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August 16, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Yesterday, the governor of Texas signed a law preventing taxpayer-funded abortions. On the same day, the governor of Oregon signed one forcing citizens to pay for them. 

The new Texas law keeps Texans from having to fund abortion through their health insurance plans.

Oregon's new law forces health insurance companies to provide contraception and abortion with no co-pay or deductible for anyone. So anyone buying health insurance in Oregon (which is close to everybody thanks to Obamacare) is going to have his or her money go to this abortion fund. Those enrolled in the one health insurance plan in Oregon that doesn't cover abortion (its protections were grandfathered in) can just be fully reimbursed by the government.

Oregon has also established a $10 million fund for illegal immigrants' “reproductive care.” Oregon Right to Life estimates that at least half a million of that will directly fund abortions. 

America is increasingly splitting into two countries with opposing laws. Yesterday is only one example of this.

One of these “countries” within the U.S. is the increasing number of states with a Republican-controlled legislature and Republican governor. They've passed laws protecting people's rights to not be forced to do something they don't believe in. They're gradually expanding human rights protections in law, preventing innocent people from being aborted. These states – although sometimes still intimidated by big corporations, like Indiana during its religious freedom debate – are mostly united in their respect for local government and individual liberty. 

They're far from perfect. But at least they're starting to get their abortion laws right.

The other “country” within the U.S. is the smaller, but heavily-populated and powerful group of “blue” states that has for years been enshrining in law abortion on demand and forced compliance with the LGBT cause. Pro-abortion laws go hand-in-hand with anti-freedom and anti-reality insanity. It's hard to keep your laws reasonable when they allow the killing of tiny human beings.

California, Washington, New York, Vermont, and the District of Columbia have some of the most lax abortion laws in the country. Keep in mind these are the same states (and district) that are home to, respectively:

These two “countries” can't coexist forever. In fact, they can hardly coexist right now.

California bans state-funded travel to eight “red” states over their LGBT-related laws. New York prohibits non-essential state travel to North Carolina over its bathroom bill. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely that these two American “countries” will reunite into one in the near future. In the meantime, pro-lifers will likely choose to live in Texas over Oregon. 

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As a journalist and editor for LifeSiteNews, Claire Chretien has written more than 1,500 articles about abortion, human dignity, bioethics, the Catholic Church, politics, and related topics. Claire holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Alabama. It was there that she first became involved in pro-life activism.