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Outside of the US Capitol January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C.Wikimedia Commons

Editor’s note: The following report includes several quotes containing obscenities.

This article was originally published by the WND News Center

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WND News Center) — Demonstrators begged police to do something, anything, after watching a man shot in the face by cops, inflicting a wound on his mouth that would disfigure him for life, at the January 6, 2021 “Stop The Steal” rally. It’s just one more of a seemingly unending stream of “what really happened on January 6” stories now coming to light in videos from that day.

While fellow protesters rendered what aid they could to the man after police wounded him, law enforcement just stood idle, watching the injured man’s blood spill to the ground.

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“Hospital! Anybody?” a protester screamed moments after a bullet pierced the upper lip of a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

“He’s not going to be able to f***ing move!” yelled one demonstrator.

“Tell them to get a f***ing rescue squad up here!” shouted a second demonstrator.

Watching police, trained to defend and protect in an emergency, just stand there doing nothing, the crowd became incensed.

“You blew his f***ing lip off!” a man screamed.

“So you guys are just not going to do anything? Anything?!” another civilian fumed.

“We need an ambulance!” a bystander in panic declared. “Call somebody!

One of the protesters identified himself as a physician’s assistant, shouting to police regarding the wounded man, “He can’t move! He’s going to pass out. He’s too weak. He’s got a concussion!”

With the injured man on the verge of passing out from pain, a demonstrator in a grey coat tried to stop the blood spill using fabric to cover the bullet gash.

“Give him this,” said one demonstrator, handing the man who was shot a bottle of ice-cold water he used to douse over his forehead to ease his distress and pain.

“We gotta get him a hot one,” another bystander exclaims. “We’re gonna have to carry him or something.”

“Somebody call an ambulance!” the crowd insisted in unison, one after another screaming, “Who’s in charge?”; “This is failure to render aid!”; “He has a hole in his face!”; “It’s a failure to render him aid!”; “You must give him an ambulance!”

Steven Hill, a veteran SWAT team supervisor and expert on excessive force with has testified in three different January 6 trials, detailing on the witness stand the illegality of the deadly force police employed against protesters during the Capitol riot.

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Hill also ran undercover investigations for the Albuquerque Police Department for a decade before becoming the department’s sergeant for the following decade. He then went on to train police forces around the globe on excessive force as a contractor with the Department of Defense.

In 2021, he acquired access to the entirety of the January 6 CCTV and police body-cam footage, which GOP members of Congress continue to refuse to release, while assisting January 6 defense attorneys with gathering exculpatory evidence.

According to Metropolitan Police Department’s general orders, police are forbidden from shooting a demonstrator in the face with a “40-millimeter grenade-launched munition at close range,” and refusing aid is a violation of standard operating procedure, Hill explained in a narration of the gruesome crime scene.

“This is just one of the many excessive uses of force by officers on January 6. The man being treated was shot in the face by a Metropolitan Police officer who was using a 40-millimeter grenade launched munition at close range,” stated Hill, an Air Force veteran who worked in law enforcement for over 40 years:

First, the 40-millimeter grenade launcher fires impact munitions that are designed to strike and incapacitate armed or violent individuals who are outside of the range of the officers.

MPD Officers who carry such weapons are required to be trained and qualified to carry and use them. Part of the training is to identify areas on a person where this impact munition is allowed to be fired. MPD general orders state that ‘an impact to the suspect’s head, neck, central chest and spine areas could cause serious bodily injury or death.’ The only time an officer can fire this weapon directly into these areas is if the officer is using deadly force to stop a deadly attack from an individual.

Numerous videos on the scene show that the victim was not exhibiting any dangerous or deadly force before he was shot. The officer who fired this shot could have killed the victim and did in fact cause serious injury… to this individual’s face, lips and teeth.

Secondly, the MPD officer who fired the round and all the MPD officers watching the crowd render medical aid to the victim are all in violation of MPD’s general orders on the use of force and the use of less lethal weapons.

They were responsible for providing first aid and medical treatment to this man. Individuals in the crowd identified the type of injury to officers and requested medical treatment for this man. Not only did these officers refuse to render aid, but they also refused to request medical resources.

MPD general orders state that the officers shall request medical assistance for all 40-millimeter extended-impact weapon deployments, whether there is an actual, perceived or alleged injury to the individual. This is a terrible example of the police’s excessive use of force and refusal to render aid that day.

Hundreds of January 6 defendants are languishing in pretrial detention, a precedent obliterating the Sixth Amendment and due process, and some have been sentenced to decades in prison as the Justice Department secures a 100 percent conviction rate on January 6 trials. The January 6 defendant handed the longest sentence, 22 years in prison, was not even in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021.

The man who suffered the disfiguring concussion is identified by WND as 30-year-old Michael Dickinson of Philadelphia.

Dickinson threw a bucket of water and a paper cup on police as cops sprayed the crowd with rubber bullets, flash grenades, and CS gas and beat demonstrators with nightsticks.

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Distinguishable by a light-gray hoodie with a green shamrock, Dickinson was identified by Sedition Hunters, a left-wing activist group devoted to scouring through January 6 footage to identify protesters they refer to as “chuds” to the FBI to expand the bureau’s Most Wanted List of Trump supporters.

The FBI then obtained Dickinson’s medical records from Prince George’s Hospital Center near D.C., which said Dickinson “informed medical personnel that he was at the rally in Washington, D.C.,” on January 6 and that “he had been struck by what he believed to be a rubber bullet,” the charging documents said. The phone number associated with Dickinson’s Philadelphia address also made multiple calls to the hospital on January 6-7.

Dickinson was then apprehended by the FBI in a pre-dawn raid on October 6, 2021, and charged with “Assaulting, Resisting or Impeding Certain Officers, Civil Disorder, Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds, Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds, Engaging in Physical Violence in a Restricted Building or Grounds, Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building, Act of Physical Violence in the Capitol Grounds or Buildings.”

He pleaded guilty on September 6, 2022, and was sentenced by U.S. District John Bates to 20 months incarceration, plus three years’ probation and was fined $2,000 restitution.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists have sued and been awarded millions of dollars over skirmishes with officers who allegedly used excessive force.

But the Justice Department’s selective application of the law surrounding the January 6 “insurrection” amounts to creative prosecution that permits police to break multiple laws, brutalize innocent Americans, and even shoot an unarmed protester to death without provocation.

Reprinted with permission from the WND News Center.