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Exclusive interview: Mark Houck reacts to FAILED FBI plot against him

The FBI began a new Reign of Terror against the pro-life movement when it ‘Swatted’ pro-life Catholic activist Mark Houck and his family in an early morning raid on Sept. 23 2022. AG Merrick Garland and his far-left Department of Justice are targeting pro-life heroes across America — but they are not succeeding. Speaking at length with LifeSite correspondent Nick Marmalejo, Mark Houck gives brand new and exclusive insights into the aftermath of the FBI raid against him, and the trial victory heard from coast-to-coast. Plus, get a second exclusive insight from the reporter who broke the […]
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Life is on the line - Mark Houck trial Day 2

Attorney Michael McHale, senior counsel for the Thomas More Society, updates pro-lifers on the events of Day 2 in the Mark Houck trial. FAITH-BASED FINANCIAL INVESTING IS HERE! CHECK IT OUT! FIGHT FOR THE CULTURE OF LIFE ASAP!

Pro-lifers rally outside courthouse as Mark Houck's trial begins

‘We thank God for the ability to save babies through the efforts of courageous sidewalk counselors,’ Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania spokeswoman Ashley Garecht told LifeSiteNews. ‘We are appalled that the FBI and the DOJ have been weaponized into machines of harassment and intimidation to silence pro-lifer warriors like Mark Houck.’