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DENVER, Colorado (LifeSiteNews) —What are you willing to die for? 

My friend Pastor Bob Enyart laid down his life last Sunday afternoon for love, love of the preborn child made in the image and likeness of God.   

St. John tells us in his Gospel, “In this we have known the charity of God, because he hath laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren (1 John 3:16).” 

Pastor Bob refused to inject himself with the abortion-tainted vaccines and successfully fought the state authorities so that he could protect the dignity of preborn children and the freedom of his church to remain open and of his congregation to worship God in accordance with their conscience.   

When the pandemic hit, Pastor Bob insisted on continuing to minister to his flock, and when his wife fell ill with COVID, he insisted on taking care of her personally. 

Publications around the world have latched on to the story of the “anti-vaxx” pastor who died from COVID, cheering on the Chinese-American genetically enhanced virus for having taught a lesson to the recalcitrant preacher.  The Washington Post, Denver Post, Newsweek, and even the Spanish sporting newspaper I read to keep up with soccer news, carried the story with the same message. 

To the godless, or those who decided to look away from the fact that the COVID shots are abortion tainted, the lesson to be learned from Pastor Bob’s death is this is what happens if you are too fastidious about your ethical concerns.  For me the lesson is a completely different one. 

I knew Pastor Bob, and I saw him do more for the pro-life movement in Colorado with a flock of 200 than did my own Catholic bishops with hundreds of thousands of faithful.   

When the very hard work of collecting signatures for a constitutional amendment to recognize the personhood of the preborn child (without exception) was being carried out, it was organized at Pastor Bob’s church.  Everyone in the pro-life movement in Colorado knew that if there was someone who was willing to put his reputation, his time, and his treasure on the line to follow his conscience, it was Pastor Bob. 

Earlier this year, I had the chance to appear on Pastor Bob’s show to discuss Big Tech’s de-platforming of  Since moving away from Colorado, I had not spoken with him very often, but I was sure that he would not be as cavalier as many religious leaders have been about the link between abortion and the experimental COVID jab.  I was happy to learn that Pastor Bob had not retreated an inch from his strenuous defense of the dignity of the preborn child and was opposed to the experimental COVID shots on the grounds that they all are, as a matter of fact, abortion tainted. 

Good people disagree about what constitutes material vs. remote cooperation with the intrinsic evil of the original abortion/s used to harvest the kidney cells for the cell lines.  We may also disagree about how the use of abortion derived cells in the design vs. testing and production stages carries different ethical burdens.  But for Pastor Bob, as for many of us, any use of cells derived from the murder of an innocent child, whatever the details, is simply immoral. 

But that is not how the media has reported the story of the passing of my friend.  Instead they distorted Pastor Bob’s scientifically accurate opposition to the experimental jabs to fit their narrative; a narrative that seeks to portray all COVID injection opponents the same way as Hillary Clinton did her deplorables, or Obama did his gun and bible clingers. 

Newsweek swatted away Pastor Bob’s moral objections regarding aborted fetal cell lines by falsely stating that “the claim regarding these cells being used was proven to be false.”  No citation is given to back up this “proof.”  In the age of Big Tech-sponsored censorship, they don’t feel the need to provide such trivial things as citations or evidence. 

The politicization of science was not a surprise to Pastor Bob.  In fact, he hosted a show called Real Science Radio where he reveled in pointing out the hypocrisy of the media and the scientific establishment.  I didn’t and don’t agree with a lot of Pastor Bob’s views on science, and undoubtedly he was often politically incorrect, but I loved the fact that he was willing to engage and debate the status quo without fear. 

Real debates about abortion and about the morality of the COVID shots and mandates are really hard to come by nowadays.  After all, how can those who support the murder of the preborn child in the womb throughout all nine months of pregnancy make any convincing arguments about the morality of using aborted fetal cells or about the dignity of the preborn human?  They can’t, just like they can’t make any real arguments about bodily autonomy after trying to coerce and force millions of women to put an experimental gene therapy in their bodies.   

Those precious few in the scientific establishment who are not pro-abortion and yetbelieve the science,” don’t want a serious debate either, since they have been proven wrong too often in this whole pandemic.  Many of them thought it was just a conspiracy theory that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which specialized in bat coronaviruses and is located at the epicenter of the outbreak, was the source of the pandemic.  They too have been politically coopted and prefer censorship to debate. 

I will sorely miss Pastor Bob because he loved to debate the pro-aborts and the scientific establishment in a manner that is badly needed in our age of censorship. 

COVID-19 is a ruthless genetically enhanced virus that attacks people indiscriminately, but the media want to use Pastor Bob’s death to bolster their tidal wave of pro-“vaccine” propaganda.  Instead, what I draw from his death is that Colorado and all of America lost a great man who, actively putting his life on the line, was willing to die for his convictions regarding the sanctity of life. 

If only our political and religious leaders were willing to stand by their constitutional and religious oaths with 1% of the backbone that Bob Enyart showed to his last dying breath, America and the world would be a better place. 

Gualberto Garcia Jones is the Vice-President, Operations, of LifeSiteNews.

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