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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates 

(LifeSiteNews) — During a “town hall” meeting with the public on Monday, the unelected Prime Minister of Britain Rishi Sunak was confronted by two men injured by mRNA COVID vaccines who claim to have been “silenced” by both social and mainstream media outlets.

Audience member John Watt rose first to challenge the U.K. leader: “I want you to look into my eyes, Rishi Sunak, and I want you to look at the pain, the trauma, and the regret I have in my eyes. We have been left with no help at all.”

“We are silenced, Rishi, on social media and everything. We are silenced!” Watt claimed. “We are the most silenced people in this country!”

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The news came as a visible shock to Sunak, who had consistently declared the so-called “vaccines” as “safe.” He repeated this line most recently in the House of Commons on January 31.

“Let me be unequivocal from this dispatch box that COVID vaccines are safe,” he asserted.

Sunak was unsettled by Watt’s testimony, who suffers from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), a condition that affects blood flow, following his COVID-19 injection.

Watt used his brief moment with the prime minister to highlight the plight of many others suffering “vaccine” injuries.

“Not only am I in here [who’s] vaccine injured; there’s another man over there whose life’s been ruined by that COVID-19 vaccine. I know people who have lost legs – amputations. I know people with heart conditions like myself, Rishi Sunak.”

A second member of the audience spoke out, denouncing the “silence in the press” over the scandal of “vaccine” injuries, saying his testimony had been censored:

Silence in the press because – my story in the press – I had to go to the government for comment, and they made them take all that [vaccine injury] stuff out.

Watt said the government’s “Yellow Card” system, intended to report and expedite compensation for “vaccine” injuries, was “not fit for purpose.”

A disturbed Sunak replied he was “happy” to take up these cases, saying,

Obviously, if there are individual circumstances which haven’t worked out, then that’s why we have the compensation scheme in place and I’ll make sure that we follow up on your cases.

Sunak then returned to the reasoning behind government policy under COVID – that politicians were following advice from “medical experts”:

The last thing I’d say is we went through a pandemic like everyone else at the points when it came to the vaccine.

Those decisions were always taken on the basis of medical advice from our medical experts to tell us, as politicians, who are obviously not doctors, about how best to roll out the vaccine, what was in the public health interest, the priority order, how that should be done, who should be eligible.

That was something that the doctors recommended on, and that’s something that we followed.

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To test this claim of relying on medical expertise is to answer the question why the British prime minister is unaware of the scandalous harm caused by the so-called “vaccines.”

A growing scandal

So how do “medical experts” fare in the U.K., when they attempt to bring vaccine injuries to the attention of the authorities?

Dr. David Cartland is one “medical expert” who has suffered sustained ostracism and reputational damage for speaking out against the harms of the vaccine, and against the authoritarian government policies which underpin the wider COVID regime.

In a recent podcast for “Doctors for Freedom,” a platform he organized with Dr. Pat Morrissey, Cartland noted how U.K. government advice directs people to report any “misinformation” which “questions government guidelines” in the same way as suspected acts of  terrorism.

Cartland mentions this at 7:25, in a broadcast which details his account of the unfolding “pandemic.”

It is a process which guided him, through his “observation of… blood clots and people dying in a short space of time,” from being given the so-called “vaccines.”

Cartland is a practicing Christian, who has been repeatedly de-platformed from social media for pointing out the enormous damage wrought by the injections promoted as “safe and effective.”

Cartland, who has faced years of professional and personal attacks for his stance on the vaccines, now faces a medical tribunal which could deprive him of the right to practice medicine – on charges of “transphobia” and “harassment.” A recent announcement on his twitter account notes:

I am being charged and sent to an MPT [medical practitioner tribunal] by the GMC for ME being the bully, harasser and inciter of hatred for calling out demonstrable lies.

Oh and being a transphobe (the evidence of which is actually laughable!).

The GMC continue to ignore prima facie evidence of this being the opposite way and that I am the victim of this coordinated attack on my licence to practice medicine.

