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Vaccination Safety

Questions to Ask Your Child’s Doctor Vaccine Inserts Toggle Navigation COVID-19 Vaccine Vaccination Mandates Vaccines from Aborted Fetal Cells Vaccination Safety Plotkin Deposition LifeSite recognizes that there is a lot of controversy surrounding vaccines. We are committed to keeping our readers informed about the use of aborted fetal cells in vaccines, about side effects, and other safety and ethical concerns. Beyond our own coverage of this complex issue, we have chosen to include some external sources. Please note, LifeSite does not support all the opinions in the external sources listed in this section, but we believe in providing information for […]

Does refusing the Corona vaccine show a lack of solidarity?

At present, reliable statistics make the prophesies of a 'killer virus' and a large 'excess mortality' appear as downright preposterous. It is all the more important to find an answer to these questions: Is an immunization against Covid-19 necessary? Is it at all possible? Are the available vaccines reliable and ethically acceptable – and if not, why not?