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Matt Hancock, former UK health secretary, arrives at BBC Broadcasting House to appear on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg on October 16, 2022, in London, EnglandPhoto by Hollie Adams/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — British media has been awash with stories on the “Lockdown Files” since the leaked WhatsApp messages were made public, but this is not news to the reality based community.

If you have resisted the most concerted psychological warfare effort ever conducted on the populations of the formerly free world, these revelations will come as no surprise.

Yet it is to those who in good faith believed in the sincerity of their government’s actions that these revelations have meaning.

It is also to you, the bulwark of resistance to the creeping authoritarianism which is replacing the Liberal settlement, that the framing of this development has significance.

There are those who claim that everything is a sham, all things are controlled, and absolutely nothing is genuine. This is the enlightenment of surrender. It says all hope is for fools, everything is scripted. It’s over. This is what is called by some “being awake,” and it is a very useful state of mind to the State of Mind Control.

What this attitude creates is disengagement and apathy among the most committed enemies of repression. To whom is this perspective useful? It is useful to the people selling it, and it is helpful to the powers that be. If you believe the battle is lost you will leave the field, and sneer at those foolish enough to fight for what they love.

There is an old psychological warfare term. As with anything army, it is compressed into an acronym. This one is FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

It works on the principle that you do not need to convince people of the truth of your ideas, but only sow uncertainty in their minds about theirs.

Criminal justice works in the same way. The guilty are most effectively defended by a suspicion of doubt. To create this in the minds of the jurors is the goal of legal defense. Where a verdict is uncertain it is unlikely to be upheld. To recast the evidence as suspicious is simple. It can be done by questioning its provenance. Who said and did this? Can they be believed?

It can be done by waving it away – this does not matter. It is not the question. The evidence may even be described as a means of distraction from a bigger picture, which directs people’s attention away from the matter at hand.

These are means of leading people to distraction through doubt, and they are effective.

What matters in this case is – if the U.K. health minister admitted to manufacturing fear, “deploying” new variants, pushing measures which ruined people’s lives on no evidence of their efficacy – then every single politician and official who did likewise is equally guilty. It is important to note what happened in Britain, and why, because it happened in your country for the same reasons. The next step is to hold them to account. To dismiss these revelations as trivial is also to dismiss the wider question of management by fear. What else have they lied to you about?

There is still time to change the course of the world. Project Russia has been a failure whose consequences are weakening the very supranational bureaucracies set up to replace our governments. The IMF, the G20, the WHO, the WEF – these clubs for technocrats have seen their influence dramatically recede in recent months. It is a tragedy that it took a war to pause their advancement.

The mainstream media is in disarray, as is customary when it is confronted by undeniable evidence which contradicts the regime narrative.

What is most damaging of all is the direct admission that the U.K. health minister wanted to “frighten the pants off people” to gain compliance, and asked “When do we deploy the new variant?” to stoke the fear he had created.

C/O: The Daily Telegraph

Why terrify the population? “That’s what will get proper behavior change,” ministerial media adviser Damon Poole argued.

The inner workings of managed democracy are revealed here. Ministers of state have a keen eye on their reception in the media, evidence by the reference to “MOS leader,” denoting the widely read Mail on Sunday newspaper. The government is concerned with the alignment of policy with public opinion. Fear plays best in the focus groups, which are now being replaced by algorithms.

The increasing worldwide adoption of algorithms to assist in the making and presentation of public policy presents obvious dangers – to the public whose lives will be shaped by them. For this reason, France has made laws which require all official users to publish their code, thereby establishing transparency. Looking to the future, it is important that all government activity which replaces human input should be openly monitored in the public interest. If you would like to know why, note that Tony Blair’s Institute for Global Change says that “Government by Algorithm”  is nothing to worry about.

The lockdowns, and all the policies which flowed from them, caused immense and perhaps permanent damage. Businesses closed, mental health problems soared – as the following graph from U.K. NHS data shows.

C/O: The Daily Telegraph

The spreading of fear is also the making of madness. Bear this in mind when you encounter its victims, and pray for them.

The manufactured panic was used to promote pointless masking, ritual hand washing, senseless social distancing rules and the abolition of basic freedoms. A novel and untested treatment was produced which made a fortune for the pharmaceutical industry, whose CEOs suddenly became heroes.

The greatest wealth transfer in history from ordinary people to corporations and billionaires took place, as governments printed money to hand to them. This is theft from you and from your children for a vicious lie. The injections were unnecessary, and their impact on health has yet to be fully understood. For now, they remain the leading cause of tragic coincidence.