He has repeatedly mentioned the secretive “77 Brigade” of the British Army Intelligence Corps in social media posts documenting attempts to suppress his attempts to warn of the dangers of the “vaccines.”

Why does this doctor complain about a covert Army Intelligence unit being used against him? Such measures were admitted by the U.K. government itself at the beginning of last year.

His claim about authoritarian measures over the control of the COVID narrative are supported by evidence that British Army intelligence were indeed spying on critics of lockdown.

In this video from January 2023, British journalist Rod Liddle responded to an initial report by surveillance watchdog Big Brother Watch, whose investigation revealed that the secretive “77 Brigade” had “scoured social media to assess U.K. disinformation” on COVID. In January 2023 then U.K. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace admitted this military unit had been deployed against the British public to spy on – and censor – them.

Liddle remarked that “the liberals don’t want to report this kind of thing,” noting that neither the Times newspaper nor the BBC had picked up the story. Why didn’t the establishment media report this?

“They don’t care when the laws are broken by people they agree with.”

This “kind of thing” included monitoring leading lockdown critic Peter Hitchens. Big Brother watch said at the time:

Big Brother Watch’s investigation identified a number of MPs, journalists, top academics and campaigners whose social media posts had been monitored and logged in secret reports.

The monitoring was in addition to censorship, with comments flagged and removed. A separate report published in January 2023 shows that the campaign of surveillance and censorship includes criticism of any government policy – not merely those pertaining to COVID.

“Secretive Whitehall units have been monitoring government critics’ speech online – including MPs, academics, journalists, human rights campaigners and the public – under the guise of combatting ‘disinformation.’”

The report, titled “Ministry of Truth – Secret Government Units Spying on Your Speech,” can be found here. The legacy of a coordinated effort to smear and undermine critics of government COVID policy was witnessed in the aftermath of Sunak’s response to Watt.

Media business as usual

On the day after Sunak’s exchange with John Watt, the editor of the U.K. Daily Mirror, Kevin Maguire, went on television to discuss the merits of U.K. political leaders answering directly to the public.

“Did you watch the bit where some ‘anti-vaxxer’ went on and on and on at Rishi Sunak?”

“Why would [opposition leader] Keir Starmer subject himself to that?”

Maguire’s remarks were noted by VIBUK, a charity set up to campaign for the visibility and rights of the “vaccine” injured, in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on February 13:

Today Kevin Maguire branded John Watt an anti-vaxer.

John became critically ill following his Pfizer vaccine and now suffers with a heart condition and POTS.

He had his vaccine so is clearly not ‘anti’ vaccine, but people like Kevin Maguire continue to try to defame those who speak out. They try to silence us!

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The post asked for testimony from the injured, who responded in number with many stories of life-changing injuries, including heart conditions, organ damage, debility, and death.

Watt replied to the charge of “anti-vaxxer” in a segment broadcasted on GB News, pointing out he took “three of these vaccines.”

“What is an anti-vaxxer? I took three of these vaccines,” Watt stated. “The language people are using – saying ‘anti-vaxx’ – the narrative of safe and effective – can someone show me one instance of someone being saved by the vaccine?”

“Because since the roll-out, there has been a massive increase in people dying.”

“One of the reasons I spoke out is that I am not going to be a ‘died suddenly’ statistic.”

Watt’s case has now been put to the prime minister. His story is situated in a wider context of authoritarian coercion, censorship, the persecution of medical experts, and the chilling reminder from Big Brother Watch’s Silkie Carlo, who said in January 2023:

It is deeply concerning that the Defence Secretary appeared to suggest that military power has been intentionally deployed towards social media users in the U.K.

It is vital that the 77th Brigade’s digital activities in the U.K. are urgently investigated.

There has been no investigation. That the “misinformation” of “anti-vaxxers” comes as a shock to Rishi Sunak suggests that the operation to suppress the truth about the “vaccines” has safely and effectively insulated the British prime minister from the terrible truth.

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates