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(LifeSiteNews) — We are down to only two days left to reach our current campaign goal. The campaign is still a huge $200,000 short of the minimum goal. Now I know that many think that is impossible to reach in such a short amount of time, BUT, I know it can be done – because it has been done by our supporters many times in the past.

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LifeSiteNews was founded in 1997 by Canada’s national pro-life organization, Campaign Life Coalition, because of many years of poor, deeply biased and hostile coverage of efforts to protect life and family – issues that are of enormous importance to civilization.

It was decided then that the only solution was to try to use this new communications medium called the Internet to form our own truthful pro-life, pro-family news service to serve the world’s pro-life movement. It was amazing how incredibly successful it eventually became.

For a few recent years, since around the beginning of COVID, and before we experienced brutal censorship, LifeSiteNews readership skyrocketed to an astounding over 100 million pages of our reports being read during each of those years. Those readers were obviously people of all faiths with a variety of interests from many nations.

Few were then willing to report what we were reporting on the very controversial issues of COVID, globalism, the Great Reset, the dangers of the COVID jabs, the New World Order Francis papacy, world depopulation, and how all of these and many other major issues were interrelated with the issues of life, family, faith and freedom. Our readers learned about many things that seemed impossible to believe but which we proved were indeed true.

One of this week’s articles highlights and affirms the necessity of what we did. A former producer who last year left her job with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) because of its “radical political agenda” said the future of Canadian journalism lies with independent media outlets that don’t have a liberal bias. The CBC, by far Canada’s largest broadcast network, is massively funded by the government and is therefore also Canada’s top government propaganda media outlet.

Canadian journalist Tara Henley said that independent media is successfully reaching Canadians by offering a different viewpoint on stories. That article, which describes a similar situation in the US and many other nations, is well worth reading.

LifeSiteNews has already been doing what Henley has come to understand, but we have additionally been reaching the whole world with alternative news for over 25 years now.

Very few media will tell you, as we have just done, why the collapse of U.S. and other banks could guarantee the emergence of central bank digital currencies. In fact, we have been warning for the past few years that Great Reset globalists, including Biden and Trudeau, would be deliberately engineering an economic collapse to force acceptance of a digital currency global economic slavery – in the United States, Canada, Europe and most of the world. You have been presented with much evidence for this that most of the public is still not aware of.

Along the same lines, we strongly urge you to read Patrick Delaney’s article on the Fox News video warning from Trump admin former assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury Monica Crowley. This is some of the most important information that we have ever published on LifeSiteNews since this development could catastrophically impact EVERYTHING in our lives. We must all reject any acceptance of central bank digital currencies as an alleged solution to economic problems. Resistance is essential.

We have also been telling you for a long time about the large number of deaths and severe injuries that have resulted from the “bioweapons” called COVID and especially the COVID jabs – which are not vaccines. We are somewhat vindicated by a German health minister who now admits that COVID jabs can cause “permanent disabilities.” Others are also finally starting to admit that now undeniable fact – although still too hesitant and not telling the whole story.

We also published this week LifeSiteNews journalist Emily Mangiaracina’s latest article on the U.S. government and military experimentation and development of mass mind-control technologies. Emily has been doing a stellar job in producing her series of now four top-quality articles on this evil program. She also emphasizes the urgent need for U.S. citizens to contact members of Congress to declassify and ban neuroweapons use and halt related human experimentation.

As any LifeSiteNews readers should know, fraudulent “climate change” is only a dastardly scheme to further justify depopulation and eugenics through Covid jabs, widespread legalization and promotion of abortion, contraception, sterilization and radical, sterile sexual lifestyles. Violent transgenderism is the latest and most perverse addition to this social destruction campaign. That is what the “climate change” ideology or religion has always really been about – far fewer people and a concentration of global power. Hardly any other media will ever tell the public that.

There have been still many more crucial LifeSiteNews articles and videos to read and view this week, but let me draw your attention to an extra special one. JP Sears shares how the world’s evils have brought him closer to Christianity. It’s a really good news story of conversion, hope, and finding inner peace. Sounds good, right?

Please enjoy watching this funny, good man talk about his ongoing journey to discovering what life is really all about and what we all can and should do. We hope and pray that many more will come to realize that what JP alludes to in his young, still-developing faith journey, is ultimately the only way to deal with the difficult trials of today.

Please donate to LifeSiteNews so that you and many others will know the truth. We are really down to the crunch right now.

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And please pray for the success of this campaign whether you can donate or not.

For life, family, freedom and faith,

Steve Jalsevac
Co-founder and president

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