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(LifeSiteNews) — A new study has documented the rapidly declining global birth rate, with depopulation accelerating in every nation in the world.

The report, published on March 20 by The Lancet, says that by 2040 every region outside Africa will fall below the replacement birth rate.

Known as the “TFR” – or “Total Fertility Rate,” a score of 2.1 is the baseline accepted by the United Nations Population Division for maintaining population levels. As the graph below shows, by the end of the century humanity will be dying out.

Readers will be rightfully suspicious of scientific modeling following that which accompanied the COVID regime, yet these figures relate not only to projections, but illustrate a well-established fall in live births worldwide.

The data shown above excludes both the United States and Europe, whose birth rates have halved since 1980.

The only nation to buck the trend, included in the study’s “Europe” category, is Israel. Its TFR, last reported at 2.9, is unique in maintaining a replacement rate right up to the year 2100, while those of the U.S. and Europe are projected to plummet to between 1 and 1.3 across the same period.

As the study shows, sub-Saharan Africa will fall below replacement rates of births in 50 years.

In support of the evidence of the rapid decline of family size among the most affluent, the report forecasts that those people who continue to have babies in the future will be the poorest, and the least educated, saying:

We project that the 2021 World Bank low-income and lower-middle-income groups combined will contribute the majority of the global share of live births in 2100, at 77.4%

Policies and outcomes

The study concludes with a consideration of three alternative scenarios to the projected future, each showing the impact on the birth rate.

The first model documents the impact of “Sustainable Educational Development Goals,” under which the global birth rate will fall from current projections – from an average of 1.83 in 2050, to 1.65 – falling further to 1.56 by 2100.

A similar additional decline could be delivered if “contraceptive goals [are] met,” leading to a fall in the birth rate to 1.62 – perhaps as low as 1.39 – by 2050.

Finally, a column lists the results of “pro-natal policies,” which the study says could deliver results close to – or even exceeding – the replacement rate. The range shows births rising as high as 2.19 and 2.04 by 2050 and 2100 respectively.

The impact of policy

The decline in birth rates and their potential reversal clearly illustrate the power of policy. Since the 1950s, a raft of “rights to extinction” have been promoted under the banner of various causes.

Contraception, abortion, sterile sexual identities, anti-natalist propaganda, and now killer and sterilizing injections, have been mobilized to defuse a population bomb which never went off, and are now exhorted as virtues in the service of saving the planet – from the blight of human life.

The consumer identity of feminism has toxified family life, rendering it a prison from which women should be liberated, to pursue the consolations of a career and retail therapy. The end result has not only been to liberate women from womanhood, but also to make of woman a product to be purchased, by means of surgery, hormones, and costume. It is a virtue to celebrate this sexualized reduction of women to a parody, in a process which also sees young females sterilize and mutilate themselves. These are some of the fruits of the replacement of what is right with rights.

In France, the constitution of the Republic is being changed to enshrine the “right” to kill your own unborn children, a world first.

The childless Emmanuel Macron, allegedly married to a woman 24 years his senior, celebrated this moment with a declaration of world war on the unborn.

“Today’s not the end of the story, it’s the beginning of a combat”, he said, in a statement on March 8, which signaled his intention to globalize his championing of national suicide.

“If France has become the only country in the world whose constitution explicitly protects the right to an abortion in all circumstances, we will not rest until this promise is kept throughout the world.”

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Macron vowed to fight the “reactionary forces” which he claimed were behind attacks on the rights of all oppressed groups – except those of the babies he seeks to exterminate.

“We will wage this battle on our continent, in our Europe, where reactionary forces first and always attack women’s rights, before going on to attack the rights of minorities, of all the oppressed, of all freedoms,

Macron’s heroic struggle to empower women to kill their offspring can pass over the United Kingdom, whose Parliament may approve the “right” to kill babies up to the point of birth.

An amendment to the U.K.’s Criminal Justice Bill tabled by feminist Diana Johnson seeks to decriminalize any action taken by a woman regarding her pregnancy.

Johnson, whose amendment has not yet been heard, seeks to insert the following clause into law:

For the purposes of sections 58 and 59 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 and the Infant Life (Preservation) Act 1929, no offence is committed by a woman acting in relation to her own pregnancy.

Johnson failed in an earlier attempt to decriminalize abortion up to birth, removing the current U.K. restriction on abortions after 24 weeks. Her proposed amendment in November 2023 was withdrawn. Yet the restless campaign for the right to extinction continues, with politicians determined to accelerate an already precipitous decline in live births.

Despite the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, abortion is permitted in over 27 U.S. states, with eight allowing termination of life up to birth. States such as Minnesota, California, and New York have all vowed to expand access to abortion, in support of “reproductive rights” – which is the liberal right, or duty, not to reproduce. It is promoted with the same promise of emancipation which Edward Bernays used to get women to smoke cigarettes in 1929, when he labeled them “Torches of Freedom.”

The strategy of “women’s empowerment” is often cited in globalist organizations, from NATO to the various NGOs such as those of the George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. The United Nations cites the slogan as one of its “sustainable development” goals, signifying “sustainable” as “eliminationist.”

Partnered with the rainbow agenda, and as Macron showed, routinely identified with the rhetoric of liberation, the right to extinction is being aggressively promoted under the banner of freedom. Where does this righteous march lead?

Its destination is the freedom from the value of human life, and from the future of humanity itself.