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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights

(LifeSiteNews) – When I asked LifeSiteNews if they would break the story of the gender-confused woman taking the son (Pip) of my relative (Felicity) and holding him for custody ransom, I could hardly believe it myself.

How could a woman, not in a civil union with Felicity, no biological relationship, and with no court order, keep a boy from both of his biological parents? How could the local police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the courts all agree with the kidnapper, and tell the mother that she would be charged with kidnapping if she took her son back? How could a daycare violate provincial law, and their own policies, by refusing to give a woman her son, and not be immediately and permanently shut down for trafficking?

Well, in the words of Ben Shapiro, “Canada is a weird place.” In the eight years since I found out I had an intersex defect and was forced to publicly declare it, and after all the things I had predicted would happen after Bill C-16 2017 came to pass, I still didn’t see this coming. But Felicity’s struggle with Robin is indeed exactly as the Bill’s designers planned. Things are going exactly as they hoped.

As I outlined in my video on the Felicity Legal Fund, family courts are moving to redefine what a “parent” is. They are watering parenthood down to the point where the biological parents mean nothing in a custody battle. All that matters are how long the child has known the person asking for custody, how involved they are in the life of the child, and/or what motivations does the person have in wanting custody of the child. This expands who can seize a child from a biological parent to pretty much anyone.

When Bill C-4 2021, the so-called “conversion therapy bill” was passed, it set the foundation for the courts to seize children from parents who will not castrate their sons or disfigure their daughters on the altar of transgenderism. The bill also redefined what “best interests” mean. A child’s “best interests” are now a life of pain and suffering, so that the meddling state can claim virtue points on the D.I.E. (Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity) scale. Bill C-4, aptly named like its plastic explosive cousin, blew up the family courts and parental rights. It is so bad that a judge must consider even the most ridiculous of cases. The one that is determining Pip’s fate is among them.

Will Pip have a life full of love and joy, or a life where he must obey and submit to a delusional woman calling herself his father? Will he be allowed the protection of his biological father, Mike, or will he be granted to a woman who will ban him from any relationship with that father, or with his heavenly Father, and perhaps put Pip himself through the real conversion therapy that is transgender ideology?

In the Canada of 2023, a judge is not allowed to dissuade a gender-confused person from his or her delusion because that is considered “conversion therapy,” a violation under the Criminal Code amended by Bill C-4. If the judge threw Pip’s case out for its absurdity, that might disturb Robin’s fantasy that she is a father, with Pip as a critical trophy accessory in her “transition.” All this puts Canadian Members of Parliament (MPs) in a strange place.

After Robin dragged Felicity into court to seize Pip from her again, I learned of these changes to Family Court and the consequences of C-4. I then worked on a campaign to notify our MPs of this diabolical innovation. Many Canadians contacted their MPs and asked that the Justice Minister investigate what was going on.

One resident of the Cowichan-Malahat-Langford riding in British Columbia contacted MP Alistair MacGregor’s office, and this is the response the constituent received:

Dear [Constituent],

Thanks for writing to us with your concerns.

Allow me to start by saying that unfortunately, LifeSiteNews is known to spread deliberately misleading and outright false stories intended to drum up hatred against the LGBTQ+ community.

I’ve looked into it, and no such case exists. This is because the law is as you describe: cases of divorce, legal separation, legally recognized adoption and of abuse are the only reason to open proceedings regarding the custody of a child.

Rest assured, this story is false. I hope this brings you some comfort and helps to address your concerns.

Kind regards,


Sean Illman-White (He/him)
Member’s Assistant/Adjoint de député
Alistair MacGregor, MP, député
NDP Critic for Food Price Inflation, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Deputy Critic for Justice /
NPD Porte-parole en inflation des prix des alimentation, matière d’agriculture et d’agroalimentaire, Porte-parole adjoint pour Justice
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UFCW Local 232

After being made aware of this response, I attempted several times over three weeks to contact Alistair Macgregor’s office, both in his constituency and in Ottawa.

At the time of this writing, I have received no response. There are a number of questions I have about Illman-White’s response to which I would have like to have answers. I wanted also to give him the opportunity to clarify or retract. It appears that he and the MP’s office have opted not to do so.

Besides the slanderous accusations that LifeSiteNews makes up stories to drum up hatred against the “LGBTQ+ Community,” a community to which I as an intersex person am supposed to belong, Sean implied in his e-mail that I am involved in defrauding people of money for a legal case that does not exist. (I assure you that, sadly, it does.) Ultimately, though, he proves without even realizing it that C-4 has in fact destroyed the family courts when he says that a custody case could exist only in “cases of divorce, legal separation, legally recognized adoption and of abuse.”

Given that 100% of the House of Commons voted in favor of C-4, I do not believe this case of cognitive dissonance is restricted merely to Sean, or the office of Alistair Macgregor. It is most likely a serious case of ignorance among most MPs, and the willful agenda of some. Those knowing folks are those who use pronouns un-ironically in their signatures.

This new knowledge — that some MPs refuse to accept the consequences of their actions in voting in favor of Bill C-4 — spurred me to make as many people as possible aware of just how precarious parental rights are in Canada. I knew I needed to show the world that Pip’s uncertain future will shared by hundreds more Pips if this isn’t stopped here and now before precedence sets in.

Precedence is the gospel to lawyers and the crème de la crème of the Canadian courts. Once precedence solidifies around a point of law, it is nearly impossible to fix it. That is why, starting last month, I have made it my crusade to inform the public of this critical crack in Canada’s foundation and the dangers all families may soon be facing. While Felicity’s and Mike’s lawyers disagree on the degree of effect a negative outcome in Pip’s case will bring, they both agree that it would set a chilling precedence in family law.

A few weeks ago, I attend a Wilberforce Project event and had the opportunity to tell Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire about Pip’s case. (That’s when Ben declared, “Canada is a weird place.”) And though The Western Standard, Shiela Gunn Reid, and Adam Soos at Rebel News also heard about it, there are many other outlets that have not. There are also hundreds of MPs who have not heard from you about Pip.

As Felicity and Mike anxiously wait for December 11, the day the judge is expected to pronounce  whether Pip will have to spend Christmas and Father’s Day with his kidnapper, and on what day the trial ruining Pip’s family financially will be held, I humbly request that you:

  1. Pray fervently for Pip and his family, for wisdom and justice from the judge, and for Canada right itself with God and His will for the family.
  1. Contact your MP (if you are Canadian) and demand he or she explain his or her vote in favor of C-4 and what they plan on doing to stop this destruction of parental rights.
  1. Share your concern about this case on social media. Contact any journalist you know from an outlet you know has integrity in reporting. Let places like Rebel News, The Western Standard, True North, The Daily Wire, David Knight, Redacted, Steven Crowder, etc., know that you think this a preeminent story that is of vital importance to the well-being of the family, and may well have consequences far beyond Canada’s borders.
  1. If you are able and feel moved to do so, please help support Felicity in court costs. Defending her son is taking every spare dollar she and Mike have.

While each of the outlets I mentioned may have different views on many different topics, I think that they and many others would all agree that the family is the very foundation of civilization, and if you start to tear that apart, there will be no hope in saving anything else. If we cannot unify around biological parents having the right to keep and protect their children, then there is nothing worth unifying over.

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights