The Abortion Lobby has smeared anyone who supports the unborn as “sexist” for decades, but a new movement is branding people as misogynists if they want to restrict abortion to women.

Lauren Rankin made the case in an article posted yesterday at entitled, “Not Everyone Who Has an Abortion Is a Woman – How to Frame the Abortion Rights Issue.”

While Rankin, an avowed feminist, likes the sloganeering that pro-life activists hate women, equal rights, and the color pink, she doesn't believe it goes far enough. “Abortion rights activists have overlooked and dismissed a very important reality,” she writes. “Not everyone who has an abortion is a woman.”


As it turns out, the “men” who are having abortions also have two X-chromosomes. “Trans[gender] men have abortions,” she states. “People who do not identify as women have abortions.” Where is the pro-choice activism for them?

Not only is the message that only females can conceive sexist, and “cissexist,” but Rankin worries that it might discourage transsexuals from having abortions.

While phrases like the “War on Women” are “great rallying cries,” they “can make those in the trans community feel excluded, and it can deter them from both seeking the abortion care they may need or becoming actively involved in abortion rights advocacy.”

“Honestly, I am guilty of perpetuating that harmful myth, both in my rhetoric and framing,” she confesses with due liberal guilt.

Rankin is “a graduate student in Women's and Gender Studies at Rutgers University,” and she grouses about things only “Gender Studies” grad students give a rip about, like the way our patriarchal society oppresses transgender women-who-think-they're-men-but-still-reproduce-like-women.

Society's problem is that, “prior to a deeper understanding…of gender,” people believed that “only women had abortions because only women could get pregnant. But in 2013, we should know better, and we need to do better.”

But instead feminists are allowing “men” to become victims of conservative Christians' hatred of all-things-female.

“I firmly believe that misogyny lies at the heart of restricting abortion rights,” she writes. “But I also acknowledge that the misogyny of restricting abortion rights applies to trans people, too.”

Her article is a clarion call for the pro-abortion movement to make access to abortion a right for all uterined-Americans.

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At least one part of the Abortion Lobby is taking Rankin and her ilk seriously. In a May 21 statement, the New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) wrote:

We want to make sure that NYAAF isn’t just working toward every woman’s right to access affordable abortion care, but every person’s right, regardless of their gender. We realized that embracing gender inclusivity is about more than not assuming the gender pronouns that our callers use or replacing “woman” with “people” everywhere on our website. Becoming gender inclusive is an important part of our values as an organization.

As Bill Murray said to Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, “I think we're getting into a weird area here.”

The late Libertarian Party presidential candidate Harry Browne used to joke that he opposed government restrictions on abortion because, with the government's track record, “we can assume that a War on Abortion will lead within five years to men having abortions.”

Seven years after his death, the concept of “men” having abortions is a reality, but a federal “war on abortion” was not the cause and libertarianism was not the solution. It is instead being promoted by the vigorous statists of the Obama administration, the fundamentalist believers in an “activist” executive branch, who are twisting civil rights and anti-discrimination law to force their will on private property owners, federal contractors, and schools and universities across the country. And the “political opposition,” whether from traditionalists or limited government advocates, is doing nothing about it.

The Middle American majority remains inert, despite the fact that this very self-conscious movement is promoting unabashed lunacy. Men can get pregnant and have abortions! To say otherwise is sexist! And cissexist!

The cultural Left has unmoored itself from reality and is steaming toward insanity, powered only by its sheer extremism, self-righteousness, and uncritical belief in every aspect of its ideology.

Perhaps this is why G.K. Chesterton wrote, “Materialists and madmen never have doubts.”

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