Dr. Philip G. Ney

Raised in Nanaimo and Victoria, Dr. Philip G. Ney studied at Victoria College then University of BC in medicine. He obtained post graduate degrees and diplomas from McGill U., U. London (England) and U. of Illinois. He taught at McGill, U Calgary, UBC, Hong Kong U. and U Otago (New Zealand) He has been full professor three times, academic and clinical chairman. He has 80 plus scientific papers and books to his credit, including many on the harmful effects of childhood mistreatment and pregnancy losses. He has lived in six countries and three provinces. He has traveled widely. He has consulted in many small communities in B.C. He inaugurated four societies for autistic children. He founded the Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS) and the Horizons Unbound Rehabilitation and Training Society (HURTS). He served two terms on the Greater Victorian School Board and on the first Council of Camosun College. He ran as an Independent in three federal elections.

Philip is married to Marie who is a specialist pediatrician. He has five children and 10 grandchildren.