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1,400 British girls were gang-raped for years thanks to the sexual revolution

Police officers refused to investigate the pleas of girls as young as 11, who were considered to be “promiscuous” participants in “consensual” sex.
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Much has been written about the horrifying tale of 1,400 British girls who were groomed, brutalized, and viciously gang-raped for years by Muslim sexual traffickers. (The details are here.) This human slavery took place in the city of Rotherham alone for 16 years, despite the knowledge of government officials, for several reasons: The Islamic view that unveiled women, and especially non-Muslim girls, are promiscuous and invite rape by being in public without a burqa; the socioeconomic class and status of the victims; and police and government officials' paralyzing fear of being called “racists” allowed girls as young as 11 to be serially raped by packs of strangers. Their abusers would beat them, hold them at gunpoint, even threaten to set them on fire.

But one element has been missing in the discussion: The role the sexual revolution played in helping spineless police and government officials look the other way and blame the victim.

Beginning with the work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, the sexual revolution taught a generation of Westerners that “children are sexual beings.” Since young people want to indulge in sex just as much as adults, Kinsey and his disciples taught, their becoming involved in sexual activity is natural.

That theory seems to have animated the police response to reports that girls between the ages of 11 into their late teens were being sexually exploited by gangs of “Asian” Muslims. A 153-page report from Professor Alexis Jay, released last month, details the extent of modern slavery in this South Yorkshire city alone and how police looked the other way.

“The young women concerned were often seen by the Police as being deviant or promiscuous,” Professor Jay writes, concerning girls in the fifth and sixth grades. “The adult men with whom they were found were not questioned.”

The London Telegraph reports precisely how the new morality helped the Pakistanis pimp the prepubescent:

In one of the most staggering passages in the report, Professor Jay revealed how a police officer dismissed the case of a 12-year-old girl who had been having sex with up to five Asian males, because he said she had been “100 percent consensual in every incident.”

Indeed, the police counseled parents to lighten up and accept their children's abuse as a rite of passage:

The report also described how social workers and council chiefs were quick to dismiss the concerns of parents who were attempting to protect their children.

In one case in 2002 a mother contacted social services to voice concerns that her 14-year-old daughter was going missing regularly and was being plied with drink by older males.

Her mother said she was worried that her daughter had become sexually active with members of the group.

But despite showing signs that she had been sexually exploited from the age of 11, the case was closed and the social worker’s assessment was that the mother was unable to accept the fact that her daughter was growing up.

Assessing the problem, and how police could have helped rectify it, the Telegraph summarizes Jay's report:

Police on the ground had a “lack of understanding” of the problem and regarded children as young as 11 as being in consensual sexual relationships with adults rather than being victims of rape and abuse.

Too often victims of abuse were regarded as “undesirables” who were “not worthy of police protection,” and missing persons reports were regarded as “a waste of time.” Some young women were even threatened with arrest for wasting police time when they sought help.

In fact, in some cases the victims were arrested while the perpetrators were allowed to remain free.

Formally, the governments of the world still understand that police and social workers should have seen the girls' behavior as a blazing red flag. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) website notes that “sexual promiscuity among girls” is a common indicator of sexual abuse.

But the sex industry works to normalize promiscuity at ever-younger ages. This is true whether it is hardcore pornography, the porn-lite of Cosmo and Glamour magazines, the scientifically inaccurate sex advice dispensed by Planned Parenthood, or the anti-morality thought police at the Huffington Post and Slate who seek to punish anyone who expresses the idea that it might be prudent to limit sexual activity in any way, shape, or form.

That is one of the gravest ironies of the sexual revolution. The loosened moral strictures were supposed to make young people less hypocritical, and more open, honest, and free to express themselves emotionally and physically. In practice, it has enslaved people through addiction to pornography, loveless hook-ups, dead-end relationships with future deadbeat dads, single-motherhood, a childhood being raised in fragile and fractious homes that provide no hint of stability.

And they convince police that child sexual predators are showing children a good time – that fundamentally, there is no difference between dehumanizing mass assault and puppy love.

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These 1,400 girls – who are believed to be the tip of the iceberg of Islamic sex trafficking in Great Britain – were victimized by hostile elements who believed they had a religious justification for their actions, police who believed they had a PC excuse for their inaction, and the cultural elites promoting sexual immorality whose greatest accomplishment has been to eradicate the innocence and physical safety of a generation. 

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