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(American Thinker) — The Republican Party of Texas voted 52-2 in favor of a resolution that calls for the resignation of Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan.

The resolution came for many reasons. One of the party’s primary concerns is Phelan’s controversial appointment of Democrats to chair crucial legislative committees. This decision, which was a direct challenge to voters’ wishes, has raised concerns about the direction of the state’s legislative agenda.

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The appointment of Democrats to such influential positions within the House suggests a willingness to compromise on core conservative values. This prospect does not sit well with many in the Republican Party. It raises questions about the direction of Texas politics and whether these appointments will result in legislation that aligns with the state’s conservative base.

Furthermore, Phelan’s tenure has been marked by what many see as an unsettling pattern of undermining the GOP’s core priorities. Key among these is the issue of border security and election integrity, both of which hold paramount importance for the party. Phelan’s failure to prioritize legislation addressing these concerns has left many feeling disillusioned and disconnected from the leadership of the House.

These issues have been at the forefront of party concerns in recent years, and the failure to address them effectively has raised eyebrows among party members. For many, border security is not just a policy matter; it’s a matter of fundamental security and sovereignty. Texas, with its extensive border with Mexico, is pivotal in safeguarding the U.S. The failure to prioritize legislation addressing border security raises alarm about the state’s ability to protect its citizens and the integrity of the immigration system.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a prominent figure within the Texas GOP, minced no words when he declared that Phelan is “undeserving of his leadership position.”

Adding fuel to the fire is Phelan’s controversial support for the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton. While Paxton was ultimately acquitted, the fact that Phelan endorsed such a move has led to internal strife within the party in Texas. Paxton asserted that Phelan “pressured other House members to vote for the impeachment… and continues to defend his action despite the weakness of the case.”

The resolution itself is a clear message from the Texas GOP that a change in leadership is needed. It reflects the party’s apprehension that members have been coerced into acting and voting against the platform and principles cherished by the party and its voters. The call for change becomes even more urgent as Texas braces for a special legislative session and potential subsequent special sessions.

It remains to be seen whether Phelan will heed the call for his resignation or if he will dig in his heels and attempt to weather the storm. Political pundits, constituents, and party members will closely watch the political drama unfolding in the coming days and weeks.

The outcome remains uncertain as Phelan’s response and the subsequent political developments unfold.

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Harris County GOP chairman Cindy Siegel weighed in on the growing discontent with Speaker Phelan, emphasizing the significance of county parties across the state expressing their displeasure. She stated:

The growing number of county parties across Texas voicing their displeasure with Speaker Phelan should not be taken with a grain of salt. Like our own, the voting members of these parties are the grassroots – they’re the backbone and the beating heart of the Republican party.

As the Lone Star State navigates this tumultuous chapter in its political history, one thing is clear: the eyes of the nation are fixed on Texas, watching to see how this pivotal moment unfolds.

Reprinted with permission from American Thinker.