Thanks to a Facebook post by Rey Flores I became aware of this video created by Walt Disney in 1968. Incredible.

That was the same year that Stanford University Professor Paul Ehrlich published his hysterical population scare book The Population Bomb. The book was written at the suggestion of the executive director of the Sierra Club, an environmentalist, anti-people organization of considerable influence. Despite subsequent years proving Ehrlich to have been spectacularly wrong he is still flogging the same nonsense

The Disney film was part of the Sierra Club/Ehrlich campaign that had a lot of support from Western power elites. How the Disney company allowed itself to be co-opted into producing this propaganda piece for the Rockefeller's notorious Population Council is undoubtedly quite an interesting story.

The popular family entertainment corporation did not seem to comprehend the irony of allowing itself (and Donald Duck) to be used for this nasty anti-family agenda that has caused great social damage over the past several decades, resulting in today's moral and demographic collapse.

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