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Macron's pension reform is linked to the erosion of freedom in France and Europe

Globalist institutions such as the European Union – which dictates up to 80 percent of France’s laws and fixes the amount of public debt EU members are allowed to have – are 'recommending' pension reform in order to restore fiscal health in countries that are already overburdened with public spending and socialist-level compulsory contributions.
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New World Order religion EXPOSED: Pagan practices of Klaus Schwab, WEF, and MORE

Pagan practices, idolatry, and occult beliefs have officially been exposed as the New World Religion pushed by the godless elites of the World Economic Forum—including Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, Maurice Strong, and other anti-life Deep State actors. Now, LifeSiteNews expert global analyst Frank Wright and political strategist Dr. Mikko Paunio sound the alarm on the latest threats against democracy and the Culture of Life.  As the world is distracted with witch hunt trials and corrupt district attorneys, LifeSiteNews exposes the latest attacks on life, family, faith, and freedom in the biggest exposé in the fight for the West and […]