John Westen


A pro-life news piece from CNN!

John Westen

After seeing the mainstream media's pro-abortion bias for years and years, it is a total shock to come across a pro-life CNN report. But here it is.  Once you watch it, you'll realize that the reporter is of course trying to be neutral on the matter, going after the moving story as he should.  But, it's CNN!

The three-minute CNN exclusive interview with Remee Lee, whose boyfriend pleaded guilty to tricking her into taking an abortion pill, had me checking to make sure this was indeed CNN and not a pro-life news network.

Here are some interesting quotes from the CNN interviewer:

It's all politics and math until you have something growing inside you, isn't it? When you had that baby growing inside of you and you lost it, what did it make you realize about when it became your child?

What brings you here, what gives you energy you say is that you want to fight for the rights of the unborn? Now you want to support passage of a protection of unborn children statute in Florida.

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