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Forty expectant mothers were blessed by Kristen Bell recently! But you don't have to be rich to help build a Culture of Life.Shutterstock

Forty expectant mothers were blessed by Kristen Bell recently! Bell, the actress who played Anna in the Disney movie Frozen, is very pregnant and very generous.  She donated $91,500 worth of Bravado nursing bras and Medela breast pumps to the forty mothers in need. In an article written by Lesley Messer from Good Morning America, Bell shares, “I understand the importance of having the essential tools necessary to provide for a newborn. Greater still, I am aware of the immeasurable value of having support systems in place to ensure success on this journey of motherhood,” Bell said. “Anything I can offer in support and care to new moms in need remains a huge priority to me.”

It’s encouraging to hear about someone in Hollywood making a contribution towards building a culture of life and love!

As a pro-life mother of two children, I am always trying to think of ways to help my family develop hearts of compassion and love for life at all stages. Although most of us don’t have $91,500 to donate to pregnant women, there are many other ways we can give our time, talents, and treasures to this important cause. Adding to what Kristen generously did, here are 23 simple and practical ways we can promote, support, and build a culture of compassion and dignity in our communities.

  1. Pray for pregnant friends and family members and their unborn children throughout all nine months of pregnancy
  2. Affirm children of their worth and remind them often that they are special and a gift to others
  3. Read books to your children that reinforce good values, like Princess and the Kiss. It’s a beautiful story about a princess who refuses to settle and waits for a man who will serve and love her. When they marry, she gives him the great gift of her first kiss
  4. Invest in DVD’s that your family can watch that teach about the beauty of life, like the creatively produced pro-life cartoon DVD about a baby growing in the womb called Stiff and Aj’s Fantastic Voyage created by Lumen Entertainment. The animation is fun and the content is life-affirming
  5. Read pro-life books like “Miraculous Me” by Ruth Pendergast Sissel, or the adult fiction books in the “Lily Trilogy” written by Sherry Boas that follow the life a girl with Down syndrome who makes a great impact on the culture through her beautiful life
  6. Share pictures of the unborn or show fetal models that reveal the beauty of life growing in the womb
  7. Donate maternity clothes and gear and let your children choose toys and clothes they have outgrown to be donated to pregnancy centers to help moms in need
  8. Wear pro-life t-shirts to share the message
  9. Pray in front of an abortion facility or join 40 Days for Life
  10.  Write cards or letters of encouragement and mail them to pregnant women living in shelters like Maggie’s Place in Arizona
  11. Write letters to support politicians who promote and vote for life initiatives
  12. Adopt a family during a holiday and provide a good meal and gifts for tem
  13. Share your treasure and encourage your children to donate some of their own money to organizations that promote life like LifeSiteNews or a pregnancy resource center.
  14. Take your family and serve at soup kitchen or other place that serves the poor or people in need
  15. Think of random acts of kindness and compassion that you can do for others
  16. Have your family organize a baby and adult diaper drive or fundraiser that helps a pregnancy resource center or an elderly home
  17. Attend a March and Rally for Life held throughout the US
  18. Attend pro-life events held by your church, diocese, or another organization
  19. Give your children a precious feet pin or pro-life stickers to wear or place on their backpacks for school
  20. Take your family to volunteer at a senior center. Anyone who plays an instrument or has a talent to entertain could perform for those who live there
  21. Instead of receiving birthday gifts, ask your friends and family to donate items to pregnancy resource centers, elderly centers, or pro-life organizations.
  22. Before and after a woman gives birth, give her support by offering to cook and drop off meals for her and her family during what may be a very exhausting time
  23. Raise money for someone with a terminal illness so they do not have to worry about finances or so they can choose additional or alternative medical care with the money raised

This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully there are things on the list each of us can begin to do with our families to actively contribute to building a culture that is dedicated to affirming and supporting the dignity of life and love.

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Melanie has spoken nationwide to thousands of people at many churches, schools and organizations about modesty, chastity, dignity of life issues, and marriage.  She has a Master’s Degree in Education: Curriculum and Instruction and is the Founder of Vera Bella Catholic Girls’ Formation Program and the Executive Director of the Foundation for Life and Love. She is the author of, The Day I Died, a book about her survival after suffering an amniotic fluid embolism. To help people send positive messages with their clothing, in 2002 she created a clothing line called “Refuge Clothing Co.” which has now dissolved into Shop Vera Bell.