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A microchip-based program backed by Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum is tracking the COVID status of millions

Since 2015, the Gates Foundation has supported Khushi Baby, a microchip-based project in India that helps monitor children's vaccination through attachable NFC microchip necklaces.  
Tue Dec 15, 2020 - 11:56 am EST
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December 15, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – On November 17LifeSiteNews reported that the Gates Foundation has been a major backer of Microchips Biotech, a company that designs a kind of contraceptive microchip commissioned directly by Bill Gates.  

In June, Gates lied about his involvement with Microchips Biotech in a CBS interview, saying, “I’ve never been involved in any sort of microchip-type thing. Ten days later, his foundation gave Microchips Biotech another $1 million grant. 

In fact, Gates lied not only Microchips Biotech, but about another microchip project - one with strong ties to COVID-19 tracking initiatives 

Khushi Baby 

Since 2015, the Gates Foundation has supported Khushi Babya microchip-based project in India that helps monitor children's vaccination through attachable NFC microchip necklaces.  

Khushi Baby necklaces hold immunization history, GPS location at time of vaccination, and biometric data from children and their parents. The information can be read by aapp that the the company created and can be uploaded to a cloud service to be “accessed seamlessly by NGOs, MOHs [Ministries of Health], and other health officials.”  

The group claims to have tracked at least 50,000 mothers and children through their microchip- necklace program.  

According to Khushi Baby, the Gates Foundation, along with 3ie, a Gates-backed international NGO, provided seed funding for the start-up's initial trial in 2015. 

No information about Khushi Baby can be found on the Gates Foundation website, although Melinda Gates promoted the start-up on Twitter in 2014. Nevertheless, Khushi Baby3ie, and UNESCO attest to the foundation’s involvement with Khushi Baby 

In 2016, Khushi Baby also partnered with Gavi, the multilateral vaccine distributer that Bill Gates co-founded and that the Gates Foundation has supplied with over $4 billion. Gavi, one of the world’s most prolific vaccination groups, reports having facilitated the immunization of more than 800 million children. Gavi currently co-leads COVAXthe UN’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution program, which aims to deliver two billion doses of coronavirus vaccines by the end of 2021. 

 Khushi Baby received $500,000 from Gavi in 2017 and another $250,000 last year. Their collaboration with Gavi landed Khushi Baby an addition Gates Foundation pledge of at least $1.5 million in matching funds. 

The specific Gavi program that Khushi Baby participates in is called INFUSE, which was launched at and has been hosted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the organization behind the “Great Reset.”  

In June, the WEF announced the “Great Reset,” a pro-LGBT, socialistic scheme to “revamp all aspects of our societies and economies” in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Archbishop Carlo Viganó slammed the Great Reset as a “global conspiracy against God and humanity” in an open letter to President Trump. Cardinal Raymond Burke recently condemned the project, as well, linking it to an “evil agenda,” realized by means of “manipulation of citizens and nations.” 

The WEF, which also helped develop a popular COVID-19 travel pass and works with the controversial ID2020, has promoted Khushi Baby multiple times. 

COVID-19 status tracking 

Last year, Khushi Baby adapted their platform to develop a nehealth tracking app for Rajasthan, India’s sixth largest state. The government of Rajasthan plans to deploy the app, called Nirogi Rajasthan (“Healthy Rajasthan”), to 50,000 state health workerswho will go “door-to-door to collect details of the family members and their health.” The CEO of Gavi has voiced his support for the initiative. 

Participants will be given “NFC-enabled health cards” and may be require to suppply personal data, like “GPS location” and facial biometrics, according to Khushi Baby. Nirogi Rajasthan seekto track more than 50 million people over the next three years. 

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Khushi Baby joined the Rajasthan government to design yet another app, called Mission LiSa. This “active surveillance” software again allows Khushi Baby to collect GPS data, in addition to “contact history” and biometrics.  

Personal information is “processed using artificial intelligence” and GIS technology to track the spread of COVID-19Around 100,000 Indians are surveilled each day througthe app, which reported over 10 million “household screenings” by SeptemberKhushi Baby has declared that “the Mission Lisa deployment has achieved pan-state status.” 

Last week, a writer for an Indian government website noted that Mission LiSa “will be extended moving forward to longitudinally track community health, including the forthcoming delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to the population at large.” This announcement, which was retweeted by Khushi Baby, follows similasuggestions by Rajasthan health ministers.  

While it’s not clear if Mission LiSa employs microchip technology, Khushi Baby said that the program will be used as the base to integrate longitudinal modules RMNCH tracking." Khushi Baby’s larger RMNCH (reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health) goals features “GPS, Near Field Communication (NFC), and facial biometric accountability at all points of care.” 

Ultimately, Khushi Baby doesn’t just want to track tens of millions of IndiansIn line with Bill Gates’ call for “digital certificates,” the start-up’s co-founder said in 2017, Our broader mission is to take our NFC-enabled necklace and unlock its full potential as a digital passport.”   

We are building and scaling in India, but also have an eye to make a sustainable, global impact by selling our integrated service and products to other countries’ Ministries of Health and INGOs,” he declared. 

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