Susan Michelle

Susan Michelle has a graduate degree in research and has been a pro-life activist and journalist for several years. Rescued from death herself and adopted as a baby, she now writes, researches, and speaks on pro-life issues, desiring to see an end of abortion and an increase in adoption.

Pro-life teen attacked on street by foul-mouthed abortion supporter

A peaceful pro-life protest turned violent today in Columbus, OH—by an angry pro-abortion woman who became enraged and attacked both verbally and physically as the pro-life group Created Equal conducted an outreach for interns. The video shows the woman kicking over pro-life signs in a tirade on the street, then attacking Created Equal’s Director of Training, Seth Drayer. In front of a pro-life sign showing what an unborn baby looks like, the video shows the woman screaming: “That is not what a fetus looks like. It’s a clump of cells at 12 weeks. It does not look like that! It’s […]