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(LifeSiteNews) — Fox News host Tucker Carlson visited Argentina, the homeland of Pope Francis, to expose political corruption that is driving the country into the ground.

In his two-part “Tucker on X” program this week, Carlson argues that out-of-control spending and dishonest currency manipulation is resulting in hyperinflation. Western governments are profiting from this, he says.

“Over the course of the average month, the Argentine peso loses 10% of its value. In other words, everybody gets 10% poorer every month of the year,” Carlson observed. “Nearly half the population here live below the poverty line.”

Carlson interviewed the country’s leading candidate for president, 52-year-old libertarian economist Javier Milei, who has come under fire from U.S. media outlets like The Washington Post.

Carlson believes neo-liberal oligarchs have their sights set on Milei because he wants to reverse Argentina’s left-wing policies that are helping the West but hurting his own people.

The current Argentine government and “the Western media and NGOs that prop it up… [are] happy with the corrupt status quo. They’re thriving,” he said. “So they attack anyone who challenges the way things are currently done.”


Milei cuts an eccentric figure with his disheveled mop-head hairdo and bombastic speaking style. At the same time, he draws attention to undeniable facts.

In clips that have gone viral on social media, Milei is seen attacking communists for erecting ugly buildings, calling out “sociopath” woke politicians, and accusing leftists of being “parasites” on Argentina’s economy. He told Carlson he is pro-life.

During his visit, Carlson traveled to what is called a “cueva” or “cave,” where citizens can covertly exchange American dollars for pesos. After handing the employee a $100 bill, Carlson receives a handful of practically worthless cash.

“The caves are the only place in the country that give the actual exchange rate,” he explained. “The government lies about what its currency is worth and gives about half its value to people in exchange for dollars… of course, the government is trying to shut [cueva’s] down.”

Carlson reminds his viewers that inflation and runaway spending isn’t restricted to Latin America. It’s a problem for the United States as well.

“This is how the U.S. government just paid for the COVID checks and the war in Ukraine, and pretty much everything else that Washington has done for the past couple of decades. Just churn out more dollars,” he said.

Argentina is “what a collapsing society looks like,” Carlson ominously warned. America would be wise to take notice, he rightly implies.