.   

“It was a militarized and monetized response. It was a pretense for clamping down totalitarian controls,” said Kennedy. “And the weird thing about the pandemic was this constant involvement by the CIA, the intelligence agencies, and the military.” 

Even before he announced his intention to dislodge Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s 2024 presidential candidate, Kennedy had come under fire for questioning how political leaders working in conjunction with Big Pharma and Big Medicine handled the pandemic.   

Government-funded NPR has dismissed Kennedy’s presentation of unvarnished truth as painting  “a dark, conspiratorial picture of the world, bristling with debunked theories, misleading claims and outright falsehoods.”  

And a recent report by British media accuses Brand of sexual assault and rape. YouTube has already demonetized Brand’s channel over the accusations, which author Carol Roth called a manifestation of an “informal social credit system,” and the U.K. government reached out to Rumble asking it to do the same.  

“When Warp Speed finally turned over its previously classified organizational charts, they shocked everybody because the top organization that had managed Warp Speed was not HHS [Health and Human Services], CDC [the Centers for Disease Control], NIH [the National Institutes of Health], or FDA [the Food and Drug Administration] or any public health agency,” said RFK, who is the nephew of President John F. Kennedy and has spent four decades as a public health advocate. “It was the NSA, a spy agency.”  

Kennedy said that the COVID-19 vaccines were developed not by Moderna and Pfizer, but by NIH, which, as it turns out, owns 50 percent of the patents. Likewise, the injections were not manufactured by Pfizer or by Moderna and were instead produced by military contractors, he said, and Pfizer and Moderna were then paid to put their labels on the “vaccines” so that it would appear as if  they were products developed and produced by the pharmaceutical industry. 

“This was a military project from the beginning,” he added. 

In his book The Real Anthony Fauci, Kennedy describes the historical underpinnings of “the bewildering cataclysm that began in 2020.”  

In that single annus horribilis, liberal democracy effectively collapsed worldwide. The very governmental health regulators, social media eminences, and media companies that idealistic populations relied upon as champions of freedom, health, democracy, civil rights, and evidence-based public policy seemed to collectively pivot in a lockstep assault against free speech and personal freedoms.  

Across Western nations, shell-shocked citizens experienced all the well-worn tactics of rising totalitarianism – mass propaganda and censorship, the orchestrated promotion of terror, the manipulation of science, the suppression of debate, the vilification of dissent, and use of force to prevent protest. Conscientious objectors who resisted these unwanted, experimental, zero-liability medical interventions faced orchestrated gaslighting, marginalization, and scapegoating.  

American lives and livelihoods were shattered by a bewildering array of draconian diktats imposed without legislative approval or judicial review, risk assessment, or scientific citation. So-called Emergency Orders closed our businesses, schools and churches, made unprecedented intrusions into privacy, and disrupted our most treasured social and family relationships. Citizens the world over were ordered to stay in their homes. 

“Standing in the center of all the mayhem, with his confident hand on the helm, was one dominating figure,” wrote Kennedy. “As the trusted public face of the United States government response to COVID, Dr. Anthony Fauci set this perilous course and sold the American public on a new destination for our democracy.”  

Kennedy laid out how Fauci ended up with his fingerprints all over the weaponization of the coronavirus through gain of function research; why the research was being conducted in Wuhan, China instead of here in a U.S. research laboratory; and why as an employee of NIH he oversaw research that had nothing to do with healthcare but rather with developing deadly biological weaponry.  

Kennedy: the CIA turned over bioweapon development to Fauci and NIH 

When Richard Nixon took office, he shut down the CIA’s deadly bioweapons program which had been in operation since the end of World War II.    

Immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Patriot Act was introduced and passed, not only reinserting the U.S. into the bioweapons arms race, but, according to Kennedy, marked the beginning of the U.S. as a “surveillance state.”  

Senators Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle, who had blocked the bill’s passage, received in their Capitol offices mysterious envelopes containing a white powder that was determined to be Anthrax, a deadly bacteria.    

Congress was shut down, Leahy and Daschle went silent, and the Patriot Act passed.  

The anthrax mailings, which were considered acts of terror, were blamed by official Washington on Saddam Hussein’s forces and used as a pretext to attack Iraq.   

However, after a two-year investigation, the FBI found that the anthrax that had been sent to Leahy and Daschle likely had been engineered and produced at a lab operated by the CIA at Fort Detrick in nearby Frederick, Maryland.  

“At that point the Pentagon began pumping a lot of money into bioweapons – about $2 billion per year,” said Kennedy, but uncertainty lingered as to whether the Patriot Act was actually legal.  

Rather than place themselves at risk of legal jeopardy, the CIA and Pentagon transferred their research to NIH under Fauci’s supervision. Kennedy explained that this was how Fauci became the nation’s highest paid federal employee: His $450,000 annual salary reflected his work for both NIH and the Pentagon, developing both cures and bioweapons. 

Fauci shipped bioweapon development to communist China to escape federal oversight  

“In 2014, three of the bugs escaped from labs in the United States, and everybody finds out about it,” Kennedy explained to his host, Russell Brand. Congress held hearings and 300 scientists wrote letters to then-President Obama warning that the bioweapons research had end because “Tony Fauci is going to create an epidemic.”  

While Obama did order Fauci’s bioweapons projects to be halted, Fauci avoided doing so by lifting them from the American labs where the work was being done and resettling them in the now-infamous Wuhan lab in communist China, “out of sight of these federal overseers,” Kennedy said. 

Kennedy suggests in his book that Fauci’s so-called “gain of function” experiments to engineer pandemic superbugs gave rise to “the ironic possibility that Dr. Fauci may have played a role in triggering the global contagion that two US presidents entrusted him to manage.” 

“Fauci’s pernicious role in allowing pharmaceutical companies to dominate our government and subvert our democracy,” wrote Kennedy. “Fauci has played [a key role] in the current coup d’état against democracy.”