These measures were undertaken by the same means in every nation which used them. They lied to you, and made anyone sensible look like a murderer for questioning them. This was done by the stoking of an atmosphere of terror using the following lies:

  • COVID kills people indiscriminately,
  • It affects young and old equally,
  • It requires the suspension of all of your freedoms,
  • People who question the narrative are dangerous idiots.
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PETITION: Stop Tedros' WHO Pandemic Treaty
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The WHO Pandemic Treaty looks set to be one of the biggest power-grabs in living memory, with unelected globalists seeking the power to declare pandemics, and then control your country's response. 

But it's not too late to do something about it. 

SIGN and SHARE this special petition telling Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus that the WHO will never usurp your nation's sovereignty.

The past two years have been rife with infringements on personal liberties and civil rights by national governments, but now the World Health Organization is seeking to appropriate those same abusive powers to itself at a global level. 

194 member states representing 99% of the world's population are expected to sign pandemic treaties with the WHO that would allow Tedros, or any future Director General, to dictate exactly how your nation would respond to a new disease outbreak which they consider a pandemic.

This attack on national sovereignty will come as no surprise to those who for years have listened to elites like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates discussing their vision for the centralization of power into globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF), the WHO and the rest of the United Nations. 

SIGN this petition against the WHO's Pandemic Treaty, before it's too late.

Ludicrously, 20 world leaders calling for the treaty, including Tedros, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, compared the post-Covid world to the post-WWII period, saying similar co-operation is now needed to "dispel the temptations of isolationism and nationalism, and to address the challenges that could only be achieved together in the spirit of solidarity and co-operation - namely peace, prosperity, health and security."

Australian PM Scott Morrison is the latest leader to express support for a “pandemic treaty”.

The stated intention of the WHO is to “kickstart a global process to draft and negotiate a convention, agreement or other international instrument under the Constitution of the World Health Organization to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.”

The wheels are already in motion, with the Biden administration officially proposing the initial steps towards handing global pandemic control to the WHO. 

Biden's representatives have submitted amendments to the WHO's International Health Regulations (IHR), which would give the Director General the right to declare health emergencies in any nation, even when disputed by the country in question.

These amendments, which would be legally binding under international law, will be voted on by the World Health Assembly (the governing body of the WHO) at a special convention running from May 22-28 and set the stage for a fully-fledged pandemic treaty to be passed. 

SIGN and SHARE the petition telling the WHO that you won't accept any pandemic treaty

The ball has been rolling since the last World Health Assembly meeting in December, where the United States launched negotiations "on a new international health instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response," a U.S. statement read. 

"This momentous step represents our collective responsibility to work together to advance health security and to make the global health system stronger and more responsive. 

"We look forward to broad and deep negotiations using a whole-of-society and whole-of-government approach that will strengthen the international legal framework for public health/pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response and enable us to address issues of equity, accountability, and multisectoral collaboration evident in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"We know it will take all of us working together across governments, private sector, philanthropy, academia, and civil society to make rapid progress towards a long-term solution for these complex problems," the U.S. statement added.

SIGN the petition today to show the WHO that you won't accept this attack on national sovereignty.

These are precarious times in which freedom and self-determination must be defended from those who would ride rough-shod over your civil rights. 

We do not want to go back to global lockdowns, vaccine mandates and propoganda.

Sign the petition - speak up now!

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The “Lockdown Files” are an incomplete picture of guilt, but they deliver a verdict in search of a sentence. Some have pronounced one on the writer who leaked them. Others dismiss them as mere window dressing. To shoot the messenger is to shoot the message. Both are means of distraction from a leak which, with public outrage, could become a flood. The correct sentence is one which should be pronounced with the word “treason” in mind.

This is a scandal precisely because it makes the obvious, for once, undeniable. The climate “crisis,” the insane promotion of endless wars, genuflection to felons, and the enthusiastic assault on Christianity and the civilization upon which it was founded are all fueled by the obvious manipulation of public sentiment through mass communication.

Yes, the press reporting the routine abuse of power is complicit. Yes, the “Lockdown Files” are silent on the useless if lucrative tests, the nonsense of asymptomatic transition, and on those injections whose long term effects remain unknown. They do not tell us why project fear was undertaken for a disease indistinguishable from the flu, nor do they explain why Sweden had lower excess deaths despite never locking down.

They do pull back the curtain on the mediocrities who appeared so solemnly on your screens to order you into house arrest. The scandal should not rest with one man, but should be correctly employed to “frighten the pants” off anyone who retains an ounce of trust in the technocrats who mold their lives into misery for their own ends.

Hold their feet to the fire. Demand an explanation from the politicians and bureaucrats who abolished your freedoms for your own good. To let this moment pass is to surrender. It is an opportunity to reach out and help others to unlearn the learned helplessness central to the management of posthuman society.

It is time to deploy the new variant. Let’s see at last how our management class responds to a safe and effective shot of the truth.