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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.

(LifeSiteNews) — America First Legal announced on August 16 it is suing Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to prevent “state-sanctioned kidnapping” of children under a “transgender” bill he signed into law.  

“This lawsuit against Washington state officials,” it begins, “is about whether a minor child who is receiving or even just seeking so-called ‘gender-affirming’ treatment – which includes services that alter body parts, prescribe life-altering medications, and other related things – showing up at a youth shelter, homeless shelter, or a host home, provides sufficient grounds to steamroll parental constitutional rights.”   

The lawsuit is intended to “block enforcement of a new ‘state-sanctioned kidnapping’ bill that allows the state to hide kids from their parents to perform ‘gender transitions’ – including disfiguring drugs and mutilating surgeries,” America First Legal explained on X (formerly Twitter).  

The lawsuit also names the Washington Attorney General Robert Ferguson and the Secretary of the Washington Department of Children, Youth, and Families, Ross Hunter, in its attempt to stop the enforcement of Senate Bill 5599. 

America First Legal (AFL) argues that the bill, signed into law on May 9 and effective as of July 27, “creates a dangerous incentive for minors who disagree with their parents on ‘gender-affirming care’ to run away to a shelter or host home.”

'This sick, authoritarian law essentially allows the state to kidnap children from their parents and hide their whereabouts to surgically and chemically mutilate them — and to formally deprive their parents of any legal ability to stop.'

Formerly, parents would be involved in and notified of any action to remove children into state care.  

In removing any requirement to even give notice to parents, the new legislation effectively dissolves parental rights, replacing them with those of a pro-“transgender” regime.  

Not only does the law permit the removal of children from the parental home by agents of the local government – and without warning – it contains a dangerous provision for the supply of unspecified health interventions, including sterilization and surgical mutilation. 

As AFL explained in an August 16 press release: 

Furthermore, the law authorizes the state to refer a minor for ‘behavioral health services’ without defining what this entails.

In practice, this means that young children who run away from home could be receiving chemical sterilization drugs or even genital mutilation without the consent or knowledge of the parents.

AFL takes a strong position on the matter of parental rights, as on child protection. They claim the new statute “deprives certain parents of their fundamental rights under the United States Constitution to direct the care and upbringing of their children.”  

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This defense of the family as foundation – and not a mere function – of the state is coupled with a determination to combat an “insidious” agenda.  

AFL’s President is Stephen Miller, a former Senior Adviser to President Donald Trump. He stated that  

America First Legal is leading the courtroom charge against radical transgenderism and the sexual exploitation of our children by militant gender activists… This litigation is about saving our children from those who abuse their innocence, torment their minds, and disfigure their bodies. America First Legal will be unrelenting in the struggle to save the rapidly vanishing civil, legal, and medical rights of kids, moms, and dads in America.

Yet this is far from the only battle that Miller’s law group is undertaking.  

Turning the tables   

Miller’s remarks make plain the mission of the group he leads, whose stated goal is to “turn the legal tables on the radical activist left.” 

Founded on April 6, 2021, this group has grown out the experience of seeing President Trump’s pro-America policies frustrated by the “lawfare” of a hostile bureaucracy. 

In its founding statement, Miller explained, “Whenever the Trump Administration tried to implement positive, lawful change that put America First, these extremist organizations filed one lawsuit after another, shopping for the most favorable legal forum. Now, we must turn the tables.”

Working with Trump throughout his term, Miller confronted the capture of the institutions by a political class hostile to God, the family, and dedicated to the promotion of appalling policies such as those which lead to “the medical disfigurement of… sons and daughters by gender extremists targeting children.” 

This experience has taught him one important lesson: how to win. 

Taking back America 

Against a possible sense of demoralization, Miller’s legal initiative presents reality-based Americans with the means to “oppose the radical left’s anti-jobs, anti-freedom, anti-faith, anti-borders, anti-police, and anti-American crusade.” 

The Washington lawsuit is emblematic of a broader aim to recapture America from 

… an unholy alliance of corrupt special interests, big tech titans, the fake news media, and liberal Washington politicians.

 AFL reminds all Americans that help is available to them, and that they are no longer legally helpless in the defense of their basic rights:

Those who believe in America First must not shy away from using our legal system to defend our society and our families from any unlawful actions by the left. Those looking to hold the new administration in Washington to account finally have their answer. Our self-imposed policy of legal disarmament is now over.

With its stated commitment of “fighting for all Americans, regardless of race, color or creed” AFL appears to be fulfilling its self-described brief, as it seeks to quash one of the most invasive and disturbing attacks on the family – and on children – ever seen in the U.S.  

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As Miller put it, “This sick, authoritarian law essentially allows the state to kidnap children from their parents and hide their whereabouts to surgically and chemically mutilate them – and to formally deprive their parents of any legal ability to stop.”  

Yet Miller’s assessment of the case demonstrates a deeper comprehension of the wickedness embodied in so many institutions. He understands that this case is one which strikes at the foundation of American liberty, and whose essence is diabolical. 

“This law is illegal, unconstitutional, and evil.”  

With a firm grasp of the awful reality, America First Legal is leading a vital fightback. 

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.


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